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Survivor 37: Show Recaps


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Episode One:


The greatest social experiment on television is back with a modern take on one of the most intriguing match-ups of all time.  This is Survivor: David vs. Goliath!

The David time, 10 strangers that share one thing in common - overcoming obstacles.  They have spent their lives battling adversity and are always the underdog. They'll take on the Goliath tribe, 10 strangers who also share one thing in common - winning. They have spent their lives capitalizing on their assets and are always considered the favorite.  

Which traits will prove most useful in this cunning game of social politics? For the next 39 days, they'll be abandoned in the islands of Fiji.  They must learn to adapt or be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. 39 days, 20 people, one Survivor!

The two tribes assemble before Jeff aboard the trawler, Krishnan.  Welcome to the 37th season of Survivor, Jeff says. Survivor is a game of social politics which often revolves around the story of the underdog vs. the favorite. It might be the physically weak vs. the strong, the socially awkward vs. the naturally charming.  Whatever form it takes, it's an enduring match-up that has provided some of our greatest showdowns.

But what complicates Survivor is the unknown. You don't know which skill set will come in handy and very little about the other players. So the question every day is not who has the advantage, but what is the advantage.  That is the we are going to explore this season - this is Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Jeff yanks at a strong and the season logo banner is revealed to two cheering tribes.  He tosses orange buffs to the David tribe.  Nick says he grew up in a trailer in the holler and had to go get everything for himself, first to go to college, he learned it by doing it.  Gabby says being a David means having a lot more to prove, starting at the bottom is a cooler story.  David not only slew Goliath in the bible, Nick says, he grew up to be King too.

Jeff tosses purple buffs to the Goliath tribe. John says he was on the high school wrestling team to get into pro wrestling, and that's what happened. The Mayor of Slam Town, the Friday Night Tonight, etc.  He tells us privately that he's college educated and will be underestimated.  Allison has no doubt she belongs on the Goliath tribe - I have a huge legion of support in my family but I understand what it means to be an underdog and working to achieve what you put your mind to.

I get the work ethic, Jeff clarifies, but lets put this to the test.  Let's compare Pat's story (David tribe) to yours.  Ali says she was middle to upper class, her dad a physician and she's a Doctor Joetor too. Pat grew up in a paycheck-to-paycheck family, his mom paralyzed when he was 9yrs old, his father a fireman and police officer. Everything he earned went to bills.  Medical school was not an option, nor was medical school.  I went to work right out of high school.

So, Jeff concludes, as a group, do we all agree this isn't about hard work. It takes hard work to become a Doctor Joetor. This is about how you look at life and how life has started for you.  Often the advantage Goliath has is visible, but the advantages on the David tribe invisible.  But until you you know the situation, you don't know how to define the advantage. The question this season is which one of you is the best in turning turning every situation into one that gives you the advantage. That person will win this game.

So let's start on this experiment of capitalizing on advantage. Let's start with the premise the Goliaths are the favorites. Jeff has Goliath choose the weakest woman and man on the David tribe.  They go with Purple Hair and Big Bang Theory (Lyrsa and Christian).  Lyrsa is not surprised because she's tiny, chunky and from Puerto Rico. Christian says it seems like a logical deduction but perhaps appearances are deceiving.

Now, it's David's turn.  Who do you think are the strongest man and woman on the Goliath tribe? Maximum disparity in the match-ups. They choose Ali and John.  Lyrsa and Christian whisper a pact to help each other.  

At this point, Jeff posits, the Goliaths should have the advantage. They have their strongest competitors against their weakest Davids.  Allegedly, Christian corrects. Part II, let's give the Davids the chance to tilt the favor to their side. We will run a challenge in which the two pairs compete. Davids will choose the path the Goliaths have to take and which they take. You want to put Ali and John on the most difficult path and choose the easiest for yourselves.

The first stage is balance. You have a choice between a beam over water, a plank bridge, or a two person track. The next stage is agility. You have a choice between the net tube, the rope tunnel, and the crawl-under.  The third stage is a puzzle and you can choose between a 15 piece cube puzzle, an 8 piece slide puzzle, or moving 30 sandbags between platforms. At the end, the winner will crawl out on a pole to release a shelter-making kit.

After huddling, the Davids decide for Goliaths to do the plank bridge, net tube and the the 15 block cube puzzle. Davids elect to follow the beam over the water, the crawl under and the 8 piece slide puzzle.

It's the first Reward Challenge - let's get to it. For reward, Survivors ready?  Go!

Davids grab a quick lead by leaning back on their rope bridge and risking falling into the water. They move onto the crawl under and slow down.  Goliaths complete the plank bridge and head into the net tube. Davids are out of the crawl under and start working on their puzzle.  Goliaths are right behind them.  It's all Christian on the slide puzzle and before Jeff can blink, Lyrsa crawling out on the post to release the supplies and win the challenge.

David stops Goliath in round 1, Pat cheers.  That was a blowout, Jeff says. Christian reveals he wrote puzzle solving algorithms as an undergrad, so it wasn't really a fair fight.  This is why the story of David vs. Goliath is one of the greatest metaphors for improbable victories, Jeff says, who would ever guess someone would have written algorithms for a slide puzzle and that would come into play minutes into this season.

Jeff gives the Davids a map to their new home and they head off in their raft with their supplies. For Goliaths, they receive a map and their map and that's all.  Christian says you could say he slew Goliath with an algorithmic sling shot but all he can see is what he did wrong and what he needs to fix about himself.  

Mike is stoked to be on the Goliath tribe with a lot of strong men and fit women. He's a Hollywood writer/Director/Actor and Dan quickly outs him.  He wrote School of Rock and Nacho Libre and has been more successful than he though the could be but has been obsessed with Survivor  Forget an Oscar, he wants to win Surivor! Dan reveals he used to be a fat kid and he worked for this (physical look), to make the SWAT team, be a cop. His shirt says POLICE so there was no point in hiding it.  He set a goal, lost 100lbs in a year and made it.  

Old, fat Dan would never have had the confidence but now a beautiful girl is telling him he's good looking. He tells Kara that she's his Kryptonite. She says in Superman, the blond girl is Kara. Dan says he named his dog after Super Girl, Kara.  Everything I would want in a woman, Dan tells us of Kara. Kara tells us Dan is a genuine soul to which she immediately connected. A former NFL Cheerleader, it's in her nature to be charming and it's natural he's drawn to her, which makes it impossible not to be drawn to him too. They joke about being a secret showmance. I'm so screwed, Dan tell us. But why can't I find love on Survivor?

On the David tribe, after a team huddle, Pat starts dishing out shelter instructions. Gabbby thinks the David tribe will be scrappy and work together to succeed.  Pat tells us he's self-made, blue collar. Christian says Pat immediately takes lead on the shelter and can be a bit directive at times, and in engineering and science, there can be strong personalities that conflict, but Pat can really shout and some might have felt bossed around. And jokes can be risky and fail. But people are putting up with it as long as we're succeeding and getting things done.

Goliaths have one machete and an expectation of rain so they have to make the most out of it. Natlie says she's twice as old as the others in the tribe. Since she has young people who work for her, she starts making suggestions. The other Natalie says she's an industrial engineer but the first Natal is barking orders.  Over on David, Path is putting his body and not just his mouth to work, climbing trees and doing the work.

Jessica says nobody knows she's 19 - she told them she was 22 - and approaches Bi and Carl separately about an alliance. Cark and David make an agreement - we're here but we can't look like we're here. Avoid TC is their strategy, but Pat is their first target. Lyrsa and Elizabeth form an unlikely trust bond. Christian tells Cabby he's a bit of a weirdo and asks her to let him know if he goes overboard on the science stuff. She thinks its endearing but she's nerdy too and nerds have to look out for each other. She tells us they are kindred spirits and she's a nerd whisperer.

Over in Goliath, John says he can be a good or bad guy depending on where he's wrestling.  He lists all his aliases but none of them will win Survivor - he's playing as himself. Natalie #2 points out to others as it is raining that Natalie #1 never helps but stands there, watching. Mike uses the distraction to walk off and look for a HII. But his absence is noticed. Natalie #1 quietly goes out after him while the rest of the tribe says it just puts a target on his back.

Jeremy says they all know Mike was on The Amazing Race and has money and looking for the HII just gives them an excuse.  Natalie #2 says Natalie #1 is going to cause more problems at camp.  Dan thinks Mike is a lot more slick. Ali plays peace maker and says they don't have to decide yet. Natalie #1 catches up with Mike and tells him he's putting a target on his back. Mike pretends he was just going to get his shoes. Mike admits he made a rookie mistake - he didn't need the HII, he just wanted it.

Day 2. David tribe is suffering in the rain, adding more palm leaves to their shelter. There is no initiation from the island, Elizabeth says, though I think she meant honeymoon.  But sometimes the struggle is what makes someone who they are. We care about each other way more than Goliath. You tend to empathize with each other, it's inbred in being a David. Jessica isn't rooting against the other tribe, but Nick hopes they are going through hell. The only thing on his mind is scheming and plotting and he needs to find his flock of sheep.

