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Sunday, September 9, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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0:13 AM BBT Haleigh took 18 minutes, Kaycee took 2 (or 2-1/2)  ...  they had to answer a bunch of questions about the house guests.  hung off a helicopter.  i guess Kaycee went through 1 time and the others must have more.  There were 5 correct answers and 10 choices i guess.  maybe they had to match up HG with something like a trivia item or something personal.  Brett says he would feel like a fool if winston was a twin and he didn't know



0:18 AM BBT Brett is concerned the Jury watches (he assumes hears) the PoV comp and he was talking a bunch of &^*^ about them all.  They are wearing capes.

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 12:12AM BBT Angela and Kaycee talking about the comp. They said it was fun hanging from the helicopter. The HG are wearing shirts with BB on them and capes. Kaycee says they are all super heroes. Hayleigh is in the PBR saying "pack again".


12:15AM BBT Brett says there were rounds. No one timed out Angela says. Brett is talking about how there were changes on the pictures of the HGs. There was a foam pit of some kind. JC is eating. HN is over.


12:18AM BBT Brett and Tyler in the BBR. Brett says he messed up because he was talking crap about the past HG during the comp and he forgot that the jury sees the comps. Tyler says he doesn't think so. He thinks they just see the results.


 12:21PM BBT Brett and Tyler celebrate that she will be gone. Brett says they were the top 4 in the comp. He says they were crushing it. Brett says that once he saw the pipe part of the comp he knew they had it. Tyler says he almost fell on the balance beam.


12:25PM BBT Hayleigh and Kaycee in the HOH BR. No one is talking. Kaycee is snacking. Angela is taking a shower in the HOH shower.


12:27AM BBT Kaycee completed the comp in 2 minutes according to the HG.

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BB Time 12:17am


The house guests have returned from the veto competition, and Kaycee is wearing the veto necklace.


Everyone is wearing capes.


Brett and Tyler are in the blue bedroom talking about the competition.


Brett tells Tyler that there are only few things the jury sees, the veto, the hoh and ceremonies.


Brett says he hit Winston so hard he almost fell through.


It sounds like they are talking about Winston's real life job, Brett says he would know if that were true.


Brett is saying “2 minutes”, then he says they had a lock on the competition, that they carried 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Sam came in 4th , Haleigh 5th.


Tyler says one of the balance beams was like the one he used on TKO.


Brett decides he feels like Superman so he is wearing his cape.


JC's word, “yatus” must have been in the competition, Sam took it as a literal measurement.


There is exited talk in the house as there always is after a competition. House guests are wandering around the house, looking busy.


Brett (I mean Superman) is in the storage room and JC comes into the room.

Brett: That's huge that Kaycee won. That's huge

JC: I guess the nominations will stay the same.

Brett: well, yeah.


He asks where the emergency kit is, JC tells him where to find it and he locates it.



Haleigh and Kaycee are in the HOH room, Kaycee says she wore different socks. Kaycee is having a snack while Haleigh sits on the bed. They are not talking. Someone (Angela?) is in the shower.


Haleigh:says she tried to practice the competition in the storage room, she says it took her 18 minutes to do the competition, but Kaycee had it done in 2.


Haleigh: I feel like an idiot, dude.

Kaycee: oh, don't feel that way.


Kaycee offers Haleigh a snack from her basket but Haleigh declines. Kaycee says after a competition she wants to eat really bad.


Haleigh: you are on a streak, you are on fire. That's what we called it in beer pong.


Kaycee tells Haleigh she can use the shower next, Sam takes a long time to get done.



Downstairs Brett is on the sofa in the bathroom area, Sam is at the sink, and Tyler is in the shower. They are mentioning a spider (Christine). Brett says he let it run through once then decided what to do.


Tyler tells JC something he saw he thought was a dinosaur, but he realized it was related to someone who had “dragon breath”







Brett asks JC to mix what looks like ground beef in a bowl for him, (I think he has a cut on his finger).


Brett is questioning Steve, wondering if he was twin, JC says if he was they would only know if the person was in the house longer than Steve was.


Brett is opening he grind while they talk, still going over the “what ifs” he saw in the competition earlier.


In the background the sound of the backyard being dis-assembled is noticeable.


Angela comes by complaining that she has to redo her makeup, she makes a growls sound, then says “DR”.


In the HOH Kaycee and Sam are talking about the competition, Kaycee mentions not recognizing some of them (people/things?).


Kaycee “Superman is making McGregors, I can't wait.”

Sam: Kaycee I am so proud of you, 3 vetos and an HOH.

