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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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You guys have done great this season!  I hope you'll all come back for Celebrity Big Brother coming this winter and Big Brother Canada which usually starts the first week of March. Big Brother Canada is just like Big Brother USA  and the feeds are free. 


Thank you!

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11:00AM BBT Kaycee is at the KT table. She is looking over the directions for origami. Tyler and JC still sleeping.


11:22AM BBT Kaycee continues to create origami and Tyler/JC continue to sleep.


11:36AM BBT KAycee has fed the fish. She says she might as well go back to bed. Tyler and JC still sleeping.



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11:43AM BBT JC is up. He and Kaycee talk about what she tried to make. Tyler is still sleeping.


11:46AM BBT Kaycee and JC talk about if they will get their suitcases today. Kaycee says that she is going to start getting everything together so she has everything. JC says he has a headache and is going back to bed. Kaycee sitting with a blanket in the new lounging area.


12:10PM BBT Tyler is up and comes out to the KT. Kaycee tells him what she tried to make with the kit.


12:15PM BBT All 3 HG are now vertical. Just chatting in general.


12:19PM BBT JC and Kaycee talk about how they are out of the house tomorrow. How they will go 0 to 1000 from the game to being in the outside world. Kaycee tells JC that her dad is going to love him. Tyler is lotioning himself up in the WCA.


12:30PM BBT The F3 talk about haunted attractions and amusement parks. They are all in their loungers.

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12:30 PM BBT  All three house guests are in the KT.  They have brought the blue loungers out of the BBR into the dining area.  JC and Kaycee are talking about going to Disney World in Orlando.  They debate whether it is worth it to get the fast pass for Disney.  Tyler joins them, and JC is saying they need to go the Halloween at Disney.  Tyler talks about a hunted house in Michigan, where you have to sign a waiver because they grab you.  He said it is a maze and haunted at the same time.

They are happy they get out of there tomorrow!  JC wants to know what day it is in "real life" 

12:32 PM BBT  Tyler wonders what time they have to be ready tomorrow for the live show.  Now they are discussing this morning's song.  Tyler said one is the gummy bears song, sounds like chipmunks.  Kaycee doesn't know that song.  JC said he never heard the songs.

Kaycee said this morning she was doing origami, and BB told her to slow down.  She didn't know why.  They are talking about different things that BB says to them.  Tyler said BB tells them to turn on their mic, but he doesn't know how to turn it off.

JC is talking about french fries.  He is having trouble explaining it, he says he doesn't eat them.  Everyone is chatting and laughing. 

12:48 PM BBT  Feeds are back  JC was talking earlier about a previous boyfriend, so we got FoTH.  Then we got several minutes of FoTH.


JC is talking about Kaitlyn, and how bitter she is.  He said she took his sweater.  Tyler is looking for food to eat.  Earlier they were talking about bagels and cream cheese.  Tyler said they can make bacon egg and cheese bagels.  Kaycee said they have McDonald's coming to them!

12:56 PM BBT  JC, Kaycee and Tyler are still talking about this season's house guests.  Tyler said his plea will be he put up with JC for the entire 99 days.  JC is talking about Brett, then Rachel.  Not much going on, just chilling for now.

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1:00 pm BBT.  All HGs in thr KT.  Tyler is making scrambled eggs.  They are talking about how they will see family tomorrow and the other HGs.  Tyler says the pre-jury HGs probably know what some of their family looks like.  He says Kaitlyn probably DM’d some people if she doesn’t hate him.  


1:03 pm BBT.  Tyler says his friends will love JC bcuz he took over their job of talking s**t to him all the time. Kaycee leaves to go get some allergy medication.  Jc tells Tyler tomorrow will be a great day babs.  


1:07 pm BBT.  In the KT, Tyler and JC are calling out their friends and saying they should come to the finale.  JC is singing Frosty the Snowman.  BB says “U have got to be kidding me!”   


