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Monday, September 10, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00AM BBT: Sam and JC are in the WA, Angela is getting ready for bed in the BBR. JC shoves a tampon under the door for Sam, she says she doesn't need one. 

12:06AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are in their beds in the BBR, Brett is walking around the BBR whispering. He says Haleigh said they were sleeping too far away from each other. Brett says their beds are right next to each other and he doesn't know what else she wants. 

12:08AM BBT: Brett says it's going to be awkward when he sees the other side of the house, after they watch his GBM and DR sessions. BB tells them to stop talking about the DR. Angela says it's going to be awkward, "the jury house vs. non jury house."

12:10AM BBT: Brett, Tyler, and Angela talk about Haleigh following them around. Angela says Haleigh asked her if she should pitch to Kaycee about using the veto on her [Haleigh.] Haleigh says she thinks Kaycee is going to backdoor someone this week. 

12:30AM BBT: Brett, Angela, and Tyler talk about this all being over soon. Brett and Tyler talk about how they're preseved by America. JC walks in singing, Brett asks if JC thinks they'll all party on finale night. 

12:37AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are trying to sleepin the BBR, Brett is doing laundry in the BY and JC is in the PBR. Brett plays cornhole by himself after he moves his laundry around. 

12:56AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are whispering in the BBR and holding hands. Brett gets into bed with JC in the PBR. BB turns off the lights in the PBR, but not the BBR. 

1:34AM BBT: Brett is out of bed, he goes to the SR before walking into the BY to move laundry around again. 

1:37AM BBT: Brett is back in bed while Tyler is now out of bed. He goes to the WA and BB cuts the feeds. 

1:41AM BBT: Feeds are back. Tyler walks back into the BBR and Angela says she has to go to the DR. She goes to the WA to put on some make up and curl her hair before going to the DR. 

2:02AM BBT: Haleigh is in the WA getting ready for bed. Brett is out of bed again and in the KT cooking. 

2:13AM BBT: Haleigh goes to the KT after she finishes washing her face, she looks through the refrigerator before talking to Brett for several minutes, just general conversation. 

2:23AM BBT: Haleigh has made tea and is now sitting at the kitchen island with Brett. They talk about jury and things that have happened in the house over the last several weeks. 

2:42AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh are talking about forgiveness in the KT. BB doesn't seem to be interested in their conversation as all four cameras switch to Tyler sleeping. 

2:48AM BBT: Haleigh and Brett are talking about fruit flies. BB zooms in on the bowl of fruit in the KT. Brett goes to the BY to move laundry around again. 

2:54AM BBT: Angela is in the WA now and Brett is back in the KT. Haleigh talks to Brett about cutting her hair. BB cuts the feeds. 

2:58AM BBT: Feeds are back, Angela is taking off her make up and brushing her teeth and Brett is doing laundry again. 

3:10AM BBT: Brett is doing the dishes and cleaning the KT, everyone else appears to be in bed. Brett opens the refrigerator and says "what the f**k."

3:20AM BBT: Brett looks through the refrigerator in the SR, uses the restroom, and then looks at himself in the mirror before brushing and flossing his teeth. 

3:23AM BBT: Kaycee is awake and in the KT, Brett says he can't sleep. 


3:30AM BBT: Brett is doing more laundry, Kaycee has gone back upstairs. 

3:35AM BBT: Brett is back in bed. The lights are out throughout the BB House and all is quiet. 

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 9:01am BBT: All HG still sleeping.

9:43am BBT: Sam is up in the KT, BB tells the other Hg to change their batteries.

 9:50am BBT: Haleigh and Angela in the WA doing ADL's, Sam in the KT drinking coffee and taking vitamins.

9:58am BBT: Angela in the KT getting coffee, Kaycee has gone back to bed  and Sam called to the DR. all other HG still in bed sleeping.

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10:21am BBT: Angela is laying in the sun in the BY while Sam is in the HNR going through her clothes, all other HG still in bed sleeping.