Kaycee: it's about time, I was a little worried.

Sam: That's what privacy in your own HOH will do for you.


Sam wishes for a jungle gym in the back yard, they agree that would be fun. Sam has tried to take off her cape, but it is attached to her shirt.


Haleigh is walking back and forth after her shower, not talking much, we do hear her say “shower, I feel like a new person”


Sam says she hopes JC gets the pie out of the oven, she has never made a chocolate pie in her life, she hopes it is eatable, “even if it is eatable, no one will eat it so,,,” Kaycee doesn't answer, Haleigh ignores it.


Sam laughs about her cape, she says when she does something she thinks is amazing, she mentions her cape flying out behind her. She says her brother will be laughing at her.


Haleigh leaves,


Kaycee” I thought I had to walk out, then I thought she would just follow me.

Sam: says she is self conscious because the other are fit and she feels like she is not. Sam says her whole life is a work out.


Kaycee hands Sam a beer...

Sam: “oh, thank you.”

Kaycee hugs her. “You're good.”

Sam: what does that mean

Kaycee: you're good, that means you're good this week.


Kaycee tells her she is leaving, she might make a quesadilla, offers her one. Sam declines, Kaycee tells her to keep mum about the beer and Sam agrees. Kaycee tells her she can come up for music or whatever in the room any time. Kaycee leaves the room, Sam blows a tune in the bottle and says, “my life...my f**ng life”


Kaycee asks if they are making McGregors , so do they want quesadillas or not. No defined answers.


Brett asks if she guessed on any, she says only one.


It sounds like the competition was comics.

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BB Time 12:55am


Brett takes Sam's pie out of the oven


Brett: It looks liquid

Angela: it is a pudding pie.

Brett starts to take it out and it jiggles ( pretty healthy jiggle)

Angela: if it isn't done you can put it back in.


JC tries to explain “yatus” he says it is space between the border of a sheet of paper and the first word of a new paragraph.


Tyler tells them that “yatus” was really hiatus.


JC tells them it is used for both.


House guests start repeating JC's coined words, he tells them to stop.


Tyler wants to know who was hiding the peanut butter behind the crisco. No one admits (Scottie did it before he left.)


Brett says his comic was a cake, and he was in a bakery with Granny.


JC says he was talking to Bob during the competition, (Bob is BB). He says he would ask Bob if he could outside, Bob said no, he asked Bob if he would tell him when it was midnight, Bob said yes. He says there was music,but not the kind he likes.

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1:00 AM BBT Brett, Tyler, JC, Haleigh and Kaycee are all hanging out in the KT and talking about their comp. Brett is curios if the jury gets to see the POV comp. Sam is in the shower in the HoH and Angela is up there doing her hair. 


1:05 AM BBT Brett tells JC that he thinks his accent got thicker when he hosted. Brett jokes that BB had to use subtitles with Raven sometimes so not to worry about it. 


1:15 AM BBT In the KT, Kaycee describes to JC that the comp involved a helicopter you had to hold on to. And a balance beam that swirled. She felt like a legit superhero. 


1:22 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett, Kaycee, Sam and Angela in the KT eating the chicken that JC cooked. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Haleigh in bed in the PBR. She has the covers up to her ears and nose. 


1:30 PM BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the WA. Angela is brushing her teeth. Tyler is in the DR. Brett is still in the KT and made pancake sliders since the HNs can eat now. Kaycee brings her microphone up to her mouth and tells BB that they are going to get a much more energetic DR session if they wait and call her tomorrow. 


1:40 AM BBT Brett and JC are now the only ones left in the KT. Kaycee is laying down in the HoH. Sam is the HoH bathroom and is talking to Kaycee. Sam asks if JC was still cooking dinner downstairs and Kaycee said no. Sam says that JC has cooked a lot today. He likes to cook. 


1:55 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh laying down in the PBR. The camera zooms in on her and she notices. She smiles, says HI, and then covers her face with the comfortable. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee laying down in the HoH bed and Angela laying down on the HoH sofa. You can hear JC and Brett down in the KT.


2:04 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela are in the HoH discussing how they can manipulate Sam to put up JC if she was to win HoH. Kaycee will be vulnerable because she put Sam up. They think that maybe they can get her to put him up if she thinks the target is Brett. They decide it doesn't matter because Sam isn't winning anyway. 

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2:09 AM BBT Brett has joined Kaycee and Angela in the HoH. He says that he roasted the former HGs while doing the comp. He yelled that Fess looked like sh*t. Rockstar is a loser. Kaitlyn is a f'ing impostor. He was in game made but trying to be funny too. Then he realized afterwards that the jury may see that comp. He may have screwed up. Also during the comp, Brett broke Winston, sliced his hand open, fell off the thing and rolled his ankle. 


