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Episode 37-Veto, Live eviction and HOH

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Julie Chen appears to the house and asks all houseguests to head to the living room, with nobody sitting in the nomination seats.   Sam, JC, Kaycee, Angela and Tyler all gather together.  Julie counts to five to make sure all are present.


Julie announces to the houseguests that eviction night has come early.   All jaws drop. She continues that by the end of the night, one of them will be evicted and sent to the jury and that she’ll be back shortly to get things started.


Julie turns to the audience, "One should always expect the unexpected.  Welcome to the surprise eviction episode of Big Brother".


Previously on Big Brother, Level 6 betrayed Brett.  Angela used the Power of Veto on JC and Tyler nominated Brett, sending him to the jury by a vote of 3 to 0.  With only five remaining, an all important

HOH was up for grabs, and Angela had a blockbuster victory.  Level 6 was planning to take out Sam next, but when JC badgered Tyler, he painted a bigger target on his back. At the nomination ceremony, JC and Sam were clearly in Level 6s sites.  Tonight, will the Power of Veto save Sam or JC?  Plus, another houseguest will be sent to jury in a surprise eviction.  And the next HOH will be crowned.  All this right now on Big Brother.


"Good evening, I’m Julie Chen Moonves.  When we last left the house, Angela made the nominations, keeping her Level 6 safe, for the time being." In the DR, Angela is shown talking through her loyalty to her alliance.   Sam and JC talk through how they can only save themselves and will fight for the veto.  Tyler says the key to winning is to stick with Level 6 and sit next to someone strong, showing the jury that he’s not afraid to sit next to them at the end.


JC talks to the POP owl on the couch that he should be proud of himself for almost making it to the end without being on the block.  “Are you proud of me, Orwella?”  *hoot hoot hoot*.  The others watch this from the upstairs HOH monitor and laugh.


JC tells Tyler that they’re never alone and it’s hard for him to talk to him.  Tyler says there are five people in here.  JC explains that he feels completely alone in the game, and that he feels he needs to remind him that he’s his friend and not a pawn.  JC says that if he or Sam win the veto that he wants Kaycee or Angela to go up and send Kaycee home.  Tyler is frustrated, but it makes it easier for him to send JC home.


Julie:  Up next, it’s the power of veto competition.  Let the games begin.


Angela is stirring up whipped cream and it turns into a food fight in the kitchen, with whipped cream flying.  Sam is shown threading plastic flowers in the have not room, making a faux feathered bird.

Angela comes out of the storage room and announces that it’s time for the veto competition. “Get in your gear, head to separate rooms, and Big Brother will call you when it’s time to compete”.  Tyler and Kaycee get out of their beds and Tyler playfully wrestles her.


In the backyard is a maze with the houseguests dressed in medieval gear. Tyler is first.  “Welcome, brave knight.  Your goal is to break a curse so you may remove the sword from the stone.  Here’s how the game works.  On your horn, your clock starts and you may enter the BB Labyrinth.  From there it’s as simple as 1-2-3. You may lift the curse by visiting the one wizard, two wolves, and three witches in that order, solicit the curse.  Once your curse is lifted, head to the sword and pull it from the stone to stop your clock.  However, it’s not quite that easy.  If it takes you more than 30 seconds to get from any station to the next, then you’ll hear the witches cackle indicating that the curse is back and you must start again.  If you do not break the curse in less than 30 minutes, you’ll receive a max-out time of 30 minutes.  The brave knight who successfully retrieves the sword from the stone in the fastest time will win the power of veto. Are you ready to play ‘Your Maze Are Numbered’”

Tyler runs through the maze and makes it through on his second try.


Kaycee goes through the maze so that she knows where everything is before starting the first timer.   They do not show her completing the maze.


Angela runs through the maze several times but keeps ending up at the witches buzzer, repeating her mistake.  They do not show her completing the maze.


Sam struggles with the maze, getting very lost and panics a bit. They do not show her completing the maze.


JC memorizes the path before pushing any buttons, but appears to forget them as soon as he presses the first buzzer. They show him at the end completing the maze and removing the sword.


Julie is back with the audience.  “So, the veto competition has been run.  The only question is who won?”

Kaycee:   5:46

Sam:      30:00

Tyler:     6:29

Angela: 10:50

JC:          11:09


“Kaycee is the veto queen”


Kaycee calls the houseguests for the veto meeting and they gather in the living room.  Kaycee announces that she has decided not to use the power of veto with the number of people left in the house, that it doesn’t make sense for her game.