10:37am BBT: Tyler is now up in the WA then goes to the KT. sam is doing ADL's in the WA getting ready for the POV ceremony. Tyler goes to the BY and ask Angela where everyone is and she says i do not know.

10:39am BBT: Angela and Tyler putting the awnings down in the BY talking about Haleigh and Brett talking at 4am  and Tyler says maybe they have a secret showmance and Angela laughs. Kaycee is now up in the HOHR folding clothes.

10:47am BBT: Tyler ask Angela where her points came from yesterday and she said Brett, Haleigh and JC i think. They laugh and Talk about no one really knowing about their showmance. 

10:53am BBT: Sam in the WA , has changed clothes again, Kaycee comes in  and tells her good morning. Tyler and Angela still in the BY talking general talk.

10:57am BBT: Feeds just went to reels possibly for the POV meeting.

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11:42 AM BBT  Still showing reruns

11:45 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Haleigh goes into the PBR, looks upset.  JC is joking around with Kaycee in the KT.  Sam gives Kaycee a hug.  Kaycee is glad that part of the day is over, now they can enjoy the day.  Kaycee said she went to the DR at 3AM.  Angela said that was right after her. JC, Tyler, Angela, Brett and JC are in the KT.  JC said he was laughing.  Kaycee said she is glad she didn't look at him. She had a hard time keeping it together.  Angela said her HOH duties are almost over.  Kaycee asks what is left, they remind her if there is a tie, she has to break the tie.  They say she doesn't have to give a speech, just vote.  Evidently it took a long time because she kept messing up. They are naming people in production that helps them through the ceremony.  Quick rerun, then back to KT.

11:52 AM BBT  Angela goes outside by herself to sit in the sun.  Most of the people are in the KT looking for food.  JC is joking with Brett that Brett is a bull dog.  They are talking about the difference between a French and English bull dog.  Tyler's brother used to have a fat English bull dog.


11:55 AM BBT  Brett goes into the WA and changes into his swim trunks.  Sam is in there, she asks his sisters and brothers names.  Brett asks her if she is going outside to get some sun, she said she has a headache.  He says he is sorry.  She said she is going to eat some breakfast and drink something, then she may go out.  Brett leaves the WA, the camera goes with him.

Brett goes outside, says when Fessy laid on one of the bean chairs after working out, it smelled so bad!  JC said Brett smelled bad last night, his armpits were on fire. 

Angela, JC, Haleigh and Brett are all outside now, with JC sitting in the shade.  They talk about being at the beach, can't you hear the waves?  And there goes a boat...pretty quiet.

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12:01PM BBT Tyler and Sam talking in the SR. Sam has a migraine. Tyler has a headache as well. She and Tyler talk about her taking something for it. She offers Tyler the other aspirin. He considers it and says he is ok for now. Tyler tells her that he will check in with her this week. She says it is only a few days more.


Veto was not used. Hayleigh and Sam remain on the block for eviction.

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11:59 AM BBT  Sam goes into the SR,  Tyler follows.  He asks if she is okay.  Tyler tells her she has his vote to stay, nothing will change that.  She asks if she should talk to Angela,  can't hear his response.  He tells her to just take it easy, don't freak out.  She says she has a headache.  She is going to take something for it, plus a big shot of strong coffee, the caffeine opens the blood vessels. Tyler said he will check on her this week.  He goes to the KT. Sam and JC are in there too. 


12:15 PM BBT  Tyler takes a cold shower outside, then goes to lay out between Haleigh and Angela.  Brett is on the end.  JC and Sam are in the KT, no game talk.

12:24 PM BBT  Tyler and Brett are the only people in the BY.  Brett takes a cold shower, yells when it hits him.  He goes over to speak with Tyler.  They wonder what Haleigh's pitch will be.  Brett doesn't have on his mic, hard to hear him.  Tyler said he already talked with Sam, told her to not go crazy or freak out, and she will be fine.

Inside, Haleigh goes to feed the fish.  She gets some water from the HOH room, Kaycee is stretching and listening to music.  Kaycee said she is about to go work out.  Haleigh goes back out to feed the fish.  Looks like she is listening to Angela and Sam in the KT.  They are just general chatting.  Haleigh gets called to the DR.