1:08 pm BBT. JC tells Tyler that his mom lives where Josh (BB19) lives.  He says when they go to Miami he can kill 5 birds from 1 shot.  He says he can see his mom, his grandma, Josh. He tells Tyler he will see why JC loves and misses driving around.  He says u are f***ed if u are in traffic but otherwise it is so peaceful.  JC says they’ll bring Josh to a gay club so he can finally come out of the closet.  Tyler says Josh u will have to deal with JC just like I do.  

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1:15 pm BBT.  Tyler is making Bagel, egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches.  He asks what cheese they want.  Kaycee says surprise me.  He says pepperjack?  JC says Tyler is the only straight one here supposedly but the most girly.  JC says Kaycee stands out bcuz of her bun, says it’s her trademark (it took him a little bit to think of the word).   He says Tyler’s is his nest that he has up there.  They talk about Kaycee’s brother Kenny and they can’t wait to meet him.  Kaycee says he goes to the gay clubs with her and turns up.  JC says if u are secure with your sexuality u can go and have fun and not worry about it.  Kaycee gets called to the SR.  


1:20 pm BBT.  Kaycee brought out allergy medicine.  She says she asked for 2 and only got 1 and it says JC on it. JC says they gave him one once that expired in 2016, he says it crumbled.  

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1:19 PM BBT  Kaycee is talking about her brother.  BB calls Kaycee to the SR.  It scares her.  She said Bob is really loud.  Kaycee gets her allergy medicine.  JC wants one too, but she only has one.  JC said he got one the other day, it expired in 2016.  He said it was just crumbles.  JC is complaining about how Bob treats him.  Kaycee gets called back into the SR, while JC goes to the WC.  Kaycee comes out and eats the bagel sandwich Tyler made.  She said it is sooo good!  Tyler tells JC his breakfast is ready.

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1:24 pm BBT.  The HGs enjoy their food that Tyler made.  


1:25 pm BBT.  JC says he knows his food will be good but he won’t eat all of

it for sure.  Tyler makes fun of him for cutting a slice out of his bagel sandwich like a piece of cake.  They both tell Tyler how good it is. 


1:28 pm BBT.  JC tells the other HGs that the doctor told him u can take an allergy medicine every day and it’s not bad for u.  Kaycee asks JC if he’s gonna eat more.  He says I told him I wanted a little slice not a whole one. 


1:30 pm BBT.  Tyler is doing dishes.  Kaycee and JC are eating their bagel sandwiches.  


1:32 pm BBT.  JC wonders who the hot guy of the season will be. He says Faysal.  Tyler says Winston.  JC says no he didn’t make it far.  He says last year didn’t have one.  Then says something about Scottie.  He says it’ll be Tyler with all his hair flips and stuff.  Tyler says no, they call me crusty and greasy.  JC thinks it’ll be Brett.  JC says Kaycee is the hot guy.  He says what about girls.  He thinks Angela or Haleigh.  Tyler says Kaycee.  Kaycee says good answer.  JC says she is the hot boy.  Kaycee says Angela, Haleigh or Rachel.  Kaycee says we had a good looking cast.  JC says yeah compared to other seasons. Kaycee tells JC he is a beautiful man, he is good looking.  JC says she is a beautiful woman. He says if I was a lesbian, I would be one of those crazy girls “NO!  U can’t leave me!”  He says I would be waiting for u in your apartment at night time.  


1:39 pm BBT.  JC is quizzing them on days.  Tyler and Kaycee are getting most of them right.  

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1:35 PM BBT  The HGs are finishing up their lunch that Tyler made.  JC was saying who the hot guy and girl in the house might be this year.  He said maybe Tyler, Tyler disagrees.  Thinks Brett or Winston.  Hot girl might be Haleigh or Angela.  Kaycee said maybe Rachel.  JC starts quizzing them on their days.  We get FoTH for a minute or more, then feeds come back to JC quizzing Kaycee and Tyler still about days.

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1:41 pm BBT.  They are talking about how Scottie got $5,000 and a trip to Greece.  Now JC is naming a HG that was HOH and the others have to say who was evicted.  Then he names an HOH and asks them to name the original nominees.  


1:45 pm BBT.  They are talking about how many times people were nominated or on the block.  


