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Episode 30 - HoH Comp and Nominations

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Previously on Big Brother, for weeks, JC has tried to manipulate the game.  First he helped Scottie get evicted, then he was instrumental in getting the showmance on the block.  With Fessy and Haleigh destined to be torn apart, JC started looking ahead to new targets.  At the live eviction, Fessy tried to throw Angela under the bus.  But when the vote was revealed, summer school was out for the substitute teacher.


Soon after, Julie surprised the house with some shocking news.  With a shot to get back into the game, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie and Fessy went to war and it was the return of the Virgin King.  Now, with Scottie getting a second shot at the half million dollars, the final 8 will go to battle for a critical HoH.  Who will seize the power?  And who will end up on the block?  Find out right now on Big Brother!

Day 72 and the HG celebrate Scottie's return.  It feels fantastic, Scottie tells us, they are all acting like they love me, even they each of them voted me out. I don't owe these people anything. Now I just need to win HoH and finish my redemption.  Sam says no nicer a person could have come back, the girls would have been out for blood.  

JC tells us that Scottie is a crazy wild card that could be bad for his game.  He's annoyed because he worked really hard to get him out.  Tyler says Scottie was probably the best option to come back because he used the Veto on Scottie once, so he probably has bigger fish to fry.  Angela says she accomplished her goal of getting out Fess but Scottie is still a big target for Level 6.  She tells him she was hopping he'd be the one to return because everyone else hates her.

Haleigh emotionlessly says she is heartbroken to see Fessy leave but with Scottie back in the game, maybe she's not completely by herself.  Scottie tells us he did not expect Fess to be evicted but he apologized and told him right before the Battle Back comp that JC was in his head.  I got to get rid of JC.

Brett tells us it's Revenge of the Nerds, Scottie going after everyone who wronged him and I definitely didn't right him. Time for the mighty El Cockroach to step up and win.  I hope it's bench pressing, he tells Tyler in the WA, wondering what the HoH comp will be, throwing kegs over a pole vault, making out with chicks.  

JC tells Brett, Tyler and Angela he's annoyed there was a Battle Back, it's really hard for him to pretend to be happy Scottie is back.  He whispers Haleigh is super happy and he doesn't know what Sam will do.  They need to win HoH.  It's just us 4 (including Kaycee).  Scottie is the main target, JC tells us, get him out as if the Battle Back thing never happened.

In the SR, Haleigh and Scottie hug for good luck.  She begs him to not be mad at her. He says they have to talk.  She says if they don't win, they'll probably go up next to each other.  He tells us he still has a crush on Haleigh but the only thing he cares about in his second chance is the half mil.  She tells him there's a lot to catch up on.  OK, Scottie says, I'll win.

Time for the HoH comp - it's the HoH Pie Shop at the BB County Fair.  The HG must stand on a rope swing as they are pulled around a circle.  Each rotation, they are hit in the face (and the rest of the body) with a large (padded) cherry pie.  As Angela watches from the side, the HG are also sprayed by ketchup and mustard, making the ropes harder to hold onto.  The last HG standing wins HoH.

As the Pie In The Sky comp begins, Scottie tells us there's no way he's going back to jury.  The HG are sent spinning as they hit and bounce off the cherry pie.  Juice is squeezing out of the pie and staining the HG.  Tyler says this is the first week in 2 months he doesn't have a Power App.  

Kaycee tells us not only are you spinning, but you have to keep at least one foot on the disc at all times.  If you slip and sit, you're out. JC tells us he's built for this comp.  Then he falls off.  Scottie says one down.  Brett says his forearms feel like they are going to pop.  Scottie takes ketchup right to the face.  Brett is drenched in condiments.  

Chickens begin clucking and feathers begin falling, sticking to the HG.  Sam says she was 4 fingers deep into a bottle of jug wine last time she was this dizzy.  At least then she was having fun.  The rotation speeds up.  Angela says it hurts to watch, then eats some gummy bears.  

