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Thursday, August 30, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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10:15am BBT: WBRB possibly wake up time!

10:30Am BBT: Lights are on, Sam in the kitchen and JC in the Storage room getting batteries.

10:32am BBT: The dinning room table has shrunk, now there are 3 wood curved benches and a smaller table. [ I just noticed it today, sorry if its already happened]

Edited by morty
Yes, the table shrank earlier in the week.
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10:05am BBT: we now have FOTH as Bb wakes the HG.

 10:24am BBT: sam in the KT washing her hands. Brett and JC sleeping in the PBR.

10:26am BBT: sam goes to the STR and comes out with the vacuum cleaner and starts straightening up the LVR then goes to the KT to put dishes away.

10:37am BBT: sam is in the KT eating a bowl of cereal, Kaycee changes her batteries then heads to the WC after telling Sam good morning.

10:45am BBT: Tyler is now up and changes his batteries then goes  through the KT, sam ask if he slept ok and he says yeah. Tyler goes to the WC where kaycee is doing ADL's in the WA and they say morning. BB tells the HG I said it is time to get up for the day.

 10:48am BBT: Angela is up and packing her things in the HOHR to move it all back downstairs. Tyler, kaycee and sam in the KT drinking coffee and talking about the music BB played this morning.

10:55am BBT: We now have REELS.

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1:14 pm BBt  Feeds are back.   Kaycee is getting something to drink in the KT.  Sam is helping Angela get her things out of the HOH room.  Sam got what was left in he fridge, and told Angela to get her pink robe.  Angela didn't think she could keep it, but Sam said yes, so she went back for it. 

In the Have not room. Haleigh crawled into her saucer and covered herself completely with the comforter taken from the PBR.

1:19 pm BBT  Fessy is in the WA.  He has another face mask on. WBRB/FOTH

Feeds are back.  Brett is in the WA, looking tired, Fessy is still in there, washes his hands then flicks them before wiping them on his pants.  Fessy leaves.  Tyler is in the shower, and Sam is talking with him. 

Angela is putting her things away in the BBR.  Brett is telling her he is shaving today, he will be a new boy. Brett goes to the KT, and rubs Kaycee's shuolders.  Fessy is making a protein shake.   Brett leaves, Haleigh comes in.  She asks Kaycee what she ate.  She said just the slop with the cinnamon and honey.  Haleigh is trying to find something to eat.

Angela is still putting away her things, Sam has out the clippers in the WA.  Brett is sitting, looking like she is going to do his hair and Tyler is still in the shower.  She is talking about music, and sings some, BB tells her to stop singing. The clippers aren't working.  Sam said the motor is running, but they aren't moving. Sam is using some small trimmers to trim Brett's beard.

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1:14PM BBT Feeds are back. Angela is putting her stuff together in the HOH room. Kaycee in the KT trying to figure out what she wants to eat.


1:26PM BBT Tyler is taking a shower. Brett is giving Kaycee a quick back massage while she eats. Sam doing ADLS in the WCA.


1:34PM BBT Sam is cleaning up Brett's facial hair. Hayleigh is eating slop and Fessy sits down at the KT counter with a clay mask on his face.

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1:34 pm BBT  Haleigh and Fessy are in the KT, Haleigh is washing up her dishes.  Angela comes in an gets a snack.  She sees someone left drinks out.  Haleigh doesn't know who left them there, Angela said she just said it because she assumed it was JC.    Sam is still working on Brett's beard, while Fessy is sitting at the counter with his face mask on.  Haleigh is puttering around the KT.  Brief FoTH.  Angela is unloading her snacks onto the dining room table. 

1:38 pm BBT  Angela is putting away the cereal and snacks from her HOH basket.  Tyler is out of the shower, Haleigh comes in to watch Sam shave Brett.  Haleigh then goes back to the KT.  Angela goes and lays down in the BBR, while Tyler is in there getting dressed. Tyler walks into the PBR, but the camera doesn't follow.  He is talking to someone about being bothered and annoyed.  It sounds like JC without a mic. Tyler comes back to BBR to change pants. Angela is face down on her bed.

In the WA, Sam is still working on Brett.

