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Guest GaYToR

TV Land honors 'Raymond' finale

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Posted: 9:52 AM EDT (1352 GMT)


NEW YORK (AP) -- TV Land is paying tribute to "Everybody Loves Raymond" by airing programming so annoying during the sitcom's CBS finale that viewers can't help but want to change the channel.

The cable channel, devoted to airing reruns of classic series, will show a room filled with 210 guys named Raymond when the show's final episode airs May 16.

They'll each wear a T-shirt with the title of one of the show's episodes and stand, one by one, to introduce themselves and the episode title have on.

"'Everybody Loves Raymond' is poised to take its place as one of television's most memorable family sitcoms," said Larry Jones, network president. "TV Land wants to be sure that no viewers will accidentally miss this historic television event."

TV Land has done something similar twice in its nine-year history. It went off the air in 1998 to salute the "Seinfeld" finale and, in 2004, aired pictures of a room full of network staff members purportedly watching the "Friends" finale while periodically telling viewers to do the same.

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I love this show and think it's misunderstood by a lot of people. I avoided watching it for so long because I thought it was a family show. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was not.

I really will miss it, this show has made me laugh out loud many times. I do have to admit that I'm usually on martini numero dos by the time it comes on..so in all fairness..I'd probably laugh out loud at watching paint dry.

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Guest GaYToR

Moody, you are scaring me. This is twice in one day, maybe same hour, that we have agreed on something. Are you getting soft on us? Keep this up and someone is going to post that you have a heart.

Raymond has been one of my favorite shows from it's beginning. Seems the last couple of seasons it is on opposite something I like even better so I don't always catch it, but I do always seem to find the syndicated reruns on at odd times and always watch. Eventually I'll see all episodes.

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HA! Gaytor for some reason I think agreeing w/ you proves that I am in fact, heartless :D

But in all seriousness, I don't know how people could not like this show. It's very funny and the cast couldn't be any better.

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Guest Anonymous

This is one show I won't miss. Considering the fact that its on at least 200 times a day -- I can't say I've missed an episode (although I've really tried!!) and the only saving grace this show has ever had for me is Robert -- I love that big guy.

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Guest Anonymous

To be honest? Its Ray himself -- can't take the guy -- he's so annoyingly dumb. But I knew there was a reason I like you Ranster -- Robert is the only reason I've ever watched. (Marie -- well she is a little too much like my own mother...)

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'Raymond' Signs Off After Nine Seasons


AP Television Writer


AP - Mon May 9, 3:32 PM ET In this photo released by CBS, the cast of

'Everybody Loves Raymond' applauds at the taping of the final episode

of the show at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif., on Jan. 29, 2005.

Cast members from left are Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts,

Peter Boyle, Brad Garrett with his two children, Sullivan Sweeten,

Madylin Sweeten and Monica Horan.

LOS ANGELES - Everybody Loves Raymond" wasn't hip, wasn't cool and missed out on the magazine covers that usually fawn over flavor-of-the-season TV shows. Instead, it settled for a nine-season run; consistently high ratings; a total of 12 Emmy Awards, and the rare virtue of leaving before, not after, it ran out of laughs.

CBS' family comedy finally is getting the attention it deserves, including those elusive cover stories and the manic network marketing push that befits the end of a hit show. But what counts for creator Phil Rosenthal is what's symbolized by the photos on his office wall of Jackie Gleason of "The Honeymooners" and Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca of "Your Show of Shows"

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Guest ranster627

POSTED: Tuesday May 17th

FROM TV GUIDE: The Water Cooler

Everybody Loves Raymond


Nobody died. Or announced a pregnancy. Or a divorce. Or any other sort of life-changing event that typifies so many long-running series' contrived grand finales. What happened in Everybody Loves Raymond's sweet and touching and very funny final episode was a typically small but powerfully resonant moment-a medical scare for Ray-triggering reactions that veered from wrenching emotion to rollicking comedy with breathtaking agility and impact.

The set-up: Ray goes into the hospital to have his adenoids out. Finally! (Frank figures they're close to those other 'oids on the backside.) Everyone mocks neurotic Ray for being such a big baby over such minor surgery-everyone but smothering Marie, who thinks breathing in the fumes from her minestrone can cure all ills (including Debra's cooking). But at the hospital, when a nurse comes into the waiting room to tell Debra that Ray is having trouble waking up from anaesthetic, the instant panic is real and scary. Debra and Robert freak. (Marie, thankfully, is in the ladies' room at the time.) But once it's clear it was a false alarm, Debra calculates it's best that "Nobody tells Ray." Frank adds: "Or his mother."

