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Wednesday, September 5, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00AM BBT: Sam, Scottie, and Brett are in the KT, talking about tomorrow's wake up call. The rest of the house appears to be asleep. 

12:02AM BBT: Sam says she's going to just go to bed and now shower, she says she doesn't feel like being cold. Scottie says he hates the havenot shower. 

12:05AM BBT: General conversation in the KT, Scottie tells a story about confetti and New Years. Sam says she wants to meet Scottie's mom. She calls her a "cool mom." Scottie says his mom is awesome. 

12:07AM BBT: Sam talks about talking to people all throughout the grocery store and the parking lot. Eventually Sam leaves the KT. 

12:10AM BBT: The lights are off in the BBR and the PBR, Haleigh calls JC over to her and Brett, they talk about blankets and JC complains about being a have not, "this f*****g sucks." 

12:11AM BBT: Sam and Scottie are in the WA, Sam is brushing her teeth and talking about drinking and thinking people in public are people they know. 

12:12AM BBT: Haleigh asks JC if they can hang out tomorrow. JC says they can hang out in the living room, Haleigh says "the living room sucks."  JC doesn't like the things Sam brings into the house from the BY. 

12:13AM BBT: Haleigh tells JC that everything can be looked at differently, she uses the example of choking someone with their microphone cord. JC laughs. 

12:15AM BBT: JC says he's going to his saucer, he tells Brett and Haleigh good night and leaves. 

12:19AM BBT: JC and Scottie are in the havenot room. JC hates his saucer, he says it smells like sweat. They talk about sweating while they sleep. Sam is in the WA. 

12:25AM BBT: Scottie brings up BB OTT, he calls it the "forgotten season" of Big Brother. They talk about their microphones  and audio. Sam is in the WA, getting toilet paper and paper towels. 

12:45AM BBT: Sam is cleaning the kitchen and WA while talking to herself, everyone else seems to be in bed and asleep. Scottie and JC are in the havenot room, the lights are on but they're both trying to sleep. 



12:56AM BBT: After she's done cleaning, Sam goes into the havenot room. JC leaves for a few seconds and then comes back. Sam said she had to do "night time stuff." JC says he can't fall asleep. 

1:00AM BBT: Sam tells Scottie and JC a story about helping someone change their tire. She says the moral of the story is "if you can, you should," when it comes to helping people. 

1:04AM BBT: Sam tells Scottie and JC more stories from home. 

1:07AM BBT: Everyone in the BBR and PBR are awake because Sam is talking so loudly. Brett gets out of bed, he says he can't sleep before he walks into the havenot room to listen to Sam's stories. 




1:09AM BBT: Angela mumbles something about a "muzzle." Angela tells Kaycee if Sam doesn't stop talking in thirty minutes they all need to go to the HOHR. 



1:12AM BBT: Angela gets up and tells Kaycee she's going to "stick a towel under the door." 

1:13AM BBT: Angela's towel doesn't appear to have worked, Sam can still be heard clearly through the door. Although, Angela says it's "much better." Kaycee tells her, "good job."

1:14AM BBT: Haleigh gets out of bed and walks into the BBR, she goes into the WA before going back to the SR. Eventually she returns to the PBR/BBR. She laughs about the towel Angela put down before asking Kaycee and Angela, "What the f**k is she talking about?" 

1:17AM BBT: Angela says she tried to "barricade the noise." Haleigh gets back into her bed in the PBR with her ice pack.

1:20AM BBT: Angela added more pillows to her sound barricade while Haleigh was up, it seems to be working, Sam can't be heard in the BBR/PBR. 



1:36AM BBT: Sam is still telling stories to Brett, Scottie, and JC in the havenot room. 

1:49AM BBT: BB cuts to a camera in the lounge, where the owl stuffed animal is sitting. BB does a slow zoom in on the owl, it appears someone in the control room is also tired of Sam's stories!



1:52AM BBT: Brett gets up and tells everyone good night.  Sam finishes her story and curls up in her saucer, everyone else also appears to be asleep. BB turns off the lights and Sam and Scottie take off their blindfolds. 

2:00AM BBT: All of the lights are off in the BB House and everyone is asleep. 

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10:19am BBT: WBRB then flips to Houseguests sleeping in the Pink Bedroom and Sam in the kitchen drinking coffee.

She is looking at her bug in a jar and took some pills. Whispers its Wednesday. Yawning.


10:22am BBT: Big Brother asks Sam to please go to the DR

10:23am BBT: Sam heads in and cameras switch to the Have Not room, everyone is still asleep.

BB- Houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm, thank you very much.

NO movement. A door opens and squeaks, might be Sam coming out of the DR.

10:25am BBT: BB calls Hay to go to the DR, she gets up.


10:27am BBT: Cameras are back, someone is sitting up in the Have Not Bed, Brett rolls over but not getting up.

10:30am BBT: Still no movement, all cameras are on the Pink Bedroom or the Have not Room, really boring morning.

BB- Calls JC to the DR, he moans and starts moving, very slowly.


10:31am BBT: Cameras change to the Kitchen where Sam is, still drinking coffee.

10:32am BBT: Sam tells us she is going to clean the floor today, it sucks.


10:32am BBT: Hay walks out of the Bathroom and heads to the Living room area, to go to the DR.


10:34am BBT: Sam is making breakfast, JC is still sleeping in the Have Not Room. No other movement.

10:35am BBT: JC is Up! stumbles out of the Have No Room and heads to the Blueroom to get a sweatshirt, leaves the shirt and heads out.

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 10:18am BBT: After a brief wake up call we come back to Sam at the KT table drinking coffee. All other HG in bed sleeping.

