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Friday, September 14, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:02AM BBT: Ang Tyler and JC general chit chat about the 2012 Olympics JC almost went to london games in 2012, JC is waiting for the HoH room so he can shower and go to bed, Kaycee in DR they are speculating she is recording GBM for Brett. Sam in HN room so she can be alone with the green TVs. 

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12:00AM BBT: Angela walks into the BBR, JC says he's waiting for Angela to get her room so he can shower. JC talks about almost going to the 2012 Olympics. Angela says she didn't watch it because she was biter. She says her finals at the trials were bad and she choked. 

12:08AM BBT: Angela leaves the BBR, so Tyler and JC are alone. JC says, "this sucks" and tells Tyler to "keep his mouth shut and win the veto." JC tells Tyler not to "f*****g do anything until" JC tells him to. JC says he's "hurt" and he "feels like crying."

12:09AM BBT: JC says Brett never would have done that to Tyler. JC says he's going home this week. Tyler says no. JC threatens to self evict. Angela walks in a few seconds later and the conversation changes. 

12:20AM BBT: General chatting in the BBR about the comics and the competition. JC says he liked that comp. Sam is making her bed and unpacking in the HNR. 

12:39AM BBT: Angela has her HOHR key, they all walk upstairs and JC says it's like a "funeral march." They all bang on the stairs as Angela opens her door and everyone cheers. 



12:41AM BBT: The remaining HGs explore Angela's room, looking over her photos and basket. Angela reads her letter, it's from her friend Natalie. 

12:45AM BBT: Angela has a whole cheesecake and "lots of sushi" in her refrigerator. Sam congratulates her on three HOHs. 

12:51AM BBT: BB tells Tyler to go to the SR. Tyler walks downstairs to the SR, where his own HOH basket is waiting. He brings it out to the LR and everyone goes through it. 

12:53AM BBT: Tyler is excited about his pictures, his letter is from his best friend/brother Kevin. He reads it and talks about his photo. Tyler says he's "so happy."

12:59AM BBT: Angela goes upstairs to the HOHR. Tyler joins her a few minutes later. Angela says everything is perfect. Tyler hugs her and says "back to back, just like you said."

1:03AM BBT: Angela and Tyler cuddle on the couch and listen to music. Sam, JC, and Kaycee are chatting in the LR about Haleigh's exit. They think it was sad when Haleigh looked around the house and then left. JC says he tried to "hate" Haleigh, but he couldn't. 

1:07AM BBT: Tyler and Angela talk about a possible "twist" this week. Angela says Tyler knows all of her secrets, but she doesn't think she knows all of his. They talk about taking Brett out. 

1:15AM BBT: Kaycee walks into the HOHR and says "what a day." Angela says Sam came up to her and called her a "b***h." Tyler tells them what Sam said to him in the HNR during the double eviction. 

1:17AM BBT: JC and Sam are in the KT, JC says he can't win any competitions. Sam cleans the coffee pot. In the HOHR, Angela says sam has an attitude Tyler tells them JC is "so f*****g mad." 

1:22AM BBT: The trio in the HOHR try to figure out how the rest of the days in the house are going to go. They figure out the finale will be on a Wednesday. "We're almost out of here," Kaycee says. 

1:27AM BBT: Angela talks about her friends. JC comes up to the HOHR, he says it's "f*****g depressing downstairs." They talk about Angela's photos. 

1:40AM BBT: General chatting in the HOHR, Tyler reads Angela's letter again. JC watches the feeds, he says "at least it looks clean," about the KT. Tyler talks about having to fly back home.

1:48AM BBT: Tyler is doing push ups in the WA, Angela offers her shower to JC or Kaycee if they want to use it. Kaycee leaves the HOHR and gets her bed in order in the BBR. Tyler turns on the shower. 

1:51AM BBT: JC and Angela are in the HOHR. JC says he wants to take some advil for his head. He says he's depressed. They talk about not being able to watch anyone on the feeds because no one is here. 

1:55AM BBT: Angela tells JC that "loyalty" is how you get to the final four. JC says, "and competitions." They talk about Brett, JC says Sam had a crush on him. 

2:00AM BBT: Kaycee comes to the HOHR to shower, JC leaves the HOHR, Angela puts her face in her hands and says "oh my gosh." They talk about there not being anyone on the feeds. 