Nick says it's too easy to get people to trust you on Survivor, and his first targets are Christian and Elizabeth. He wants to name all the alliances, to have fun winning $1,000,000.  Gabby thanks Pat and Carl for their work on the shelter, which is keeping them dry. But Nick hasn't done anything, he observes. I can't stand a man that doesn't work, he confides with Pat.  

Over on Goliath, Natalie #2 and Angelina come together over the well and plan to look for the idols. Angelina asks Natalie #2 to stand watch while she searches. Why is it only men find HIIs? Mike is continuing to search every gap in every tree.  Jeremy says he's not going to sit around while others are looking for idols. Alec watches him walk off. Soon everyone on Goliath is looking for idols.  John tells us it's in Goliath's DNA - everyone wants the power.

Dan says it's funny watching everyone getting worked up by the HII because it's in his pants.  Where he's hiding it in his form-fitting boxers, I don't know.  He, Kara and Natalia #2 were looking for Idols and he sees a rock that looks cool and then he sees purple string. He calls the two women over, opens the package in front of them. He set the goal of finding an Idol and then did it. He is becoming the person he wanted to be, finding the idol with a couple of the most beautiful girls in the game.

Over in David camp, David has snagged an octopus with his fishing spear. Davvy Crockett, he jokes. Davie he's always been a non-conformist, a Blerd, a Black Nerd, loving comic books and things. The tribe prepares the octopus with additional veggies. Neither tribe has fire but they have plenty of rain.

Under the David shelter, Jessica opens up about missing her mom who suffered an abusive boyfriend. Bi reveals she had been beaten daily by a former boyfriend, often ending up in the hospital with nowhere to go. As a MMA fighter, she speaks out against domestic abuse. SHe tells Jessica her mom was lucky to have her. Nick says it's not really how he usually talks to people, but he decides to drop his guard and reveal his own personal story. His mother had problems with drugs and overdosed 3 years ago. Crying, he gets the comfort of his whole tribe and feels like there's a weight lifted off him.   The storm has brought good things for tribe, Bi says, helped them bond.

Day 3 and it's time for the Immunity Challenge. It's pouring down rain as both tribes walk up, soaked and soggy. Welcome to Survivor, Jeff grins, let's get to it. He reveals the tribal Immunity Idol. For the challenge, tribes will sprint through an obstacle to a sand pit where one person from each tribe will dig under a log, grab a machete, cut a rope that releases 3 ladders. The second tribe is then penalized and must untie knot to release their ladder. You will then confront the Survivor Pole Vault to cross from one high platform to another, making your way across a netted path and then solve a giant number puzzle.  First to finish wins immunity plus reward - fire in the form of flint. Losers, tribal council where someone will be the first to be voted out.

For immunity and fire in the form of flint, Survivors Reach?  Go!  Everybody is mixed up early as castaways throw each other over and under the obstacle course, tackling the other tribe to hold them back.  Both teams hit the sand trap, Alec vs. Carl, and Alec is the first through.  Carl is stuck and Goliath gets the early advantage. One by one, Goliath crosses over the pole vault. Carl gets through the log and starts untying the knots. He finally releases the knots as Goliaths run down the cargo net to the puzzle..  Davids are crossing the platform.  

One Goliath stands on a platform barking orders to the rest of the tribe. Personalities battle for control over the pieces.  David gets through the pole vault and starts their puzzle, with Christian providing direction.  It starts raining again.  Goliaths have their first vertical row but the Davids have the last vertical row. Natalie #2 is yelling at her tribe but it seems to be working. Davids are right on their heals. Will it be the Goliaths or Davids? Golaths have their 4th row but so do the Davids!

Goliaths Win Immunity!  Davids are headed to Tribal Council.

Pat says the rain has brought the Davids together and they are operating with a single heart. But it sucks they will lose an artery tonight.

Bi tells us she doesn't trust Nick - he's not doing anything and it's not just her, it's the consensus of the tribe.

The rain continues and the seas are rough. I can't see, someone says.  It's OK, nice, slow, deep breaths.  Someone is being carried off the boat carrying the tribes back to their camps.  It's Pat in a stretcher with production crew bringing him to the beach.  His hands are in the air, shaking as medical starts to look at him.  They are immobilizing his head while taking a reading of his breathing from a tube and staring an IV line. Where is your pain, he is asked, and Pat replies it's his back.  They promise to give him something for the pain. You've done a good job, he is reassured by the medic.  

The rest of the tribe walks hesitantly up the beach. Gabby says the boat slammed down on one of the waves and we hear a crack.  I thought Pat had just tweaked his back but we don't know what's happening, watching, hoping for the best.  

You're going to feel a cold sensation going up your arm, Doctor Joetor tells him as he pushes the plunger on a syringe.  Where am I, Pat asks, I'm scared.  Don't worry, Doctor Joe says, just focus on me.  Jeff comes running in.

We all groaned when Jeff arrived, Bi says, because it means something really bad has happened.

Doctor Joe tells Jeff that it sounds like there was an impact on the boat and which hit Pat pretty hard on his back, causing him a lot of pain. Pat opens his eyes as Doctor Joe says the pain is the biggest problem at the moment.  Jeff says that even though a boat right back to camp is normal, we've never had anyone injured during transport. Doctor Joe says they are worried there could be damage or a fracture to his back.

Jeff tries to talk to Pat but he doesn't respond.

Jeff asks Doctor Joe if this is severe enough to take him out of the game? I think it might be, Doctor Joe says.  I can't, Pat says, talking into an oxygen breather, I can't...

You can't take me, he pleads, I can't leave.  I can't leave.

Be strong, Lyrsa calls out for the whole tribe, we're here for you, Pat!

Pat is visibly and audibly in pain.  It can't end, he struggles to say, this way.  

Is there any way for him to continue, Jeff asks Doctor Joe, or does he need to go to a hospital?  He's a tough guy, Doctor Joe says of Pat, but for someone this tough to be in this much pain makes me concerned. We need to rule out any serious damage and that's something we cannot do on the beach.  So you're pulling him from the game.  I don't think I have any choice. He needs to get to the hospital to get the right scans.

Not this way, Pat gasps, this can't be the way it goes.  

I'm afraid there is no other choice, Jeff says, we have to look out for you.  That's the #1 job of our medical team.  Let's bring in the helicopter guys.

They're taking him out, the David tribe says, nothing can go our way.  They feel so bad for him.

Not this way, Pat cries.

You just said at the end of the challenge that the David tribe was going to lose an artery but the heart would go on.  You clearly didn't know you were going to become the artery.

I don't want to quit.

You are not quitting, Jeff assures him, Doctor Joe is pulling you from the game for your own safety.  There is nobody who is going to question your heart.

The David tribe are all on their feet looking on as the chopper lands.  Jeff waves them over to say their goodbyes.  Your kids are going to be so proud of you, Jessica tells him.  He was fighting to stay in, she tells us, tears rolling down his face.  They all tell him they love and to be strong.  

I hope he knows how much we love him and is grateful for the experience, Jessica tells us, because we're grateful for him.  

Pat is lifted into the chopper as his tribe wishes him well.

I feel a sense of guilt, Gabby tells us, because I misjudged him as a bossy jerk guy from New York and I couldn't have been more wrong.  He organized how to build the shelter, he was a leader from day 1, a center of camp and this is a huge loss.

After the chopper takes off, Jeff walks up to the remaining tribe mates.  Man, expect the unexpected out here, he tells them, I can see the emotion.  

To lose him so early, Jessica says in tears, makes you sit back and think if anything will go our way because we just lost one of our strongest players. Of all the tribes for this to happen to, observes Jeff, it's the David tribe. You are constantly thrown an obstacle every day. Gabby says none of us were expecting this and it fits what we've been talking about so perfectly in the worst way.  But Pat would want us to succeed and stick together as much as we can.

Well, Jeff says comfortingly, if there's a silver lining, you lost a challenge, you lost a tribe member, but you won't lose another one.  There'll be no Tribal Council tonight.  One last bit of good news, there will be a flint waiting for you back at camp. Hopefully the rain will break and you guys can get to work on starting fire.

Three days in, down a tribe member, but you are still in this game.

The fight ain't over, Elizabeth says confidently, we're going to keep bringing it.

Grab your stuff and get back to camp, Jeff says, the game continues on.

Elizabeth tells us today has been one of the most draining days in her life, it's been crazy and testing you right out the gate, one disaster after another. This is typical of what a David has to go through to accomplish anything in life. But this isn't the first time I've been knocked down, and I think that's something the Davids have going for us - we WILL keep fighting.

Next time on Survivor: There's a new war, a new target and a new man in charge.  