Still, the family is shaken to the core. Debra, in bed with Ray, gets choked up talking about her daily routine. Frank, in bed with Marie, is unusually reflective and thoughtful

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Guest ranster627




Joined: 15 Mar 2005

Posts: 731

Posted: Tue May 17, 2005 3:48 pm


I am sure I will be seeing Raymond for many years to come in syndication. I love this show. It is one of those classics that will be never be dated. Along with All In The Family and Roseanne, I am sure it will take its place in Classic Tv Land.

Anyone gonna watch the finale of "Everybody Loves Raymond" tonight?
Definitely, and I'll probably cry.. I am a big wuss.  HA!
I have it set to record since I'm working tonight.  Can't believe it's going "bye-bye".  The only thing that will help me get through it is I missed most of Season 1 - 3 so I can look forward to renting those.  I'm in the middle of renting Season 1 right now.
I will miss Raymond what a great show.
I will prolly watch it, I've always enjoyed this show. They are all such a hoot!
I say good Riddance to Raymond!!
Tonight I will watch since my regular Monday night shows of Fear Factor, Las Vegas and Medium are not on tonight..I will watch the pre show and the goodbye episode..it's suppose to be really funny..or so they say..lol
Guess we will find out how "funny" its supposed to be, huh? LOL
I will be switching from 7th heaven to everybody loves raymond.
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Guest ranster627

TV Land gives a wink to Gay America when the network Presents:

Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink


One-Hour Special Examines How Gay Americans Have Created and Viewed Television. Kelsey Grammer, Sandra Bernhard, Bruce Vilanch, Marc Cherry, Carson Kressley, Rue McClanahan, Mario Cantone and Others Featured

Santa Monica, CA, May 12, 2005 - From Maude and The Golden Girls to Xena, The Warrior Princess and Will & Grace, certain television shows throughout the last forty years have strayed from the straight and narrow and given a wink to Gay America. TV Land takes an in-depth look at celebrated television personalities and characters that gay viewers have either gravitated towards or closely identified with in Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink

Notables Kelsey Grammer, Marc Cherry, Sandra Bernhard, Diahann Carroll, Rue McClanahan, Mario Cantone, Carson Kressley, Judy Gold and others are featured in interviews and discuss why gay viewers have always been drawn to TV shows where camp and comedy are celebrated.

Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink is produced for TV Land by Linda Ellerbee's Lucky Duck Productions. Sal Maniaci, Vice President, Development and Production, TV Land & Nick at Nite, serves as Executive Producer. "Several TV shows and characters that the country has embraced -- from "Uncle Arthur" on Bewitched to the ladies of Sex & the City -- have also meant a great deal to gay Americans" states Larry W. Jones, President, TV Land and Nick at Nite. "TV Land is thrilled to provide our viewers with this in-depth look at how gay Americans have had their own way of watching and creating classic comedy."

Throughout this 60-minute journey, TV Land takes a look at how various characters and series became "homosensational." From female characters in sitcoms such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Maude, The Golden Girls and Designing Women, gays took solace in the independence of women who dared to define the rigid roles of the time. The gay community saw these characters as strong, independent and outrageous, and the bond with their friends resonated with their own lives.

The TV landscape continued to evolve as characters like Tony Randall's portrayal of "Felix" in The Odd Couple and Paul Lynde's "Uncle Arthur" on Bewitched strayed slightly from the straight and narrow. Even the dynamic duos Kate & Allie and Batman with "Robin" resonated with gay Americans. In the 1990's, as gay visibility began to increase, sitcoms like Friends, Ellen and even The Simpsons had more and more fun playing on their audience's new awareness of all things gay.

Xena, Warrior Princess was hugely popular with lesbians as they looked to her as someone who was strong on the outside but also sensitive and loving and they began to play up her relationship with her best friend. This original special examines how gays embraced the aesthetic of many of these shows, making them more visible for others to be "Tickled Pink."

Among the watershed television shows, characters and moments discussed in the special are:


[*]The series Maude stars Bea Arthur as a tough, outspoken woman, a rarity in TV at the time.


[*]For her television series, Cher wins over fans with her extravagant ensembles created by gay icon Bob Mackie. Her outlandish appeal taps a primal urge in countless gay men.


[*]Gays are drawn to TV's crime-fighting dynamic duos like "Ponch" and "John" on Chips, Starsky and Hutch and "Batman" and "Robin."


[*]The Golden Girls is embraced by homosexuals for its gay sensibility and how the characters' friends ultimately become their family.


[*] The outrageousness of the characters on Designing Women, particularly "Suzanne Sugarbaker," resonates with the gay community.