10:21am BBT: Kaycee up goes to the WC then back to the BBR. Sam goes to the FR. BB tells HG they must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm Thank You very Much.

10:43am BBT: sam is the only one up sitting in the KT eating breakfast.

10:56am BBT: BB still trying to get the HG up this morning. They are changing batteries and going back to bed. sam in the WA doing ADL's.

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11:30AM BBT Scottie lying in a HN bed. Sam is doing ADLs in the WCA.


11:40AM BBT In the HOH BR, Angela and Tyler cuddling in the dark. She eventually gets up and turns on the lights and crawls back under the covers. They cover their heads as well.


11:49AM BBT Tyler and Angela talking. She says she had a good talk with Brett last night. She told him that she would never work with Hayleigh. She says they they talked about how crazy Sam is and annoying.



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12:03 pm BBT  Tyler and Angela are in the HOH bed.  They have their heads covered by blankets.  Tyler was called to exchange his batteries, Angela tells BB they can share hers.  He eventually gets up to go to the SR.  She says not to worry she isn't going anywhere.  He goes downstairs, no one is in the KT or LR.  Tyler goes back upstairs and crawls into bed with Angela.  They joke about not obstructing their microphones. 

Feeds 1&@ are on Sam in the Have not shower.


12:07 pm BBt  Tyler tells Angela he had a dream about her.  He said he was going to the airport to see her, and his aunt who never stops talking was with him.  He said she talked so much he couldn't get out of the car.  He said once he saw her, it was better.  She asked if his aunt's name was Sam.  He said no, but they are just alike.

Angela gets up and locks the door, in case they fall asleep and someone comes up.

12:14 pm BBT  Angela and Tyler are barely talking.  She complains that she hates the cameras in her face.  Other feeds are still on Sam in the shower.  Not much going on!

12:19 pm BBT  Feeds finally switch off of Angela and Tyler in bed. to Kaycee, who appears to have just gotten up. She goes to the KT for some coffee. She looks at the clock and says damn, 12.  Some more muttering and oh my gosh.

12:22 pm BBt  Kaycee goes back to the BBR to get her water bottle/jug.   She goes into the WA to say good morning to Sam, then goes back to the KT.  BB says Rise and Shine.  Tyler and Angela can be heard muttering. 

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12:27 pm BBT  Kaycee is sitting alone at the KT counter, and Scottie comes in.  She asks how he slept.  He says okay.  He takes the fish food upstairs to feed the fish.  Angela sees him coming up, she and Tyler watch to see if he comes in.  He finishes feeding the fish and goes back downstairs.  Scottie says he has learned that sleeping sideways is the best way to sleep in the saucer.  He said the bigger one makes a lot of difference.  Kaycee agrees.  She is glad he got the large one.  Kaycee show Scottie her face.  She laid on the corner of the pillow, and it messed up her face.  She said her eye is still blurry.  Scottie continues to noisily stir his glass, must be a protein shake.  They discuss how late it is.  Kaycee says Sam is in the shower, but everyone else must still be in bed.  She said Angela was upstairs, she thinks.  Scottie asks to talk with her sometimes later.  She said that is fine.  BB tells people to be awake between 10 am and 10 pm.  Kaycee is trying to decide if she should pop the yoke or not.

12:34 pm BBT  Scottie asks if his voice sounds different, more raspy.  Kaycee isn't sure, asks what he did, did he yell a lot yesterday?  He said no, but he did chain smoke cigars.  Kaycee said her voice is always raspy after a competition, form yelling. She fixed 3 fried eggs, tried not to pop the yokes, but one popped when she was flipping it over.

Upstairs, Angela and Tyler are talking with the covers over their mics, hard to understand them.  Something a bout a doctor, if the question was answered, and a red face.


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12:33PM BBT Scottie in the KT making himself a drink. He chats with Kaycee about the HN beds and where everyone is. Kaycee says she fell back to sleep for 45 minutes and didn't realize how late it was. BB keeps announcing that HG need to be awake.


12:48PM BBT Scottie tells Kaycee about his brother. He says they have gotten into a lot of fights. He says his brother has thrown him down a flight of stairs.



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1:04 pm BBT  Angela dn Tyler are still in the HOH bed.  Kaycee and Scottie are still in the KT, discussing soccer.  Scottie is telling about a game he was in, he was usually goalie.  He got kicked in the head once.  Another time he made the game winning goal.

1:07 pm BBT  Haleigh is in the shower in the WA.

1:17 pm BBT  In the HOH room. Tyler is getting up.  Angela says something about leaving a few minutes later.  He reaches over her to get his bandana, and gives her a quick kiss.  He then heads off to the DR.

1:19 pm BBT  Sam is in the WA, blow drying her hair, Haleigh is out of the shower, brushing her hair (she didn't wash it), Scotie came in to brush his teeth, then back to the KT.  He starts playing with some of the stuff on the table, and hits himself in the face.  It hits his glasses.  He said that could have been dangerous.  Kaycee calls him Edward Scissorhands.  He said he was going for Freddy Krueger, but Scissorhands works too.    They start cleaning off the KT table, complaining about how messy it is.  They take the food to the SR, and get everything off the table except for all of Sam's clutter.  

Kaycee gets her vitamins for the day, Scottie takes something to the PBR, abd Brett is now up.  Kaycee says good morning to him as she comes out of the SR.  He goes to the WC.  Scottie and Kaycee are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff on the table.  They move it over to one half of the table.  They are on a cleaning binge.


1:30 pm BBT  Haleigh comes in from the WA.  Kaycee tells her she can have all of the eggs she cooked.  Haleigh goes back into the WA to get her mic.  Haleigh tells of a dream she had about chickens that got too hot.  They were running around all over the house. 

