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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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0:37 AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee are in the HoHR and Tyler spills to Kaycee that Brett came up to him and asked who they would beat easier, Sam and JC or Angela and Kaycee.  [So much for Brett and Tyler,...  WOW, amazing Tyler exposed it so fast without even thinking about it.   - rms]

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12:00AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are in the BBR whispering. Angela says she doesn't trust JC and she thinks he's "up to something" and Brett might be in on it. Tyler says, "just win" and they won't have to "worry about it."

12:03AM BBT: Haleigh and Kaycee hug in the BY and Haleigh says, "everything is going to be fine." Kaycee agrees. JC walks out and complains about the humidity. 

12:06AM BBT: Kaycee is in the HOHR with Brett, she tells Brett about her conversation with Haleigh. Kaycee says she needs to tell every one she told Haleigh she would vote to keep her in a tie, so they don't think she's lying to them all.

12:07AM BBT: Tyler asks Angela if she's an introvert or an extrovert. Angela says she thinks she's an introvert, but she likes both. Tyler doesn't think anyone is "strictly one or the other." He says he's an introvert. 

12:09AM BBT: JC and Sam are in the WA, JC says Thursday will probably be a double eviction. JC says Sam has a "big chance of getting HOH." JC says they won't have anytime to talk and they all have to know what to do if they win. Sam asks what to do, JC says she's a smart girl.

12:11AM BBT: Sam says everyone thinks she's "stupid" and "not good at competitions." She's worried she'll be on the block again. JC says, "at least we tried." JC says Sam will "know" who to vote out when she "sees" them on the block. 

12:12AM BBT: Sam asks if JC or Brett wins, if they'll have her back. JC says, "what do you mean?" Sam asks if he can't say that. JC doesn't answer the question. 

12:13AM BBT: JC and Sam change conversations, JC brushes his teeth. Angela, Tyler, and Brett are in the BBR chatting about watching the show. Brett says he's only watching the parts he wants to watch. 

12:16AM BBT: Sam joins the three in the BBR and are still talking about watching the season back, Brett says he's interested in seeing what Kaitlyn was doing. 

12:17AM BBT: Angela asks if they show people "f*****g" on Big Brother. Brett says they show a little bit, Tyler says he doesn't want to talk about that. JC walks in and says he wants to watch Swaggy and Bayleigh's relationship. 

12:23AM BBT: Brett has the wig, he says he's going to wear it on Thursday. He puts on the wig and says "this is going to make national f*****g television." 



12:24AM BBT: Brett changes clothes to go better with his wig. He has Angela's jean jacket, he says his name is "River Dan, the handy man."



12:26AM BBT: Brett says he's going to enter the WWE, but then decides he's going to a Kid Rock concert. "Keep on keepin' on!" Brett yells as he walks through the house to the BY. 







12:27AM BBT: Brett walks outside where Haleigh is and says, "Hey Girl!" and she laughs and asks him "what the h*ll" he's doing. She laughs some more. 



12:28AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are talking in the BBR while Brett is outside with Haleigh. Sam walks in and Tyler asks if she's seen "River Dan, the handy man." Brett shows his outfit off to everyone. 



12:32AM BBT: Tyler goes upstairs to the HOHR to talk to Kaycee, they laugh about Brett. Kaycee tells Tyler about her conversation with Haleigh and Tyler tells Kaycee about his conversation with Haleigh. 

12:36AM BBT: Tyler tells Kaycee that "the sh*t is true," and that Tyler talked to Brett and how Brett asked who would be easier to beat, Kaycee/Angela or JC/Sam. 

12:38AM BBT: Kaycee calls Brett a "f*****g b***h" for thinking of going against their alliance and voting Kaycee/Angela out. Kaycee asks when this conversation took place, Tyler says today. 

12:40AM BBT: Kaycee asks Tyler if they should "take a shot" at Brett since he's wanting to go against their alliance. Tyler suggests it would be easier to beat Sam/JC. 

12:42AM BBT: Kaycee asks if JC knows, Tyler says yes and he doesn't know if JC would put up Angela. Kaycee is shocked Brett would suggest putting up her and Angela, she calls him a "f****r" over and over. 