12:30 PM BBT  Sam and JC are in the KT  JC asked if Sam has any plans for today.  She doesn't unless she starts packing.  JC said she won't get her luggage until Wednesday.  She doesn't think that is enough time.  He said he only took about 15-30 minutes to pack for BB.  He explains how he packs.

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12:11PM BBT JC and Sam discuss the date. Sam is wondering if it 9/11/18. She says not that it is something to celebrate but she wants to respect it. He says that BB would let them know he thinks. Sam thinks it was Brett who had a friend that was affected but she can not remember.


 12:20PM BBT HG sunning in the BY.Sam cooking in the KT.

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5:06PM BBT Kaycee listening to music in the HOH room. Brett laying on the couch in the BY.


5:12PM BBT JC, Brett and Hayleigh talk about foster children. Hayleigh talks about how her parents almost adopted a little girl. They talk about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and how many they adopted.


5:24PM BBT Kaycee comes into the KT where Tyler is. She suggests that he come up to HOH some time for them to study dates together pout loud. She says that way Brett doesn't have anyone to study with. Tyler says he hasn't heard Angela study.

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5:27PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee agree that Angela and Brett would expect them to take them to F2 because the jury hates them. Tyler says that he knows for a fact that they think that. Kaycee says that she is loyal to their F2.


5:43PM BBT Angela running laps. Kaycee playing pool by herself. JC, Tyler, Brett and Hayleigh are relaxing on the BY couches. Sam taking clothes out of the dryer.



6:06PM BBT Hayleigh is lifting weights. Brett is napping and JC is humming to himself.


6:18 PM BBT IN the BY, Sam, JC, and Tyler talk about BB19. They explain what Josh did last year. They explain who the HG were that visited the house for the engagement.


6:28PM BBT HAyleigh is asking Brett what other exercises she can do for her arms. Sam, Tyler and Brett general chatting. Kaycee and JC are in the KT eating fruit.



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 6:33PM BBT Sam and Kaycee in the KT. They try to figure out how long it has been since Sam smoked. Kaycee says 2-3 weeks. Sam says she tries not to think about it but she is very proud of herself.


6:43PM BBT Tyler, Brett and JC talk about what rooms used to be what in the house in past seasons. Hayleigh is still working out.


6:53PM BBT Brett, Sam, Tyler and Angela talk about Paul. Sam says that he could have done some damage with the brass knuckles of rings he had on his hands. Brett says it  hurt when he hit his hand.



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7:04 pm BBT Sam and Kaycee are playing pool.   Angela is on the BY couch and they talk about her athletic background and how everyone in the house knows except for JC.  Jaycee pretends to pole vault with her pool cue.






7:19 pm BBT Sam tells Kaycee that her mom is 6'2 and her dad is 5'10, so he must've been wearing boots to look tall in their video.  Her mom wears a size 12 shoe.  She said she's short for her family.


7:52 pm BBT Haleigh is in the hot tub, Brett/JC are working out with weights, KC and Ang are in the hammock.  Tyler is in the KT with Sam.




7:59 pm BBT Sam and Tyler talk in the KT about complexity.  They say they're both weirdos.  


8:09 pm BBT Brett and JC talk with KC and Haleigh about how their gym has pizza delivered and it seems counter productive, but they love it.


8:15 pm BBT Sam, JC and Brett recollect their memories of 9/11.  They said they were in school, 4th grade, when it happened. They think it's crazy that Haleigh doesn't remember, that she was 4 years old.


8:23 pm BBT Brett is thinking about shaving his face before Friday.  JC talks him out of it. 


8:27 pm BBT Brett and JC talk about the Tangela showmance.    They know that they genuinely hang out because they are from the same place.  JC talks about how that fux them gamewise.


8:33 pm BBT Brett and JC talk through scenarios.  Apparently Angela and Tyler sleep in separate beds, but are face to face to be close.  JC said he used to know who was working with who, but now he doesn't know and is getting paranoid.  Brett agreed.  Brett thought he was going to be a replacement nom today.


