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Episode 35-Double Eviction

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Previously, on Big Brother, Kaycee dominated the week first by winning head of household, and then by crushing the veto competition. Level Six wanted their final nemesis Haleigh gone, so Kaycee left her and Sam on the block. Tonight, will Haleigh join the rest of her alliance in jury? Plus, which HG will be the second sent packing. It’s double eviction night baby! Will Level Six turn on one of it’s own? Find out right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and tells us over the course of the next hour, level six could be put to the test. Will they take advantage of double eviction night to take out one of their own, or secure their numbers. Everyone is planning for what happens next with Haleigh still on the block.


We pick up on day 83 after the veto ceremony. Kaycee says she feels like a superhero winning three POV’s in a row. Haleigh has been on the block three weeks in a row and it’s time for her to. She put the wrong peanut up. Haleigh tells us her back is against the wall and she has no more cards to play.


Level Six are in the HOH room planning in case it’s double eviction. They are discussing pawns and Angela says if she doesn’t win HOH, she’ll go up. Brett says look at that, Angela offered herself up as a pawn. She must be feeling safe. But maybe it’s time for him to make a move. Kaycee says we’re almost there.


Brett and Tyler are in the SR talking about the double. Brett says Haleigh is leaving and he wants to make sure they evaluate everything. Tyler says jury hates all of them. Brett says they can beat JC and Sam in the final HOH comps, maybe they should Angela out and make the jury very happy. Brett tells Tyler that all those votes that were gone will be back, but Kaycee will be coming after them. Brett says Kaycee is strong.


Tyler says he has a F2 with Brett that he proposed, he has a F2 with Kaycee, and he’s in a showmance with Angela. Brett is at the bottom of the totem pole. He needs to flip things around on him and put a stop to it. Tyler then goes to HOH and tells Kaycee about the conversation. Tyler tells her Brett thinks it’s better for Kaycee to go. Kaycee tells us she should have known. She says Brett thinks he’s two steps ahead, but they are 5, 6, 7 steps ahead.


Kaycee and Tyler talk about taking the shot at Brett in double. Kaycee says he vocalized going against the alliance. Tyler says Kaycee has been his number one this whole game and Brett is good at talking and the jury might give him a vote. Tyler says he isn’t comfortable sitting next to Brett in the end and he might have to go, even before Sam and JC.


Julie is ready to tell the HG it’s time for double eviction. There is no time to waste. Haleigh says they have to stop running into each other like this, but she’s amazing. Haleigh does her shoutouts. She says she’s running out of content but she’s going to keep this as Haleigh as possible. She hopes they all know she’s not ready to leave and she’ll hug them each and tell them she loves them, but she hopes she gets to stay and she thinks she has a lot to offer them.


Sam says she doesn’t have a speech prepared and she’s only done this once before and it’s been awhile. She thanks everyone and she’s proud to be standing there still and she’s not ready to leave. If she goes she’ll be taking a piece of each of them, but she’s not ready to go.


Time to vote!

Tyler votes to evict Haleigh.

JC votes to evict Haleigh.

Brett votes to evict Haleigh.

Angela votes to evict Haleigh.

By a vote of 4-0, Haleigh has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Haleigh gives hugs to everyone and says she loves them all. She says if she forgot anything she’ll be coming back for it. She loves them all.


Julie pays Haleigh back a compliment and says she looks gorgeous. She asks Haleigh why she couldn’t get the target off her back. Haleigh says she put it there herself and she says it went downhill since she admitted she was the hacker. Julie asks why she told them? Haleigh says her conscience would allow Bayleigh to take the fall for her.


Julie says they seen her and Faysal come to the conclusion they were the worst players, would she says telling them she was the hacker her downfall? She says either that or HOH, they were both pretty bad. Julie asks about Faysal and Haleigh says he’s a good guy. She says they had ups and downs in the game, but she’s looking forward to seeing him again.


Good bye messages: Kaycee says she’s sorry she’s seeing this message, but Brett told her Haleigh would come after Angela and Kaycee again. Angela says the same thing as Kaycee and she can thank Brett. Brett says Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee wanted her out and they will go out to a football game after they get out of the house. Haleigh says uninvited. Julie asks who she believes? Haleigh believes Angela and Kaycee because she DID say that to Brett.


Earlier, the HG watched short video clips that are the key to becoming the HOH. Kaycee sees movement on the monitor and they see the clips. They see clips from previous competitions. Brett says they see Steve struggling and Winston, and then Blockstar blowing OTEV…fond memories. Tyler says all this stuff is hilarious but it’s probably for an HOH competition so he has to pay attention because he wants this HOH.