12:44AM BBT: Kaycee promises not to say anything, she says she's glad Tyler told her. Kaycee says she doesn't give a "sh*t" now that he's going against their alliance and that they can beat JC and Sam more than they can beat Brett. 

12:45AM BBT: Kaycee confirms with Tyler that Brett is thinking about going against their alliance and Tyler confirms it. Tyler says Brett may have said it to see if Tyler would tell Angela. 

12:46AM BBT: Tyler says in the event that Brett wins HOH and puts up Kaycee and Angela, Tyler will win the veto, take Kaycee down, vote out whoever he has to put up as a nomination and then vote him out next week. 

12:47AM BBT: Kaycee says this is "crazy." Tyler says he's been suspicious, but it was confirmed today. Kaycee says, "he would be the one to go." Tyler is concerned Brett could try to pin it all on Tyler. 

12:52AM BBT: Kaycee says Brett has to go "sooner than later." Meanwhile, Brett is still in his River Dam costume in the BBR. 

12:53AM BBT: Kaycee asks Tyler what he thinks. Tyler says if JC or Sam win, Angela and Kaycee are going up on the block. Kaycee is surprised. They run through the votes, deciding who would vote for who. 

12:55AM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee try to figure out what their plan for Thursday is. They decide to try to backdoor Brett since he's thinking about going against their alliance. "He's f*****g with the wrong alliance," Kaycee says. 

1:06AM BBT: Kaycee says Brett is out. She says "bye bye" and then calls him a "f*****g b***h." She calls him a "rebel" and then she guesses this is his only chance to try to win.

1:16AM BBT: Kaycee says he's pumped up and "excited." Tyler leaves the HOHR after he and Kaycee hug. They agree that "everything will be ok."

1:17AM BBT: Tyler joins Brett and Sam in the WA. Tyler comes in laughing about Brett's River Dan costume, he says he went upstairs to use the restroom. 

1:25AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are in bed in the BBR, the lights are off. Haleigh and Brett are in the PBR, messing with the moving walls, JC is in bed. JC says they need to go to sleep so they will "turn the f*****g lights off."

1:32AM BBT: Sam is in the havenot room, fixing her pillow. Brett and Haleigh are talking about tea in the PBR. BB cuts the feeds on and off for the next few minutes. 

1:40AM BBT: Feeds are back, BB turns the lights off in the PBR. The lights are off throughout the house and everyone is in bed. 

2:09AM BBT: Brett is out of bed and walking through the dark house. He sits in the dark KT at the counter before going to sit at the table and watching the wall for several minutes. 




2:14AM BBT: Brett walks outside and sits on the edge of the hot tub with his feet in the water, drinking tea. He says the tea is "hot as f**k."



2:45AM BBT: Brett walks back inside, the lights are on in the house. He gets back into bed with JC in the PBR. Brett is restless for a bit.

3:00AM BBT: BB turns the lights off throughout the house and everyone is asleep. 

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 10:07am BBT: BB has waken the HG, Sam in the WA doing ADL's  and kaycee up in the HOHR doing ADL's.

10:13am BBT: Angela now up in the WA brushing her teeth. Kaycee in the HOHR getting dressed.

10:30am BBT: Sam in the KT washing dishes while Angela is preparing chicken. they are talking about cleaning up and doing laundry, Kaycee is in the HNR listening to music.

10:32am BBT: Tyler is up and comes to the KT then ask Sam if she wants him to feed the fish? She tells him if he wants to go ahead so he grabs the cup of food and goes to feed fish.

10:39am BBT:Tyler, Angela and sam in the KT drinking coffee and talking general talk. Brett, JC and Haleigh still asleep in the PBR.

10:47am BBT: Brett comes through the KT and sam tells him good morning  as he heads to the WC. Sam telling stories about when she was a little girl helping in the kitchen.

10:57am BBT: Angela cooking chicken while Brett watches. Sam is walking around. Tyler and Kaycee in the HOHR talking about Brett and JC and what they will do and what votes they have if JC or Brett wins HOH and puts up Kaycee and Angela.