8:57 pm BBT JC says that he forgot that there were cameras on them during their game talk.  Brett questions him "why do you care?"

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BB Time 8:38pm


JC and Brett are in the back yard talking about the coming evictions.


Brett says Angela would put up Sam, JC or himself, with Sam being least likely because she is not a threat.

JC Says he is worried if Angela or Tyler win


Brett says there are two groups of two, Angela and Kaycee and Angela and Tyler, there is no true trio there.


Brett also thinks there is something to the duo of Angela and Tyler.


JC seems worried about this, his expression shows concern and worry. He is also having stomach issues.



In the HOH room Angela , Tyler and Angela are relaxing. We can hear the headphones since Angela only has them partially on.


They are talking about their group name, Level 6. Angela says she likes the name, she calls it Level Sex sometimes.


Tyler: good thing Brett isn't here to hear it.


Angela: The vixens, that was Rachel's name for us. They all laugh. Angela explains that it means seductress, Tyler asks if a husband cheats on a wife,is the other woman a vixen? The girls say that is a mistress.


Tyler: ohhhh.


They ask Bob for a dictionary check on the word, “vixen”. Bob declines.


Kaycee says she is making grits and salmon, wonders if Tyler likes it. He knows what grits are, but doesn't know if he likes them. Kaycee believes he will.



In the back yard Brett and JC continue to talk.


JC says he cares for Tyler, and wants to see the girls leave before Tyler. He thinks that will not happen now. JC watches Haleigh on the hammock,

Brett: don't worry about it, she's leaving Thursday.


JC is telling Brett about some manipulations he worked into the game.


Brett says even if the showmance didn't start out as real, things have happened that make it true now.

Brett says Faysal always had a problem with him, he thinks it was because of Haleigh, he says that Faysal was bad at game and had an alternative reason for ever talking to him. Brett tried to open that bridge, but it didn't happen.


JC says when Faysal used the veto on Haleigh it changed the whole game.


JC says he is going to the shower, Brett decides to finish up and go to the hot tub.



Haleigh has joined the group in the HOH room.


They are talking about Chipolte, not sure if it was something they made or something brought into them.


Talk turns to taking baths. Tyler says he hasn't had one since he was 7, the girls say they do them all the time. Tyler is a little red-faced while they talk about it


All cameras are on Brett doing his workout in the back yard, then move to JC in the kitchen with Sam.


Sam says she ate cheese for the first time in a month last night, although she generally does.


Camera moves to the HOH room, we hear someone say Bob is not very nice these days. The headphone music is audible for a few seconds before Tyler removes them.


Tyler notices that Brett and JC are done benching.


Haleigh says she needs to wash some clothes when she sees Angela smell a dress. (yes, she held it up and sniffed it, made a face and put it down.).


Angela compares her nail color to the dress, says it matches perfectly. She decides to put the dress on, and takes her shirt off while they all talk.


Tyler tells them he is not a lifeguard.


Angela puts on the dress (it is a really long shirt), she says she is wearing it as a dress, then realizes it reveals her behind her area. She leaves her pants on.


Tyler starts quizzing them about nutrition labels on a chip bag.




JC and Sam are in the kitchen, Sam is doing a cleanup of older food. She checks out the soy sauce packets, she says they have bottled soy sauce. JC gets the soy sauce bottle to compare them, the packets have less sugar. He says to tell them they are low in sugar and the others will use them up.


JC yells, “healthy!”

Sam; to each his own.


Sam wonders if she should cook the rest of the slop so the container will be empty. JC has not opinion.


JC: let me have your phone one second.

Sam: my phone?

JC: teeeeheeeee

Sam: I don't even think about it.

JC: me neither.

Sam: I may just not have one, I might just chuck it.


Brett and JC tease her about men, boys and girls who might want to call her, and she wants no part of it.


Sam tells them she still has the home phone from when she was a little girl.


JC: me too.

Sam: you were a little girl too?

