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Friday, September 7, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00AM BBT: Kaycee is in the HOHR listening to music, Tyler, Haleigh, JC, and Brett are in the KT chatting. The HGs are moving around the KT, BB tells Brett not to climb on the table. 

12:04AM BBT: Haleigh explains to JC how tampons work in the KT. JC says he's never seen one. 

12:07AM BBT: Angela walks into the HOHR. Kaycee tells Angela about Haleigh's one on one speech with her earlier. Kaycee says that Haleigh told her she [Haleigh] was going to be up here "all the time."

12:10AM BBT: Tyler and JC are in the KT, Haleigh walks back and forth between the KT and WA, she says, "I think I want to go to bed." JC talks about not wanting to go into the DR tonight. 

12:11AM BBT: Kaycee says she has a "general idea" of what she's going to do and say during nominations. Kaycee says she's going to talk to Sam tomorrow, Kaycee is planning on putting Haleigh and Sam up tomorrow. 

12:12AM BBT: Kaycee says her target, and the person the entire house wants out this week, is Haleigh. Kaycee says she wants Sam to trust her and understand that she is the pawn and Haleigh is the target. 

12:14AM BBT: Kaycee hopes next Thursday is a double eviction, so they can take Sam and Haleigh out next week. Both girls agree JC goes up with Sam if it's a double. They start to talk about how good their alliance is and how long it's lasted.

12:15AM BBT: Kaycee and Angela talk about their alliance winning back to back to back HOHs. Angela says Brett's next to win. 

12:20AM BBT: Angela is going through Kaycee's treat basket in the HOHR. Haleigh is reading the back of food packages in the KT. 

12:25AM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are listening to Chris Brown in the HOHR, BB tells her to turn the music down. Tyler and Haleigh are in the KT. Haleigh tells Tyler she hopes he never has to experience the "emotions" of being on the block. Tyler says he has been on the block. 

12:26AM BBT: Haleigh sarcastically tells Tyler "thanks for the reassurance," Tyler says he tried and Haleigh says he didn't and then asks if this is how he is in "real life." Sam walks through the KT and says she's going to bed.

12:27AM BBT: Haleigh and Tyler talk about Scottie's eviction speech. Haleigh says it was dirty and her ten year old cousin is watching and is going to want to know what those words meant. Tyler says Scottie wanted to go out with a bang. 

12:28AM BBT: Tyler says he "can't stand," people's evictions speeches being mean and personal. Haleigh agrees and says Angela's had a rough two weeks with eviction night speeches from both Faysal and Scottie. 

12:29AM BBT: Haleigh tells Tyler that she doesn't think everyone is going to get along after the house and uses Faysal and Scottie as an example. Tyler tells her everyone will, "get over it."

12:30am BBT: Haleigh tells Tyler that she "feels weird" about Faysal now. Haleigh is paranoid that everyone is being fake to her. Haleigh brings up the "Kaitlyn 2.0" comments. 

12:33AM BBT: Kaycee is rereading her letter in the HOHR with Angela. Haleigh and Tyler are still chatting in the KT. Haleigh is frustrated that Tyler is "vague," all the time. 

12:34AM BBT: Haleigh says Tyler should have told her she was going on the block last week. Tyler says that's against the rules, that he wasn't allowed to tell her that. Tyler says he's going up to the HOHR, Haleigh says she "guesses" she'll go up there too. 

12:35AM BBT: Tyler and Haleigh join Angela and Kaycee in the HOHR. All four cameras switch to Sam staring at the mirrors in the havenot room. 

12:45AM BBT: All four cameras stay on Sam sleeping in the havenot room for ten minutes before switching to JC walking around the living room and KT. Eventually he walks into the PBR, where Brett is. 

12:46AM BBT: All four cameras show the same room instead of two different rooms and conversations. It follows JC around and eventually he goes upstairs to the HOHR. 

12:46AM BBT: JC walks into the HOHR and all four cameras switch to Brett in the WA and then follow him around the house. No cameras are showing what is going on in the HOHR with Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Haleigh, and JC. 