Kaycee goes into the WA to brush her teeth.  Sam starts talking with her.  Kaycee is laughing as she brushes.

(gotta go, can someone take over?)


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2:40PM BBT Kaycee prepping food in the KT. JC, Hayleigh and Brett chatting in the HN BR.


2:54PM BBT Brett tells Hayleigh and JC that he sleeps as long as he can to get the days to go by. He says all he looks forward to is that they get music on Thursdays.


3:01PM BBT Breet is telling JC that last night he came into the HN BR last night because Angela and Hayleigh were throwing things at the door because they were angry with how loud Sam was being telling her story. JC says that it is dumb, Angela and Hayleigh could have moved to the other room and shut the door. He says he isn't one who goes looking for issues.



3:08PM BBT JC and Brett talk. JC says that Sam is top priority to go because she is coming after them. JC says that "these two" have to go first without naming names. He says whoever goes, the other one is left alone.


3:12PM BBT Hayleigh and Scotty talk while they pack. Scottie thought he would be better at the game. Hayleigh tells him that he has done well. Scottie says he has been the HN the most and been on the block the most as well.


3:16PM BBT Brett tells JC that Rachel would upset him because she would cook things and leave the dishes everywhere. She also couldn't seal a bag. He says once she left, they never had an ant problem again. Brett says that Fessy would do the same type things.


3:30PM BBT Hayleigh and Scott continue to pack and chat.

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3:34PM BBT Kaycee goes into the HN BR. She talks with JC about if Hayleigh wins HOH, then Sam would go up and she can only put up one of the L6 players so they are good.


3:43PM BBT Kaycee and JC continue to talk about Hayleigh and how she doesn't have any loyalty to them.Scottie comes in to see if any of his stuff is in the HN room since he is packing.


3:53PM BBT The HG are just chatting. Tyler tells Scottie that he is looks like a receptionist at an Urgent Care.

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7:05 pm BBT Scottie and Sam are playing chess upstairs on the bridge, while Angela and Haleigh are getting made up in the WA.  No game talk. 


7:08 pm BBT Angela is hoping to get some sleep tonight.  There was a lot of loud talk coming from Sam in the HN room last night, so she didn't get much sleep last night.


7:10 pm BBT Angela, Tyler, JC, Haleigh and Brett are in the KT.  Haleigh is flipping her hair around getting it up top while Angela picks at her nails.  KC joins them.


7:16 pm BBT JC asks Brett if "we can go shower now".  Brett says "WE are not going anywhere right now".  They all laugh.  JC tells Brett he has a dirty mind.


7:24 pm BBT JC tells the others that Cory (of Cory and Nicole) is his type.  Haleigh said that he was so boring.  Angela said "so the most basic white boy".  


7:28 pm BBT Sam and Scottie are talking about the Harry Potter books illustrations upstairs.  Sam didn't read all of the books, but thinks she did see the movies.


7:31 pm BBT Scottie said he watched the entire series of Harry Potter movies while he was in jury.


7:32 pm BBT Sam said that JK Rowling started the idea of Harry Potter on coffee napkins, and now is second only to the Queen in terms of wealth.


7:36 pm BBT Tyler is eating, JC is playing with the hula hoop, Angie is sitting at the KT counter and KC is doing dishes/cooking.


7:51 pm BBT Random chatter in the KT while Haleigh blow dries her nails in the WA.  


7:57 pm BBT The HG are in the KT talking about previous showmances, and some with age differences.  Brett said that Rockstar tried to be in a showmance with him. [lol]

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8:02 pm BBT The HG have been singing quite a bit tonight, so there's a lot of cutting the feeds to fish every few minutes.


8:11 pm BBT Haleigh is in the BBR eating Funyuns.  Scottie joins her and she says she's reflecting on her life.  "Your entire life?"  "just the last few months". 


8:29 pm BBT KC and Sam explain to Tyler how the show airs with the different time zones.  It takes quite a bit of schooling before he understands.


8:40 pm BBT Tyler goes upstairs and tells Angela that he asked Sam what Chantix was and Sam got upset. They talk about how to have normal conversations in public without giving themselves away.


8:45 pm BBT Scottie and KC are in the BBR and he tells her that he learned so much in jury, like how Bayleigh and Rockstar started the Maneater alliance.




8:49 pm BBT Scottie tells KC that when the two of them were on the block, that Fessy, Haleigh, Angela and Tyler had a F4 deal.  KC plays dumb like she didn't know.


8:52 pm BBT Tyler and Angela are canoodling once again in the HOHR bed.




8:53 pm BBT Scottie says he loves Haleigh as a person, but she's been playing him since week 2, and that she had 5 F2 deals.


8:58 pm BBT Scottie tells KC that Tyler is his best friend in the house and that he would never do anything to jeopardize his game.


9:01 pm BBT KC tells Scottie that she loves him and respects him as a person and a player.  "but you suck at foosball"


9:04 pm BBT Scottie takes KCs hand and he asks her for a F2 and she says "oh sh*t", thinks about it, and then answers "ok".  [DISCLAIMER: this wasn't very clear audio with Scottie, so I'm not 100% this is what he said]



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BB Time 8:37pm


Tyler and Angela are in the HOH room, Tyler just walked in and landed on the bed beside her.


Angela is saying something about the things she heard coming from the jury house, she was talking to low to hear most of it, but BB tells her to put on her microphone.


Tyler says Haleigh asked him if he was close to Angela, and she believes they are not really very close at all.


Tyler: Perfect, (laughs)


Tyler: have you talked to Scottie?

Angela: no, I don't want to

Tyler: You won't talk to him

Angela: I will if I am cornered, but if I don't want to lie to him.