JC dances around, “well, yeahhh”


Brett and JC are dipping into the pie, JC tells her to say it has not sugar and they will gobble it up.


JC: when I was making chicken I yelled there is no salt in it and they were....(he rotates his hands around in a “eat very fast motion”)


JC goes to the laundry area, she is yelling back and forth with Brett, who is in the hot tub.


She asks Brett about bars in Boston, but he says there are a few, but they have ridiculous lines, and you have to know somebody. Two of them have the scene he likes, so he waits or goes early. If he goes early he drinks too early.


Sam says when she was a bartender she got a shift beer, and the bartenders would stay even if they off early. She did it, depending on her morning plans.


Sam's slop pot is boiling, she goes inside to check it and rinse her cup. She is not playing with the cameras tonight. She pours slop into the water.


Sam: well that's not very much at all, I misjudged that, oh well. Ooops. That was a total accident. She lays the spoon over the pan and leaves it to boil while she puts dishes away.


In the HOH they are talking about a game we all play


A: What do you want to eat?

B: I don't know.


After a few minutes the topic changes to a girl who insisted she wanted to pay, he told her to, she didn't.


Haleigh says she doesn't like people to pay for her.

Tyler says if he doesn't want to pay, he will split it.

Haleigh mentions when servers don't do a separate tab.

Tyler says it is weird to think about real world things, like paying for stuff.


Tyler says cereal box bags open bug him. Kaycee says it ruins the whole box, makes it stale.

Kaycee: Brett says chips don't go stale.


She says she set him straight.


Tyler is reading expiration dates, one thing is 8/28.


The girls are encouraging Tyler to eat some of a bagged snack. He tells them he will do it if Angela does, and she does. Haleigh mentions that Sam has had a headache all day.


Tyler: there is nothing worse than a slop headache.


They are checking the time, hoping for ten o'clock.


Haleigh thinks they are called to the DR after they have had a drink.


Tyler thinks he is amazing at 3am, since that's when they called him


Production talk continues until Bob says. You are not allowed to talk about production.

Haleigh: Sorry Bobby.

Bob: thank you.


Talk returns to pet peeves.


Haleigh hates hair in a sink. Kaycee agrees.

Haleigh hates men who are too masculine to do fun things, like a pedicure.

Haleigh hates people who don't cry at movies.


Tyler: I hope I am not crying all the time in real life

Kaycee; Broke the seal

Angela cried on the way to the BB house.


Tyler says his best friend cried when Tyler left for BB, he is laughing because he knows his friend saw him cry on national TV shortly after he got here.



Haleigh: First day I cried in this house was day 31.

Tyler: Your nomination?

Haleigh: yeah


Angela mentions worrying when someone stands up to give a speech, she says to herself, “okay, here it comes.”


They talk about the lack of drama this year when people are put on the block, but then they say a few times it was dramatic.


Haleigh: I wonder how it would be if we all acted like Fess though?

Tyler: when he got put up.

Haleigh: or like Rock Star

Tyler: you mean Block Star


They start repeating things Rock Star said to Kaycee. Haleigh says she was locked in the storage room, Kaycee laughs about Rock Star calling her out for cursing. (she laughs about it).


Tyler says she was waving a knife while she was talking to him.



Rock Star conversation continues, and Kaycee says Rock Star followed her through the house from room to room.


(There is quite a bit of Rock Star slamming in the room while Haleigh is with them. Do they not realize that Haleigh will join Rock Star in just a few days, and this conversation will most certainly be repeated to an already angry juror???-Grannysue1154)


In the hot tub Brett and JC are talking again.


JC thinks he should have tired to let them clear Rock Star and Faysal, but Faysal was not good at competitions.


Brett says he is right.


JC says all they can do now is sit back and worry.


Brett says you have to worry about your mental health because if you do something stupid that ruins your own game.


Brett says he wanted to vote Rock Star out twice, but did not because he was worried about his own game. He says that was very hard to do.


JC says that even after all the drama Rock Star still believed she had Brett's vote to stay.


