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Sunday, September 23, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)
Blue bedroom  (BBR)

Pink bedroom (PBR)

The combined bedroom is (CBR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.

...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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BB Time 11:12pm


JC is alone in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea while Tyler is in the bathroom area brushing his teeth and messing with his face.


JC is staring at his cup of tea, clearing his throat.


Tyler comes into the kitchen, JC thinks they will have the last competition tomorrow night, he can hear them working in the back yard.


JC and Tyler are talking about returning to real life, both are concerned about going back, Tyler wants to be with the house guests and other people, JC wants a slow transition. Tyler says he is not ready to leave the house...


JC is laughing, he tells Tyler that someone told him not to talk to Tyler so Tyler would not hate him, and now they are very close. He also mentions Sam several times.


JC tells Tyler that he (JC) did his part, putting ideas in other people's minds that protected Tyler. The conversation continues, JC says the hardest part of the game for him has been since the final 5. In this conversation it sounds like JC believes Tyler will take him to the final 2 if Tyler wins the last competition.


They continue talking about things that happened in the game, including JC knowing he was a target for both Angela and Kaycee.


JC tells Tyler that during today's competition he lost time because he was not heavy enough to be dropped as fast as Kaycee. He says he didn't realize he could drop without holding the wall, and that cost him some time. JC says his stupid mistakes cost him the win today.


Later in the conversation, when they are talking about a competition Tyler mentions that there was less than a 40 second difference in times, I assume they are talking about today, and if so, it was extremely close!


Tyler and JC talk about the house guests this year, who they believe was athletic and JC compares them to house guests from last year.


(note to Morty and staff---thank you so much for allowing me to share the season with all of you and the fans of Morty's TV. I have had a grand time, and plan to be back for Celebrity Big Brother! This will be my last post for season 20, so I will say goodnight—be safe, make someone smile every day.)


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12:30 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the combined bedrooms. JC is laying down and is using an emoji pillow to cover her face. JC is sitting down in the room and just seems to be looking down the hallway. He does not look happy. Tyler is in the DR. 

Angry JC.jpg


12:42 AM BBT JC appears to be restless. He spent the better part of 10 minutes staring into space. Then he went to the KT, used the head scratching tools from their basket to drum on the counters and then gone to the WC. Tyler comes out of the DR and JC is called in. 


12:45 AM BBT JC is in the DR. Tyler goes into the BBR where Kaycee is laying down. He jumps on the bed next to her. "Wake that Final 2 up." Kaycee sits up and smiles. They grab hands and say that they did it. Everyone is going to be so surprised. They battled through this thing. 


12:48 AM BBT In the BBR, Tyler and Jaycee are talking about how proud they are to have done this. This is going to be out there forever too, this season. They joke about how similar they are on some physical features. They have similar lips, the same lines on their forehead, and similar hands. They joke that maybe they are related and are going to find out in the finale. Tyler looks up at the camera and grins "You aren't that good are you?" 

Grinning Tyler.jpg


12:54 AM BBT JC is in the DR. Tyler and Kaycee talk about how surprised everyone is going to be about their secret F2. They discuss taking a L6 Hawaii trip after the show. Tyler "We can make Brett buy us drinks. Kaycee "As soon as we have phones, we are pulling up JC's power app. He has to have it. I am sticking to that." 


12:56 AM BBT Tyler tells Kaycee to remember that JC has already told some that he had a power app. Kaycee and Tyler discuss that they have all these days memorized and they don't even need it. 


12:58 AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee discuss how infrequently F2 alliances make it to the end. They recall Derrick and Cody doing it. They can't believe they did it too. They made it. 


1:00 AM BBT Kaycee says it hasn't hit her yet that they are about to be F2. Tyler "It hasn't hit me yet to be Final 3 yet. I am a bit backed up. Just earlier I said that I still can't believe that I am this house." They joke about how few Instagram followers they had before the show. No telling what the future holds. Kaycee won't have to go back to the restaurant and Tyler may have worked his last day as a life guard. 

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1:05 AM BBT Kaycee "It was such a huge relief to see that I beat him. Oh my gosh." Tyler agrees and says "I hope there is just a little bit of doubt in your head, like 1%, just so I can say What up Kaycee, Come on." Kaycee jokes that she does doubt it just a little bit. Tyler knew 100% that Kaycee was loyal every single time. Kaycee "It blows my mind we can still have that kind of loyalty and not talk every day. So solid." 


1:08 AM BBT Kaycee "We are going to be stuck together for the rest of your life dude, you better be ready for it." Tyler "We got so many trips to go on." They are going to Australia together. They can't wait to start their friendship outside of here. They are going to get in some trouble. So much to look forward to. 