2:15AM BBT: Kaycee is brushing her teeth in the WA, Tyler is putting lotion on. Angela is in the DR. Tyler tells Kaycee that "JC is so f*****g pissed" at him. They talk about the day. 

2:19AM BBT: Kaycee is in the BBR with JC and Sam talking about earrings. Tyler is still getting ready for bed in the WA. Tyler walks into the BBR. Sam and JC leave, Tyler and Kaycee talk for a few minutes about his pictures and then say good night. 

2:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BBR. Sam is making coffee for tomorrow in the KT. JC is showering in the WA, Sam walks in and talks to him about cooking as she takes her make up off. 

2:51AM BBT: Sam is in bed in the HNR, talking to the camera. She says she "can't take anymore." She points to one of the other saucers in the room and says she's going to "throw it into the window." 

2:58AM BBT: JC is in bed in the PBR, the lights are on and he's just staring off into space. He looks upset. 



3:30AM BBT: Angela is out of the DR and back in the HOHR, finishing her shower. The other HGs are asleep with the lights off. 

3:46AM BBT: JC is up and out of bed, he uses the WC and then wanders around the LR before going back to the PBR and lays on top of the bed. He plays with his microphone and then gets up to go to the SR. 

3:50AM BBT: Angela is up and watching the feeds in the HOHR. JC is back in bed in the PBR. BB turns out the lights. 
4:00AM BBT: Everyone is bed and the lights are off. Tyler and Kaycee are asleep in the BBR and Sam is asleep in the HNR. Angela is awake in the HOHR and JC is awake in the PBR.


4:30AM BBT: All of the HGs are asleep in the BB House.

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9:11 AM BBT  Feeds are back, lights are on in the BBR and HN room.  Sam is up mumbling to herself and digging through her clothes.  No movement from Tyler or Kaycee in the BBR. 

9:25 AM BBT  Sam is in the KT, Angela is up in the HOH room.  She comes downstairs and to the SR.  Sam says good morning to her, asks how she slept.  Angela says pretty good once she went to sleep.  Sam said she did too, she redid her saucer.  Angela comes out of the SR, and Sam said it is quiet, painfully quiet.   Angela goes back up to her HOHR.

9:28 AM BBT  Angela climbs back into bed and looks at her pictures.  Sam is chopping up things in the KT, looks like fruit. Sam goes to the SR for something, mumbling to herself as she works. 

In the HOH room, Angela gets something to drink, readjusts her pictures, then lays down while looking at the pictures. She then turns over and is watching the TV which is on the KT, and Sam cooking.

9:36 AM BBT  Sam is in the KT sifting the slop so she can make oatmeal.  Angela is in the HOH room, watching Sam sift slop to make oatmeal.  Feed 2 is on the TV watching Sam, Feed 3 is on the KT watching Sam.

9:39 AM BBT  Kaycee is up and exchanging her battery in the SR.  Sam continues to sift slop in the KT


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9:41 AM BBT  Kaycee goes through the KT on her way to the WA.  She and Sam exchange pleasantries.  Sam said she is making a new batch of oats, she doesn't trust the old ones.  Kaycee says that is probably a good idea.  Kaycee goes to the WC, comes out and washes her hands. She looks in the mirror, checks her hair, then goes to the KT.  She looks tired.  She asks Sam when she got up, Sam said with the songs.  Kaycee said around 9:30? and Sam says a few minutes after 9.  They discuss Sam is eating oatmeal in the mornings and she isn't so hungry, plus she has been eating lunch.  Sam hates to throw out the rest of the slop (that was sifted out) but she said they aren't going to use it, she never made anything enjoyable with it.


9:47 AM BBT  Sam and Kaycee are in the KT, discussing how quiet it is in the house.  Sam said JC won't get up until 3:00.  Sam said Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are the quietest people in the house.  They are not sure how JC will handle Brett and Haleigh being gone.  Sam said she doesn't know what to do  to cheer him up, JC is in a very low place.  They say he had coffee coming out of his eyes.  Sam said the three of them (Tyler, Kaycee and Angela) talk, but it isn't the same as the goofballs.  They are trying to decide what they can do.  Kaycee said she can work out, but she doesn't know what else.  Sam said stairway basketball was good, but they shut that down. 

