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Sunday, September 16, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:58AM BBT Sam starts the shower and heads into the WC
1:01AM BBT Tyler knocks on WC, Sam says "I'm in here"- Tyler heads to BBR.
1:06AM BBT Sam gets in the shower that's been running for 7 minutes with no one in it.
1:17AM BBT Sam has been in the shower for about 10 minutes now - the only one up in the house.
1:18AM BBT Tyler goes to WC then heads back to BBR to go to sleep.


Lots of sleeping shots for the next 30 minutes. Sam is the only one up.


1:43AM BBT KC gets called to the DR
1:45AM BBT KC stirring in the BBR, heads to the WC. Before opening the door, KC gently announces to Sam (still in the shower) that she's there so she doesn't scare her (Sam has been in the shower for about 40 minutes now).
1:51AM BBT As KC comes out of the WC changing for the DR, from the shower, Sam says "Hey KC?" Sam then asks if there's any point to her asking KC to use the veto on her while making a pouty little girl face.  KC hedges and Sam says, just a yes or no.  Sam then says "I'm an adult, I'm a grown ass woman" (essentially asking KC for the straight scoop). 
1:52AM BBT KC says she needs to talk to Angela because it's her HoH and then she and Sam will talk more.
1:55AM BBT KC has on her Veto comp costume and finishes freshening up in the WA for her DR.
1:58AM BBT KC pushes the button for the DR door and opens it, then heads in to feed the insatiable beast.
2:13AM BBT Tyler gently snoring in the BBR on Camera 3/4 [except at 2:14:34 - HOLY CRAP! - BBLurkerPlus].

2:15AM BBT KC still not out of the DR yet.

2:27AM BBT Sam out of the world's longest shower, finishing up blow drying her hair while talking to what she says out loud is the "imaginary love of her life" [behind the camera] "that may be a 40 year old woman."

2:28AM BBT Camera cuts back to more sleeping. All cameras on HoH.

2:45AM BBT All cameras STILL on HoH. I'm out.




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9:54 am BBT.  All HGs asleep. 


10:01 am BBT.  We have fish (possible wake-up call).  


10:11 am BBT.  Feeds are back.  Sam is up making coffee.  


10:14 am BBT.  Angela gets out of bed and turns the lights on in the HOHR.  


10:16 am BBT.  Sam is in the WA doing ADLs and Angela is in the HOHR doing ADLs.  


10:21 am BBT.  Sam is in the KT putting dishes away.  Angela is in the HOHR doing ADLs.  


10:22 am BBT.  Angela comes downstairs.  Sam says good morning and asks how she slept.  Angela says not well (can’t hear what else she says, don’t think she has her mic on).  Sam says maybe it’s from the smoke or fog machine (from the veto comp yesterday).   Sam tells her to tell the DR about it.  Angela says she will if it doesn’t get better today.  Angela goes in the SR to exchange her battery.   

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10:29 am BBT.  Sam is in the KT drinking coffee.  Angela is in the HOHR curling her hair.  


10:31 am BBT.  JC passes by the KT.  Sam says good morning. U can’t hear what JC says.  Then Sam says no?  JC talks a bit more but u can’t hear him.  Sam is putting things away in the KT.  Angela is curling her hair in the HOHR.  A minute later JC passes back by the KT.  


10:38 am BBT.  Sam is still putting things away in the KT, occasionally talking to herself.  Angela is painting her nails in the HOHR.  


1045 am BBT.  Angela is back in bed in the HOHR.  Sam is filling ice trays with water in the KT, still occasionally talking to herself.  


10:48 am BBT.  Sam goes into the WA and plugs in the curling iron.  She then goes to the stairs and sets up her blanket to sit on a and a cloth napkin.  She goes into the KT, grabs her 2 cups and a bowl of something to eat.  She brings them all to the stairs and sits down to enjoy her breakfast.  




This is from 1:52 am BBT when Sam asks Kaycee if it is pointless to ask her to use the veto on her.  She sticks out her bottom lip and pouts.  