Angela says Scottie spent the day with Sam, and Sam does that with people who are going.

Tyler says Scottie is aware of that, he is the one that called it out.


Tyler says that he talked to Sam about the bed thing, she was not aware there was a problem, someone took hers, she didn't realize it wasn't Brett....Tyler also says that Sam knows that Haleigh wants her out.


The two lovebirds ask each other several times, “What are you thinking about?” “I dunno, what are you thinking about?”


They talk about the other house guests, the live show, double evictions, and so on.


Tyler is worried about being sent out on a double eviction, Angela tells him to not even say that, it would be horrible.





Scottie and Kaycee are talking in the bedroom.


Scottie is asking Kaycee how much she knows about the final four deal Haleigh and Faysal tried to get with Tyler and Angela.


Scottie tells Kaycee that Haleigh had 5 final twos, he tells Kaycee that Haleigh campaigned for Rock Star and Faysal, but never campaigned for him.


Haleigh starts to come into the room Kaycee says, “We are doing our one on one.” (laughs) and Haleigh leaves.


Scottie tells Kaycee that Haleigh has been playing him since week two, and he was thrown up because of Haleigh.


Scottie says jury confirmed that 'they' were trying to get him and Tyler on the block together.


He tells Kaycee that he voted against Kaycee only because he made a 'pinkie promise' to do it, that they must be currency in the house.


He says he talked to JC and Brett yesterday, and Tyler. He says he spoke to Sam today. He still needs to talk to Angela.


Kaycee keeps responding, “yeah”


Scottie says Brett prefers that he stays, JC will vote for the house. He also tells Kaycee that Brett warned him against JC, and that surprised him.


Kaycee says she needs to find out what the house is doing, she will go with them to protect her own game.


Scottie says unless they are lying to him, he has two votes. He says that Tyler would rather keep him, he has no question about that.


Kaycee says she loves him, and even though they were on opposite sides and she still feels very close to him.


Scottie says it was stupid to align with them, that they put him on the block and evicted him. Scottie says coming back he had no agenda, he was a 'new player', and he is just looking for people.


Kaycee: “I love you.” she tells him he is a good person, an amazing player. (Kaycee is very sincere with Scottie during this conversation, she promises him nothing, and tells him the truth)


Scottie: Tyler told me I was not going home. But you never know, especially if you have been evicted.


Kaycee asks him who he would go after, and Scottie says whoever picks him up, he would go with their agenda, because he really has none of his own.


Kaycee says she will talk to the others and see where they are at.


They hug


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BB Time 8:59pm




In the storage room there is Coor's beer and a bottle of wine. (I assume the house guests are not included in this)


Kaycee: Sorry JC.

Tyler: Drink to JC


The house guests thank BB for the beer and surround the kitchen counter. They sing the 'peanut song”


They are passing a cup of wine around, sharing it (they call it hurricane- ing).



In the bathroom area JC is sitting on the sofa, he was not included because he is a have-not. Brett comes by with a variation of the 'peanut song', JC laughs.


JC: I don't even have the energy to talk. Are you going to shower?

Sam: I didn't do a thing today, I am going to bed and get up fresh as a daisy.


JC says he just wants it to be over. He is staring down the hall towards the kitchen (looks like a lost puppy).


Sam: I don't like chardonnay and Coor's is cheap shitty beer.

JC grumbles and stomps off, Sam looks at the camera and shrugs while she brushes her teeth.


JC comes back into the room, we hear Brett yelling “Hey old girl”


Sam says she is going to bed if JC doesn't care, he says he does not, Brett says I will keep him company/


Sam: well your girlfriend is here so I don't feel bad

Brett: we don't put labels on it.

Brett asks to fix his hair, she tells him she will if he really wants her to.


BB is telling JC to put on his microphone (repeats it sternly), JC says he is getting in the shower..


Brett sits on the little stool in the bathroom and Sam works on his hair.


Brett: you are putting gel in it??

Sam: yeah, you don't want it??

Brett: I will have to take a shower...

Sam: It's not that much, it will be fine. Are you going to shower in the morning.


JC is in the shower, he says something and Sam says, “I cleaned the shower floor this morning, sorry for the inconvenience.” JC grumbles, Sam turns the blow dryer on high...


In the kitchen the other house guests are using the cups for some kind of pong game...they are settling on the rules. The cups are arranged like bowling pins on either side of the counter. If a ball goes in a cup they remove the cup, they can be rearranged if there are four cups, but you lose your turn for redemption.


In the bathroom area:

Sam is still working on Brett's hair while he combs his mustache, she tells him if JC tries to lure him to his saucer it is not her fault.


Sam tells Brett he seems sad, he says no, but he is wondering how movie stars deal with all the hair fixing. Sam tells him those people have hairdressers who go with them everywhere, it is a dream job for a hairdresser. She adds that sometimes those people become very close friends.


The pong games continue in the kitchen with Scottie as spectator.


Sam says different people need a different cut, since what they do has a lot to do with how complicated the haircut will be.


They are talking about Faysal, the amount of time he spends on his hair, and whether he will continue to grow it out.


Brett looks very relaxed while Sam works on his hair, she tells him he is done, to go show it off. ( I really like this look, but he wants the back neater) Sam tells him it looks good, it is a “male model” look. Brett fusses a little, and Sam sits him back down and smooths it for him. When she is done he says his hair looks like a bird's nest.


Brett goes to the kitchen, “Do I look like a bird's nest right now?”

He looks into the camera and says, “ohh”, he yells for JC and leaves the kitchen.


Brett goes back to the bathroom area, Sam tells him if he wants it that way tomorrow she will do it, and he says “okay”. He continues to admire himself in the mirror, touching and smoothing his hair.


















