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This is the final week of the BB20 season. On last night’s episode we saw that, as I reported earlier, JC won the final four HOH competition, What the Bleep! None of us would have ever bet on the odds of that happening. Tonight we will see that Kaycee won the final veto of the season, leaving her with the choice between Angela/Tyler. 


JC has been on the biggest power trip we’ve ever witnessed. Now, I will say I don’t blame him for his excitement and celebration of winning that HOH. You and I both know there is a very good chance if would have been the one evicted tonight if he had not. Tylet’s end game plan has always been to go to F3 with Kaycee and JC.  However, the new showmance budding betweenness Tyler and Angela would have been a twist in that end game plan for him. Kaycee winning veto would have guaranteed JC was on block come tonight and she would be the one choosing between her L6 alliance member and JC. So JC should be beyond excited because that thrust him into the end. 


The problem JC is already an aggressive player who talks way too much. This power of the HOH has him stomping around making claims that will ensure Tyler doesn’t want him in F2. JC told Tyler that he’s been running this game all season. He also said he has protected Angela as much as he has Tyler all season long. (LOL). JC has been brow beating Tyler since the feeds return. Like many players we’ve seen JC has convinced himself in to believing his own narrative. JC genuinely believes he’s the mastermind of the season. You can FB to about 10:45 pm last night and listen to the ridiculous claims JC made. 


JC actually had the nerve to tell Tyler that he should have put his cards on the table from the beginning telling Tyler he’s the handsome one that wins comps and JC is the brains, because Tyler isn’t the brainsies. Oh Lord! Does he hear himself? I want to say it’s hard to tell if this is JC’s strategy to feed things to people enough they start to believe him but....it’s JC he absolutely believes this fairy tale he’s telling. 


Angela knows that Kaycee will keep Tyler over her. She actually told Tyler last night she was just going to go ahead and tell Kaycee it’s ok to keep Tyler because he has a better shot at winning in F2 than she does. Tyler finally reveals to Angel that he is a super fan. He talks to her about how hard it was when the engagement happened and all of the past players were in the house because he knows about ALL OF THEM! 


Angela was more Lemly spooked by this intitially. She suddenly wondered what else Tyler hasn’t told her. She says he’s been lying to HER this whole time? In the end I think she gets why he told her now and that the things she doesn’t know aren’t things that will make her not want to be with him after the game ends. He explained he left her other details in his GBM to her. I suspect that’s when both Kaycee and Tyler will explain to Angela that T/K have had a F2 since day 3 in the house before they ever became a part of L6. 


Last week Angela/Kaycee/Tyler talked about when they would tell JC about L6? They had planned to wait until F4 HOH and Veto played out. Unfortunately for them JC winning that F4 HOH wasn’t a scenario they ever expected. Once feeds returned last night Angela asked Tyler and Kaycee when do they tell JC about L6 now and they were both like LATER.


It was funny to watch them try to act casual about waiting but it’s clear they don’t want him to know now that they have to battle for that last HOH against him. If nothing else made it clear, this scene should have made it obvious to Angela that Kaycee will vote her out and they don’t want her telling JC and mucking up their end games. 


Tonight we will see the F4 Veto play out. Then Kaycee will evict Angela and maintain her loyalty to her F2 with Tyler. We should also see a jury segment finally! Once we hear from the jury I will be back with my analysis of the F3 players’ games, jury predictions and odds of each of the 3m’s chances of winning based on what I see. The RealiTea is this week will be slow but it won’t be boring! Tonight will begin part 1/3 in the final HOH of the season and the winner of this HOH will choose who sits next to them next Wednesday during finale! 



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