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The Voice - Season 15 Show Recaps


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It’s time for Season 15 of The Voice. The judges are Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton.


First up is 15-year old Sarah Grace from Houston, Tx. She plays piano and trumpet and she used to think the blues were old people, but she realized it’s an emotional genre. She’s really honored to have this opportunity and she’s there with her parents and her sister.


Sarah takes the stage and performs Ball and Chain by Janis Joplin. Kelly hits his button first. Blake follows a short time later and Jennifer hits her button as she’s finishing. Sarah is a 3-chair turn.   


Adam greets her and he says he gets to be an emcee of sorts. Kelly says she had stank face. Jennifer says they call that sass. Sarah did not like the stank face comment. Kelly says she did win last season with a 16-year old. Kelly says she has an old soul voice.


Jennifer says she forgot what she wanted to say. Jennifer says Sarah seems to know who she is and what she wants to do and that was amazing. Blake says when Sarah got to the back half of that song her scream was full of grit and passion. Blake says he’s a fan and he thinks he’d be a great coach.


Adam says Sarah Grace, the pint-sized wonder, who do you pick as your coach. Sarah says this is such a hard decision. She thought she had it figured it out, but now she’s not sure she does. Sarah picks…Kelly.


For the first time ever, there will be a fifth coach. Kelsea Ballerini will be coaching six artists who did not get a chair from the four television coaches. She will select the top two finalists from her team to compete for America’s vote and they will take the final spot on the live shows.


The next artist is Tyshawn Colquitt from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the oldest of ten kids and he wants to use this platform to get where their family is financially stable. He takes the stage and performs Like I Can by Sam Smith. The coaches listen intently and Jennifer seems impressed. Jennifer finally hits her button. Blake follows a few moments later. Tyshawn is a 2-chair turn.


Blake says Tyshawn had a great voice and when he hit his falsetto it was great. Blake knows he’s in over his head, but he’d like to be his coach and congratulations he’s on The Voice. Jennifer says his voice is fantastic. She asks what he wants to do and he says he wants to bring old school R&B back. Blake says that’s what he does. Kelly says those high things were crazy and Jennifer says he had a little Teddy Pendergrass and Curtis Mayfield in his voice.


Adam asks who Tyshawn picks as his coach. Tyshawn says I pick…Jennifer. Blake says what?!? Are you kidding me? Tyshawn brought pound cakes for the coaches.


Next, we have Tyke James from Laie, Hi. He started playing guitar and singing when he realized it was a powerful thing God gave mankind. He sings at a taco truck. He says there are bigger venues around, he’s just not there yet. He steps on stage with a guitar and perform Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Kelly says pretty. Adam hits his button. Tyke will be on Team Adam.


Adam goes to Tyke and says they should have turned around, but they didn’t. Adam says he loved his voice. Adam says he seems like someone everyone is going to fall in love with. Adam says he definitely has a modern voice but old school too.


The next artist is Ayanna Joni from Yonkers, NY. She was a child actor in several commercials and was in a girl group and opened for Ludacris. But then she got pregnant when she was 18 and she put everything on hold to take care of her daughter. She is currently a wedding singer.


Ayanna takes the stage and performs Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato. Kelly is singing along. Jennifer sings along too. No one hits their button and Adam looks like he regrets it. Blake says he’s sorry he didn’t hit his button, but it was a little out of his lane and he overthought it. Jennifer says she was so close, but some of the notes were a little under. Kelly and Jennifer both tell her to come back.


Ayanna was selected by Kelsea Ballerini so she will still get a shot and be coached by Kelsea for The Comeback Stage. You can checkout details about The Comeback Stage on The Voice app.


Next is Mercedes Ferreira-Dias from Miami, Fl. She was on last season and she says Kelly was so close to hitting her button last season and Adam advised her to come back. Mercedes says she has trained a lot more and she hopes this time she’ll get a chair turn and connect with her song.


Mercedes takes the stage and sings She Used to Be Mine by Sara Bareilles. Blake hits his button and Kelly immediately follows just as she finishes. Kelly recognizes her. Kelly says she’s so proud she came back. Jennifer asks what kind of music she sings and Mercedes says pop. Blake says her voice is so personal and he hears her heart. He says she’s very unique.


Kelly says Mercedes has a beautiful, angelic kind of style. Kelly says she’s so glad she came back and she’s glad she made it. Jennifer says she’d stand out on Blake’s team. Mercedes says her mom has a huge crush on Blake. Adam says who do you pick as your coach? Mercedes says she thinks…she’s going to choose…she’s going to pick…Blake.


Next we have Radha from Jersey City, NJ. Her dad used to be in a band when he was younger and he played guitar. Her first big performance was during a Filipino festival. She takes the stage and sings Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J. Adam hit his button and blocked Jennifer. Jennifer and Blake both hit at the last second and Kelly points to the Blocked lights on the floor. Jennifer is not looking happy. Adam raises his hand.


Adam says the beginning threw him so far back into his chair he didn’t know if he’d get up again. Then he hit his button because he’s not an idiot and then he had to decide who to block. He was so amazed by Radha and she emits an amazing vibe when she sings and he is her guy. Adam apologizes to Jennifer and she says her feelings are so hurt and she doesn’t know what to do about it.


Blake says he doesn’t think they ever had an audition where someone kicked the door down like Radha did and her voice stayed on the whole time. Blake says she should pick him because Adam took away her chance to work with Jennifer. Adam thinks Radha could win with him and Blake says she could definitely win. Radha picks…Adam.


The next act to hit the stage is Kameron Marlow from Kannapolis, NC. He never thought his music would take him anywhere and now he’s here. He sings One Number Away by Luke Combs. Kelly hits her button pretty quickly, followed immediately by Blake. Kameron was a 2-chair turn.


Adam and Jennifer say Kameron was so good. Adam asks if he even had a chance and Kameron says no. Kelly is telling Kameron not to do it. Adam starts chanting choose Blake and the audience starts chanting and Kameron says over everyone and quickly…I choose Blake.


Kelly and Adam have made an alliance to help each other. Our next act is Mikele Buck. He was deployed to Iraq after 9/11 and he had a friend was a song writer, but when they returned home he became one of the 22 soldiers a day who commit suicide. He takes the stage to perform She Used to Be Mine by Brooks and Dunn. The judges are listening intently and Blake and Kelly keep eyeing each other. Kelly and Blake both hit at the very end.


Adam says he’s going to coach Kelly through this because he’s been through it. Adam tells Kelly not to attack Blake because it will make Mikele more sympathetic to Blake. Blake says him singing that song is going to hit America straight in the gut. Adam advises Kelly to take one more breath. Kelly says Brooks and Dunn have been her favorite country singers since she was a kid and she loves country music. Kelly says her husband is Blake’s manager. Mikele asks if she’s been turkey hunting and she says her husband took her for her 30th birthday, but she couldn’t shoot it. It’s time for Mikele to pick a coach and we got to commercial…


We’re back with Mikele Buck and he just finished performing and got both Kelly and Blake to turn. It’s now time for him to make a decision and he looks around and he picks…Kelly.


Next up is Sam Hastings from Portland, Me. His mom has always been super supportive with music. He was always afraid to sing in front of people and his mom helped him overcome that. The biggest crowd he’s played for was 40 people. He takes the stage and sings Angela by The Lumineers. Sam did not get a chair turn.


Blake says he loved Sam’s voice but maybe next time sing something with a little bit more range. Kelly says she loved that he had a Mumford and Sons vibe.


Our next artist is Patrique Fortson from Atlanta, Ga. He started singing when he was 4-years old and he got signed when he was 6 and started performing when he was 7 and was the youngest gospel artist. He takes the stage and performs Get Here by Oleta Adams.  Jennifer hits her button. Adam hits his button as well and Jennifer looks at Adam as if he’s crazy. Patrique is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says he had to turn for Patrique because to not do so would be an insult to singing. Adam says he needs this in his life and motions to his clothing. Patrique says if this doesn’t work out, he’ll style Adam. Jennifer says she’d like to be his coach. That blessed her spirit and when his voice opened up the gates of heaven opened up. Jennifer says she’s done every form of a stage and she can help him get to where he wants to go. Adam says he can help him make things happen to.


Kelly says Patrique, who do you pick as your coach? Patrique says he picks…and then he starts singing a Jennifer song and he has joined Team Jennifer.


The final artist of the night is 13-year old Kennedy Holmes from St. Louis, Mo. She was a dancer and she loves to sing and perform. She also plays volleyball, run track, and swim. She takes the stage and sings Turning Tables by Adele. Kelly, Jennifer, and Blake all look at each other and Adam hits his button. Blake follows, then Jennifer, and then Kelly. Kennedy is a 4-chair turn.


Blake says their ratings are going to shoot through the roof this season. Blake says Kennedy is the best vocalist they’ve had audition this year. Blake doesn’t want her to get distracted by the fact he’s a country artist and she’s the greatest of all time. He would like her to pick him as her coach and teach him to sing like that. Kelly says her voice is beautiful and so good and she deserved every one of those chairs to turn around.


Jennifer says how long have you been singing and Kennedy starts to cry. Kennedy says one of her first performances was I Am Changing and she’s dreamed to sing with Jennifer and Jennifer says she’s ready and she goes up to the stage. Jennifer says she is so gifted. Adam is going to pretend like and Kelly says you have a chance? Adam says very rarely does someone come around that ignites their passion to do what they do and she did that. Adam says after 15 seasons she could be the biggest thing to come from the show. Jennifer says she is a gem and she can instill everything she could for her she will do that.


Blake says it’s time for Kennedy to pick her coach. Kennedy says she truly loves and adores each and every one of them, but…she picks Jennifer.

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We’re back for the second night of blinds on The Voice! Let’s meet our first artist of the night! Keith Paluso is from Memphis, TN and he gets excited about birds. He is auditioning for The Voice to show his son sometimes you have to take a chance.


Keith takes the stage and performs Way Down We Go by Kaleo. Blake hits his button pretty early in the performance. Kelly is looking at Adam and asks if he’s going to go. Adam hits his button, but Blake has blocked Adam. Keith is Team Blake.


Jennifer says she loved Keith’s voice, it was so soulful. Kelly loved his voice and she’ll steal him if Blake is stupid enough to let him go. Adam says he got a great coach. Blake says America is going to love his voice, it’s going to be a lot of fun.


Our next artist is Claire DeJean from Dallas, Tx. She’s 17 and she teaches kindergarten through fourth graders acting classes and dance. Claire takes the stage and sings Hurt Somebody by Akon. Blake hits his button pretty early and she shows emotion as she sings, but she gets back on track. Kelly and Jennifer are talking about how pretty her voice is but Kelly is listening for her upper register. Kelly hits her button as Claire finishes her performance. Claire is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says Claire was amazing and he missed out because he’s a dummy, but she should go with Kelly. Jennifer says she has two great picks to choose from. Blake says she is one of those artists that comes around that often. He says he won’t talk about the fact he won 6 years and Kelly says not last year when I arrived. Blake says he’s not from Texas, but he’s darned close.


Kelly says she’s more of a soulful singer and has that vibe and Claire agrees. Kelly says she has no one like her on her team and she’d be stoked to work with her. Adam says I think it’s time…who do you pick as your coach? Claire says oh my gosh…I pick Kelly.


Next we have Franc West from Atlanta, Ga. He says he first sang when his mom was in church and she choked on a piece of candy and he picked up the mic and took over. Franc takes the stage to sing (Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay by Otis Redding. The judges seem to be enjoying the performance. Adam and Jennifer are looking at each other. Jennifer looks like she wants to push her button. Jennifer looks at Blake and he nods. Jennifer hits her button right before Franc finishes.


Blake says his voice sounds so accomplished and seasoned. Franc says he found a new love for music when he exited the military. Adam wants to know what was going through Jennifer’s head and she says the squeal got her. She welcomes Frank to JHud productions!


The next artist to take the stage is Michael Lee from Ft. Worth, Tx. He’s a newlywed and he and his new wife do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has chosen to perform The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King and he’s playing guitar. Adam has realized he’s playing guitar. He hits his button. Jennifer also hits her button. Jennifer throws her shoe and Adam stands up. Blake hits his button at the last moment. Michael is a 3-chair turn.


Blake says he could coach this guy, what a match made in hand. Adam says great pitch Blake. Blake says Michael deserves all the button pushes he could get. Adam says when he turned around…first, he’s the only coach has worked with solo guitar players who play the blues. Blake says he’s also worked with an artist like that. Kelly advises Michael to choose a team he might stick out on and she’s Team JHud all the way because there is no one like him on her team.


Jennifer says she’s sure Michael can put that guitar down and his voice would still stand out and she can’t play guitar but she can sing. Adam asks who he picks as his coach. Michael picks…Blake.


Next, we have Ele Ivory and she lives in Nashville, Tn. She works in a cave and she works in artist relations at The Caverns for the bluegrass underground series. Ele takes the stage to sing Jump by Julia Michaels. She plays the keyboard as she sings. Adam says this close and he’s looking at Jennifer. Adam says this close two more times.


Adam asks what her name is and he says it’s all there and mostly so great. Jennifer says she has a great voice, a beautiful voice, but it took her a minute to find her pitch. Adam tells her to promise him she’ll come back. Adam says she was so awesome it drove him crazy.


Kelsea Ballerini has chosen Ele Ivory for her team for The Comeback Stage. Kelsea says she brought Ele back because when she went from her regular voice to her head voice, it was angelic.


Our final artist of the night is DeAndre Nico from Port Arthur, Tx. DeAndre talks about how their small town was affected by the Hurricane Harvey. He plays piano and drums. Since the hurricane all he’s been doing is performing and sleeping on couches. DeAndre takes the stage and performs When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. The coaches are listening intently and Jennifer looks down the line. Adam hits his button. Jennifer follows a moment later. Kelly draws back in surprise at a run. Blake hits his button and Kelly is the last to turn. DeAndre is a 4-chair turn.


Adam says he heard the greatness in his voice early and he’s amazing and he is going to fight hard for him. Adam stands up and takes off his sweater. Kelly says she loves the big round beautiful notes he was hitting. She thinks he’s really rad.


