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America's Got Talent-Episode 16-Live Shows 3-Results

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Live from Hollywood is America’s Got Talent, the results! 12 acts performed and only 7 will go through! Tonight, we get the results!


We see the recaps of the 12 performances. All acts are on stage and we greet all the judges. We’re about to find out the acts in 6th, 7th, and 8th place. You can save one of these acts with the Dunkin Save vote.


The three acts in danger are Aaron Crow, Daniel Emmett, and The Future Kingz. You have 30 minutes to vote and you can use the NBC app. You can vote even if you cannot see the show live. The initial response is Daniel Emmet has 44% of the vote, The Future Kingz has 34%, and Aaron Crow has 22%.


It’s time to get our first results of the night! Us the Duo and Hans are the first to be called forward.


America has voted. The first act going into the semi-finals is…Us the Duo.


Brian King Joseph and Joseph O’Brien are the next called forward.


America has voted. The next act going into the semi-finals is…Brian King Joseph.


15 minutes left to vote on the Dunkin Save! You can save Aaron Crow, Daniel Emmet, or The Future Kingz.


We get a look at Simon getting his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.


We then get a look at some performances from Beautiful-The Carole King Musical.


It’s time for more results! Michael Ketterer, Rob Lake, and Christina Wells are all called forward.


America has voted! The next act going into the semi-finals is…Michael Ketterer.


Tyra tells Christin and Rob Lake to stay on the stage. The good news is one of them is also going through.


The next act going into the semi-finals is…Christina Wells.


Zucaroh and UDI Dance are the final two acts to learn their fate.


America has voted. The next act moving on to the semi-finals is…Zucaroh.


Time to find out who America saved with the Dunkin Save vote! Aaron Crow, Daniel Emmet, and The Future Kingz step on stage.


The act that America saved and who is moving on to the semi-finals is…Daniel Emmet.


It’s time for the judges to decide who to send to the semi-finals: Aaron Crow or The Future Kingz.


Mel B says The Future Kingz have that swag, she wasn’t impressed with the choreography. She says Aaron was boring, but what he did in the past was genius. She’s making her choice off that and she chooses Aaron Crow.


Heidi says maybe for both acts it wasn’t their strongest performance. And she’s thinking about the past and she thinks it was Aaron as well.


Simon says one nearly killed him and one group he liked from the moment they first met. Simon says the truth is he doesn’t want to nearly die again so he votes for The Future Kingz.


Howie says The Future Kingz are amazing and he appreciates what they mean. Howie says Aaron is so scary, but he has seen tapes of his performances. He says this is the hardest part of the show. The crowd is screaming at Howie. Howie says ok…alright….it’s Aaron.

The acts that are through to the semi-finals:



The acts that are through to the semi-finals:


Singers: (12)

Michael Ketterer-Simon's Golden Buzzer

Courtney Hadwin-Howie's Golden Buzzer

Amanda Mena-Mel B's Golden Buzzer

Makayla Phillips-Heidi's Golden Buzzer

Voices of Hope-Ken's Golden Buzzer

Angel City Chorale-Olivia's Golden Buzzer

Us the Duo

Christina Wells

We Three

Noah Guthrie

Glennis Grace

Daniel Emmet-Wildcard


Danger: (2)

Aaron Crow

Duo Transcend


Dance: (3)

Zucaroh-Tyra's Golden Buzzer

Junior New System

Da Republik


Variety: (1)

Brian King Joseph


Magicians: (1)

Shin Lim


Comedians: (2)

Vicki Barbolak

Samuel J. Comroe

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