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Episode 34-Videos from home and Veto

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Level Six alliance has been running the game, and their domination continued when Kaycee took power. Level Six had Haleigh in their sights, but Kaycee needed a pawn, so she enlisted Sam. At the nomination ceremony, Kaycee executed her plan. Tonight, can the power of veto save from Level Six’s wrath? Plus BB Comics is back and a special surprise leaves the house in tears.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Kaycee says she nominated Haleigh and Sam. She says Haleigh put her on the block twice and Sam is just a pawn and she’s staying loyal to level 6 and they are riding it out to the end. Final Four! Sam says Kaycee has assured her she is a pawn and she is safe.


Haleigh says she’s nominated again. Shocker. She says if she thought she needed in the past, she definitely needs it now. Tyler goes to touch base with Sam in the SR and he asks if she’s ok and Sam says she’s fine, she going to keep going about her routine. Tyler says Sam has been on the block for 2 minutes now and she’s already starting to go into freakout mode. He needs her to stay calm and not make herself a bigger target because he needs her to stay and Haleigh to go.


Haleigh comes in and Sam and Haleigh both hug it out and they commiserate with each other. Haleigh says she’s going to go full force in the veto, but if she loses she needs Sam to freak out so she makes herself a bigger target. JC and Brett are talking and Brett asks how his hair looks. They have a little spat ending with JC saying he looks great. Talk turns to Sam and how she’s going to fare being on the block. Brett says he’s worried if Haleigh or Sam win veto who would go up and JC says it’ll be himself or Brett.


Brett tells us JC doesn’t know about Level Six so if there has to be a replacement nominee, it’ll be JC. But he wants to win POV because the only way to ensure he stays safe. JC says he hopes he gets drawn for veto because he wants to win and make sure he doesn’t get put on the block. Kaycee and Tyler are talking in the HOH about Sam and keeping her calm and they have to beat Haleigh in the POV.


The HG are just milling about and Kaycee gathers everyone in the LR. Kaycee reads HG, congratulations on making F7. Hopefully this will help with your final jury. We see Angela’s mom and dad and they send their love and wish her luck. Angela is in DR crying and says 82 days and she hasn’t seen her parents and knowing they are proud and they are with her really means everything.


Brett sees his mom and his two sisters. One of his sisters says she can smell him from where she is and she feels sorry for everyone in his house. They are proud of him and love and miss him. Brett says his sisters…they think they’re funny like him, but they aren’t that funny. Sam sees her dad, mom, and brother. They are proud of her and love her and they are all thinking about her. Sam says she really needed that, that is her family. She says they are her whole world and that video made her feel so much better. It was a great comfort.


Tyler’s mom and stepdad send his message and they say it has been fun to watch him and everyone is so proud and they can’t wait to see him. Tyler says he misses his dad more than anything and hearing those words from his mom. He knows his dad is watching and he’s doing it for him. He gets all his strength from his dad. HE went through so much and he gets every single thing from him.


Kaycee’s dad and brothers say hi little peanut. They all love her and are proud. Her brother says their mom is in the Philippines. They love her and let’s go! Kaycee says her dad called her peanut, she’s never going to live it down.


JC’s friend sends his video and says he’s a winner in their eyes and tells him to bring home that check! JC says it was weird for him because everyone else got messages from family and his was from a very good friend, Regina. He just doesn’t have a great relationship with his family. He says Kaycee is a gay woman and her family supports her, but his family just doesn’t and he doesn’t understand why.


Haleigh’s mom and dad says they miss her like crazy and she should live every minute of the experience and they love her very much and they’ll see her soon. Haleigh says she misses them and loves them and she’s so thankful for them. She says she was burning out and didn’t know if she could fight anymore, but that gave her the fight she needed.


Brett and JC are laying in the sun in the yard and the lay next to each other. JC says he used to have a big dumb puppet named Faysal, but he got out of control and he had to let him go. But now he has a new bromance in the house, Brett. JC loves to give Brett a really hard time and we see clips of him annoying Brett. JC says it’s like having a little brother in the house.


Brett says JC and him have grown pretty tight in this game and he literally can’t imagine not being friends with him. He’s the only other ball of energy in the house and if he goes, it’s just him annoying everyone. JC loves Brett, but if he has to go home, dude they’re done. Brett says JC is great but everyone has an expiration date in this game and unfortunately, JC’s may come sooner.


Time to pick players for the veto competition. Kaycee would love for all of Level Six to play. Sorry JC, she hopes you sit this one out. Kaycee draws Tyler. Haleigh draws Angela. JC really wants to get drawn so he can win and make sure he can’t be a replacement nominee. Sam draws the last chip and draws HG choice. Sam chooses Brett. Sam says she picked Brett because she knows he’ll have her back if he wins.


Tyler and JC are talking what to do if Haleigh or Sam win veto. JC says they’ll use it on themselves. JC says if one comes down then Brett has to go up. JC tells Tyler that if Brett wins HOH that Brett will put Tyler and Angela up. JC tells us he doesn’t know if Brett would do that but he needs to make Tyler suspicious of Brett. JC tells Tyler that he tells him stuff and Tyler comes up with dumb crap. Tyler tells us he’s starting to have suspicions about Brett. He says JC tells him about his conversations with Brett, but it might just be JC trying to get in his head. JC is telling Angela needs to be on the block with Kaycee. Tyler tells us JC has been dragging Angela and now he’s bringing Kaycee into it. All that makes Tyler do is what JC as the replacement nominee.