[*] Shows like Laverne and Shirley, Kate & Allie and Cagney & Lacey appeal to lesbians because of the strong bond between women. This was the closest thing there was at that point to any sort of representation

of a lesbian relationship.


[*] Gays identified with characters like "Samantha" on Bewitched, "Diane Prince" on Wonder Woman and "Buffy" from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer because these women struggled with revealing their personal secrets.


[*] Dynasty is filled with strong women who were unapologetic and bitchy - one of the campiest shows on television.


[*] The revelation of Ellen DeGeneres on her sitcom, and in real life, that she was gay changed the TV landscape and was a huge step forward for homosexuality on television. In the years before DeGeneres and her gay character came out, some of the funniest moments on Ellen came from winks to viewers indicating her true orientation.


[*] Gays and lesbians embraced "Xena" and respected her strength. In addition, her relationship with her best friend was filled with innuendo which creators had fun implementing into the storylines.


[*] Sex and the City is filled with bawdy humor and puts female friendships first.


[*] Sassy diva "Karen" on Will & Grace is embraced by gay males for just being fabulous.

Lucky Duck Productions is an award-winning and critically acclaimed television production company renowned for producing primetime specials, documentaries, limited-run series and children's programming for network and cable television. The company is owned and operated by journalist, producer and author, Linda Ellerbee and Rolfe Tessem.

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This is Bewitched Week on TVLand with a Bewitched marathon hosted by Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

Show schedule:

Monday, June 20

8:00PM #1 - I, Darrin Take This Witch Samantha Very much in love, Samantha and Darrin decide to marry. Darrin doesn't know that Samantha is, of all things, a witch. On their wedding night, Samantha's mother, Endora, also a witch, visits her daughter with the ulterior motive of breaking up the marriage. Samantha is then subjected to a humiliating dinner party at the home of one of Darrin's former girlfriends.

8:30PM #3 - It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog Samantha gives a dinner party for one of Darrin's clients, Rex Barker. Rex comes onto Samantha when he gets drunk, so Samantha changes him into a dog. Darrin, thinking only of the possible loss of the account, is furious.

9:00PM #5 - Help, Help Don't Save Me Darrin struggles to create an advertising campaign for Caldwell Soup. Samantha's suggestions seem perfect, but Darrin suspects witchcraft and presents his own ideas. When they're rejected, Darrin accuses Samantha of using witchcraft around the house, and walks out.

9:30PM #80 - Endora Moves in for a Spell A violent argument erupts between Uncle Arthur and Endora. Pointing to a vacant lot, Endora produces a house and announces she is moving in.

Tuesday, June 21

8:00PM #59 - Double Tate For his birthday, Endora decides to make three of Darrin's wishes come true. Unaware of the gift, Darrin gets immediate elevator service in his office building and then sees a bikini clad beauty. Then, wishing he were Larry for just one day, Darrin immediately turns into his boss.

8:30PM #69 - Divided He Falls Leaving for the office, Darrin reminds Samantha that his eccentric Uncle Albert is arriving that day. Meanwhile, Horace and William, two vaudevillians turned con artists, are prowling the neighborhood. Horace comes to the Stephens' door and Samantha welcomes him as Uncle Albert, setting off a series of gaffes.

9:00PM #170 - Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City Working with Carlos Aragon to introduce "Bueno" to the American market, Darrin looks forward to a trip to Mexico City with Samantha, but Larry goes to Mexico instead. Recognizing Darrin's disappointment, Samantha makes Larry insult Bueno and Mexico, paving the way for Darrin to cool off Carlos.

9:30PM #171 - Samantha and the Beanstalk Tabitha hears her parents discussing names for the new baby, and thinks they like boys better than girls. So she brings the story of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK to life and changes places with Jack.

Wednesday, June 22

8:00PM #66 - Follow that Witch Part 1 Harriet, Abner's sister, is keeping house for him while Gladys is away. She finds that Gladys' stories of Samantha's unusual activities are true. Meanwhile Darrin is winding up a deal to handle advertising for the Robbins Baby Food Company-and being shadowed by a detective hired by the company.

8:30PM #67 - Follow that Witch Part 2 George Barkley, assistant to the president of the Robbins Baby Food Company, has hired Charlie Leach to check on Samantha. Discovering Samantha is a witch, Leach threatens to expose her unless she makes him a rich man.

9:00PM #118 - Allergic to Ancient Macedonian Dodo Birds Endora and Tabitha finger-paint and produce an original Van Gogh. Darrin orders Endora to get rid of it but she can't. Samantha makes the painting disappear and Endora realizes her magic is gone, so Dr. Bombay is summoned.