To be out of the game, a recovered Pat tells us, not by vote but by peer accident, it's gut wrenching. But my life and my health is bigger than this game and ultimately, I will pick myself up off the beach, dust the sand off, and get back on my horse.  As a David, it's what I've done for 41 years. It's the story of my life.  

Pat was treated for his injuries and has made a full recovery.

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Episode 2


Oct 3, 2018


Previously on Survivor: In the first comp Davids win reward, Dan falls for Kara and finds an HII, Nick is on the outs and Pat is evacuated. 19 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Night 3, Davids are felling sad w/o Pat. At Goliath they are miserable. Its storming like crazy and both tribes are huddles in their shelters. Day 4 and its still raining. Chris and Nick talk while looking for bamboo. Chris likes Nick, they talk about getting a girl out. Chris and Nick decide to name themselves "team Mason-Dixon" Both tribes get tree mail and a present...a fire making kit


 Dan and Kara's closeness is being observed and ppl don't like it. Kara talks to the girls and explains that they have their guy friends and so does she. Dan wants Mike out. Jeremy goes thru Dans pants pocket and finds the HII, he puts it back and tells Mike who is standing guard. Mike says information is more important then having the idol itself. Davie thinks he is a provider, he has been searching for food but also anything else, he finds string that leads to an HII. 


Day 5 David tribe: they talk about getting rid of the weakest players. Beth lets Lyrsa know that David wants her out. Lyrsa says she won the first challenge. Goliath tribe: they are crabbing and having fun. Natalie says its childish and she's not doing that. Natalie says her strat is to lay low and be friends with everyone, she thinks its going well. The others tell us that she doesn't know what's happening around her. Natalie says why would they want to take out the senior citizen, how is she the biggest threat. Natalie is not going down w/o a fight, she will drop some Natalie napalm on them. Jeremy talks to her about her self awareness. Jeremy says if they lose at the next competition he will go into overdrive to get Natalie out.


Immunity challenge time: Jeff tells them the storm was in fact a cyclone. They have to climb a ladder to get a key to unlock a boat, paddle the boat out to get puzzle pieces, they will then put the puzzle together on a wobbly board. It is also reward time, deluxe fishing gear with a fishing pole. Ready...Go...They ladder has 2 rungs and they have to stand one while moving the other up. Goliaths get their boat key and are in the water.


David is having trouble with the ladder. Goliath is at their platform and have their bags of puzzle pieces. Davids get their key and head out to their platform. Davids are pulling away from platform with a member still on it, they make the pick up and head back to shore. Goliaths start on the puzzle, they have to hold on to ropes while trying to make the puzzle. Davids are having poor communication. Pieces keep dropping. Goliaths are making progress, its been over an hour and its hot. Goliaths get the puzzle but now have to get back to the beginning. Goliaths win Immunity and reward.  Chris says on the surface they are getting along well but now they have to pull the scab off and draw blood.


 Lyrsa says Jessica has to go, she is holding others together. Beth says she hasn't trusted Jessica from day one. Chris comes along and the girls tell him its Jess. Gabby and Chris talk about getting out Jess. Nick and Chris talk about getting Lyrsa out. Chris feels he is pulling the trigger, just where he wants to be.


Night 6, Time for TC: Davids come in, get a torch and get fire. Lyrsa tells Jeff about the first few days, she didn't know the storm would be so bad. As surviving the storm they became a family and now they have vote someone out. Lyrsa says you could cut the tension with a knife. Jess says you cant wait until TC to start playing the game. Bi says her vote is on performance in the comps. Nick says this game is built on deceit, everybody could trust Mother Theresa and she couldn't have done that challenge today. Chris says they have to balance the needs of the tribe as he doesn't see a merge this early.


Time to vote. We see Jess vote for Lyrsa, Lyrsa votes Jess, David votes Lyrsa. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? Nope. Votes: Lyrsa, Jess, Lyrsa, Jess, tied...Lyrsa, Lyrsa, Jess, Jess..tied...2nd person voted out of David Vs. Goliath is Jessica. Bi asks what just happened? David is shaking his head. Jess gets her fire snuffed and walks off. Jeff says each one of them is here because they have overcome adversity in their live, can they do it on the game?


Next time on Survivor: When you feel all alone, you need to find a kindred spirit or you will go crazy. 

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Episode 3


Oct 10, 2018


Previously on Survivor: Natalie had no filter and Jeremy had no boundaries. A plan was set to get Lyrsa out but at TC Jessica went home. 18 are left, who will be voted out tonight. David tribe: Davie says here was tension after TC but there was good game play. Nick says Mason/Dixon just pulled the best move ever. They have broken the game apart. Nick says if they lose again Mason/Dixon will choose who will go again. Carl tears up over Jessica being gone, she was like a daughter to him. He feels alone, but he has always came from the bottom and worked for every thing. He has to turn it up a notch. Bi wonders who flipped. She talks to Nick and Carl and tells them she feels betrayed by Gabby, they say she should go next.


Day 7, Goliath. John catches a fish, they have hermit crab races. John is a bit worried about Natalie. Mike and Jeremy bond. Jeremy says his dad has Alzheimer's and he misses fishing with him the most. Jeremy says as he got older he realized how his dad influenced him. He tears up talking about him. Mike says that by Jeremy sneaking around finding HII in others stuff makes him wonder how he will be later, he doesn't want to get caught up in Jeremy down the road.


Day 8, David tribe. Chris cant wait to hear what Slamtown is all about. Gabby says Chris is her number 1 ally in the game. On the boat Nick and Bi discuss Gabby. Jeremy says he saw so many side convos he is concerned. Kara tells us that no is strategizing because they aren't going to TC. Jeremy tells the tribe that there is no reason to talk about getting ppl out cuz there is no TC. Angelian says she still thinks they should get rid of Natalie. Jeremy says his second play would be to get Dan out to flush out the HII.


Jeremy tells John that he found an HII in Dans pocket. John says Jeremy is paranoid, is Jeremy playing hard? yes. Does John trust Jeremy? no.


Day 9, its raining again. Time for Immunity challenge. One player will have to maneuver their way thru an obstacle, then 3 others will untangle ropes, hook a sled and us the pieces on the sled to make a pyramid puzzle. Reward is chairs and things. Natalia and Angelian sit out. Go! David is stuck, Goliath takes the lead, they are now dead even. still neck and neck trying to hook the sled. John hooks the sled, Elizabeth had her sled, still neck and neck at the puzzle part of the challenge. 


 Both tribes still working on the pyramid puzzle. Davids win immunity stunning Goliath tribe. Bi will have medical look at her knee. Goliath thinks Natalie was the reason they lost the puzzle, this isn't the place for her. 


Davids are excited to have chairs and immunity. Bi says she sprained her knee, she has it wrapped. she is worried about it. At Goliaths Natalie says she is usually very good at puzzles, she tells Jeremy she feels she doesn't have his support. Jeremy tells us you can only do what you can do. Alison says Natalie has been digging her own grave since day one. Agelina says Jeremy would be the right person to go first then Natalie. Alison is on the fence, Jeremy is a manipulator. Alison campaigns for Jeremy to go. 


Mike isn't happy with the talk going to Jeremy, he thinks its a simple answer and Natalie is that answer. The tribe talks about how they feel that at a tribe swap Natalie will talk bad about all of them. Natalie asks to talk to some of them when Jeremy sits down, she asks to talk to them with out him there. Jeremy and Natalie have words while Kara stands beside them. (she looks like she is watching a tennis match) Natalie walks way saying, its all about you Jeremy so cut it short.


Night 9, time for TC. Goliath comes in, grab a torch and gets fire. Mike says his standards have lowered when a turn of a basket pillow can make him happy. Natalie says Jeremy has made her his target. Jeremy wonders how Natalie has reached 57 years old w/o being able to talk to ppl. Natalie says this is the kind of mentality she is talking about, this is how he speaks to ppl. Jeff asks Dan if this is just 2 different styles. Dan says yes. The tribe tries to justify Natalie. Natalie says she is impressed that half of this TC is about her.


Natalie says she is 57 years old. Jeremy says she is old and in a tribe swap she will turn on them. Natalie says she will always be Goliath strong. John says its all about keeping the tribe strong and that means how ill they take down Davids next. Time to vote. We see Natalie vote for Jeremy. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Natalie, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, 3rd person voted out of Survivor is Jeremy. No one says a word. Jeff snuffs his torch and he walks off. Jeff says the only down side to a perfectly executed blindside is that now everybody knows.


 Next time on Survivor: Just when you've reached your breaking point, the game flips upside down. Drop your buffs. 

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Episode 4


Oct 17, 2018


Previously on Survivor: Jeremy was sent home. 17 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Day 10....Jeff brings the tribes together. Bi says she has to say a sad announcement...she tore her ACL yesterday and has decided to leave the game. The David tribes says this will just make them better. Bi says they are amazing human beings and she is proud to know them. She goes to the waters edge to await a boat. Jeff tells them to drop their buffs.  3 colors: Green, yellow and purple. If you don't have a buff you don't have a tribe..Carl doesn't have one.