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10:54 am BBT.  Angela comes down to the KT.  She gets herself some coffee.  Sam is still sitting on the stairs.  JC is laying in bed in the PBR.  No cameras showing Kaycee or Tyler yet this morning.  


11:16 am BBT.  JC gets up, goes into the BBR and drinks some water from his BB cup.  He makes his way back into the PBR and crawls back into bed.  Sam is still sitting on the stairs.  Angela is standing in the KT., they are talking (just general chit chat).  

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11:22 am BBT.  Sam and Angela still talking in the KT (Sam is still sitting on the stairs).  Sam has been talking about going to RV camp parks and the differences between a camper top, a 5th wheel and a pull behind trailer.  JC still laying in bed in the PBR.  








Can anyone help update today?  We need help.  If you can, it would be greatly appreciated!






11:45 am BBT.  JC gets up and goes into the SR to get some advil, then goes into the KT with Angela and Sam (still on the stairs). 


11:47 am BBT.  Kaycee is getting out of bed.  

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11:48 AM BBT  JC comes into the KT where Angela and Sam are chatting.  Sam is sitting under the stairs, eating on the stairs.  They say good morning, then good afternoon. BB tells JC to put on his microphone.  He is rinsing out his cup.  Angela gets it from the counter and tries to untangle it.  She said the cord is really frayed and asks how long it has been that way.  He said most of the season.  JC leaves the KT, and BB tells him to exchange his mic. 

Sam and Angela are talking about dreams, how often they dream, and deja vu.  Kaycee and Sam had this conversation the other day.  Sam is talking about wondering what blind people dream.  Angela said she gets a dream where she sees dots and sound, and then she gets sick.  She said every time she has that dream, she knows she is about to get sick.  Sam talks about people having a sign before they have a seizure.  She wonders if that is what Angela gets from that dot dream.

11:54 AM BBT  Kaycee comes into the KT.  Angela says good morning to her, as Sam continues to talk. JC comes in as well. JC is told again by BB to exchange his microphone.  Sam tells Kaycee that they were just talking about blind people having dreams, same as the other day.  Kaycee said she got called to the DR at 1:45. She was coughing pretty bad in there.  Angela said when she finally stopped coughing up nasty shit, she went to sleep.  They wonder if it is the fog from yesterday.  Sam said isn't that just dry ice?  ( my fog machine uses a liquid)  BB calls JC again to exchange his mic.  Kaycee wonders what to do today.  They only have 10 days left.  They are almost into single digits.  Sam is surprised.  Angela said tomorrow is 9 days.  They are looking forward to the end.


12:00 PM BBT  Tyler is sitting in his bed fixing his hair in the BBR.  Kaycee said she woke up craving tomato soup and toast.  Angela says they should make grilled cheese and tomato soup.  JC comes into the KT again.  BB tells him to put on his mic.  The KT crew, everyone but Tyler, are talking about food.

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12:01 PM BBT  Tyler comes into the KT  Now all five remaining HGs are in the KT.  Sam is still eating under the stairs.  Tyler heads to the WA. 



(I just got off work, not sure how long I will be on)



12:04 PM BBT  Tyler is picking his face in the WA, JC is telling stories in the KT, and everyone is laughing.  They hate getting ready then having to wait for their friends, some take such a long time to get ready to go somewhere.  Kaycee is coughing and blowing her nose.

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12:06 PM BBT  Still discussing how long some people take to get ready, JC is really fast.  He doesn't have to do much.  Earlier they were complaining they still don't have the backyard. 


(Might not, eviction should be Tuesday, then HOH and Veto feeds will be down until Wednesday's show)



12:09 PM BBT  Kaycee said she doesn't like to eat bananas with bruises, as she has seen worms in them, like maggots.  JC said these bananas have a lot of chemicals.  He said you go to 3rd world countries, and the bananas are the sweetest thing ever.  They are so good.  Sam said the thing worse than a worm in an apple, would be one with half a worm in it.  She explains that means you ate half a worm.  They talk about picking fruit right off a tree and eating it.  It is so good that way.


