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Episode 36-HOH competition and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Kaycee holding all the power she had Haleigh in her sights. With Level Six speculating a double eviction was coming, Brett pitched an idea to Tyler to backstab Kaycee and Angela. But not knowing Tyler was more loyal to the ladies, a new plan to backdoor Brett was formed.


Before the live eviction, the houseguests suspicions were confirmed and Haleigh was the first casualty of the night. With the Head of Household up for grabs, Tyler took control and he confirmed operation Get Brett out was under way. Tyler nominated two pawns and Angela won the veto setting the stage for an epic blindside. At the veto meeting, Brett was 86’d from Level Six.


At the second eviction of the night, the bro had to go. Tonight, see all the drama you missed during the double eviction. And with only five remaining, the HOH competition is do or die. Will Level Six keep dominating or will Sam or JC turn the tide?


We pick up after Brett’s eviction and they are celebrating they made it through the double. JC is shocked. He’s annoyed. He should be happy and he’s not. This is the first time in 86 days he didn’t know what was going on. It was a good move but Tyler didn’t tell him and now he doesn’t trust Tyler.


Angela says Brett tried to come up with a plan to go against Level Six. Angela says if you stay loyal and don’t go rogue, then you get to stay. Otherwise, you’re gone. Tyler says oh my God! The biggest blindside of season 20 and he made it happen. Tyler reviews that he told Brett if JC or Sam won the veto then he would make a move against the girls. He then let the girls in on the plan. Then he told JC and Sam to stay calm so they could make the blindside happen.


We see Sam throw Angela under the bus, she says she doesn’t deserve to be there, she’s a B, she’s only been a have not once, she acts like she’s better than everyone else. Tyler interrupts and tells her to trust him. Tyler says Angela won the veto and the biggest blindside of the summer was on. Tyler and Angela plan what they were going to say. Tyler says Brett crossed Level Six so he had to drop the hammer on him.


JC says he was shocked when Tyler put up Brett. He didn’t know what he was thinking and this is the first time he didn’t know exactly what was going on in this game. We see Brett asking what happened. Tyler says he’s sorry brother and Tyler and Angela make a motion at each other. Tyler says there are five left and they just have to stay on the winning streak. Sam says so we’re top five, what do we do now, do we eat supper? They all laugh.


Sam goes to Angela in the SR and she comes clean about calling Angela the B word. Sam says she’s sorry and she knows Angela has her back. They hug it out. Angela says oh Sammie, she’ll give her a hug and smile but eventually, this B is going to send her a** home.


We see Tyler hugging Sam and he says he has to explain himself to Sam and JC because he can’t play in the next HOH and if they wanted to take a shot back at him and won HOH, they could. Tyler needs Sam to think Brett was coming after her, but Brett never said any of that.  We then see Tyler and JC go to the SR. Tyler says Sam was easy, but JC is more of a handful. Tyler is telling JC he was going to be the next one to go. JC just keeps shaking his head and he says he didn’t know Tyler was working that closely with the girls.


JC tells us he doesn’t believe Tyler that Brett wanted him out. He says he won’t trust Tyler because he betrayed him in a way he never expected. JC says the girls are totally coming for him. Tyler apologizes and gives JC a hug. JC feels completely alone in the game and he’s probably going to go on the block and it’s his fault for trusting one person. If he wins HOH, payback is bad person.


It’s time for the HOH competition! It’s a movie theater set-up with movie posters, but they are posters of BB comps. This competition is called BBFlix and chill. In each round they’ll see 3 movie posters and they’ll hear three friends talking about a movie they want to watch and what they are saying are clues to the one movie they want to watch. When they think they know the answer they lock in and the player with the most points will win.


JC says he really needs to win this competition because he was just put on the block by the person he’s supposed to work with and he has trust issues right now. Tyler says this competition is basically Level 6 vs JC and Sam. Tyler says the plan worked, but JC isn’t happy about it. Sam says this HOH might just be the most important competition of the whole summer and if she won, how great would that be?


They get their first set of clues and all HG get the answer correct, but Angela was first and she gets a point.


They get their second clue and Kaycee says this is kind of hard. Three of the HG are correct, but Angela was the first to ring in. Angela has 2 points.


They get their third clue and three of the HG are correct. JC was first to ring in and he gets a point.


They get their fourth clue and three of the HG are correct. Sam is the first to ring in and she gets the point. Angela has 2 points, JC and Sam have 1 point, and Kaycee has 0 points. Tyler says Kaycee is sitting there with a goose egg, come on comp beast.