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11:10 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler go over options for who wins if each HG is HOH. Tyler says if Angela is HOH and Brett wins Veto - they have to get Brett to not use it. Tyler says that he needs Brett to think that he is down with his plan.


11:18AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler continue to talk about how to blindside Brett. Tyler says just keep pumping up Brett.


11:25AM BBT Sam is telling Angela a story about some horses back home. She mentions a friend back home and BB tells her to "stop that". We get FOTH for a minute and we are back and she is telling the story again.

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11:41 AM BBT  Angela, Brett, Sam and Tyler are in the KY discussing a dog Angela surprised her father with.  She says he loves to hunt, he will pick up pheasants bigger than him. 

Kaycee is in the HOH room, listening to music and watching the TV. 

Sam is telling Angela that when they get out, she will need to talk with Angela's dad about an area that was repopulated with game birds.  Sam is called to the DR


11:45 AM BBT  Sam comes out of the DR, tells Angela that she is going to eat the oatmeal, but she has to sew up her suitcase, and she is only allowed to sew in the DR.  Angela tells her she has eyes on it. 

Angela is painting her nails, Brett goes to get some Cheerios.  Haven't seen Tyler for a while, or Haleigh and JC.

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11:39AM BBT Tyler eating. Sam and Angela still talking about the wild horses (they were in bad shape and Sam helped take care of them).


11:48AM BBT Angela doing her nails at the KT counter. She tells Brett that they should make more puppy chow today. Kaycee in the HOH BR listening to music.


11:56AM BBT Brett, Angela and Kaycee in the KT. They mention other HG still sleeping. Angela says this is nice and she could sure get used to this. Kaycee laughs and says this is how it is supposed to be.



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12:00 PM BBT  Brett is making puppy chow, Tyler is lying on one of the benches at the table, Kaycee and Angela are sitting at the KT counter.  Sam is still sewing in the DR.  JC and Haleigh are still in bed.  Angela said she could use some music about now. 

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12:07PM BBT Brett is tell Angela how much damage he and his roommates did to their rental home in college. He talks about how he video taped himself repairing things in the house while drinking beer.


12:20PM BBT Brett continues making puppy chow. Tyler and Kaycee playing foosball.


12:31PM BBT Brett is shaking the puppy chow an the lid pops off and puppy chows flies. He heads off to get the broom.

12:42PM BBT Brett still adding stuff to the puppy chow. Brown sugar, peanut butter, butter, chocolate. Angela is helping him.


12:45PM BBT Angela is complaining that she was up all night because JC snored. Angela and Brett have put all of the dirty dishes in the sink. Hayleigh, Angela and Tyler snacking on the puppy chow. Brett has gone to take a nap.



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BB Time 3:38pm


A big “thank you” to Deb on the CBS Backyard Chat for giving me the flashback for a great conversation!!--Grannysue1154--


Tyler is joined in the HOH room by Kaycee.


Kaycee: Is he extra happy because he talked to you about it?

Tyler: yeah


They decide to tell Angela a secret.


Angela walks into the room and sits on the sofa


Kaycee and Tyler start laughing, Angela wants to know what she did, what's going on.


Tyler finds the remote while Angela keeps asking what is up. He sets it to watch the hallway,


Tyler: we might have something, put on your whisper voice, put on your seat belt.


Kaycee stresses the importance of keeping this quiet, Angela agrees,


Kaycee: Are you sure?You have to play off, you have to be a good actress.

Tyler: you sure?

Kaycee: you have to remain calm and regular

Angela: ok.


They stumble around a few seconds, start giggling, trying to figure out how to tell her.


Kaycee: Brett wants to go against the allies.

Angela: I knew it!

Tyler: JC has gotten inside Brett's head, and has paired you two up as the duo. So Brett has felt safe comin' to me and

and try to make a final two with me, and try and get you guys out because he (Brett) says “who is easier get out you (Angela) and Kaycee or Sam and JC?”