Jennifer says the way his voice is, the range, the depth, and he looks good too. She will just let him stand there flat foot and let him be the artist he wants to be. Blake says he has so much skill and he has some similarities with Jennifer, Kelly won last season, Adam was the first to hit his button, or DeAndre can go with the winningest host on the show. Adam feels like he led the charge on this one and he thinks he can take him all the way.


Jennifer says DeAndre, who do you pick as your coach? DeAndre says he’d pick whoever turned first…so he picks Adam.

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Last week, the Season 15 auditions began and our coaches were on fire! Tonight, as the talent continues to impress, Blake finds himself being challenged to land a country artist, the returning coach has nothing but love for Jennifer until she’s ready to fight for what she wants, and Kelly will have back-up, Brynn Cartelli.


The first artist of the night is Dave Fenley from Nashville, TN. His wife has supported him even when it wasn’t easy to do so. His mom wants to hug Blake…a lot. Dave is going to perform Help Me Hold On by Travis Tritt. He’s counting on Blake to come through for him, but Kellly knows music and he’d love for those two to turn. Either way, his mom wants to get a hug from Blake. Kelly is quick to hit her button. Adam is yelling at Blake to turn. Blake finally hits his button. Dave is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says he’s been so beaten down by Blake and his country jamboree, but he wants Dave to know he has two options: Blake and Kelly. Dave says he likes hip-hop and he’s a beat boxer. Blake says hats off for Dave’s song selection. Kelly says Travis is her favorite male vocalist in country. Adam says it’s time…and Blake interrupts and says no. Dave says his mom wants a neck hug and Blake says he only does those for his contestants mother’s.


Adam says it’s time for Dave to pick his coach. Dave’s mom says she wants her hug, he better pick Blake. Dave says he’s 40-years old and has asked a lot from his mom and dad and his mom has never asked anything for him. Dave says he picks…Blake.


Our next artist is Steve Memmolo from Boston, MA. He says people tell him all the time he looks like Ben Affleck. He does a stand-up improve once a week, but as much as he loves comedy he wants to follow his dream to play music. He takes the stage and performs Spooky by Atlanta Rhythm Section. The judges listen intently and Adam finally swoops in and slaps his button. Jennifer follows a moment later. Steve is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says he’s white! She didn’t see that coming. Adam says Steve looks like Ben Affleck and sounds like Aretha Franklin. Adam says every once in a while a Steve happens and he turned because he saw Jennifer getting ready to push her button. Jennifer says what attracted her was her vocal approach. Adam says his voice is there. Jennifer says she can help him find his groove and Adam says his voice has the perfect pocket.


Blake says I think it’s that time…who do you pick as your coach man? Steve says he chooses…Adam Levine.  


The next artist is Audri Bartholomew from St. Louis, MO. She loves music and the power of music is so strong. She’s going to perform Never Enough by Loren Allred, a former contestant from The Voice from season 3. Jennifer is singing a long and Adam is encouraging Jennifer to push her button. Adam looks like he’s thinking. Jennifer hits her button right towards the end. Audri is on Team Jennifer.


Blake greets Audri and he says he’s glad Jennifer turned because that’s where she belongs. He congratulates her. Jennifer says she wants to sing that song and Audri says let’s do it and Jennifer joins her on stage. Jennifer loved that Audri was brave enough to take on a song like that.


Rachel Messer is our next artist to take stage from Fort Gay, WV. Her grandfather was in a bluegrass band and her dad plays guitar and they are the foundation for what she does. She’s going to sing a classic country western song, I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart by Patsy Montana. Kelly is quick to hit her button. Kelly is looking at Blake telling him not to do it and he hits his button at the last moment. Rachel is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says she was singing from the first words. Kelly is yelling at Blake and Blake says he not only wants Rachel, he knows what to do with her. Kelly says she’ll sing some Patsy Cline right now and Adam says the sooner you let go, the sooner you can get over it. Adam says this is the Season 14 winner losing her mind. Adam says Rachel is more country than everyone in here. Blake says she’s the kind of artist that excites him because she honors classic country music.


Adam says Rachel who do you pick as your coach? Rachel says Kelly, I love you…but I pick Blake.


The next artist is Brent Morgan from Madison, AL. He’s a jingle writer, but his dream is to be a musician. He takes the stage and sings Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man. He’s singing a slower version and the coaches are dancing in their seats and listening. Brent does not get a chair to turn.


Adam says Brent’s voice was flawless, the performance was great, if he had any advice it’d be to find something to jump out. Jennifer asks what he does and he says he’s streams online. Adam says he can consider himself a vocalist. Is his journey over? Only one artist from tonight will be chosen by the fifth coach Kelsea Ballerini for The Comeback Stage.


We see Brynn Cartelli visiting the current artist’s who are auditioning. We see her greet Chevel Shepherd from Farmington, NM. Her dad named her after a car not because he loved cars, but because he thought it was a rockstar name. She is going to perform If I Die Young by The Band Perry. She would freak out if Blake’s chair were to turn. Blake and Kelly are eyeing each other and Kelly hits her button. Blake listens a bit longer and then hits his button. Jennifer hits her button at the end and Blake is surprised. Chevel is a 3-chair turn.


Adam says Chevel was amazing. He says she was basically a 4-chair turn but by the time he decided what to do everyone else had already turned around. Kelly says Chevel walks the line between country and pop, but she has a great voice and she’d love to work with her.


Jennifer says she turned around for Chevel because her voice was so beautiful and she wanted to see her. Plus, she wanted to see the battle between Blake and Kelly. Blake says hi Chevel and Chevel stops crying and Kelly gets up and says no! Jennifer says if she wants someone sane, she can come to Team JHud. Blake says it’s natural for Chevel to be in her head and there will be a natural growth that will happen very quickly on the show. He would love to be her coach during the process. Chevel says she shares the same birthday with Blake. Kelly says Brynn is here and she’s the winner from last season and she’d stick with Chevel as well.


Adam says Chevel, who do you pick as your coach? Chevel says I pick…and we go to commercial.


We’re back and we’re about to find out who Chevel picks as her coach. Chevel is hesitating and she says…Kelly. Kelly is shocked and Adam is celebrating and goes up to hug Chevel and Kelly.


Next we have Bryan Cherry from Woodbridge, VA. He has a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend who lives in Bermuda. He says the next step for them would be marriage. Bryan takes the stage to sing Nothing Can Change This Love by Sam Cooke. He immediately gets Jennifer’s attention. Adam looks down at Jennifer as Bryan is finishing. He does not get a chair turn.


Jennifer says Bryan lost his way in the song, but she thinks he has an amazing voice. Kelly says he should feel confident when he leaves because he has a really cool voice. Stay tuned to find out if Bryan will be the artist to be chosen for The Comeback Stage.


The next artist is Delaney Silvernell from Los Angeles, CA. Her entire family is in wrestling, but she’s always wanted to be a singer. She takes the stage to perform In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. Kelly hits her button quickly. Kelly is dancing while Delaney performs. Delaney is on Team Kelly.


Kelly is so glad she’s Delaney’s coach. She’s been her in she gets in her head and wants to be perfect, but she needs to let go. Delaney is excited to have Kelly as her coach.


Brynn meets next with Anthony Arya from Santa Cruz, CA. He’s 15 and sings folk rock. He performs Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina. Adam hits his button. Anthony will be on Team Adam. Adam says it blows his mind and what’s great is because he turned he got to see the performance and people are going to fall madly in love with him.


Kelly says when Adam turned around she knew he was with the right person to coach Anthony. She says he’s so handsome and he looks like a Greek God.  Blake agrees that Adam is the right coach for him.  


Up next we have Natasia Greycloud from Nashville, TN. She would love Kelly to turn for her because she was the first person she seen on a show like this and she’s very authentic. She steps up and sings I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. The coaches are all listening closely. Jennifer and Kelly are on the fence and Adam says she’s dope. Natasia hits a high note and both Jennifer and Kelly hit their buttons to turn. Natasia is a 2-chair turn.


Blake says a vocalist like her needed Kelly or Jennifer as a coach so he respectfully decided to sit out. Kelly says her and Jennifer were trying to figure out why they weren’t turning. Jennifer asks who she likes and Natasia says Whitney, Mariah, Kelly, and Jennifer. Adam says if he and Blake had turned it would have been awkward.


Jennifer asks Natasia what she would like in a coach and Natasia says to help her know the moment when to hold out a note. Jennifer says in that case, let me tell you about JHud Productions. She says they do a little everything and Kelly says she doesn’t know if she seen From Justin to Kelly. Jennifer says she specializes in the kind of singer Natasia would like to be.


Adam says Natasia, who do you pick as your coach? Carson asks her family who she’ll pick and they said she was leaning towards Kelly, but they don’t know. Natasia says…I pick Jennifer Hudson!


Next we have Lynnea Moorer from Monterrey, CA. She does YouTube videos and her mother is going to be with her while she performs. She has chosen to sing Location by Khalid. She does not get a chair to turn. Adam says there is a lot happening with her voice and he didn’t know who she was. Kelly asks her to sing something slow and Lynnea sings Someone Like You and Jennifer raises her arms. Jennifer says this is The Voice and she should sing a song that showcases her voice because she was amazing.


Lynnea Moorer is the third artist selected by Kelsea Ballerini for The Comeback Stage. Kelsea says when she sang the second song she could really see the potential. Kelsea says the coaches missed out on Lynnea, but they are going to prove them wrong.


Our final artist of the night is Kymberli Joye from Windsor, CT. She started singing in church and she’s spent time learning and perfecting her craft. She travels with JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise. She would love to work with Kelly Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson. She takes the stage and sings Run To You by Whitney Houston. As soon as the music starts and before she sings Kelly and Jennifer are bickering. Kelly hits her button and turns and she has blocked Jennifer. Jennifer hits her button and sees she is blocked. Jennifer is very upset. Both Kelly and Jennifer are out of their seats. Blake turns at the last second while Kelly is showing Jennifer she’s blocked.


Kelly apologizes to Kymberli and says she had to block Jennifer. Jennifer thought they were friends. Adam and Blake celebrate that Jennifer and Kelly are finally fighting. Blake says he hit his button too, nobody is acknowledging that. Kelly says she’s sorry she took Jennifer out but she knew what she was up against. Jennifer says she thought they were friends, you can’t trust anyone like that. Blake says if Jennifer Hudson is out of the equation, then the next obvious choice is Blake. Jennifer says Blake is a genuine person. Blake says he’s brought artist’s from every genre you can imagine to the final. Blake says he thinks she should be on his team and he would never keep her from working with Jennifer.


Kelly says all joking aside, Kymberli’s voice is insane and she only gets one block the entire season and she used it on Kymberli, that’s how much she loves her. Blake says if you want to win the voice come to Team Blake. Adam says it is time…who do you pick as your coach? Kymberli says…she knew she was going to have a hard time choosing…but since Jennifer is out she picks Kelly.

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As night four is about to begin, we have some shocking auditions about to be shown!


The first artist of the night is Reagan Strange from Memphis, TN. and she is 13-years old. She takes the stage and performs Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha featuring Florida Georgia Line. Adam turns around pretty quickly. Blake also turns around. Reagan is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says he turned around first and he will be in tears if she doesn’t pick him. He says there was an effortlessness to Reagan’s precision. He says it was very Danielle Bradburyesque. Kelly says there is no one country on Adam’s team. Blake says she strategically go to a team where there is no one else like her. He says he took his time because he wanted to savor it. Adam thinks she is truly phenomenal.


Jennifer says obviously Reagan is very talented because she has to coaches fighting over her. Who does she pick as her coach? Megan notices Blake is doing the pointy thing…she picks…Adam.


The next artist is Foushee and she is from Harlem, NY. She takes the stage to perform Redbone by Childish Gambino. Jennifer is intrigued enough to hit her button. Adam follows a few moments later when Foushee hits a high note. Foushee is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says he couldn’t figure Foushee out. It was like outerspace force. Jennifer says she was hitting notes higher than Mariah. She says Foushee had a unique sound and she thinks she was amazing. Blake says when she hit the dog whistle note, that’s when he knew he loved her.


It’s time for Foushee to pick her coach. She takes a breath and says she’s going to with her gut and she chooses…Adam.


Our next artist is Wyatt Rivers from Durham, NC. He’s going to be going to Tulane School of Medicine. He steps up to the stage and has chosen to sing River by Leon Bridges. A couple of the coaches look like they wanted to turn but they continue to listen. Wyatt does not get a chair turn.


Kelly says Wyatt has a beautiful low tone and she advises him to come back and do some falsetto stuff. Blake says the bigger notes had some pitch problems and it might have just been nerves. Adam tells him to come back again, he’s literally one performance away.


Wyatt’s journey isn’t over. Kelsea Ballerini has chosen Wyatt for The Comeback Stage.


Next we have Chris Koeze and he’s from Barron, WI. He performs overseas for troops. He plays the guitar and sings Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. Blake is pretty quick to hit his button with Jennifer right behind. Chris is a 2-chair turn.


Adam says Chris is amazing and he hopes he goes to Jennifer. Jennifer says she heard some blues and he almost got a shoe. Blake says he thought Wisconsin was West Consin when he was a kid. Blake says he could make it into the finale and he has some guitar skills.


Kelly tells Chris it’s time to pick his coach. Chris says this is really hard for him…he chooses Team Blake.


Our next artist is Makenzie Thomas and she auditioned before and she’s from Wallingford, KY. She performs Big White Room by Jessie J. Jennifer hits her button and turns. Makenzie is a 1-chair turn and she is on Team Jennifer. Kelly recognizes Makenzie. Jennifer says she’s glad she came back and that was beautiful and effortless and you want to savor every moment.


The final artist of the night is Sandyredd from Chicago, IL. Music has always been a part of her family. She takes the stage and she performs River by Bishop Briggs. Adam and Jennifer are quick to turn around. Kelly turns around midway through and is on her feet. Blake pushes his button also. Sandyredd is a 4-chair turn.


Jennifer has thrown her shoes on stage and Kelly throws a jacket up there. Adam takes off one of his tennis shoes and puts it on the stage and picks up Kelly’s jacket. Blake puts his drink cup on the stage. Sandyredd says she’s from Chicago and Adam takes his shoe back.