 (I need to go cook, hubby is hungry.  Be back later)

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12:38 PM BBT  All five HGs are still chatting in the KT.  They are trying to decide the order of evictions, days, when the finale is, etc. 


12:43 PM BBT  The HGs are discussing what will happen when they leave the house.  Angela has a house there, does she go home or stay with the BB cast?  Kaycee said they will probably want them all together in a hotel so they can go places together.  Tyler, Angela and Kaycee joke that they just need a large suite, only one bed, they will all sleep together anyway.   BB tells them to not talk about production.  They say they eat together, sleep together, go the the bathroom together....well, maybe not completely and laugh, JC is humming/singing and keeps getting asked to please stop singing. 


12:47 PM BBT  Angela is back in the HOH bed, watching the TV and covered up.  Tyler, JC and Kaycee are still chilling in the KT.  Not sure where Sam is.

12:48 PM BBT  They are trying to decide what will e on tonight's show.  They think Brett and Haleigh going to the jury house.  (still waiting for the Fessy/ Scottie return in the jury house).  They think the Bebe Rexha concert will be shown.  They wonder if she will be watching the episode, and promoting it on Twtter and social media.

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1:03 PM BBT  JC and Kaycee are still chatting at the counter in the KT.  They are kidding Tyler (who is off camera), that Dexter, his mother's bird that he hates, is really his brother.  They wonder if he will be at the finale in a little tuxedo.  Talk changes to Rockstar loving vegetables.  She should have been called the vegetable lady. They continue for a time with this line.


Tyler comes in and they talk about when Haleigh was HOH and talking with Tyler while in the bathtub.  He said the first thing she said was how attractive he looked from that angle.  He almost left, but said this might be fun.  Kaycee can't believe she did that.  Talk turns to Rockstar following Tyler around when he won the OTEV veto, wanting him to use it.  JC said she was in the WA, and kept moving from one seat to another.  Tyler said he still doesn't remember what she was saying.  They are sucking up, and Kaycee said they didn't think Kaycee's side saw that.  Going over more dumb things Foutte did.  Kaycee said there were so many things that drove her crazy, but she didn't say anything.  They discuss their fakeness. 

1:17 PM BBT  JC. Kaycee and Tyler are talking about hearing people in the SR yelling, especially when in the DR.  They are telling things from their DR sessions, and get yelled at by BB. 

Tyler says they may not see the BY any more.  He said he likes the back yard.  The have been going over the schedule, and aren't sure they can go outside anymore.  JC randomly sings, hums, etc.  Kaycee announces she is going to the storage room.  She says it about 3 times, then says she didn't get a green button.  JC said he is going.


1:21 PM BBT  Sam is in the WA doing her hair.  Tyler goes to the lounge to do weights/curls.  Kaycee goes upstairs to the HOHR to see Angela.  BB announces the SR is open.  Tyler and Sam go in there.  They don't see anything any different for it to have been locked.  Sam was hoping for a puppy. (BY is closed...don't think so)  They go back to the KT. 

Kaycee is talking to Angela about Sam asking her if she will use the veto on Sam.  Kaycee said she had just won it.  Kaycee explained she hadn't talked to anyone yet, they will talk more tomorrow.  Angela said Sam came up to her as they were walking into the house from Angela winning HOH, and wanted to know what she was going to do.  They are not happy, as Sam won't tell them how she is going to vote, and when she was HOH she didn't want to talk to anyone.  Angela said Sam condemns them for playing the game, but wants to know what they are going to do.  Angela said Sam has never voted the way she asked her to on any of her HOH's.  Sam was badmouthing her to Tyler, trying to get him to use the veto and put her up.  They talk about how girls can be, needing to tear down someone else to make themselves feel better.

They say Fessy was the same way.  They thought he was much younger because of the way he acted.  That is why he got along with Haleigh so well.


1:31 PM BBT  Kaycee is telling Angela that between the three L6 people left, they have won 18 competitions.  They also have 5 HOH's in a row.  They hope JC doesn't pull something out at the end.  They are impressed with their stats, and wonder how many other alliances had this many people left this late.  (Brigade was final 4, possible 3?)

