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Episode 32-Live Eviction and HOH

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Haleigh was told she was safe. Scottie was told he was the pawn. Spoiler alert: Someone is lying. Previously, on Big Brother, Scottie won the jury battle back and made his triumphant return to the game. After Tyler helped himself to a slice of power, he put up two obvious targets. Tyler told Scottie that he was a pawn, but JC made it clear the former juror had to go. Wanting to keep their budding showmance a secret, Tyler and Angela hid their relationship from the rest of the house.


With the veto on the line, Kaycee was a comp beast emoji. Tyler assured Haleigh she wasn’t the target, but after Scottie told Haleigh he was the pawn she didn’t know who to believe. At the veto meeting, the girl and the geek remained on the block. Tonight, will Scottie be blindsided and sent back to jury or will the house turn on Haleigh? Plus, BB legend Derreck returns!


It’s day 79 and it’s déjà vu all over again as Level 6 is in control of the vote and Haleigh is back in the nomination chair and Scottie may be returning to the jury house. Who will be walking out the front door? We’ll find out before the hour is up. But first, the not so secret showmance has allies questioning where they stand.


We pick up on day 76 after the veto meeting. Tyler says Kaycee did what he thought she would. That’s his girl. But he wants Haleigh gone and the house wants Scottie gone. Scottie says he was told he was the pawn, but pawns go home and he’s going to do everything he can to stay. Haleigh says Scottie told her he was the pawn, but Kaycee is telling her she’s safe. She doesn’t know what to think.


Haleigh talks to Tyler in the HOH room and she asks if Kaycee told him about the incident. She tells him Scottie told her he said he was told he was a pawn and Tyler says he never said that, he just made him believe that. Tyler tells us Haleigh isn’t the target, but if she doesn’t calm down she might become one.


Scottie is talking to Tyler and Tyler says Haleigh hasn’t been leaving her alone and Scottie says he’s not happy about it. Tyler says she’s been trying to get him to tell her if she’s the target. Tyler says Scottie might be feeling some blindside heat this week. It’s been awhile…


Tyler and Angela are laying in bed and Angela says they are so concerned it’s so funny. Tyler says JC has definitely asked. We then see JC going upstairs and Angela does the scramble out of bed move and scurries over to the couch to avoid being caught as JC comes in. Angela leaves and JC asks Tyler what’s going on between him and Angela. JC says he heard her running towards the couch and Tyler says she was walking in from the WA. JC says she 100% ran from that bed to that couch and Tyler laughs. JC says he’s not stupid and Tyler says he knows JC isn’t stupid. JC wants to know where Angela stands and he wants to know what’s going on. Tyler says they are from the same place.


JC says Brett keeps asking too and he’s not that stupid. JC tells Tyler Brett wants to put up Kaycee and Angela and get Angela out. JC says he needs to get through to Tyler somehow because this is just a nightmare. Tyler says he just really needs JC to stop wanting to taking shots at Kaycee and Angela. Tyler says he has a F2 with Kaycee, he has one with JC, and he doesn’t think Angela would ever put him up. He needs all three of them in this house. Tyler tells JC it’s too early to take shots.


Angela sneaks up to the HOH room with Tyler and crawls into bed and Tyler tells her JC heard her running to the couch. She says she’s so sick of JC because he frustrates her. She says JC is the gossip queen in the house. He’s a little diva and when he hears something he runs with it. Angela says she thinks it’s his strategy but it’s starting to piss her off a little bit. Angela tells Tyler that JC is going to try and split them up and she asks Tyler if he thinks Brett and JC would flip. Angela asks if JC is more threatening than Haleigh. Tyler says allright, hold on, back it up a little bit. We can not be taking shots at JC for a little bit because that is not good for his game. He says this is when it gets tricky for him! Oh no! He likes Angela is a lot and he knows JC wants to come for her. He says it’s best if JC goes for Angela and he feels selfish, but he came here to win and he can’t throw away his game to keep her safe.


The battle back may have given Scottie a second life in the house, but the intel he provided could cost someone else their game. We see them talking in the KT. They are teaching JC how to pronounce words. They are teaching him how to pronounce turtle.


Scottie is outside with Brett and Brett asks what Scottie’s plan is for the rest of the week. Scottie says he was told he was the pawn. Brett says of course he’s going to evict Scottie this week, but Scottie has information no one else has. He’s been to the jury house and he knows how their thinking. Of course, he’s going to pump him for information. Feed me, I feed on big data.


Scottie says Rockstar isn’t happy with his GBM, but she hates Angela’s even more. Scottie says Bayleigh told him Angela wanted to keep Brett as a shield for her. Brett says he’s in an alliance with Angela, but they are at a point where every eviction causes a ripple effect. Brett says the only other person jury would rather see evicted than Brett would Angela. So maybe if he can serve her up on a platter and evict Angela, he might just win some jury votes.