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BB Time 9:36pm


Sam goes into the have not room, she crawls into her saucer, she tells us she has come in there to be by herself for a bit, then asks the camera to move away while she changes her shirt, the camera moves.


Sam: thank you

in a few seconds

Sam: okay

the camera moves back while she adjusts herself. She laughs and says I am like a dog trying to lay in a bed, go in circles..finally okay, that's better.


Sam: Goodnight BB, goodnight mom, a few more people, Goodnight everybody, I love you. Thank you.

She pulls her nighty night mask down and is still.


In the kitchen the second game of pong is still in progress. Scottie is still a spectator.


Brett seems to be checking the bedrooms. JC finds him...


He is talking about Angela being in the HOH room. He is upset that they have alcohol and he is a have not. He says “she” gets drunk and sloppy. (not sure who she is).


In the bathroom area JC tells Brett: She has been super serious all day, and look at her now.”

Brett: (toothbrush in mouth) um hmm, when he is done Brett leaves the room while JC is still brushing.


Brett goes into the pink bedroom, climbs into bed and puts his hat over his face.


JC goes into the kitchen with the others where they are all yelling, and pounding during the pong game, JC leaves the kitchen and joins Brett in the beds.


Brett: we are at the point where I am like what the f**k?


Camera moves around and comes back.


JC: we need to stick to the plan, don't get me wrong, they don't take out Haleigh that's fine but she is working with the girls and that stuff. My only fear is that if I make a move one of them....Haleigh is already watching me weird.


JC tells Brett that someone (unknown) said 'I always to get what I want', I want to talk to Tyler tonight, if tomorrow is a double eviction we won't have any time to...”


JC is worried that getting Scottie out instead of Haleigh, Haleigh is a vote for Tyler.

Brett says Scottie is a competitor, he won't listen to anyone, Haleigh can be swayed. He says we know what Haleigh will do, but not Scottie.


JC says they need to talk to her (??)when she is in power, but not before. If they are on Haleigh's good side they can let Haleigh go after Sam. He says if Tyler and Angela even kissed they are in trouble,


Brett: oh, I know.


Scottie comes into the bedroom, he says the game is over and they cleaned up.


Brett goes into the kitchen, he sees Angela and Haleigh lying on the floor in hysterics. They say they are trying to get up, and go up the stairs.


JC has gone into the have not room. He is talking to Sam. He tells Sam she will be fine, but worst case scenario is that Haleigh wins HOH. He says Haleigh will most likely put up Sam and him, possibly Brett. He tells Sam to not say anything, he says if he says things she should ignore them, he does not want the others to know they made up.


Sam: please don't call me a bitch.

JC: I was just kidding.


JC tells her again to keep her mouth shut and not to worry. He has told her already what will happen.


Sam: I really do love you though.

JC: I love you too you know.


They agree it is all mental, JC encourages her. Sam tells him to get a cough drop before he goes to bed, it will help his throat.


Kaycee comes in and asks Sam if she is okay, Sam says she is, Kaycee hugs her.


Camera moves to other parts of the house.

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BB Time :pm


Kaycee is in the blue bedroom. Sam is getting herself comfortable again in the have not room. Tyler is absent


The others are in the kitchen.


Brett is arguing with Angela and Haleigh, they say “Basically you called us whores”

Brett: I did not. I did not say anything like that.


Haleigh sprays Brett with a hose.


Brett: Scottie is winning my heart right now.

Haleigh: That's too far Brett

Brett: oh no that's not too far.


Haleigh leaves.


Tyler: Bretttttt....

Brett: (insincere) I'm sorry


JC calls for Haleigh to come back.


Brett: you can dish it out but you can't take it.


He tells the others he was just kidding, then he dances away.


He goes to the have not room and tells Sam about it, he says now he is thinking about it not being a joke.



In the HOH room Haleigh is in the shower crying. Angela comes up and tells her Brett was being a “d**k”.


Haleigh says Brett is mad because she sprayed him, he can't take a joke. Angela says Brett ruined the whole vibe and it got awkward. Angela tells her that Brett knew it was too far.


Meanwhile Brett and Sam are talking about who should remain and who should go.


Haleigh says “now it's weird, it's really f***ng weird

Angela: I know, but we had a great time..

Haleigh: you are really good at beer pong.


Angela wanders around the HOH room and Kaycee comes in.


Kaycee: maybe he felt left out.

Angela: he did


Kaycee wonders what is putting it in his head, Angela blames JC. The girls say joking around is okay, but not about the game, they say it is stupid.


Angela: I just don't want to get in the middle of it.

Kaycee: what did he say

Angela: he said Scottie has my heart right now and Scottie was in the bathroom listening.


Kaycee says it seems like a power thing to her, that he thinks someone has to do what he wants to get his vote. Kaycee is worried that JC could turn Brett against them.


Angela says that she has been good with Brett, but Brett has been making comments that seem weird, something is not right.


Kaycee says it is because JC is in his ear, he is aggravated and it is showing.


Talk changes to the HOH competitor tomorrow.


Angela: Do you think Brett would ever put Scottie up? Brett is Scottie's target.


Kaycee says Sam's message to Scottie was informative, Angela says that Scottie has to go.


They blame Brett for making things awkward.




Brett is still talking to Sam


Sam: it is simple for me, Haleigh would put me up, Scottie would not put me up.

Brett: he might put me up


Brett says he knows that Haleigh was instrumental whenever he (Brett) was put up.


Brett worries that he is being foolish, he wonders if he can really trust Scottie, but he thinks that Scottie would be a good ally. Sam agrees.


Brett: Sam I have to know you are with me. We haven't talked for a while.