2:20 AM BBT Brett tells Kaycee and Angela that Haleigh and Fessy were so bad at the game, that the only thing they contributed to the game was a crap app. That's it. Haleigh is being so fake with them all now and it is so obvious. And she thinks they are all clueless. 


2:29 AM BBT Angela, Brett and Kaycee talk in the HoH. They are planning on what they will do the double. Sam and JC will go up for sure. If one of them wins the veto and comes down then one of them has to go up, but it doesn't matter who. They can draw straws. Angela talks about how being on the block is still scary. Brett says he knows, she has never been on the block eviction night. He has. 


2:38 PM BBT JC, wrapped in a towel, is talking to Sam in the WA. He is giving her a pep talk. JC is talking about how lucky he is. He admits to living in a bubble some of his life, but he has real friends. Not fake friends, but real ones. JC says that those who seem to be the happiest are often the ones that are the saddest inside. He tells her to be herself and embrace it. 


2:42 AM BBT JC tells Sam that when the other HGs throw shade, think about what she has that they don't. Focus on your own positives. Don't be ashamed of your own qualities and embrace them. Sam jokes that her qualities are limited in there. Nothing in the BB house needs welded and no pigs need a pen. 


2:52 AM BBT Sam is in the SR cleaning up. Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are in the HoH. They think that Sam and JC may throw the HoH comp again. JC is heading to bed. Sam says she is going to sleep in her saucer. Tyler tells Kaycee that the two of them are comp beasts. Why don't they just win all the comps from now on. It's a lot of speeches though. 


3:00 PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler talk in the HoH. Tyler says that JC is so arrogant in thinking that he has Brett. Kaycee says that Brett told her that JC and Sam aren't fighting because they think the remaining 4 will all go after each other. Tyler says that he is annoyed that Brett is hearing these things from JC and not telling him. He can't just sit back and keep that to himself.  


3:06 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Haleigh and JC in the darkened BR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Kaycee in the HoH. Kaycee says that JC and Sam are going to freak out over the double and that is going to mess them up. Tyler says that JC honestly thinks he is controlling thing. He has been on the right side of the votes but that's it. Kaycee says that she can't wait until they reveal it all to him. 


3:15 AM BBT Tyler is down in the KT with Sam. He is rinsing out some dishes. Sam starts to clean out the fridge. She removes shelves and wipes them down with disinfectant wipes to get rid of the crumbs before taking them to the sink to clean. 


3:28 AM BBT Pretty quiet. Sleeping HGs are all we see on Feeds 1 and 2.  Feeds 3 and 4 are on Sam who has removed and is cleaning the shelves from the fridge. 

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3:35 AM BBT Angela and Tyler go to their beds in the BBR. Tyler asks that the lights go out.  They whisper to each other and BB tells them to put on their microphone. Then Angela puts her pillows under her comforter and arranges her hair extensions on the pillow on her bed. She is making it look like she is asleep in bed. Then she climbs in bed next to Tyler. 


3:45 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC and Haleigh in bed in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela snuggling under the covers in the BBR.


3:47 AM BBT though they are under the covers, it is pretty obvious and Tyler and Angela are making out. You can see Tyler's head moving and hear the sound of kissing. The feeds switch to Sam who is still busy in the KT.


3:51 AM BBT Sam is in the KT. Someone has damaged a watermelon and that it will go bad soon. So she chopped up the watermelon. She is eating  some of it and says something about people being wasteful when other people have no food at all. She bags up what she doesn't eat. She then says that she is thankful for watermelon, super hot shower, her beer, electricity, thankful for music in a few hours, mild salsa, hot coffee, and all kinds of stuff.


3:57 AM BBT Brett is getting in the shower. Sam had just finished up in the KT and was about to go to bed. BB calls her to the DR. She laughs and says "Son of a bi**h". 


4:02 AM BBT Brett is in the Shower. Sam is looking in the mirror and cleaning up a bit before heading to the DR. Sam tells Brett that Yatus was her favorite comic. Brett says that he understands that they are based on inside jokes. But he can't for the life of him figure out Rockstar's. She was Rock Czars. Her family is Hungarian who were Jewish and fled. It makes no sense. It must be a play on words because it rhymes with Star.


4:10 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the downstairs bedrooms with the HGs sleeping. Kaycee is in the HoH. Sam is in the DR. Brett is out of the shower. He can be heard in the house but he remains off camera. 