Blake says he hit his button knowing it was a long shot but he thought Sandyredd deserved it and he’d love to be her coach. Jennifer says she gave her both of her shoes and she wants to meet the family. Jennifer asks if they all sing like that? Kelly is speechless. Adam says he’s not speechless. Kelly stumbles over words and then says she is like fire. She says it was so magnificient and she can’t wait to watch her on the show. Adam says he wants this and there was no way he wasn’t going to press his button.


Kelly says she felt more energy from her than just one genre. Jennifer just wants to help her get to where she wants to be. Adam says Sandyredd can win. Adam says who do you pick as your coach? She’s picking the person who said they didn’t care what team she was on she wanted to see her win…she picks Kelly.   

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Week 3 of the blind auditions are kicking off and the artist’s each have 7 artists and Jennifer is the only coach with a block left. The blind auditions continue right now…


Our first artist of the night is Oneup, Adam and Jerome, and they are from Manhattan, NY. They take the stage and perform Could It Be I’m Falling In Love by The Spinners. Jennifer is singing along. Kelly looks at Blake and says it’s cool. Blake is sitting forward in his chair and hits towards the end, followed immediately by Jennifer and Kelly. Oneup is a 3-chair turn.


Jennifer asks Oneup who was singing what and she says they took her to the rafters. Kelly wants to know what kind of music they want to make and they say Motown is timeless. Adam says Blake did do the most amazing work with a duo, The Swonn Brothers. Kelly says they both sound ridiculous. Blake wants to speak and Jennifer goes up to meet them. Blake says he has the most success with duos than any coach. Why not pick a coach with a proven track record with a duo.


Adam says ok, who do you pick as your coach? Oneup discuss it privately and their family wasn’t much help…but they pick…Kelly.


Our next artist is Natalie Brady from Nashville, TN. She takes the stage and sings Barracuda by Heart. Adam is quick to hit his button. Adam gets on his feet and sings along. Jennifer looks deep in thought and Blake is bobbing his head in his chair. Jennifer hits her button towards the end. Natalie is 2-chair turn.


Adam says Natalie should have been a 4-chair turn. Adam says she could easily step in and sing for one of the sisters of Heart. Jennifer says her voice is like an oncoming train. Kelly says Natalie has the range that Ann Wilson has. Blake says shame on Kelly. Blake tries to hit his button again and then says shame on Kelly for not hitting her button. Adam says he’s already thinking of ideas for her. Jennifer says she could sing the clouds out of the heavens.


Blake says first of all…shame on Kelly. Second of all, who do you pick as your coach? Natalie thinks for a moment…then picks Adam.


The next artist to take the stage is Hannah Blaylock and she is from Nimrod, AK. She was in a band and signed to a record label and toured with Rascal Flatts. She takes the stage and has decided to sing Baby, Now That I’ve Found You by Alison Krauss and The Union Gap. The coaches are listening closely. Kelly acted like she wanted to hit at the end and did not. Blake recognized Hannah. Blake says he has an artist on his team that has a similar sound to her and that was not a good reason not to hit. Adam says he almost hit his button while they were arguing, but he missed the window. Kelly says she was waiting for one thing, but she just didn’t hear it.


The next artist is Mike Parker from Gainesville, VA. He had football scholarships, but his grades were not great and he lost it all because he didn’t want to pay attention in class. He takes the stage and sings So Sick by Ne-Yo. The coaches listen closely and Jennifer hits her button right at the very end. Mike begins jumping around on stage. Mike is a 1-chair turn.


Adam says that was the single best reaction he’s ever seen. Blake doesn’t know if he’s ever been happier for someone. Jennifer loves that Mike didn’t give up, the voice was always there. Kelly says she’s never heard someone who’s singing voice is so different from their speaking voice. Adam says that went from almost no turns to one of his favorite moments. Mike is on Team Jennifer.


Our next artist is Joey Green and he’s from Crowley, TX. He is going to perform Baba O’Riley by The Who. Jennifer looks down at Adam. The coaches are all looking at each other trying to decide if they’re going to turn. Jennifer and Blake finally hit their buttons. Joey is a 2-chair turn.


Jennifer says how you do you have Joey up there singing like that and Kelly and Adam didn’t turn around. Jennifer says he may not be in her lane, but that voice deserves to be on this stage. Blake says it’s his lane. Adam says it’s more like his neighborhood, not his lane. Blake says his range and raspiness gives him an edge.


Adam asks Joey who he picks as his coach. Joey thinks about it…he has family from Oklahoma so he picks Blake.


Time to meet our next artist Zaxai from Brooklyn, NY. He’s going to sing Come and Get Your Love by Redbone. Jennifer immediately hits her button. Kelly hits her button and Jennifer has blocked her. The other coaches did not turn and Zaxai is on Team Jennifer and was a 2-chair turn with a block. Jennifer says as soon as she heard his voice she knew she had to block Kelly. She can’t wait to hear more of his voice.


Next we have Erika Zade from Miami, FL. Erika takes the stage to perform New Rules by Dua Lipa. Kelly hits her button. Adam tells Jennifer she’s dope. Erika is a 1-chair turn and is on Team Kelly. Adam says she has an incredible voice, it’s very modern. Jennifer says that was a tough one for her because she loved her voice, it was so unique. Adam says they are a perfect pairing. Kelly says she’s such a fan and she’s glad she’s on her team.


Jarred Matthew if our next artist and he’s from San Diego, CA. He’s going to perform Tired of Being Alone by Al Green. Adam is pretty quick to hit his button. Blake decides to hit his button. Jennifer seems like she’s enjoying the performance but does not hit her button. Jarred is a 2-chair turn.


Blake says the excitement in Jarred’s voice was contagious. He says a fun guy like Jarred and a hilarious guy like himself is a good match. Adam says he liked what he was hearing and he needs help with his falsetto and Adam can help him with that. Adam says if Jarred will teach him astrophysics, he’ll teach him falsetto.


Kelly asks Jarred who he picks as his coach. Jarred says…this is tough…I pick Adam.


Our next artist is Sam Robbins from Portsmouth, NH. He’s going to sing Time In a Bottle by Jim Croce. Adam is looking down the line at the other coaches. He did not get a chair turn. Kelly loved his tone, but she wanted to hear what his upper register sounded like. Adam says he has a gorgeous voice and that’s a really tough one because it’s so mellow. Jennifer was waiting to hear some type of level change and Adam says it needed another gear of intensity. But Sam’s journey isn’t over. Kelsea selected him for The Comeback Stage. She loves that he’s a musician. He plays a guitar and he can write and his voice is gorgeous.


Next we have Colton Smith from Albertville, AL. He’s going to sing the song Alive by Sia. Jennifer is the first to hit her button and she gets on her feet. Colton is a 1-chair turn and he’s on Team Jennifer. Adam says Colton will do great things. Jennifer says he sang I’m Alive, but he gave her life just from his voice. She says she can tell he has a lot of character.


The next artist is ready to take the stage. We have Kayley Hill from Nashville, TN. She sings Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac. Blake hits his button. Kelly seems to want to hit but she holds back despite Jennifer’s encouragement. Kayley was a 1-chair turn and she’s on Team Blake.


Our final artist of the night is Kirk Jay from Bay Minette, AL. His parents listen to country music and that’s what he performs. He performs Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. Blake hit his button first. Adam follows a moment later. Jennifer is listening intently. Kelly and Jennifer both hit at the last moment. Kirk is a 4-chair turn.


Adam says Kirk sounded like Cee-Lo and Blake made a country baby. Adam says if for some terrible reason he doesn’t come to his team, he’d like to see Kirk on Blake’s team. Kelly is interested to know what kind of record he wants to make and he says country. Blake gets on his feet. Kelly says his voice has a big soulful presence. Adam says as someone who likes to see Blake suffer, he wants to see Kirk on Blake’s team.


Jennifer asks Kirk why he sang that song and he says it was the first country song he heard. Kelly says she’s country too and Jennifer tells him to follow his heart. Jennifer says who do you pick as your coach? Kirk says he definitely picks Blake.

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Tonight, with teams nearly full, artists will take it to the next level getting our coaches on their feet feeling the beat and getting into a groove of their own. But not everyone is eager to share the spotlight. Team Blake and Team Jennifer each need two artists and Team Adam and Team Kelly each need three artists. The auditions continue right now!


Our first artist is Caeland Garner from Coleridge, NC. He takes the stage and performs Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest. The coaches are listening intently. Blake and Jennifer both decide to hit their buttons. Caeland is a 2-chair turn.


Blake says he would buy Caeland’s version of that song for his playlist. He says his voice is so unique and he sounds like he comes from the seventies. He’s a fan and he’d be honored to be his coach. Jennifer says she is a fan of his voice as well and it’s about the love of a beautiful instrument.


Kelly says Caeland, who are you going to pick as your coach? He thanks them all from the bottom of his heart, but he’s going to have to pick Blake Shelton.


Our next artist is Madison Cain from Sonoma, CA. She would love to work with Kelly Clarkson and her dad was a member of the band Journey. She is going to sing You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. She does not get a chair turn. Kelly says she loves that she chose that song, but she was almost too perfect sounding and she wanted her to be reckless. Her journey isn’t over though. Kelsea Ballerini selected her for The Comeback Stage.


The next artist is Lela from Miami, FL. She takes the stage to perform Havana by Camila Cabello. Kelly says she loves that song and she decides to hit her button. She immediately gets on her feet and sings along. Jennifer hits towards the end. Lela is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly thought Lela was so cool and she thought it was cool she started singing in Spanish. Jennifer says she’s remarkable for her age. Adam says he’s being crazy picky because his team is getting full. Blake also thought that was incredible. Kelly says she’s going to push her to do the bilingual thing and Jennifer agrees and says they need artists like her.


Adam says Lela…who do you pick as your coach? Lela says honestly…I pick..the JHud team.


Let’s meet the next artist. Cody Ray Raymond is from Seattle, WA. He was in the military and his first base was at the North Pole. He takes the stage and performs Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King. Blake is looking down the line and Kelly hits her button. Jennifer seems to be waiting on something and she listens and hits her button. Cody Ray is a 2-chair turn.


Jennifer says Cody’s voice is so soulful. Kelly asks why he picked that song and he says it was second nature to sing that song. Kelly says that’s a lot of solitude at the north pole. Kelly says he sounds effortless and that’s what she loved. Cody says he loves to be challenged and Jennifer says she likes to challenge her artists.


Adam says Cody who do you pick as your coach? Cody thinks about it a moment and says I pick…Kelly.


Next we have Jake Wells from Kansas City, MO. He toured with his family to perform gospel music in churches. He steps up to sing When the Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw. Kelly says she loves this song. Adam looks confused and Blake and Kelly are looking at each other and nodding. Adam hits at the very last second. Jake is a 1-chair turn. Adam says he turned around for one reason, it’s because he’s different. Jennifer says he had many different layers in his voice. Jake is on Team Adam.


Next we have Abby Cates from Cincinnati, OH. She’s a character singer for little girls’ birthday parties. She would love to work with Kelly. Abby performs Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara. Kelly hits her button very quickly. Jennifer seems to want to hit her button but she doesn’t. Abby is a 1-chair turn. Adam says she was awesome. Kelly says her tone was great and then she went high and she loved it. Abby is on Team Kelly.


The final artist of the night is Funsho from Lagos, Nigeria. He’s going to perform Finesse by Bruno Mars. Adam hits his button and Jennifer follows. Kelly hits her button as well. Funsho is a 3-chair turn.


Blake says he didn’t turn because he thought Kelly or Jennifer would be a great coach. Adam says it’s amazing to hear a vocalist that is so complete and he says he hit his button first. He led and they followed. Kelly says she thought it was great he came out and did that song which is really hard. Jennifer says she hopes to be his coach and he’s such a great vocalist and he rode every note.


Adam says it’s time to pick your coach. Who do you choose? Funsho says it’s a hard decision…but he has to go with Adam.

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Tonight, it’s the biggest night of the blind auditions yet. The coaches are each one artist away from completing their teams. Immediately following the blind auditions, the coaches will send their teams into battle. Helping prepare the teams the coaches have enlisted Ceelo Green, Halsey, Keith Urban, and Thomas Rhett. Get ready, America! It all starts right now!


Our First artist of the night is Emily Hough and she’s from Petersburg, IL. She thinks her town will be angry if she doesn’t pick Blake because everyone listens to country. She takes the stage to perform Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell. Adam hits his button pretty quickly. Blake hits his button halfway through the performance followed by Jennifer. Emily is a 3-chair turn.


Blake says Emily has a beautiful, angelic voice and someone like her would stand out on his team. Adam says she had this searing, powerful soulful voice and it’s unbelievable what she does. Kelly says she’s such a fan. Jennifer says she’s here too and she would love to have Emily on her team and she’d love to let her allow her to explore her own artistry.


Kelly asks Emily who she picks as her coach. Emily says she thinks…she picks Adam.


Next, we have Josh Davis from Cleveland, TN. He takes the stage and sings Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith. Kelly hits her button. Jennifer hits her button as well. Josh is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says she has a lot of female power on her team and she needs a man who can hang with them and Josh fits into that niche. Jennifer needs the same type of thing. Blake and Adam make fun of Kelly and Jennifer “fighting” for their artists.


Adam asks Josh who he picks as his coach and he picks…Kelly.    


Next we have Lisa Ramey and she’s from Brooklyn, NY. She’s been in musical theater and performs in a cabaret show. She steps up to the stage and performs Beautiful Trauma by P!nk. Blake and Jennifer keep looking at each other. Lisa does not get a chair turn.


Blake apologizes and he says there were a handful of pitch things and that’s what kept him from hitting his button for Lisa. Kelly thought it was a great song, but maybe not for the blinds. Adam says he’s sure this was amazing to watch. Jennifer says she has a beautiful voice but it’s getting tight on the teams.


The next artist is Katrina Cain from Denton, TX. She performs electro-pop with her husband. She has a keyboard and she’s going to perform Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Blake is listening closely and Jennifer is looking at Blake. Kelly says she’s good. Jennifer and Blake both hit at the same time. Katrina is a 2-chair turn.


Adam tells Katrina she should have been a 4-chair turn. Kelly and Adam are so mad. Blake says he’s recorded in Denton, TX and he loves her voice and he’s a big fan and he’d love to be her coach. Jennifer says she would love to be her coach. She thought it was smart for her to switch the song up. Jennifer thinks she might be a better fit as a coach. Blake says he only does country, but he wins The Voice with all different genres.


