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Episode 31-Power of Veto and Ceremony

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Previously, on Big Brother, the first four jurors competed in the jury battle back and it was Scottie who earned a shot at redemption. With the geek back in the game, he and Haleigh were the odd ones out. Down at the county fair, power was up for grabs and it came down to two rivals. But a pie to Haleigh’s face put Tyler on top. The house wanted to send Scottie right back out the door, but Tyler knew Haleigh was a big threat to his game. So at the nomination ceremony, Tyler put them both up. Tonight, will the power of veto save either Haleigh or Scottie? Plus, things heat up between Tyler and Angela.


We pick up on day 73 after the nominations. Tyler says he nominated Scottie because they already voted him out and it’s what the house wants and Haleigh is the only one with balls to come after him and nominate him. He just wants to keep them both calm so whoever stays isn’t coming after him. Haleigh says she’s not surprised but she’s not going anywhere this week.


Scottie says Tyler has assured him he is the pawn and he didn’t fight to come back in to go right back out. He’s going to do everything he can to win that veto. Haleigh and Scottie are talking and Haleigh tells him about seeing Brett, Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee celebrating after Angela won HOH the week before.


Haleigh says now that she’s on the block, she needs to check-in with Tyler so she can get a clear idea who the real target is so she has an idea how to move forward. Haleigh goes to talk to Tyler in the room and Tyler is telling her he doesn’t know who people want to vote out. Haleigh says she thought he and Scottie were tight and he says they are. Haleigh says then why would you put him up? Tyler says because it’s what the house wants.


Haleigh says Tyler isn’t giving her any clue as to who the target is so she just needs to go out and win this veto so her game is in her own hands. JC goes to talk to Tyler in the HOH and he tells Tyler that everyone thinks Haleigh is the target. JC says Tyler is his guy and JC has controlled who has been nominated and who goes home every week and he hopes to keep that up until the end.


JC says Tyler has been acting weird. Tyler says he’s on a power trip and JC says he can see it. Tyler says he definitely has to keep his eye on JC now and he can see how his game is trying to go and there can only be one winner in Big Brother. Tyler says if JC is trying to play tricks on him, he needs to watch him.


Sam is in the WA and she tells Tyler he can’t freak out when she starts doing stuff. Sam says she’s a hair dresser and she’s licensed in two states and today Tyler asked her to straighten his hair. He puts a towel over his face and she is using a straightener. Brett and JC come in and are watching and Sam says Brett is next. Sam says it looks amazing and Brett says it really does look good. Kaycee has joined for the reveal and Tyler says WTF? Kaycee says it looks good.


Tyler says he doesn’t know why he let Sam do this to him. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He says he looks like Kid Rock and Joe Dirt had a baby. Tyler says this is on national television. JC says omg, are you serious right now? What are these girls trying to do? That’s a woman right now. Fabio. Fabio go home.


Tyler and Angela are laying around in the HOH bed and talking. We then see JC come upstairs with Bret and interrupt and they say they can sleep. We see Angela in a towel and Tyler is on the bed with her and they are making up a game. One point if they barge in on them and two points if they note them being together directly. Brett comes in again and then JC follows. Angela is counting 3 points. We see Kaycee ask Tyler if they’ve made it official yet.


Angela says it’s driving them crazy and the only way to deal with it is laugh because it’s to the point that it’s ridiculous. Angela says these points are sure adding up fast. We see JC asking Tyler about a showmance and Haleigh interrupting. Tyler says nothing is going to happen. We see them cuddling and canoodling and they are talking about having a crush on each other. Tyler says everyone’s asking about a showmance so we might as well give them what they want. We then see Angela and Tyler in bed at night and we see them kiss.


Time to pick veto players! Tyler draws Kaycee’s name and she says she does want to win this competition so Level Six can have full control this week. Scottie draws HG choice and he picks Steve. Everyone laughs and Scottie picks Sam. Scottie picks Sam because he knows how much she despises Haleigh in the game. Haleigh then draws JC.


Haleigh says she doesn’t think she can count on anyone to take her off. She’s going to give it everything she has and she’s going to compete and win this veto so she can secure her own safety.


We see Angela and Sam in the KT. Angela tells us that Sam’s emotions are annoying. Angela says Sam is going bat crap crazy. We see clips of Sam cleaning and fixing things. JC says every day with Sam is different, she’s an emotional rollercoaster and she’s driving him crazy. Sam says she looks like a crazy woman who cut her own hair and she’s wearing sweatpants 24/7. Brett says he doesn’t know if Sam if fine. We see Sam yelling that she’s cleaned a lot and she’s going to shower and make something and JC says she’s low energy. She tells him to jump off the balcony and she’ll catch him. Kaycee says Sam definitely brings the energy vibes down in the house.


Haleigh says she’d like to sleep in the blue room with the rest of them and Kaycee says maybe she can sleep with Sam. Kaycee then offers Haleigh to sleep with her. Haleigh is reflecting on her game and she is telling Kaycee she wishes she’d done things differently. Haleigh says she still really likes Faysal, but he’s not in the game and she needs to cut that tie.


Haleigh says she feels like Kaycee and her are getting closer. Kaycee says she’s good. Kaycee tells us she has to build a relationship with Haleigh just in case she wins next week. That way she doesn’t think about putting Kaycee up. Kaycee is in the KT talking to JC and Brett and says they need to win POV. Kaycee says the only one standing in the way of Level 6 making it to the end is Scottie because he’s a competitor and he’s smart.


Brett comes out and he’s wearing a huge emoji costume. JC goes to give him a hug and Kaycee hugs him too. They head to the BY where there are emojis and balance beams that are see saws. Brett reads the directions and they have to crawl under a bar, then go across their seesaw beam and take an emoji to their message bubble. If they fall or drop an emoji they have to reset and start over. The first HG to complete will win the POV.