 Orange is Vuku is Natalia, Kara, Alec, Davie and Elizabeth. Green is Tiva is John, Dan, Allison, Chris and Gabby. Purple is Jabiti is Natalie, Mike, Angelina, Lyrsa and Nick. And Carl will go to EI, he will go to the tribe that goes to TC. Tiva will start over at a whole new camp. All the Davids say they need to befriend the Goliaths. They are all get acquainted. Elizabeth and Kara talk horses and get real close, Natalia is a bit nervous about it. 


At EI, Carl says he is used to being alone but he usually has a phone to talk to ppl. He finds a pole with a note on it, it says he will find something near the ocean but it could be washed away, he starts looking at cocoa nuts...tons of cocoa nuts. He starts tossing them up on shore. He finds it and gets an advantage, an Idol nullifier, he will play it in secret at TC, he has to write down the name of who he thinks will play an HII and it will cancel the HII.


At Jabeni, they welcome each other. Mike says its the Davids of the Davids of the Davids. Natalie wants the Davids gone, the Goliaths are in control. Natalie starts giving orders and they start to do what she says. Angelian says its typical Natalie style. Mike and Nick says Natalie has to go. Mike and Nick call themselves the Rock Stars. Over at Tiva, Chris decides to stay away from John when he swings the machete. Chris says its time to bring about the charm, he asks John about Slamtime. 


Gabby says Chris has bonded with the boys and she has a little self doubt. Chris tells Gabby they are doing ok, she tells him its hard for her to open up like he has. She says she doesn't do well around Goliaths and he says the Goliaths have their vulnerabilities too. She is scared of going home.


Day 11, time for Immunity challenge. Two tribes will win immunity. One person will be the caller and will sit on a cart that is pushed around by 2 blind folded members. They will retrieve a ball along the way, the caller will then have two more blindfolded members guide the ball thru a maze. Only the first tribe to get it also get donuts and coffee. 


Ready....Go!! Green takes a slight lead, Orange struggling. Green still in the lead (they are going thru a pole maze. Purple stuck. Green thru the second part and on to a beam (still on the cart). Green gets their ball and on to the maze. Orange is getting their ball and Purple is on the beam. Green still in the lead. Purple gets their ball. Green only has to drop the ball. Orange drops their ball and has to start over. Green wins immunity and huge reward. Purple leads Orange in the maze now. Purple gets the ball in and out. Orange ties it up in the last section....Purple gets it and wins immunity. Orange will go to TC.


 Vuku camp. Elizabeth and Davie go look for the HII, she doesn't know that Davie already has it. Davie says he doesn't want to use it this early in the game. Davie tells Natalia and Kara that Elizabeth wants one of them out. Elizabeth talks to Alec, she wants to flip him. He says its hard. She suggest getting out Davie. Elizabeth says she doesn't know what he is thinking. The girls tell Alec that Elizabeth is a bigger threat. Alec feels Natalia doesn't trust him. Natalia tells Davie if he is voting with them. Davie and Alec talk about maybe Natalia. Alec doesn't know, it could blow up his game. He will decide on the spot at TC.


Night 11 at TC: Carl comes in, he will listen then go to camp with them. Jeff asks if it was Davids vs Goliaths, yes, its going to either Davie or Elizabeth. Both are nervous. Natalia says the game has started, she is excited to play the game. If she goes home tonight guns blazing she will be happy. Elizabeth says you got to be willing to have some balls and make some moves. Natalia says making big moves is the game. Alec gets up and whispers in Elizabeth's ear. Natalia doesn't like it at all. Alec whispers to Kara that its still the same he was just making waves. No one whispers to Davie. 


Time to Vote. We see Natalia vote for Elizabeth. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Elizabeth, Davie, Natalia, Natalia, 5th person voted out of Survivor is Natalia. Natalia says she knew it, she knew she couldn't trust Alec. Alec says sorry, she says don't be sorry, shut up. Natalia looks at Kara and asks if she knew, Kara says no. Natalia asks why Alec is smiling then says she cant take him right now and does the walk. 


Next time on Survivor: There's no where to run, no where to hide because the storm is coming.

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Episode 5


October 24, 2018


Previously on Survivor: The buffs were dropped and Goliaths had the advantage on all 3 tribes. Carl went to EI and found an advantage. At TC Natalia went home. Vuku camp, Carl meets his new tribemates. Over at Tiva day 12 they enjoy the sun, clouds and sea. They think a grey cloud will blow over...nope it hits them hard. Nick says they cant make a fire or cook rice, this is the real deal. At Vuku it also hits hard...tree mail...a massive storm will hit in the next several hours, they will be evacuated from the island. 


Jabiti day 14, they return to camp after the cyclone. It looks like a bomb went off in all the camps. All tribe start to rebuild. Time for reward challenge: they will use poles to knock sand bags from an over the head net, then they will use a giant sling shot to hit 2 targets. Reward for the first winner is 4 egg laying hens and a rooster. Second winner gets eggs. Ready...Go! 


Green gets all their bags down and in the basket, Dan releases the sling shot. Purple then Orange get their bags down. Green has the sling shot free and just misses the first shot. Purple just misses their first shot. Orange makes their first target. Purple gets their first shot. Orange wins the big reward. Green gets their first shot..tied one to one. Purple wins smaller reward. Gabby says if they had been that over confident before an immunity challenge her but could be on the line.


Kara tells us she has no choice but to throw Alec under the bus, she will turn on the charm and out charm Alec. Kara tells Elizabeth she trusts her more then Alec, Elizabeth says she doesn't trust Kara. Elizabeth huts Kara but tells us Kara needs to go home. Angelina cant wait for the eggs. Natalie wants to cook and eat all the eggs today, she thinks the eggs will spoil. Lyrsa went to culinary school and the eggs wont spoil. They all talk about getting Natalie out.


Day 15 Tiva ...the Has? the brochachos? The guys talk about Gabby going but Dan wants to protect Gabby with the HII, he still has his but they are at a new camp. Dan goes looking for a new HII. He has scoured the island and hasn't found it. And then he finds a clue....at the next immunity challenge there is an ball that has to be untied, its under that area. He says the old Dan would be proud of what he has done.


Immunity time: They have to race up and over and obstacle, lift a ladder, use a rope to race a bridge, over the bridge to a ball (with HII under it) and use the ball in a maze. Lets do it!! Its tied as they go over the first obstacle and on to the second then third. Green is over the bridge first. Orange next and orange next. All of them have their ball. Dan steps back to the ball stand and pulls the HII out and shoves it down his shorts. Orange drops the ball, Green also drops. Purple about half way through. 


The higher they move on the maze the skinnier it gets. Green makes a nice move. Orange is higher and Purple falls behind. All at the top..who will get their first? Orange wins Immunity. Green also wins Immunity. Jabiti (purple) will go to TC for the first time. Lyrsa says she is voting for Natalie cuz she cant stand her. Maybe outside the game Natalie is a nice person but not in the game.


Jebiti camp. Nick says he is sorry. Natalie says they are 3 Goliaths vs 2 Davids. Goliaths decides on Lyrsa. Angelina says she wants Lyrsa jacket, Natalie asks Nick to get the jacket. He refuses to steal it. Natalie asks for him to give up his jacket, he says no. Natalie asks him if his jacket is worth a million dollars. Nick tells Lyrsa Natalie wants her jacket. The guys discuss Natalie going. They will air guitar after TC if they do. Angelina is between Natalie and Lyrsa ...who to vote for?? Lyrsa says no one but her is wearing that jacket. Angelina says there is no room for error.


Night 15, TC: Jeff asks Angelina how but will the Galiath vs David numbers effect the game, she says they are Goliath strong. Lyrsa says Natalia went home they don't know the Goliath is over there. Natalie says she is layed back on the game. The others raise their eye brows. Natalie says she has had no issues with Angelina. Nick says Natalie just wants the jacket, Natalie says she is in sales, it wasn't bullying. Angelina says Natalie was doing that out of love for her. Jeff tells Mike that Angelina is the peace keeper in this TC.


Jeff says he just figured Natalie out, she needs the last word. Time to vote. We see Lyrsa vote for Natalie, Natalie vote for Lyrsa, Nick vote for Natalie. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? nope. Vote: Natalie, Lyrsa, Natalie, Lyrsa...tied...6th person voted out is Natalie. Angelia gives her hug. Lyrsa is relieved. Angelina asked Natalie if she can have her jacket, Natalie acts like she didn't her her, gets her fire snuffed and walks off. 


Next time on Survivor: When the battle lines blur, friends become enemies and enemies become friends. 

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Oct 31, 2018


Episode 6


Previously on Survivor: Jabini was facing TC, they voted Natalie home with Angelina trying to get her coat. 14 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Day 16 Jabini camp. Lyrsa doesn't trust Angelina. Angelina says Natalie going home was bittersweet...bitter for Natalie and sweet for the tribe. Nick, Mike and Lyrsa laugh about Angelina and the coat, she may flip on a dime, getting her out wont be any skin off their backs. 