12:47AM BBT: Brett goes into the DR and all the cameras are now on Sam in the havenot room.

12:48AM BBT: BB finally puts two cameras on the HOHR, where Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Haleigh, and JC are chatting. Kaycee says she feels like she needs to "hide this sh*t from Sam."

12:52AM BBT: Sam is just staring at the camera in the havenot room. Occasionally she'll sit all the way up and stare into one of the mirrors. 



12:53AM BBT: Sam is now out of bed and standing directly in front of one of the mirrors, she keeps making strange motions to the cameras and eventually they cut off of her, all four cameras are on the HOHR now. 





1:00AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds, puts all of the cameras back on Sam sleeping, and then cuts the feeds again. 

1:07AM BBT: Fees are back, Brett is in the WA before he goes into the KT and the group in the HOHR are still just chatting. BB doesn't seem to want cameras on the HOHR for very long, Kaycee may be playing music too loud. 

1:10AM BBT: All four cameras are on Brett alone in the KT, eating.

1:12AM BBT: Angela leaves the HOHR and walks into the WA where Brett is. They talk about it being impossible to hang out with just Kaycee and Tyler without Haleigh and JC coming in. 

1:16AM BBT: Haleigh joins Brett and Angela in the WA. Brett brushes his teeth, Angela and Haleigh pop their pimples. JC and Tyler are in the HOHR, JC tells Tyler not to act like a spoiled brat because people in the house will be coming for him. 

1:17AM BBT: Tyler talks about how he doesn't like Faysal and Scottie attacking her during their eviction night speeches. He says her family is watching. 

1:25AM BBT: Brett wants to know why there's so much stuff on Sam's bed. Kaycee walks into the BBR where Angela and Brett are to get her stuff. 

1:29AM BBT: JC leaves the HOHR, Sam is asleep, Haleigh is in the WA, Brett, Angela and Kaycee are in the BBR and Tyler is in the HOHR. 

1:35AM BBT: Angela says she's picked her forehead too much and is now icing it. Tyler walks into the BBR, Haleigh tells everyone good night. 

1:41AM BBT: The house is slowly getting ready for bed, just general chatting. Tyler and Angela are in bed thumb wrestling. 



2:00AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are asleep, the lights are off in the BBR. Brett is showering. 

2:09AM BBT: Brett is out of the shower, JC walks into the WA and says it's "random" that Brett is showering now. They whisper someone being "f*****g crazy," but they never mention a name. 

2:11AM BBT: Brett and JC are still in the WA, JC's microphone is muffled and we can't hear much of what he's saying. They keep calling someone "crazy." 

2:17AM BBT: The conversation is pretty one sided since we can't understand what JC is saying, the A/C is loud and they're both whispering. They seem to be talking about the last few days. BB cuts the feeds. 

2:20AM BBT: Feeds are back. JC says Angela is smart, but she doesn't know that he's "on to her." Brett says she knows he and JC are friends, but he doesn't think she knows they talk game. 

2:21AM BBT: Brett makes a few inappropriate comments about Tyler and Angela. He uses some of the wording from Scottie's speech and JC laughs. 

2:23AM BBT: JC walks into the KT, where Haleigh is and Brett walks through the KT to the bedrooms. JC and Haleigh talk about not being able to sleep. Brett puts on clothes and joins them. 

2:33AM BBT: JC, Haleigh, and Brett talk about television shows and censorship in the US and other countries. JC leaves a few minutes later. 

2:35AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk in the KT. They talk about a double eviction. 

2:37AM BBT: Brett and Haleigh talk about Sam choosing to sleep in the havenot room without being a havenot. Brett thinks it's weird. Haleigh is surprised Sam "gave" her a vote.

2:40AM BBT: Haleigh tells Brett she can't be on the block another week, she says she's paranoid on the block and she'll lose her "f*****g mind" if she has to do it another week. 

