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Celebrity Big Brother UK: Live Launch Show

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The story so far then:

On the first night Chantelle and Dennis strike up a bond, even as much as holding their hand in their sleep. Chantelle's anonymity doesn't go unnoticed though - Preston and Jodie confess they've never heard of her in the diary room, and several others never heard of her band.

So with the first night hangover settling in, Chantelle is called to the diary room. BB gives Chantelle a fake career summary in the diary room, telling her the name of her bandmates, the band she left to join Kandy Floss - ending her relationship with her cousin, and where they are most famous. She asks BB if she can come back to check the details later, with BB replying with a firm "No!"

Later that night the celebs are given a quiz with questions all based on their fame. No one seems to get questions about Chantelle right!

Later that night Preston confronts Chantelle in the pool, confessing he's never heard of her or her band. Chantelle bluff's her way through it, swearing on her mothers life she is a star. Preston ends up unreservedly apologising.

The other main issue in the house relate to Pete's fur coat - made from Gorilla fur. The girls are outraged, with Jodie and Traci being ambassadors for PETA - an anti-fur campaign. Dennis say's he also is involved in the campaign but doesn't give a shit about it.

And the topic everyone wants to talk about - Barrymore's demise. Barrymore had a hugely successful career in the 80s and 90s, guided by his wife. In the mid-90s he came out after 18 years of marriage, and in 2001 his career came to a halt when a man was discovered dead in his pool at a drug filled party at his house.

Barrymore talks about coming out, and how he'd known since he was 24 he was gay. He says the only thing he was guilty of was stupidity and feels he has as much right to work as anyone - but left the country after his boyfriend said it was either that or end up six feet under.

Later that night when the others were sleeping Traci, Faria and Jodie are talking about him in the kitchen, with Traci mouthing off about him being in the house and wondering if she'll be found dead in the pool. They are completly unaware that Michael is hearing every word from behind the bedroom door. As Faria heads off to the bedroom, Michael rushes back to bed and covers himself up with the duvet, obviously upset.

The next morning though and Traci is first up - discovering it's snowing in London. She's so amazed she has to wake someone up to tell them - and chooses Barrymore. Last night's conversation isn't mentioned - I think he's too upset at being woken up.

The next day and the celebrity themed tasks continue with each celeb having to perform a routine or make a speech linked to their fame. Faria has to explain her only link to fame is sleeping with the England football manager, while Chantelle has to learn her hit song and perform it in front of the others.

She gets through it - just - and heads off to the diary room in the belief she's got them fooled. However, Jodie and Maggot are very suspicious, with Jodie saying it's stuck in her head since Preston mentioned she could be an imposter the day before. It's Preston though who springs to her defense now though - saying he just thinks she's in a crap band!

So it's the moment of truth - will she stay or will she go?

Tonight the housemates were set a task to rank themselves in order of fame, with the most famous standing on podium 1, and the least famous on podium 11. Unknown to them, if Chantelle was ranked bottom, she would be evicted.

As Jodie tried to insist Traci and Dennis take the top two spaces as they're American, the others made it clear they weren't famous enough in Britain. Chantelle stood around silently with Faria wondering down the line while Maggot fixed himself at number 11. With Barrymore at number 1, Chantelle found herself ahead of Preston and Maggot.

BB then ordered the HMs to gather on the sofas and called Chantelle to the diary room. With the celebs watching on the screen, Big Brother reminded Chantelle she entered the house as a "nobody" and has been on a secret mission since day 1. Preston states "he ****ing knew it" as BB tells her she is now officially a celebrity.

Chantelle hopes the others are not watching and rambles on with a speech saying how hard it has been. Big Brother then asks her about the future of Kandy Floss and if she'll be releasing the single - with Chantelle seeming quite confused.

Big Brother then asks for her autograph as Chantelle says your taking the mick. Chantelle is suspicious and refuses at first, but when BB reminds her she's now a celeb she eventually writes a message for Big Brother.

BB then informs her she has won a "Celebrity Inauguration" party, with Chantelle worried the celebs will question why she's getting a party. BB reminds her it's to mark her becoming a celebrity.

As Chantelle leaves the diary room, BB mumbles "You've changed!" - to which Chantelle responds by checking her clothes.