Angela says she called this,


Kaycee: Little f**ng b**ch

Tyler: I have him convinced to throw it, and I have him convinced I can have you throw it too. Because Sam and JC want you (Angela) out. But I have Brett convinced it is better if you (Kaycee) go.


Angela: so do we get Sam out?

Tyler: no no no. That doesn't make any difference, Haleigh's gone. Haleigh's gone. Next week...I don't know who Sam wants out. Brett is harder to beat than Sam. He has to go.

Kaycee: We were so solid, it was us four til the end but when he vocalizes that and tells it to him (Tyler), then we need to get him before he takes a shot at us.


Angela says she woke up in the middle of the night and thought, “Brett's gonna flip.” He says him and JC are not talking game but they are.


Tyler says he has been poking him, hoping he would tell him.


Angela tells them that Brett and JC had a plan to vote out Tyler, Tyler says there was also a plan to vote Angela out.


Kaycee: Game On


Tyler: so here's the plan. We tell him we are throwing the sh*t to JC and Sam. I have him convinced it is not important for us to win this one, that we should just let JC and Sam win it. I am supposed to be convincing you (Angela) to throw it.


He says that if JC or Sam throw it, Brett will put up Angela and Kaycee. Tyler will convince Brett to throw the competition. Either Angela or Tyler will put up JC and Sam. Tyler plans to tell Brett to let him win the veto, he will offer to get blood on his hands and get Angela out. The real plan will be to back door Brett, because when one of them win the veto, they use it on Sam or JC, then put Brett up


Kaycee jumps up, she is excited about the plan. Angela smiles and says, “yes,yes.'


Kaycee: f**k him we were all solid and he does...he shot himself in the da**ned foot, he really did


Kaycee makes a list of HOH wins and veto wins the three of them will have.


Angela says she knew JC was up to something, (she has told them several times).


Brett told Tyler that the conversation was strictly between them, he told Tyler not to tell. Tyler says he told Kaycee last night, but waited til today to tell Angela.


They decide to play it cool....and tell JC and Sam that Brett was trying to get them put up.


They plot conversations with Brett that will make him believe his plan will work.

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7:05 pm BBT JC and Sam are talking at the KT counter, while Tyler eats at the KT, joined by Haleigh and Kaycee.  Angela is laying on the KT table bench.  JC talks through different cities he's been to that are on water.


7:09 pm BBT Sam said that she's freezing and that she has to pack.  KC goes up to her HOHR to apply deodorant and change clothes.  [exciting feeds]


7:19 pm BBT Kaycee is moving the rock climbing mat into the den.















7:34 pm BBT Brett keeps Haleigh company while she packs for tomorrow night's show.  She said that production took a lot of her bikini bottoms.




7:45 pm BBT JC walks around the house knocking on the walls trying to figure out what is behind them.  Production calls him out.




7:48 pm BBT Sam tells Haleigh in the WA that she is dreading putting on the black dress for tomorrow night, that it probably won't fit because of all the eating she's done in the house.









8:03 pm BBT Sam is holding court in the living room, telling jokes to JC, KC and Tyler.  


8:05 pm BBT Sam realizes that you can hear voices of HG when they're in the DR.  They all shake their heads.  She is shocked.



8:13 pm BBT As they move the LR back into position, JC pushes it while Tyler rides the top of it.  KC comes out and also pushes it faster.  JC sings "Over the Rainbow" and the feeds go to fish.   There's a lot of fish tonight because of the singing.




8:13 pm BBT Sam asks the other HG the definition of affectionate.  JC shows her that it's touchy feely.




8:17 pm BBT Sam puts on her black dress and heels and said that it's too tight.  JC tells her that she looks amazeballs, and sexy.  "what do you want? no body?"   






8:17 pm BBT Brett is in the KT combing his beard with a fork which he calls a mustache rake.  Angela and Haleigh are in the WA - Ang tells her that she feels good, and that it helps that the person she's up next to is crazy.




8:32 pm BBT Brett fake cries for JC and gets an eye roll.






8:36 pm BBT Haleigh asks Angela is she was nice in her GBM.  She's going to talk to JC in a little bit.  Ang said that he's being weird and won't talk to her.



