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America's Got Talent Episode 19-Semi-Finals 2 - The Results


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Live from Hollywood, it's America's Got Talent: The Results.  Here is BTS!

Last night, Christina Wells sang. Da Republik danced, Noah Guthry crooned, Daniel Emmett performed, Angel City Chorale chorused, Aaron Crow almost killed Howie, Vicki Barbolak made us laugh, We Three played, Glennis Grace sang, Brian King Joseph wailed on his violin, and Courtney Hadwin rocked out.

America, give it up for your semi-finalists.  5 of these acts will be back in next week's Finals.  But for 6, this will be the end of their AGT dream.  

The pressure is on at the judge's desk too because this is the last week they can put an act through.  Say hello to Howie Mandel!  Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell!

The acts that come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd last night will go straight through to the finals. The acts coming in 4th, 5th and 6th place are all in danger of being sent home.  But one will be saved with the Dunkin' Save Vote.

Here are the acts in danger:  Daniel Emmet, Glenice Grace and We Three, all singers, please step forward.  The vote is open now. You have 30m to vote using the AGT app or at nbc.com/dunkinsave to send one of these three to the finale next week.

Early vote results are 55% for Glennis Grace, 23% for We Three and and 22% for Daniel Emmet.  So get voting for  your favorite!

There are 5 spots in next week's Finals.  Let's see who the first act is to go through.  Aaron Crowe, Vicki Barbalak and Da Republic.  Please step forward.  

America has voted.  The first act going into the Finals is...   Vicki Barbalak!

We say goodbye to Aaron Crow and Da Republic.

One down, four to go.  Plus, there's about 21m remaining in the Dunkin' Save!

Right outside the theater is Hollywood Blvd and there are celebrity look-alikes everywhere. Recently, AGT fans got to meet the look-alikes of Howie, Mel, Heidi and Simon.  Well, three were look-alikes, but the fourth, well, roll tape!

There's a new show that features incredible acts from all over the world, celebrating everyone's favorite season.  Give it up for A Magical Cirque Christmas!

It's never too early to be thinking of the holidays.  Which makes me think, Simon, you are someone who might be annoyed by that.  Roll tape!

We are getting down to the wire on the season and it's time to get back to the results.  The Dunkin' Save votes closes soon. We already have one act through to the Finals and it's time to find out who else makes it.

Noah Guthrie, Courtney Hadwin and Christina Wells, please step forward.  America has voted.  The next act going into the finals is...   Courtney Hadwin!

Courtney is sobbing with shock as we say goodbye to Christina Wells and Noah Guthrie.

So there are just 2 acts left and only one will survive. Take a deep breath with me, here we go.  Angel City Chorale and Brian King Joseph, please step forward.

America has voted. The third act going into the Finals is...   Brian King Joseph!  We say goodbye to Angel City Chorale.

That brings us to the three Dunkin' Save acts. The vote is now closed and one is about to go through to the Finals.  But which one?

One more act is about to go through.  Will it be Daniel Emmet?  Glennis Grace or We Three?  Your votes have been counted and the results are in. Here we go.

The act that you put through to the Finals is...   Glennis Grace!

And now for the last time, it comes down to the judges for the fifth and last spot in next week's Finale.  There's Daniel Emmet and We Three.  For the last time, judges, it's time to decide.

It is between Daniel Emmet and We Three.  Simon says he is voting for the act that can step up and do better. He votes Daniel.

Heidi praises both acts but her gut is with Daniel.

Mel B says Daniel has an incredible voice and We Three is so original.  But her vote goes to We Three!

It's in Howie's hands. Howie didn't love either performance last night, but going back to their earlier performances, he votes for Daniel Emmet!

We say goodbye to We Three.  Daniel Emmet is going to the Finals!  

What do you think of the talent heading into the Finale?  Join us next week for the Season Finale of America's Got Talent!  


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