As she leaves the diary room her fellow celebs come to great her and congratulate her - with Preston first to give her a hug and state he knew it. BB then starts the party with Kandy Floss's biggest hit single "I want it right now"


The first eviction will be on Friday.

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Last night's show is very much about Jodie Marsh and what a slut she is. She complains about her being treated as a whore by the press - then spends the whole day discussing her sex life and trying to entice Preston to bed! Spin-off show Big Brother's Big Mouth (a BB talk show, similar to housecalls but with panelists and a live audience) then showed a clip of Dennis Rodman seemingly mistaking the bathroom sink for the toilet!

The housemates were woken up early this morning for the results of the first nominations.

And up for eviction are Jodie, with 8 votes, and George and Pete - both with 4 votes.

Jodie is favourite to go - and I hope she does, though there is the argument in the forums that she should be kept as she's providing the arguments. Pete is seen as the outsider - but there is a risk his fur coat could lead to a backlash from animal rights campaigners.

Details in full, via Red Devil at Digital Spy:


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The task so far:

Faria tested if Spinnach makes you stronger. After eating spinnach throughout the day, she went to the lab to repeat the strength test she undertook earlier - and found in fact it's true!

Jodie and Traci has to discover if listening to classical musical made you branier, while Chantelle and Maggot spent the night in the lab discovering if you could learn Japanese in your sleep.

Preston meanwhile discovered you didn't go over the drink-drive limit by eating a box of chocolate liquoers - but you did find your self bent over the toilet throwing up!

Meanwhile, the entire household confronted Jodie on her relationship with fake celebrity Chantelle, with them accusing her of using her for her own motives. Jodie denied this and said they got on as they were from the same town, with Chantelle later saying she finds it difficult as she get's on with Jodie, but no one else does!

And outside the house the rumour mill is in full swing with the suggestion that Big Brother has an evil eviction planned for next week in which one celebrity will be sent on a tobaggon run around the house - which will then crash through a fake wall - with Davina and the eviction crowd waiting for them on the other side!

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Jodie is the hot favourite to be evicted this week with odds of 1-3, with George at 2-1 and Pete Burns the outsider at 8-1.

Meanwhile Preston has overtaken Barrymore as favourite to win the show at 2-1 - and also seen sales of his bands album raise ten fold since moving into the house.

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Firstly. a quick round up of the highlights which begin with Dennis talking about Traci in his sleep.

The main focus though is once again an argument with Jodie - though this time she wasn't in the wrong at all. With the task failed the shopping budget is tight and in compiling the shopping list vegetarians Chantelle and Jodie agreed if they got no meat all the HMs would share the corn. Barrymore butted in about a chicken, which the girls agreed to immediately but said if that's the case, the vegetarians should get the corn.

Later, as Barrymore's cooked a corn pie thing for himself Faria raised the issue with him following a discussion with Jodie and Chantelle, with Barrymore then storming off in to the bedroom and being quite unreasonable about it - and going slightly bonkers!

Issue resolved - well Michael ending the argument by disagreeing with the girls - he heads back to the kitchen.

Anyway on to the eviction and it's George, Jodie and Pete up for the chop.

Davina crosses live to the house...

"The first housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...

( dramatic pause )


No big surprise, though the backlash against Pete and George meant it wasn't a fullgone conclusion. Davina gives 30 seconds to leave the house and announces "I'm coming to get you" - despite being at the foot of the stairs leading into the house!

Davina opens the interview by showing clips of Jodie moaning about how she's perceived as a slut and a whore - intersperced with clips of Jodie acting as a slut and a whore!

They then go on to discuss the arguments which leads to Jodie bringing on the waterworks. She only has positive words for Preston and Chantelle.

At the end of the show Davina reveals she'll be back for the next eviction on Wednesday - meaning with just 10 days to go there will still be 10 celebs in the house - and confirms that Jimmy Saville will be visiting the house tomorrow - with Jimmy turning up on stage asking if he's in the right place!

He's a brilliant character and would have been a great housemate (but turned down the full time opportunity!). If you don't know who he is I'd predict he'd be as annoying to live with as Jackie Stallone and John McCririck!

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With it being Friday the 13th, Big Brother's evil streak returned yesterday!