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 9:12am BBT:Sam up in the HNR getting clothes. Lights are on in the house  with all other Hg sleeping.

9:37am BBT: sam in the KT cooking, Angela awake in the HOHR but laying in bed. All other HG sleeping.

9:44am BBT: Kayce is up in the KT talking to sam about  food thats in the house and that they get groceries today.

9:52am BBT: Sam and kaycee talking in the KT about how weird it is going to be when they leave the house and get to drive again. Sam said she is going to live here the rest of her life till the day she dies.

9:58am BBT: sam and kaycee still in the KT talking about family. Angela still laying in the HOH bed awake.

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9:50 AM BBT  Sam said they will get restocked today, Kaycee can make some rice.  She said it will last until they get out.  Sam and Kaycee are both nervous about getting out.  The end is so near, and they don't know what to expect when they get out.  Sam said this is her new house.  She is chained in there, she is never leaving.  Sam said she is looking forward to seeing the bottom of the trees, looking at the place from across the street.  She said it is just another warehouse.  She wants to go back to the hotel and go in and out of the  door, up and down the elevator, and sit in the lobby for 3 hours.  Kaycee said they only have 2 weeks left, then they get out and it will be the holidays.  Sam said doen't say that!  Kaycee said they will get out, go back and see families, it will be awkward, then boom, holidays.  Sam asks if Kaycee will travel for the holidays.  Kaycee said she will probably get out, decide what she is going to do with her life, hang out with friends, then holidays with her family. 

Sam asks if her Mom will be back from the Philippines when she gets out.  Kaycee said it is so expensive to go, she goes for a couple of months when she goes, so she might not be back.  Sam said she will get back to Stuarts Draft and things will be good.  She discusses not knowing where they will spend the holidays, maybe in Ohio with her aunt and uncle.  She discusses what they do, and all the cooking.  Sam said her mother and grandmother are very cautious, they don't step out of their comfort zone.  Sam said she is the adventurous one. 

Sam starts a story about wanting to buy a lady's farm, selling their homes, and all 3 of the women moving in.  Sam said her mom and grandmother are old fashioned, and don't want to do anything until a man in the family approves it.  She said her uncle Bill stepped in and saved them.    All feeds cut to Angela in the HOH room, watching the TV.

10:00 AM BBT  Sam and Kaycee are still talking in the KT.  Sam finishes her story.  Kaycee said she is where she needs to be.  If she had bought the farm, she wouldn't be here now. 

Sam is talking about deja vu.  Sam said she and Tyler have had a couple of discussions about it.  Sam said she knows where it comes from.  Kaycee said she really hasn't had much deja vu.  Sam said she had recurring dreams as a kid, some bad, but some good ones too.  She said it could be from movies, books, or life.  Kaycee is talking about how if you see a face in your dreams, then you have seen it somewhere before, whether in a movie, past them on the street, etc.

Sam wonders if blind people dream.  She said it is REM sleep, and it is images.  Kaycee said that is a good question, she never thought about that before.  Sam is talking about your brain making things up.  She said your peripheral vision is really your brain faking you out because it thinks that is what should be there.

They discuss muscle memory.  Sam said if she played corn hole drunk, she would be a champion.

Kaycee wants to take it easy and ease into life on the outside.  Kaycee said she doesn't want to get drunk and feel terrible the next day.  Sam said being in there has let her set a new bar.  Kaycee said she used to be a party animal, but is more chill now.  She wants to get back to food prep and working out, but  when she gets out people will want to go out, eat, drink, then the holidays, she isn't sure what she will do.

Sam says she is opposite of most people.  She loses weight in the winter because she gets bored.  She gains weight in the summer, when most people are running around half naked, but there are cookouts and lots to do, so she cooks more.  Kaycee said she has never lived in snow.  What does she do>  Sam talks about using a wood stove.  She then goes into a story of tanning beaver, fox and coyotes.  Kaycee said skinned them?  Sam said she skinned then and fleshed them out.  She talks about making things out of the fur, and trying to make a hat.