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BB Time 8:24pm


Brett, JC and Tyler are in the kitchen while Haleigh and Angela are in the bathroom area blow drying their hair.


JC is complaining about the puppy chow,


Brett tells him to get a spoon and shovel in the sugar.


JC tells Brett he was rejected by Rachel because he had belly fat, he tried so hard, it didn't happen, and “we are left with this”


Brett: I am so glad there are live feeders who know....

JC: these are new feeders. He keeps going about Brett being crazy over Rachel.

Brett I hope she is hearing this.....She will punch me right in the nose....he laughs...nothing more needs to be said about this.


Tyler wants to hang out with “the Twinstons” He thinks there were two Winstons, and they had different voices.


JC says first Brett lost Winston, then they took Rachel, and then they took Rock Star. JC says Brett didn't know what to do with himself after that, so now he acts like this.

Brett: did you plan this for a while?

JC: no, I made it up from your eyes

Brett: you have to be related to Kaitlyn

JC: she is my cousin.


Brett says he has fallen in love three or four times since he was in the house.


JC says every night Brett cried over Rachel.

Brett says JC cried every night because he thought he was a loser.

JC says Brett fixed all that for him.


Brett says everything make him happy,


Conversation goes far far south, we can miss that.


Haleigh is doing her makeup in the bathroom area, it looks like no one is with her.


In the kitchen JC says he is feeling bullied, that Brett is only winning this insult contest because he is tired.

Brett continues to tease JC, then he says let's just call a truce buddy,

JC no

Teasing continues...JC: we are not homies anymore.

Brett: laughing: Ohhhhhhh

JC tells Brett there are girls for him.

Brett keeps calling JC “buddy”. JC threatens to move out of Brett's bedroom.


When Haleigh comes in, JC twists the whole thing around, and plays victim....

More teasing..

JC is yelling at Tyler and Haleigh for laughing, and tells Haleigh to make him behave (Tyler). JC tells them it is not funny, there is nothing funny about it. (he is laughing)

Brett: you look so lonely buddy, what can I get you:\

JC: Come here Haleigh (his answer to being lonely)


JC says Brett laughs at his own bad jokes, but when he (JC) makes bad jokes he stops and takes a sip of water.

(he demonstrates his water sipping back out from a bad joke)


Brett tells JC Production has told him that JC's jokes are very bad and they are irritated with him. JC keeps talking, he does not slow down at all.


Now they argue about where JC is sleeping, Brett says he has to sleep in the blue room, that he already said it, and cannot go back on it.


Silly conversation (bickering) continues. (They sound just like siblings, a mother anywhere would have turned on the vacuum cleaner a minute ago).


Haleigh says the counter is greasy, she makes no move to clean it, she just slides her glass around to demonstrate, then goes to get popcorn out of the microwave.


Haleigh says her dad's favorite snack is popcorn. They look for seasoning to put in the bag, JC turns it down, he says it has butter on it.


The other cameras show Angela laying like a body in a coffin with a shirt over her face while Sam positions the sliding doors.


Brett: JC can't even open the salsa jars by himself.

JC makes a comment, then pours a pile of some kind of cheese into the bowl of popcorn.

Haleigh yells “That's too muchhh” she takes a bite,”That's not bad.”


They are all talking about going to bed, Tyler says he wants to go to bed.

Haleigh: I'll go with you, I'll lay down by you.


Tyler leaves, Haleigh stays to eat popcorn

JC says he might try one piece of popcorn, but Haleigh says she doesn't want him to get sick.


Brett comes around to try popcorn, while the popcorn eating is done they continue to bicker. (another southern conversation.) When Brett walks away we can still hear him telling JC “shut up”.


JC says he is feeling bad, he just wants to take a shower.


JC and Haleigh are in the kitchen, no talking.

Angela is still playing dead in the blue bedroom


Sam comes into the room, she tells Haleigh she found her cup, panties and sock. Haleigh says she is glad Sam pointed that out for her. Sam passes through the room.



BB Time 9:06pm


JC mentioned Sam being in the loo with the shower on. She heard him from the bathroom area, and told him “I had the shower on while I took a s**t. …..like a normal person. She passes through the kitchen to the bedroom where she is packing.