1:46 pm.  They are talking anout Scottie being the first unanimous vote.  They say it was genius getting him out.  JC says Sam was hard to talk to bcuz she never wanted to talk game.  JC says she was brought there to clean the bathroom.  JC says they don’t care if the house crumbles, u are there to play the game.  


1:49 pm BBT.  Tyler says u guys should’ve heard Sam’s pitch to me on the DE.  He says she came in hot, they had to bleep the whole thing.  He says she said “Angela is a f***ing b***h, she walks atound here like she owns the place!”   He says yeah your a** is going on the block.  He says afterward Sam was like I’m sorry I underestimaeed u.  He says Angela didn’t even vote her out after that.  JC says I always say I wanna slap u and never mean it but that day oh I was so f***ing mad, you’re a b***h.  JC says your a** was on the block twice, that’s what u get.  Tyler says we all were. 


1:53 pm BBT.  They are talking about who put each of them on the block.  Kaycee says she talked to Faysal before he put her up and they got closer.  JC is now running thru who was top 15, 14, 13...etc.  JC says wow Rockstar made top 10, that’s an achievement.  


1:55 pm BBT.  JC thought Bayleigh was

goimg to make it further, longer than Faysal.  He says he thought she would be different.  Kaycee says she was sad when Bayleigh left.  Tyler says he would’ve cried if she stayed.  JC says me too, I wanted her out so bad.  Kaycee says to see her hurt bothered me.  JC asks if they have seen “Mean Girls”?  He says can u see those 3 girls in jury and Bayleigh is the leader.  They say Bayleigh was acting bad when she was HOH and had the power app, like she was better than them and telling people what to do.  


2:00 pm BBT.  Tyler was in the WC, now brushing his teeth.  JC and Kaycee talking in the KT area where they moved that furniture.  


2:05 pm BBT.  JC is saying how at one point he was trying to get Haleigh to vote a certain way and he thought she would be on their side.  Tyler says I told u, no way, she was devoted to them.  He says she probably already had finals 2 deals with all of them.  JC says he was done with her when she didn’t put the oven on what he asked her to.  JC talking about Rachel and  how she became a huge liability when she exploded in the jacuzzi bcuz she knew all about their flipped votes and everything.  Tyler says after she talked herself on to the block she freaked out.  JC says she flipped out about a prank and if she did that she could spill everything if she got mad.  

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2:12 pm BBT.  Kaycee starts saying when Bayleigh was HOH and it was Brett and Rachel on the block, me and Angela had to justify why we voted Rachel out.  She says Rachel and Angela made a f2 called the Vixens.  She says we told Bayleigh that Rachel made f2 deals with both of us on the same day both called the Vixens.  She says Scottie got caught in a lie to her (Kaycee).  Tyler says Bayleigh went around and told all of them what u guys said about having to vote Rachel out and they all thought it was secret information.   Kaycee says Scottie was talking to her face and was lying.  Tyler says they all had their own plan as to what they told Bayleigh about why they “had” to vote Rachel out.  


2:17 pm BBT.  Tyler says he told

Bayleigh right before the live show that he had to vote Rachel out and he’ll be the only one.  He says Bayleigh told Faysal right away so then he had to talk to him.  Tyler says after I was like wow I thought I was gonna be the only vote, what happened?  JC says Faysal cried when he said he was voting Bayleigh out.  JC says i had to bite my tongue bcuz I wanted to laugh.  


2:19 pm BBT.  JC says Faysal went from thinking he was running things to looking like a moron.  JC says Faysal was in love with Haleigh.  JC says sometimes it works.  He says Jessica and Cody came out of here and won a million dollars on the Amazing Race.  JC says Cody wasn’t just in the military, he had all these hero medals and s**t.  JC says he imagined Cody as tall and he wasn’t.  

2:26 pm BBT.  Tyler tells JC that Tyler and Taylor are different names.  


2:27 pm BBT.  JC asks Tyler is he calls his mom by her name or mom.  Tyler says mom.  Kaycee is saying her pets have many names. 


