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Episode 38-Jury house, veto, and eviction

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Julie says JC is in power and Level Six is about to be levelled. Previously, on Big Brother, after HOH Angela put JC and Sam on the block, JC had revenge on his mind. At an a-maze0ing veto competition, Kaycee was knighted with another win and she continued to stick to Level Six’s playbook. At the surprise live eviction, Sam was curb stomped straight to jury. With only four remaining, the power was back up for grabs and JC derailed Level Six’s final three plans. Tonight is the most important and powerful final veto of the summer. Plus, tensions are high in the jury house and a member of level six will be evicted live. All this right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and says JC has secured his spot in the final with his first win of the summer and level 3 is about to lose a member. The winner of the final POV will have a chance to name the nominations live and they will determine who will cast the sole vote to evict. But first, JC is in power and has revenge on his mind.


We pick up on day 91 after the HOH and JC says his first win of the summer! He says he doesn’t like what’s going on between Angela and Tyler and now he can get Angela out. Kaycee says this sucks. They had one target to get out and they lost HOH and now her, Tyler and Angela won’t be going to final three.


Tyler says level six is the most solid alliance in there. They’ve made big moves all summer and he thinks they deserve it, but hopefully JC wants to stick with him. Angela says well, she’s going up. Angela tells us his first comp win is at final four? Really? No one saw this coming. Ruins all of their plans.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! JC’s first nominee is Angela. His second nominee is Tyler. He’s nominated Angela and Tyler because since the beginning of the season Angela has been his favorite person and then she wins HOH and she secluded him and nominated him and that was a very, very b*tchy move. Tyler says very smooth speech JC, but the veto holder is the only person who has power this week and he’s not prepared to choose between Kaycee and his girl.


One by one Level Six has sent their enemies to the jury house…or should I say Foutte House. Faysal says things have been relaxing and they’ve been getting along great. We see Scottie come in and says he’s home! Bayleigh says are you serious? Why are you here again? Bayleigh wants to know what happened. They go to watch the DVD of the HOH comp, nominations, POV competition, and eviction. Faysal says he’s mad that they keep winning comps. Bayleigh says Faysal was stupid and he says telling the other side about her power was pretty stupid.


Haleigh joins the jury house and hugs go all around. Faysal says as much as it sucks she isn’t in the game, he’s glad to see her. Scottie asks if it was unanimous? Faysal says they look like idiots. We see the DVD with Kaycee winning POV. They are excited over BB Comics. Rockstar says Kaycee is playing the best game and she’s winning when it counts. Haleigh says there is a hierarchy of who’s on top and she thinks Brett was on the bottom and Sam is there with him. Haleigh says it was a double eviction. Rockstar would love to see Angela or Tyler, but that’s not likely to happen. Haleigh thinks next will be Brett or Sam.


Brett’s allies turned on him. As he enters the jury house, will he now turn on them? Brett arrives and says what’s up losers, who missed me? Brett says getting evicted by his own alliance sucks. He shouldn’t have included Tyler in his plans to go after the girls. Rockstar says he is going to ruin her jury experience.


Brett says let’s go see the DVD. Bayleigh says how bad is it and Brett says hold on to your panties. Brett tells them that Tyler said he was going to backdoor Angela. Brett says Tyler told him to throw it and he should have known he was lying because he gets wide, wild eyes. Scottie says adorable. Bayleigh says two steps? Brett says maybe he should get his fitbit out for three steps. Haleigh says Tyler is making more moves than she gave him credit for. Bayleigh says Tyler and Angela’s bond is stronger than she thought. Bayleigh says Kaycee is playing the best game.


Brett says being at the jury house with those losers sucks. He’s stuck with the nerd herd and he voted them all out. Sam says she wishes she had continued to fight for herself and been a little selfish because trusting someone else…look where it got her. Time to watch the DVD. Sam says Angela and Tyler have both been HOH’s three times. Sam says Kaycee is a beast as they see Kaycee win POV. Sam says when she lost that veto competition, she knew that was it.


Sam says she felt very secure that Tyler would follow through with his promise. On day 3, they made a final 2 and she thought it was the right thing to do. Brett says he had a final two with Tyler too. Scottie says Tyler was his friend and he respects the game move. Sam says the pinky promise is null and void. Sam says she’s not sure she will ever fully trust Tyler again. Bayleigh says Tyler has had a F2 with everyone on their side of the couch. Haleigh doesn’t dislike Tyler on a game level, he’s had good gameplay. Rockstar says Tyler never did her wrong, he just knew she was targeting him.


Time for the final and most important POV competition of the summer. The winner guarantees themselves final three, they could hold all the power tonight for the live eviction.


They will hear clues about competitions they played this summer. They will then maneuver a ball into the thumbs up symbol corresponding with their answers. When they have their answer, they need to buzz in and if they are correct they’re box will light up. If they are incorrect, it’ll turn red. The HG will be eliminated after they get two strikes.