Kelly says ok Katrina, who do you pick as your coach? Katrina says I pick…Blake.


Our final artist of the blinds is Matt Johnson from Staunton, VA. He’s auditioned for the show every season since season 1. He takes the stage and sings Never Too Much by Luther Vandross. Jennifer is singing along in her chair. Jennifer hits her button as he nears the end. All teams are now full!


Matt tells the coaches he’s been auditioning for the show since season 1 and he gets a standing ovation. Adam says Matt’s been on the show about as long as he and Blake have. Jennifer says it was great to hear someone sing a song by a legend like Luther Vandross. Matt brings his mom out and Jennifer goes up to hug him and meet his mom.


We’re going to check in with Team Kelly and her advisor, Thomas Rhett. Team Kelly’s first pairing is Sandyredd vs Cody Ray Raymond. Kelly put them together because they are the two most powerful people on her team. Kelly has given them the song Cry To Me by Solomon Burke.


Thomas thinks Sandyredd could pull off any song and Cody Ray is so soulful. Kelly says this is going to be remarkable. Thomas says they each have an insane range. Thomas wants to hear the low in Sandyredd’s voice and Kelly doesn’t want Cody Ray to get lost in the song. Thomas tells Cody Ray to get a little gravelly in the song. Kelly is with them at the stage rehearsal and gives some last minute staging tips.


Sandyredd and Cody Ray Raymond take the stage to perform Cry To Me. They get an ovation from all the judges. Adam says he’s excited that he gets to try and pick one of them all up. Adam says they really had a moment up there and they are both masterful singers and that was miraculous. Blake says individually, they are superheroes and together they are Avengers. Blake says there is something vintage about Cody Ray’s voice and Sandyredd has moved the bar higher. Blake would pick Sandyredd.


Jennifer says Sandyredd and Cody Ray were amazing and she doesn’t know what to tell Kelly. Kelly says Cody Ray’s voice is so smooth and gorgeous and Sandyredd is one of the best singers she’s ever heard in her life. Carson says Kelly, who’s the winner of this battle? Kelly says ummm, the winner of this battle is…


Kelly is going to pick the winner of the battle between Sandyredd and Cody Ray. Kelly picks…Cody Ray.


Adam, Jennifer, and Blake all hit their steal buttons for Sandyredd. Adam says he pushed first for her in the blinds and first for her to steal. She has to be one of the best singers they’ve ever heard. He just wants her to remember how he responded to her twice. Blake says he thinks Sandyredd won the battle and he hopes she’ll pick the less obvious coach. Jennifer says Sandyredd is a star and she’s an outstanding talent and she wants to know what she needs from a coach.


Carson says there’s a lot of passion out there. Tell us who is going to be your new coach, Sandyredd? Sandryredd says she loves each of them and she’s sorry but she has to take it home…she’s going with Jennifer.


Next, we’re going to check in with Team Blake and his advisor Keith Urban. Team Blake’s first pairing is Michael Lee vs Joey Green. Blake gave them the song A Thing Called Love by Bonnie Raitt. Keith wants Michael to let go and own what he does. Keith wants to feel like Joey is working for it a little bit. Keith says it’s going to come down to Joey stepping it up a little bit and Michael letting go and owning it.


Michael and Joey take the stage to perform A Thing Called Love. They get an ovation from their coach. Jennifer says Michael’s voice fills the room and Joey has a lot of range. She sensed more presence from Michael and Joey felt more laid back and she’d have to go with Michael. Kelly says Joey’s voice is so laid back he doesn’t have to think about it and Michael’s voice is crazy.


Adam says Joey, Bolo, love it. Adam says they are both so great. He fought super hard for Michael and lost, but Joey has super range and he’s so laid back. Adam says he discovered Joey today. Blake says he thought the battle was great. Blake says it’s heartbreaking he has to make a decision when they’ve been friends for 8 years.


Carson says it’s time to make a decision between Joey and Michael. Blake says he’s going to go with his gut and the winner is…Michael.


Tonight’s artists aren’t the only ones battling it out. Kelsea is pairing her artists for The Comeback Stage. She has paired Madison Cain and Ayanna Joni.


Our final battle pairing is from Team Jennifer and let’s check in with her and Halsey, her advisor. Team Jennifer’s pairing is Colton Smith vs Patrique Fortson. Jennifer has given them the song God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton. Jennnifer says they both have similar tones and ranges, but different specialties.


Halsey tells Patrique and Colton they have to remember the body is a vehicle for the song as well. Jennifer wants them both to have their own moment where they show off. Halsey says Patrique’s voice is beautiful and romantic and soulful and Colton’s is more theatrical and more dramatic. Jennifer says she needs to feel the spirit, that’s what this battle will come down to.


Patrique and Colton take the stage to perform their stripped down version of God Gave Me You. Jennifer throws a shoe after they are done. Kelly wants Blake to do that song like that in his next show. Kelly says they shined even brighter than they did in the blinds. Kelly says Patrique hit some crazy nots. If Kelly had to choose she’d go with Patrique. Adam says Colton is a badass and what he does is very unique and he had some moments of nervousness. Adam says Patrique is so close to being able to wrangle it all with his crazy range.


Blake says he’s really surprised with Colton, he blew him away and he can’t get over how much Patrique sounds like him. Blake says the way Patrique was able to deliver that vocal, with all those herbs and spices, it never hit him as too much. They both did a great job. Jennifer says they sang their face off and then her shoe off. Jennifer says they are both superb vocalists and they are both mind blowing amazing.


Carson says the time has come. Who is the winner of the battle between Colton and Patrique? Jennifer says this is so tough…the winner of this battle is…Patrique.


Colton thanks Jennifer and goes to give her a hug. Blake hits his button. Colton has been stolen. Blake says because that was his record and he knows what level Colton took it to, he had to give respect because he deserved to be there. Colton will now join Team Blake!

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Tonight, the battle rounds continue and the coach’s advisors are Thomas Rhett, Halsey, Keith Urban, and Ceelo Green.


We’re going to kick off the night with Team Kelly’s Kymberli Joye vs Oneup. They were given the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. Thomas gave them some tips on their arrangement and he tells them each voice up there is unique and different.


Kymberli and Oneup take the stage to perform Mercy. As they finish, Jennifer throws her book at them. Jennifer says they all sounded good. Adam says that was beautiful and they really worked it out. Adam says no decision would surprise him. Blake says Kymberli by the end of the song was the one that busted through. Jennifer says she can’t even sit up right in her chair. Kelly says their passion came forward so much.


Carson thanks the coaches and Kelly has the final decision. Kelly says she has to make a decision with who she felt surprised her the most, and all of them did that. But the winner of this battle is…based on this performance and the blinds…the winner of the battle is Kymberli.


Time to check in with Adam and his advisor, Ceelo Green. Team Adam’s first pairing is Anthony Arya vs Steve Memmolo. Adam has given them the song Amie by Pure Prairie League. Ceelo says they are two alphas and they have to learn the share the stage, like sharing a bowl of food. At rehearsal, Adam gives some last minute staging tips and tells them to have fun.


Anthony and Steve take the stage to perform Amie. They get an ovation from Kelly and Adam. Jennifer felt like Anthony held his own and he has a lot of potential and Steve came out of the gate. They both did great. Blake says they both sang it great and he felt Steve stepped up to the plate on this song.


Carson asks Adam for his thoughts. Adam says he’s the most proud of Anthony and the improvement is so huge and Steve is very seasoned and very talented. Carson says tough one Adam, who is the winner of this battle? Adam says the winner..of this battle is Steve.    


As Anthony is hugging Adam and thanking him for turning his chair Jennifer decides to hit her button and steal Anthony. Anthony is joining Team Jennifer!


Next up for Team Adam is Jarred Matthews vs Tyke James and they perform She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel. Blake says he doesn’t know any more human beings that are more different than them. Kelly says Tyke looks like a real life Tarzan. Adam says that’s one of his favorite songs and the winner of this battle is…Tyke.


We’re going to check in now with Blake and his advisor Keith Urban. Team Blake’s next pairing is Chris Koeze vs Mercedes Ferreira-Diaz. Blake gave them the song Back in the High Life by Steve Winwood. Keith says he would have turned his chair for Mercedes pretty quick. He says their voices go so well together.


Chris and Mercedes take the stage to perform Back in the High Life. Jennifer loves Mercedes vibrato and Chris had a raspy tone and she felt like they were equally great. Adam says Chris is amazing and he’s proud of Mercedes.


Carson says the final decision is Blakes. Blake says Mercedes blew him away and Chris is the type of person the show was made for. He’s going to make this decision on a gut feeling…the winner of the battle is…Chris Koeze.


Team Blake’s next pairing is Rachel Messer vs Katrina Cain. Blake gave them the song Angel by Sarah McLachlan. Keith advises them to picture someone in their mind to sing to because it makes the lyrics more personal. Blake says his decision will be based on who can make him feel the lyrics of the song.


Rachel and Katrina take the stage to perform. Jennifer says that was simply beautiful. Kelly says this song is difficult but they handled it gracefully in their own away. Blake wishes she could keep them both. The winner of this battle is…Katrina.


We’re going to check in with Jennifer and her advisor, Halsey, for the final battle pairing of the night. Team Jennifer’s pairing is Mike Parker vs Natasia Greycloud. Jennifer gave them the song Gravity by John Mayer. Halsey says Natasia is so incredibly gifted, but Mike however and he could be doing something so mellow and she’d pay attention to him. Jennifer tells Mike to hold on to his notes and Natasia needs to show her range. She tells them to have their moment and not lose it.


Mike and Natasia take the stage to perform Gravity. They get an ovation from Kelly. Kelly says they sounded unbelievable. Kelly says Natasia’s head voice was really nice and Mike is a star and his voice is insane. Kelly can’t pick between them because they both brought something so magical to the plate. Adam says Mike, great job, really good. Adam says Natasia grabbed the song by the horns and she made the song come to life. Adam says they are both amazing.


Blake says Mike is a surprise and what a great time to appear on the radar, but he can’t sell Natasia short. Blake feels like they both stepped up. Great job. Jennifer feels like they both brought something very special. Jennifer says Mike’s choices are always dead on and Natasia has an amazing instrument.


Carson says the time has come. Who is the winner of this battle? Jennifer thinks they are both evenly great…how does she decide? She’s going to have to go with strategy…someone help her…the winner of this battle is…Mike.


Natasia thanks her coach and Kelly hits her button. Kelly says Natasia has everything you would want in a singer. Natasia is joining Team Kelly.

This week Kelsea Ballerini’s first pairing on The Comeback Stage performed for her in a Knock-out style round. Kelsea paired Ayanna Joni and Madison Cain. Ayanna chose the song Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. In rehearsals, Kelsea told Ayanna her voice was so smooth, but the song could use a little edge and she can rough it up a little bit.


Madison chose the song You and I by Lady Gaga. Kelsea advises Madison to bring the full emotion and get into the song. Ayanna performs first and Kelsea says that was amazing and she has chill bumps all over. Then Madison steps up to perform and Kelsea says amazing.


Ayanna and Madison face Kelsea for her decision and she says they both have voices that most people train their whole lives to get. Kelsea loved hearing Madison’s tender voice and that she gave it oomph. Kelsea says she feels like Ayanna’s voice sounds recorded, like a pop record. Kelsea feels like they are both superstars already, but moving on to the next round is…Ayanna.

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Tonight, the battles continue. Helping our coaches make these the biggest battles of the season yet are Keith Urban, Ceelo Green, Thomas Rhett, and Halsey. With the Knock-outs on the horizon, everything is on the line. Jennifer has used both of her steals. Kelly and Blake both have one steal and Adam has both steals in play. Get ready because one push is all it takes!


Let’s meet Blake’s first pairing of the night. Team Blake has paired Keith Paluso vs Dave Fenley and he has given them the song One Woman Man by George Jones. Blake paired them because they both have an edgy, rugged sound. Keith says there’s a little sensitivity about Keith that he liked and Dave had swagger which was very cool.


Blake tells Keith his comfort level with the song has to increase. He tells Dave to think about his diction because his words almost sound like a slur. Keith Urban suggest slow it down in tempo so it brings something special to the song and it needs a little attitude. At the stage rehearsal, Blake says Keith is blinking out and forgetting lyrics because he’s not used to this type of setting.


Keith Paluso and Dave Fenley take the stage to perform One Woman Man and they are both playing guitar. They get an ovation from Kelly and Blake. Jennifer says that was so fun to watch and it showed her how different they were. She says Dave was in the basement and Keith was in the rafters. Kelly says it felt raw and organic and she’s not going to be helpful because she is not picking a winner.


Adam says it’s the battle of the beards. Adam thinks Keith might have been a fish out of water, but he thinks he’s an interesting one. Adam says Dave is a badass and he’s not going to say who he thought won. Blake says he paired them together to figure out who has the best beard. He says this is an old George Jones song. He said this sounded nothing like the original and it was kind of cool.


Carson says not an easy decision Blake, but who is the winner of this battle? Blake says he knows he has to make a choice here. The winner of this battle is…Dave Fenley.


Keith starts to thank Blake and Adam interrupted and says Keith, let’s do this. Adam hits his button and Keith has been stolen and is joining Team Adam.


We’re going to check in with Team Adam now and his advisor, Ceelo Green. Team Adam’s pairing is Emily Hough vs Reagan Strange and Adam gave them the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Ceelo says Emily has a strong voice and she’s someone who can embody the emotion, but Reagan could almost do no wrong. Adam advises them to question themselves less and everything will fall into place. Ceelo encourages them to take command of the song like they wrote the lyrics themselves.


Emily and Reagan take the stage to perform Photograph. They get an ovation from Adam and Kelly. Blake says that wasn’t a battle, that was a sweet little fairy tale. Blake says there is so much talent between the two of them and congratulations for making it this far. Jennifer says they sounded like angels and they should be so proud of themselves and they sound amazing together.


Kelly says there is an element to Reagan’s voice that’s like poetry, but Emily just lives in the moment and she thought that was really captivating and there was something intriguing about her. Adam says he is such a big fan of both of them and this is going to break his heart.


