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Episode 28-Veto and ceremony

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Previously on Big Brother, Faysal proposed a new 4 person alliance, and Tyler and Angela pretended to be on board.  With the HG taking a shot at power, Angela was on a roll.  Faysal assumed he and Haleigh were safe, but after Haleigh caught Level 6 celebrating, she warned Fessy of their impending doom.  At the nomination ceremony, Fessy was blindsided yet again. Tonight, will the Veto save Fessy or Haleigh from eviction?  Plus, can Faleigh's relationship survive the block?  Find out right now on Big Brother!

We pick up after nominations on day 66. Angela says she nominated Haleigh and Faysal because they are a power couple and they are the only two left on the other side of the house. Can’t wait to tear these two apart…I’m evil.


Faysal says this is definitely worst case scenario. He never thought he’d be on the block and for her to turn around and stab them in the back just like this. Sucks, he didn’t see it coming. Another blindside added to the list.


Haleigh says what do you know? Angela put me and Faysal on the block together. I tried to warn him this was going to happen and now look where we are. But we can’t focus on that right now, all they have to do is go win the veto.


Faysal is in the WA and he apologizes to Haleigh. Haleigh tells him he’s not the target. He says he’s going home if he’s next to her.  Sam comes in and says it’s only going to get worse. Sam thought it was going to be her and Haleigh. Sam tells us Faysal is precious to her and the fact that Angela nominated her is hard for her. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the veto competition, but she hopes he comes off the block before eviction night.


Tyler goes up to the HOH and she says her heart is beating so fast. He says that was the best speech ever and he hugs her and she rubs his back. Tyler says he doesn’t think Faysal saw it coming. Tyler says it’s a big move, she’s playing Big Brother. Tyler tells us Level 6 is pretty much steam rolling through this game right now. They’ve managed to knock out a member of the other side of the house three weeks in a row and with Haleigh and Faysal on the block it should be four for four.


Tyler says nice work Faysal! Angela says nice work idiot. Moron. Kaycee comes in and Angela lets her in. Kaycee says they weren’t expecting it huh. Angela says he better not set foot in this room. Angela says her target is Faysal because he’s proven he can take himself off the block and win vetoes. She’s not too worried about Haleigh, they can take care of her next week. Kaycee says she is making moves on her HOH.


Faysal tells Haleigh he should have listened to her and not put Scottie up. She says so what you’re saying is I was right and he says yes, babe, you were right. He says they all screwed up and she says it doesn’t matter now. There’s nothing they can do about it. Faysal says he thought her HOH was bad and she says he sent home of their alliance members. He says she sent home one of their alliance members. Haleigh says Zingbot called you a moron because you put one of your alliance members on the block.


Faysal says let’s recap the last three weeks and Haleigh says let’s not. Faysal says Haleigh wins the hacker. Great. She can take on of our alliance members down. Pick Faysal to play in the veto and Tyler goes home on Angela’s HOH right? No, let’s pick Kaycee to play in the veto and send Bayleigh home.


Faysal continues to recap. The only way we survive next week is if one of us wins HOH. Who wins HOH? Haleigh wins HOH. Who goes home? Rockstar goes home. Who could have won the veto? Rockstar. But who did she tell an answer to? Tyler, you got it right. So who wins HOH next week? Faysal. Who does he send home? The last remaining member of our alliance. Let’s make a new alliance with Angela. Who wins HOH? Angela. Who goes on the block? Me and Haleigh. Haleigh says I told you it was stupid.


Haleigh tells Faysal he has to win tomorrow. Faysal says or you can win. Haleigh says we can’t sit next to each other. Faysal says it would be kind of romantic if we do. Haleigh laughs and says what could be romantic about that? She says we are the worst Big Brother players in history.


Angela, Tyler, Kaycee, and JC are in the HOH. Angela says it was awkward standing up there. It was personal. JC says we need to hope Sam doesn’t play in veto and Angela says that would be amazing. Kaycee says do you think she would pull someone off? JC says you don’t know what Sam would do. JC says worst case scenario would be Sam winning the veto because she might take Faysal off because she’s crazy. And who might be the replacement nominee? Me. No way, nuh-uh.


Time to pick players for the veto competition. Angela says it’s important they stack the veto comp with all members of level six. She doesn’t want Sam to get picked for the veto because she’s a wild card right now. Angela draws Kaycee. Faysal draws JC. Haleigh draws houseguest choice. Angela rolls her eyes and Haleigh says she chooses…Faysal says choose Sam. Haleigh chooses Sam.  


Haleigh tells us she doubts Tyler or Brett will use the veto on either of them. She might as well go with Sam because she might actually use the veto. Sam didn’t necessarily want to get picked to play this veto. But now that she has been picked to play she wants to win and secure her own safety and then figure out what to do with the veto from there.


