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Level 6 to L4 May be L3 by Tomorrow


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This week has been filled with nothing but hum drum activity at best. You can thank the stupid jury buy back for that. While it led to nothing more than a rinse and repeat week last week sending Scottie through the BB house revolvIng door it drastically slowed down the game play. Fortunately we aren’t the only ones that know this week will host a double eviction (DE). Buckle up because it’s about to speed up.


For those of you that don’t have the feeds it’s important to emphasize I am not exaggerating when I say at this stage of the game the feeds get very slow and boring. Don’t believe me? Check out this clip that basically summarizes all of Saturday:


I’m not one to post a blog just because I like the sound of my own thoughts. There has been NOTHING to share. Ok well, Kaycee won the HOH. It was completely veto and Kaycee wiped the floor with all of Level 6 (everyone played) and both nominees Haleigh and Sam. I think we all knew Haleigh was going to be the target and without veto disrupting the plan Haleigh will go home. 


Yes, JC has still been hounding Brett to take out Angela. Yes Brett is on board with JC’s plan to throw Angela and Kaycee on the block and send one of them home. The only difference this week is now that Kaycee has won the last 4 competitions (3 consecutive vetos and an HOH) Brett views Kaycee as his biggest threat. JC however still wants Angela to go. That’s the only change to that situation all week. Brett shifting his eyes to Kaycee is a new development that arose the last 36 hours or so. 


Tyler sees exactly what JC is doing. He’s been very suspicious that while Brett tells him what JC is saying he knows JC’s powers of persuasion and the fact JC will want L6 to target each other just as he wanted the 2 teams to take each other out all season. What he wasn’t 100% certain of until yesterday was whether or not Brett is actually conspiring with JC. He’s been suspecting it and has been planting seeds with Kaycee for the last two weeks that Brett may be turning on L6. 


Kaycee wasn’t hearing any of it. She so loyal to L6 it seems impossible to her that any one of them wouldn’t be as loyal. I get that she sees these four have been down for the team the entire game. I get that she’s totally loyal to making it to F4 as a team. Kaycee’s weakness is she’s put all of her eggs in one basket since day 3 of this game. Things happen.


When you get to F8, F7, F6 the reality that you may actually have the shot at those F2 chairs hits people. It hits people differently. Kaycee isn’t basing her ideas on the current game she’s clinging to the Day 3 game and that’s long over. 


Tyler has certainly made some poor decisions being distracted by his infatuation with Angela. He’s also had  3 straight weeks of L6 winning and having the seclusion of the HOH. I’ve said this time and time again but if you ever play this game and win some power you cannot pull a Faysal. That doesn’t mean you seclude yourself because downstairs the game is still happening.


People are talking, planning, plotting and not being a physical presence gives them a huge advantage over you. You have to socialize and be present all the time. Your HOH only lasts 6 days. Technically once the veto ceremony happens your power has expired and you are most vulnerable because you can’t play in the followIng HOH. Fortunately for Tyler JC has perpetual diarrhea of the mouth and his shenanigans have zero effect on Tyler. He hears enough to know it’s time to go to work. 


Last night Brett had a conversation with Tyler. They discussed the DE coming up and the end game. Brett finally tells Tyler, directly enough, that maybe they (Tyler/Brett) should at least consider if taking Angela and Kaycee to the end is in their best interest. Brett says that Sam and JC would be much easier to beat at F4. 


Brett is correct here. Angela and Kaycee are far bigger competition threats to the end game than JC or Sam. Kaycee especially has a much higher chance to win the entire game. JC is also right to be terrified of Angela/Kaycee/Tyler making it to the end because he knows both of them would pick Tyler over JC and he can’t beat either in competitions.


The problem is this is a move that should have happened this week. Had the Scottie hiccup not slowed the game down it likely would have. It’s too little too late now. Even if Brett and JC hadn’t opened their big mouths to Tyler and took the shot at DE they would be dead in the water the week that follows. It’s unlikely the other will win the HOH that follows. Once Brett betrays L6 he knows the other two will come for him. JC knows if he takes the shot Tyler is likely to come for him.