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10:20 AM BBT  Sam is explaining to Kaycee how she traps and hunts and why.  She said it is kind of like conservation.  Tyler comes in.  They talk about Haleigh talking about big hogs.  Kaycee wants to see them.  They are all talking now about different animals, and how aggressive they are.  Sam is telling them about wild hogs.  Kaycee said she made it sound like the size of a bear.  Sam said they are probably 300 pounds.  She said they are big, and can run, and they grow tusks.  She said a hog hunt is similar to a bear hunt.  She said men think of it as a sport and use dogs.  She said it someone is having an issue with the hogs, they won't do that.  They trap them and shoot them.  She explains the hog hunts, with dogs.  She explains how they stab the hogs, and smaller ones are hog tied.  Kaycee is not pleased with how that happens.  Sam said the best hog dog is a pit bull.  She said Haleigh's grandfather does hog hunts.  She discusses how a hog can injure the dogs.

Sam is talking about dogs used for bear hunts.  Bloodhounds, blue tick healers, all kinds of dogs.  Sam said if you have a good bear dog with a proven record, you could sell it for $10,000.  They joke about a Chihuahua being a bear dog.  Sam said these are not pets, they don't ever come in a house, or get petted.  The dog lives to hunt.  Kaycee asks if the dog gets lonely.  Sam said that is why you have several.  Their reward is to go hunt.  That is what they live for.

10:38 AM BBT  Sam opens the peanut butter and there is a fingerprint and scoop out of it.  They think it is Haleigh.  They talk about how Haleigh would stick her finger in frosting or peanut butter, lick her finger, then stick it in again.  Tyler said that Brett did that once, but he let him live.  Kaycee and Tyler are appalled that Haleigh did that.  Sam said she wouldn't say anything, just throw it away afterwards.  Sam said Haleigh baby would just rinse off a dish and put it in the strainer.  They discuss how she is the youngest, and her mother probably does everything.  for her. 

Kaycee said Sam looks like her father and grandmother.  Tyler asks if she is a fraternal twin to Winston.  Sam said she almost used her power on Winston.  They keep joking that her and Winston are related.  They wonder if he had a twin and they kept switching out.  Silliness in the KT.  BB asks Angela to turn her music down.

(Gotta take the dogs out, will be back soon)

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10:34pm BBT: Tyler in the KT with Sam and Kaycee, Sam telling stories about a dog hunting. Angela in the HOHR doing ADL's.

10:42am BBT: Kaycee and sam asking sam if her and Winston are twins? She says no and they go to look at the memory wall. Sam tells then they are crazy.

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11:00 am BBT.  Angela is in the HOHR alone.  Tyler, Kaycee and Sam talking in the KT.  JC comes out and says he has to go to the DR.  The kitchen crew is talking about Swaggy and how he talked to certain people.  They say he shut Faysal down really quick.  Sam says she can tell the difference between cocky and confident very quickly.  



11:02 am BBT.  In the KT, Sam says Swaggy was overly aggressive.  Kaycee says she is huge on respect.  Kaycee says she doesn’t do well with people disrespecting others.  


11:04 am BBT.  In the KT, Kaycee is telling a story about someone spitting in someone else’s face. Sam says that is one of the most disrespectful and ugly things u could do to someone.  Angela is in bed alone in the HOHR. 


11:06 am BBT.  In the KT, Sam asks Kaycee if she’s ever thought about being a cop?  Sam and Tyler say she would be a great cop.  Kaycee says she used to want to be a firefighter.  Sam says she should go for it.  Sam says she can totally see her jumping out of helicopters and fighting wildfires.  Tyler asks if either of rhem were in the military.  Kaycee says people always think she is in the military.  Sam says it’s bcuz they’re girls and they have tattoos.  Sam says she is an astronaut and then says she is CIA.  


11:08 am BBT.  In the KT, Sam asks if they have ever done of of those background thingys.  She says she learned she has no social media history.  Then, she says she learned that there is a tiny microchip with laser inscribed names on it on a satellite that is orbiting and she found out her name is one of them.  She thinks her poppy submitted her name.  Kaycee and Tyler say she is an alien.  She says that’s her secret.  Then she says she has no secrets.  Angela is up and walking around the HOHR.  