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1:36 PM BBT  While Angela and Kaycee congratulates themselves on being awesome, and wondering what Brett is saying in the jury house, JC and Tyler go to the SR to talk.

JC said he is going out at 4.  Tyler wants to know why?  Tyler said he has a vote, and can get HOH.  JC says they needed to stick to the plan, get one of the girls out during the thingy, then Brett.  Tyler said if he did that, then they would have gotten rid of him.  Tyler tells JC not to sell himself short, he has a 1/3 chance of winning the next HOH.  JC is blaming Tyler for being on the block.  JC said by keeping to the plan, JC was off the block the entire season, but Tyler changed the plan, and JC is on the block for the second time.  JC said he saved Tyler.  Tyler says he did the same for him!  JC again goes over what he wanted done.  Tyler said he went a different way and it is over, so move on.  JC says to stick to the plan.  He isn't going to talk to the girls yet about their votes to see if he is safe.  JC is explaining how the final four and three work.  Tyler says he knows.  JC is really pushy!

1:44 PM BBT  JC wants to know who Tyler would put up.  Tyler says it doesn't matter, because it is all up to who wins veto.  JC does not wants to be on the block.  JC is saying if he is up, and someone else wins the veto, then he will go home.  When there is only 4 people, then they can't take someone down because there is no one to go up.  JC is going over the rules.  He keeps asking Tyler if he understands the rules.  Tyler is getting frustrated.  JC doesn't seem to understand that if Kaycee and Angela are on the block, and one of them wins veto, he will go up.  Tyler keeps stressing it is based on who wins the veto.  JC is trying to tell him what to do. 


1:53 PM BBT  Tyler is upstairs telling the girls about his long talk with JC.  He said JC is really confident about the HOH comp.  Tyler said JC is going to murder him, murder him!  Angela said she asked production for a cup for Tyler to wear for the next week.  They laugh.  Kaycee said they need to be super confident going into the HOH and veto, so they can rattle him.  They see JC on the TV sitting alone at the counter, they say he is on an island.  Tyler said every time he is alone with JC, he yells at him.  He said JC keeps telling him how stupid he is.  Angela and Kaycee say he doesn't  know.  They want to know if JC knows he is safe.  Tyler said he thinks so.    They both think JC will understand the moves when he learns about L6.  Tyler said he will murder him.  Angela and Kaycee think JC will respect the game play.  Tyler said JC thinks the reason Tyler got rid of Brett was because he was jealous how close JC and Brett where.  That Tyler had to get rid of the "side ho". 

Kaycee wonders what to wear for the veto ceremony.  She might borrow a shirt from Tyler.  They wonder what the schedule will be to make everything fit, they hope they are told ahead of time.  They also wonder what JC's speech will be.  They say he already hates Thursdays, and will be nervous making a speech. 

Kaycee and Angela say no more middle of the night DR sessions.  Tyler says just say you have a sore throat.  BB says "I don't think so".  They all laugh.  Tyler says BB's mad voice is pretty evil.

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2:09 PM BBT  Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are going to practice days later.  Kaycee said they also have the jelly bean game to play.  Tyler asks to listen to music.  Now telling stories about sneaking out at night.  Tyler said his mother would say things like they were so quiet around midnight.  He knew she knew they sneaked out.  Kaycee said they would sneak out when they heard her father snoring.  They knew they were good then.  Tyler said he was chased by the police once, and lived through it.  Angela tells about a time she and a friend were kicked out of the Monarch, and they wouldn't leave, so they called the cops.  She and her friend raced down the beach. and the police looked for them for over an hour.  Kaycee tells about a time when she and a friend didn't have anywhere to sleep.  They were supposed to be at a friend's house.  They couldn't so they were homeless for the night.  Kaycee said if you were young, you couldn't be out.  They tried to get her friend to wake up, but the friend's mother was sleeping in her bed. 

Tyler talks about a curfew in his town.  They would hide from cars, and get points. 