Scottie says he would absolutely hate himself he goes back out this week so he needs to control his emoji and get himself off the block ASAP. Tyler recaps the rules. Tyler gets one emoji and drops his second and has to start over. Tyler wants total control this week so he’s going for this thing. Haleigh doesn’t know if she’s the target or not, but it doesn’t matter. She needs to win and take herself off. JC wants to win this competition to keep nominations the same and show the house he’s a good competitor. JC drops an emoji and he has to restart.


JC says he’s going to change his strategy and go really slow and be careful as can be. Haleigh is in the lead with three, but then she drops and has to reset. Kaycee says she needs to win this veto so Level 6 has control. She’s trying to find the right rhythm with the see saw. Tyler is in the lead with 4 and he says he’s starting to find a rhythm and he just needs to keep it up so he can win.


Sam seems to be struggling. She says she hasn’t been on a see saw since elementary school. She says it’s harder than it looks but it’s kind of fun. Tyler and Kaycee are in the lead, but JC and Haleigh aren’t far behind. Scottie has to start over again. He says the emojis keep coming out of the tray. Brett says he doesn’t know what Scottie’s end goal is but he isn’t doing so well right now and he’s pretty happy about that.


Brett says it’s neck and neck between Kaycee, Tyler, JC, and Haleigh. Kaycee then drops her emojis and she has to reset. Brett says it looks like the emoji had a mood swing, look out for the emoji’s tears. Haleigh says she was doing ok, but then the tears made the beam all slippery. Haleigh and Kaycee both have to reset. JC makes a sudden movement and he almost slips but saves himself. He says the water is making this competition harder.


It’s neck and neck between Tyler and JC for the lead with Kaycee right behind. Kaycee says even though she’s had a big reset, she’s getting a feel for it and it’s looking good. She’s starting to catch up now. Tyler says he’s doing ok, he’s getting one after another and it’s starting to add up but his legs are getting tired and more shaky and it’s getting harder. Haleigh says she’s trying to catch up and all she can do is hope Tyler has a reset. Tyler then drops and he has to reset again.


Haleigh says she knows she can still win this if she can just concentrate and keep her pace. JC is in the lead, with Kaycee and Haleigh are right behind. Brett says it’s all about emoji control. Kaycee says Tyler had to reset so she has to step up and not make a mistake so she can pull through and keep Level 6 in control. JC says look at this, he’s in the lead. He needs to go slow and steady and not make a mistake. Haleigh says she needs JC or Kaycee to drop just one emoji because she needs this.


Kaycee says she’s moving back and forth, but she has no traction. She says it’s getting ridiculous. She has a couple of emojis right on the edge of her text bubble about to fall out as the seesaw drops. The emojis hang on the edge and we go to commercial.


Kaycee’s emojis hang on and she’s freaking out. She says if that thing falls she’s out of the game and Level 6 will not be in control. JC adds another emoji and Haleigh is consistently adding hers. Kaycee decides to go on the other side of the beam and bounce a little to get the emojis back away from the edge. Haleigh falls again and she has to reset again. She says she slipped and her foot touched the ground. Her heart is in her stomach and all she can do is hope someone else drops.


Kaycee is going for her final emoji. Kaycee has it and goes back and she heads to the other side and slowly lowers the see-saw. She gets it down and she crawls under the sign and hits her button. Kaycee has won the POV! She’s excited! Two weeks in a row and Level 6 is still in control.


Scottie is mad at himself. The last thing he wanted after battling back is be back on the block, but he’s been told he’s a pawn. Haleigh says she’s a fighter and she’s not going to roll over and die. This is not the week to do it. Tyler is in the HOH with Haleigh and he tells her not to freak out. Haleigh tells Tyler she’s not coming after him because she doesn’t have a person. Haleigh says she knows he’s in a showmance with Angela and she doesn’t want to come between them.


Tyler tells her the house wants Scottie to stay. Everything gets quiet and then Tyler says I mean they want Scottie to go. Tyler says the only reason Haleigh is safe is because the house wants Scottie out. Haleigh is asking Tyler if she’s safe and avoids the question. Haleigh says Tyler lives in a bush and he beats all around it. He won’t look you in the eye or answer a direct question. Tyler just tells Haleigh not to freak out because this is not the week to do it.


Haleigh and Scottie are talking and Haleigh says they are out of moves. Scottie says they don’t seem worried about jury votes. Haleigh says they don’t care. Scottie says with the five in jury, they control who wins and they don’t seem to think about that. Scottie tells Haleigh that he was told he was a pawn. She says so Tyler didn’t have the balls to tell her she was the target and they took Faysal out last week so it makes sense.


We see Haleigh in bed crying and Kaycee comes in to comfort her. Kaycee asks Haleigh if she trusts her and Haleigh says she does. Kaycee says she cares about Haleigh on a personal level and if she can do anything to comfort her then she will. Haleigh tells Kaycee that Scottie told her he was the pawn and Kaycee says she is good.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Kaycee has decided not to use the power of veto. She says she loves them both so much but for the game she feels this is best. Kaycee says Scottie and Haleigh are still on the block. Everything is going according to plan and all they have to do is send Scottie back to the jury house.


Tyler says Kaycee kept nominations the same and he’d rather Haleigh go home but Level 6 seems to want Scottie out. But this is HOH and we’ll see how things go. Scottie says he just needs to stay social this week and remind everyone he’s better for their game. He says he just needs to play cool man pawn. Haleigh says she didn’t roll over and die next to Faysal, and she sure isn’t going to do it against Scottie.

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