Carson says Adam, who is the winner of this battle? Adam says great question. Adam says the winner of this battle…is Reagan.


We’re going to meet Jennifer’s first pairing of the night. Team Jennifer’s pairing is Franc West vs Matt Johnson and she has given them the song Too Close by Alex Clare. Halsey says Matt’s an incredible vocalist, he has a passionate, soulful voice. She says Franc has this powerhouse voice. Halsey advises them to take out some of the runs because fans wants to feel like they can sing along with them.


Franc and Matt take the stage to perform Too Close. Kelly says she loves Matt and it’s such a cool, sexy thing to see men so comfortable. Kelly says it was really cool they showed off their lower range and Franc has a really tone and his voice is rad. If she had to pick one, she’d have to with Matt. Adam says this is the second best day of Matt’s life, right? Adam thinks Matt should be on the show.


Blake says Franc did something in his performance that was a scream and it was just so good. Blake says he would pick Franc if it was up to him. Jennifer says Matt is a character and he just wants it and it’s enjoyable to watch and Franc has swag and it’s distinctive and they are both amazing.


Carson says two great artists, Jennifer. Who’s the winner of this battle? Jennifer says they both bring something different to the table, but the show is called The Voice so she has to go with…Franc.


Let’s check in with Kelly and her advisor, Thomas Rhett. Team Kelly’s first pairing is Abby Cates vs Delaney Silvernell and she gave them the song Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Thomas says Abby has an amazing soul in her voice that reminded him of Rihanna and Delaney is like a superstar with her range. Thomas advises Delaney to smile and sing with a smile it helps. Kelly wants to break down the song at the beginning so she can hear all the nuances. Kelly wants to hear who is ready right now between them.


Abby and Delaney take the stage to perform Love Me Like You Do. Adam says that was awesome and that song was a hard one to translate to a performance. Adam says Abby’s tone is so cool and laid back and it’s so strong. Adam says Delaney seems like she’s that much further along and this is a tough choice, but fabulous job. Blake says they did a killer job and you can hear the experience in Delaney’s voice and he’d pick her.


Jennifer says they both have special voices and they both bring special things to the table and she doesn’t know who she would go with. Kelly says they are very different. Kelly says Abby is down a path where she’s a stylized singer and Delaney could probably sing any song given to her.


Carson says tough one here. Who is the winner of this battle? Kelly says the winner of this battle…is Abby.


Delaney is available for a steal. Adam immediately hits his button. He thought Kelly would keep her but she didn’t and he’s speechless. Delaney is now on Team Adam.


As the night went on we see Team Adam’s pairing of Foushee vs Radha singing by Growing Pains by Alessia Cara. Adam chooses the winner as Radha.  Team Kelly had Chevel Shepherd and Mikele Buck singing You Look So Good in Love by George Straight. Kelly selects the winner…Chevel. Then we see Team Jennifer’s pairing of Audri Bartholomew and Makenzie Thomas performing Always be My Baby by Mariah Carey. Jennifer says the winner is…Makenzie.


We’re moving on to Team Adam‘s pairing of Jake Wells vs. Natalie Brady and he gave them the song Closing Time by Semisonic. Ceelo says this song seems to work really well for them. Ceelo says whatever happens, they should think about getting together after the fact. Adam says this is one of his favorite performances he’s ever seen on the show.


Jake and Natalie take the stage and sing Closing Time. Blake says that was good and it calls for a drink. He says they really gelled together and he can see Adam got away with one with Jake because his voice has a cool sound to it and Natalie’s voice is powerful and she has a soft tender side. He’d go with Natalie. Jennifer says Natalie’s voice is powerful, but she has soft subtleties and both are amazing.


Kelly says she would never have put them together but it was a phenomenal thing. Kelly says Jake has a voice that reminds her of a lot of singers. Adam says that was just as good and even better than rehearsals. He thought it was so special and it felt like a finale performance. He’s going to make his decision based on who speaks to him the most…the winner of this battle is…Jake.


The final pairing of the night is Zaxai vs Tyshawn Colquitt from Team Jennifer, and she has given them the song Love Lies by Khalid and Normani. Jennifer tells Zaxai to make sure he knows the melody of the song. Halsey tells them not to forget about the words they are singing and remember the diction. She advises them not to overthink too much. Halsey tells Tyshawn the song is more rewarding when there are one or two runs instead of one every time.


Zaxai and Tyshawn take the stage to sing Love Lies. Kelly says they all fed off each other so well and they had incredible range. She says Zaxai’s voice sounded like a warm blanket. She would lean towards Zaxai. Adam says it was really even and he felt there were some issues with the lows, but the highs were fantastic. Blake says they are pretty evenly matched, but Zaxai has better control, but they are both great. Blake would go with the guy she blocked Kelly from getting.


Jennifer thinks they are both excellent and they both did evenly great. She says she hates this part and she thinks both of them should go through. It’s time to pick a winner between Zaxai and Tyshawn. The winner of this battle is…Tyshawn.


We have a steal! Kelly has hit her button. She says she got blocked from Zaxai in the blinds. Zaxai is joining Team Kelly!

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The Comeback Stage continues this week. Kelsea Ballerini has paired Sam Robbins and Wyatt Rivers to battle against each other. Kelsea has a short rehearsal with each of the artists. Sam is going to perform Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations. Kelsea advises him to soften it up in the third verse.


Wyatt rehearses next and he is going to sing One Call Away by Charlie Puth. Kelsea advises Wyatt to push it a little bit. Kelsea thinks Sam needs to be in the song and not overdo it and she thinks Wyatt should open a bit and perform and sing outward.


Sam steps up first to perform for Kelsea. Wyatt then steps up to perform his song. Kelsea says they both nailed it. Kelsea says Sam’s confidence is amazing and he knows what he’s doing. Kelsea says Wyatt is new to performing and he has really grown. She thinks they are both incredible artists…but the person going through to the next round is…Wyatt.

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Tonight, the epic battles come to an end. With nearly all the steals gone, the remaining artists will have to give it everything they’ve got to move on. The battles start now!


Let’s check in with Kelly and her advisor, Thomas Rhett. Team Kelly’s first pairing of the night is Sarah Grace vs Erika Zade and they were given the song No Roots by Alice Merton. Kelly says what Erika does complements what Sarah does. Thomas advises Erika to go as hard as she can in her performance because it will help with her final performance. Thomas tells Sarah to bring the sass and have fun. Kelly wants to see vibe from both of them.   


Sarah and Erika take the stage to perform No Roots. Adam says Sarah has a sass face and he felt Sarah did some of the heavy lifting with the higher notes, but they both did a fantastic job. Blake says he thought Erika did really well but her voice is soft and Sarah had more attack to her voice. Jennifer says she loves the energy Sarah put into and Erika had her own sass.


Kelly says Erika does this really cool intense thing and they both have different attacks and approaches to how they perform. Sarah loves the blues and that’s incredible. The winner of this battle is…Sarah.


Now we’ll check in with Blake and his advisor, Keith Urban. Team Blake’s first pairing is Kameron Marlowe vs Kayley Hill and they were given the song Only Wanna be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish. Keith advises Kayley to feel the emotion and Kameron to really mean what he’s singing. Keith tells Kameron his performance was better without the guitar. Keith says whoever feels it the most is who is going to win.


Kameron and Kayley take the stage to perform Only Wanna Be With You. Jennifer says Kameron’s voice is so smooth and he seemed so comfortable and Kayley had her vocals down. Jennifer would go with Kameron. Kelly says they both represent different styles of voices. She thought that was a cool arrangement and she loved it. Adam says Kayley is mega talented, but Kameron seemed freer.


Blake says this was a cool thing for their creativity and both Kameron and Kayley figured it out. He says he knows they want to know who the winner is. The winner of this battle…was Kameron.


As the night continued the coaches had to make some tough choices. Team Kelly’s pairing of Claire DeJean and Josh Davis performed All this love by Debarge. Kelly had to choose a winner and she chose Claire. Then Team Blake paired Caeland Garner and Kirk Jay and they sang Let it Rain by David Nail. Blake chose the winner as Kirk. Next Team Jennifer paired Kennedy Holmes and Lela who performed Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. Jennifer picked the winner she felt was ready now and she selected Kennedy.


Time for the final battle of the season! We head to Team Adam and his advisor, Ceelo Green. Adam has paired DeAndre Nico vs Funsho and gave them the song Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition. Ceelo tells them there’s something about R&B music that makes you want to run, but they need to control it. They need to get the run off but then get back on their target. Adam doesn’t want them to do harmony together, he wants them to be a 2 person version of New Edition.


DeAndre and Funsho take the stage to perform Can You Stand the Rain. They get an ovation from Jennifer, Kelly, and Adam and they hug each other after they finish. Blake says that was two incredible vocalists and they laid it all out on the line. Blake says Funsho went toe to toe with DeAndre and it was incredible. Jennifer says Kameron sang the heck out of that song and Funsho felt like a piece of New Edition.


Kelly says she is so sad she doesn’t have a steal. She says they were both fantastic and Adam has the hardest decision. She’d go with DeAndre if she had to pick one. Adam says they really stepped up and they made one of the best battle rounds of the season. Adam doesn’t think there is a fair way to judge this. The winner of this battle is…DeAndre.


Funsho is available to steal and he thanks Adam for everything and the other coaches for their kind words and Blake says you’re welcome and he hits his button. Funsho will be joining Team Blake.

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Tonight, the Knock-outs begin and one of the most iconic voices in history joins The Voice for the first time ever, Mariah Carey. Mariah will have to use everything Mariah has given them to impress their coach and make the live play-offs. Each coach will have one steal and one save. The Knock-outs start right now.


Team Adam’s first pairing for the knock-outs is Keith Paluso vs Tyke James. Keith has chosen to sing You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. Mariah advises him to let the song build. Tyke is going to sing Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Adam tells him there needs to be more depth to the song.


Keith steps up to perform first and he gets an ovation from Adam and Kelly and Jennifer is yelling he did a good job. Tyke then steps up and performs and he also gets an ovation from Adam and Kelly. Blake says he pictured Tyke in slow motion on a beach running towards him. Blake says that was a cool version and Keith did a great job. Jennifer says Keith almost caught a shoe and Tyke took them on a journey. Kelly can’t decide, she just wants Adam to pick so maybe she can creep in.


Adam says Keith did a fantastic job showing his soft side and Tyke is infectious and he did an amazing job. Adam chooses the winner as…Tyke.


Keith is available to steal and Adam hits his save and Kelly hits her button. Adam says he picked Tyke because he was on his team since the beginning but Keith has shown tremendous growth. Kelly would love to be his coach and she’s so park ranger on this. Keith says Adam pulled him out of his shell, but Kelly’s enthusiasm is contagious. He thanks Adam for everything, but he’s going to go with Kelly.


Team Kelly’s first grouping is Kymberli Joye vs Zaxai vs Natasia Greycloud. Due to personal reasons, Cody Ray Raymond had to leave the show. So we will have 3 in our first group and only one will be leaving. Natasia is going to sing Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. Mariah gives a tip to use for her ending on her final note.


Kymberli has decided to sing The Middle by Zedd featuring Maren Morris and Grey. Mariah says it’s beautiful to see someone with so much talent at the beginning of their journey. Zaxai is has chosen the song Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson. Mariah advises Zaxai not to hold back on the falsetto part.


Kymberli Joye steps up first to perform, then Natasia, and finally Zaxai. Adam says Zaxai’s falsetto is sick and Natasia was great, but unfortunately for her Kymberli was fantastic. Blake says they all did a great job. Jennifer says Zaxai pulled one out of the bag tonight. She says Kymberli, Whitney would be proud. And she thinks Natasia surprised herself.


Kelly says Kymberli she was lucky to end up with her on her team. Kelly says Natasia is a force and her higher, head voice is flawless. Kelly says Zaxai is incredible. Carson asks what Kelly is going to do? Kelly says she came in thinking one thing but now? Carson asks who the first winner is. Kelly says the first winner is Kymberli.


Carson asks who the second winner of the knock-out is. Adam says this is the hard part for sure. Kelly says she’s just stalling, she has no idea…the second winner is…


The second winner is…Zaxai. Natasia is available to steal and Adam and Blake are looking at each other. Blake says ok, he lied and he hits his button. Kelly runs to give Blake a hug.


We’re going to take a look at Team Jennifer’s first pairing of MaKenzie Thomas vs Mike Parker. MaKenzie has decided to sing How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees. Mariah says she would buy this version of the song. Jennifer wants her to support it with a little more air. Mike has chosen the song Breakeven by The Script. Mariah advises him to take it back a notch and be more laid back.


Mike takes the stage to perform and then MaKenzie steps up. Kelly says what a cool song selection and she applauds Mike. Kelly says MaKenzie gave her a leg cramp and that’s who she’d pick. Adam thinks Mike came a long way. Blake says MaKenzie is so great.


Jennifer says MaKenzie is the skilled singer and Mike is a smart singer who is surprising her every time. Carson says Jennifer, who is the winner of this knock-out? Jennifer says the winner is…MaKenzie.


Time to meet Team Adam’s next pairing, Radha vs Reagan Strange. Radha is going to perform I’ll Be There by The Jackson 5. Adam advises her to immerse herself in the emotion of the song and Mariah says when Michael did this song there was such a purity to it. Reagan has decided to perform Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott. Mariah says Reagan’s voice reminds her of when she was first starting.


Radha and Reagan both perform on the stage. Blake says Radha has a very fast vibrato that reminds of him Gwen and Reagan took it to another level and he’s a fan of both. Jennifer says Radha reminds her of her Celine Dion and Reagan nailed every single note. Kelly would go with Reagan because that song choice was perfect for her.


Adam says Radha is like a powerhouse and Reagan is gutsy with her song choice but it made her stand out even more. Adam says he has to go with who dazzled in him and that was…Reagan.


Radha is available to steal and Adam immediately hits his save button. Radha is staying on Team Adam.


Time to take a look at Team Blake’s first pairing of Katrina Cain vs Funsho. Funsho is going to sing Earned It by The Weeknd. Mariah advises him to go lighter in the first half and ease into the song more and see what that does to the song. Katrina is going to sing Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya. Mariah says Katrina has an ethereal voice and she can take this song and make it a unique, special performance.