2:32 pm BBT.  The HGs are just naming the names of their friends and family.  


2:38 pm BBT.  The HGs are just sitting around talking about their family and friends. 


2:41 pm BBT.  The HGs are talking about the last person they spoke to before BB whisked them away.  


2:44 pm BBT.  We have fish.  


2:46 pm BBT.  Feeds are back.  General chit chat.  

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2:48 pm BBT.  The HGs are talking about who is watching thrm in the show, exes and their families.  


2:52 pm BBT.  The HGs have been talking about Tyler and Kaitlyn’s “love” story.  Tyler says it was about getting her to do this or that.  Kaycee says she just followed u around.  JC asks Tyler if he thinks Kaitlyn feels olayed.  Tyler says yes.  JC asks do u think she’ll talk to u after this.  Tyler says yes.  He says he loves her as a person.  


3:00 pm BBT.  The HGs have been talking about how many times they cried in or out of the DR and why they cried. 


3:07 pm BBT.  The HGs are talking about Kaitlyn and if she had a boyfriend or

not and what they will learn about all the HGs after this.  


3:16 pm BBT.  Kaycee is talking about the women’s football league.  Tyler asks if she’ll play again.  She says she wants to, she wants to play quarterback.  

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3:22 pm BBT.  The HGs have been talking about their parents seeing a different side of them on thr show and feeds.  JC says his dad knows what a gay flag is and if he sees JC running around with a gay flag he will never speak to him again, never.  Feeds cut to fish for a minute.  

3:24 pm BBT.  JC starts to talk about his dad and feeds cut to fish.  


3:29 pm BBT.  Kaycee says she has always wanted to be an entrepreneur.  


3:34 pm BBT.  Kaycee has been talking about previous jobs.  JC has come out of the WC.  BB says “please wash your hands”.  JC says I literally just washed my hands.  Tyler asks did u.  JC says I only don’t wash my hands when I wear the blue shorts.  He says bcuz I just (motions taking down his shorts) and he says I just stand like this and don’t touch myself.  


3:42 BBT.  The HGs are talking about what it’llbe like after the show and how long they way stay out there.  Tyler says he can’t be isolated by himself.  JC complains about getting origami last night.  He says they wanted us to stay up and play with paper?  Kaycee wonders if they’ll get their suitcases today.  BB says yes.  


3:47 pm BBT.  JC thinks this season was a comeback for BB.  He thinks the ratings will never be the same.  

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4:01 pm BBT.  The HGs are talking about Kaitlyn’s eviction and how it was he most united the house was.  Kaycee says didn’t
Rockstar tell her she would be evicted?  They say yeah she told her it didn’t look good and she was on the block too.  


4:19 pm BBT.  BB says “just so you know, kerosene lamps are good for camping”.  Tyler is preparing to climb the rock wall. 





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4:40PM BBT JC and Kaycee are trying ot pull the cord all the way out on the rock wall. BB tells them to "stop that" Kaycee and JC try the rock wall. Tyler is on the couch watching them.


4:53PM BBT JC does the last wall climb of the BB20 season. They start pushing the sofa back and we get FOTH.


5:01PM BBT Feeds come back and the F3 are excited. Sounds like they are going to get locked in the HOH BR. They are talking about getting to listen to music and taking showers up there.


5:10PM BBT Kaycee is gathering items that she wants upstairs. JC and Tyler chatting in the loungers.


5:15PM BBT Kaycee goes into the HOH BR. She says the bed isn't made or anything. Tyler says it has been untouched since the last time it was used. We get reels.

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7:00 pm BBT Tyler is going through his post-shower routine and KC/JC are talking in their den.  JC hopes that Ellen is paying attention to the LGBT representing in the BB house and that they'll be invited on to her show.


7:02 pm BBT JC asks KC what other tv show she'd want to be on.  She said her dad always wanted her to get one of her teammates and go on Amazing Race.


7:03 pm BBT JC said he wants to try his hand at stand up comedy and then maybe host a show.  He used to be in theater clubs. He said it's hard for him to learn lines.