1:45 pm BBT  Sam is finished trimming Brett's beard.  He said it looks a million times better.  Sam wonders if they should tell BB they need new clippers.  She said the ones there aren't expensive.  Sam finds a comb, thinks it is Scottie's, then says maybe not.  She said she misses him, he was her little buddy.  She asks if she can take a shower next.  Brett said that is fine, he can take one five minutes before they air and he is good.  Brett goes searching for his water jug.  He lays down on a bed in the BBR, Angela is on the middle bed and Tyler on the first bed.

Fessy is packing in the PBR, Haleigh is watching him.  JC gets out of bed and leaves. Tyler is no longer in the BBR. 


1:50 pm BBT  Angela tells Brett her stomach is growling, maybe she is hungry.  Brett asked if she ate.  She said she had oatmeal around 10.  Maybe she will get something to drink and take her vitamins, and call it lunch.  Brett suggests a grape.  They laugh.  She doesn't get too far, and decides to vacuum.  She apologizes to Fessy and Haleigh that it is loud.  Brett gets up and says maybe he will make some food. 

Fessy packing, Haleigh watching, and Angela vacuuming.  That's about it.

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1:39PM BBT Tyler is working with his hair in the WCA mirror. They tell him that his curls went back to normal. He says he knows. Sam says she would never have messed up his hair.


1:51PM BBT Fessy is packing. Hayleigh sitting and watching him in silence.


1:59PM BBT Brett pulls some tuna from the fridge. It has gone bad. He is about to lose his stomach over it. He throws it out in the trash. Hayleigh is vacuuming the BR. In the SR, Angela tells Tyler that Sam came to her to ask how to vote. She says that she told her to vote how was best for her. She says that Sam told her that she knows Hayleigh was the target. Angela says she then told Sam that she doesn't think she can beat Fessy in a competition. Sam says she has it now.

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1:55 pm BBT  Brett, JC and Tyler are in the KT.  Brett is trying to decide what to cook.  He gets some tuna from the storage room, says it doesn't smell good.  JC said the sell by date is 8/27.  He said to open it by the water thingy to see if it is bad.  Brett laughs, and said you mean the sink?  Brett opens it and gags.  He has JC smell it, and he gags too.  Brett wants Tyler to smell it (he is eating cereal).  Tyler says he can smell it from there.  Brett says that is the closest he has come to puking in the house.  Tyler throws it away in the SR.  Haleigh asks him to look in the freezer for fish food.  Angela goes into the SR and tells Tyler that Sam wanted to know who to vote out.  She said whatever is best for your game.  Sam told Angela she doesn't have any game.  Sam said Angela said Haleigh was her target, but they have been hanging out this week.  Angela told her she can't beat Fessy in a comp, Sam said ok, got it.  Tyler said he told her he wasn't sure who to vote for.  Brett comes in, Tyler leaves.  Angela repeats her story to Brett.  She said she couldn't tell her vote one way and everyone else vote against her. Angela said the last time she told Sam to vote out Bayleigh, then Sam was the vote for her to stay.  Haleigh comes in looking for fish food, Brett leaves.  Angela thinks Sam already fed them.  Brett is back in the KT with Tyler and JC.

2:06 pm BBT  In the PBR, Fessy is on the middle bed, watching Haleigh eat on he other bed.  He keeps staring at her.  She told him he needs to eat something, she shrugs.  He says he has never slept in a blue bed.  She tells him when he is off slop he can sleep in a blue bed.  He laughs.  Fessy tells Haleigh to stop biting her fingers.  She said not to mention it to her.  He said it would be different if she had a nail to bite, but she doesn't have any nail.  What is she chewing?  She asks him to stop talking about it. 

Angela and Sam are in the WA, getting ready.  Haleigh and Fessy are sitting in the PBR chatting. Haleigh said she doesn't want this to happen, Fessy says the day has come, only 3 more hours.  She is still chewing her fingers. 



(Gotta go if someone can take over)

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2:07PM BBT Hayleigh is biting on her fingers. Fessy tells her to stop biting and she tells him "don't tell her what to do". He says he isn't but to please stop biting. She is sniffling and says it is allergies.


2:15PM BBT Tyler and Brett are whispering about JC. Brett says if JC wins HOH , Brett feels he will take a shot but not at him or Tyler. Tyler agrees.


2:30PM BBT Angela doing her makeup. Brett making chicken in the KT.