Katrina and Funsho both take the stage to perform their chosen songs. Kelly and Jennifer both seem to be enjoying Funsho’s performance. Kelly says Katrina is so intense and Funsho is a beast. Adam says Funsho is an exciting performer. Blake says this is a tough one for him. Blake says Katrina had her hands tied by the song and Funsho blew him away. The winner of this knock-out is…Funsho.  


Team Jennifer’s next pairing is Patrique Fortson vs Sandyredd. Sandyredd has chosen to sing Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Mariah liked hearing Sandyredd’s lower register because that’s something not everyone has. Patrique has chosen the song I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith.


Patrique and Sandyredd take the stage to perform. Kelly says she is such a fan of Sandyredd and Patrique, that’s crazy. Adam says Sandyredd has been impressing them from the start and he thinks Jennifer will pick Patrique because he’s a revelation. Blake says he’s a big fan of either one of them.


Jennifer says Patrique is a vocal beast and Sandyredd sells a performance. Jennifer thinks they both deserve to be there but the winner of the knock-out is…Patrique.


Sandyredd is available to steal or save and she appreciates all the nourishing moments she got from Jennifer and Jennifer hits her save button. Sandyredd will remain on Team Jennifer.

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The Comeback Stage had their final pairing this last week, Lynnea Moorer vs Ele Ivory. Kelsea says both of these artists are already developed and she can’t wait to work with them. Lynnea has selected the song My My My! by Troye Sivan. Ele has selected the song Back to You by Selena Gomez. Kelsea tells them they are both so talented and artistic.


It’s time for their final performance for Kelsea and Lynnea goes first. Lynnea finishes and Kelsea says she makes her smile. Ele is next and she plays piano as she performs for Kelsea. As she finishes, Kelsea says that was gorgeous. Kelsea says they both made their songs completely their own. Kelsea says Ele took the tender lyric and brought it up at the end was amazing and Lynnea moved and she connected her body to her voice. The artist moving on is…Lynnea Moorer.  

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Tonight’s intensive one-on-one training makes a huge impact on the battles. With two steals and two saves remaining, our coaches are faced with some impossible decisions.


Let’s check-in with Jennifer and key advisor, Mariah Carey. Team Jennifer’s first pairing is Franc West vs Tyshawn Colquitt. Franc has decided to sing Call Out My Name by The Weeknd. Mariah says she would buy an album Franc made. Jennifer tells Franc when he opens up to back up from the mic and let his voice fill the room. Tyshawn has chosen the song Pillowtalk by Zayn. Mariah advises to use his softer tones so the audience appreciates it when he goes into full falsetto.


Franc and Tyshawn take the stage to perform their song choices. Kelly says she doesn’t know what Jennifer is going to do. Adam says they both gave great performances, but maybe Franc is a little further around, but Tyshawn lit the place up. Blake says Tyshawn followed a great performance with another great performance and his range is unbelievable.


Jennifer says Tyshawn’s voice has no end to it and he went for the rafters and Franc’s voice cuts like a knife and they are both extremely talented. The time has come to select a winner. Jennifer says the winner of this knock-out is…Franc.


We’re going to see Team Kelly’s first pairing of the night, Abby Cates vs Claire DeJean. Abby is going to sing Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly says Abby has a huge voice but when she’s powerful that long it diminishes her head voice. Mariah says it’s nice to have that moment and let the audience feel your soul. Claire has selected to sing There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes. Kelly suggests the back-up singers the chorus and Mariah says it allows her to take liberties and ad lib over the chorus.


Claire and Abby take the stage to perform. Jennifer doesn’t know what Kelly is going to do. Abby sang her song and Claire made the other song her own. Adam says they were both great and they both just delivered. Adam says Abby sang Kelly’s song without nerves and Claire made the song her own.


Kelly says they both did great but she doesn’t want them to split the vote on the lives so she can only move on with one of them. Carson says who’s the winner of this knock-out? Kelly says the winner of this knock-out is…Abby!


Let’s check out Team Blake’s pairing of Dave Fenley vs Kameron Marlowe. Dave is going to sing Stuck on You by Lionel Richie. Mariah says Dave did a wonderful job of showing his heart. Kameron is going to perform I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Blake tells Kameron he looks like he’s uncomfortable and Mariah enjoyed when he used the original melody.


Dave and Kameron take the stage to perform. Jennifer says Dave has a classic sound and she loved the energy Kameron brought to the song, but she’d pick Dave’s sound. Kelly says they both have a beautiful tone. Adam says Dave is a hard guy to be in a knock-out round with and Kameron held his own. Adam might go with Kameron.


Blake says Kameron is the 21-year old version of Dave and he appreciates how he stepped up and owned the moments. Blake says Dave his singing is ridiculous. Carson says Blake a tough decision here, who’s the winner of this knock-out? Blake says neither one of them screwed the pooch so the winner of this knock-out is…Dave!


Kameron is available to steal and Adam immediately hits his button. Kameron is joining Team Adam!

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Tonight, we will see the final Knock-outs and the pressure is on. Mariah Carey is the key advisor and is here to help the artists make the most of this opportunity. With a steal and 2 saves available, the stakes couldn’t be higher for the artists. The final Knock-outs begin now.


We’re going to check in with Kelly Clarkson and key advisor, Mariah Carey. Team Kelly’s first pairing is Chevel Shepherd and Sarah Grace. Chevel has chosen the song Travelin’ Soldier by Dixie Chicks. Kelly advises on some technique and Mariah Carey says to use her falsetto and she needs to tell the story of the song. Sarah has chosen the song I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James. Mariah says Sarah is an old soul and she seemed so seasoned. Mariah advises her to consider a more dramatic ending.


Chevel takes the stage to perform first followed by Sarah. Adam says Chevel is so pure and angelic and Sarah must have been possessed by the spirit of an older woman. Blake says Chevel sang it great and she needs to find moments to reel it in and Sarah has something about her that’s magnetic. Jennifer says they are each their own but she’d have to go with Sarah.


Kelly says they both picked bold, fearless songs. Kelly says this is very difficult for her and her heart has to go with who is ready right now. The winner of this knock-out is…Chevel.


Sarah is available to steal or save. Kelly hits her save button and Sarah will remain on Team Kelly.


Team Kelly’s six artists are: Kymberli Joye, Zaxai, Abby Cates, Chevel Shepherd, Keith Paluso, and Sarah Grace.


Time to see Adam’s first pairing of the night, DeAndre Nico vs Jake Wells. DeAndre has decided to sing Wanted by Hunter Hayes. Mariah advises him to take the song up a half step. Jake is going to perform Yellow by Coldplay. Mariah advises Jake to simplify the song and Adam says to scale it back. Less is more.


We then see Jake performing while playing the piano. DeAndre performs next. Blake says he is no expert on Coldplay but he knows that’s a tough one and Jake did a solid job and DeAndre sang country and he loves him and that was brilliant. Kelly thought that was her favorite performance as far as taking a classic and doing something new, but DeAndre filled everyone’s body with his voice. If she had to choose, she might lean towards Jake.


Adam says Jake has to be so happy with what he heard from Kelly and DeAndre came to win, but he’s super kind and super humble and no one sounds like him. Adam says the winner of this Knock-out is…DeAndre.


Team Jennifer’s first team pairing is Anthony Arya vs Kennedy Holmes. Anthony is going to perform Operator (That’s Not the Way it Feels) by Jim Croce. Jennifer says he has a Jack Johnson kind of feel and she tells him to let them in a little more and Mariah says he needs to be himself. Kennedy is going to sing What About Us by P!nk. Mariah advises her to use her softer voice at the end and she has a lot of stage presence.


Kelly says Anthony is fantastic and Kennedy did a great job and P!nk will be so proud. Adam says Anthony is so cool and Kennedy is so great and he’s not going to help choose. Blake says what Kennedy does is big but Anthony is good. He’d take Kennedy all the way.


Jennifer says they both have bright future’s ahead of them and they both have plenty of time. Jennifer says Anthony knows who he is and Kennedy is in the moment. Jennifer says there are no steals left, huh? She says the winner of this knock-out is…Kennedy.


Let’s visit Team Blake’s first pairing Colton Smith vs Kirk Jay. Kirk is going to perform In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young. Mariah says Kirk brings you in and Blake says he sings with intensity. Colton has chosen to perform Lady Marmalade by Patti LaBelle. Mariah advises him at the end to use his natural voice and Blake says he’ll have to fill the stage up with excitement.


We then see Colton performing on stage. Adam and Kelly give encouragement because he messes up because he can’t hear well. Kirk steps up to perform. Jennifer says Kirk had a beautiful moment and Colton had a few mistakes but he was still a professional. Kelly says Colton, we have all been in those shoes but he was still a standout performer and Kirk is something special. Kelly would go with Kirk. Adam thinks Kirk is incredible and he’ll be in the finale, but he wants to talk about Colton. Adam says it was inspirational of Colton to get lost in the music and not let it bother him.


Blake says he paired Colton against Kirk because he was the only one who could match him vocally. Blake says Colton held it together and they are musically going two different directions. Blake says Kirk deserves this and he’s special and he wants him to embrace this moment. Blake says the winner of this knock-out is…Kirk.


Colton thanks everyone for believing in him and supporting him and Jennifer hits her button. She says she never wanted to let him go to begin with and no one’s journey is easy and you don’t always have to be perfect. Colton returns to Team Jennifer.


Adam’s final pairing is Delaney Silvernell vs Steve Memmolo. Delaney is going to perform Praying by Ke$ha. Mariah advises Delaney to ease into the beginning and grab the audience right away. Steve has chosen to sing Unaware by Allen Stone. Adam and Mariah give tips on the stylistic approach.


Delaney takes the stage first to perform. Steve then steps up to perform. Blake feels like this is very evenly matched. Delaney is one of his favorites and Steve has a big overall presence. He would go with Steve. Jennifer enjoyed listening to Delaney and Steve was intriguing to watch. She’d probably go with Steve. Kelly says that was her favorite song that Delaney sang and Steve enjoyed him being vulnerable. Kelly would probably go with Delaney.


Adam says they worked hard on both them and Delaney has something in her head holding her back and Steve has to be proud of his ability to have been vulnerable. Adam says this is tough. The winner of this knock-out is Steve.


Team Jennifer’s six artists are: Makenzie Thomas, Patrique Fortson, Franc West, Kennedy Holmes, Colton Smith, and Sandyredd.


Team Adam’s six artists are: Tyke James, Reagan Strange, DeAndre Nico, Steve Memmolo, Kameron Marlowe, and Radha.


Team Blake’s final knock-out pairing is Chris Koeze vs Michael Lee. Chris has chosen to sing Burning House by Cam. Blake says he’s done some fantastic things with the melody and Mariah says Chris is very sincere when he sings. Michael Lee is going to perform Whipping Post by The Allman Brothers Band. Blake thinks he sang it out stronger and did some cool run things. Mariah says Michael is so professional.


Chris takes the stage to perform first, followed by Michael. Jennifer says what was that?!? Jennifer thinks they both bring something really special to the table. Kelly says Chris has such a fantastic voice and Michael came out and was like I’m not going home. Kelly would go with Michael. Adam believes Chris won the knock-out and was almost more vulnerable.


Blake says this is what you hope for. Blake says Michael doesn’t look like he’ll sound like that and Chris’s voice is so good. Blake says to prove a point, he thought about this ahead of time. He flips a coin and says Michael is the winner of this knock-out.


Chris is available to save and Blake hits his button. Chris will remain on Team Blake.


Team Blake’s six artists are: Funsho, Dave Fenley, Kirk Jay, Michael Lee, Natasia Greycloud, and Chris Koeze.

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On The Comeback Stage, Kelsea is having a final rehearsal with her final three. Lynnea Moore is up first and she’s performing In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. Wyatt is next and he has chosen to sing How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You by Marvin Gaye. Ayanna Joni is going to sing I Put a Spell On You by Nina Simone.


Lynnea is up first to perform for Kelsea. Kelsea says that was beautiful. Wyatt steps up for his final performance. Kelsea says she loved that. Ayanna is the last to perform for Kelsea. Kelsea says that was so good. Kelsea says these three artists are amazing. Kelsea says she thinks they are incredible. The artists that she chooses to move forward are Lynnea and Ayanna.  

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For the first time this season our contestants will be performing live. The coaches are taking their seats and we are going to get right into it. Happy Veteran’s Day! 24 artists will be performing tonight with 12 moving on to the live shows and for the first time, another artist from The Comeback Stage will be joining them. Kelsea Ballerini is joining the show tonight. Carson acknowledges the fires in California and thoughts go out to everyone.


Carson asks Blake what he’s looking for from his team tonight and Blake says he wants to see how they do when they perform live. Blake says Michael Lee’s voice is deep and powerful, Funsho made his team stronger, Dave Fenley has an almost natural reverb built into his voice, Natasia Greycloud has an explosive voice, and you can hear the excitement in Kirk Jay’s voice, and Chris Koeze could definitely go the distance.


Michael is up first and he performs Every Time I Roll the Dice by Delbert McClinton.


Dave is up next to perform Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground by Willie Nelson.


We’re continuing with Natasia Greycloud who has chosen to sing God is a Woman by Ariana Grande.


Chris Koeze is up next and he’s going to sing Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival.


Next, Funsho takes the stage to perform How Long by Charlie Puth.


Team Blake’s final performer is Kirk Jay who sings One More Day by Diamond Rio.


Tomorrow night we’ll find out which 3 artists from team Blake will move on. Next up will be Team Kelly.


Kelly is looking forward to seeing her team in the live element because like Blake said it’s a different dynamic. Kelly says Kymberli Joye has a voice, Sarah Grace sound like an old soul, Zaxai is great, Abby Cates has an intense head voice, Keith Paluso has a classic voice, and Chevel Shepherd sounds like Loretta Lynn meets Dixie Chicks.


Abby is up first and she sings Next to Me by Emeli Sande.   


Keith is going to perform Someone Like You by Adele.


Sarah is playing the piano and she sings When Something is Wrong With My Baby by Sam and Dave.


Zaxai takes the stage next to perform When I Need You by Leo Sayer.