It was Traci's 38th birthday and she had the chance to win a post-eviction birthday party - but would have to earn it. Donning a swimsuit for the second time in a week, Traci had to brave Big Brother's swamp in the garden and retrieve five skulls in four minutes. The more skulls received, the better the party. Traci managed three, winning an "average" party.

The housemates got a frightening even with Preston becoming a skeleton, Rula a mummy and George Count Dracula. Traci became a devil.

However, Big Brother soon unleashed his evil streak by giving Traci a present and telling her to open it in the bedroom. Inside was a note telling her it was an "unlucky day" and "Life's a beach". The note informed her she would not be attending her party until the day had passed, as the bedroom door was locked shut.

Traci was left in the bedroom to watch the others dance to a number of monster-based tunes, stating she now knew what it felt like to be an outcast.

On to today and one of BB6's best tasks has returned - Living in a Box. Anthony, Derek and Roberto managed nearly 27 hours crouched in a cardboard box last year, but this lot - well, it was over in an hour.

Pete and Preston were first out, followed by Chantelle and Dennis. The rest then agreed to avoid a lengthy confinement they would determine the winner themselves, with George arguing it should be him as he can survive hours without water or going to the toilet.

The others disagreed and eventually determined Rula should be the winner as she had been feeling down lately.

Meanwhile, later Jimmy Saville will be entering the house to invite the housemates to write letters - with him returning tomorrow to "Fix it" for one housemates dreams to come true!

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Anyone still reading! Please let me know - I don't like talking to myself! Any questions too about BBUK I will try my best to answer.

A couple of things to round up - after "winning" the cardboard box task yesterday Rula was called to the diary room to collect her prize - "the pants of power". She was told the pants had "special powers" over the nominations and must wear them at all times (except showering and sleeping) to activate them, otherwise she will automatically be nominated for eviction.

She cannot share the details of her secret mission with the other housemates, but Michael Barrymore is very suspicious, wanting to know what her powers are!

And secondly, who did Jim'll Fix It for?

Well, Michael will have to wait till his flight home to see what it's like to fly a big jet, while Jim couldn't fix it for George to go to the Oscars - but he's got a trip to the BAFTA's instead.

Upon exiting the house someone will be speaking to Faria about becoming a missionary, while Jimmy said Traci's wish will be fulfilled, but didn't divulge the details.

Preston wants to appear in the Queen Vic on EastEnders, with Jimmy arranging a visit to the set for him. Maggot didn't get a comedy film for the housemates to watch - but did get a Best of Jim'll Fix It compilation tape.

Dennis got his wish of pampering products for the group, while a video message from Pete's boyfriend reduced him to tears. Rula wanted to bring pleasure to the group - and it arrived in the form of 10 goody bags.

And best of all - Chantelle wanted a copy of Kandyfloss's hit "I want it Right Now" - which she got.

Finally they each were presented with the famous "Jim fixed it for me" medallions.

P.S. If you like your reality shows British, with no contestants over 25, and not much requirement for clothing, may I recommend Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands, which is currently airing on C4.

It was the UK's first major reality show and has returned after a 5 year break with a new format. Each island begins with 5 inhabitants, who must make their island more desirable than the other. Each week a new castaway is shipwrecked and spends three days on each island before deciding which tribe they will join. The tribe with the most members after the end of the series wins a

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Picking up on Saturday morning and the boxes are back. One of BB6's best tasks saw housemates live in cardboard boxes, with the last one out winning a special prize. Three of them lasted over 27 hours - so how would our celebs do.

Well, Preston and Pete were out after just 13 minutes when BB offered them breakfast - but the others weren't far behind. Instigated by George, the group decided amongst themselves who would win the task and chose Rula, who had been feeling down that morning. So after just 52 minutes in the box, Rula was declared the winner.

Later, Rula was called to the diary room to collect her prize - the "PANTS OF POWER". She has to wear the Pants of Power over her clothes at all times until the next nominations, otherwise she will automatically face the public vote. The pants will have "special powers" which come into force at the next nominations, but Rula is forbidden from telling the housemates about this. The twist means she will not nominate, but instead be called to the diary room at the end of nominations and told who is up for eviction - and then have to choose one more housemate to face the public eviction vote.

The main event in the house this weekend was Jim'll Fix It. Sir Jimmy Saville surprised the celebs by arriving on Saturday afternoon and informing them he is there to see if he can "Fix It" for them, and asked each celeb to write a wish letter.