It’s time for their fifth clue and 2 of the HG are correct. Sam was the first to ring in. Angela and Sam have 2 points, JC has 1 point, and Kaycee has 0 points.


On to round six and all of the HG are correct, but Angela was the first to ring in. Angela has 3 points, Sam has 2 points, JC has 1 point, and Kaycee has 0 points.


Tyler says it’s down to Angela and Sam. Sam says she’s either going to tie it up or Angela wins and Sam wants that final four. Angela rings in first, but she realizes she is incorrect. She’s hoping Sam does not win.


Sam says she’s only down one and if she gets this right she can force a tie breaker. Angela knows she is wrong and all she can do is hope Sam got it wrong. JC is the only one who got it correct. Angela has won HOH with 3 points. Angela says guess who’s HOH? Not once, not twice, but three times. Looks like she has to get a little more blood on her hands.


Sam says all she can do now is put her trust in Tyler. JC says he can’t win a comp and he’s so frustrated. Tyler says he knows JC and Sam are going on the block, but they have to figure out who’s going to go and how he’s going to manage that. Angela says Level Six are running the house at this point, and now her, Tyler, and Kaycee are that much closer to F3. Angela wants Sam out because jury loves her because she becomes friends with them and then doesn’t vote them out. If Angela is lucky enough to be F2, she does not want to be sitting next to Sam.


Tyler says it’s getting closer and closer to the end and he has to start thinking about who he wants to sit next to. He says you get close to these people and it gets harder and harder. He didn’t think it would be this hard. Angela says they are running it and they are so close and Kaycee says let’s do the damned thing.


We see Tyler and Angela in the beds in the PBR. Angela has a secret she doesn’t want Tyler to tell anyone and she whispers in his ear that she’s in love with him. Tyler says he can’t believe they have the same secret. Tyler can’t believe that came out of her mouth, he’s speechless. We have music playing over the scene. Angela says this game made her grow a heart. Ughhh. It’s been years since she’s had anyone in her life that is significant enough to call boyfriend. She feels like an old lady who’s dating again. It’s weird. Tyler says she said she loved me! He guesses he’s in love with Angela and he’s the happiest person in the whole world right now. He’s not going to lie.


JC and Tyler are in the WA and JC says he’s trying hard but he’s mad. He says that was a huge mistake. It was not a game move. Tyler tells JC to calm down. JC says he’s going on the block tomorrow with Sam and if Tyler wins veto he has to use it on him and she’ll put Kaycee up and they’ll vote her out. Tyler says he just has to trust him. JC says he’s so stupid for trusting Tyler he just wants to slap Tyler so hard. JC is so disappointed in himself. Tyler says it’s getting harder and harder to convince JC he has his back and if he’s not comfortable, he’s going to make himself the number one target going in to next week.


Angela has an announcement and she gathers everyone in the living room. HG, congratulations on making it to the top 5. To celebrate the milestone, Big Brother has something very special for you. You are invited to a concert by Bebe Rexha. Sam says did I hear that right? They’ll be heading to the concert very soon. Have a blast!


The HG go out to the backyard and it’s set up for a private concert and they have seats. Tyler says one of the biggest artist’s in the world and she’s about to play for them. They are so excited. They give air high fives. Angela says this is like incredible. She loves Bebe Rexha, she loves all her music and she’s gorgeous.


Bebe Rexha performs her new single called I’m a Mess. Tyler says this is one of the coolest moments of his entire life. He says she has the voice of an angel. This is one heck of a first date. JC says she’s talking personally to him, he’s a mess and he knows it. Sam is singing along. Kaycee and JC are waving a flag. Kaycee says they rock! The HG clap for them. Bebe asks if their mind feels clear without social media? They all say yes. Bebe says it must be refreshing. Sam says she’s sitting across from one of the most talented people she’ll ever meet.


Bebe sings Meant to Be next. They clap and say beautiful. Bebe comes down to hug them. Angela says that concert was amazing, but stick around for the encore because Sam and JC are about to go up.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Angela has nominated Sam and JC. Angela says unfortunately for her she’s had to get so much blood on her hands and their hands are clean and she doesn’t stand a chance sitting next to either of them. She knows they’ll understand the logic behind her decision.


Angela says her target is Sam. One day she’s calling her a B and one day she’s hugging her and she’s over it. Sam is now on the block for the third consecutive time and she’s going to go out and win the veto and hell, she might win the whole game. JC says he had Tyler’s back the whole game and if he wins veto he’s going to finally be able to come for Angela.

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