Chevel is ready to perform and she sings Grandpa, (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days) by The Judds.


Kymberli Joye is the last artist for Team Kelly and she’s performing Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.


Team Kelly has finished. Next will be Team Adam, but first we’ll check in with the final performances from The Comeback Stage to see who will be performing for the final spot.


Kelsea is with Carson along with the two remaining finalists from The Comeback Stage, Lynnea Moore and Ayanna Joni, who will sing tomorrow night for the final spot on the live shows. Kelsea says it's great to have a second chance, especially on The Voice.


Team Adam is up next and Adam is proud of all his artists and they are all improving. Adam says Kameron Marlowe is a great performer, Tyke James is a force and an artist, Reagan Strange has a great voice, Steve Memmolo has an inviting voice, Radha has power and range, and DeAndre Nico could be a front runner to win.


Up first for Team Adam is Steve Memmolo and he is singing More Today than Yesterday by Spiral Staircase.


DeAndre steps up to perform Ordinary People by John Legend.


Radha is next and she has chosen to sing Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn.


Kameron Marlowe takes the stage next and performs I Ain’t Living Long Like This by Rodney Crowell and Waylon Jennings.


Tyke is up next with Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.


The final artist for Team Adam, Reagan takes the stage and sings Worth It by Danielle Bradbery.


Team Adam is now done. All that’s left is Team Jennifer and we’ll hear them next.


One team left to perform. Jennifer’s advice to her team was to get ready for her shoe and just to come out and give their all and their best selves and have fun. Jennifer says Sandyredd is a total package, Colton Smith wants this, Kennedy Holmes is like a young Whitney Houston, Franc West has a unique voice, MaKenzie Thomas has an amazing voice, and Patrique Fortson can literally stand flatfoot and sang.


Patrique is up first and performs Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan and Rufus.


MaKenzie is up next with I Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston.


Franc takes the stage to perform Apologize by One Republic.


Sandyredd is up next and she sings No More Drama by Mary J. Blige.


Colton has taken the stage to sing Scared to be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa.


The final artist of the night and the last artist from Team Jennifer is Kennedy Holmes and she’s going to perform Halo by Beyonce.


Team Jennifer has finished their performances. Voting is open. Tomorrow we’ll find out the results and we’ll also have The Comeback artist’s perform for the chance to make the Top 13.             

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Tonight, 13 WILL go through! The coaches are getting settled and the top 2 from each team will move on and the coaches will only save one of the remaining 4 artists. The artists from The Comeback Stage will perform and you will get to vote on Twitter. Kane Brown is here as well as the Backstreet Boys.


Blake wants his artists to remember this experience, no matter what happens. Jennifer says last night was a great show. Kelly says cutting artists is the worst part, but this is an opportunity to show the world what you want to do. Adam says this experience is what it is throughout the whole competition, it doesn’t change that tomorrow you have to go to work and figure it out whether you win or lose.


Time to find out some results! Team Blake is the first team to the stage. America has saved…Kirk Jay!


America has also saved…Chris Koeze.


Team Blake has on stage now Dave Fenley, Funsho, Natasia Greycloud, and Michael Lee. Blake has to choose one last artist to save. Blake says they all deserve to be there and they’ve all done what he asked them to do. Blake says he hates this so much. He’s going to move forward…Dave Fenley.


We’d like to take a moment here at Morty’s TV to send thoughts and prayers to Beverly McClellan’s friends and family. Beverly was an artist on season one of The Voice. Beverly lost her battle with cancer two weeks ago and passed away at the age of 49.


Kane Brown takes the stage to perform his single Lose It.


Team Adam is out on stage now to find out who from his team is moving on. America has saved…DeAndre Nico!


America has also saved…Reagan Strange!


Adam says it’s almost too early in the competition to make these types of decisions. He says he thinks they all have so much more to do and so much more to show. Adam grunts and groans a few times and says he has to choose someone…he’s going to go with the person he thinks…there’s more that he needs to see from this person. Adam has chosen to save…Tyke James.


Tonight, two artists will return to perform to make the Top 13. Kelsea Ballerini joined as a fifth coach for The Comeback Stage. Kelsea selected artists who did not get a chair turn to come back and coach and compete to return to the competition. After battling it out Ayanna Joni and Lynnea Moore were selected to compete for America.


The two artists are about to perform and when we tell you it’s time to vote you can vote using twitter by retweeting our tweet or tweeting on your own using the hashtag. Voting is NOT open yet!


Ayanna Joni will perform first and she performs No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande. Jennifer says Ayanna has the showmanship needed to be a star.


Lynnea Moore is singing Boo’d Up by Ella Mai. Kelly says she was so excited when she found out Lynnea was coming back and she feels like the coaches made a mistake and Lynnea is a shining example of that.


It’s time to find out who America voted to go through to the Top 13 from the two artists who performed from The Comeback Stage. America has chosen…Lynnea Moore!


Lynnea now gets to select a coach from any of the four and she chooses…Team Kelly. Kelly gives her a jacket.


Team Jennifer takes the stage to get their results. America saved…Makenzie Thomas!


America also saved…Kennedy Holmes!


Jennifer now has to choose her final artist. Jennifer says she knows what they are feeling right now and they need to take this opportunity and do something about it. Jennifer says she has to go with…Sandyredd.


Team Kelly is the last team to get their results. America has saved…Chevel Shepherd!


America has also saved…Sarah Grace!


Kelly says she’s not going to be dramatic she just wants them to know she meant every word she’s said. Kelly is so nervous…she picks Kymberli Joye.

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It’s the Top 13 live show! The coaches take their seats and the Top 13 will take the stage with special dedications and tomorrow 2 artists will go home.


Chris Koeze is up first and he is dedicating the song Let It Be by The Beatles to the city of Barron, WI. The city of Barron is going through a difficult time as the community pulls together still searching for a missing 13-year old girl. Blake says Chris performing this song sets himself apart from the rest of the artists.


Chris takes the stage with his guitar to perform. Adam loved that version of the song and he loves his voice and it was awesome and heartfelt. Blake says it’s a testament to his work ethic and how bad he wants this to see how much work he put into the song.  


Tyke James is up next and he brings his mom to his rehearsal with Adam. Tyke has selected the song (Everything I Do) I Do it For You by Bryan Adams and he is dedicating it to his mother. Adam suggests he perform the song to the music of a ukulele.


Tyke the stage with a guitar and a back-up ukulele player to perform. Kelly says Adam had a good idea and Tyke stood apart and that was her favorite thing he’s done. Adam says he’s so proud of him and he thinks he has his own thing and his own lane.


DeAndre Nico is the next performer. He has chosen to sing I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe and it’s dedicated to his girlfriend, Crystal. Adam says DeAndre has his own unique voice and you know it’s him when you hear his performance.


DeAndre takes the stage for his performance and he’s playing the piano. Jennifer says Crystal must be a mighty girlfriend. She says he can sing anything and he did a great job. Adam says the best thing about DeAndre is when he sings you know it’s him and he’s an amazing singer with a unique gift.


Next, we have Kymberli Joye and she is going to perform Diamonds by Rihanna and she is dedicating the song to her sister. Kelly says Kymberli’s greatest strength is her head voice which is beautiful and you can’t teach that.


Kymberli take the stage to perform. Kelly says she’s the best kind of vocalist because she sings it different every time and it’s so wonderful and it’s as simple that she loves to sing and she loves being in the moment.


Kennedy Holmes has chosen to perform Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler and she is dedicating it to her parents. Jennifer tells Kennedy to not think of it as a song, but as an emotion.


Kennedy takes the stage for her performance. All four coaches give an ovation. Jennifer says she can’t even begin to imagine what her parents are thinking. Kennedy is a star and it’s beautiful to witness and her parents must be so proud.


Sandyredd is up and she has decided to sing It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men and it’s dedicated to her mother. Jennifer says it’s beautiful and she tells Sandyredd to feel the emotion and the audience will feel it too.


Sandyredd takes the stage to perform. She gets emotional as she finishes. Blake says he loves seeing the emotional side and he loved JHud’s advice to her about not suppressing the emotion. Blake says the low register of her voice is amazing. Jennifer says to have a low register as a female vocalist is special and it took the audience to depth of her hurt.


Chevel Shepherd is going to perform Little White Church by Little Big Town and she’s dedicating the song to her dad. Kelly says Chevel has a cool, natural rasp and America hasn’t seen her sassy side yet.


Chevel takes the stage to perform. All four coaches are on their feet again. Kelly says she is so magnificent. Adam says he’s obsessed with Chevel and she’s so awesome and talented.


Makenzie Thomas has selected the song I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson and she is dedicating her song to Jennifer because she’s the only one who turned her chair for her. Jennifer wants Makenzie to express herself and she wants to see her enjoy the moment.


Makenzie takes the stage to perform. Jennifer says that’s a hard song to sing and Makenzie did a fantastic job.


Next we have Sarah Grace and she is going to perform Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John and she’s dedicating the song to her school. Kelly advises Sarah to strip it down and make it almost bare.


Sarah takes the stage and plays the piano while she sings. Kelly says Sarah is so talented and she plays so many instruments and it’s a beautiful thing to see someone so young sing the old school songs.


Dave Fenley has selected the song Hard to Love by Lee Brice and he is dedicating the song to his wife. Blake advises him to go head first into the song.


Dave takes the stage to perform. Blake gives him an ovation. Adam says he was super mad when Dave didn’t get voted through and he loves what Dave does and he thinks America will know they made a mistake last week. Blake says that was an incredibly important performance to establish himself as a solid vocalist. Blake doesn’t think he’s hard to love, he loves him.


Lynnea Moorer is next and she going to sing Wolves by Selena Gomez and Marshmello and she’s dedicating the song to her mother. Kelly advises her to slow the song down a little and it will give her more of an opportunity to stand out.


Lynnea takes the stage to perform. Jennifer says she is so blown away by Lynnea and she has such great star quality. Kelly says she’s the comeback kid that’s killing everyone tonight. Kelly says that was so good and she’s craving to learn and she’s so inspiring.


Kirk Jay has chosen the song I’m Already There by Lonestar and he is dedicating it to his mother. Blake says Kirk is what the show is all about, undiscovered talent and he has a legitimate shot at making it in country music.


Kirk takes the stage to perform. Jennifer says it looked like Kirk could taste the music. Kirk says he felt ashy. Jennifer says she doesn’t care whose team he is on, but he is bad! Blake says Jennifer needs a bag of ice. Blake says it’s not even fair when he does that great song and knock it out of the park, it’s not fair. It’s incredible!


We’re going to close out the night with Reagan Strange and she’s going to perform You Say by Lauren Daigle and she is dedicating to her grandparents. Adam says Reagan is becoming the star he knew she would be when he first saw her.


Reagan takes the stage. Adam says Reagan epitomizes what the show is for and she filled the entire room with her voice and she’s truly an amazing artist.          

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Tonight, we will learn the results of who will be moving on to the Top 11 next week and America will get to save one artist at the end of the show. Morty’s will tell you when you to vote, even if you are not on the east coast. Stay tuned! Two will be going home tonight.


Reagan Strange was the most streamed on Apple Music. Time to find out who the first three artists moving on will be!


The first artist America saved…from Team Adam…Reagan Strange!


America has also saved from Team Blake…Kirk Jay!


America also saved…from Team Jennifer…Kennedy Holmes!


We see a clip of the artists getting letters and love from home wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving!


Time for more results! The fourth artist America has saved…from Team Kelly…Chevel Shepherd!


America has also saved…from Team Blake…Chris Kroeze!


Adam takes the stage with his team to perform Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.


Let’s get to more results! The sixth artist America has put through to next week…from Team Adam…DeAndre Nico!


America has also saved…from Team Kelly…Kymberli Joye!


America also saved…from Team Jennifer…Makenzie Thomas!


Kelly takes the stage with her team to perform I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton.


In a moment Carson will reveal the bottom three and you will be able to vote for the instant save AFTER we tell you voting is open. You will be able to vote for FIVE minutes! Not yet, but soon!


Let’s get to the last results from yesterday’s voting! Two will be saved and the remaining three will be performing! The next artist America saved…Dave Fenley from Team Blake!


America has also saved…Sarah Grace from Team Kelly!


From Team Jennifer, Sandyredd will perform Believer by Imagine Dragons.


From Team Adam, Tyke James has chosen the song Home by Michael Buble.


From Team Kelly, Lynnea Moore is going to sing If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys.  


It’s time to find out who America has instantly saved! America has saved…Lynnea Moore!

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Tonight, the Top 11 perform tonight and it’s dedicated to the fans. The fans have chosen the songs for the artists tonight and we will check in with viewing parties around the country.


We kick off the night with a fan named Katie who’s a fan of Dave Fenley and she loves his voice and she says he’s an amazing singer. Dave got a message from Lee Brice last week and Blake says he’s jealous. The fans have chosen Use Me by Bill Withers for Dave and he says that’s so different than anything he’s done so far. Blake says The Voice has never had a beat boxer on it before and this is going to be something fans have never seen.


Dave takes the stage to perform and begins with his beat boxing. Blake gives him an ovation. Adam says woah! He’s in shock. He says that was wild and it makes him happy to see Dave doing whatever he wants and he commends him for going at it and doing it his way. Blake says Dave just had his moment and congratulations.


Next, we have a fan named Alicia who is a fan of Chevel Shepherd and she loves her voice and her ability to make every song her own. Chevel has been given the song Space Cowboy by Kasey Musgraves. Chevel says this is a good mix of old country and new country and it means fans understand her. Kelly says Chevel is born to be a story teller and to get on that stage and move the audience.


Chevel takes the stage for her performance. Kelly says she loved that big note and she’s so glad she went for it and she’s so proud of her. She has the ability to tell a great story and Kelly loves her for that.


We continue with Team Adam’s Reagan Strange. The song chosen for Reagan is Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Reagan says she loves this song and Adam says this song is deceptively hard. She says this is a perfect song for her and she’s excited to show off this side of her. Adam advises her to let loose and be free with it.


McCann and Katelyn are fans of Reagan and they love her powerful voice and how much emotion she puts into all of her performances. They introduce Reagan as she takes the stage. Blake says he’s such a fan of hers and he thinks there is something special about her and she has so much charisma and everyone can see it. Adam says he absolutely adores her and she impresses him every week. Adam says he genuinely believes not only can she win this thing, but be a big star and be impressionable for other young artists.


