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America's Got Talent - Episode - Semi-Finals 1 - The Results


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This is America's Got Talent: The Results.  Last night, 11 acts came to the stage fighting for a place in the finals.  Tonight, 5 will go through but 6 will go home.  Everything hangs on how you voted and it was a super tough night to pick a favorite.

Last night, Amanda Mena sang, Junior New System danced, Us the Duo performed, Voices of Hope sang, Magician Shin Lim wowed, Makayla Phillips sang, Front Pictures took us out of this world, Duo Transcend amazed on both trapeze and roller skates, Comedien Samuel J Comroe made us laugh, Michael Ketterer sang and acrobatic group Zucaroh danced.

America, please welcome your Semi-Finalists! This will be one of the toughest hours they've ever experienced in their lives.  Tyra and 3 of the judges have their Golden Buzzers in the mix tonight. Say hi to Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell!

The acts that came in first, second and third in America's vote will go straight through to the Finals.  The next 3 acts, 4th, 5th and 6th place, all face being sent home. But one of them will be saved with the Dunkin' Save Vote, taking the 4th spot in the Final. So voting is more important than ever tonight.

Here are the 3 acts in danger. Duo Transcend, Samuel J Comroe and Voices of Hope.  Please step forward.  The vote is open now. Which of these three do you want to put through with the finals?  Vote with the AGT App or nbc.com/dunkinsave.  Initial voting has Samuel J Comroe at 60%, Duo Transcend at 26% and Voices of Hope at 15%.

Have you ever wondered what happens with the acts during a live episode of AGT?  We need to fill time so roll tape!

The Finals are in 2 weeks.  Let's see who's made it.  Us the Duo and Shin Lim.  Please step foward.  Here we go. America has voted.

The first act going into the Finals is...   Shin Lim!  We say goodbye to Us the Duo.

There are now just 4 spots left, and one of them is reserved by the Dunkin' Save. You have about 17m left to vote!

Samuel J Comroe is still killing it, so if you want Duo Transcend or Voices of Hope, you had better get voting.  But in the meantime, let's take a look at the Intelligence Tests taken by our judges.  Roll tape!

Because we couldn't find someone to actually perform during the results show, we have another interstitial featuring Howie undercover during the auditions.  Roll tape!

You are running out of time to vote for your favorite act in the Dunkin' Save: Samuel J Comroe, Transcend Duo or Voices of Hope.  There are only minutes remaining. Vote at nbc.com/dunkinsave or on the AGT App.

So far tonight, Mr. Shin Lim is through to the Finals. But who will join him? Let's find out.  Makayla Phillips, Michael Ketterer and Amanda Mena, please step forward.  America has voted.

The next act going into the Finals is...  Michael Ketterer!  

Now there are 3 acts left up on stage but only one can survive.  Junior New System, Front Pictures and Zucaroh, please step forward.  America has voted.

The third act going to the Finals is...   Zucaroh!  We stay goodbye to Junior New System and Front Pictures.

That leaves just the Dunkin' Save acts. The vote is closed and the results are in.  Voices of Hope, Samuel J. Comroe and Us the Duo, please come to the stage.

Shin Lim, Michael Ketterer and Zurcaroh all have earned spots in the Finale, and the 4th spot has been determined by your Dunkin' Save vote.  Will it be Samuel J Comroe, Duo Transcend or Voices of Hope?

Here we go. Based on tonight's live vote, the act that you have put into the finals is...   Samuel J Comroe!

One spot left in the Finals.  Will it be either Voices of Hope or Duo Transcend?  It's all in the judges' hands now.

Shin Lim, Samuel J Comroe, Michael Ketterer and Zucharoh have taken up the first 4 spots in the Finale and there are just two acts left for the final spot: Voices of Hope and Duo Transcend.  It's all up to the judges.

Heidi says she loves both acts but votes to send to the Finale...   Voices of Hope!

Mel B says Voices of Hope were inspiring and Duo Transcend upped their A game. I am going to stick with...   Duo Transcend!

Howie says both teams brought their A game.  I have to pick Duo Transcend!

It goes to a deadlock if I choose Voices of Hope, Simon says, and if I choose Duo Transcend, they go through.  I'm just going to stand with the act I want to go through.  

Simon steps up onto the stage, points to Voices of Hope and stands with them.  

So the judges are tied between Voices of Hope and Duo Transcend and it all comes down to America's vote. A stage hand rushes out the envelope to Tyra.  Here we go.

Based on America's vote, the 5th act going through to the Finale is...   Duo Transcend!  We say goodbye to Voices of Hope.

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