7:19 pm BBT JC quizzes Tyler about capitals of countries. He asks "Bob" for yes or no answers when he's not sure.  KC is in the BBR packing up her suitcase.


7:59 pm BBT The F3 continue to play guess that capital with each other, and continue to get help from production "Bob".  He will tell them if they're right or wrong, or what letter the capital starts with as hints.  


8:42 pm BBT The F3 finish up with the geography test and talk about what else they could play.  They did Heads Up 7-Up, but KC wants to play Duck Duck Goose.  


8:51 pm BBT Tyler said that one time he was in the HOHR with Sam and Rockstar came up to do a one on one, and Tyler hid behind the bed for about 15 minutes until she left.  The cameras almost gave him away.  Apparently the conversation was boring.


8:59 pm BBT JC didn't learn until Day 50 that Swaggy's real name was Christopher.  Tyler laughs about Swaggy's comic book character called "Swaggy Sea" and he was riding a manta ray giving out t-shirts.


9:18 pm BBT Tyler, KC and JC give a tour of the house.  They are going to each room and talk about their favorite moments from each.  They start with the HN room.


9:19 pm BBT HN room: Kaycee talks about Rachel's crying breakdown because she was on the block, but apparently she has a funny crying face.  Then it was quiet and they both started laughing at the squeaking of the cameras.  Tyler and JC say that their favorite was when Fessy was talking about his dry d*ck and that JC started making noises. 


9:30 pm BBT Next stop in the tour was the PBR, where they all talk about memories of Swayleigh in the corner bed.  Then they move on to the BBR where "the magic happens".  They said that this where most of the game talks occurred, that it was their happy room.


9:34 pm BBT They move on to the SR where they discuss looking through the cabinets for nothing.  KC talks about being in lockdown by herself for almost a whole night.  JC hated going into this room as a have not, but it was a good room for conversations.


9:36 pm BBT The living room had blindsides in every seat of the couch. They reenact where they sat the first night in the house, and they were spilling their drinks. They move seats as they talk through where they were sitting during the evictions.


9:38 pm BBT They F3 talk about the entrance of the house, and recounted how they first came in.  The KT table was big and fully set.  Apparently Bayleigh broke one of the front doors and Brett broke the other.


9:45 pm BBT They are now in the KT and discuss how Sam always looked busy in there, but nothing was every done - the KT would still be a mess. They also recount Sam's meeting and then the whipped cream fight.


9:48 pm BBT They move into the geo room and talk about how you could hear through the wall so they had to be careful. KC talks about her time comforting Bayleigh while in her peanut suit. 


9:54 pm BBT They enter the WA and all agree that this was the living room the first 2 weeks and how comfortable the couch was. It was difficult to use the bathroom with everyone hanging out there.  JC reenacts Rockstar walking around like a vulture and talking, that she'd pace back and forth.  Tyler talks through his hair straightening and how JC was speechless.


10:03 pm BBT The F3 are upstairs and decide to play their last game of Foosball, Tyler and JC against KC.

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On 9/24/2018 at 12:43 AM, morty said:

You guys have done great this season!  I hope you'll all come back for Celebrity Big Brother coming this winter and Big Brother Canada which usually starts the first week of March. Big Brother Canada is just like Big Brother USA  and the feeds are free. 


Thank you!

Morty thanks for all the hard work you have put in this summer for BB20.  Most don’t realize all the hours it takes to set up blogs, live feeds, recruit people to post almost around the clock.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to contribute more this summer.  Maybe for AMazing Race if you have the same type of postings - it’s my absolute favorite reality show!

I love to people watch, see what makes them tick, choose how to play or decide moves in the game.  I don’t like the constant swearing and every other word being the ‘f’ word, it seems childish. I have been disappointed in JC sexually harassing so many in the BB house and production not stopping it or kicking him out.

I do enjoy the updates and minute by minute playbacks~~

Again thanks!!

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I had thought they would give them a nice dinner tonight or something special from POPS, since it’s the last night.  Anyone else think this?