4:20 AM BBT Feeds still show sleeping HGs.


4:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC and Haleigh asleep in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela making out again in the BBR. When the covers go over their heads, BB switches their camera to Brett who is wrapped in a towel in front of the WA mirror. 


4:41 AM BBT Brett is rummaging around in his locker and puts on a pair of boxers before dropping his towel. He heads to the PBR. His stirring grabs Haleigh's attention. She asks him why he isn't sleeping with JC. He says that he knows JC is in his bed somewhere, but he can't see where. So he went and got some covers from the other and crawls into the empty bed that is next to Haleigh. 


4:53 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show sleeping HGs in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show that in the BBR, Angela has left Tyler's bed and crawled back into her own. They face each other, touch hands for a moment, then Angela rolls over. 

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5:13 AM BBT Sam, the only one not in bed, is finally out of the DR. She heads into the HN Room and is setting up her saucer. She says that she will be awake again in about 4 hours. She removes her microphone and mumbles, so we can't hear her. She crawls into her saucer and tucks all her pillows in around her. She looks at the camera and says "I am going to bed. Good night Big Brother. I love you." She rolls over and BB cuts out the lights.


5:30 AM BBT Everyone is finally in bed and asleep.


8:30 AM BBT Good morning. The HGs had a late night. Kaycee is in bed in the HoH. Haleigh, JC and Brett are asleep in the PBR. Tyler and Angela are asleep in the BBR. And Sam sleeps alone in the big saucer in the HN Room.


10:01 AM BBT Wake up call


10:13 AM BBT The feeds return. All 4 feeds are on the Pink and Blue Bedrooms. The lights are on but everyone is still in bed, with the exception of Sam who is in the KT making coffee. 

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10:30 AM BBT Sam has been reorganizing the pots and the pans in the KT. She gets called to the DR and she comes back quickly thereafter. Everyone else is still in bed. BB isn't even calling for them to change their batteries this morning. 


10:40 AM BBT Sam is making breakfast while the rest of the HGs remain in bed. 

Morning Sam.jpg


10:50 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam eating her breakfast while sitting on the stairwell. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee in the bed in the HoH. She has the comforter up over her head. 


11:00 AM BBT Angela is now awake as well. She has gotten up and brushed her teeth. Sam is still in the stairwell, with her legs hanging over the side and she sways her feet back and forth. We can hear some pretty extensive power tool action coming from the BY. 


11:06 AM BBT JC is up. He changed his battery and heads towards the direction of the WA. However, the cameras do not follow him. Angela has gone back to bed. 


11:08 AM BBT BB calls for Tyler and Kaycee to change their batteries with new one from the SR. 


11:26 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 continue to follow Sam as she does ADL's. Feeds 3 and 4 are still showing Tyler and Angela in the BBR. We continue to hear the sounds of power tools in the background. 


11:42 AM BBT Sam has gone up to the loft to feed the fish. She watches one particular fish that is not doing well. She talks to it, hoping that it makes it. She then says "That's the death twitch" and goes to put on some plastic gloves. She climbs up on the step ladder to the tank to try to retrieve the fish. She can't get her hand in to get the fish. The camera zooms in close. Sam appears to be just inches from the camera when she looks right at it and says "There is a dead fish. There's been a death. And you have something on your lens. You have a booger." She climbs back down. 

Close Up.jpg

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12:03PM BBT In the KT, Sam and Kaycee talk about their day. Sam says she is going to wash her bedding and every towel in the house. She says they have towels everywhere and no clean ones to use.


12:06PM BBT Sam tells Kaycee she cleaned out the fridge. She says it wasn't because she is a clean freak but because there was raw chicken juice in the drawers. She says she only threw out what was obviously expired. Kaycee says it is appreciated. Other cams on Tyler and Angela sleeping.


12:30PM BBT Sam cutting up fruit in the KT. Kaycee in the HOH resting her leg.

12:51PM BBT Nothing happening in the house. Sam continues to cut up fruit for the house. Cams on sleeping HG.



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2:01PM BBT Angela in the WCA applying lotion. She has just gotten out of the shower. Hayleigh working on make up. Brett still sleeping.


2:09PM BBT Kaycee calls for everyone to come out to the LR. No one is moving. She calls it out again. Brett has to go get Tyler as he is in the HOH room listening to music. This weeks Have not are ...nobody. Have nots are over.


2:14PM BBT BB has put "Let's Go" at the bottom of the note. They joke that she should have said JC was the only HN this week. Tyler tells JC he was the last HN for the season.


