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Eviction Night/Jury Buy Back


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YAWN! It was bound to happen. BB20 has been a season filled with twists and turns and certainly no shortage of entertainment...until this week. Since Sunday it’s been one big yawn fest. Kaycee didn’t use the veto and nominations remained on Monday. We had four days of Faysal blanketing. We had three days of Haleigh doing anything within her power to try and appear social and amenable. 


JC has had his fill of drama. Remember Tyler and Brett had 9+hours locked away during the veto. They discovered JC was working to pit them against each other. Well, Monday we got to see JC approach both Tyler and then Brett about his plans moving forward. Tyler wasn’t hearing any of it. JC argues with Faysal gone he needs to target Kaycee/Angela next. What he really means is Angela. 


Brett seemed more open to the idea. Now without any mention of it in a DR it’s impossible to know for certain what Brett really thinks. The exchange between Brett and JC did seem questionable. Brett appeared more open to targeting Angela/Kaycee. He definitely made some suggestions on how to do it. He didn’t shut it down but he didn’t give JC lip service just nodding and saying mmm hmmm either. 


Brett could just be placating JC. It’s entirely possible since Brett is fully aware of JC’s motives. You can’t just poo poo on JC’s suggestion if your Brett. He doesn’t have the level of trust Tyler and JC have had. Brett is aware he is on the bottom of the L6 alliance. If JC isn’t targeting Angela/Kaycee Brett would easily be the next in line. What leaves me curious is we’ve not seen Brett share any of this conversation with anyone from L6. 


Brett would be smart to make his own alliance and attack Tyler, Angela, Kaycee. I don’t think he will. He should. Had this week not resulted in a juror returning to the game he just may have! As with most twists this returnee shifts the hierarchy.


Eviction night arrived and Faysal and Haleigh are OTB side by side. Faysal is voted out. Faysal is ushered out to the back yard after an awkward interview with Julie Chen. Bayleigh/Angie/Scottie/Faysal face off in a battle back competition. Players must collect balls suspended in the air. Then run up and drop 4balls into their designated tubes and pushing the button on the opposite side of the set up. 


Faysal started strong! For a brief moment I worried he may actually smoke everyone else! Fortunately it’s Faysal through and through and the nerves manage to take over. I am thrilled when I see Scottie land his 4th ball in the tube and buzz in with ease! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen Faysal loses once again and Scottie has won the chance to return to the game! I don’t know about you, but of the four already evicted Scottie seemed the most worthy of another shot! 


In a perfect world Angie would have won and L6 would win the HOH again this week. This would likely lead to a revolving door and Angie going right back out. She’s by far the least threat of any of the possible returnees.


Scottie returning could be very interesting. Will this improve the odds of someone outside of L6 winning HOH? Angela can’t compete. That leaves Tyler and Kaycee for sure. A Brett win could be dicey. JC while not likely to win anything would be the most dangerous. Sam is always a wild card but she doesn’t seem interested in winning again. She has a hard enough time dealing with two people being OTB at the end of every week.


That leaves Haleigh and Scottie. For the first time in a couple weeks L6 is actually at a disadvantage numbers wise heading into this week’s HOH. Essentially we will have Tyler/Kaycee versus the rest of the house! That’s the kind of competitiveness we need to light a fire under some of these players. We are in the final stretch and complacency is every players greatest enemy. 


What could happen is JC could team up with Scottie and Haleigh could pull Brett over to them and scoop Sam up. That would give them the numbers necessary to take a shot at the remaining L6 players. Don’t get too excited it still seems as though Angela is at the top of the hit lists for everyone except Haleigh. Even if, worse case scenario Tyler found himself OTB next to Angela so long as she doesn’t win the veto he’s more likely to stay. 


Sounds great? Well I think it’s a great dream. Scottie doesn’t trust JC. I’m not even sure Scottie is 100% on board with working with Haleigh again. What I am sure of is within 24 hours Scottie won’t be able to resist Haleigh’s charm and he will fall victim to her feminine wiles once again. Haleigh will cling to Scottie. That’s not necessarily good for her. She’s put in work and Haleigh alone is far less threatening than Haleigh matched with Scottie. 


The HOH will play out later this evening. Regardless of who wins this week already has far more potential than last week. We can all hope that’s the case! The RealiTea is a returnee has never made it past F4. Tyler is well insulated heading into the week but will his cover be pulled back exposing his game? Can Haleigh stand the pressure and come out with an HOH victory when she needs it most? I will be back with all the details along with the newest nominees that will hit the block tomorrow. 

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