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Saturday, September 8, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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1225am bbt Sam and Haley have been sitting in the stairwell going up to the HOH talking and saying how their bonding about both being on the Block. They're just talkin General chit-chat Sam was telling a story how she almost fell down the spiral stairs one day when she was trying to wear rockstars big shoes.



1245am bbt Haley went to bed big brother finally turn the lights off just her and Brett in that room..... Sam went in and lie down on the little saucer she still fully dressed and just staring at the camera lights are on in the have not room JC is in the big saucer trying to sleep with the lights on no talking going on



1254am bbt Sam got up went into wash area to brush  her  teeth. She was brushing her teeth and they called her to go to the diary room. While,

she was standing at sink Tyler walked by to go to the restroom and when he came out he gave her a big big hug ,,,,, that lasted for a few minutes,,, they were kind of talking quietly but couldn't quite hear what they were saying. Then she told him to get some sleep it will be a big day tomorrow and she went to go to the diary room.


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311am BBT.. Haley and Brett are awake and have been talking for awhile in the geometry room. They seem to be going over talking about a lot of the houseguests that are already out of the house like Rachel Kaitlyn  fessie.. Brett was telling Haley that Winston noticed early on that fessy would seem to stare at them if Brett and Haley were talking. Winston also told Brett that Rachel would stare at them when they were talking also. Now they're talking about Scotty and Brett is saying he's not sure how to totally figure out Scotty and if scotty mite have some secrets..


318am bbt Brett and Haley just still talking about old houseguests that have already left and what they are doing now that they are out of the house Haley told Brett that Winston is probably his number one fan Brett said maybe. Who knows...( adding my own side note here can't figure out why Haley is staying up this late when she really needs to try and win The veto tomorrow she looks exhausted and just said she needs to go to bed Brett said sorry I'm keeping you up almost wonder if he's keeping her up chatting strategically so she'll be too tired to win The veto tomorrow...  ....pokerlady).....


332am ,,, Brett and Haley finally go to bed......( haley goona be so tired if veto comp is early lol-pokerlady)........ all other house guests have been asleep for a while...

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12:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Brett and Kaycee in the HoH. They can't believe that they are down to 18 days. The time is moving. And it moves faster when the BY is open.  They discuss that their alliance is probably one of the strongest alliances in BB history. They stayed loyal, kept everything within their group. It couldn't have worked out any more perfect. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela asleep in the BBR.


12:15 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 have been focused on Sam, alone in the KT. She has done some dishes, made herself some team, mumbled some things quietly to herself and gone to sit alone on the staircase leading up to the HoH. Feeds 3 and 4 show Brett laying down in the PBR. 


12:20 AM BBT Haleigh comes out of the DR. Sam, who is sitting in the stairway, announces her presence so that she doesn't scare Haleigh when she walks by. Sam says that she likes sitting there because it is dark. It helps her get sleepy. Haleigh asks if everyone else is in bed. Sam tells her that Kaycee is upstairs and the rest are in bed. Even JC has already gone to bed. Haleigh "That's impressive." Haleigh says that they are done in 3 weeks. It has gone by so fast. She reminds Sam about their conversation where Haleigh had told her they were all there for a reason. Sam says that is her favorite Haleigh memory. 


12:25 AM BBT Haleigh and Sam are talking in the stairway. Haleigh tells Sam that after Thursday, there is only 2 weeks left. Sam appears to be shocked and laughs and smiles. Haleigh explains that since there was a battle back, there will be a double eviction. They can't believe that Bayleigh has been in the jury for a month. 


12:28 AM BBT Sam and Haleigh are having girl time in the stairwell while the rest of the house sleeps. Sam tells Haleigh how she had once said she was going to break her ankle on these steps and the next thing she knows, she busted her sh*t on them. It wasn't graceful or anything. Haleigh says she did that once when she was drunk. Sam "Were you on national TV?" Tyler is called to the DR. Tyler "All day man, all day." 


12:31 AM BBT Still on the topic of making a fool of yourself on TV, Sam describes when she tried on Rockstar's shoes. JC put them on and danced around the room like he was born in them. She puts them on and she almost breaks her ankle on them. 

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12:34 AM BBT Sam and Haleigh discuss that they only have one more sleep in the HN beds. Sam says that Derrick told them that they are lucky. Those are not HN beds. Derrick slept on ice and the temperature was dropped down to less than 30. And one season they had spikes on their bed. Their big saucer is really comfortable when made up. 


12:38 AM BBT Sam and Haleigh break up their girl talk. Haleigh goes to the WC and then heads to bed while Sam takes out the trash. Brett is awake and notices her. They say goodnight to each other. Brett makes a "clap off" gesture and when BB does not turn off the lights, he covers his eyes with his ball cap. A couple minutes later, the lights in the PBR go off. Tyler is in the DR. The rest are in bed. 