2:18 PM BBT  Tyler finishes his story, says he had to write a fictional story and he wrote about his escapades, and the teacher said it looked like something she read in the paper.  He said the reason the town made a curfew was because of him and his friends.  He would make the reindeer decorations hump each other, and exchange Christmas decorations from one to another and back.  Tyler said he wishes Bob were around to say those were the good old days.  Angela said can you imagine what I would have done if I wasn't playing sports?  They are all glad they lived through it and have moved on. 

2:23 PM BBT  Kaycee asked who they will call first when they get out.  They aren't sure.  Angela said she is glad the halfway house hasn't burned down yet.  Angela let people use her house.  Kaycee told her room mate not to let creepers in.  Kaycee said her friends will want to meet Tyler and Angela and the rest of level 6.  Kaycee is going to get a tattoo of BB20/L6.

They see JC sitting at the counter still.  They said he is just siting there.  Even when there were a lot of people in the house, he didn't like going to the HOH room.

(sorry guys, gotta go if someone else can take over, thanks!)

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Approximately 4:45pm BB Time


Kaycee had a conversation with Sam in the have not room.  Kaycee told Sam that she was not using the veto, when Sam asked her how she planned to vote, Kaycee said she was up in the air about the vote, and gave Sam no reason to think she would vote to keep her.  Kaycee told Sam repeatedly that it was difficult because she loves her, but she was doing what was good for her game.  Kaycee indicated that she had not yet talked to JC, but planned to do that.  


When Kaycee left the room, Sam looked at the camera and said, "Well, I tried."  


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7:02 pm BBT Sam is deep in thought in her saucer.  JC and KC are at the KT table, and Tyler and Angela  are in the KT.  Tyler jokes with JC about taking a bath, and JC asks if he's embracing his 100%. 


7:05 pm BBT Sam is talking to herself about spending time in the sun and how she looked forward to this Summer with all her heart, but has spent very little while here.


7:09 pm BBT Tyler quizzes JC about his last name.  He gets that right, Crispen.  He then asks about his middle name.  Tyler tells him to guess, but that it's 4 letters.  JC guesses TOM.  


7:13 pm BBT All cameras are on JC and Kaycee at the KT table.  Kaycee says "let's go lie down".   They straighten up the KT and head back.


7:25 pm BBT In the BBR, JC tells Kaycee that he was not born in Spain, but on an island that is really close to the US.  She guesses Hawaii.  He says "that is not near the US!"  She answers "YES IT IS".  He explains how far Hawaii is.  Her next guess is Somoa.  


7:30 pm BBT JC talks through how much they'll be on tv shows after the season is over, even online. Kaycee can't picture that happening, but realizes that it's possible.


7:41 pm BBT Sam continues to tell stories to live feeders from her saucer.  Most regarding the farm back home and horses.


7:44 pm BBT Angela, Kaycee and JC are in the BBR talking about what titles are probably under each of the HG's names for Big Brother.  


8:02 pm BBT JC and Kaycee wonder what is going on in the jury house and if Rockstar is roasting Brett.


8:12 pm BBT Sam is laying underneath the foosball table.  Downstairs, JC wears the HOH Snapchat glasses while the others talk through Bebe Rexha's visit.


8:23 pm BBT JC tries to talk Tyler into letting him do his makeup.  He says no way, he saw what he did to Haleigh.  


8:26 pm BBT Tyler tells JC and KC how he was on the TKO with Kevin Hart.  He said that he was on it right before and that's why they brought him here.  It was shot 2 weeks prior to BB, which was filmed in one day. 


8:29 pm BBT The JC and say that they hope that can get on Ellen's show, especially since they're gay.  JC  takes the snapchat glasses and says "Hi, we're the gay kids from Big Brother.  Me, this one right here, Tyler a little bit (pointing to KC), and Angela's exploring" pleading his case to the public.


8:39 pm BBT Angela and Kaycee both say that neither carries a purse.  Angela carries a phone, credit cards and keys.  KC carries a wallet, chapstick and phone. 