Sam says she's about to be done.  She's starting to feel woozy then drops from her rope.  Tyler is the only one up there in her corner, she tells us.  Scottie says this comp is easy, but then he starts spinning faster and faster and loses control. He tries to stand up to prepare to hit the pie and loses his footing and is out of the competition.

Haleigh says with Scottie down, it's now all up to her to win.  Scottie says he's now completely dependent on Haleigh winning.  Kaycee says she's about to barf, then she does, after which she shouts, "Let's Go!"  Brett says he's his arms are burning and the chicken feathers are stabbing him in the back, his legs shaking, he's cold.  And then he hits the pie and he's down.

Tyler says it's me and Kaycee for Level 6 and Haleigh, who's been solid the whole time.  Either he or Kaycee have to pull it out to keep them safe.  Brett says with all the chocolate protein, he nearly puked.  Haleigh says she has to outlast 2 more and has a lot of time left in her on the rope.   

The pie goes from an immovable object to slapping the HG as they come around, banging the HG hard as they bump in, battering the HG and sending them spinning harder.  Kaycee says she feels good, feels solid, feels like she could go for a long...  She is smacked by the pie and her feet slip off her disc.  She's out.  Fudge, she says, avoiding the bleep.

It's down to Tyler and Haleigh, both taking bruising beatings by the cherry pie.  Tyler says Haleigh is the only one to put me on the block when she won the Hacker Comp, so it's a must win for him.  Haleigh says she's all alone, Tyler's game vs. hers, and if she doesn't win her life in the BB house might be over.  She can taste the HoH, says Tyler is the biggest threat in the house but she can beat him.  

Haleigh can hear the other HG cheering for Tyler, not her.  That just fuels her more to win.  (To be fair, Sam was doing most of the cheering and was cheering all the HG, not just Tyler -- Morty)  Tyler says he's holding on as tight as he can because all the hard work Level 6 and he have put in could be totally undone if she wins.  Hit me harder, Haleigh defiantly cries out to the pie, give me everything you got.

The pie continues to take pot shots at both Tyler and Haleigh as they struggle to stay on their ropes.  Haleigh hits the pie scare in the center in the face and is knocked completely off her rope, hitting the ground splat.  Sam rushes to see if she's OK, and she looks stunned.  She helps Haleigh stand up and Tyler asks if she's OK before he dismounts his own rope as HoH.

Tyler says he won HoH fair and square as Angela gives him the key and a hug. He tells us that this week's HoH is all about him, not what's best for Level 6 because his eye's on the prize now.  He slides over to Haleigh on the mat and embraces her, telling her privately that she crushed it.  You did better, Haleigh says.  In DR, Haleigh cries she should have won that, she was so close. She knows Tyler is putting her up.  Why play it out, just send me home.  I physically and mentally can't do this anymore.

Back inside the house, Scottie says he's cautiously optimistic that Tyler won't send him back to the Jury House this week and he's going to try to rekindle that relationship.  Tyler tells Scottie he was spinning so fast.  JC can't believe he made it as long as he did spinning.  He tells us Tyler being HoH is basically me being HoH.  Scottie is going back to the Jury House.  Don't even warm up that bed.  

In the BR, Angela and Tyler hug. I told you, he tells her.  She tell us they can't be too obvious celebrating because they were caught red handed last week.  Later, JC gleefully tells Brett, Angela and Haleigh that Sam wet her pants.  Then he clarifies, it's an expression.  He points out that Sam was screaming for Tyler to win.  Haleigh says she was blatantly obvious.  In the DR, she says Sam was cheering against her (She wasn't really.  -- Morty).  I don't know why she dislikes me so much.

Haleigh leaves the bedroom and JC tells Brett and Angela they have to keep Haleigh and Sam going after each other. JC tells us as long as they are going after each other and not for him, it's good for him.  In HoH, Tyler and Angela lay down on his bed.  How long will it take for someone to come up and interrupt them, Angela wonders.  