JC: how did she even hear that from in there?

Brett: she's probably just tense.

JC: intense?

Brett: no, tense.


JC complains about the bathroom area, something about someone being in there for hours. He leaves the kitchen and Brett is alone in the room. He grabs a pair of shoes and heads to the bathroom area, knocks on the loo door. JC comes in behind him. Brett: I'll just be a second.” JC: okay.


Brett: Have you talked to Tyler yet?

JC: no

they turn the water on, so we can't hear them.


JC: I told him “i need to talk to you.'

Brett: okay

Brett: have you talked to Sam?

JC: mumbles

Brett: I think Angela is acting weird.

JC: how

Brett: I don't know, she is acting f***ng weird

JC: mumbles.....gets what she wants....mumbles.....i don't know what she expects.

JC: mumbles....Kaycee..

Brett: what do you think Sam will f**g do?

JC; if she puts Angela up we are fine.

JC; Rattles in the drawer, mumbles, then tells Brett to tell Sam if she wins she needs to put the two girls up, that Sam will listen to him.

Brett: all day she has been acting weird to me.


More mumbling......JC:It's Wednesday.....Tyler was laughing with you.....

Brett: yeah

JC: don't take things so serious

Brett: Is she acting like that because of game or is it personal.

JC:.....talking to Kaycee

Brett: they just can't win tomorrow...what if Sam is working low key with Kaycee

JC: no way, Kaycee put her on the block, no way


more mumbling


Brett goes back to the kitchen where Haleigh is doing dishes,

Haleigh: look at you, you look nice

Brett: thanks.

Haleigh asks him several times if something is wrong, she is picking up everyone's weirdness. “everyone's probably tired to.”


Brett walks into the bathroom area, pretends thought JC was Kaitlyn

Haleigh says she lost her really nice bathing suit.

Brett leaves and goes into the pink bedroom

Sam is in the blue bedroom, still packing

Haleigh is brushing her teeth

Everyone else is lying on the beds in the blue bedroom,

Kaycee may be in the HOH, she is not on camera.


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9:30PM BBT: Brett and Haleigh are in the PBR talking about how Haleigh bites her nails. Haleigh says they were worse two weeks ago. JC is in the WA shaving and Sam is packing. 

9:33PM BBT: Kaycee walks into the WA to talk to JC. JC says he's annoyed with Sam, but he isn't wearing his microphone so it's difficult to hear why. He talks about walking in on Brett and Haleigh talking, he says, "I can't." 

9:34PM BBT: JC says he's wanted to talk to Kaycee all day, he says he's 100% tomorrow is a double eviction. Kaycee agrees. JC says he's just going to "go with the flow." He tells Kaycee he doesn't know where Brett's head is. 

9:36PM BBT: Kaycee says tomorrow will be long and interesting. JC says he doesn't know where he is with Angela, he thinks he's been "ok with her" the whole game. JC asks Kaycee if he has her vote if it's a double and he's on the block. Kaycee says he does. 

9:37PM BBT: Kaycee promises JC that she won't vote him out tomorrow during the double, if he goes up. JC says Angela has gotten "so weird." Kaycee agrees it's "hard to read her" because she's "vague a lot" and doesn't "say a lot."

9:38PM BBT: JC says he has no idea where Angela is, Kaycee agrees it's "hard to read her," but she assures JC he'll be fine. JC proceeds to talk about Angela and the Bayleigh vote. Tyler walks in.

9:40PM BBT: Tyler uses the restroom and JC takes his mic of to whisper to Kaycee. BB tells him to put on his microphone. Tyler brushes his teeth while Kaycee and JC talk about Sam aggressively packing.

9:41PM BBT: JC says Brett's been acting like a clown and he just "can't" anymore tonight. Kaycee says tomorrow will be a "good, but eventful day." JC asks Tyler what time it is.

9:42PM BBT: JC thinks tomorrow's show will be two hours, he and Kaycee talk about it for a few seconds and then they agree that it will probably just be an hour. JC says he wants to shower and Tyler leaves the WA.