JC and Brett are in the hammock and talking about Tyler and Angela. Brett says he always feels like an intruder when he goes to hang out with Tyler because she’s there. JC says if they win the next HOH they definitely need to go for Angela. Brett says it makes him nervous because she has two people in her pocket, and we see Kaycee and Tyler. Brett says it would have to be a backdoor because Tyler and Kaycee could save Angela. Brett says maybe they nominate Haleigh and Sam and then put Angela up. Brett says his loyalties are to Level Six but maybe if he feeds JC’s paranoia he’ll take the shot and he’ll have his hands clean.


We’re back with Derreck and Julie. Julie says they want to pick his brain. What has surprised him the most? Derreck says this is a great season and there were two big alliance. What has surprised him is how well Level 6 worked together competitively and strategically. Julie asks what you attribute that to? Derreck says some of it’s luck and some of it’s chemistry.


Julie says don’t they have to turn on each other? Derreck says they are waiting for the right time. Julie asks who he would pick as a winner? Derreck says they all have an argument with jury. Tyler has won comps, Angela has won comps as well, Brett has played the intel role, plus Kaycee won a couple of comps and she has a great social game. Derreck says Haleigh has won comps and she’s working on integrating herself. JC has been using paranoia to target who he wants out. Derreck really believes anyone can still win it.


Julie says she doesn’t think they’ve ever been at this point in the game and someone could say that. Derreck says that’s because this is a great season. Julie mentions Derreck’s F2 with Cody and what he thinks of Tyler’s multiple F2’s. Derreck says Tyler will have explaining to do with jury, but he hopes jurors remember they have side deals too. Derreck says jury management is so important and how Tyler explains it. Derreck thinks Tyler is leaning towards taking Kaycee and he doesn’t think that’s a good decision. He would lean toward Angela. Derreck thinks he can beat anyone, but maybe Kaycee, especially if she pulls out a couple of more comp wins.


Julie asks how crucial are those GBM’s? Derreck says it’s not necessarily what they say, but how they make them feel. Because if you leave them feeling good, they will remember that when they are in the jury house and when they are getting ready to turn a key for a vote on finale night.


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction! Scottie says doesn’t know if he and Julie are hanging out tonight. He hopes the HG make a smart move, and if not they can suck it. Except Tyler because he already gets a ton of it. Haleigh says Julie is captivating. Shout outs to the family and friends. HG, to evict or not to evict. That is the question. To keep her here in this warm home with the people she loves or to cast her out in the cold with no food, no shelter. That’s the question. She hopes they want to keep her, but no matter what she’s staying grateful and God Bless.


Time to vote:

Brett votes to evict Scottie.

Kaycee votes to evict Scottie.

Sam votes to evict Scottie.

Angela votes to evict Scottie.

JC votes to evict Scottie.

By a vote of 5-0, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Scottie hugs Haleigh and says peace out girl scouts and heads out the door. He throws something into the audience and he hugs Julie. The remaining HG seem dumbfounded and Brett can’t believe his vocabulary and they are all hugging.


Julie says he was evicted by unanimous vote? Why him and not Haleigh? Scottie says because he’s “unpredictable” and they don’t know what to do with him. Scottie says they just don’t know where his head is at. Julie asks why he didn’t change his behavior if that’s what cost him his game? He says he tried so hard. He says there were times he would have loved to have popped off, but it got him nowhere.


Scottie says he had a feeling they were going to get rid of him because they aren’t very good liars. Julie mentions what Scottie’s strategy when he went back in? Scottie says Tyler was his next best option but he was obviously wrong about their connections. Scottie says Tyler is kind of a coward. Scottie says whatever the house wants is what he does. Julie says is that good game or being a coward? He says it’s being a coward.


Julie asks what Scottie did to try and get in with them? Scottie says he tried to give them information in the HOH, but he didn’t want to live up there. Julie asks if he could have chosen between Haleigh and Tyler who would he have wanted to play with. Scottie says Tyler because he had numbers, but he would have preferred Haleigh. Scottie says if he had won, he would have put up Tyler though.


Good-bye Messages: Haleigh says he is one of the most creative, intelligent people she’s ever met. She loves him and he’s awesome. Tyler says the truth is he’s kind of known the entire time what’s going on and people needed him. Tyler says he got the power app week 2, tell your friends because he didn’t need it. JC says they do every week what the HOH wants and that’s what he’s doing this time too. Brett says he tried to rally votes, but Tyler got to them first.


The power is back up for grabs! This competition is called Shell or Highwater. On her go, they will maneuver their pearls one at a time down their seaweed ramp into one of the three oysters. The first person to get all three and hit their button will win HOH. If no one gets all three in three minutes, whoever has the most will win.


JC was close, but his fell off. Kaycee is doing pretty well. Kaycee has her first one in. Brett also has a pearl in. Angela has one as well. Kaycee has her second one and so does Brett. Haleigh has her first. Sam has one as well.


JC has two pearls and so does Angela. Kaycee has her third pearl and she has won the HOH!


Julie congratulates Kaycee on her first HOH and she says she’s so excited. Julie tells her she beat Brett by less than one second. 79 days everyone, congratulations on making it this far. Julie asks Kaycee what she’s looking forward to the most in her basket and she says a letter from her family and pictures.


Sunday, we’ll see who Kaycee nominates for eviction. Wednesday we’ll see the POV. Thursday, you’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here. Double Eviction night.

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