11:18 am BBT.  In the KT, they discuss how weird it is being in the BB house.  Sam says she is waiting for a doctor to shake her shoulders and tell her she has been in a coma.  Kaycee says it’s cliche but dreams do come true.  Kaycee says she misses her dogs.  


11:20 am BBT.  In the KT, they discuss how people can’t understand what it’s like being in the BB house even if they explained it.  Kaycee says that Derrick (season 16) told her that he never noticed how much he talked with his hands until he watched himself on BB.  Kaycee says she likes to say there are no bad days, just character building days.   


11:29 am BBT.  Angela has come down to the KT.  She heats up Louie (the little owl heating pillow).  She says she fell asleep right away.   Sam goes to the stairs and sits back there to eat.  

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11:32 am BBT.  Angela asks Sam if the fish know she’s going to feed them.  She says yes and says they miss Scottie.  She says they are their “cuss” fish.  She says this one is “damn I’m nervous”, this one is “holy f**k”, this one is shut the f**k up, this one is damn it!  Angela says that one is “b***h and then says this one is “entitled b***h.  They all laugh.   


11:38 am BBT.  In the KT, Tyler says Brett is smart and is a cyber security engineer and is basically a hacker and he couldn’t win the hacker competition.  They say JC doesn’t know that yet (about his real job).   

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11:20 AM BBT  Tyler, Kaycee and Sam in the KT.  Angela comes down to the KT.  Kaycee loves her shirt!  They joke about her holding out on them.  Angela said she knew she had to hide it, so she tide it in a know and threw it in a drawer.  They all love it.  Tyler comes back from BBR, with a pink shirt on that has the sleeves cut out.  They ask if he got it back (looks like what Brett had on last night).  He said no, he had another one.

Sam tells Angela that she made some new oats, and why. (same convo as before with Kaycee).  Now that Angela is downstairs, Sam goes to eat on the stairs.  Sam apologizes for not fixing Angela a princess tray this morning.  She said that is fine.  Tyler comes back (he went to change his pants).  Tyler tells Angela about the finger swipe in the peanut butter in the cabinet in the SR.  Tyler says unless it was her.  Angela said no, she is sanitary.  She thinks Haleigh did it during the com when they were sequestered in different rooms. They said they thought the same thing.

Kaycee is getting dressed in the BBR

Sam is talking about the fish.  She said they miss Scottie.  She said they are named different cuss words, so they can legally cuss.  Kaycee comes back.  She said she had to put on shoes and a sweatshirt, she was so cold. 

Sam says Angela missed it this morning.  Sam is Winston's twin, Tyler and Angela are cousins.  Kaycee is a cop.  Scottie thought Kaycee is in the military. And same.  They think Kaycee would be a sexy cop, Angela jokes okay, handcuff me.  They laugh.  They says Scottie said Steve was a cop, they think a retired cop (ding ding ding!) 

They said that Brett's secret was being a cyber security engineer.  He wasn't in sales.  He designs prgrams.  Sam said she could see that.  They say JC still doesn't know.  Sam said he had a facade to cover for what he really does.  He doesn't fit the stereotype of being nerdy.  He is the only big guy there (works out).  The ask if JC is in the BR, Tyler says he is in the DR.

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11:42 am BBT.  In the KT, Kaycee says Sammie I have a secret and I’ll tell u bcuz it doesn’t matter anymore.  She tells Sam she was the second hacker.  She says it didn’t affect anyone that’s in the house now.  Sam says so Haleigh doesn’t know.  Kaycee says no.  Then Sam says well who told Haleigh to claim it.  They all explain Haleigh really was the first hacker and Kaycee was the second one.  Sam says she is a hunt and peck person on a computer.  She says she was trying to think of people who would be good at computers to guess who won it.  Kaycee says she just told JC last night and these guys just found out (they didn’t, she told them right after she won).   Sam says Haleigh guessed it was Kaycee bcuz she heard her jumping around.  Kaycee said she had to deny, deny deny so she wasn’t a target.  Sam says she did a good job.  

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11:40 AM BBT.  There is general chatting going on in the KT.  Sam is joining in from the stairs.  Everyone is laughing and getting along well.  There hasn't been nominations yet.