12:02 am BBT - JC tells Tyler it’s OK if he wins for him to pick Kaycee.  I’m not sure if he really means it as he still feels he has a final two with both of them.  Kaycee andTyler have talked about when and what and how much to tell JC tomorrow so he isn’t too hurt or blindsided.

It should be a good finale.  I thought they would all catch on that Tyler and Natalie were in a showmance.  I think they might make it~~

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10:10PM BBT: The 3 HGs look over the balcony and talk about all of the things they remember watching from up there. Tyler says it "feels like home." JC agrees. They talk about the stories they told up on the balcony. 

10:43PM BBT: The HGs have moved to the KT. Kaycee drinks tea while Tyler plays with the inflatable bowling pin. JC wants to know why PopTV hasn't given them anything tonight. Kaycee and Tyler thank PopTV for everything.

10:47PM BBT: BB plays the Pecs workout song. They all get up and dance and sing along. 





10:51PM BBT: BB tells JC to clean up the KT. Every laughs and JC says he hasn't done it all season, he's not doing it now. 

11:06PM BBT: Kaycee thinks they should say goodbye to the live feeders now. Kaycee says "thanks for watching" and they all say goodbye. JC says he doesn't know what to say. They joke around and come up with various fake BB teases of their own for CBS.

11:08PM BBT: Kaycee gets up to stand and says they need to say something to the live feeders. They all sit at the counter. Tyler says this will be their official goodbye. 




11:08PM BBT: JC's message: "Well guys, this was the best summer of my life. I'm so grateful for this experience, thank you so much for watching me for three months...I hope you were able to understand me. It was my pleasure to make it to the top three with these two ladies. I couldn't ask for a better top three, except maybe Rockstar and Steve." Everyone laughs. 



11:09PM BBT: Kaycee's message: "Well live feeders, thanks for watching us. We really do appreciate you. I hope you guys enjoyed the peanut and all the health nut work outs. Don't be afraid to call me peanut if you see me out in the streets, it's ok. I love these two girls, I'm glad we could be top three together, I can't imagine with anybody else. Big Brother is the sh*t and I love this show. Thank you to all you amazing people out there, I love you and goodbye." Kaycee blows a kiss to the camera. 



11:10PM BBT: Tyler's message: "Live feeders...oh this is tough...live feeders thank you for watching every single day, all you crazy people, every day for whatever reasons, just watching JC destroy everyone, mainly me. I really appreciate you guys watching, because if you guys weren't here there wouldn't be a show. You guys see it all, but you see the real deal and we appreciate you guys for watching every day. It's sad to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. If you see me or any of these two in real life, tell us you're fans of the show. I'll give you JC's phone number, but tell us you're a live feeder, not just a viewer. You lived with us if you're a live feeder.

11:12PM BBT: Big Brother asks the HGs if that's all they've got. They laugh and try to come up with more stuff to say. "Give them something else," Tyler tells JC. JC tries to rephrase his message. They laugh.

11:14PM BBT: Kaycee says "thank you so much" again to the live feeders and she also thanks PopTV. They all agree. Tyler encourages anyone who wants to be on Big Brother to "go for it."

11:20PM BBT: Tyler and JC head to the WA to get ready for bed, Kaycee is in the BBR.

11:24PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler are whispering in the BBR, they talk about tomorrow being "the day." They talk about telling JC tomorrow after the live feeds go off, right before it's over. Kayee says they'll tell him they're sorry. 

11:26PM BBT: Tyler says JC will be "pissed." Kaycee says at least they'll be able to talk to him about it. Tyler says he's smart, he'll try to throw something out. They agree to tell him around three or four. They talk about what they're going to say to him. 

11:27PM BBT: Tyler says JC's been here 99 Days and he doesn't deserve to be blindsided. They agree. They'll tell him at the very last minute, right before the show. 

11:32PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler agree they're not worried about the jury or what they think, they're just going to give their speeches and what happens, happens. 

11:44PM BBT: JC walks into the BBR/PBR and Kaycee walks out to the WA. Tyler is in bed. 

11:55PM BBT: The HGs are joking around and talking about DR sessions, BB gets on to them a few times. 

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