On Sunday he returned to grant some wishes, which ranged from a video message for Pete of his boyfriend and wife, a copy of Kandyfloss's hit single for Chantelle and various pampering products for the housemates courtesy of Dennis - which were ultimately sacrificed for cigarettes!

Elsewhere with Jodie gone, it seems George, Barrymore and Pete are looking for their next target, with almost all housemates in the frame. There is a real power struggle in the house between George and Barrymore - George definately has the power and influence over his housemates - and Barrymore desperately wants it!

Meanwhile, Preston and Chantelle have been getting closer but with Preston having a girlfriend, he denies his relationship with Chantelle is nothing more than friendship and flirting - describing Chantelle as a temporary replacement for the ones he loves on the outside, like a "disposable camera". As you can imagine, Chantelle didn't appreciate that!

On to the nominees and I'm quite surprised :

In alphabetical order - Dennis, Faria, and Pete!

Well, Pete is no surprise, but I thought Barrymore would have been put up for eviction. I'm really surprised by Faria - there are rumours she is the additional nominee chosen by Rula - and to be honest that surprises me even more!

And just as Faria's resistance to Dennis's persistance was weakening!

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Just to correct my earlier post - it was Dennis and Faria who were nominated by the others, with Rula unsurprisingly nominating Pete to automatically face the vote.

Dennis and Faria had three nominations each, with Dennis, Faria and Preston voting for Dennis and George, Michael and Maggot nominating Faria.

Chantelle: Dennis, Michael

Dennis: Chantelle, Rula

Faria: Dennis, Pete

George: Traci, Faria

Maggot: Faria, Pete

Michael: Faria, George

Pete: Rula, Chantelle

Preston: Traci, Dennis

Traci: George, Michael

Rula: Enforcing her "Pants of Power", Rula chose Pete to automatically face the public vote.

So Rula's nomination ensured Pete faced the public vote, but even a regular nomination from Rula would have put Pete up for the vote.

And today's show - I've mentioned before about the struggle for power in the house and how much Michael wants it (evident in his nomination of George) - and something else struck me tonight.

As well as Michael wanting to be in every event, whether it concerns him or not - and also dominating the kitchen to gain influence, he's also doing a trick Nasty Nick did back in series 1 - he's usually first up and one of the last to bed! He just doesn't give people the opportunity to do anything behind his back!

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The eviction show concentrates on one thing - racism!

An early morning wake-up call is issued to announce Faria, Dennis and Pete face the public vote. As housemates react to this announcement, Rula and George discuss the attitudes of Dennis and Traci in the bedroom - not noticing Traci is lying on the other side of the room.

Traci gets up to go and report this to Dennis and Faria in the lounge, with the issue of race coming up when Faria states the British public would never allow a black or Asian person to win. Traci is shocked by this and the possibility that as a Black American Woman Traci wouldn't win, while Dennis just says that he's there to "add colour" to the house.

Traci then repeats Faria's statement to other housemates in the kitchen, with the interpretation being she is suggesting that Dennis and Faria were nominated because of their colour. The other housemates strongly refute this and are quite angry at the suggestion, with George and Preston retreating to the bedroom. George say's in fact he nominated one black person for harrassing another, while Preston says he nominated two black people but the issue of race hadn't crossed his mind.

The racism issue overshadows events throughout the day and as the others sit down to lunch, Faria and Dennis discuss it in the bedroom with Faria bringing up the "add colour" comment. Dennis say's he wasn't referring to skin colour at all but his colourful character - which both Faria and Traci mis-interpreted.

They sit down with the others and the issue is addressed. Faria outlines the mis-interpretation and says her comments were due to her being hurt about being nominated.

The highlights finish with George playing "You Say We Pay" on Richard and Judy to win the groups shopping, before Davina unveils the result...

The second housemate to be evicted is...


Pete was the favourite, but as I said yesterday Faria's comments shot herself in the foot, something she acknowledged in the interview. Davina pushes the romance line, with Faria denying it but saying she likes him and would go on a date with him.

Finally, Davina ends the show by revealing she'll be back with a midnight special. George and Preston have broken one of Big Brother's golden rules - discussing nominations - and must be punished - LIVE!