2:42AM BBT: Haleigh goes into the WA to brush her teeth and Brett goes to bed. 

2:50AM BBT: Everyone is now in bed, the lights are off, and all is quiet in the BB House. 

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1:30 PM BBT We have had highlight reels since 8:00 AM BBT. We still have no reliable lead on what the cause is. But you know the drill, expect the unexpected. 


1:55 PM BBT Feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett, Sam and Tyler in the KT. Brett is telling them about his college dating years. Feeds 3 and 4 show Haleigh laying down in the PBR. 

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1:56 pm BBT  FEEDS ARE BACK!  Sam, Tyler and Brett are in the KT, discussing when Brett calls a girl his girlfriend instead of a friend.  Tyler is going over stages.  Feeds 3 & 4 are on Haleigh in bed in the PBR. 

1:57 pm BBT  Brett said once he says a girl is his girlfriend, then he is responsible for her actions, just as she holds him accountable.  Sam is laughing, and doesn't understand.  They explain it to her.  Brett says if she does something stupid, and because he is dating her, then he is guilty by association.  Tyler agrees.  Brett says it is like in the old days when they "went steady".  Brett talks about his little brother bringing girls home, then they never see her again. 

BB says no napping. 

Angela is in the WA blow drying her hair.

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1:59 PM BBT Brett says that he doesn't just bring anyone around his parents. They have to be in a real relationship. That's the BS that his little brother does. He brings any chick around with her heels in her hand that he met 12 hours ago. It could be Christmas morning and he will bring some girl that he doesn't even know her name and introduce her as his girlfriend. 


2:03 PM BBT Sam tells Tyler and Brett that she once ran away from home because her family didn't like her boyfriend. She felt that all her relationships, all the way back to age 17, she thought were real relationships. That they would give each other what she thought she wanted. She never went into a relationship with a goal of anything else. 


2:06 PM BBT Sam says that trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. If you don't have trust, it won't work. Brett agrees but says that they don't start out with trust. It has to be earned. 

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2:01 pm BBT  FoTH.  Brett, Tyler and Sam are still discussing girlfriends, boyfriends, and how committed they were.  Sam said she has been in a committed relationship since she was 17, not all with the same person.  She said that every relationship was with the expectation that it would develop into something else.  Tyler says you have to be careful now because of social media. 

2:05 pm BBT  Haleigh comes into the KT, Sam says hello, Brett, Tyler and Sam continue their discussion.  Haleigh does NOT participate.  Sam says once trust is gone, it never really comes back.  Sam says she had jealousy issues, but not any more. 

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2:10 PM BBT Haleigh has gone up to the HoH room to talk to Kaycee. She asks Kaycee if she wants to talk before nominations. Kaycee says that it is just getting harder and harder. There is not many people left in the house. She has to do what gets the least amount of blood on her hands. "I think you know what I have to do." Haleigh says she completely understands. Kaycee "It is so shi*ty because you know I care about you. But the veto is there and I do care about you. Me hinting to you ahead of time, I feel it is better for you. When I was put up unexpectedly, it was hard. I don't want you to feel what I felt." Kaycee tells Haleigh that she has no targets. Whatever happens at the veto and whatever the house wants to do. 


2:15 PM BBT Kaycee has confirmed that the nomination ceremony has not occurred yet. 


2:16 PM BBT Kaycee is telling Haleigh that her being put up is not going to be anything personal. Kaycee adores her. She hugs Haleigh. Haleigh starts to shed a few silent tears. Kaycee assures her that she has no targets. Haleigh puts on her sunglasses. 

Haleigh Kaycee 1.jpg


2:19 PM BBT In the HoH, Kaycee tells Haleigh that it is going to be a long week but it will be okay. "There is still a lot of game to be played. No rolling over. None of that sh*t." Haleigh agrees she needs to fight for the veto. 