Tiva day 16, Chris is going to try to fish, he has never worn flippers before. He didn't get anything. Reward challenge time: one person will be attached to a bag of coconuts they will work together to get the bag to the beach, get person and bag over obstacle to retrieve 4 rings, get the rings on targets and they get cooking utensils, spices and 10 kabobs.  Second place gets kabobs.


Ready goo! Orange in a quick lead, green takes lead, purple dead last. Orange after first ring, green right behind. Purple struggling. Orange has 3rd ring, green has 2 and purple has 1. Orange has all the rings and misses first toss. Green and purple have their rings. Green gets a ring, Purple gets a ring, Orange gets a ring. Green has 2 rings, Purple gets 2. Green gets 3. Orange in last. Green gets reward. Purple gets 3 rings. Orange has 2. Purple wins small reward. 


Tiva day 16: they congrat themselves. Dan eats a hot pepper. Dan says he trusts John and Chris more then Gabby. Chris says its a new feeling being part of the tribe. He is used to being left out of the loop. John talks about dancing with Chris and its leaving Gabby on the outs. Gabby and Alison chat, its all about taking chances. Gabby needs someone, Alison is the only person who talks strategy to her. Alison says Gabby is someone she can trust long term. Alison identifies Dan as threat. The lines between David and Goliath blur more and more 


Elizabeth gets her back cracked, a few weeks before the show her back hurt so bad she couldn't walk. Elizabeth and Kara take it on themselves to half the bamboo, but its almost dark. The David puts aside the split bamboo and Elizabeth gets mad. Kara says she is just going to sit back and eat her popcorn. David thinks its time Elizabeth went.


Day 17, Immunity challenge time: they have to carry a large saucer to a water tower, fill it, carry it to a well, when the well is full it will drop puzzle pieces, first 2 to finish the puzzle wins. Orange a bit slow to get the saucer. All now have water and head to the well, they are spilling water all over the place, they have to take it across 3 beams. Green fills the well on first try and get their puzzle pieces. Orange gets their puzzle pieces. Purple having trouble with water. 


Purple still not got their pieces. Green on last piece...Green wins immunity. Purple not giving up. Orange not rushing with the puzzle. Purple drops the saucer. Purple seeing Orange has one piece left does not go back for more water. Orange wins immunity. Mike cries and says this is an important elimination and they were all putting forth their best efforts. Mike likes all the tribe and to see one of them go home isn't as fun as he thought it would be.


Jabeni tribe: Mike says the challenge was built for the muscle bound guys. Mike and Angelina ask Lyrsa what she is thinking. Lyrsa says she will stick with Nick, it will probably to rocks. Mike/Angelina will stick together and Nick/Lyrsa will stick together. They try to work on the other side. Mike says he has no loyalty to Angelina, it will be crazy. Lyrsa ask Mike if she can have Angelinas socks. Nick and Mike talk. Nick says Angelina and Mike says he is torn. 


Time for TC: Jeff says he was struck by the bond the 4 of them have. Mike says they are all strong players, they would be lucky to have all of them. Its trust and loyalty from now on. Angelina adds strategy to that. Nick says it could be a war coming in and he is picking who he will work with. Lyrsa says everybody has a plan you just hope you are in the right plan. Nick says David and Goliath are done for them. Angelina adds to it. Lyrsa says she is trying to get his vote. Mike says if they get it wrong he hopes its not a fatal mistake. It wont just impact their games but everybody in the game.


Time to vote. We see Angelina vote Lyrsa and Lyrsa vote Angelina. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? nope. Votes: Lyrsa, Angelina, Lrysa, 7th person voted out is Lyrsa. She says bye guys and walks off. Mike sighs. Jeff says tonight's vote was not who to get rid of but who to keep together.


Next on Survivor: The merge is here and the best laid plans often go awry. 

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November 7, 2018


Episode 7


Previously on Survivor: At TC Lyrsa goes home, 13 are left, who will go home tonight. Day 18 Tiva: LIfe is better when you don't have to go to TC. They hear a motor and both tribes join them. Hugs all round and food!!! They have new blue buffs. John says he is about to go to town on the feast. John feels good about Goliath saying strong. Gabby notices things and starts to look for HII clue. Angelina finds out Alec blindsided Natalia.


Tribe new name is Kalo kalo (?). Boys talk about getting rid of Elizabeth. Chris and Nick rejoin Mason/Dixon. Kara and Dan reunite, he tells her he has another HII. Goliaths talk about using the numbers to get rid of a big threat.


night 18 Kalokalo camp. Dan and Kara keep Elizabeth awake. Day 19, Mike connects with Allison, says Nick is trustworthy. Mike wants to have a solid 6. Alec says the merge is it. Gabby says they should work cross tribe. Nick says he walked out on the beach and got invited to an alliance of 6. Chris says right now there is a counter Goliath thing going on. Chris says Alec is spearheading the strikeforce of 6. Elizabeth wants to keep the Davids together, she want to get Dan out first, she talks to Alec about it. He says its hard. 


Alec goes to Dan and Kara about Elizabeth throwing his name  out. Dan is not happy. Kara says Dan should feel like the king of the castle. Dan says Elizabeth has got to go.


Day 20: Immunity challenge time: They have to swing a pendulum thru a frame and around a statue, if the pendulum stops or the statue falls they are out. Get momentum, ready goo. They are also standing on short blocks of wood. Mike is first out. Chris is out. Carl out. Gabby out. Kara is out. 10 minutes into this round.  Nick out. 15 minutes and its time to switch hands. Davy out, Angelina out, Alec out. John out. Its Dan, Alison and Elizabeth. Dan is out. Alison vs Elizabeth. Elizabeth is out. Alison wins first individual immunity.


Alison runs up to Jeff and gives him a hug, she is in ecstasy. After 20 tough days someone is going home tonight. Dan says Elizabeth not winning it was great.


Day 20: Goliaths talk about Elizabeth being a medium threat but how about Chris going tonight? He could be them all. Dan is torn, he and Chris are Brochocos, he wants Elizabeth. Gabby says its so infuriating to sit in the shelter and hope Goliath doesn't pick you. Alec says voting out Chris is not right for his game right now. Talks turns to Elizabeth, get rid of the chaos. Angelina says ok but is not happy with it, she wasn't there for the discussion. Angelina


Elizabeth appreciates Angelina telling her about it, as she turns and tears up. Elizabeth will betray someone if she has to stay in the game. Gabby and Elizabeth talk about blowing it up and getting out Angelina. Its going to be an interesting TC.


Night 20 TC: Alison says thank G she has immunity. There so many possible configurations of ppl. Everything has shifted. Angelina thinks Goliaths want to stay together. Elizabeth says Goliaths have fracturs. The girls argue. Others whisper together. Jury starts tonight, Gabby says Elizabeth was going for a jury vote. Angelina says Davids are trying to get rid of her, it was not jury management, she was trying to be sneaking. Elizabeth says she just wanted Goliath to know. Angelina says she is voting for Elizabeth.


It is time to vote. We see Elizabeth vote for Angelina and Angelina vote for Elizabeth. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use and HII? nope. Votes: Angelina, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, 8th person voted out and 1st person in Jury is Elizabeth. She says her goal was to come in, have fun and be herself and she did. Jeff says its clear that this group of 12 is anything but united. 


Next time on Survivor: When trust dissolves and bonds crumble, no one is safe. 

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Nov 14, 2018


Episode 8


Previously on Survivor: after the merge the Goliaths had the advantage but alliance was made across the boundaries. At TC Elizabeth was sent to Jury. Back at camp, Angelina didn't expect Elizabeth to throw her out there. Angelina tells the tribe that Elizabeth begged her for a name, she got tired of it and said it was Elizabeth. Day 21, Chris and Mike talk about how Angelina's jig is up. Strike force six (3 from each tribe) need to get rid of the others. Mike wonders about Gabby's commitment.


Nick and Davie look for an HII and find a picture clue. They start looking around the beach. Carl joins them on the beach. Davie makes a distraction while Nick goes to the palm tree that looks just like the picture. Nick and Carl read it. Its an advantage that lets the holder steal a vote from another player at TC. The players who vote is stolen will not cast a vote, the holder gets a second vote. Carl says he has an HII nullifier. They are set!! Davie also has and HII that no one knows about.


Reward challenge time: they will be divided into two teams of 6, they have to hold sand bags hanging from a trough over their head, drop a sand bag and the trough dumps water on them. Reward is Pizza. They get one slice for 12 ppl to taste test. Orange is Gabby, Chris, Alison, John, Alec and Nick. Purple is Mike, Carl, Kara, Davie, Dan and Angelina. Each sandbag holds 10lbs. There are 8 bags for 6 ppl. Every 15 min on person will drop out giving their weight to someone else. They can pass the bags back and forth but everyone has to have at least one bag.