12:50 AM BBT Sam has tried to go to bed in the HN room but it doesn't last. She gets up, most likely restless. Tyler comes out of the DR. He goes up to her and hugs her in the WA. He mumbles in her ear, but their bear hug smothers their microphones. When they separate, she tells him that she is okay and that he needs to get some sleep. After he walks off she looks at the cameras. "Do I look ok" and then heads to the DR. Tyler crawls into bed.


12:55 AM BBT Tyler quietly sneaks from his own bed to Angela's. Angela is almost completely under the covers. Tyler is covered up to his ears. 


1:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on sleeping HGs with the light off in the bedrooms.


1:09 AM BBT The snuggling in the dark between Angela and Tyler intensifies. In the dark and under the covers, we can see enough of Tyler's head to tell they are kissing. As if he can read my mind, he pulls the covers the rest of the way up. They are now both completely cocooned in the bed. 


1:11 AM BBT Haleigh gets out of bed. She tells Brett that she has a headache. She heads to the SR. JC has gotten out of bed as well. He also goes to the SR. He tells her that he can't sleep. Haleigh offers to make him some tea. He declines the offer and heads to the KT. All of this activity has trapped Tyler and Angela under the covers in the BR. 


1:14 AM BBT Tyler takes advantage of no one moving around the BR and hops out of the bed he was secretly sharing with Angela and crawls into his own. 


1:15 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 focus on JC, alone in the KT. He heads to the WA. Feeds 3 and 4 focus on Tyler and Angela in bed. They are in separate beds but, next to each other. Their hands reach out for each other. Simple hand holding develops into Tyler softly rubbing her palms and then moves up Angela's arms. 


1:30 AM BBT JC has used the WC and washed his hands. He heads back to bed in the HN Room. All 4 feeds show sleeping HGs. Tyler rolls over towards Angela and they whisper to each other from their separate beds. Neither are wearing mics so we can't hear them. Tyler listens, gives her a peck, and then rolls back over to his bed. All is quiet.


2:09 AM BBT Brett gets out of bed. He is the KT and puts away the clean dishes. He then fixes the seal on one of the storage containers. The O Ring had come loose. 


2:19 AM BBT Brett goes to the lounge with his cup of tea. He grabs 7 Jenga blocks and puts them on the floor. He places them pyramid style as if he is using these blocks to determine how the vote is going to go. One block at the top (HoH). Two blocks in the next row (nominees). He places the remaining four blocks (voting HGs) in the 3rd and final row. When done, he puts the blocks back and sits quietly. Haleigh gets some tea and joins Brett in the lounge. 


2:24 AM BBT Brett tells Haleigh that he was making tea when he saw Sam come out of the DR crying. Haleigh says she has been where she is 3 times so she gets it. Brett says that he doesn't that's why she is crying. He doesn't think that is what would get Sam down. Haleigh says that she thinks Sam cares a lot more than she lets on. She thinks acting like she doesn't care is her strategy. 


2:26 AM BBT Haleigh and Brett are the only ones shown awake. They are sitting in the lounge. Haleigh wants to win the veto but it is not helping that she can't sleep. 

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2:30 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh talk in the lounge about the different possible causes of their insomnia.


2:32 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh say that with a double this week, Day 86 puts them at 5 left. Day 93 will put them at 4. Haleigh says that means an extra week. Brett says that he doesn't think that when they get down to 4 things wait a whole week. Haleigh says that something is messed up. 


2:35 AM BBT Haleigh tells Brett that this could be the final season of BB. She tells him that BB barely got resigned 3 years ago for 3 more season. Just barely. She knows this because she remembers reading it and freaking out. Brett says that 20 years is a long time though for a show. Haleigh tells him that Survivor is well into their 30's. 


2:38 AM BBT Haleigh and Brett talk about Scottie's exit speech and how he flipped off everyone. Haleigh wonders what Julie said to him because she was probably very offended. Brett says that he doubts Julie was really offended on a personal level. She has just got to be politically correct. How do you respond to that?


2:41 AM BBT Haleigh tells Brett she has taken 4 Advil. She took 2 an hour ago and they weren't helping so she took 2 more. Haleigh starts to talk about Sam. No one know where her head is at. They never know when she is going to fly off the handle. She gets on everyone's nerves by creating pity. At least she has that going for her. But, she is tired of feeling like this. 


2:45 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh talk about how there were so many BB winners in the house today. Josh, Derrick, Nicole, Dani almost won. So did Paul, twice. It was a nice surprise. 