Julie: “Coming up, the game ends for either Sam or JC, who will be heading to the jury? Whoever’s left will have to take on Level 6 alone.”


Julie: “Welcome back to Big Brother.  Who will become the 7th member of jury? Let’s head back to the house to find out.  Last chance to plead your case:"


Sam: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting company today. My fellow houseguests, we all know each other really well by now.  I love all of you.  I’m not ready to leave, and if I do – please feed the fish, I don’t want them to die.”


JC: Says hi to everyone in Spanish.  Gives his love to Sam and funny shout outs to the others on the couch. 


Kaycee: I sadly vote to evict my girl Sammy.

Tyler:   I sadly vote to evict Sammy.


"It’s official, Sam will leave the house tonight. By a vote of 2 to 0, Sam you are evicted from the Big Brother house."  She asks that they pack up her things and to feed the fish.


On the stage, Julie tells Sam that she looks beautiful and asks if Sam was surprised. Yes she was, she thought Tyler had her back and that JC is annoying.  Julie asks why she said she felt alone in the house.  She answers that she did it to herself and was not prepared for this life changing experience and is honored to have been a part of it.  She sends out thanks, that she’s a better person for it.


Head of Household competition begins. "It’s a Big Brother classic, What the Bleep, and here’s how it works.  You will view a number of videos containing statements made by your fellow houseguests this summer.  Each statement will feature a bleeped-out word or phrase. I will then tell you what the bleep-out word or phrase MIGHT be.  Your job is to determine if it’s true or false.

For ever correct answer, you’ll be given one point.  The houseguests with the most points after seven videos will be the new HOH.


Video 1: Brett screaming and then “I just had a vision, and you’re supposed to ___ me off.”  True or false – the bleeped out word is “pull”.   JC – F,  Tyler - F, Kaycee – T.  Word was “take”.  JC and Tyler have 1 point each.


Video 2: Angela talking to house “I’m so excited to ____ each and every one of you, and have an amazing summer.”  True or false, the bleeped out phrase is “spent time with”.  JC – F, Tyler T, Kaycee – T.  Correct phrase was “get to know”.  JC has 2 points, Tyler has 1. 


Video 3:  Kaitlyn “Out of the five people that could’ve gone up, you weren’t thinking about me, and that could have been me. So I  found that to be really ____.  Love you, but sorry.   True or false, the bleeped out word was “disappointing”.  JC – T, Tyler – T, Kaycee – T.   Correct word was “selfish”.  Score stays the same.


Video 4: Scottie: “And I want to make sure I apologize to the people I ____.  And I apologize for my immaturity.  True or false, the bleeped out word was “hurt”.  JC – T, Tyler – T, Kaycee – T.   The correct word was “hurt”, everyone gets a point.


Video 5: Bayleigh.  Rachel, I have nominated you because we haven’t really _____ very much, but I know that you’re a great girl.  True or false, the bleeped out word was “talked”.  All three answered true.   The correct word was “talked”, everyone gets a point.


Video 6:  Hayleigh said “Last week, Tyler _____ Bayleigh and asked that Angela  be backdoored”.  True or false, the bleeped out phrase was “spoke to”.  JC – F, Tyler – F, Kaycee – T”.  The correct phrase was “came to”, which makes the score JC – 5, Tyler - 4, and Kaycee – 2. 


Video 7: Rockstar “Who would you like to _____ in this game?  Probably yourselves.”  True or false, the bleeped out phrase was “trust”.   JC – T, Tyler – T, Kaycee – F.  The correct word was “empower”.  JC wins the HOH comp!


JC takes a victory lap around the backyard saying “Final 3!! Can I get a bottle of tequila?” 


Julie:  JC has just solidified his spot in the Final 3, as for the others, one of them will be evicted live tomorrow night.  Who will win the final veto of the summer?  And whose dream of winning it all will come to an end?  Then on Sunday, the battle for the final head of household begins.  And one week from tonight, on Wed, Sept 26, it’s  finale night, where the last head of household will be crowned, the jury will return to cast their votes for the winner, and one houseguest will walk out the front door with the half-million grand prize.  And it all plays out live. And from outside the Big Brother house, I’m Julie Chen Moonves.”



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