It’s time for the veto competition! They all head to separate rooms and they’ll be called when it’s their turn to compete. It’s time for BB comics. Tyler is up first. On go, the screens in the subway station will show the BB comics. They will have to look at them and they will have to go through BBtropolis. While going through they’ll encounter a BB superhero and an imposter. They need to knock down the imposter at each spot and then hit their button. If they are correct, their time will lock in. If they are incorrect, the superheroes will reset and they’ll have to try again.


JC’s comics is The Yatus. Angela’s was The Wrathlete. Tyler wants to study each comic for at least 5 seconds. Rockstar’s is Rockczar. Tyler says the hardest thing about this is remembering the small details. Faysal is Hamazonian. Scottie is Snottie. Tyler moves on to the fourth station. Kaitlyn is The Spirit Guide. He guesses on the last one and he’s wrong and he has to go back and start over. Tyler knows Rockczar was the imposter because of a different belt. He looks again at Twinston and he realizes the hands are different. He gets it correct the second.


Sam is up next. Sam is The Welder. Steve is Mr. Badwrench. Sam doesn’t approve of Steve tossing wrenches around like that, tools are expensive. Her comic is awesome. Brett is The Beefcake. Sam begins and she says she feels like a little kitten stuck out on a tree limb. Sam gets the first two correct. She isn’t sure on the third one and knocks Scottie down. She knows Kaitlyn is the imposter and she slapped the crap out of her. She then hits her button and she realizes she completely breezed by Winston in her eagerness to hit her button.


Haleigh says she has no choice but to win the veto because she’ll be going home. Haleigh’s comic is Slamlet. Haleigh is impressed with Faysal’s comic. Haleigh is not seeing differences. Angela is up next and she says she needs to win veto because if someone from Level 6 doesn’t win it could ruin their plans to send Haleigh home. Angela is over Swaggy Sea and his t’shirts. Tyler is The Life Guardian. Bayleigh is Queen Bay.


Kaycee is the Health Nut and she’s up next. She says this is so cool awesome. She’s studying the comics as much as possible and she takes her time studying the comics. She knows it’s a risk to use her time like this but she thinks it’s super important and she hopes it pays off. Rachel is the Dance-Saur. Kaycee goes to make her run and she hits them all and she’s on the last one staring at Winston and she says they are exactly the same!


Brett says he has to win this veto and make sure nominations stay the same and they get their target out, which is Haleigh. Brett says The Beefcake rules, but he’s haunted by memories of granny. Brett picks Swaggy because who is this guy? Was he even in the house? Brett sees Winston!!!! No one imposters his boy! He broke the Winston imposter and falls down. He’s wrong and has to try again. He has the answers now, so this Grade A, premium beefcake just needs to breeze through this as fast as possible.


It’s time to see how they did! Haleigh knows her game is on the line and she’s pretty sure if she doesn’t win she’s going home. Tyler wants to win the veto because people are acting weird in this house and he’s going to have to make a big move and take someone off the block.


Time to see how they did. Tyler finished with a time of 6:35. Brett finished with a time of 7:30. Tyler is in the lead. Kaycee finished with a time of 2:17. Everyone is shocked and Haleigh says are you serious?!? Kaycee is in the lead. Sam finished with a time of 15:48. Kaycee is still in the lead. Angela finished with a time of 9:53. Kaycee is still in the lead and comes down to her or Haleigh.


Kaycee says Haleigh cannot win this power of veto. If she pulls herself down she’ll have to name a replacement nominee. Not good. Haleigh finished with a time of 18:56. Congratulations Kaycee. Three times in a row. Sam says this is the best thing that could have happened if she didn’t win. It’s her HOH and she promised her she was safe. Haleigh says not only did she lose veto, she’s going home. And she had the worst time in the competition. She’s embarrassed and feels stupid. She had one thing to do. It sucks.


Tyler is in the HOH with Kaycee and they are laughing. Tyler says they’re the comp beasts. Tyler is telling Kaycee about JC. Tyler tells Kaycee JC wants him to come for Kaycee and Angela. Tyler doesn’t like the confidence JC has and that he has Brett. Tyler isn’t saying they should get Brett out. Kaycee says they are at a point in the game where every single move matters and this week she needs to make sure the right person leaves this house.


Time for the veto meeting. Kaycee has decided not to use the power of veto. Obviously, these are her original nominations and it wouldn’t make sense for her to change it. She loves them equally, but she couldn’t save them.


Haleigh says as expected Kaycee didn’t use veto. She’s tired of fighting, but she’s not dead yet. She’s survived it before maybe she can do it again. Kaycee says she nominated and didn’t use veto, duh. Haleigh is a huge threat to Level Six so she has to go. Sam says everyone is telling her to stay calm and she doesn’t think people realize how much she’s holding back. Tyler says Haleigh will be gone this week and that leaves him with only his allies and he might have to make the first big move. Time to go to war!

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