Haleigh Kaycee 2.jpg


2:20 PM BBT In the HoH, Haleigh tells Kaycee that she knows her going up is not going to be malicious or because Kaycee wants to come after her. Kaycee says no, it sucks, but it a game move that is unavoidable. And they had been getting so close too. Kaycee "No matter what happens, you and me are going to be a thing coming out of this house. That's for sure. Haleigh says she is tired because BB would not them nap. They got woken up 2 hours early too. This nomination and thing WBRB. 


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2:22 pm BBT  Haleigh is still upstairs talking with Kaycee.  Haleigh is saying how bad she feels, Kaycee is saying she doesn't have a target.  The numbers are so low in the house, it is getting harder to put people up.  Haleigh said she feels so bad that she waited so long to get to know Kaycee, and Kaycee assures her they will be good outside the house.  Haleigh said she is tired, and they won't let her nap.  Kaycee said her too.  They both say they went off on BB, and Kaycee said she rarely tries to nap.  We get FoTH.


2:26 pm BBT  Feeds are back.  Haleigh is crying and trying to wipe her eys.  She is joking how vetoes are not her thing.  She tells Kaycee that her feelings haven't changed.  Kaycee said they have gotten a lot closer in 80 days in the house, Haleigh says the last 20.  Kaycee said it is a shitty combination.  There are only 7 people in the house.  Haleigh said she told Angela and Tyler the same thing, she hopes they have a relationship outside the house.  Kaycee keeps reassuring her.   More FoTH

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2:27 PM BBT Haleigh tells Kaycee that if she stays, she will still have Kaycee's back. Kaycee says that she believes that. Haleigh "Are you going to be downstairs to comfort me?" Kaycee smiles "I will, you know I will." 


2:29 PM BBT Haleigh and Kaycee hug it out in the HoH. Haleigh thanks her for the talk. Kaycee thanks her for coming up there. Kaycee "It's almost over. Day 80." Kaycee offers Haleigh her snacks before Haleigh heads back downstairs. 

Haleigh Kaycee 3.jpg

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2:30 pm BBT  Haleigh and Kaycee finish their talk, and hug it out. Tyler is talking with Tyler in the BBR.   She tells him she was up n the HOH room with Kaycee, and said watch, Haleigh will come up and lay right between up. Tyler asks did she, and Angela said yes.  They split up, Angela goes into the SR, and says they got restocked.  Haleigh goes in too.  Angela thanks BB for the bananas, lots of bananas.  They are looking to see what all is in there. 

In the KT, Brett and Sam are still discussing relationships.

(gotta go fix dinner, watched reruns all day)

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2:32 PM BBT Sam and Brett are still talking relationships in the KT. She says there is no more hopeless romantic sh*t. She still believes in stuff like that. Brett agrees that you have to think about the other person, and it's the little things. Thoughtful things mean more than expensive things. 


2:36 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 now show Tyler in the WA doing his hair. He tries to get JC to agree to go out and run with him. Feeds 3 and 4 show Brett and Sam in the KT. They continue to discuss relationships. A little jealousy is okay. She likes little motions where the guy shows "You are mine" when out in public. Not vulgar stuff like public grabbing, but little things.


2:39 PM BBT Tyler is up on the loft running. He hollers down to Brett and calls him a side ho. Brett explains to Sam that JC called him his side ho. And Tyler is the primary. Sam "Tyler is the bottom bi**h." BB "Whoa there." Everyone laughs. 


2:42 PM BBT Brett and Angela mention having champagne and cake. "That whole thing got me excited. They were watching us. But, they made us do fake reactions first. Not even the real ones. Brett says that it was so much better than a veto where they don't talk at all. Because they got to interact. Way more than any other time. Brett was shocked. That would be hard for him. To come in here and filter. They couldn't talk about anything in outside world. Anything in here. So what do you talk about? Angela "Derrick told me that we are part of a fraternity now because only 260 people have ever been in here." 


2:52 PM BBT Tyler has ran 50 laps up on the balcony. Brett is planning to do a bunch of burpees later. Tyler goes to take a shower. Angela is laying down in the BBR. 