2:24PM BBT Angela is wandering the house still in her towel. Getting a drink in the KT and heads back to the WCA to put on her make up.



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2:53PM BBT Feeds are back. They are all in the LR. Looks like they got family home videos. They are talking about them.


 2:56PM BBT Sam says that her mom told her that she was so proud of her that she wants to crow like a rooster. Her dad told her to put her spurs on.


2:58PM BBT Sam goes to the HN BR for a moment. She says that it was incredible to see her family and know that they are all fine. She cries a bit.



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3:00PM BBT Sam says she wishes she had been able to have gone and see her Dad (not sure if she is referring to before the game). She has dried her tears. Angela was crying a bit too. The other HG are just chatting in the LR.


3:11PM BBT HG are discussing the videos they got and who was in them.


3:22PM BBT TYler didn't tell his Mom he was going on the show. He just left her a message that he was fine, would be in LA and out of town for 3-4 months. Brett is laughing. He says he told his friends that but not his family.


3:34PM BBT HG just continue to go over their videos and talk about each other's families.

3:37PM BBT Angela is in the WCA talking to Sam. She asks Sam if she hasn't seen her Dad in a over a year. Sam says she is surprised he was on the video. She says her and her brother usually plan a trip to go see him every year and she didn't get to this year before she left. That is why she is very emotional about the video.


 3:50PM BBT Tyler goes to the BR where Angela has the covers over her head. She tells him it was hard to see the video. She says out of sight, out of mind so it was hard to see.


3:53PM BBT tyler and Angela are holding hands. A HG passes through the room and they move apart. They go back to holding hands. Tyler tells her they are almost done wit the season.



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7:01 pm BBT Sam is in the HN room making up a large pillow and talking to herself.    "I'll be snug as a bug in a have not rug"




7:04 pm BBT Brett and JC are talking in the BY hammock.  Brett says that he hopes Rachel has kept her sense of humor because he's been roasting her.


7:06 pm BBT JC is prompting Brett to discuss and compare the girls' bodies in the house and Brett is having none of it.  He is not engaging in the conversation.  








7:27 pm BBT Angela is going through the BBR smelling thingst that smell like Febreze.  She wants to wash her pillow.  She said everything smelled like Crisco before.


7:30 pm BBT The houseguests are yucking it up for Snapchat in the BY.


7:42 pm BBT Brett goes in to ask production to turn on the hot tub.  Haleigh is in the hammock and Angela is eating a salad in the BY.


7:56 pm BBT Angela and Haleigh are discussing how Fessy would push Angela to not put Haleigh up and how it was not good for Haleigh's game.  They both agree that Swaggy set the mood for the season and they wish that he hadn't. 


7:59 pm BBT Tyler and Brett have finally learned which HG has been peeing on the toilet seat, as JC told them that he doesn't like to hold his peepee when going to the bathroom. Hilarity ensues.


8:02 pm BBT Angela describes her apartment decor as white and grey, with a monogrammed couch.  She doesn't sit on her couch though, she's always in her bed.


8:16 pm BBT Angela, Haleigh, Kaycee and JC are eating ice cream in the KT, all eating from the same pint.  Angela then eats from the low cal Halo Top pint.  Brett comes in and finishes off the pint outside.






8:23 pm BBT Haleigh pokes her head in the back yard where Sam is doing laundry and asks her if she minds if she cooks that pie.


8:38 pm BBT JC is trying to figure out how the memory wall works and messing with production, who is telling him to stop.




8:44 pm BBT Angela celebrates beating KC at pool.




8:46 pm BBT Brett works out with weights while Tyler chills in the hammock.




8:55 pm BBT The houseguests try hard to explain fire crotch and red hair to Kaycee.  She's a little slow on the uptake tonight.




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BB Time 8:15pm


House guests are in the kitchen sharing ice cream. Haleigh keeps wiping off her spoon and double dipping (Haleigh has been sneezing for days). She continues to double dip while the other house guests share.


Haleigh says she plans to gain weight so she will have a goal when she gets out of the house.


House guests saw family videos earlier today, they are talking about their reactions to seeing their loved ones.


They decide to try another ice cream, they are laughing about bulking up.


JC: let's clean out the fridge!!

Tyler: I like this game.


JC tastes the vanilla ice cream, he says, “this tastes weird.”

Kaycee: it is healthy vanilla.

Angela: you won't like it, it's healthy


JC tries the cookies and cream, he says the chocolate was best, but the cookies and cream (healthy) ice cream is okay.


Haleigh goes to ask Sam if she is allowed to cut the pie. (JC asked her yesterday to make it). Haleigh comes back into the kitchen, she scoops out a small piece of the pie. She says it is very good, now JC wants to try it.