They are both screwed but...are you really surprised? I’m pretty sure I’ve been saying for more than a month that JC won’t make it passed F5 and Brett set himself up to go just before that. I saw this coming the week Brett took over Tyler’s role of playing the infiltrator when Floote was all still in the game. Brett’s game was dead in the water the moment he thought to do that. 


Once Brett finally intimates that Angela/Kaycee aren’t a smart end game plan Tyler has all he needs to put the nail in Brett’s coffin. If Angela or Tyler and perhaps even Sam wins the DE Brett will see the block. I think it’s far more likely Brett goes over JC and that’s the smartest decision where Kaycee/Angela/Tyler are concerned. 


Tyler went to Kaycee after the Brett conversation and let her know what he said. She finally had to believe Brett isn’t riding the L6 train to the end. He explained that Brett wants the F2 with Tyler and said that they should be wanting to take Sam/JC to the end because they are easier to beat. He also tells Kaycee that Brett wants Kaycee out first while JC wants Angela to go then Kaycee. She has no choice now. 


Eventually Tyler and Kaycee bring Angela up to speed. She’s not as surprised as Kaycee was. Of the four Angela knew Brett would be the one most likely to break off. Now their plan is to make Brett believe that Tyler has convinced Angela to throw the HOH to him or Tyler. She doesn’t want more blood on her hands. This way Brett will believe that’s Tyler and Brett have agreed to throw the DE to Sam or JC so they can be the ones to take the shot at Angela/Kaycee. 


You can watch Tyler and Kaycee read Angela in on the dirty details and the trio plan Brett’s impending BB funeral right here: 




I’m not convinced Brett will throw the HOH willingly. He’s going to see that Angela and Tyler are going hard for it. It’s likely to be a crapshoot comp (probably questions). If it’s questions Brett has a shot here to save himself by winning. However, if Brett wins I don’t think there’s a chance in hell he puts Angela/Kaycee OTB. That’s going to be a fatal mistake if he happens to win the DE and doesn’t. 


The chances of JC winning are slim to none. It’s highly likely one of the remaining L6 wins the HOH in the DE. If Brett was smart he would have put in the work to flip the vote and hope Haleigh wins because she would take the shot and he could be seen as remaining loyal. He’s not. That’s why he won’t make it to the end. 


Tyler/Angela/Kaycee all agree is one of the two of them win, JC/Sam go up. They then have to win the veto or make sure Brett doesn’t at the very least. If any of those 5 remaining wins the DE veto then Sam (or JC) comes down, Brett goes up and they control the vote. Remember we will be at F6 for the DE. HOH and 2 nominees leaves only 3 votes and just 2 needed to evict. Brett will go out. JC will be on an island. 


I know some people have the idea that it’s smarter to take JC out in the DE. Listen on the context of the DE being quick and no drama beyond 45 minutes with JC that’s true. From my perspective that’s the only advantage. Brett can win these final mental comps. He knows the days. He’s been studying for most of the season.


There is some brawn needed in the last HOH but at this stage the comps are more centered on brains than brawn. JC doesn’t do well in question answer comps. If JC goes Brett still has Sam. If Brett goes JC has no one but Tyler. That’s great for Tyler not so great for JC. Taking Brett out in the DE is the move here for these 3. 


While the last two weeks have been painstakingly boring feeds don’t lose hope. With a DE happening tomorrow leaving only 5 in the game things will get interesting. This week is huge for anyone left in the house! The DE will set the course regardless of who actually wins. The HOH that follows that will lead us to BB20’s F4.


Honestly, besides Sam whoever is left at F4 an argument can be made as to why they deserve to win the game. They’ve all done work. Except for JC they’ve all won something. L4 has been one of, if not the most polarizing team we’ve seen! It’s anyone’s game after the DE tomorrow nught! I will be back after it all goes down with the steaming hot pot of RealiTea. 

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