This competition is called buffering. They will be shown the clips and then they’ll stop and they’ll be given two options as to what happened next and they’ll select A or B. Player with the most points after 7 questions wins.


Question 1: Will Steve fall off the balance beam or continue to the end. Sam and Tyler answer A and Angela, JC, and Brett answer B. Sam and Tyler each get 1 point.


Question 2: Will Scottie get hit in the face with the red ketchup or glide by it without getting hit? Everyone answers A except JC who answers B. JC got a point.


Question 3: Will Rockstar fall in the water and drop her medicine bottle or grab the rope? Tyler and Brett answer B, everyone else answers A. Tyler has 2 points, Sam, JC, and Brett have 1 point.


Question 4: Will Faysal catch the kalimartian in his mouth or miss the kalimartian? Everyone answers A except Angela. Everyone but Angela gets a point. Tyler has 3 points, Angela has 0, and everyone else has 2.


Question 5: Will Bayleigh land her ball in the tube or miss the shot? Everyone answers B except JC. Everyone except JC got it right. Tyler has 4, Brett and Sam have 3, JC has 2, and Angela has 1.


Question 6: Will Scottie fall down or exit without falling? Everyone answers A. Everyone is correct. Tyler has 5 points, Bret and Sam have 4 points, JC has 3 points, and Angela has 2 points.


Question 7: Will Faysal fall down or remain on his feet? Sam, Tyler, and Angela answer B and JC and Brett answer A. Sam has 5 points, Brett, JC, and Angela have 3 points. Tyler has 6 points. Tyler wins HOH.


We listen in before nominations and Sam says she acts like she’s better than everyone and Sam is a good person and deserves to be there. Tyler says it’s ok, it’s not going to go the way she thinks it might. Time for the live nomination ceremony! Tyler nominates JC and Sam. We’ll be ready for veto in just a few moments.


Haleigh has already been evicted, Tyler won HOH and put up Sam and JC. Now it’s time for the veto competition. This competition is called Block and Roll. They must strategically place their colored blocks on their game board so when they drop their ball until it rolls down the board. The ball must be rolled through the tube first. Julie gives the go.


They start moving puzzle pieces. Sam is a little slower than the others. Tyler takes his first shot and fails. Brett tries his first shot and all fails. They keep readjusting pieces. Kaycee seems to be struggling. Angela got it out and Angela has won POV!


Angela goes to the HNR and hugs and celebrates with Tyler. Tyler tells her to take JC down. Kaycee comes in and they just confirm things. Brett comes in and says he’ll vote Sam out.


Angela has just won the power of veto, but will she use it to save one of the two nominees? Let’s find out! Angela would like to use the POV on JC. She calls this move being just one step ahead. Tyler must now name a replacement nominee. Tyler says he calls this being two steps ahead…Brett take a seat.


Haleigh has already been sent packing and either Sam or Brett will be following. Let’s go the living room. Sam apologizes to Angela and Tyler’s friendship and Kaycee and JC’s friendship. She hopes to stay. Brett says he wasn’t ready for this, guys they have their mind made up and he played a loyal game. He loves them all and he understands they have to make a game move and he begs them not to send him to the house with Blockstar. Please have mercy and change their minds.


Time to vote:

JC votes to evict Brett. He says sorry man.

Kaycee votes to evict Brett. It’s a must.

Angela votes to evict Brett.

By a vote of 3-0, Brett has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Brett looks at JC and he asks them to pack his things please. Sam says they will with great respect and great care. He gives quick hugs and heads out. JC apologizes.


Julie tells Brett he got played son. She asks why he didn’t expose Level 6? Brett doesn’t have a good answer to that. He was loyal to them. He says he figured he could tug on their heart strings. He says they were playing some other angle.


Julie says he broke ranks and told Tyler he wanted to target the girls? Brett says he knows he can beat JC, but he didn’t know if he could be Kaycee and Angela. Julie says he was loyal but he broke ranks midstream. Brett says they don’t know that but obviously Tyler made a move.


Julie asks who Brett feels most betrayed by? Brett says Tyler, he was his ride or die. Julie says but they made the alliance recently and Brett says they slept in the bed week 1. Brett says he either solidified his F2 with Tyler or shot himself in the foot, and obviously it was the latter.


Julie asks if he will vote emotional? Brett says we’ll see. Julie says anything else to say before you head off to join Rockstar in jury? Brett says ummm…can I take someone with me? Julie says you know the rules.


Bebe Rexha will visit the house for a special performance on Sunday. Then on Wednesday, we’ll surprise the house with a surprise eviction. Then a new HOH will be crowned and the second live eviction will be on Thursday.

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