15 minutes in and they each lose a player. The bags are getting heavy. 30 minutes and they lose another player. 4 players on each team. Purple struggling. Dan one handing 3 bags and drops one....Orange wins 12 pizzas.  Jeff sends Purple back to camp empty handed, Mike says they don't have anything for Jeff either. Jeff says finally someone has said what everyone has been thinking all these years. 


Orange takes the pizza out of the center of camp to eat. Mike says its not about eating pizza its about staying in the game. Mike questions his alliance to the Strike force. Mike says Chris is the biggest threat to win the game, he is tricky. Chris could wiggle his way to the end. Alec doesn't think that's best for his game. Mike talks to others about getting rid of Chris next. Angelina says this was her plan, she is not happy with the group going with it after she suggested it. Angelina will be the decoy to keep Chris from suspecting.


 Day 22, Immunity challenge time: They have to balance on a narrow perch while holding a buoy between sticks, fall off or buoy drops and they are out. This challenge is on. Kara in trouble in less then a minute. Chris drops, Alison drops. Davie drops, John drops, Gabby is out, Carl out. Alec out. Mike out. Nick out. Angelina vs Dan....Dan  wobbles but recovers, Angelina's legs twitching. Angelina drops. Dan wins immunity.  Mike tells us he hope Goliaths can keep their egos in check and the go with the plan to get rid of Chris.


Day 22 camp. Tribe congrats Dan. Dan and John tells Chris the vote is Angelina. John tells us its going to be a Brochacha blindside. Angelina tells Dan it doesn't feel good being on the chopping block. Dan tells her to keep it together. Dan tells Angelina if she messes and Chris feels threatened Dan will give her is HII. Alec says Angelina needs to go but he will vote with the tribe. Dan tells Nick about the vote for Chris. Dan is going against his alliance . 


Chris talks to Nick, asks if the vote is still Angelina. Nick says they are lying to him. Chris figures it out, he is screwed. Nick asks Davie if he would use his advantage to save Chris, Davie says if they are going after Chris already they will pick them off one by one. Davie tells us that he could us his HII on him but Davie then wouldn't feel safe. Nick wonders if he should use the steal a vote. If he screws up it could be his down fall in the game.


 Time for TC. Elizabeth comes in wearing a dress. Angelina says she is putting a lot of faith in her alliance since that TC was tough. Davie says Elizabeth did a good thing last TC by showing the cracks in the other alliances. John says you get what you give and if you don't give you don't get back. Nick says you have to give to the right ppl. John says he doesn't know what is going to happen tonight but you have to get rid of the threats. 


Jeff says Chris was selected as the precieved weakness and he wasn't. Does Chris feel threatened. Chris says yes but there are some David's on the Brochachas. Angelina says it raises his threat level. Angelina says last TC was probably the last time they go back to camp mellow. 


Time to vote. We see no votes. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? Davie gets up, walks to Jeff says he is sorry for not telling them about his HII, he hands it to Jeff and says its for Chris. Ppl are looking around. Angelina begs Dan to use his HII. He gives it to Jeff and plays if for Angelina. Votes: Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Angelina, Angelina, John, 9th person voted out and second person in jury is John. John says good game guys. All wave to him as he walks away. Jeff says and like Angelina says, ya'll get to go back to camp and live together.


Next time on Survivor: Where there is a bad break up, you have to play the feild but there is always trust issues.

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November 21, 2018


Episode 9


Previously on Survivor: The Goliaths were on the same page...at TC 2 HII were played and John went home. 11 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Night 22 after TC. Davie says he felt he was in a wrestling match and won, he is the defeater of slamtown. Alison wants to make big moves, her head is going a million miles a minute, where does her loyalty lay? Dan says everything was a mess, he used his HII on the wrong person. Kara talks to Dan, she feels Dans anger is bringing her down, she knew she would have to cut ties at some point, it sucks but it has to be done if she is going to win.


Time for Reward Challenge. They will be divided into two teams where they will have to go thru an obstacle, retrieve numbered tiles to get a key, the key opens pieces to a snake puzzle. Reward is a Burger Bar with cold beer and soft drinks. Purple is Angelina, Chris, Alison, Gabby and Nick. Orange is Mike, Davie, Dan, Alex and Kara. Carl sits out with no shot at reward. Ready, Go. Orange is slightly in the lead. Both at the bag, Orange unties it first and are under the net to the number puzzle.


 Mike for Orange is trying to work the combo for the key. Orange has it. Alison looks over and read the 1st and last numbers. Purple has their key too. Orange is working hard on the snake. Purple has caught up. Orange taking a slight lead. Orange wins reward. Gabby says even tho they she lost now she can talk to Alison to work with her.


Day 23, Purple waves Orange off to eat their burgers. Gabby talks to Alison, she hopes it changes the game. They talk about taking out Dan. At the Bula Burger Bar they are loving the food. Mike tries to rally the troops when Davie walks off down the beach. Mike wants to stay Goliath strong, Kara wants to get rid of Dan. At camp, Kara tells them Dan has another HII. Dan tells us its Survivor 101 to keep your mouth shut about HII. 


 Day 24, its dark and all are snuggling in to bed. Davie knows that when an HII is used another is hidden. Some of them sneak out to look for it. Chris continues to look after the others have gone for breakfast. He looks around a tree then looks up and finds an HII. He says at some point he will tell the Davids but not yet. 


Time for Immunity Challenge: They will have to race out to retrieve a ball, balance that ball on a disc while going over a beam. they have to get 3 balls, then get all 3 balls thru a track. First to get all 3 balls thru the track wins. Alex leaps over the first obstacle. Dan and Alec have first ball across the beam. Alec and Dan on second ball. The others have one ball. Dan and Alec have all 3 balls. Dan lands first ball. Alec lands his first ball.  Everybody trying to catch up to Dan and Alec. Angelina, Dan, Car and Alec have landed one ball. Alec has 2 balls. Alec wins immunity. 


Dan says he is glad that Alec won, they need to cut the head off the snake and right now it looks like Chris is the head.


Day 25, Kara says she cares about Dan so its hard to do this. Kara needs the Davids about splitting the votes cuz Dan doesn't have an HII. Alison feels they are on board to fast. Alison realizes she needs to take a step back and go with the flow. Alec says its coming down to whom he can trust, but right now they need to stay Goliath strong and take out Chris. Kara's head is a complete whirlwind. Nick and Chris notice the beach is segregated David vs Goliath. Nick says the Goliaths are lying to his face...again. Nick tells Davids about the advantage, Chris says he has an HII and Carl tells about his Idol nullifier.  The Davids talk about how to use all the advantages to the best advantage. Chris says they cant screw up this vote. 


Time for TC, enter the Jury. Jeff asks Alison how last TC effected the game. She says it was a wake up call. Alison says now Goliaths know what it's like to not be on top. Dan says its is now for sure David vs Goliath. Jeff says if you have the numbers you can pick ppl off. Mike says that true, no one wants to flip and be seen as a traitor. Davie says if your on the bottom maybe its time to switch things up. Carl says you say trust me trust me then the vote comes down and its hard to trust anyone.


Nick says you can bust the game open and forget about who you trusted on day one. Chris days the game reminds him about an old car, you hit the merge and wonder if the game is going to start. Carl says its all about the vote, will one of the Goliaths switch over?  Jeff says its time to vote. Nick stops him and pulls the steal  a vote advantage, Nick will vote twice. He steals....Alison's vote. Time to vote. 


Dan asks Kara if he should use his HII, she whispers back but we can hear it. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use an HII? Dan pulls his HII out and plays it on himself. Jeff reaches into the vote urn and pulls out the HII nullifier, it was played against Dan. Dan's HII has on power, any votes against Dan still count. Votes: Chris, Chris, Chris, Angelina, Angelina, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, 10 person voted out and 3  person to Jury is Dan. There are some very shocked faces. Jeff says we are back even 5 Davids and 5 Goliaths, but have the lines blurred?


Next time on Survivor: When you've been betrayed, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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November 28, 2018


Episode 10


Previously on Survivor: At TC the power shifted when Nick stole Alisons vote, Dan played his HII and then blocked by the HII nullifier sending Dan to the Jury. 10 are left who will be going home tonight? Back at camp Davie and Carl celebrate. Angelina wants to know who voted for her, she says Goliath is dead and they will find out how vicious she can be. Nick and Davie go looking for an HII, and Nick finds a clue to an HII, tonight while the others sleep he must sneak out and go the farthest point where the torch is.