9:30PM #237 - A Plague on Maurice and Samantha Endora arrives at the Stephen's home to find Samantha has lost her powers. The cause, as diagnosed by Dr. Bombay, is her marriage to a mortal. Endora's outrage is barely controllable, but Maurice's is nuclear.

Thursday, June 23

8:00PM #180 - Daddy Comes to Visit Part 1 On Darrin's birthday, Maurice, sweeps in and gives him a magic watch. When Darrin refuses it, Maurice turns him into a dog but is persuaded to change him back. Maurice feels Darrin should use magic for just one day, and to keep peace, Darrin agrees.

8:30PM #181 - Darrin the Warlock Part 2 Samantha is making breakfast when her father appears. He reminds her through a series of flashbacks how Darrin seems to enjoy his gift of unlimited powers and announces that he will continue.

9:00PM #201 - To Goor Not To Go, That is the Question Part 1 Samantha is ordered to appear at the Witches Convention to be held in Salem, Massachusetts by her mother, who is Lord High Chairman. Despite Endora's warnings, Samantha refuses to go without Darrin.

9:30PM #202 - Salem, Here We Come Part 2 Hepzibah, Empress and High Priestess of all witches and warlocks, has taken up residence at the Stephens' home. The purpose of her visit is to observe the first and only marriage of a witch and a mortal. Hepzibah's decision to drum Samantha out of the witches world is postponed.

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Hollywood Reporter:

June 27, 2005

Couch potatoes need the comfort of TV Land

By Cynthia Littleton

To paraphrase a battle cry from a generation ago, I want my TV Land.

Call me old-fashioned, but it has been disconcerting to see the unscripted originals boom spread in recent months to the one channel on the ever-growing dial that is proudly and unabashedly dedicated to celebrating vintage television.

In this context, "Chasing Farrah," the TV Land original series that trained cameras on actress Farrah Fawcett a few months back, seemed out of step with TV Land's stated mission of showcasing "time-tested, audience-approved" classics.

Indeed, it's comforting in a crazy, mixed-up world to know that at any given time, some channel out there (usually TV Land) is offering a quick visit to Andy Taylor's Mayberry, Rob and Laura Petrie's New Rochelle, Sam Malone's Cheers, Joe Friday's Los Angeles and other favorite respites.

But those of us who never get tired of humming the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme should "fear not," according to Larry Jones, president of Nick at Nite and TV Land. TV Land isn't going to be changing its stripes anytime soon, though Jones does confirm that the channel has more original series fare in development.

"We are going to continue to be dedicated to classic TV," Jones says. "That is always going to be the major part of our mission. We're not going to mess with a formula that is clearly working well."

About 96% of TV Land's schedule is still devoted to vintage programs, says Jones, who has been at MTV Networks since 1988 and helped birth TV Land as a Nick at Nite spinoff in 1996.

At present, TV Land has set aside one hour of primetime per week, 10-11 p.m. Wednesday, for original series, and even then, many of the shows are clip-driven retrospectives built around a theme, such as top TV dads, coolest cars, nosiest neighbors, etc. Jones says that depending on how their development turns out, it might look to expand to a second hour of originals on another night.

At the same time, Jones is quick to note that TV Land's crack acquisitions team continues to dig deep for interesting gems from the archives, like this week's "Movie of the Week Week" showcase paying tribute to the heyday of the made-for-TV movie era of 1970s and early '80s.

The lineup kicks off tonight with 1971's "Brian's Song," which proved a career-boosting proposition for James Caan and Billy Dee Williams, and continues through Saturday with such memorable MOWs as 1974's "The Execution of Private Slovik," starring a young Martin Sheen, a pre-"Saturday Night Fever" John Travolta in 1976's "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" and 1981's "Bill," featuring a break-your-heart, Emmy-winning performance by Mickey Rooney.

So all in all, Jones assures that he's well aware of the need to keep TV Land's core demo happy with a good mix of old favorites, obscure-but-legendary titles and such silly guilty pleasures as "Mister Ed" and "Green Acres."

But in the bigger picture, the onus shouldn't just be on TV Land. Nowadays, cable's biggest names are starting to notch milestones like 25th anniversaries. Why not get creative, foster and offer glimpses into the past once a week or so with a retrovision showcase? Even if it runs at 2 a.m., that's what TiVos were made for. Remember when Comedy Central's predecessor Ha! ran kinescopes of Ernie Kovacs, Steve Allen and other TV pioneers in the overnight hours? That was more than just a smart programming move for a fledgling channel. For couch potatoes with an interest in TV's storied past, it was a public service.

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Guest dosfan05











11:00AM FISH


















8:00PM D&M






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