Angela tells Tyler that JC's been weird to her, always planning something, trying to pin something on someone else.  He's a little rat, a snake. A little snakey snake, Tyler laughs as he stares into Angela's eyes.  I'll get him, he promises.  Scottie replaced Fess, Angela says. But I don't know who's the bigger threat, Haleigh or Scottie.  

Tyler tells us he has F2 deals with everyone but Haleigh, Scottie and Angela.  But I feel like I'm pretty good with Angela, so safest move might be to put up Haleigh and Scottie.  No blood on my hands, nobody's being betrayed, and the rest of the house is happy.  He tells Angela she can sleep up there with him one night.  OK, she says, fine. I'd prefer every night.  

I'm focused on the mission, Tyler says, but sometimes you have to stop for a little break.  I wish you we weren't being filmed, Angela says, teasing Tyler's hair.  What are you doing to me, Tyler moans.  We need to speed this game up, he tell us, because the more time I spend with Angela, the more distracted I'm getting.  They hug and he gives her a peck on the cheek.  You're so hot, he says.  Dumb ass game, he says after she leaves.

In the LR, JC tells Kaycee she never talks about her family.  Kaycee says the first person she came out to was her dad when she was a freshman in high school.  She said, "Hey dad, did you know I was into girls?"  He said he knew that and at least she won't get pregnant.  It was a lot of weight lifted off their shoulders, her dad just accepted it.  She didn't come out to her mom until a few years ago.  She's an old school Filipino lady, but she suspected it but was in denial.  Eventually she introduced her girlfriend to her mom.

Tearing up in DR, Kaycee says she waited a long time to have the conversation with her mom but to finally say she was in to girls, it hurt a lot because her mom just didn't understand.  She tells JC she told her mom she can't be mad at who she loves, a guy or a girl, this is how she feels.  In the DR, she cries it would be awesome if her mom could accept her for who she is.

Kaycee tells JC that she and her mom got into a few arguments with her mom crying. This is who I am, she tells her mom through the DR, I'll love my mom, always #1 in my life. I know she loves me and is proud of me.  JC tells Kaycee he knows it sounds cheesy, but it really is true, it always gets better.  

In HoH, Tyler tells Haleigh he hasn't decided anything yet.  Shut up, she says knowingly.  She tells us she just wants to be up against a bigger target than her.  She tells him she doesn't want to be up, but he's in a compromised position.  She asks if getting rid of Sam is best for his game? I'm trying to figure that out, Tyler says, not looking facing Haleigh directly.

Sam may not go home over me, Haleigh tells Tyler, if that's your target.  Sam could be beaten in almost anything.  I could have swore Haleigh put me on the block, right, Tyler tells us incredulously, and then you cancel my vote, right, and then you got me screamed at at the House Meeting by Miss Missouri, right?  Now, I guess I should put you on the block, right?  I don't want you to worry too much, Tyler tells her as they hug.

It's Scottie's turn with Tyler in the HoH, interrupting Tyler as he's shaving.  I'm back, he yells.  Dammit, Tyler says, checking for nicks.  I want to work with Tyler, Scottie tells us.  Let's make a deal, he jokes with Tyler, all importantly, 90 weeks of safety.  Tyler is my best bet to form a relationship and not play the game alone, he tells us.  What the heck happened to me last week, Scottie asks Tyler.

Tyler tells Scottie that Fess and Haleigh tried to approach him and Angela as a Final 4 but it was bull but he just told them what they wanted to hear.  People want Haleigh gone, Tyler says bluntly.  Go for it, Scottie says.  But everyone is scared of you, Tyler adds, because everyone voted you out.  I don't want you to go.  Haleigh's the only one in here who's put me on the block.  Game over, Scottie says.