Challenge time: they are split into 2 teams of 5, they will race out to rope bridge, cross it then attempt to land 3 rungs on a ladder target. Winner gets Survivor picnic with wraps, salads and wine. Ready go  They are both in the water onto the rope bridge. This is a new Survivor Challenge. Both teams have one person across. Orange falls off and has to start over. Purple has 2 across. Orange has 2, Purple has 3. Orange has 3, purple has 4 and 5 across the bridge and starts to toss the ladder rungs. Purple has 1 rung. Orange has 1. Purple has 2 followed by Orange getting 2 and Orange gets its third. Orange wins so Alison, Gabby, Mike, Alec and Chris get picnic. Carl calls Alec a challenge threat so the first time you get, get him out of there. 


Day 26 picnic, Alec says he needs to get his relationship back with Angelina and Chris. Alec is working the girls. Gabby says of course the Goliaths are forced to work with them. Alec digs into the basket and finds letters from home. They go off by themselves  to read them, all tear up. Its motivation for them. Back at camp Nick is trying to fish, Carl makes rice telling us its hard with no food, he tears up then says it just makes you stronger. 


Carl makes the plan to get Alec out. Kara tells Alec when Challenge winners get back to camp. Alec ate to much and throws it up. Most of them ate to much and are paying for it. Nick cant wait for bed tonight. Night 26, Nick says at home he is an attorney and its fun to sneak off and act like a criminal. Nick finds the torch and the HII. 


Day 27 Immunity challenge time: they have to balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle behind their head, fall off your out. If you feel secure enough you can opt out and feast on Nachos and beer....Angelina, Carl and Nick will feast and compete, they can eat until the challenge is over. Ready go! If either of their feet come off or either hand comes off they are out. Carl burps. Mikes feet are shaking, he drops, Davie drops. 


The eaters talk about getting Alec out. 35 minutes in, 1 hour. Alec wiggling, Kara looks solid...Kara just steps off. 1 hr 35 min. Mike and Nick try to lay under the bench for some shade. Alison drops. Alec says it will last till he wins it. 2hrs. Gabby struggling and whining. She really wants to win. Alec says he wont step off, he is going to win it. Peanut gallery is cheering Gabby, Gabby falls out and falls to the ground. 2hrs 30 min it David vs Goliath...Chris vs Alec. 


3 hrs into the challenge. Jeff says they are going to lose focus. Chris asks if he can tell a story....4 hr 20 min and Chris is still talking...5 hrs. Alec says he doesn't feel good, he is shaking his head, closing his eyes. Alec tells Chris he is safe, Alec is not. Chris says he may never get this opportunity again. After 5.5 hours Alec steps off. Chris wins individual immunity. Chris tells us he won cuz he wanted it more then Alec. 


Day 28, Alec says losing immunity yesterday was tough, mentally he wasn't ready for it. Alec tears up, says he didn't come out her to be a unanimous vote. Carl still pushing for Alec to go. Gabby says Carl has been a controlling player. Gabby calls him the Godfather. Gabby is upset that Kara had to know about the vote. Chris tries to calm Gabby. Chris finds Carl becoming a liability. Alec says Carl is blinded by power, when you get cocky you get blindsided, he starts pushing to get Carl out. Chris says he has always felt that to keep a threat around keeps a target off him. Chris says either he will be voting with Alec or he will be sending him home.


Night 28 Time for TC. Jury comes in. Jeff says its been a long time since they had a challenge go almost 6 hrs. Chris says he had to remind himself he had Jeff as a captivated audience. (Chris talked most of it_ Alec says he tried to focus then got really dizzy during the comp. Nick says the decision to eat was a good one. Carl says that was the first time he has eaten. Chris says to eat or not to eat was a calculated risk. 


Angelina talks, she says she would rather talk about where tribal lines are then talk nachos. Gabby says that's the trick, are they going to talk about it or are they going to just do it. Gabby says we all know that Alec is going home. Jeff says in the last 24 hrs the game has shifted and it could have been a million dollar plate of nachos.


Time to Vote: We see Carl vote for Alec and Alec vote for Carl. Chris votes and says he is making this move for his benefit and no one else. (we don't see his vote tho) Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Alec, Carl, Alec, Alec, Alec, Alec, 11th person voted out, 4th person in jury is Alec. Alec says no stress. He walks off. Jeff says the lines are clearly blurred and this game is wide open. 


Back at camp Carl says he knows it was hard on some but they made the right choice. Nick says the Davids have swong the game in their favor. Alison cries, she tells us that she cant save all of them. Chris comforts her. 


Day 29 Reward challenge time: They are divided into 2 teams of 4, swim out to a tall ladder, climb it then jump off, get 4 buoys and toss those buoys into baskets. Winners will board a speed boat for cruise thru the Figian Island with food. Orange is Kara, Davie, Carl and Mike. Purple is Nick, Gabby, Alison and Angelina. Chris is sitting out. Ready go! Orange is first to ladder. Orange has 2 ppl over ladder, Purple has 2, Orange has 3 and 4. Orange first to head to buoys. Orange has first one.


Orange gets all their buoys, Purple gets all their buoys. There 5 marked buoys. If they miss the basket they have to swim back to the platform before another can shoot. Purple scores first, Orange scores. Orange gets 2, Purple gets 2. Orange takes lead with 3 and 4. Orange wins reward. Its Carl's first reward win. Angelina still has not won a reward. 


 Carl is lovin every minute of the boat ride. Mike says its time to suck up to the kings. Carl and Kara talk about Alison going next. Carl has had a few beers. Kara tells us  how does he think she would be good with that. Carl and Davie almost drop the beer getting off the boat. Carl says Davie is drunk. Davie is excited he dunk the buoy on the first try. Mike and Kara tell Carl and Davie that if they ever want to get Alison out let them know. Carl is drunk.


Back at camp. Gabby and Chris talk, they have to remove the godfather. Gabby says she is going to act. Gabby talks to Alison about getting rid of Carl. But not one extra person can know. Alison says the time feels right, they are going to do this. Tour is back at camp. Carl talks about getting rid of Alison, the only back lash from that would be Gabby. They say to tell Gabby it will be Angelina. Mike says Carl called them over and tells them what to do and they just kiss the ring and go off to the beach. 


Chris says he told Carl he was with it, he likes to put his interest in someone still half sloshed. Mike and Chris talk about Carl, Mike says he is willing to shift, he is in the middle right now. Mike says either godfather goes home or wonder woman goes home.


Day 30 Gabby and Chris talk as the sun rises. Chris tells her Alison is the target. Gabby says do ppl really think she is stupid? If you don't tell your alliance members who you are voting for you are really in an alliance. The rice is running low. Angelina suggest they start a negotiation with Jeff, fishing gear, hammocks. Mike says in a way she is right but she is aggravating in a way.


Immunity challenge time: they have to race over and obstacle, spin around a post, cross a balance beam gathering word puzzle pieces as they go. Put the puzzle together to win. Angelina stops Jeff and asks about the rice. She offers all the fishing gear, all the cooking stuff with few exceptions and some more things. Jeff says that was good  for a low ball offer. Jeff offers some one to sit out and he will give them rationed rice. Angelina offers to sit out. 


Angelina says she wanted it to be her, it shows she is willing to make sacrifices and make things happen. Carl first over the first obstacle. Everyone is across and spinning. Davie, Carl are done with the spinner and on to the balance beam. Kara falls off beam, Mike falls off beam. Davie has 3rd bundle of blocks and is first across. They are all across and working on the word puzzle. its an 11 letter word and they have 13 letters.


Carl thinks he has it, he is not right. Davie thinks he has it and he does...Perspective. Davie wins immunity. After 30 tough days some one will go home. Angelina says this is the best thing to happen, now they can take Alison out.


Day 30: rice is at camp. Angelina doesn't want them to make a big deal out of it. Carl says its Alison out and they all see 2 more days. Alison says the fate of her game is in Chris, Gabby, Mike and Karas hands. Mike has made assurances to both sides that he is with them. At this point its every Goliath for themselves, he says its better for him for Alison to go but Carl is the godfather. Chris says Mike is a pro actor, this is his job, yet he is trusting Mike for this vote.


Alison says if Carl goes home she will be so proud to show that she isn't an underdog anymore, other wise she is writing Carls name down and then going back to camp with him with everything exposed.


Night 30, time for TC: Jury comes in. Jeff asks Kara if there is a shift in the dynamics or will everyone vote the same again. Kara says now shows where the lines are drawn. Nick says now things are a lot less hectic. Angelina says camp is jovial but TC is a coliseum. Alison says today was surprisingly calm. Carl says  for him camp didn't feel any different, he is ok with how the vibe is. Alison says the convos over the last few days have been different, they are locked in. 


Can going on a reward change how ppl feel? Angelina says not really, her getting rice was good. Alison says she was 2 letters short from having perspective. Davie says there are 9 plans to get to the end. 


Time to vote: we see Angelina vote for Alison, Carl votes for Alison, Alison votes for Carl. Time to tally the votes. Any one want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Alison, Alison, Carl, Carl, Alison, Alison, Carl, Carl....tied....12th person voted out and 5th person of jury is Carl. He says good job, the girls go ding ding. Jeff says tonights vote makes one thing perfectly clear, the lines have been drawn.