2:50 AM BBT Brett tells Haleigh how he never really got to know Swaggy at all. Haleigh thinks he would have lasted long if he hadn't started doing some weird stuff, like making deals with Rachel. 


2:52 AM BBT Brett says Rachel was the one who drove him nuts the most. Kaitlyn was 2nd. They fed off each other. If one of them was doing something, the other had to top them and it was mostly just loud. At least Kaitlyn was occasionally funny. He was never entertained by Rachel at all. She is one of those friends you can only take in small doses. 


2:59 AM BBT In the lounge, Haleigh tells Brett that Kaitlyn really rubbed her the wrong way. She would attach herself to the hip of him, Tyler and Fessy. She just kept doing that. And she would just expect that the two of them were okay together. She would know the most intimate details about the 3 guys and "she doesn't know two things about me". 


3:05 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh are still talking in the lounge. They are discussing how Scottie is not who he portrayed himself to be. There is no way he has never kissed a girl. He is not the innocent Christian boy he was day 1. Plus, Brett says that Scottie is good looking enough that some girls would seek him out. "Not buying it."



4 hours ago, Pokerlady said:

.( adding my own side note here can't figure out why Haley is staying up this late when she really needs to try and win The veto tomorrow she looks exhausted and just said she needs to go to bed Brett said sorry I'm keeping you up almost wonder if he's keeping her up chatting strategically so she'll be too tired to win The veto tomorrow...  ....pokerlady).....

She has a terrible headache. She has gotten up and taken 4 Advil within an hour time span. That's why she is up.


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3:14 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh are discussing Kaitlyn. They wonder if she is actively following the show and speaking on it or rooting someone on. Haleigh says that it probably depends on how she is impacted by what she did in the show. If Joe is real, and they broke up because of what she did, then that is probably very embarrassing. Haleigh says it makes her sick to her stomach to see how Kaitlyn acted with a boyfriend in the house. They both hope that Joe is not real. Brett "Even if Joe is real, and all of this is on the live feeds (even though she was good at taking her mic off), I don't see her being the type of person to pass up this kind of publicity. She would just ignore all that. I guarantee she still has supporters that love her. She will turn it into a positive learning experience. Which is brilliant. Good for her. I hope that is how she did it. Because that's her only shot." 


3:19 AM BBT In the lounge, while the rest of the house sleeps, Haleigh explains to Brett the final 2 Q & A from the jury. He knew the final 2 gave a speech, but he forgot that the jury asks them questions. 


3:25 AM BBT Haleigh and Brett leave the lounge and crawl into bed. The tell each other goodnight. 


3:30 AM BBT All 4 feeds show HGs in bed in the pink and blue BR.


5:08 AM BBT Brett wakes up and heads to the WA. He then returns to bed. Haleigh "What time is it?" Brett "Almost 5." Haleigh "Fu*k".


7:22 AM BBT JC gets up. He puts on a shirt and heads to the WC. He then goes to the SR to replace his battery before climbing back in bed. 


8:30 AM BBT The HGs are all in bed and sleeping.

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9:21 am BBT  all feeds still show sleeping HGs


9:30 am BBT  BB announces it is time to get up, all bedroom lights must remain on during the day, then we get about 20 seconds of music.  Sam gets up.  Feeds switch to reruns.

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9:44 AM BBT Feeds are back. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kaycee still asleep in the HoH room. Feeds 3 and 4 focus on Sam who is making coffee in the KT. 


9:47 AM BB "Tyler, Angela, please change your batteries. There are fresh batteries in the SR. Brett is up and awake and heads to the WC. 

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9:47 AM BBT  Sam is in the WA, Haleigh and Brett get up in the PBR.  They go to the SR for fresh batteries.  Haleigh complains she is so tired.  (went to bed around 3:30-4AM)

BB calls Tyler and Angela to get fresh batteries. Haleigh goes back to bed in the PBR.

9:50 AM BBT  Angela is up, says good morning to Sam who is in the KT, and heads to the WA.  Brett is in there. leaves.  Angela is doing ADLs.  Looks like Brett went back to bed (he passed through the KT).

9:56 AM BBT  Brett is back in bed in the PBR.  Sam and Angela are in the KT.  Tyler gets called to the DR.

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10:01 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett laying down in the PBR. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela and Sam in the dining room. Angela admits that she is a bit scared of going back to real life. She feels like she hasn't done anything for weeks. Sam tells her that she will have plenty of time to get back into it. 

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10:01 AM BBT  Angela and Sam talking in the KT  Sam said she gave JC the big saucer.(he complained all day yesterday).  Angela didn't sleep very well.  They say it will cool outside when they open the BY, since it is Fall now. 

