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America's Got Talent Episode 17-Semi-Finals 1

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Tonight, the semi-finals begins! Tonight is the first round of the semi-finals and 11 acts are going to perform, but only 5 will move on to the finals.


Our first performer is Amanda Mena. She takes the stage and performs Happy by Pharrell, but she has slowed the beginning down and has changed the beat a little. She gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B and Heidi.


Mel B says she adores Amanda. Well done, well done, well done. She’s here. She says it’s a brave choice and she killed it and she wants everyone to vote for her golden buzzer. Heidi says she seems so sophisticated for age and she loves what she did to the song. She thinks it was her best performance yet.


Simon says Amanda wants to become a pop star and it’s a massive achievement to make the semi-finals. He thinks that was her best performance and he thinks people will get behind her. Howie says wherever this takes her she has to go with confidence. A lot of competition tonight and he wishes her luck.


The next act is a dance crew, Junior New System. They take the stage and they are starting out with their heels on unlike previous performances. They dance to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Minaj. They take their heels off halfway through and dance to Lose Control by Missy Elliott featuring Ciara. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B is still screaming and says that has to be by far, 100% Junior New System’s best performance ever! Simon says that’s what we call a semi-final performance. Heidi says someone call the bomb squad because this was explosive. They created so many wow moments. Howie says how exciting is it to listen to him and get this kind of reaction. He is fantastic!


Tomorrow we will be revealing the 5 acts America puts through to the finals with 6 acts going home. But next, we have Us the Duo ready to take the stage. They perform another original. They get an ovation from the audience.


Simon says they are probably the kindest, sweetest people they’ve ever had on the show. However, he didn’t like the song they performed and he hopes America gets behind them so they can come back and show them what their capable of. Heidi says she loves them, but she agrees with Simon that it wasn’t one of her favorite songs. Howie says they are stuck with they dynamics before them, and maybe their song didn’t rise to ten guys in high heels doing flips. Mel B says she loves they have their own unique sound and she really hopes America votes for them. Mel B really liked the song.


The next act is a children’s choir with over 70 members. Voices of Hope is ready to take the stage and perform. They perform Defying Gravity from Wicked. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon.


Howie says it’s in this time we live in we look for moments that are uplifting and Voices of Hope just makes them feel good. Heidi says she thought it was Wicked! She says they put so much joy on to the stage and they are her happy place. Mel B felt like the timing was off at the start but they made it up in the middle and they make her feel all warm and fuzzy. Simon says this is exactly the kind of act he loves to see do well and they are so far his favorite act of the night. Simon says America, please put the guys into the finals, they are amazing.


Next up is an incredible close up magic act, Shin Lim. He has Tyra and Heidi on stage with him and he has a fresh deck of cards. He has Heidi pick a card and show it to the audience. He then has her open a marker and asks her to write her name on the card. He sits it next to the mat with the deck of cards. He then makes the marker disappear from his hands. He takes Heidi’s autographed card and flips it face down on the mat. He shows his arms to prove there is nothing up his sleeves and we see the card face down on the mat start to smoke and he flips it over and it is blank. He opens his mouth and smoke comes out and Heidi’s card comes out of his mouth. He puts the card in a baggie and confirms it is Heidi’s card.


He then has Tyra pick a card and show it to America and then write her name on the card. He then places it in a deck and the deck disappears except for Tyra’s card. The deck has ended up back in the box. He then has Tyra’s card in his left hand and the deck in the right and they switch. Then Tyra’s card is in his vest pocket. He makes it disappear again and this time it’s in his back pocket of his jeans and he makes it appear in his hand and then out of his mouth again. He then has Tyra’s card in his mouth where we can see and he picks up Heidi’s card in the baggie and they switch places and then they switch back. He then has both cards and places them both in the baggie and they disappear. He puts the deck of cards in the box and it starts to smoke and he presses down and the deck disappears. He gets an ovation from the audience and the remaining three judges.