Kaycee admits she was the second hacker.  She said she couldn't tell anyone because they went after Bayleigh when they thought it was her.  Sam is confused about which time.  Angela said it was during her HOH.  Sam said she thought it was Haleigh for the first one, because she was into social media so much.  Sam thought Brett or JC might have been the hacker.  She said she was just guessing.  Kaycee said now that everyone effected are out of the house, she wanted them to know.  Sam said Kaycee kept telling her to trust her, but Sam said she flips out anyway.  Kaycee said she was a peanut when she won.  They tell her that Haleigh guessed it was her, since she heard her ankles clicking and jumping around.  Kaycee said she had to deny it and keep denying it.  Sam said she did a good job of it.  Angela goes back upstairs.


Tyler tells about a dream he had where he was on Big Brother, then he woke up in the dream and he wasn't, then he really woke up, and he was on BB.  He said it was really weird.  Maybe he will wake up and this really didn't happen. 

Tyler says JC thought Tyler was the hacker the whole time until Kaycee told him yesterday.  Tyler laughs that Sam thought Tyler was the hacker and put himself on the block.  Sam says she overthinks everything, then double that. 


11:53 AM BBT  JC comes in.  Kaycee tells him that she just told Sam she was the hacker.  Tyler tells him about Brett's real job.  JC said so everyone has a secret.  Tyler jokes about what everyone does.  JC said he thinks Sam is a rodeo attendant.   Tyler gets called to the DR.

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11:51 am BBT.  Angela is back up in the HOHR.  In the KT, Sam says it really pissed her off that Kaycee had to wear the peanut suit.  Kaycee says the 2 big costume punishments she got.  Sam says she thought Brett or JC won the hacker.  Tyler says u thought they put me up?  She says before the nominations she thought that.  Kaycee says she still thinks Bayleigh was maybe the first hacker.  Tyler says he swears it was Haleigh.  Kaycee says Bayleigh acted weird.  JC comes out of the DR.  Kaycee tells him that she told Sam she was the hacker.  Kaycee tells Tyler he needs to tell the other secret.  Tyler tells JC what Brett’s real job was, that he designs programs for the government to stop hackers.  

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1:07 PM BBT  Angela and Tyler have been cuddling in bed the past 30 minutes or so.  Tyler asks how she feels now, she said better, she isn't a robot anymore.  JC and Kaycee are having deep relationship discussions in the BBR.  Not sure where Sam is.

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1:05 pm BBT.  Kaycee and JC talking in the BBR.  Tyler and Angela in bed in the HOHR.   Ttler says he is definitely moving out here. Angela asks if it’s scary.  He says he moved to another country.  He says rhis may be more scary.  She says it’s weird bcuz she knows him so well but he doesn’t know what her real life is like.  They say they did things kinda backwards.  Angela says in LA there is the extra bulls**t, people hiding behind their things and stuff like that.  She says all u have in there is yourself.   


1:09 pm BBT.  In the BBR, JC says he needs to go to the dmv to switch his tag to California.  He says his car is sitting expired on a friend’s private property.  JC says maybe it could be towed who knows.  He says he has a Chevy Malibu.  In the HOHR, Tyler says he thought Angela hated him.  She asks why he thought that.  


1:11 pm BBT.  Angela says she remembers thinking it was stupid they had to sleep a foot apart but she wasn’t gonna make the first move.  

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1:10 PM BBT  Kaycee and JC are discussing their cars.  JC said his tags expired in June.  It is parked at his friend's.  Kaycee said hers expired in August.  She told her roommate to forward any notices to her dad so he could take care of it.  She said she bets someone has had their tags expire while in the house, and get back and have to pay 3 months of storage fees to get their car back.  JC then says that his friends live at the back of an apartment building, so it might have gotten towed.  He owns a Chevy Malibu. 

Due to them talking about friends, etc, feeds switch randomly to Tyler and Angela.  They are discussing being able to watch back and see day by day how they reacted to each other.  Angela tells him he was a great actor.  He didn't even make eye contact. She said she and Rachel thought he was in love with Kaitlyn because they were holding hands in the pool.  Tyler said that was all her.  He said he never does that.  Tyler thinks he has aged 10 years in the house. 