1:12 AM BBT While JC is in the DR, Tyler and Kaycee are in the BBR talking about all the places that they want to go together: Canada, Philippines, Australia, Hawaii, Amsterdam. Tyler has never been to Europe. Tyler wants a couple days of phone silence when he gets out and then spend an entire day on it just talking to friends. He will ask them to be honest, does America like him or not. "Give me a percentage." 


1:15 AM BBT Kaycee "When do we tell JC? Live right?" Tyler "Yeah. He is going to be even more mad at me." Kaycee "He is going to be pi**ed either way." Tyler says that JC thinks he is going to take him. Kaycee "Did you tell JC that you would take him or were you like super vague?" Tyler "Super vague." Kaycee "Yeah, me too." 


1:18 AM BBT Tyler tells Kaycee that JC has been super stressed since top 6. That is when they pretty much took over. They started doing the opposite of what JC's plans were. "Like JC wanted us to get out you and Angela." 


1:25 AM BBT Feeds 1, 2 and 4 are on the BBR where Kaycee is laying down with an emoji pillow over her face to block the light. Feed 3 is on the LR. JC is in the DR still and Tyler is in the WC. 


1:26 AM BBT Tyler is out of the WC and removes his shirt and crawls in bed. Kaycee "BB, can you turn the lights off thank you very much? We have a finale tomorrow." Tyler "Best get some sleep, going to be a big finale tomorrow. Got to go some sleep." 


1:27 AM BBT Kaycee "Good night dude. I love you." Tyler "Goodnight. Love you." Kaycee "Final 2 baby." Tyler "Congrats on at least 50 thousand dollars." Kaycee "Yeah, Congrats man. Let's go." Tyler "Let's go." BB turns out the BR lights. 


1:45 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Tyler and Kaycee in bed. JC is still in the DR. 


2:13 AM BBT Feeds 1, 2 and 4 stay on Kaycee and Tyler in bed in the BBR. Feed 3 is on the memory wall. JC comes out of the DR and heads for bed. Camera 3 changes from the memory to JC getting in bed in the PBR. The Berlin wall is open though so the two rooms are combined. 


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2:27 AM BBT Kaycee gets up to use the bathroom and then goes back to bed. All 4 feeds are on the HGs in bed with the lights off. 


7:25 AM BBT JC gets up out of bed and heads to the WC. Afterwards, he stops by the SR to change his battery. He heads back to bed. All is again quiet in the BB house. 

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10:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


10:15 AM BBT The feeds return. BB announces there are fresh batteries in the SR. JC and Tyler have pulled the covers over their eyes. Kaycee is the only one up. She goes to change her battery.


10:19 AM BBT BB calls for Tyler and JC to be awake from 10 AM-10 PM. Neither one of them moves. Kaycee goes to the WC and then lays back down. 


10:28 AM BBT BB "Wakey Wakey HG's." Everyone remains in bed.  


10:47 AM BBT Everyone is still horizontal. 


10:51 AM BBT BB calls for Tyler to change his battery. Everyone remains in bed. 

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10:56 AM BBT BB "Pretty Please?" Tyler can't resist BB's pleads. He covers his head with his HoH Part 2 competition t-shirt before going into the SR to change his battery. BB "Thank you." Tyler then heads to the WC before crawling back in bed. 

Bright Lights.jpg


11:06 AM BBT Kaycee is up. She has put some clothes to soak in soapy water in the bathroom sink. She then goes to the SR for some eggs, bacon and spinach. 


11:19 AM BBT The only action is from Kaycee. She is in the WA washing some clothes in the sink. The only way we know JC is even in because he has half of one leg and his feet poking out from under his covers. 

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11:30 AM BBT BB "HG's please go to the SR. You may begin NOW." Kaycee runs to the SR. They have been given Tie Dye kits. Kaycee "Thank you." BB "You're welcome." Kaycee goes back to making breakfast. 


11:47 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are in the KT. Kaycee is cooking breakfast. They are discussing their boredom. They ask BB for the game RISK because it is a board game that they enjoy and it takes a long time to play. 


12:05 PM BBT Kaycee is cooking breakfast. JC is in bed. Tyler is running laps up on the loft. 


12:18 PM BBT Kaycee is still cooking. JC is still in bed. Tyler feeds the fish. One of them is called Swerve. Another one is named Hunchback. They are similar in color so Tyler speaks for Hunchback "Yeah, I know Swerve. We're cousins." Kaycee "I wonder if princess (JC) is ready for breakfast." 


12:30 PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are enjoying their eggs, turkey bacon and spinach sauteed in mushrooms breakfast. JC remains in bed. His eyes are open but he is not making any effort to get up. 


12:40 PM BBT With almost nothing to report, production is playing with the cameras and the memory wall. BB has feed 4 focused on the purple gummy from the next down. Feed 3 is then zoomed in on one of the HG's photo on the memory wall. What you end up with is a HG's head on the Gummy's body. Production has created a Gummy Fessy, Gummy Sam and a Gummy Rachel. 