Sam says there hasn't been anything happen that involves us directly, so we haven't had to talk. She tells him not to let doubt creep him out, and he needs to talk to Scottie to confirm things.


Brett says he feels like he is on the outside of things with the other four. He says he has no idea where they are, or what they are thinking.


After a few more minutes of talking about the pros and cons, Brett asks Sam who she would put up as HOH, Sam tells him she will cross that bridge when she gets there, she says she has been very careful not to go against the parameters she set early on. She says people would jump on it if she did.


Brett says they probably have the same idea of who they would nominate but are not saying it out loud.


Brett: based on recent things that have been happening I think we both have the same idea. I want to know I can be candid with you. That when I say something to you in an isolated room it stays here.

Sam: if the time comes, and I have five minutes I will come to you, and you can say then what you need to say.


Brett says he has been wanting to talk to Sam, but people keep barging in. Brett says he remembers when Scottie was HOH and they agreed to work a few steps ahead.


JC comes in.


Brett tells JC he is ready to vote Haleigh out.


JC: you want me I will do it, 1,2,3, and she's gone.

Brett: I am serious here.


JC: you tell me I'll do it, I don't give 2 f**ks about this, I'll do it. You tell me tomorrow and I'll do it.


Brett questions him, JC says he means it. Give him 2 or 3 hours before and he will do it. JC tells him to talk to Scottie so he will know. JC tells him to sleep on it and let him know.


Brett agrees.


JC: after the way production f***ed me this week.......




BB Time 10:37pm


They are plotting to invade Tyler's room to get everyone out of the HOH.


Sam says she is wide awake and now she needs to pee, she tells Brett to get real mad, laughs and heads to the kitchen to make coffee.



JC goes to the HOH room.


Haleigh is apologizing for “being dramatic”.


(to my CBS chat buddies......the conversation in the HOU is about pineapples.....thought you would all like that!!)


BB calls Haleigh to the DR.


She complains and JC says this is why they give you alcohol. After she leaves JC asks them if Haleigh is serious, they tell him she is.


Haleigh has stopped at the geometry room, she asks Scottie if he wants her to play jenga with him. He tells her she is supposed to be in the DR, she leaves and Scottie continues to talk to himself.


In the HOH Angela is defending Haleigh, she says they were having fun, Haleigh is drunk, and Brett hurt her with the game talk. She tells JC that if Haleigh leaves in a double eviction, she leaves.


JC accepts their explanation, he says he did not know what happened.


Angela is complaining about the noise in the kitchen last night, JC asks her why she didn't go to the other bedroom. They tell him Haleigh could hear them in there. Angela says she was throwing pillows at the door.


JC says they should be happy when people in the house do not love each other and fight.


They are sharing stories about doing things and blaming Haleigh when Sam asks about it. Angela is complaining about Sam's “mess”. JC says Scottie cleaned off the table.


JC makes fun of them drinking and how they were acting.


Kaycee: Hey we have a bone to pick with you, you said if you are HOH all the girls are have nots so you can have all the alcohol.

JC: laughs, and says; “you, you and you...”

Kaycee: we have no bones now.

Angela: I hope I win HOH, you want three weeks in a row?


Everyone laughs.



BB Time 10:52pm


Scottie has left the geometry room, he is in the kitchen. (I am wondering if he left the geometry room and the jenga game to avoid Haleigh)


In the HOH conversation is about remaining competitions.


Brett has joined Scottie in the kitchen, he mentions the stabbed pineapple.


Scottie tells him he has no clue what is going to happen,

Brett tells him he has no idea what everyone else is thinking, but he knows where his head is right now.

Scottie says he was about to talk to Angela, but they got the alcohol. He tells Brett that Kaycee will vote with the house, and JC said pretty much the same thing. He says the only person who was gung ho about him staying was Tyler.

Brett asks where everyone is, Scottie gives him everyone's location.

Scottie says he asked Kaycee about the final four pitch to Angela and Tyler and she denied knowledge. Scottie says he didn't believe her.

Brett tells Scottie he is on the fence, but he wants him to stay, but he is worried that because Scottie has put him on the block it would be a mistake.


Tyler comes down the stairs, the talk stops.


Tyler tells them that JC went to the HOH and ruined the girl talk that was going on.


Brett: My f**ng back hurts, Scottie takes the hint and says nothing to Tyler.


Brett is talking to Scottie about non-alcoholic beer as Tyler leaves.


Tyler is gone and the talk resumes.


Brett is angry that Haleigh feels that comfortable, to run upstairs angry, and the others follow her up there to comfort her. He says at first he was kidding, and she tried to make him a villain. He tells Scottie that he said “Scottie has my heart right now.” and Haleigh ran to the HOH room. Then the girls followed her.


Brett: I have the best joke of all

Scottie: if that is the case, you, Sam and JC have to do it.

Brett: tell JC he can have the big saucer.

Scottie: will that work.

Brett: tell him if you get to stay he gets the big saucer, that will work.


Brett is worried about whether he is being petty.


Scottie says the only thing Kaycee was interested in was his (Scotties) targets.


Brett says he thinks Haleigh crawling around them in the HOH room has worked, and he is getting more and more annoyed by it.


Brett leaves to go to the bathroom, Scottie rinses out his dishes in the sink.


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BB Time 11:08pm


Scottie is cleaning up their mess in the kitchen while the house guests who had alcohol lounge in the HOH.


They say BB may have let them sleep in today, JC says he was called to the DR early.


JC: 78 days with no full night of sleep.




Brett comes back to the kitchen, he says he cannot fall asleep in the house, unless it happens when he isn't trying to sleep.