9:45PM BBT: Kaycee says Haleigh told her that JC told Haleigh that "every thing will be fine" and that it's a "unanimous vote" to keep Haleigh. JC says he never said that. Kaycee says she "probably lied then."

9:48PM BBT: Kaycee and JC think Haleigh lies all the time and JC doesn't understand how she's stil here. JC says he doens't know what Brett and Haleigh talk about. JC tells Kaycee he doesn't know who Brett would put up if he were to win HOH. Kaycee says he won't. 

9:50PM BBT: JC says he doesn't think Brett will go for Kaycee, he thinks he'll go for Sam because Sam "really annoys him." JC says Sam is in an "emotional place" and if she wins she'll put Brett up. 

9:51PM BBT: JC says to just "let the boys kill each other" tomorrow and they can just go with it. JC says he's not talking with anyone in the house. Kaycee says she has his back if he has hers. JC promises he hasn't talked to anyone else. 

9:52PM BBT: JC says Kaycee has been a good HOH and she's made everyone happy in the house. He then says Sam has been a "f*****g b***h" and Angela has been "so moody." JC says he's afraid Angela will snap at him, Kaycee says she understands what he means. 

9:54PM BBT: JC talks about Scottie's eviction night speech and then asks Kaycee if Angela and Tyler are in a showmance. Kaycee says she doesn't think it's a "legit thing."

9:55PM BBT: Kaycee says JC has her vote and if she goes up tomorrow, she better have his. They talk about Brett needing to be attached to someone, like he was attached to Winston and now he's attached to JC. 

9:57PM BBT: JC says he's "honestly concerned" with Brett winning HOH tomorrow. He says it's the "worst case scenario." Kaycee says she doesn't think Brett would put up JC. JC says Brett is good at lying and Kaycee says she "wouldn't put it passed him."

9:58PM BBT: Kaycee keeps assuring JC that he has her vote. They hug and say "good night." Kaycee leaves the WA and goes up to the HOHR. Sam is ironing her shirt in the SR and Haleigh is in bed in the PBR. 

10:07PM BBT: Tyler and Angela are in their separate beds in the BBR, no one is talking. They hold hands. 

10:17PM BBT: Sam is in the kitchen filling her water. Haleigh walks into the BBR to show Angela her nails. Angela says they look good, Haleigh leaves to go blow dry her nails. 

10:19PM BBT: JC is trying to talk to Haleigh while she blow dries her nails, we can't hear anything he says. He leaves the WA to go put on clothes in the BBR. 

10:20PM BBT: Sam is in the WA with Haleigh, she tells Haleigh that she [Haleigh] still has stuff around the house. Haleigh says she's not done packing.

10:24PM BBT: Haleigh and JC are in the lounge. Haleigh wants to know where JC's head is at for tomorrow. JC says he hasn't talked game with anyone today and he doesn't know where anyone's head is. 

10:25PM BBT: Haleigh says Brett, Angela, and Tyler told her that they "want her here" and "want her to stay." Haleigh says Kaycee will break a tie in Haleigh's favor. 

10:26PM BBT: Haleigh says she doesn't want to be blindsided and asks JC to tell her if he hears anything different. JC says he will. Haleigh asks him what he wants to do, he says he wants to keep her. 

10:27PM BBT: Haleigh doesn't think Tyler would lie to her face. JC doesn't say much, but asks what Tyler said to her. Haleigh says Tyler made it seem like she "would be fine." JC says, "ok."

10:28PM BBT: Haleigh is trying to pull information out of JC, but he's having none of it. He just keeps saying no one has talked to him and he doesn't know. JC says people will decide tomorrow. 

10:29PM BBT: JC and Haleigh sit in awkward silence. JC says the worst case scenario for Haleigh is that "the whole house votes" her out. Haleigh says they're talking to her the same way they talked to her the last two weeks. More awkward silence.





10:35PM BBT: JC asks Haleigh why Faysal told Scottie to "be careful with JC." Haleigh says she thinks Faysal was just mad. Angela is brushing her teeth in the WA. 