8:44 pm BBT JC is scolded by "Bob" for singing.  He hopes that he can meet whatever actor does the recordings for production.


9:03 pm BBT All is fairly quiet in the house, mostly a lot of laying around.  Kaycee is in the DR.

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BB Time8:41pm


Sam is lying under the Foosball game.


The other house guests are lying in beds in the blue bedroom..


The conversation is very general, Tyler is talking about a girl in Australia who liked one of the songs played at their private concert. (Angela is still in the room, she passed by the camera while he was talking). All of them say that is the only time they will ever have an opportunity for a private concert.


JC is teasing Tyler about girls, Kaycee is laughing.


JC: it's all right, it will get worse.....he wants to know why do they not have the yard.


They all wonder if POP TV will give them some sort of treat today, JC says “They have to, we are giving them a show. We are definitely giving them a show.”


Kaycee: They don't have to.

JC: Yes they do.


Tyler has gone to the bathroom area.


Kaycee is talking about San Francisco Pride, she went to an event there. She talks about drinking, dancing. She says it was very hot there, and the heat made her feel more drunk. She mentions Long Beach, says it is very fun, and Palm Springs was great too.


Tyler says they will have next summer to make up for being in the house this year.


JC: You putting makeup on?? ,, he keeps teasing Tyler about makeup even though he knows what Tyler meant.


Kaycee is leaving for the DR, they think it is POP TV.


They are all relaxing, JC playing with Kaycee's peanut weights, Tyler tossing a smiley pillow into the air, and Anglea complaining about smells.


Tyler is talking about things they want from the Big Brother house, Angela says she wants nothing, she has no color in her house, so nothing in the Big Brother house would fit in 'my home”.


Just general meaningless talk, and very sporadic with quite a bit of staring into space.


JC wants to start an organization that goes to poor communities and give pet owners a chance to neuter pets “free”, but what he wants the most is for POP to bring them something.


Angela reminds him that the Chinese food came, she thinks it was about 10pm.

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BB Time 9:01pm


Tyler, Angela and JC are still in the blue bedroom, Angela says she is sleepy, Tyler has a smiley face pillow over his face, and JC is still playing with Kaycee's peanut weight.


Sam is not on camera, Kaycee is in the DR








JC leaves the room and returns with his Big Brother mug of water. (Those mugs are very cool, just in case you wonder)



Sam is on camera in the storage room, she is looking in the fridge,


Tyler wants to know who is in the storage room, JC tells him Sam. (the house is so quiet they heard the door open)


Tyler: wild times in the Big Brother house, you can't tame us.


Tyler asks them which one of the emoji pillows they held up. Angela whispers, “What is she doing?”

Tyler: destroying things. (Sam is not)


Angela mentions dating a guy who had two kids, she found out after they dated.

Camera moves to kitchen


Sam is putting bacon on a cookie sheet.

Sam: maybe I will thaw that steak out and eat it tomorrow, it will be the most beautiful steak you have ever seen.


Sam is cutting a red sweet pepper, it looks like she has cherry tomatoes on the counter with the pepper, and possibly a sliced onion.


The camera makes a noise, Sam says, “yes dear.” and continues working.


In the bedroom JC is giving Angela Spanish lessons. Tyler says he can't even understand this. JC tells Angela to tell him her deepest secrets in Spanish. She denies secrets. Then she starts talking to JC in Spanish.


Tyler: What are you guys saying????


They keep talking in Spanish


Tyler: What are you saying.


Sam is still cooking.


Kaycee comes in the room.


Tyler: They are talking s**t in Spanish, he is finding out her secrets at finale. Is that what you said???


They ignore him.


Cameras move to Sam in the kitchen.


Two cameras are on Sam, two are on the blue bedroom where JC and Angela are playing question and answer in Spanish—and Tyler still has no clue what they are saying.


(this is a little bit like watching television a few years ago in Madrid, you kind of know, but you really don't know, so just in case you use the translator just so you don't order a puppy for dinner.--Grannysue1154)

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BB Time 9:33pm


Sam is cooking, Tyler is listening to the Spanish conversation, he says he is trying to follow along, but he can't really.