Scottie tells Brett that when he was in the geometry room Haleigh came in and asked him if he wanted to play jenga. He tells Brett that she was very happy, happier than she has been in weeks. He says she goes into the geometry room and you will see it for yourself.


Brett says if Haleigh is that far up their a**, it is insane to him. He knows her shot will be at Sam and him (Brett).


A door opens, Scottie says...”That's what I'm gonna do..yep. That's what I'm gonna do.”


Haleigh's voice: Are we gonna play jenga.


Scottie tells her he came to get slop, he has the game set up and was waiting. She tells him she is going to the loo and will be right back.


Brett walks away with his coffee.


Scottie goes to the geometry room, waiting for Haleigh.



Meanwhile in the HOH the house guests are talking about Haleigh. Tyler wants to know if she was really crying.


JC says if he was on the block and someone made a joke like that he would laugh with them until the end of the season, then he would call them a b***ch.


Brett is called to the DR, the HOH crew look up and say in unison, “hmmm”.


JC says that Scottie talked to him, Angela says he has not talked to her and she is grateful. Kaycee says he talked to her too, and told her what he told JC.


When Kaycee says Scottie is looking for someone to play the game with and Angela is very negative.


Angela: I can't believe anything Scottie says, it's all lies.

Kaycee agrees.



Haleigh comes and goes in the geometry room, she says she needs to get something from the HOH and will be right back. Scottie agrees to wait for her.



Haleigh reports that Brett has moved his bed linens to Sam's bed in the blue bedroom. She says she did not talk to Brett, and the DR wanted to check on her.


JC wants to know why they needed to check on her....


Haleigh says it is weird that he moved his linens, that he will feel dumb when they talk and he has to move his stuff back in. She says she didn't say anything.


Kaycee: While he is in the DR move his stuff back...


JC gives her attitude, she tells him to shut up, she was crying in the shower.


JC tells her to move his stuff back and put the heart pillow on it.


And Haleigh decides to go move his bed back as JC suggested.


JC says it is like a boyfriends' fight. He is laughing with the others while they watch it on camera.


Angela tells JC to tell Sam he can't find something and get Sam to see it. JC says he is not going to get involved in it. Angela says she thinks it is childish to move his bed.


One of them says he will like it, JC grins and says, “oh, yess, he will love it.”


Downstairs we see Haleigh tossing the bedclothes on Brett's former bed, she is out of breath from all the quick work. She places the pillows on the bed, then adds the smiley pillows./Scottie is still waiting.


Upstairs Tyler tells them if they can make it a tie he will vote out Haleigh (5 votes=no tie)


Downstairs Haleigh has finished her task in the bedroom./Scottie is still waiting


Upstairs everyone is watching for Brett to come out of the DR.


Downstairs Haleigh lies on her bed to wait./Scottie is still waiting.


General talk about Sam in the HOH room, Angela mentions her hoarding tendencies again, Angela mentions Sam messing up the table again (same song)


JC changes the subject. He tells them to vote out Haleigh....


Angela insists they are voting out Scottie, her goodbye message is done.


Downstairs Haleigh is waiting for Brett/Scottie is waiting for Haleigh


Upstairs the house guests are watching the house, they see Scottie wandering around the house alone.


Downstairs Haleigh gets up off the bed and puts on her shoes, leaves the bedroom area. She goes to the bathroom area, telling Scottie she is packing up her bathroom things.


Scottie is working on the peg wall, at this point he knows Haleigh is probably not coming into the room, he finds her snacking in the kitchen (which is where she would not pack her bathroom things), then goes back to the geometry room wall.


Haleigh goes back to the HOH room, she brings a box of snacks.


Scotty goes to the pink bedroom, sees the smiley faces on Brett's bed. He goes to his closet and looks for clothes.


Brett comes out of the DR


He goes to the bedroom.

Brett: Did you make that bed??

Scottie: No, the only people here are Sam (sleeping) and Haleigh

Brett: I moved this because it is 10 degrees hotter in there.


Scottie tells him that Haleigh had been down there saying she was packing.


Brett: Did you move this?

Haleigh: no

Brett: you totally did this

Haleigh: I fixed it.


Scottie stays in the room, talking to himself, ignoring Haleigh, who is sitting on her bed.


He finally mentions the camera noise when they move. He sits on a pink lounger.


Upstairs Kaycee says she is going to bed.


Scottie tells Haleigh that Brett came in and said “What the f**k happened to my bed.


Scottie says out loud, “Every one is upstairs, no one said come on up here Scottie, I thought that was a thing.”


Upstairs Angela asks if Scottie is in the geometry room, Tyler says yes, (Scottie is not, he is in the pink bedroom). Angela: So Brett is talking to Scottie now, cool.

Tyler: so who you guys voting out:?

JC: I dunno, Scottie?

Angela: Scottie has to go.


Downstairs Scottie continues to enjoy himself talking to himself while Haleigh is in the room. Haleigh leaves, Scottie smiles. He says, “These weapons!”


In the kitchen Haleigh is whispering frantically to Kaycee. JC goes out to see how loud they are.


When JC leaves, Angela says, “Go away, go away.”


JC comes back with Haleigh....she tells them what happened with Brett's bed.


They send her to talk to Brett, she clomps down the stairs in search of him, but stops to get water. She goes to the geometry room and finds Brett.


Haleigh: I fixed your bed.

Brett: I moved it because it's hot

Haleigh: I will fix it.

Brett: I will do it.

Haleigh: why are you acting this way

Brett: what way.

Haleigh: I didn't do anything, I walked away.


Haleigh tells him his joke hurt her feelings, she didn't want to anyone to see her cry.


Brett says he moved his bed because it is hot in the pink room, if he moved it because of her, he would just tell her.

