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America's Got Talent Episode 20-Finals

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Tonight is the finals of AGT! The final 10 acts will perform and only one will come out on top. Each act will get one final performance for America’s votes. We welcome the judges in and get ready for our first act of the night.


Simon says this is going to be the most open finals and this is the night they need to bring it and he thinks a few acts will have life changing moments tonight. We see a recap of highlights from the entire season.


The first act to take the stage to perform for America’s votes is violinist Brian King Joseph. He takes the stage and performs Heartless by Kanye West. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Howie says what an amazing…he can’t believe they opened the show with what he considers a closer. He says that was epic and it was truly amazing. He says it was a drop the bow moment and he set the bar for the evening. Mel B says he is 100% the best violin performer of all time. Heidi says Brian King Joseph fiddled his way into the finale and he’s so lovable she has her fingers and toes crossed for him. Simon says last week was sensational and this was better and this was everything this show should be and it was amazing and Simon thinks Brian has a real shot.


Next to the stage is opera singer Daniel Emmet. He performs Perfect by Ed Sheeran but he performs it in a foreign language. He gets an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


Mel B says that was amazing and she is in heaven right now. Heidi says Daniel has been unstoppable and he has a beautiful voice. Simon says he needed that performance, not just for the show but for himself. Simon says this was by far his best performance and it was powerful and he doesn’t like Daniel’s jacket. Howie says he has fought and he deserves to be here and what he did was probably considered perfection, but unfortunately he followed Brian and there are things coming so we’ll see if he sticks out.


The next performer is comedienne Vicki Barbolak. Vicki makes her entrance and begins her set. She begins by taking her robe off and she’s in a swimsuit and the audience and Howie stand and clap. Vicki gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Heidi says Vicki is hilarious and she loves her. Simon says Vicki was brilliant. Simon says her trailer park friends are all hilarious too. Mel B says she was funny and still edgy and she’s a naughty girl. Howie says she did great and it was her best act yet.


Next to the stage is singer Glennis Grace. She performs Light Up by Leona Lewis. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon says Glennis, that was absolutely sensational. It was fantastic. Simon says this is the greatest night and that was immaculate. Howie says he’s at a loss for words and this stage has given her a career for the world. Mel B says she can sing, sing, sing. She has a beautiful perfect pitch voice. Heidi says her voice is incredible and this was a flawless performance and she’s the real deal.


Zurcaroh is the next act to take the stage to perform their routine. It is an African themed performance. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie is talking about Zurcaroh but we can’t hear a thing because the audience is so loud. All we hear from Howie is O..M..G. Mel B has a funny feeling they can win the entire show. Heidi says the performance was jaw dropping and they are all so amazing. Heidi says they are ready for Vegas. Simon says it was a sensational performance. He says it’s not America’s Got Talent, it’s America Welcomes talent.


We’re going to continue with another comedian, Samuel J. Comroe. Samuel takes the stage to begin his set. Howie seems to be enjoying Samuel’s set. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B says her cheeks are hurting because she was laughing so much. Mel B says she loves Samuel’s delivery and he’s amazing and brilliant. Heidi says Samuel, Samuel, he won her over tonight. She thinks was his best performance this far. Simon says the great thing about watching a comedian is you can tell if their good by the audience’s reaction and they all loved him. Simon says he has a shot to win this. Howie says comedy is all subjective but he loves Samuel, he brought his A game and that was his best act. He wishes him the best of luck and he says Samuel’s career just took off tonight.


Courtney Hadwin is preparing to take the stage next. She steps on stage and performs River Deep Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says that was amazing and Courtney was on fire. She’s a superstar and he loves everything about her. Mel B says she killed it! Heidi says the teenagers have been winning America’s Got Talent and maybe it will be her tomorrow. Simon says the most important part of being a star is being remembered and that’s what she does. She’s going to inspire people and she’s a trendsetter.


It’s time for some magic with our next act, Shin Lim. He begins his performance playing piano and does some quick making cards appear tricks at the piano. A fire then starts at the piano after he gets up and it has left a deck of cards. He steps to a table where Tyra is sitting and has her roll some dice. She rolls a 5 and a 4 for a total of 9. He has her watch a deck and only the 9’s remain.


Shin asks Tyra to choose which 9 she wants and she choose the 9 of hearts. He stacks them up and snaps and they are all now the 9 of hearts. He shuffles them out and on the back is a 9 and a heart shape. He then makes cards appear on his mat and they are the 9 of hearts. He then has about 10 cards that are the 9 of hearts and 2 larger cards that are also 9’s. There is card off to the side with a question mark on it and It’s the 6 of hearts. He shakes his head no and we see the hearts shift and the card changes into a 9 of hearts while we watch.


Shin then motions to the stage and there are cards floating in the air. There are a lot of cards and they are moving. He then snaps his fingers and the cards are in a 9 and a heart shape. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon says Shin has been consistently great and he had great showmanship tonight. Simon says this was so good he could actually win the competition. Howie agrees with everything Simon said. Howie says this is a one-million dollar act. Howie says it really was a winning act. Mel B says Tyra could have picked any card and Shin made a whole entire act off of that and it’s pure magic. Heidi says he is one of the best close-up magicians she’s ever seen and nothing would make her happier if he got the million dollars tomorrow.


Next, we have the danger act of Duo Transcend. They begin their act on the trapeze and she blindfolds him and he stays that way the entire act until the very end where she holds him for a moment and then he drops. They get an ovation from the audience and three of the judges.


Heidi says that was exciting, sex, hot, and dangerous. Simon says the last drop was part of the act, right? Duo Transcend say yes. Simon says normally he’s not a fan of this type of act, but they are a different level, but they are absolutely sensational at what they do and best performance they’ve done so far. Howie says he was blindfolded the entire act and the production and this was the best show he’s ever seen, nevermind been on. Howie says every act is a winning act. Mel B says her favorite part was when she dropped him, but they are so strong and they make it look so easy and seamless and flawless.


The final act of the night is a singer and Simon’s golden buzzer, Michael Ketterer. He performs Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.  


Heidi says Michael is a man with a lot of integrity, heart, and talent. Mel B says that was a very brave thing to do and she’s not sure if it 100% worked or not, but she knows his voice and it’s not up to her, its up to America. Simon says this has been an unbelievable night and this is the best final he’s been on and he’d love to give Michael’s family the million dollars because he’s an amazing guy.

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