Kymberli Joye is up next and the song selected for her was Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs. She loves that fans selected this song because it means they understand and accept her as a gospel singer. Kelly says this is an opportunity for people to see who Kymberli is and what she wants to do.


We have Connor, a fan of Kymberli, and he loves her because she is the definition of an artist and she puts her passion and soul into every song and he loves everything about her. Connor then introduces Kymberli for her performance. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Jennifer says Carson should have introduced her as sister Kymberli is going to perform in The First Baptist Church of The Voice. Kelly says she has a roundness to her tone and it reminds her of Jennifer and she loved this week because the fans understood what she wants to do.


Kirk Jay brings his mom to meet Blake. The song selected for Kirk is Body Like a Backroad by Sam Hunt. Kirk is going to play keyboard and then get up and dance. Blake offers to show him some dance moves. Blake says Kirk is a more progressive country musician. Richie from Lonestar reached out to Kirk Jay and said they are fans of his.


We go to a viewing party in Montgomery, Alabama and one of the fans says seeing him perform on The Voice is a dream come true and they introduce Kirk to the stage. Blake says he’s incredible. Blake says he’s mixed George Strait with Rascal Flatts and he’s one of a kind and he’s so happy to be his coach.


Next up is Chris Kroeze and his fans have given him the song Long Train Runnin’ by The Doobie Brothers. Blake says his voice lends itself to southern rock. Chris is going to play a guitar solo also. Blake says he’s multi-talented and he’s really a standout this year.


We go to a Chris viewing party and they are in Barron, Wisconsin and they cheering him on with his wife and kids and they introduce Chris to the stage. Blake says Chris keeps getting better with every single performance and everyone is Barron is going nuts right now.


We’re with Bodz and Jeddan from the Philippines and they are fans of Lynnea Moore. They love everything about her and want more more Moore. Fans have selected the song Consequences by Camila Cabello. Kelly hopes that people are captivated by the vulnerability of Lynnea.


Lynnea takes the stage for her performance. Jennifer says Lynnea surprises her every week and she looks like a star and she keeps raising the bar in the competition. Kelly says she’s so proud Lynnea has had this moment and she’s making each one count and she’s super proud. Kelly says she’s so relevant for radio right now.


Carson is with Sarah and she is a fan of MaKenzie’s and she says the girl can sing baby! MaKenzie was given the song Emotion by Bee Gees. Jennifer advises her to sing this song to her fans. MaKenzie says she wants to be a gospel singer with a R&B vibe, and she’s excited the fans get her. Jennifer offers to sing back-up for her.


MaKenzie takes the stage for her performance. Jennifer says she was so skilled and she could tell this was her lane and she hopes her fans are happy. Jennifer says that was amazing and flawless and her voice is like butter.


Sarah Grace is going to perform her fan song choice, Dog Days are Over by Florence + the Machine. Kelly says this is a huge song for Sarah. Sarah says she’s going to do something different with it. Kelly says this is going to be a shining moment with Sarah as she attacks a more modern song.


We go to Sarah’s watch party from Houston and they say they love her and she represents Houston so well. They introduce Sarah to the stage. Blake says he’s been a fan of her from the beginning and he loves seeing her step out and perform like that. That’s his favorite performance of hers so far. Kelly says this is her best moment and not only is Sarah is amazing, but she’s such a smart singer for being so young.


Next, is DeAndre Nico and he was given the song Cry For You by Jodeci. Adam tells DeAndre to take everyone on the ride. He thinks this paints the perfect picture of who DeAndre is as a singer. DeAndre says there is going to be a showwww on Monday!


Carson goes to a viewing party in Port Arthur, Texas, and they say the party is bigger in Texas and they are so proud of DeAndre and he represents their town perfectly, a small town that packs a big punch. They introduce DeAndre to the stage. Jennifer says it felt like she was in the neighborhood, watching the boys play basketball, DeAndre took her back to those days. Adam says DeAndre just did a song that took them all back and he believes he has all of the elements and he has a unique tone to his voice. He’s so proud of him.


Our final artist is Kennedy Holmes and she will be performing the song chosen by fans, Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Jennifer says Kennedy reminds her of Whitney by the way she caresses the notes and she’s so young, but she’s ready for this competition and a career.


Carson is with Kyndall and she’s one of Kennedy’s fans and she loves her because her voice is amazing and unique and there’s nothing quite like it. Kyndall introduces Kennedy as the final performer of the night. Jennifer says she is so proud of her. She looks beautiful and she is a shining star in her own right and she commands the stage.

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Carson greets us and says fan night was so much fun. We’re going to see who’s moving on to the Top 10, plus Blake and Jennifer are going to take the stage with their teams. Kelsea Ballerini is also going to perform.


Let’s get to some results! The first artist moving into the Top 10 is…from Team Jennifer…Kennedy Holmes!


America has also saved…from Team Kelly…Kymberli Joye!


Blake joins his team to perform Dixieland Delight by Alabama.


Time to get to more of our results! Carson reminds us results are in no particular order at all. The third artist America has saved…from Team Adam…Reagan Strange!


America has also saved…from Team Blake…Chris Kroeze!


Kelsea Ballerini, the fifth coach from The Comeback Stage, is performing her single Miss Me More.


Let’s get to some more results! The fifth artist America has moved on to the Top 10 is…from Team Blake…Kirk Jay!


America has also saved…MaKenzie Thomas from Team Jennifer!


Jennifer takes the stage with her team and they perform The Rose by Bette Midler.


The seventh artist America has saved is…from Team Kelly…Sarah Grace!


America has also saved…Dave Fenley from Team Blake!


America has also saved…Chevel Shepherd from Team Kelly!


Lynnea Moorer takes the stage first and performs Tattooed Heart by Ariana Grande.


DeAndre Nico has decided to sing Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann.


America instantly saved…DeAndre Nico from Team Adam!

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Tonight, the Top 10 will perform live! Tonight, Blake Shelton will perform his newest single, Turning Me On.


We’re going to kick the night off with Kennedy Holmes. Kennedy is going to perform Me Too by Meghan Trainor. Jennifer picked this song for her because it shows off her youthful side. Kennedy says this is a risk because she’s been singing ballads, but she trusts Jennifer.  


Kennedy takes the stage to perform. She gets an ovation from all four coaches. Kelly says she was so happy seeing this. She loves that Kennedy can sing a ballad, but it’s awesome to see her do something fun and more her age. Adam says if that was being 13, then he sucked at being 13. He says she could dance and move and that’s another strength for her and she’s doing really, really well. Jennifer says she never disappoints and she was everything that was so fun to watch. She enjoys watching everything she just did on the stage.


Next, we have Reagan Strange and she’s going to sing Cry by Faith Hill. Adam thinks this is the perfect vein for her. Reagan says she can tap into this song emotionally. Adam advises her to treat the verses of the song like choruses.


Reagan takes the stage to perform. Blake says that’s a tough song and she did a great job and he’s still not over the fact that she didn’t pick him. Kelly says that is a big song. Kelly says how she expresses emotion, you can’t teach and it’s her favorite thing about Reagan. Adam says it’s crazy because she raised the key a half pitch, but besides that she commands the attention of everyone in the room. He is nothing but proud of her.


Blake Shelton takes the stage to perform his latest single, Turnin’ Me On.


Next up we have Sarah Grace and she’s taking a big risk tonight. She is going to perform Amazing Grace in a bluesy style and she’s going to play the trumpet. Kelly advises her to keep the beginning simple because she doesn’t want it to be too much. Kelly says Sarah is a multi-talented artist and that’s what makes her stand out from everyone else.


Sarah takes the stage for her performance. Jennifer says Sarah didn’t miss a single note and that was amazing and she took a chance and she thought it was beautiful. Kelly says she loves her voice and she thinks it’s so amazing that so many young people have so much soul to them. She says she’s so proud of her and that was an insanely cool version of Amazing Grace.


Kymberli Joye is the next to take the stage and she is going to perform Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. Kymberli says this song is for anyone who feels like they are struggling to keep their head above water. Kelly says at this point on the show, no artist can play it safe and Kymberli needs to be vulnerable enough to let people in.


Blake says he feels like that has been her most powerful performance so far because he feels like she was finally able to reign in everything and deliver a controlled, tasteful performance that had an impact. Jennifer says there is nothing she cannot sing and she is walking into her calling and her purpose. Kelly says she loves that we waited until now to hone in on what she wanted to accomplish after the show. Kelly says it’s not just about the voice, it’s about moving someone and touching someone and that was beautiful.


Chris Kroeze is up. Blake took his team bowling this week. Chris is going to sing Callin’ Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks. He says this is a fun party song that’s high energy. Chris says anyone who travels can relate to this song. Blake advises him to make sure he does the small things and enunciate because the fans who know the song will sing along.


Chris takes the stage to perform. Kelly says that was amazing. Blake says he is literally proud of Chris as a coach and he’s proud of him as a fellow musician and country music singer.


Blake’s team were all gifted guitars. Dave Fenley is next to perform and he’s going to sing When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley. Dave says this song reminds him of his dad when they used to listen to these country songs when he was a kid.


Dave takes the stage to perform. Jennifer says she may not know a lot about country, but he definitely has a voice. She’s a fan regardless if she knows something about country or not. Kelly says he has a similar concept to his tone that Keith Whitley did. She thinks his voice was perfect for this song. Blake says the thing that drives him crazy about being Dave’s coach, he never does the same thing twice. But it’s because he sings with his heart, and everything he’s singing is what he’s feeling in that moment.


DeAndre Nico is ready to perform and he’s going to sing That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. Adam says this song has never been done before because no one can sing it, but DeAndre can. Adam says it’s different from what he’s done so far. DeAndre says Adam is trying to make a statement and Adam tells him to come at it with all he’s got.


DeAndre takes the stage. Jennifer says DeAndre can sing a song down and she likes that he showed a more performance side of himself. Job well done. Kelly says that’s her favorite of anything she’s seen on the show. It was so good, she loved it. Adam says he wishes there was a way to convey what happens in the room sometimes. Adam says DeAndre did the task at hand and he thinks he did a tremendous job.


Next up is Chevel Shepherd and she’s going to sing You’re Lookin’ At Country by Loretta Lynn. Chevel would love to make an old school country record and she’d love to sing at the Grand Ole Opry one day. Kelly says Chevel could be a country star right now.


Chevel takes the stage to perform. Blake says she is so cute. He says she has found a way to make a Loretta Lynn song even countrier than it was originally. He thought it was a lot of fun and she sang it great. Jennifer says she is adorable and she loves every thing she does. She loves watching her enjoy it. Kelly says she loves Chevel and Adam interrupts and says he loves her and she’s so cute and she’s so talented. Kelly says she’s super talented and her sound is her favorite and she loves everything she represents.


Kirk Jay is up next and he is singing Tomorrow by Chris Young. Blake says this song choice pushes him as a vocalist and it will show everyone what he’s capable of. Blake says Kirk is the kind of artist who has to feel the song and that’s what makes him special.


Kirk takes the stage and he plays the piano as he sings. Jennifer says she doesn’t have no words. She feels like she’s a co-coach because she needs people to vote for him so he can make a country album. He’s one of her favorites ever. Adam says he’s a huge fan as well and he concurs with Jennifer. Adam says when Kirk performs it feels like something new is happening for country music and he’s always transfixed by what he does. Blake says that is far and away his most important and pivotal performance of the competition so far.   


Our final artist of the night is MaKenzie Thomas and she’s going to perform Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. Jennifer says she’s continually topping herself each and every week. Jennifer says she wants MaKenzie to show her pop side, but blow the roof off with her gospel side because that will show why she’s special.


MaKenzie takes the stage for the final performance of the night. Jennifer says all the vocal divas would be watching and Kelly was one of them, she says just like there is each of them, there is a MaKenzie Thomas!    

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Tonight, we will reveal the semi-finalists! Kelly is going to sing her brand new single tonight and the bottom three are going to save for an instant save. But first, James Arthur and Anne-Marie perform their duet Rewrite the Stars.


Time for some results! Chris Kroeze was the most streamed artist on Apple music! Reagan is not joining everyone on stage, she’s not feeling well, but she is there.


The first artist America has saved is…from Team Blake…Kirk Jay!


America has also saved…from Team Jennifer…Kennedy Holmes!


America has saved...MaKenzie Thomas from Team Jennifer!


America has also saved…from Team Kelly…Chevel Shepherd!


Kelly Clarkson takes the stage to perform her new single, Heat.


Time for more results! America has saved…from Team Kelly…Sarah Grace!


America also saved…from Team Blake…Chris Kroeze.


Gwen Stefani is here for a special holiday performance and we’ll reveal the bottom three who will sing for your Instant Save.


Gwen Stefani takes the stage and performs Feliz Navidad with Mon Laferte.


Time for our results and our bottom 3 performances for the Instant Save.


America saved…Kymberli Joye from Team Kelly!


Dave Fenley and DeAndre Nico will perform for the Instant Save. Reagan will not perform as she isn’t feeling well, but you can still vote for her tonight.


From Team Blake, Dave Fenley has chosen to sing Amazed by Lonestar.


Kelly tells Dave it was a very smart song and she loved his voice on it because his tone was like a warm blanket. Blake says every time he gets on the stage, or even in rehearsals, his voice floors him. He doesn’t know why he’s in the bottom three, but they face this every year and this is why he says to America, this guy deserves to move to the semi-finals.


From Team Adam, DeAndre Nico has chosen to sing All of Me by John Legend.


Jennifer says he has a fantastic voice and the only thing he can do is the best he can do and he just did that with that song. Adam is a little confused why DeAndre is in the bottom, and he is an exquisite singer. He says there is an extremely talented little girl who can’t perform and fight for her life, but DeAndre sang like a champ and it’s really hard for him to urge DeAndre, but he has a special relationship with Reagan and he thinks they both should be in there and Adam has to fight for his girl because she couldn’t perform.


Kelly says DeAndre sang the heck out of the song and she knows what it’s like to be in their position and it’s horrible that Reagan can’t present herself and she knows how Adam feels, but they did a really great job.


America has instantly saved…Reagan Strange!

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