Brett says her pitches were awful, that her idea to work with him was a good one but she was a loose cannon. Everyone knew they disliked each other and it would have been the worst BB move ever. He knew she was unreliable and couldn't do it. Brett says Rock Star campaigned to keep Kaitlyn, she was a liability and that is why she had to go. It would have been the best game twist of the year. He wishes they had sent Rock Star out before jury, that a move like that would come back to you.


JC: exactly! Exactly!


Brett wishes Rock Star was not in jury.


Brett: we are at where we are at, we will make top 6, Brett says it would thrill him to make top 5, he was already happy to make jury since he was targeted twice before jury. Brett says Scottie would have put him up (Brett). Possibly it would have been Tyler and him (Brett)


Brett says he thinks Fess was honed in on Haleigh, but she was not honed in on him, she liked him as a friend, but it doesn't matter now if they really were. Brett says he is starting to think it was all Faysal.


JC said something about Faysal (couldn't get it)


Brett: I think everything he did was fake.


Brett says Swaggy was the tallest in the house at 6 5, Faysal was 6 4


JC says he never had a conversation with Swaggy and did not know his real name until recently. He says the two times he talked to him were short conversations about game, and they were for nothing.


JC: the most important thing about this game is loyalty. That is f**ked up right now because of you know who (Angela).


Brett: When I got nominated against Rachel I thought I was f**ked.....(can't hear it)

JC: Winston and Brett was on the block, I didn't have a relationship,.......

Haleigh is coming towards them....JC speaks lower and lower as she approaches, so I couldn't get it.


Haleigh has pie.


JC tells Brett there is not much sugar, he made the pie with Sam and she used cocoa powder in it.

Brett: ohhhh.

JC: there's literally not much sugar.


JC tells Haleigh to stay here with Brett and he will go shower.


Haleigh: did you make the pie crust?

JC: yeah

Haleigh: whats in it?

JC Oatmeal cookies crushed up.

Brett: That's all???

JC: literally yeah.


He asks Brett if he is getting pie, sounds like Brett says yes, but he is stretching first.


Haleigh hands JC a towel, JC asks BB to move the camera in case his nethers are showing. BB says “no” then moves the camera while JC wraps the towel.


Haleigh comes back with a piece of pie for Brett.


Brett: is that for me?

Haleigh: yeah, you said you wanted one.

Brett: thanks!


Haleigh tells Brett she has been upstairs, then decided to come down.


Brett: we have been locked out for two weeks. (back yard)

Haleigh: yeah we have


Haleigh says she goes outside every single day, even in the winter, and Brett says and a window, at least there is a window.


Haleigh says she won't hot tub with JC.

Brett says he is okay, Haleigh says she might get in with him tomorrow if JC gets back in.

Brett says it will depend on if JC is bothered by being in there tonight, last time he got itchy.

Haleigh says it was bleach, you could smell it.


Brett says he is slowing up on his workout, here he is slacking off, that he does better in his gym.

Haleigh says she can't wait to get to the gym again.


Haleigh says she feels like she made it far, but this is barely the top half.


Brett: I barely made it to the jury, I was a target. Brett tells her she has made it to episode 30, which is 75 percent of the show, and she has had airtime so people will know her.


In the HOH Kaycee and Angela are questioning Tyler about a tattoo he has on his hind side. He won't specify.


Haleigh and Brett are talking about production and get called out.


















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BB Time 10”22pm


Haleigh and Brett are at the hot tub.


Brett asks Haleigh point blank if they had a showmance.


Haleigh denies it.


Brett tells Haleigh that when Rock Star and Baleigh were on the block Scottie was supposed to come to her and let her know that the house was voting out Baleigh. Haleigh says that Scottie did not tell her anything.


Haleigh tells Brett that she told Faysal when he put Brett on the block that it was a bad game move and Faysal would regret it. She hates it that Scottie went home. She tells Brett that she argued for two hours about Brett's nomination, and Faysal told her she didn't know what she was talking about. She says Faysal wanted to get out the “evil genius”, but the evil genius was not Faysal's enemy. She calls the move stupid.