10:37PM BBT: JC tells Haleigh not to freak out. More awkward silence follows.

10:42PM BBT: Tyler is sitting in the KT, playig with the popcorn bowl. He gets up to look through the refrigerator. JC and Haleigh are still sitting in silence in the lounge. 

10:45PM BBT: JC leaves Haleigh in the lounge and runs into the LR to talk to Tyler. JC says Haleigh wants to talk to Tyler after his DR. Tyler rolls his eyes. JC says she just keeps asking him what he's going to do tomorrow. 

10:45PM BBT: JC says Haleigh says Tyler is going to keep her and she thinks it's going to be unanimous. JC tells Tyler about her short conversation with Haleigh and then what Kaycee told him in the WA. JC says Haleigh is "playing games." Tyler says he didn't tell Haleigh she was safe. 

10:46PM BBT: JC says she wants to talk to Tyler to make sure. JC says Haleigh wanted him to "run and tell Tyler" that she wanted to talk to him. Tyler says, "ok" and then goes into the DR. BB cuts the feeds. 

10:47PM BBT: JC is in the WA, where Sam is brushing her teeth. He uses the restroom. Angela is in bed in the BBR. 

10:49PM BBT: JC gets into bed with Brett in the PBR. BB eventually turns out the lights. 

11:02PM BBT: Sam and Haleigh are in the WA. Sam is trying to decide if she wants to was her hair tonight or tomorrow. Sam says she painted her nails so she wouldn't shake Julie's hand with a "bear paw." Sam gets in the shower and Haleigh leaves. 

11:05PM BBT: Haleigh goes back to sit in the lounge to eat left overs. Tyler gets out of the DR and goes in bed in the BBR. Tyler whispered something to Angela and she laughs. Tyler changes clothes and leaves the BBR to go to the WA. 

11:08PM BBT: Tyler uses mouthwash and Sam tells Tyler she's leaving her hair product here. Tyler shakes his head and then pops pimples. Haleigh is looking through the refrigerator in the KT. Tyler and Sam laugh and joke around. 

11:10PM BBT: Tyler says he's happy Sam has stopped smoking, Sam wonders if her mom knows, Tyler says she does. Tyler leaves the WA and walks into the KT. Haleigh asks him if he's going to bed, Tyler says "yeah."

11:11PM BBT: Tyler says JC talked to him, Haleigh says JC was probably "dramatic." Tyler asks if Haleigh has talked to everyone, Haleigh says she doesn't want people to tell her one thing and do another and that's why she wanted to talk to Tyler. 

11:12PM BBT: Haleigh says Brett is voting to keep her. Tyler says he hasn't had a chance to talk to anyone. Haleigh asks what Angela is thinking, Tyler says Angela and Sam don't really get along. 

11:13PM BBT: Haleigh says everyone has been positive so far, but she doesn't want to bother anyone. Tyler says she's not bothering anyone. He says he was going to tell her something, but he can't remember what it was. 

11:14PM BBT: Haleigh tells Tyler that this is "going to mean a lot to her," if he keeps her. Tyler says he knows that. Haleigh says she has Tyler's back. They talk about Scottie. 

11:15PM BBT: Tyler says he's going to bed, he says "expect the unexpected," and then says "good night." Haleigh cleans her chopsticks and then eats.

11:17PM BBT: Tyler is back in bed in the BBR, he and Angela whisper back and forth. Tyler says something about someone hearing what he said. He then throws his dog at the camera. 

11:22PM BBT: Angela and Tyler are in bed in the BBR, just looking at each other. Haleigh is in the lounge alone, drinking tea, and Sam is showering. Eventually BB turns off the lights in the BBR. 

11:35PM BBT: Haleigh is still alone in the lounge drinking tea. Angela and Tyler are whispering in the BBR. Tyler tells Angela she's "so stubborn."

11:38PM BBT: Angela tells Tyler to "promise not to tell." She leans over and whispers her "secret" into his ear that she's "in love with" him." Tyler says they have the same secret, Angela asks, "really?"

11:50PM BBT: Tyler and Angela whisper back and forth for several minutes. Haleigh is still in the lounge alone. 



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