(gotta go...hope someone can take over)

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1:17 pm BBT.  Sam has come into the BBR with Kaycee and JC.  Kaycee says her dad is taking care of her dogs.  She says one of his dogs has an eye sewn shut bcuz it was attacked by a pitbull as a puppy.  In the HOHR, Tyler and Angela still snuggling in bed.  Angela gets called to the DR.   

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1:28 PM BBT  For the lst 10 minutes, Sam has been playing hide and seek with the cameras.  She is trying to brush her teeth, and it keeps zooming in on her.  She is giggling.  She goes near he lounge, the camera follows.  She hides under the stairs, behind the blue popsicle.  It finds her.  She is brushing her teeth the whole time.  She then goes into the shower and hide .  She says to go bother JC.  They keep following her.  She asks the camera if there is a mash up of her geeking out.  She hides behind the yellow thing in the WA, it changes cameras.  She laughs again.  She asks who it might be, and starts naming what different production people look like.  It cuts to Tyler listening to music, but it is on loud.  It goes to a view further away from Tyler but still the HOH room where he is alone.  (maybe the camera person has a crush on Sam, or is just bored and playing a game with her) 

Kaycee and JC are still in the BBR talking about visiting the Philippines. She wants to go back, her brother has never been.  She said she and JC need to travel together.   (Good bonding going on with Kaycee and JC.  Jury control?)


(now I really need to get busy)

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1:21 pm BBT.  In thr BBR, Kaycee tells JC that her mom lives in Chula Vista.  In the WA, Sam is talking out loud and says is it true we each have one or do u have to watch everybody?  She says fo watch someone else.  She says she needs to clean to stop talking to herself.  She keeps talking to herself.  She starts brushing her teeth.  The camera zooms in on her.  She laughs and says I can’t.  She laughs and says stop.  She says I’m losing it, I’m never gonna make it.  She tells the camera to stop and she hides.  Another camera picks her up.  She waves her hand at the camera to go away.  She runs out of the WA trying to hide different places and cameras keep picking her up.  She keeps laughing.  BB says please put on your microphone. She says go bother JC.  She is still brushing her teeth.  She laughs and hides in the shower.  A camera picks her up and zooms in.  She laughs and asks if there is gonna be a video compilation of her looking like an idiot.  She tells the camera they’re fighting and I’m mad at u.  She says go on.  She says how do I not look crazy right now, what am I supposed to do.  How do I pretend that’s not there.  You’re everywhere.  She keeps talking to the camera.  


1:43 pm BBT.  Kaycee comes out of the WC and asks Sam if she is ok. She says she is.  Kaycee says if u wanna

talk come hang out and lay in bed.  


1:46 pm BBT.  Sam changes what she calls her junkie patch.  


1:46 pm BBT.  Sam alone in the WA is still talking out loud.  She says how can I not look stupid.  She goes on for a few min.  She says maybe I’ll bake a cake, why would I do that?  


1:54 pm BBT.  JC walks by Sam and says how cold the house is.  Sam is still talking to herself.  JC goes to the KT and gets a banana and cottage cheese, he puts them in a bowl.  

1:58 pm BBT.  Angela is out of the DR.  She is eating a banana.  

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8:38pm bbt  houseguest had a concert with Bebe Rhexa and JC and Sam are on the block.  Sam is glad JC held his temper and didn't go off.  Sam says she must hold a record to be on the block 3 times in 48 hours


HG are all making food and in awe that Bebe was in their bathroom, laid in Sam's saucer and went in the kitchen and got cereal.  



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8:41 pm BBT Feeds are back.  Angela in HOHR; with Kaycee, JC, and Sam in the KT.


8:42 pm BBT JC is fussing at Tyler in the PBR about blood on his hands and Brett. Tyler tells him that he's not going going home, even if Sam wins the veto.


8:45 pm BBT Sam and JC are on the block.


8:46 pm BBT Angela is upstairs alone eating her HOH sushi while watching the house monitor.


8:52 pm BBT Angela talks to the monitor in the HOHR saying "Would one of you come up here?  I need emotional support"  (just out loud, not where they could hear downstairs)


8:54 pm BBT Kaycee goes up to the HOHR and reassures that her noms speech made sense.  They said that no matter what, Sam goes home.


8:59 pm BBT JC and Tyler are eating at the KT counter, not much talk.

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