Haleigh says she will start campaigning tomorrow.


Brett wonders why he was targeted, Haleigh says it was because he was loud, and he was intimidated. She says that Scottie was pushed and Brett was associated with the other side.


Brett says Haleigh was screwed during her HOH, and after she won it, no one backed her up. He says she had all the risk, but no reward, and that Faysal screwed her by taking out her only other alliance member.


Haleigh says she is aware


Brett says she was lucky after the hacker to win HOH, then Fess won, and that should have sealed it and it didn't. Haleigh tells him the hacker put Rock Star up during her HOH, so it's not like she is laying in a bed she made right not.


Haleigh says that Faysal and Scottie were fierce competitors, Brett reminds her that they were both unaware that their behavior was what got them in the eyes of the other house guests. Brett says when Faysal won HOH he thought he had won the game, that he even told JC to f**k off. Brett says Faysal did not make a move based on game, it was personal.


Haleigh asks Brett how he feels about this week, he is not sure how things are, He doesn't know if Sam is doing nothing, or is doing nothing with him.


Haleigh says Sam is doing a lot, but doesn't specify. Haleigh compares her game to Sam's game.


Brett says Sam has made no real attempt to win a competition and the jury house loves her.


Haleigh: I know.

Brett: loves, loves.


They talk about Sam's vote to keep Rock Star, Haleigh knows that Rock Star knows. She thinks that Sam being unpredictable is good for her (Haleigh's) game.


Brett says Sam has everyone's vote from jury right now, and that Sam has told people when she votes to keep them.


Haleigh says she is going to not talk to much or freak out, that Brett is the only one she can talk about it with.


Brett says Haleigh is cornered in the game right now.


Haleigh: That's not true, you have me, I know you do.


Brett says he had no idea what was happening today, no one told him. Haleigh says she even knew, and she thinks he is in with “them”, it is obvious.


Brett mentions who hangs out together, and who hangs out with who more.


Haleigh says she was aware of those things too, but the hacker and Faysal screwed her. She says she is worried, and wants to see how this week plays out.


Brett: yeah


Haleigh: If I stay in this game you can feel comfortable with me. I am spending time with a lot of people this week. If this is my week to go I want to make it a good one.


She thinks her eviction speech will be first Thursday.


Brett tells her being first is best, because a rebuttal has t come from the top of the head.


Haleigh says she does not want to make a bold speech in case it is not necessary.


Brett tells her that when he was on the block, he decided to speak as if he were leaving. Then if he left he would not regret what was unsaid. He tells her not to do what Scottie did.


Haleigh says that Scottie told her that Sam asked him how she felt about Kaycee, but did not elaborate, now Haleigh wonders why she asked that question.


Haleigh says she believes she is not the pawn this week. She says If two people are working with the HOH and there is a tie, the person working with them will vote and the HOH (who is working with them) is the final vote. I think I am stuck. I am not going to stress out about it though, it's only Monday.


Brett says he thought she was hanging out with them because she was with them, Haleigh says no, she is just up there trying.


Brett says if Sam wins HOH, it would be logical for her to put up Kaycee as a pawn. The problem is that San is a loose cannon and she may not do that. Brett says Sam voted Scottie out because she was offended with his speech, that Sam could not support something like that. Brett does not think Sam will put JC up, she treats him like her child. Brett says she may even put him (Brett) up, who knows.


Haleigh thinks she would go after Angela, that some of the conversations she has about Angela are close to the ones she had about Haleigh and Kaitlyn. The things she says about where Angela is, or how she eats. Little insults that may mot be insults.


Brett: like she does with you?


Haleigh: no, those are really insults.


Haleigh tells Brett that if there is a mutual decision already made, she will try to sway it. She hopes they see Sam as a liability. She plans to sit back and be as calm as possible. Pushing will not help her case, it is only Monday.


Brett asks Haleigh how she sees Tyler, Angela, Kaycee.


Haleigh asks him if he is working with them, she saw them celebrating and he was in it.