Angela is in the HOH room and Haleigh rings the door bell. Haleigh asks for the curler and Angela tells her where it is. Haleigh says she just wanted to talk with Angela so things weren’t weird and she wants to see if there’s a chance her and Faysal can make it out of the week alive. Angela asks how her and Faysal are doing and Haleigh says Faysal isn’t doing well with it. Angela tells her that her odds of staying are greater if she’s sitting next to Faysal. Angela says everyone is afraid to Faysal in competitions. Angela says Brett would have kept nominations the same, but Sam who knows?


Haleigh says Angela tells her Faysal is the target, which sounds great. But you can’t trust anyone in this house. Regardless, it’s all on her at this point and the only way she’s safe is if she wins the veto. Haleigh says we’ll see how the veto goes.


Faysal is in the shower and JC is in the WA and Faysal wants to know what they are saying upstairs. JC tells him they are scared he will win. JC says focus on the positive, at least they didn’t backdoor him. Faysal asks if JC wins if he’d take him down and JC says I could. He says it depends on what you offer me.


JC says if he took Faysal down the whole house would be mad at him. Then next week they win HOH again and JC and Faysal are on the block. Faysal tells JC they are coming after you next anyway. Faysal says Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, then Sam, then you. Faysal says if he leaves, JC is next unless one of them wins. JC says let’s talk about this tomorrow after the veto.


It’s time for the veto competition! Greetings Houseguest! You have been selected to embark on a long and dangerous trip to the elusive Planet Veto. Your mission is to gather as much Vetonium as possible and bring it back to your ship. Unfortunately, you’ll have to battle the alien creatures on the planet to recover it. When the alien creatures fire upon you that is your opportunity to catch the Vetonium before it hits the ground and place it in your container. If any piece of Vetonium hits the ground, it’s out of play. The player the catches and recovers the most Vetonium will win the golden power of veto. Who’s ready to play Mission to Planet Veto.


Haleigh is out first and she steps out of a spaceship and there are flying saucers, scorpions, and aliens. Each ball of Vetonium she catches in Round 1 is worth 1 point. She says this is disgusting! It’s in her ears and some of it got in her mouth. She doesn’t care how much slime she gets covered in, she came to fight. She misses the first three in succession and she says this is so hard. She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to see anything through all of the slime.


Round 1 she didn’t score so she’s moving on to Round 2. Each piece of Vetonium she catches this round is 2 points. She says luckily the points go up and she just has to make up for the first round. She says this is like a softball practice from hell and she has to catch balls in the pouring rain. She catches her first ball and she is not giving up because she has to win this veto.


Haleigh moves on to the Round 3. Each of these are worth three points…but you have to use your mouth to catch them. Haleigh says this last round is so important. She says the goo is in her face and mouth and she’s so grossed out but she has to catch as many as she can because it’s do or die. She finishes the last round and she has to hope she caught enough to win.


Kaycee is up next and she says she has to win this so she can keep nominations the same and send Faysal to a far away galaxy. She’s a professional wide receiver, there is no ball on earth or on Planet Veto that she cannot catch. She misses the first ball because she couldn’t even see it. She says there is so much slime coming out of this alien it is not cool. She misses the first two because she can’t see a thing. She fails to score in Round 1 and she’s frustrated.


Round 2 is up and Kaycee immediately catches the first two. She’s trying to predict their next move because if she can predict where they are coming from, she can catch the ball. We see her catch four balls. She says reflexes baby! She moves on to Round 3. She says this is a lot harder than she expected. She says the squid are bigger than a tennis ball and they are slimier than she thought. She feels like she caught a lot of Vetonium, but Faysal plays football too and she hopes she caught more than he did.


Sam says if she doesn’t win this veto she could go up as a replacement. She needs to catch this Vetonium and skedaddle. She starts talking about dirty it is and there are not enough cleaning products…and she is nailed in the face with the first bit of slime. She says someone get this space monster a tissue. She’s ready to get back to the big blue planet.


Sam says the scorpions starts shooting willy nilly out of nowhere and it’s so fast. She wants to catch at least one! She catches one. She moves on to Round 3 and says and….it’s squid. God only knows what squid are swimming around in in outer space but she doesn’t want it on her face. Folks, avoid the squid! Order something else.


JC wants to win this power of veto because he hasn’t won anything and wants to keep the nominations the same. He says the monster is bigger than him…well a lot of things are bigger than him. He moves closer to the monster and gets hit right between the legs. He says it hits him and it wipes out all sign of life in his twin planets. The only thing he caught was pain in his galactic bulge.


JC moves on to round 2 and he says chasing the balls he feels like he’s in a classical ballet. To the left…to the right…fall…jump. Graciously put his face against the floor. Finally, he got a ball! Hopefully he’ll have more luck in the next round. He moves on to Round 3. He says catch with my mouth? Are you for real right now? Is this a joke? He says he needs to go back to Earth. He’s just going to try something new. Abort mission! Keep your Vetonium, you stupid aliens. Planet Veto sucks!