Tyler wants to secure his spot for final three, but then would come the harder choice between Kaycee and Angela. JC wants to win so he can get rid of Angela. Kaycee needs to win to secure her F3 spot. Angela needs to win or she might be going home.


Like the competitions on the wall that were hacker comps! Kaycee says she knows the comps because she won one of them and there were two. Kaycee rings in first, then Tyler, and then Angela. The answers were Crack the Code and Hack the House. JC has a strike against him.


Like the competitions on the wall in which previous HG visited the house. Tyler is a BB superfan and he knows this. Kaycee rings in first, then Tyler, and then Angela. JC has two strikes and he now out. The answers are Chomp, bonk, spank, and houseguestsonly.com. JC is upset he lost.


Like the competitions on the wall that were played on the day of the double eviction. Angela says this is super easy. The competitions are buffering, block n roll, and BBflix and chill. Angela rings in first. Kaycee rings in second. Tyler has his first strike. Tyler says he’s going up against two of the best female athletes he’s ever met.


Like the HOH competitions on the wall that were won by someone who is no longer in the house. The answers are Glow and Flow and #hashtagtoolong. Angela rings in first. Tyler says he just needs to be smooth with it because he needs to secure his F3 spot. Kaycee rings in. Tyler gets his third strike and he is out of the competition.


Angela says it’s down to her and Kaycee and neither of them has a strike out. She needs to win so she can pull herself off the block. Kaycee says JC and Tyler are out and Angela is the only person who can’t win. She needs to step it up and pull through.


Like the competitions on the wall that were veto comps. Kaycee knows all the veto competitions. Block n roll, chomp, bonk, and spank, houseguestsonly.com, and OTEV. Kaycee rings in first and Angela got her first strike.


Like the HOH competitions on the wall that were won by women. BBFlix and Chill, Shell or High Water, #hashtagtoolong,. Angela says she needs the competitions by women and she knew there were six of them. Angela realizes she missed the word HOH and now she has to start over. Kaycee keeps putting the ball in buffering and she realizes that was won by Tyler. He has long hair, but he’s not a woman. Kaycee finally rings in and she came through with her fifth veto win.


Angela says this means either her or Tyler go home this week. She says at this point it’s not about personal relationships, it’s about game and she respects that. Tyler says Kaycee deserves to be in the F3 and so does Angela and she doesn’t deserve to leave. Tyler says it just sucks. He loves her. Kaycee says this is such a hard decision but she has to do what is best for game. Julie says the veto queen reigns again and she has punched her ticket to the live finale. It’s time to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest!


So which of her Level Six allies will be sent to jury? Let’s go find out who Kaycee will be evicting. Angela thanks her family and friends for all the love and support and to CBS. To Kaycee, her little peanut, they knew this day was coming and she knows this is the hardest decision in the game. She’s lucky enough to be standing with her three best friends and she won’t campaign against Tyler and she loves Kaycee.


Tyler shouts out to CBS and his friends and family. He says Kaycee and JC, he loves them and he’s proud of them for representing the LGBT community. He says Angela, she’s beautiful and she’s taken shots and people would have to be crazy not to be 100% in love with her.


Kaycee stands at the front of the living room and says here we are at final four, soon to be final three. It’s been craziness for 93 days 24/7, they’ve been dreading this moment. They are both competition beasts, and between the three of them, they’ve won 19 competitions. On a personal level, she loves them both. Tyler is like her brother, he appreciates him every morning and Angela they have been so close since the beginning and people have been attacking her personally, those people have no idea who she is. She’s so loving, smart, and talented and she’s so honored to have met someone as special as Angela is. Kaycee says this is the hardest decision, and it’s strictly game, but she has to evict Angela.


Angela gives hugs and they hold the door as she leaves. Julie says her and Kaycee have been close, why does Angela think Kaycee evicted her. Angela says she didn’t know, but she supposes she thought it was best for her personal game. Julie asks about her and Tyler. Angela doesn’t know what the future holds, but she’s so excited to start the next chapter. She’s head over heals obsessed with him and she can’t wait to get out of there.


Kaycee says she’s sure she’s wondering why she picked Tyler over her. Kaycee says they made a F2 deal on day 2 before they even formed Level 6. JC says he’s sorry they got so distant at the end and no matter what he’ll be her friend and he hopes they hang out. Tyler says this is the toughest good bye message all year. He says he had a F2 with Kaycee since day 2. He also tells her about his power app. He loves her and he can’t wait to spend time with her outside of the house.


Julie asks about Angela about her finding out about Tyler and Kaycee’s F2. Julie says she’s not surprised, it was a game move and made before Level 6 and she respects that.


Julie gives us a preview of the next two shows. Jeff Schroeder will be visiting the BB house on Sunday and finale will be Wednesday night.

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