Tyler tells Scottie that everyone's worried Scottie will jump right back to Haleigh.  No, Scottie says obediently, I'll vote however you want me to vote.  He tells us he doesn't want to get caught in the crossfire if Tyler goes after Haleigh.   The consensus of the house is everyone wants Scottie gone again, but Haleigh has openly targeted to me so it might not be so beneficial if Scottie leaves.  As long as you put up someone the house wants out, Scottie tells Tyler, you should be good.

In the BR, Brett tells JC they are good and have nothing to worry about.  JC warns they still have to worry about Kaycee and Angela.  JC says he's trying to keep everyone coming after each other in the house so they won't talk to each other and come after him.  And he'll make it all the way to the end.  We don't have anyone in the house who 100% has our backs, JC tells Brett.

Brett tells JC that Angela will be nominated.  JC counters she and Tyler are in a showmance.  Switch to HoH and Tyler asks Angela if she wants to date after the show.  Yes, she murmurs as he strokes her hair.  I'm worried about Tyler and Angela's relationship, JC tells us, but I want Brett to get in the middle instead of me.  

I saw this coming, JC tells Brett, but I don't want them coming after me.  The only one I've told is you.  The only person I talk to is you.  Say nothing, Brett tells him, stay loyal to them.  Brett goes up to HoH and tells Tyler that JC is paranoid to the max.  He's going nuts.  Brett tells us he has to let his #1 wingman know what's going on for both our F2 and Level 6.

Brett tells Tyler his priority is #1, him and Tyler.  #2, Level 6.  He warns Tyler to be careful how much time he spends alone with Angela while JC is around.  I know, Tyler says.  Tyler tells us JC needs to chill out and relax and let him do his thing.  

In HoH, Tyler asks JC if he's still complaining about whatever he has to complain about today.  Do you know what you're going to do, JC asks? Would you be mad if I put you up, Tyler asks out of the blue?  Yeah, JC says, brushing it off, are you going to put up Haleigh and Scottie?  We really need to get Scottie out.  Why does he have to go first, Tyler asks, I know what I'm doing.

JC says you don't want to go against our alliance, don't give me that crap.  I'm serious, Tyler says.  Regrouping, JC warns that Brett may come after Tyler if Tyler doesn't nominate Scottie.  JC tells us he needs Tyler to think Brett doesn't trust him that much so they don't get too close.  You have to have some faith in me, Tyler says.  

JC tells Tyler that Brett thinks Tyler is in Angela's pocket.  Nothing annoys me more, Tyler says, than when people get mad about small, petty things.  It is just paranoia, JC says, but did Angela sleep here last night?  No, Tyler says.  Brett was asking me, JC lies. You have to stop stressing out so much, Tyler tells him.  

In DR, Tyler says JC's been using his tricks on pretty much everyone in the house, and now that I'm HoH, he's trying to use his tricks on me.  But it's not going to work.  If this is the direction he's going to go, then I'll have to keep my eye on him and deal with him sooner than later.  You've got to stop freaking out, Tyler tells JC.  When have you ever seen me freaking out, JC counters.

It's time for the Nomination Ceremony.  Tyler calls the HG into KT and brings out the key box that doesn't actually do anything.  He gives the official speech then turns the first key and it's Haleigh.  The second Houseguest nominated is Scottie.  

Haleigh put him on the block as a Hacker, canceled his vote and called a house meeting against him, and it would be silly to think she wouldn't put him up again given the chance. Scottie, everyone voted you out once and you can understand it's the safest thing to do. Love and respect both of you, this is strictly a game thing.  I'm sorry.

Tyler tells us this was an easy decision as I have F2 deals with almost everyone else in the house. There's a time and place for backstabbing and this week is not it.  Scottie says there's some blockage in my attempts to reconnect with Tyler.  If I don't win Veto, I'll have to call an audible.  Tyler nominating me is a lame move, Haleigh says, I didn't almost kill myself on that rope to lay down and die.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Haleigh or Scottie from eviction?  Find out Wednesday night at 8pm ET/7pm CT on Big Brother!

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