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Punishment has been served - and it's slowly kicking off again

Just after midnight Preston and George were called to the diary room and told at 11.09am on Tuesday they discussed nominations.

BB then tells them as punishment they must decide the next three nominees to face the public vote - and unknown to them the others are watching everything on the plasma screen.

They both agree on the first quickly - it's Traci, for causing the issues in the house yesterday over race. Traci is quite upset at first, but soon puts on her typhical "everything's fine" act!

Preston names Maggot as the next nominee, for making Chantelle look stupid by making the group play the "Capital City" game.

George chooses Rula as the final nominee, for trying too hard and saying she was going out to win.

Before they exited the diary room, Dennis convinced the group to not tell the others they had seen what happened, and Preston and George agreed just to tell them they had been punished.

However, within seconds of them leaving Dennis was quick to point out they'd seen everything and Rula and Traci are particularly upset, though Rula remains calm while Traci is quite passive - but getting increasingly annoyed.

Maggot seems fine with it, but asked Preston why he hadn't raised the issue with him personally.

Now - as far as the house knows these are the three nominees - and as far as we are aware that is the case. However, it seems odd that immunity from the next eviction and the right to choose the next nominees would be given as a punishment - especially just two days after Rula won the privilege to choose a nominee with her pants of power.

Speculation outside the house is that Rula, Preston and Maggot are in fact not up for eviction, and either Preston and George are the nominees - or the nominated housemates are actually safe. It's unlikely to be confirmed before BBLB tomorrow morning.

Whatever happens, it's likely now the next eviction will be Friday.

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It should be a great show tonight - the aftermath of the nominations is pretty explosive.

To confirm though, the nominations of Maggot, Rula and Traci do stand and lines have opened, with the eviction tomorrow.

Pretty disapointing really - BBUK has been so good over recent years we don't just expect twists - we expect twists to the twists!

And though Preston and George are now much more likely to be nominated next time around, I think their position in the context of the game was essentially more of a prize than a punishment - especially considering how on Monday Rula won the power to choose a nominee.

Another first today - they've been called to the house several times but today the police seized Pete's alleged "Gorilla Coat", which will now be tested.

And meanwhile, an ancient 14th century law could see George Galloway punished by the Queen for not attending parliament while in the Big Brother house.

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Firstly the highlights. Not alot going on - it's very quiet after the night before.

However, the HMs don't get much sleep with a drunken Traci repeating "I've been nominated" as the HMs try to get to sleep. Chantelle and Pete both tell her to shut up, while Maggot throws pillows at her.

At 9.30am the HMs are woken up to a tune that's familiar to UK viewers - and some fantastically appropriate camera work to go with it. There is another brilliant scene later in which not a word is spoken as HMs have their lunch.

The rest of the day sees George avoiding Rula over the nominations - and it's not until the evening they sit down and talk about it. George repeats what he's said, saying other people said she was out to win - but refusing to say who, with Rula again denying it. He goes on to say if Preston wasn't with him he'd have nominated him and Chantelle.

On to the eviction and after "Gorilla Gate" (not shown in the highlights) Pete decided to stay in the bedroom as the other HMs gather on the sofas. (By the way, tests have shown it's not gorilla, but is a banned monkey fur)

"The third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...

... RULA!"

Gutted! Out of everyone in the house she least deserved to be the scapegoat for George's mistakes. Also, she's a much more interesting character than Traci and Maggot.

Rula gives a great interview and demonstrates how to swear using the Queen's English.

Finally, Davina reveals the next eviction is on... Wednesday - and it'll be a double eviction too! The lines haven't opened to vote for a winner so it suggests they'll be another round of nominations over the weekend.

This means 8 will remain till Wednesday, meaning with just two days to go there are 6 HMs to get rid off (unless one gets locked up!) - so possibly another double eviction on Thursday leaving four for the final!

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George has been punished once again for discussing nominations - this time by his fellow housemates.

BB instructed Preston to read out a transcript of George's conversation with Rula in which he say's he'd have nominated Traci under "any circumstances" and if Preston hadn't been in there with him, would have nominated Preston and Chantelle.

BB then asked the housemates to vote to decide whether George would be able to nominate in the latest, and presumably final, round of nominations. When it came to nominating, George wasn't called to the diary room.

The results will be announced tomorrow, with at least three expected to face the public vote for Wednesday's double evicton.

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