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Celebrity Big Brother UK: Live Launch Show

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On to the nominations - and a bit of a surprise. Chantelle, Dennis and George face this week's double eviction - two of them will leave on Wednesday.

Hopefully Chantelle will stay, and the odds suggest she will, but you never know! George got 4 votes, while Dennis and Chantelle got 3.

The nominations:

Chantelle (3): Dennis, George

Dennis (3): Chantelle, Michael

George (4): Banned from nominating

Maggot (0): George, Pete

Michael (1): Dennis, Pete

Pete (2): Chantelle, Traci

Preston (0): Dennis, George

Traci (1): Chantelle, George

However, the more interesting thing is the new task - and it's a game of bluff and double bluff.

A telephone was placed in the house earlier and as the housemate to answer it, Chantelle had to choose someone to join her in the diary room. She chose Preston.

In the diary room they were informed as part of this week's banking themed task they were directors, the others are "a bunch of bankers!"

As directors, they can enter the "Private Members Club", via the diary room, where luxuries such as champagne, cigars and chocolate are available.

In order to pass the task they must ensure the "Private Members Club" remains a secret and that the other HMs pass their tasks.

Or so they think...

Later today BB will put on a luxury meal for Preston and Chantelle in the Private Members Club while the others are informed of the real task.

A letter will be delivered to the house informing them the directors have access to the "Private Members Club" and they will be shown Preston and Chantelle on the plasma screen.

To pass this week's real task, the bankers must fail two of the three tasks and keep up the pretence that they are oblivious to the Private Members Club.

A great task - look forward to seeing this!

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To pass this week's real task, the bankers must fail two of the three tasks and keep up the pretence that they are oblivious to the Private Members Club.

A great task - look forward to seeing this!

Yes this sounds as if it could be pretty interesting!

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Well, for two weeks the celebrities have been arguing without Big Brother needing to introduce EVIL tasks to set them against each other - but this time BB has given them a helping hand.

As part of the final weekly task, Chantelle and Preston were named Directors of the Big Brother bank and as such were provided access to a secret Private Members Club - which they were forbidden from telling the other HMs - a bunch of bankers - about.

However, the twist was on them. The bankers were told about the Private Members Club and could watch and listen to everything Chantelle and Preston did in there on the screens. They must keep this a secret from the directors - and also deliberately fail two of the three banking themed tasks - so pass this weeks real task.

To keep the Private Members Club a secret, Preston and Chantelle, on the instruction of Big Brother, created a cover story to explain their absense from the house, claiming they had been talking about their relationship in the diary room and how they didn't fancy each other.

Pete though especially pushed this further and further, initially winding them up but then saying he want's to see how far they'll go with their lie. Pete claims they were wrong to lie, saying there are better ways of not telling the truth. George tries to get Chantelle to swear on her mothers life!

Preston and Chantelle get annoyed at this and even consider blowing the whole task, but decide against it as it's for the HMs benefit to pass.

While the likes of Maggot and even Barrymore acknowledge they are lying for the good of the group, Pete and George insist it shows how vile they really are, with George still bitter about not being able to nominate this week as punishment fo discussing nominations. He claims his "rights" were taken away by Preston and Chantelle.

On Monday, the final day of the task, the atmosphere worsens as George listens in to Preston and Chantelles private conversations when they are shown in the Private Members Club.

On Monday evening the directors reveal the twist to the task and how they did it for their benefit - which most HMs accept. It's then revealed though it's them that have been fooled and in fact by failing the task, it has been passed.

George and Pete then intensify their attack on Preston and Chantelle and how they enjoyed the food and luxuries put on by Big Brother in the private members club. They both claim they wouldn't have eaten it and wouldn't have lied to the group - with George slamming Preston's character for blocking his vote the other day. Preston and Chantelle quite rightly point out they are not in the wrong here and how it's the oldest members of the house acting like immature bullies.

George, who has already stabbed Rula in the back, turns his attention next to Michael Barrymore and slams his manic cigarette addiction which has led to a couple of minor incidents in the house last year. Less than a week ago George said his main aim in the house was to ensure Barrymore won, but tonight he accusses him of being the scum of the earth!

Unsurprisingly, George is almost a certainty to get the boot in Wednesday's double eviction, with it being a much closer call between the other nominees Dennis and Chantelle - though with Chantelle a hot favourite to win (along with Preston and Maggot) it would be a bigger shock if she went - though Dennis's popularity has grown in the last week.

It's been an eventful couple of days and I'm sure I've missed out alot of the details, so for more either look at the official website at http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother or a fantastic unofficial website at http://bigbrother.digitalspy.co.uk

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Monday's events around the argument involving MP George Galloway has led to record ratings for Celebrity Big Brother on C4, and unprecidented media coverage.