Sam can't believe it is only 3 weeks until the end.  Angela said she wasn't thinking about her life outside the house, but now she is.  She will need to get on her business.  Sam says Angela will be getting calls from people t wear their dresses an clothes. 

Time has gone quickly.  Bayleigh has been in the jury house for a month now.  Sam and Angela discuss how time is so warped in the house.  Bayleigh seems like she was just in the house, but the engagement yesterday seems like 2 weeks already.  Sam says at work, 3 weeks just fly by, but in the house it seems so much longer. 

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10:09 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Kaycee and Angela in the HoH. They are discussing Eucalyptus and who should pick who to play in the veto if they get HG choice. They don't care as long as JC doesn't play. On Feeds 3 and 4, Sam has finished off a bowl of cereal and is washing her dish in the sink. 

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10:06 AM BBT  Angela leaves the KT table, feeds stay on Sam eating her slop breakfast.  She is mumbling to herself.  Other feeds are on Brett sleeping in the PBR.

Angela is back.  Sam said she is up early.  Angela says she doesn't feel like going back to bed.  They wonder if Kaycee is up.  Angela is going up to check on her.  Sam said it has been about 30 minutes since they told her she needs to be up.

Angela goes upstairs and Kaycee is up and dressed.  They hug.  BB tells Kaycee to turn the music down.  Angela says it smells so good in there, it is the eucalyptus.  Kaycee asks if she gets HG choice, who should she pick?  Angela says ME!  She then changes it to Tyler, she said he would be better.  Angela said Sam asked if she got HG choice, can she pick Angela, and she said sure.  They discuss everyone plays but one person, they don't want JC to play.  They don't think JC wants to play anyway.  They think it would be so sick if all of L6 plays.

Kaycee said Haleigh talks a lot, not sure who she would pick.  Kaycee thinks it would be perfect if Haleigh picks Angela.  BB calls Haleigh to the DR.

10:14 AM BBT  Kaycee said the beer is still cold in the fridge.  Angela said they can drink it after they win the veto.  The Saturday night veto celebration.  Kaycee said she promised Sam one when she gets off HN.

Angela and Kaycee discuss Haleigh.  She asked who Kaycee's target is this week (yesterday before noms).  Kaycee said she has zero targets.  There is the veto and then whatever the house wants, they can vote.  They are down to so few people.  Angela said that was perfect.  Talk turns to Kaycee getting the giggles during the nominations yesterday, and today should be better because she will have the card.   All feeds switch to Sam, who goes into the BBR.

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10:19 AM BBT  Tyler takes his drink and goes back to bed in the BBR.  Kaycee gets her package from BB.  She said it is like Christmas.  She opens it and thanks BB for doing her laundry.  They folded it so nice.  She is looking for her sweater.  She wishes there was a full body mirror.  Angela asks if she means a full mirror.  She said yes.  Angela isn't sure if that is good or bad.  BB calls Kaycee to the DR.  She asks "why", then laughs.  She confirms with Angela that she should pick Tyler.  Kaycee said Brett really wants to play, but Angela says Tyler can win vetoes.  Kaycee agrees.  They both leave the HOH room.  Angela goes to the BBR and says Rise and Shine, it is time to pick Veto players.  She climbs into her bed

Sam is seen in the WA. She goes into the WC, and BB does a close up of the door.

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10:28 AM  BBT  Sam comes out of the WC, she has changed clothes.  Angela is in her bed, Tyler is in his, no talking.  Sam washes her hands and is brushing her teeth.

10:30 AM BBT  Sam plugs in the curling iron while she brushes her teeth.  (Not sure she will have time before the ceremony)

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10:30 AM BBT It's a quiet morning. Nothing is going on with the exception of Sam who is brushing her teeth. 


10:40 AM BBT Sam is putting on her makeup. She quietly mumbles, and sings, to herself while she does it. 


10:45 AM BBT BB tells Sam to stop singing. BB then tells Sam that humming is the same as singing and to please stop. Sam covers her face with a hand towel. It appears that she may be softly crying into it. She speaks softly. "Please stop telling me what to do." 

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10:45 AM BBT  Sam is humming/singing to herself as she washes her face.  BB says Please stop singing.  She continues to hum.  BB says humming is the same as singing. please stop humming.  

Sam continues getting ready, doing face cream, etc.  No one else is shown awake.  Feeds 3 & 4 are on Angela and Tyler in the BBR, both in separate beds, covered up.  BB is not making anyone get up even though it is after 10 AM.

10:50 AM BBT  All feeds switch to the BBR and sleeping Tyler and Angela.  BB again says "please stop singing".  Sam must still be humming in the WA, which is why feeds changed.  Kaycee comes out of the DR. She goes to the KT for some coffee.

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