Simon says anyone who doesn’t believe in magic…hello? He says that was sensational and Shin Lim’s best performance. Howie says he needs to be in the finals. He says the whole time he’s up there it’s like how does he do that with the card, the marker, his hair. He is truly amazing and he’s on top of his game. Mel B says she was trying to figure out and she witnessed true, classy, mysterious magic. Heidi thanks him for picking her and it was insane and she feels he will be a household name.


Next is Heidi’s golden buzzer, Makayla Phillips. She takes the stage and performs Who You Are by Jessie J. She gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi and Mel B.


Heidi says she believes in Makayla so much, she has the total package and she has the most beautiful voice, she just needs one more thing. America’s votes. She deserves to be here. Simon says she has guts. He says the song was a really smart choice, but he thinks it was overproduce towards the end and they lost her vocal there. He says this is her best performance yet though. Howie says he agrees with what everyone is saying, but he has to say it’s so much more than just singing and if you want to win you have to blow the roof off the place. Heidi says she just did and Howie doesn’t agree. Mel B says she understands what Howie is saying, but she disagrees. She says it was over produces, but her voice still shone through.


The judges got to bring back one act they thought deserved one more shot, Front Pictures. They have a space themed performance this time. They also have some animals in the production. Simon buzzes the act. They get an ovation from the audience and Mel B.


Howie says what Front Pictures do technically is amazing and he doesn’t know how it’s done. He says no one is experiencing what he’s experiencing because Mel B asked what jellyfish were doing in space. He says he was confused but it was beautiful. Simon says he buzzed because he didn’t understand if it was space or underwater and he hated the music. Mel B thought it was breathtaking and she felt as though she were right there, she thought it was very clever and interesting. Heidi says she liked it too because they create this magical world for them.


Next up is a danger act, Duo Transcend. They start on the trapeze and they begin their performance. Halfway through the performance he drops her and then he falls and they are now on roller skates with fire around them. They do a head banger trick and then a few other tricks on roller skates. They then do one last trick where she puts her legs around his head and they are spinning and he lets go. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon asks how many ways he’s trying to find to murder his wife. Simon says he almost had a heart attack twice. He says when they ask people to step up for the semi-finals, they just stepped up and America has to vote this act through because it was the best act of the night. Howie says it’s just wow. They delivered everything they need to deliver, America needs to deliver the votes. Mel B says she lost her voice, she was screaming and yelling and it was nail biting from start to end and that was their best performance to date and it was flawless. Heidi loves them but she’s so happy when it’s over, but they started with the most dangerous thing with the drop and catch and then everything was lighting speed and then the roller skates…it was insane.


Next up it’s time for some comedy with Samuel J. Comroe. He gets a nice response from the audience and he gets an ovation from three of the judges.


Howie says he’s so happy and he brought it. He needs to make it to the finals, they need to have a comic in the finals and he is funny. Mel B says she needed a good belly laugh and this was the best performance of the night. She loves him. Heidi says she likes him as a person, and she thinks the jokes are better but she wasn’t laughing as loud as Mel B. Simon says it’s the hardest thing to do to follow the previous act and nail it and Samuel did nail it. It’s not just that he’s funny, but people like him and he thinks they’ll see him in the finals.


Next we have Simon’s golden buzzer, Michael Ketterer. He performs When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four of the judges.


Simon says Michael is an extraordinary person. He does a shout out to Garth Brooks to write him a song for the finale. Mel B says he really touches her everything. She relates to him and she just connects with him and he has to go through. Heidi says he really is a special person and every time they’ve seen him he comes better and better. Howie says he deserves every hope and dream he has and America deserves to be watching and listening to him far beyond this show.


The final act is Tyra’s golden buzzer, Zurcaroh. They are doing a Grecian themed performance this time. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B says she was completely wowed and stunned. That was incredible by Zurcaroh. Heidi says it was an epic, grand spectacle. Every single one of them is truly amazing. Simon says they are going to call the director the greatest showman from now on. He never dreamt in his wildest dreams that they would find talent like this. It was sensational. Howie says this has been an amazing season and this is an amazing nice and he thinks they saved the best for last. He doesn’t think any other act they saw tonight could follow that. He is so amazed by what they do.

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