2:47PM BBT Sam is doing her make up and hair. In the BBR, Tyler, Angela and Brett chatting.


2:57PM BBT Hayleigh, JC and Angela chat in the BBR. Angela wonders when BB will tell them if it will be athletic. Hayleigh says she may just iron everything. Angela is showing Hayleigh her options for tonight.

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3:03PM BBT Hayleigh comes into the KT where JC and Brett are joking around. She gives Brett a hug and tells them she needs to shave her legs. Brett says he doesn't know if they have chainsaws. She goes to the WCA where Tyler and Sam are. She jokingly says she hates them.


3:11PM BBT Hayleigh tells Sam she has to figure out a speech. Says she has no bombs to drop. Just wants to do shout outs.


3:20PM BBT In the SR, Hayleigh sees Angela put her HOH robe in the basket. Angela says she hopes they get them back. She asks Hayleigh if her speech is ready. Angela tells her about her convo with Sam. She tells Hayleigh that she has nothing to worry about.


3:24PM BBT We have reels.

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7:01 pm BBT Scottie is back in the house!  The feeds come back as the show ends.  Lots of hugs.  Tyler tells him that the HOH is tonight.


7:02 pm BBT Scottie tells them about his GBMs from the others.  He also tells them about how nice the jury house.


7:13 pm BBT Angela tells Scottie about Fessy's eviction speech.


7:15 pm BBT They are eating, getting ready for the HOH comp.  Angela said they'll be out there for a while.


7:17 pm BBT Still lots of chatter about jury.  Tyler said they had to stay up in the HOH room during the battleback.   Sam is laying down in the pink bedroom and Brett checks on her.  She said it's all overwhelming.


7:21 pm BBT Scottie's suitcase has arrived in the SR.  Sam points out who sleeping where so that Scottie can figure out which bed to choose. 


7:23 pm BBT Correction - it was not Scottie's suitcase in the SR, it was Haleigh's.  She wheels it into the PBR.  Scottie said he wants his bag before the comp because his cross is in it.


7:25 pm BBT Tyler, Scottie and Haleigh celebrate a bit in the BBR.  Scottie said that this last week has been a reset for him, because his personality was changing and he feels more himself now.


7:27 pm BBT KC asks  JC if he was the one vote.  JC tells Brett and KC in the KT that Sam is *pi$$ed*.


7:29 pm BBT Scottie tells the info that he's learned to Tyler and Angela.  He said that Steve was a police officer and they're shocked.


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7:32 pm BBT Scottie is describing Ross and Marissa's "Off The Block" interview and seeing the other items left on the set by the other evicted HG. Scottie describes how he entered the jury house and couldn't tell Bay and Rockstar anything until they watched the DVD. 


7:37 pm BBT Scottie is called to the DR.  Haleigh said she accidentally hit Sam in the face when she went to hug Scottie, and that she thinks Sam's upset.  JC said he also thinks that Sam's upset.


7:41 pm BBT Angela tells the others that Sam asked her before the show how to vote and then voted the other way and that it's annoying.  Haleigh asks if they're sure it was Sam that voted against her. KC laughs and says "pretty sure".


7:43 pm BBT Haleigh is happy with her speech. KC says it is funny to see Fess leave and Scottie's back.  Haleigh said that she knew Fessy would be too frazzled to win the battle back.


7:47 pm BBT JC and Tyler tell Haleigh that Fessy never campaigned to stay.  Not only did he not say anything negative about Haleigh, he didn't say anything all.


7:49 pm BBT Brett and Sam are in the KT.  Brett tells her he's emotionally drained and asked her if she is as well.  She says no, only in the middle of the week, but at least there's something to focus on.


7:50 pm BBT Sam said she misses people that really care about her and love her.  Brett tells her he cares about her.  She says "I know.  Everyone in here cares about me.  It's a game on a tv show".  She said she comes from a different place emotionally.  She tells Brett "just remember, my team's not in here.  Your team's not in here either".


7:55 pm BBT JC said "I'm officially the only player in the house that hasn't won sh*t"

8:02 pm BBT Scottie is trying to tell the HG more, but production is stepping in with the WBRB fish on the feeds.


8:07 pm BBT Scottie said he loved his GBMs and Brett's was the best.  


8:13 pm BBT They HG tell Scottie all about the last POV comp.