Angela tells him to tell them about the tattoo on his arse and she will tell them what they were talking about.


Angela says she tried to peek at his tattoo, but she didn't get to see it.


Talk goes to types of underwear, Angela decides when the camera is off they are de-pantsing Tyler.


Sam is cooking, she just murder a fly after a warning.


Sam: I will kill you, you son of a..........SMACK....and fly murdered.


Sam is now what I call “angry cooking”, she had to search the refrigerator for something in a sealed bag, she found it, slammed the door and slapped the item onto the counter as she passed. She vigorously stirred something in a pan, then smacked peppers onto a sheet pan that had seasoned olive oil already on it.


She has worked off the fly murdering adrenaline, she is stirring nicely now.


Tyler leaves the bedroom and runs up to the HOH, Sam ignores him.


Sam: “If I put butter in it nobody else will want to eat it.” she drops in a decent amount of butter and smiles at the camera. “I am such an a**hole.”...”I love coca cola.”


Tyler passes through the kitchen after running back down the stairs. Sam does not speak, he looks, but does not speak.


Kaycee returns to the blue bedroom.


In the kitchen, Sam says “You're right”, and I think she mumbles “I am a b***ch. And this b**ch doesn't die.”


Kaycee was whispering, Bob says “You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions,”

Kaycee: I am sooo sorry Bob.


Sam says she is warm when she is by the oven.


Angela is called to the DR at 9:49pm


Angela: “See you in about 6 hours”


JC, Tyler and Kaycee have led the conversation south, hard to describe, but it has to do with snapping a belt, and asking Tyler if he trusts him enough to place his (you know) in it.


Kaycee brings it north by inserting his arm into the belt repeatedly while JC trys to “snap” her.

Tyler tries it, JC gets him (his arm, not his (you know)) the first time.


Kaycee leaves to see what's cooking in the kitchen. She tells Sam she made grilled cheese earlier, but Sam was napping. Sam says she doesn't really take naps at home, with the exception of with her ex's child so he would nap.


Sam: “you gotta fake em out”

Kaycee: “i did that too, with my ex's kid”


Kaycee leaves the kitchen and returns.


Sam: This works out perfectly, it will be done at bedtime. I will stuff my face and pass out. I will stuff my face and pass the f**k out.”


She continues to talk, but it is quiet so we can't hear her very well, she is beeping the oven while she is talking.


In the bedroom JC says he is hungry, but doesn't know if he wants to eat. Kaycee is sitting on the bed, her head in her hands.


Tyler is yelling at JC for asking for things, he says “When you ask they don't give you anything.”


Sam is still cooking.




Kaycee tells Tyler about her conversation with Sam earlier. Most of what she says is true, however she tells him it took place in the bathroom while she (Kaycee) was wearing only a towel. The conversation I saw happened in the have not room, Kaycee walked in to talk to Sam and both were fully dressed. (I am not saying there was not a second conversation, and I am not saying there was, just that there may have been, but might not have been.--Grannysue1154)


JC returns to the blue bedroom and talk stops

BB Time 10:08pm


Sam has finished her tomato soup, she adds roasted peppers, and bacon to the bowl. She is cutting up cubes of toasted bread.


Sam: My eyes might be bigger than my belly, and I have to save room for some cheesecake.” She says a short prayer and picks her meal up. She carries everything to the stairwell and lays out her food. (Angela has been screaming about Sam sitting on the steps, I might hang out a few more minutes to see if some action happens now)


Sam smiles and shrugs at the camera, she begins another prayer, she gives thanks for her day, her meal, and asks for blessings for her loved ones and for help for a positive attitude.


She takes a bite, “Delicious!!”

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10:35pm BBT Angela announces a gift from POP TV - an Ice Cream Maker with different flavors.  Sam has also made some bagels and mozzarella which she offers to anyone who wants it.  Tyler remarks that Angela had just said she wanted some ice cream.  JC is called to the DR as the Angela, Kaycee and Tyler read through the directions while Sam is cleaning her dishes.

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