Gummy Fessy.jpg

Gummy Sam.jpg

Gummy Rachel.jpg

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12:47 PM BBT JC is finally up and around. They are all in the KT and discussing that they are going to have spent 16 straight days in the house without any sunlight at all. 


12:49 PM BBT Kaycee is looking over the Tie Dye kit that BB gave them. They can make tie dye bandannas with it. 


Tie dye.jpg


1:06 PM BBT Kaycee and JC have redecorated. They have taken the little blue recliners from the BBR and placed them in the dining room. While Tyler showers, Kaycee and JC recline and watch the memory wall. 



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Lazy Sunday.jpg


1:26 PM The 3 are sitting in their newly created den (3 blue recliners from the BBR placed in the dining room) where they discuss Kaitlyn. They are debating whether or not Kaitlyn really had a boyfriend at home. Either she has no self control, has an open relationship, or the boyfriend doesn't exist. 


1:37 PM BBT The 3 remaining HGs are sitting around the "den" and discussing the other HG's. Kaitlyn's only goal was to make a showmance happen. Brett and Winston both had a crush on Angela. And Rachel made them all laugh. 


1:41 PM BBT Tyler, Kaycee and JC are laughing about Fessy. He literally nominated 2 people that had a thing for Haleigh. No other reason than that. They then discuss Bayleigh and how she had the whole house to herself for an entire week. 


1:47 PM BBT JC is talking about the reminiscing breakfast they did. He refers to it as the Morning Dinner with the guy (Jeff). Kaycee and Tyler laugh at him. 


1:49 PM BBT They are discussing the endurance comps and how hard they were. Tyler is talking about the tree endurance. He acknowledges that he had only had a couple minutes left in him when he threw it to Sam. "I had a couple minutes in me left and she didn't move at all. So f**k it." 


1:58 PM BBT The 3 have been talking about the former HG's. The conversation has brought itself full circle back to Kaitlyn about whether or not she had a boyfriend. Even if she had an open relationship, it was bad. 


2:15 PM BBT JC, Tyler and Kaycee are just sitting around and talking about what they are going to make for dinner tonight. Kaycee goes to clean up the dishes from their breakfast.


2:21 PM BBT JC tells them that he doesn't know what he is going to do when he gets out of here. He will go see his grandma. But his dad will probably not talk to him again because he went on national TV and said that he was gay. Oh my Gosh WBRB. 


2:27 PM BBT When the feeds return, Kaycee is in the BBR and Tyler and JC are in the KT. JC tells Tyler not to be stupid. There is no way that JC can win this game against him. Tyler "You don't be stupid." 

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2:41PM BT JC is eating at the KT counter. Kaycee running laps near the HOH roo


3:02PM BBT Tyler walks into the KT and tells Kaycee that they have tye-dye for when the others are ready. He reads the instructions. JC is in the DR.


 3:13PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee discuss that they are going to start a clothing line when they get out of the house. They are pumped.


 3:34PM BBT Tyler and JC relaxing in their new lounge area. Kaycee has been called into the DR.

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3:41PM BBT Tyler and JC are talking about Bayleigh. Tyler says that she was almost Miss America. Says that she won Miss Congeniality in the Miss America competition.


3:48PM BBT Tyler and JC talk. JC is disappointed in himself. He wanted to contribute. Tyler says he did. Tyler tells him that he did a lot behind the scenes and got the other side to collapse. Tyler says the other side couldn't figure out that JC was working with them.


4:06PM BBT The excitement has begun! The HG are wrapping the table with Saran Wrap to protect it as they are about to start tye-dying their shirts.


4:33PM BBT THe F3 are tye-dying their shirts. They are laughing because it is not going well. Tyler can not figure out if you have to get teh shirts wet first.

4:48PM BBT The F3 are now working on tye-dying bandanas now.Kaycee says they should all wear their tye-dye shirts for finale.



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7:31 pm BBT Tyler is cooking dinner on the stove while JC and KC rest in the LR from making the tie dye shirts.  


7:44 pm BBT Kaycee and JC inspect their tie dye hankerchiefs and shorts, which sort of look like a CSI murder scene.






7:57 pm BBT The HG are eating dinner. A little chit chat and laughs, but nothing major said.


8:41 pm BBT JC talks through his part in each eviction this season, that he was responsible for all of them.



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10:16PM BBT: PopTV sent the final three HGs another gift. "Bowling!" Tyler says, they bring the large inflatable pins and bowling ball into the KT to play. They bowl for about thirty minutes.



11:00PM BBT: General chatting while Tyler and JC get ready for bed. Kaycee is called into the DR.  

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