8:25 pm BBT Scottie starts studying dates with Haleigh, Brett, Tyler, Angela and KC.

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8:39 pm BBT KC has a lot of questions for Scottie in the KT, especially regarding the comp that they just played.  He was blindfolded until he got to the stage, and the comp was played ouside with sky overhead, but he's not sure if it was in the house's BY.


8:40 pm BBT Brett and JC speculate in the PBR about what happens if Scottie wins the HOH.  JC says it is so annoying.  They think that it's a good thing that Sam voted him out.



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10:43 PM BBT Feeds up showing HoH


10:44 PM BBT They are all hanging onto a rope standing on a small disc and all are on a big circle device now spinning them and they smack into a pie oozing red goo

10:45 PM BBT It’s a pie shop so more pies are around in ground ready to pop up some time. Not sure what else may show up. I bet whipped cream and other toppings. All them move in a big circle together like the old swings at amusement parks but slow in circle. All about hanging on. [would guess JC or SAM due to size but they are holding on leaning back and not sure that’s best. Haleigh and Scottie May have the motivation.] 



10:51 PM BBT NOw mustard and ketchup are squirting them from giant bottles. So guess it’s just a carnival/fair food theme

10:53 PM BBT Hayleigh has her arms wrapped around the rope in a death grip. 

11:00 PM BBT And the chickens never let you down,...  FEATHERS!

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10:41 PM BBT Feeds are up and they are all standing on a disc spinning. Angela says this is hilarious. The HG are getting hit by a big cherry pie. Angela says Haleigh, JC, and Tyler are swinging a lot when they get hit. Kaycee is spinning a lot and she’s concerned about getting sick. JC drank a lot of coffee. Kaycee has started squatting. Angela is eating popcorn.


10:45 PM BBT Sam is leaning back on her rope a little. Kaycee is still concerned about getting sick. Scottie and Tyler are also squatting down, but they don’t stay down long. They are trying to find a comfortable spot. JC is also squatting. Brett is squatting also now. JC is down.


10:50 PM BBT They now have sauces being squirted at them. They are getting ketchup and mustard squirted at them. Brett thinks he might get sick too. Kaycee looks to still be trying to get comfortable as she stands up and then squats back down. Brett is breathing very heavily. Kaycee is about ready to get sick she says.


10:55 PM BBT Kaycee says she’s about to throw up and then the ketchup and mustard squirt again. Brett is using his shirt to wipe his face off. Scottie keeps making random comments and everyone else is pretty quiet. Angela says the disc is going to get slippery and people might slip off. FotH. Angela says they are doing so good. Brett is looking exhausted and like he doesn’t feel well.

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11:09 PM BBT Haleigh is just chilling hanging on the rope. She seems to have the best control of her rope


SCOTTIE is out. 

11:09 PM BBT Scottie stated spinning a lot and couldn’t stop. 

11:10 PM BBT Haleigh, Tyler, Kaycee, and Brett are left. Ketchup and mustard going again 

11:14 PM BBT Kaycee spit some may have tossed a bit. She’s been fighting through feeling sick from early in comp. [Haleigh still hasn’t moved much from her arm wrapped death grip everyone else is standing then squatting,... - rms ]

11:15 PM BBT Feather time. 

[they should have some punishment for being first out in comps. JC just likes getting last - rms ]


Brett starting motivational screaming


11:22 PM BBT BRett fell 


11:24 PM BBT Haleigh has a death grip with her arms wrapped around rope standing tall, turns her eyes like a ballerina locking in on a spot then   Changing to another.   Kaycee has been squatting the whole time.  Tyler has been standing and squatting a lot

11:27 PM BBT HAleigh asked if hers was spinning and when she figured out it was BOOM she stopped it. I am sure she has one of these on her farm. Has to. [i know we all had them all over TX - rms ]

11:30 PM BBT Well, the pie is angry! Slapping people

11:31 PM BBT Loud bang.  JC said that was scary as f—. PIE is kicking their b——


they slowed the rotation [sound probably concerned prod - rms ]


Kaycee is OUT




11:33 PM BBT Uh oh, Haleigh was squatting a bit. Said “my f—gn neck”. 


Shes back up in her her death grip. 

Just her and Tyler left

haleigh says her neck is fine now


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