Angela is up and she really wants to win and keep noms the same and send Faysal home this week. She misses the first ball in round 1 and she says how do you see it? Angela says she does not deserve to get gooed by an alien, this is gross. She moves to Round 2 and she says it gets shot at her high and low, she has no clue where it’s coming from and she’s hoping to grab one or two. On to Round 3 and she says she’s still trying but it’s getting frustrating. She’s done with her last mission and she’s just hoping she did better than Haleigh and Faysal.


Faysal is up and he says he has to win this veto in order to have any chance for him and Haleigh to stay in the house this week. He says this is the comp he needs. He sees the target coming and catch it. It’s what he does for a living. He didn’t even see the ball the first time so he decides to back up a couple of steps. Faysal catches a couple in the first round. He feels like he’s doing pretty good, but he has to keep it up.


Round 2 begins and he says these balls are humming really fast and it’s raining. He says your hand eye coordination has to be on point. We see him catch several balls. Faysal says catching these things hard, but you have to keep moving. The second round went pretty well but he has to keep it up in round 3 too. Faysal says biting these creatures isn’t working at all. Finally he decides he has to use his mouth as a suction cup. We see him then catch a few. Now he hopes he has enough Vetonium to win this competition.


Tyler is ready to reveal the scores. JC finished with 2 points. Haleigh finished with 13 points. Sam finished with 2 points. She says she took a lot of squid to the face. Angela finished with 16 points and is currently in the lead. Haleigh says she’s knocked out but maybe Faysal pulled through. Faysal scored 32 points. Haleigh is shocked. Everyone claps. Angela says this is the worst and she is praying Kaycee pulled this one out for Level six.


Faysal knows he’s in the lead and he hopes Kaycee tripped on a ball or choked on a squid. Kaycee had 33 points and she won the veto. She says let’s go baby! She says little peanut came through with the win. She’s so excited and Level six has full control of this week. Let’s go.


Haleigh says her and Faysal both lost the power of veto and what makes her so sad is to try and integrate herself with the people who don’t want her there and separate herself from Faysal. Faysal says the ball was in his court. This is going to be the longest week ever and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.


Haleigh is going upstairs to the HOH where Tyler, JC, Kaycee, and Angela are. Haleigh says she’s almost 100% confident Kaycee won’t use veto. Her best bet going forward is to socially integrate herself with everyone in the house because Angela told her Faysal is the target and if she stays she doesn’t want to be completely isolated.


Faysal is downstairs and he tells us it looks like nominations are going to stay the same and one of them is going home. Instead of spending time with him, their last few days together, she spends them with the HOH who put them on the block together. It’s their last few days and he wants to spend them with Haleigh. It kind of sucks she has other plans.


Haleigh and Faysal are outside and Faysal is folding laundry. Haleigh asks what he’s doing and Faysal wants to know what she was doing upstairs. Haleigh wants to know the correct way to act? Is she supposed to stay with him and completely isolate themselves? She says is this how you’re going to be and he says whatever, I don’t care. Faysal says if that’s how she feels then he’s going to go do his own thing. Then when they get out he’s going to be wondering if it’s real or was it just a game.


Faysal goes inside and Haleigh is in the hammock crying and Brett comes out and comforts her. He wants to know what’s wrong and Haleigh says she’s just sad. Brett says Level six is targeting Faysal this week so there is a good chance he’s going home and Haleigh remains in the game. So why not cozy up to Haleigh and pull her in his corner? Brett asks if they are in a showmance and she says no. He says are you sure? She says no. Brett says it seems like it. Brett says Faysal is the target because he’s the competitor in the house.


Haleigh says she’s been loyal to Faysal and supported him even when she didn’t agree with his decisions. But now Faysal is being cold and indifferent so she has to go to bat for Haleigh. She’s made it this far and this is everything to her. Haleigh tells Brett she’ll be on an island if he leaves and Brett says he’ll visit her on her island.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Kaycee gives both nominees a chance to tell Kaycee why she should use the veto to save them. Haleigh says she doesn’t have much to say other than she doesn’t want to be sitting there and she’d love her to use it on her but she’ll respect her decision. Faysal tells Kaycee congrats on the first win, he’s still a little salty, but she earned it and she should use it to benefit Kaycee’s game. Kaycee has decided not to use the power of veto and she thinks it’s best to keep the nominations the same.


Kaycee says it was so tough to decide whether or not to use the veto, psyche. It was an easy decision. Who got the veto medallion? She did! Faysal says it just hit him that one of them is leaving. He’s hoping he got one good thing out of this game…Haleigh. He just hopes she feels the same way. Haleigh says it’s Haleigh vs Faysal and one of them is staying. She just has to look out for her. She says it sucks, everyone around her gets evicted. She’s cursed by the big brother gods. Tyler says he feels powerless. He didn’t have to use his power app. Thanks America, but he didn’t even need it. But now is when the game gets serious because he doesn’t have it to fall back on. 500K is looking brighter than ever. But he has to be careful moving forward because it could get tricky.


Who will be evicted: Haleigh or Faysal? And which juror will battle back into the game? Find out tomorrow on Big Brother!

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