Sam is in the back yard doing laundry.


After ice cream and pie Haleigh decides she wants a healthy snack. She picks up the fruit, looks at it, then dips a chip into salsa.


JC is choking, he says the water is choking him.


Haleigh says she choked one time so bad she had food stuck in her nasal cavity. She tells them it was cheese and tortilla. (house guests are eating at the counter around her) We hear “oh my god,” and “ewww” and “disgusting”. Haleigh continues to describe it. She finally stops.


JC starts singing, looking up under his hat (maybe waiting for Bob to yell at him). FISH for a few seconds, when cameras return, JC is not singing.


Tyler is still asking Haleigh choking questions.


JC says one time he ate a whole burger and sneezed it out his nose. He says that is why one nostril is larger than the other. He sticks his finger up to his nose, “See? See? That is why..”


Tyler” the whole burger?

JC: yes, the whole thing.

Tyler laughs, Haleigh does not.


Haleigh wants BB to chart how many times house guests get in trouble, sleep, eat and use the f word.


JC starts repeating the “f word” over and over again.


Haleigh tells Sam the pie was excellent, Sam says it was an accident, she has never made a chocolate pie in her life.


Cameras go outside, Brett is working out, Angela and Kaycee are playing billiards


A few seconds later cameras go back to the kitchen. Sam is finding fruit flies, Haleigh says that at night they buzz around her head.


JC: that is mosquitoes.


JC takes a bite of Sam's pie, calls it perfect. Sam takes it to the refrigerator for storage.


JC is in the kitchen with Sam, he checks the time. JC is happy that in one hour and thirty six minutes he can go to bed.


JC asks Sam if she ever played video games, she tells him no she didn't . JC tells the camera to stop following him, he is not talking game. He is looking at the photos, he says there is a crack on one of the panels. The camera tries to follow him when he plays hide and seek with it. JC calls them slow, then he yells “Bob, stop that!”, “That is so annoying”


Sam laughs, “They need to oil them”

JC: they need to oil them, the need to put crisco all over this f**ng house.

Sam is giggling, she says JC plays with them. JC is playing hide and seek with the camera, he says “how bout now?”. Tyler walks by and the camera starts to follow Tyler, then moves to JC.


JC: mwrrrrrrrr, mwrrrrrrrr. (mocking the camera noise)

Sam: JC stop!, she is laughing

JC: mwrrrrrr, mwrrrrrr.

Sam: JC I thought you did production stuff. She tells him he is working the cameras to their full technical abilities, and the camera people too. Sam: What will you tell them when you meet them at the end of the season and they want to strangle you?” She reminds him that he has named the camera person “Charlie”.


JC tells Sam he plans to tell them many truths.


The camera moves to the back yard again, then back to the inside of the house.


Sam is cleaning up while all the house guests who were eating in the kitchen have disappeared from the area. JC continues to play in the area while she works.





BB Time 8:53pm


Earlier JC was playing with the cameras and Bob. He went to the loo for a sit down session. When he came out of the loo we hear Bob.




All the house guests start yelling, who was it??


Turns out he was talking to JC, who claimed he was/had washed his hands and was looking for a towel.


JC: Bob talking s**t.

A few minutes later...

JC: Tyler was picking his nose, why don't you tell him something Bob?? JC repeats that he always washes his hands after the loo, not doing that is disgusting.


Haleigh comes out and lands on the hammock with Tyler, She is eating another snack, says it is hot. She takes a big bite off the end, calls it spicy, and offers a bite to Tyler and Brett. Brett takes it. (Granny smacks Brett, reminding him that Haleigh has been sneezing).


Haleigh tells Tyler and Brett that she tried to sleep in her bralette and underoos but she exposed herself to the cameras sometimes this morning. Tyler tells her JC has exposed his tiki tiki while he sleeps, JC gets upset, Tyler laughs. JC tells him that at home sometimes his body parts pop out so if it happens Tyler should wake him up and tell him right away.


Tyler is called to the DR.


JC is talking to Haleigh. Haleigh tells him “That's what my boyfriend says and he is the smartest person I know.”


JC: you should name your first kid Brittany.”

Haleigh: I am naming my first son Bruce, that's what my boyfriend wants, and I am naming my second kid.”


JC, Haleigh and Bret are talking about no one streaking this year, Brett offers to do it if they get him drunk first, because if there was any way for it to happen that would be it.


JC tells Brett he smells like fish.