2:56 PM BBT Sam explains to Tyler about how stress causes Cortisol and Cortisol effects your brain. You can actually get mental instability from too much stress. But, so does smoking weed out of aluminum foil as a teenager. 


2:58 PM BBT Sam is in the WA. Tyler is in the shower. She says that had she been at home, she probably wouldn't have addressed her allergic reaction until she ended up on the floor. She doesn't run to the doctor for every little things. 

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3:00 PM BBT Sam "I spend so much time cleaning up everybody else's sh*t but I never clean up my own." She then said that either Josh or Paul made her feel good because he said it was so clean in there. She then says it was Paul, not Josh. Tyler "Victor said that he was the cleaner of his season. He did the dishes 24/7." 


3:03 PM BBT In the WA, Sam tells Tyler that she didn't know who Paul was at first. Tyler explains that Paul came in second to the big guy, Josh last season. The season before that, he got second to Nicole, the girl that got proposed to.


3:05 PM BBT Sam says that Paul seemed cool. He seemed nice. She had heard that he had a holier than thou personality. Tyler "He got to the end twice, he did something right." However, Josh was his favorite and told him he had been waiting for him to host a comp. Sam "And the guy that proposed, Victor, he spoke to JC in Spanish. His face lit up." JC getting to speak Spanish made his f'ing day. It was an exciting day. 


3:06 PM BBT Sam says she heard about Dani from season 13, the one with her dad, and she admired her. Dani was there. Tyler "And Brittany had the prettiest green eyes." They describe Derrick, the legend and cop, was very nice. Sam gave her tissue paper flower to Nicole. 


3:18 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Tyler, freshly showered, doing his hair. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee alone in the KT making a drink. 


3:28 PM BBT Things have quieted down. The House enjoyed a BB reunion and got see Victor propose to Nicole. Now, Haleigh is talking to upstairs discussing makeup with Kaycee while Tyler raids the SR downstairs. 

The peg wall after the BB proposal.


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5:33PM BBT Feeds are back. HG talking about how hard it was for Kaycee to talk. They are all laughing and chatting. Brett talks to Tyler in the BBR. Brett says he is sweating like a school kid. Brett tells Tyler that he keeps running hypothetical through his mind.


 5:40PM BBT Tyler goes to the SR to talk to Sam. Sam says that she is just going to have to trust them.  She says that the only person that hasn't been honest with her is the one she is on the block with. Sam and Hayleigh nominated. Sam tells Tyler that the things she does around the house are just for her sanity and to keep busy. Tyler says he understands. Hayleigh comes in and asks Sam if she is okay. Sam says that she is ok. She was expecting it. They hug.


5:50PM BBT Kaycee is thanking the HG for being patient with her. Sounds like they had to do a lot of retakes as the HG says they kept getting the giggles.


5:58PM BBT Brett's stomach hurts. He has a cool pack on it. He and JC are discussing previous comps and how HG did.

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6:02PM BBT Brett mouths to JC that he is worried if Hayleigh or Sam win the Veto. JC says that they have the votes no mater what.


 6:08PM BBT Hayleigh and Angela talking about tennis shoes. Hayleigh tells her that her Mom makes sure that she has 2 pairs of Nikes. Angela says she has a pair of white Yeezys that her brother gave her for her birthday.


6:14PM BBT Brett, Hayleigh and Angela are running laps in the loft area.


6:16PM BBT Kaycee and JC talking. She is giving him a pep talk about almost being done with being a HN.


6:20PM BBT JC and Kaycee talk. Kaycee says she told both of them they were going up. She says that they need to reassure Sam this week that she is safe and keep the house calm.


6:28PM BBT Kaycee goes to the HOH BR. Tyler asks her how she is feeling. She says good. She says that with the nominees being chill it's going well.

6:34PM BBT Kaycee and Tyler talk about what a big achievement this was for her to win HOH. Tyler says they are 3 weeks away and they can do this.