It is just convenient that he is pissed at her

The argument continues, Haleigh repeats herself, Brett stacks jenga blocks.


He tells her it was not just her, he was made a villain. Everyone got mad at him.


Brett says if people joke with him he will joke back, she should not get upset about it. He says he was kidding and was insensitive, but is bothered by the situation. He tells her she is belittling the scenario.


Haleigh denies. Claims it was not a “situation”, and he moved his bed because he was mad


Brett says he moved it because it was hot in there, and because he moved it. He says it was turned into a thing and that bothers him. He isn't blaming her, but it happened.


Haleigh keeps using the “i didn't want everyone to see me cry”

Brett : then everyone runs upstairs, and the whole thing is..... I don't know I didn't know how to read it.


Haleigh tries turning the tables: “Do you see how that upset me?, she adds, “I was drinking.” and finally “It made me sad.”


To which Brett replies, “I don't know how to read the whole scenario.
Haleigh: I will move your bed back.

Brett: You don't have to. I removed myself from the whole scenario. I wasn't trying to be cruel.

Haleigh: I didn't think you were (then why cry?)


The conversation continues, rehashing....so far, no apology from Brett.


Haleigh repeats her recipe of three as stated above. She says everyone is making it a thing.


Brett: I don't know, no one talked to me, they went to you.

Haleigh I am here talking to you about it.

Brett: I get that. (continues to stack jenga blocks)

Haleigh: sits and stares at said jenga blocks.

(crickets chirp, mouse tiptoes past, paint dries)



Haleigh did you mean it though, is that how everyone feels,

Brett no, there is no big plan Haleigh, everyone ran to you.

Haleigh: it does not make me feel more secure at all

Brett If it was a big joke everyone was in on, they would not have ran to you.

Haleigh: I don't want you to feel weird.

Brett: I am annoyed, I took some time to myself. That's it.


Scottie interrupts,


Haleigh says she has no idea what Scottie has said to him, she is aware of what he told others and she is in a weird spot.


Brett: I have not talked to anyone. Everyone ran upstairs.

Haleigh wonders if Scottie has said anything to him that p***ed him off.


Haleigh: I'm sorry. (she repeats her recipe)

Brett: repeats to her that everyone ran to her.

Haleigh: Okay, I will give you your moment, and go ummmm eat.

Brett: Thanks (plays with jenga blocks.)


JC and Tyler are arguing about Scottie staying over Haleigh.


JC tells him one of them needs to be out.

Tyler says Haleigh is not after him, but Scottie says JC is the reason he is on the block.

JC tells him that Kaycee told him that Angela would snap on him if he mentioned keeping Scottie. He wants to know why Angela feels that power.

Tyler makes excuses about Angela

JC tells Tyler that he is too close to Angela,

and Tyler argues that messing with Angela and Kaycee is dangerous.

JC says one of them will go, he can do damage control

Tyler says he should not put out Angela, and if Angela wanted JC he would tell him (she does, he didn't)


Tyler is tossing the remote, throwing his hands in the air, voice getting stressed


Tyler is trying to convince JC that Scottie will put him up.


JC tells Tyler he is not even trying to understand it,


Tyler vehemently denies. He says if JC breaks Angela and Kaycee up too soon it will cost him, he cannot shield himself.


JC tells him to give him a list,


Tyler says only Haleigh and Scottie, then he claims not to know, maybe Sam, maybe the girls.


JC reminds him that the other two must be coming after each other, but not Haleigh.


Tyler says he agrees, but it is too soon to split up the girls.


JC tells him to stick to getting the house after each other, when Tyler said Faysal and Haleigh he did it with no question.


Tyler tells JC that Angela's list is Scottie, Haleigh, Sam (he did not mention that Angela says JC has to go every day) He claims not to know.


JC tells him the people in the house will vote how they say, if he loses Sam he is screwed. He cannot control the others.


Tyler says he cannot control Kaycee and Angela.


JC says the difference is that Angela and Kaycee are a duo, someone like Brett can put up Sam, but the two girls will not put each other up.


Tyler tells JC that Scottie wants him (JC) on the block.


JC says he is looking out for Tyler's game, that Haleigh is coming for him.


Tyler says Haleigh won't do that, she is gunning for Sam.


The argument continues. JC is adamant that Kaycee and Angela need to be split up. Tyler is adamant that Angela should not be voted out.



12:26 am


While JC and Tyler argue in the HOH


Brett is talking to Kaycee and Angela in the geometry room. He mentioned her moving his bed linens.


He tells them he is p*ssed, he is annoyed.


He is telling him that Haleigh followed him into the geometry room. He says she is on the block, she should not take limited alcohol that other people could have, she should not be drunk, and if she does that she should take whatever jokes come.


Angela is whispering that he needs to keep Haleigh appeased, he feels bad about being so angry, but she is so reckless and disrespectful to Scottie. He says even Scottie says Haleigh is walking around like she is 'hot s**t”,he knows what it feels like because Rachel did that to him.


Angela insists that Scottie needs to go.


Brett says the whole thing bothered him. He says he has never joked with her like that, although she insisted that he did. He says he knows it is petty. He also knows Haleigh has lied to him.


Upstairs JC is talking to Tyler.


Angela wants to know why JC wanted to talk to Tyler, Brett says he has not talked to anyone.


Kaycee thinks JC got information from Scottie, Brett denies knowing that JC is in the HOH (he does know, JC told him earlier he was going up to move people out of the HOH.


Angela made a comment, what does it matter, one is going this week, one is going next week, even though earlier in the conversation she insisted it must be Scottie tomorrow. (oh Today)


Upstairs JC and Tyler are still arguing.



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