Brett is spotting JC while he power lifts, (he does 205lbs). He taps out after a few seconds,


Haleigh: I am sad

JC why?

Haleigh: cause I don't think I can pull this thing off

JC: it's Sunday, after the nominations are locked you can start talking to people, you have chances. See what happens, I am concerned about a lot of stuff, but I know you are concerned for yourself.

Haleigh is quiet.

JC: what veto was your HOH?

Haleigh: OTEV

JC: ohhh that's right.....I wonder how Faysal is doing in jury house, he gets to relax.

Haleigh: I am sure he is


JC: this whole thing is about to become a whole s**t.

Haleigh : I know

JC: It is just really hard because I don't know, you need to come up with something to campaign. The three people you put on the block, they have become HOH three in a row.

Haleigh: I know, it's bad luck.

JC: that's what I was telling you, remember, about too much blood on your hands.

Haleigh: I know.


Brett comes outside. JC: I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you for my whole life. Brett says he is getting in the hot tub, Haleigh thinks it is a good idea. JC teases Brett about his abs. Brett denies ever doing steroids, Brett says he has always had a belly pouch, and a v cut on his chest.



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BB Time 9:16pm


Kaycee and Angela are in the kitchen, wonder if they will be leaving on the 99th day for sure.


Kaycee wonders if the videos will show on Wednesday.


Angela says her whole community is probably watching and everyone knows her dad. They live on a 12 mile island.


Haleigh comes into the kitchen, says she is thinking about going in the hot tub.


Haleigh is wearing a shirt that says “you're so extra”. The other girls ask her why she is wearing it, she says someone gave it to her to wear, but she won't say who or why. She denies having a secret, then agrees to tell them later.


JC is in the back yard talking to Brett, he is telling Brett he is p**sed, but I missed why, they are walking into the house, but stop at the door to spy on the girls.


JC tells Brett to come with him, Brett says Haleigh was telling them something she didn't want anyone to know.


JC is stepping into the power lift stance again, takes his breaths and steps into the lift. He is not on camera, but I think he did 5 lifts before stepping back.


Camera changes to kitchen.


Angela is telling Haleigh she has trained for the Olympics, Haleigh guesses high jump but says she means the pole vault. Angela tells Haleigh that is why she came to California.


Haleigh: Why are you telling me now?

Angela: I don't care.


She says she quit pole vaulting and now models.


Haleigh is impressed.


Angela says she got burnt out, her ex-boyfriend was her partner.


Outside Sam is lying on her back, with her legs against the wall of the house in a yoga position, she is barefoot. (her feet are dirty from walking around without socks). She is whispering to herself, probably her 20 things to be grateful for.


The camera moves back to the kitchen, JC and Brett are in the kitchen. They are wondering what POP TV has for them tonight. They say they need entertainment. Haleigh hopes for a movie day. JC says they can all sleep in the living room.


They sing George of the Jungle, BB says stop.


Haleigh is talking about her veto speech, she is making light of it.


They are giving her ridiculous ideas, Romeo and Juliette; “And then they died.”, to Julie; “we have to stop meeting like this”, the tell her to stand up, say “thank you” and then sit down.


Haleigh says Scottie messed her up last time.


Haleigh repeats Scottie's speech, they all stick their fingers in the air.


Tyler comes back, he has nothing from POP TV for them.


Haleigh says tomorrow she is not eating, she is going on a hunger strike.


She fusses with JC about their bad eating today.


They are asking JC to translate food names to Spanish for them, they repeat them. He continues an impromptu Spanish lesson, they discuss genders of items, Spanish names for items in the kitchen and the house guests repeat them to learn.


JC tells them that spending time in Miami has given him problems since some of the words used there are different than his native language.


Haleigh tells them there is a restaurant somewhere (I think in Mexico) that allows people to leave the babies in strollers outside the window while they eat. No one watches them, Angela is not impressed.


JC says he has never been in small towns in Mexico, and he would never trust people in the larger towns.


Sam comes in and Angela tells her she thinks Sam's oatmeal/slop has burned on the bottom. (Sam happens to like oatmeal, although the others say they want nothing to do with it.)


JC is saying that Josh and Victor talked to him in Spanish, but he was afraid to respond in Spanish, he was worried that someone would think he was getting information. He says he misses speaking his language in the house.


Haleigh: We don't know how!

JC: Sure you do, just start speaking it.


Angela comes into the room and tells them it is 5 minutes until bed.


JC says he is only speaking in Spanish the rest of the night. He starts talking in Spanish and Sam encourages.


Tyler looks at JC “chubrakaba” then he smiles like he did something big.