Brett says he has celebrated with her too.

Haleigh: When:

Brett: stammers, then comes up with a mumbled something. He denies working with them.


Brett asks Haleigh if it is a trio,

Haleigh says if he is not involved it is a pyramid., but it is unstable. Haleigh says Tyler perceives both of the girls, and knows he is in trouble. Haleigh says the girls are not strong at all.


Brett denies celebrating with them again, he says he wanted to look happy with the win and he was trying to cover his tracks. He says he acts like a jackass with Angela most of the time.


Haleigh hopes she can get Angela's vote this week, Brett tells her that if she gets Angela's vote it comes with Tyler's

She also mentions Sam cheering on Tyler and not her. She says there was a rumor about Sam, Scottie and Tyler started on week four.


The two of them continue to try to put the three piece puzzle together. They have connected Kaycee and Angela, but have placed Tyler with Angela only superficially. Haleigh says she is sure both women have some sort of hold over Tyler. Haleigh says whenever she had a conversation with Tyler, Kaitlyn got the info. Now she knows that if she talks to Tyler, Angela gets the information. That it started getting tight until Angela's HOH.


Haleigh says maybe I am reading too much into it, he has said things a secure person would not say, but it could have been bait, I am just not sure. Haleigh says that is why she doesn't want to talk s**t about them to Brett and have it passed on.



BB Time 11:07pm


Brett and Haleigh are still in the hot tub.


Other house guests are in the bedrooms but the lights are still on.


BB Time 11:16


JC comes out and tells them that POP TV has brought them something. He lied.


Haleigh has just told Brett about Tyler and Angela laying in the bed, “adjusting” for about 20 minutes. She says she is not sure, but she thinks it. (then with the timing of a teenager, JC interrupts them).


And to beat it all, Brett is called to the DR.


Haleigh asks about Tyler's hind end tattoo, he tells her all kinds of things, so Haleigh goes to ask Tyler. Haleigh pretends she knows, but Tyler doesn't believe her.


Camera moves to Sam, she is sitting in the bathroom area staring at nothing. She gives a short sigh but her expression doesn't give us any clues. She says, “lovely”.


In the bedroom Angela is lying on a bed with her face away from Tyler They are talking as if they are passing messages through an invisible third person. The topic is “Angela is more stubborn than Tyler”, and “Angela is no longer speaking to Tyler”, and “Tyler is heart broken”


Tyler collapses, “Fine, I will tell you.


Tyler tries t bargain a favor for telling her what the tattoo is on her hind end.


He whispers something and she does not believe him. Angela says she does not believe him, then she tells us what he said. “He says he doesn't have one now.”


Haleigh has come in, she tells Angela to pull his covers down. Tyler tells them it is a kangaroo, then he tells Angela that he has mentioned it before. He says he has given her the answer.


Tyler: I have given you the answer, I have given you both the answer.

He continues to tease Angela, he tells her she has to wait 16 days to find out, that she will be mad. Tyler says it will make Angela mad and he hides under his comforter.


We start the whole “Tell Tyler” with Haleigh repeating messages.


Sam is talking to JC in the bathroom.


Brett has come into the bedroom with Tyler, Angela, and Haleigh

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11:40PM BBT: Brett is getting in the shower, JC, Angela, Haleigh and Tyler are talking in the BBR. Sam is in the DR. Tyler pulls the sheets over his head and Haleigh says, "ok, I can take a hint."

11:41PM BBT: JC and Haleigh tell Tyler and Angela good night and go into the PBR. Haleigh tells JC the closest hospital to her house is forty-five minutes away, JC says that's "insane."

11:48PM BBT: Tyler says he doesn't have a tattoo on his butt now and Angela doesn't believe him. Brett is now in the BBR with Tyler and Angela, laughing about Tyler's tattoo, Brett says it's a hot dog and they laugh. 

11:57PM BBT: JC and Haleigh are in the PBR, JC is trying to help Haleigh decide what to do for a career. So far JC has suggested a nurse and a veterinarian, but Haleigh says it's too much school. 

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