It's not unusual for Big Brother to be covered in the press, or even on the odd TV show, but on Wednesday following the broadcast of the argument and also a couple of issues outside the house relating to George Galloway, Big Brother was one of the main headlines in all of the day's papers, on all the 24 hour news channels and was generally either the first or second headline on every single TV News bulletin that day. All the news organistations had moved their Political Correspondants from their usual Westminster base - with them all reporting live from outside the Big Brother house at some point yesterday.

So when it came to the eviction itself on C4, quite a few were watching!

And no surprise, in the first of last night's double eviction George Galloway was voted out. It's not unusual for evictees to be booed by the waiting crowd, but George Galloway got the reception a vile villian deserves - with the boos only interupted by the odd chant of "wanker"!

In a pretty decent interview from host Davina, she begins by pointing out that he has been a fantastic housemate in terms of watching - but that's the nice bit over! He's shown some of the headlines from when he's been in the house - and he realises he may have some explaining to do.

Asked about his defining moment in the house, George thinks it's winning the group

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Rodman made it alot farther then I thought he would.

Brekkie thank you again for the updates. As usual you do a great job. I don't know about media coverage, I haven't read about any but thats not to say its not out there.

This has sure helped pass the time till our own BB7....(only 164 days!!! ) *clears throat) but who is counting. :blush:

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Rodman made it alot farther then I thought he would.

Brekkie thank you again for the updates. As usual you do a great job. I don't know about media coverage, I haven't read about any but thats not to say its not out there.

This has sure helped pass the time till our own BB7....(only 164 days!!! ) *clears throat) but who is counting. :blush:

Rumours today suggest that us viewers here in the UK won't have to wait quite as long as usual for our own Big Brother 7. The series usually begins the last weekend in May, but apparantly C4 want to bring it forward to the beginning of the month to combat a rival reality show (which is no competition really!) from ITV.

It's also said to be running for 13 weeks this year, up from 11 weeks last year.

So 99 days for us to go then!

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It's a pretty rushed job with six finalists to get through. The show begins with brief clips from the diary room and the return of the evictees before the HM in sixth place is revealed - Traci!

She gets a pretty good response - but a pretty short interview. We get clips of Traci being nice in the face of abuse from others, with Traci saying she believed Pete was making valid points that she could take some.

So Traci's out - and in fifth place it's Pete!

Pete gets the boos, and unfortunately with the interviews taking place outside the Makosi treatment, with chants of "OFF OFF OFF" and general booing. He doesn't seem to care much at first, but it begins to irritate him later. Davina tells Pete his hit single is being re-released next week - and he seems pretty pissed off about it, saying it's in the past.

On to fourth place and it's...



Now, he was supposed to finish second! Chantelle is shocked but Preston doesn't seem to be too upset. He is the first evictee to get cheered out of the house.

His relationship with Chantelle is discussed - and he insists they are nothing more than friends, as he spots his girlfriend in the audience. She seems to be smiling. He is informed his single has been re-released this week and heading for the top ten.

Before the show ends, we find out who is in third place - it's Maggot! But he'll have to wait half an hour to leave.

Davina tells us that her "womens intuition" has come to the conclusion either Chantelle or Michael will win. You know something, I think she's right.

That's it for part 1 - the highlights from yesterday are currently on E4. We leave the house with Michael pointing out him and Chantelle were the first two out - and Chantelle trying to get Maggot to reveal his real name! Very funny when BB sings Preston a song in the diary room and then tells Preston off for joining in!

Part two begins with a great interview from Maggot - he sits firmly on the fence but is quite entertaining and engaging to watch - and it's clear his attitude got him through to the final three. The crowd give him a great response and continuously shout his name throughout the interview - though we still don't find out his real name! Spooky moment in the earlier highlights when Maggot is asked about his chances of winning and he jokes that someone tipped him off with odds of 16/1.

It is a same though these interviews are so short.

So we have a winner - "Big Brother House, This is Davina"

"The winner of Celebrity Big Brother is...



She is gobsmacked - but it's a popular choice. A non-celebrity has won Celebrity Big Brother.

She was the first in and will be the last out.

Michael gets a brilliant response from the crowd as he leaves the house and is happy Chanelle won as she behaved as a celeb should behave. He says from past experience he had to make himself number one in the house - and it's the best rehab he's ever had.

Back to Chantelle and Davina speaks to the house. Chanelle asks if she is sure she is the winner, with Davina saying it's been checked and double checked. Chantelle got 56% of the final vote.

Chantelle says she won because she was genuine and easy going. We're reminded of her first few days in the house as a fake celeb, with Davina volunteering the services of herself, Dermot and Russell as backing singers for Kandi Floss.

Chantelle, like Preston, insists they are nothing more than friends - as Davina points out his girlfriend in the crowd. Notably, throughout the second show Preston has looked pretty uneasy!

And the final surprise - as a non-celebrity winning Celebrity Big Brother she deserves a prize -

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