6:44PM BBT JC goes to the HOH BR. Kaycee asks him if he wants to listen to her music. He says no. He isn't a Chris Brown fan. Kaycee puts her headphones on him to listen.


6:47PM BBT Sam is scrubbing the toilet area out. Angela is scrubbing her face and letting the water run while she puts on soap.


6:50PM BBT Angela asks Sam if she can still have her lemon face mask. Sam says she can. Angela gets it out of Sam's bag. Sam tells Angela she isn't keep a roll of toilet paper in the back any longer by the toilet because the guys keep peeing on it.


6:54PM BBT Hayleigh goes to take a shower, Angela lays down in the WCA for her mask and Sam is still scrubbing out the toilet area.

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7:02 pm BBT JC, Tyler and KC are up in the HOHR talking about how the former HG know them. They reminisce about the experience with them. JC said that Victor spoke to him in Spanish, which he thought was cool.


7:08 pm BBT Tyler and KC said that they're going to hang out with Josh after the show is over.  JC knows where he lives and said it's not far from Miami.


7:10 pm BBT Brett joins Sam, Angela and Haleigh in the WA.  Sam is cleaning the bathroom like Cinderella while the others relax.


7:23 pm BBT All 4 cams are on Haleigh cleaning the PBR and breathing hard.


7:34 pm BBT In the HOHR, Kaycee says that she's happy to be cleaning at home, but doesn't enjoy it in the house.  Angela said she likes cleaning other people's stuff.  Sam is still cleaning downstairs while Tyler cuts up chicken for dinner.


7:43 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett are brushing their wet hair in the WA, discussing melatonin and how they wish they had some to sleep.




7:48 pm BBT Sam takes a quick break from cleaning the HN room and waves/smiles at the camera.




7:49 pm BBT Angela is doing her nails while Tyler cuts up veggies for dinner.  He asks what she wishes she were doing right now.  She said she wishes she was on a tropical beach watching the sunset, or Hilton Head, or on a boat in the middle of the ocean.  Tyler said he could handle that.




7:53 pm BBT Sam tells Brett in the HN room that the highlight of her day is the playing of 3 songs when they're getting up.  She wonders what is going on in the jury house.  Brett says he's probably playing basketball with Fess.


8:01 pm BBT Sam tells Brett about the Sugar Shack.  She paid $8k for it, it's a 2016 20'x8' pull behind that was used only twice by its previous owners.  


8:16 pm BBT Kaycee, Angela, Tyler and Haleigh are in the KT talking about how good all of the ex-HGs were that visited today, and that they feel like they knew all of them personally.


8:25 pm BBT The HG all eat together in the kitchen, except for Sam and JC, who are upstairs on the bridge.  Sam laying on the floor watching them through the window.




8:41 pm BBT The HG are talking about how they'd like to meet Christmas, and that she's pregnant.  They wonder if she was pregnant when she was in the house, and then realize that they're tested for everything.  They all agree that her baby daddy is not cute.


8:43 pm BBT Sam and JC play chess upstairs.  Downstairs, the HG talk about all of the catch words they've used this season, such as "literally, essentially, the point is, the reality is, flustrating", etc.


8:54 pm BBT Sam and Angela are chatting in the BBR about her cleaning.  She said she cleaned the HN room floor, but isn't motivated to do more.  She goes back and lays in her saucer.


8:56 pm BBT JC is talking to Brett about how they are choosing the have nots and that he does not like it.  Brett is hoping that they're done after this week. 


8:58 pm BBT JC tells Brett and Haleigh how long it takes to grow avocados and bananas, and in the Caribbean culture they have genetically modified fruits, but they're natural down there.


8:59 pm BBT Haleigh goes into the HOHR to listen to Chris Brown music.  Brett said that he hit a mental wall today on Day 80 and that he's ready for the outside world.




9:06 pm BBT Angela sets up her hair extensions on the pillow in her bed to fake people out to think that she's in her bed, covering things with the comforter to make it look like a body.  





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