JC: that is some Mexican stuff

Tyler smirks and eats his snack.


JC gives Angela a short quiz about months, colors and nouns in Spanish. She does very well.


Tyler went to the storage room, he heard movement, he tells them he knows something something.

JC asks if he should go to bed, Tyler tells him no.


They have named the heating pad filled with beans Louie. JC offers to give it an orange for a head.


Sam: don't make it any more weird,we already put it in the microwave.

BB Time 10pm


The house guests are waiting for the storage room to open, the house guests say “Act natural”


Tyler is holding Louie the heating pad, he is patting it like a baby.

Tyler: “breast feeding!” He presses Louie in the appropriate position against his chest.


The anticipation is growing, Kaycee says they are waiting for Haleigh to come out of the DR.


Haleigh comes out of the DR yelling.


POP TV has given them take out. They all run into the storage room. We hear them yelling, it sounds like they got Chinese takeout. They come out with piles of containers.


Brett yells: “Bulking seasonnnnnn”


They are all reading their fortunes before sitting down and eating buffet style.


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10:10pm BBT: The HGs are all enjoying their Chinese food take out from POPTV. They take turns reading their fortunes before eating. 





10:25PM BBT: The HGs are still eating their food, they talk about wasabi and Tyler wants everyone to eat a chili. JC says it'll be like a toast. No one eats a chili.   

10:38PM BBT: The HGs are finished eating and now work to put away the left overs. Haleigh says she wants to watch a sad movie so "Brett can cry." Brett says, "let's not and say we did."



10:40PM BBT: Tyler and Brett are in the WA where Angela is taking off her make up, she leaves. Brett says he knows what comments Haleigh is going to make before she makes them. Tyler laughs and says they need to test that out. 

10:46PM BBT: Tyler, Haleigh and JC are in the KT chatting, they read their fortunes for POPTV. Kaycee and Angela are in the HOHR, they talk about how fast the days are moving. "Before you know it, we'll be in the real world," Angela says. 

10:52PM BBT: Tyler and Haleigh join Angela in the HOHR, Kaycee is showeirng in the HOH room and Brett is showering in the downstairs WA. 

10:55PM BBT: Tyler and Haleigh talk about when they're going to bed, Angela is listening to music. There is awkward silence when the conversation ends. 



11:00PM BBT: Haleigh and Angela are talking about their skin breaking out and Chris Brown lyrics. Tyler is in the BY by himself playing pool. Brett joins Tyler when he's done showering. 

11:18PM BBT: BB tells the HGs to go to the SR, Tyler and Brett take off running from the BY while Kaycee and Angela down the rest of their beers in the HOHR before going downstairs. 

11:19PM BBT: BB gives the HGs Miller lite, Bud Light, Heineken, and a bottle of red wine. Haleigh tries to open the bottle of wine but isn't able to do it, Angela opens it for her. They thank BB. 

11:20PM BBT: Brett says he'll pass on drinking tonight and let everyone else get drunk, the others try to persuade him otherwise. Tyler says they've all had too much food to feel anything. 

11:26PM BBT: Sam takes her wine outside to the BY and is sitting on the hammock talking to herself. Haleigh, Angela, Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee are in the KT. JC is in the DR. 

11:36PM BBT: Kaycee and Haleigh are playing pool while Angela watches, Sam is still on the hammock and Tyler and JC are in the KT. 

11:44PM BBT: JC and Tyler are in the KT, JC tells Tyler he trusts him. JC says he's not stupid, that he knows if he goes to final two with Tyler, he won't win. JC says "all of these people are f*****g tools," and know he hasn't won anything. 

11:45PM BBT: JC says he'd rather lose to Tyler than anyone else and he'd rather have a clear conscious and that he's done "the right thing in this game." He says it's important for him to make it all the way. 

11:46PM BBT: JC says Brett won't make it and Tyler asks why. JC says it's because Tyler is going for Brett, Tyler says he's not going for Brett and says JC has Brett "under his finger." JC says he'll do the same thing to Brett as he did to Faysal. 

11:48PM BBT: JC says he wants the girls out sooner rather than later. JC lists various scenarios on what could happen, he has a best case, worst case, and middle case on sending the girls home and then Brett. 

11:49PM BBT: JC says Brett isn't as smart as them, Tyler says he thinks he is and JC tells him to listen. JC says Brett isn't smart and he's just "full of himself" and "good at comps" and has a "bro attitude."

11:51PM BBT: Sam walks into the KT and says, "what a good f*****g day." JC and Tyler switch to a general conversation about the alcohol from BB. The other HGs move in and out of the KT. 

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