Next time on Survivor: Family brings everyone together but the ultimate betrayal breaks the game wide open. 

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December 5, 2018


Episode 11


Previously on Survivor: at TC Carl was voted out. 8 are left who will be voted out tonight? Nick says he wasn't lying. Nick asks Chris to explain, they used 3 advantages to get the majority and now they lost it. Nick says in his mind the Mason/Dixon is broke, he wont hesitate to take Chris down.  


Time for reward challenge: 31 days is a long time to be away from home, its time for some love. Davie sees his mom Hazel. Alison sees her mom Willa. Kara sees her brother Eric. Nick sees his dad Jim. Gabby sees her mom Carlita. Angelina sees her mom Anna. Mike sees his boyfriend Josh. Chris sees his girlfriend Emily. for the Challenge, they will be divided into pairs, dig in a sand pit for keys that will release 2 balls then have to land them on a narrow perch. Time with loved ones and BBQ on a barge. 


Ready Go! Mike and Davie, Angelina and Nick, Alison and Kara, Chris and Gabby. Mike and Davie are first thru the obstacle followed by the others. They are digging in the sand pit. Mike and Davie have their keys. Angelina and Nick have theirs. The others get their keys. Nick and Angelina release their bag, the balls are stuck. All are shooting their balls, they are ties together so when one ball goes wide it takes the two to get them. Angelina and Nick win reward. Its the first time reward for Angelina. Nick picks Davie/mom to go with them, Angelina picks Mike/boyfriend to go with them.


On the barge Nick says this crew could be the F4. The talk around the BBQ is that they will be F4. Davie says they are talking F4 but they have spent more time together, he doesn't think this F4 is the best move for him. At camp Chris says his girlfriend is shy so he was trying not to embarrass her by what he said. Gabby says ppl have seen her as Chris sidekick and its time to slay her number one ally. Kara is all for it.


Day 32 Immunity time: They have to balance on a narrow perch while hold a pole with a ball on the end that holds a bucket of water up, drop the ball and the bucket dumps. Last one standing wins. The pole is held in the center of the palm of their hand. Mike is out. 5 minutes in, they have to move their front foot back....Gabby is out...this moves their arm farther away from their body. Alison is out. Angelina is out. Its Davie, Kara, Chris and Nick fighting for immunity.


Time to move their feet again, front foot goes behind their back foot moving their arm farther away again. Nick starts to lower and the girls tell him to raise it up. Chris shaking a lot. Nick is out. Chris is out. Its Davie vs Kara. Davie has a bug bothering him, he is out. Kara wins Immunity. Alison says she agrees its time to get Chris out, they have tried before, who's to say he wont pull something off again.


 Day 32. They all congrat Kara on her win. Gabby says its time to go big or go home. Chris talks about getting Alison out. Gabby says with Chris having an HII they have to take him out when he least expects it. Gabby talks to Davie and Nick, Nick is totally fine with it. Nick says at this point Chris is dead to him. Mike is worried about Chris playing his HII. Davie says it just doesn't feel right to him. Davie says he has shielded himself by hiding behind big threats, who is going to be his shield if Chris goes. 


Davie tells Chris and Chris is shocked its from Gabby. Chris is having a hard time believing it. Chris says he needs to try to repair the damage with Nick. Chris talks to Nick, tells him it was a miss calculation on his part. Nick says he probably wont trust Chris again. Nick says if Alison is gone he is ok with that. Chris will play his HII if he has to. 


Time for TC: Last TC another blindside. Angelina says Nick was upset. Nick says just cuz something was a big move doesn't make it a good move. Angelina says she is being more confident. Alison says she feels more of a threat now, she helped pull off a blindside. Angelina says there are different threat levels here. Nick says they are picking someone for jury and who they want to go to the end with. Chris says its neve easy its never safe. 


Time to vote: We see Gabby vote for Chris. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Chris asks  Jeff to wait he isn't quite sure yet, he decides to play his HII. He pulls it out of his shoe and plays it for himself. Votes: Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris,  Chris, Alison, Gabby one vote left....13th person voted out and 6th person of jury is Gabby. Gabby says sorry Chris I love you. Chris says they will see each other soon. Jeff says with everyone seeing each other as threats there is no where to hide. 


Next time on Survivor: Everyone is on the chopping block. (we see everyone saying its time to get the others out)

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December 13, 2018


Episode 12


Previously on Survivor: At TC Chris plays his HII and Gabby is sent to jury. 7 are left, who will be voted out tonight? Night 32, back at camp Chris doesn't trust Nick anymore. Nick says once an HII is played there is another one hidden, he makes a fake HII to plant so that the hunt for a HII will be over. He finds the fake HII in front of others and he is excited they fell for it. Mike tells Davie Nick found it. Davie says what if he pulled out his HII to make ppl not look for another HII. Davie is on the hunt for an HII. Davie keeps looking for the HII, he tells Chris that Nick has 2 HII and they need to pick him off at next TC. Reward challenge time: they will be attached to a rope, they will gather that rope then go over and under hurdles, then throw balls at blocks to knock them down. Reward is helicopter ride to Mawla Mawla beach club where they will have access to their menu.


Ready Go! They have to figure out how much rope they will need to get to the platform to toss the bags. Davie first to his sandbags. They others catch up, Davie has just enough rope to reach 2 bags after throwing. Nick has a huge hit. Angelina has to go back and get more rope. Davie has 2 blocks left, Nick has 2 blocks. Davie and Nick now down to last block, both miss...Davie wins Reward. Davie picks Nick as payback for the family visit. Davie also picks...Angelina begs him to take her. Davie picks Kara to go.


 Day 33 at camp: Angelina is angry she didn't go on the trip. So they make the biggest pot of rice they can manage, she calls it revenge rice. At reward Davie says you got to keep your frienemies close (Nick) and friends closer (Kara). Davies plan is to get Nick out of the game. Nick over did it and walks away. Davie tells Kara that Nick might have 2 HII. Kara is down with getting Nick out, it will take her game to the next level. When they get back to camp Kara talks to Alison about taking out Nick.  Alison feels she is no longer pressed against the wall and its time to make a move. Alison tells Mike about the plan. Mike is torn, he and Nick have been bonded since early on.


Day 34 Davie searches for the HII. He finds a clue to an advantage. Davie goes down the beach to the merge feast and finds 4 urns and a message. He has an HII only good for the next TC, but if he picks urns he can extend the life of the HII by one TC. He can pick 2 urns to smash, pick the wrong urn and he will lose his vote at next TC. He goes thru some scenarios. He calls on God to give him a sign, the fire blows away from the urns and he takes the HII and walks away. 


Immunity challenge time: they will stand on a narrow perch while balancing a ball on a disc, they will add balls over time. 3 2 1  its on. It's raining. Angelina's ball starting to move. Chris makes a big save. Round 2-add a ball. Mikes balls start to move, Angelina's balls move. Karas balls drop and she is out. Angelina is out. Nick wobbles but saves it. Davie is out, Chris is out. Nick is out. Show down between Mike and Alison. Round 3-now 3 balls. Alison is out, Mike wins Immunity. 


Day 35 Nick thinks Alison was a huge threat, he says its time for Alison. Kara tells us she is excited to be part of a blindside that will change the game. Mike thinks Chris is still the biggest threat and wants him out tonight. Alison says she thinks Nick is the bigger threat. Mike tells Nick that Chris will beat them all out and win this thing. Mike says no one is budging. Davie talks to Nick, Nick tells him the HII he found under the raft was fake. Now Davie has changed his mind to get Alison out.


Mike tells Nick that Davie is gunning for him. Mike plugs Chris to go. (eenie, meenie, miny mo which castaway will go?)


Time for TC: Jeff asks them if they feel any shift in the pace of the game. Nick says not really. Angelina says its an individual game but you have to lean on others. Chris says he has to consider who will work with him, even if that person was an enemy even a vote ago. Alison says its more fluid now. Davie says its TC to TC, its all based on voting blocks. Mike says ppl all like each other, if you vote and they don't go home it ok, its a free for all. Nick says there is a high level of game play going on by everybody.


Chris says he thinks the highest total of votes for a person in a season is 19 and he has 15. Mike says having the idol around his neck makes him feel he needs to make an impact. Time to vote. We see no votes cast. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Davie stands up, goes to Jeff and plays his idol for himself. Nick stands up, goes to Jeff and says he found this by the raft, its fake he says. Alison says he didn't have to play it...He plays his real one for himself.


 Votes: Davie, Davie, Alison, Chris, Alison, Chris...tied...14th person voted out and 7 person in jury is Chris. Chris says good game. Nick says he wasted it (his HII). Jeff says with only a few days left and the game this fluid, from here on out its pedal to the metal.


Next time on the Season Finale: Only 6 are left. Who will claim the title of sole Survivor. Join us for the finale Wednesday Dec 19.

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