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America's Got Talent-Episode 15-Live Shows 3

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We greet the audience and the judges! This is the last of the first round of shows before the semi-finals. Tyra mentions Simon getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


The first act is the dance crew, The Future Kingz. They start their performance to Power by Kanye West and switch songs midway through. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon and Howie.


Simon says he gave them a standing ovation because of the performance and who they are as people. They are sincere, focused, and that was like watching a very cool commercial. Howie says everything he said. Their synchronicity and athleticism and it’s wonderful to see them come together. America has to vote!


Mel B says she’ll keep it short and sweet. She wasn’t impressed with all of the choreography, but she likes how united they are and how loyal they are to each other.  Heidi says it felt like an old school dance off and she thanks them for bringing the party to the Dolby Theater.


Next up is Us the Duo, and they are a pair of singers. They take the stage and perform an original song about the baby they are expecting. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon says they are going to have to change the name to Us the Trio. He tells them congratulations, he loved the song and the percussion and he’s praying America puts them through. Mel B says that made her emotional and says she looks amazing and she loved the song.


Heidi says they are the cutest couple and it was fantastic and she loved it. Howie thanks them for inviting everyone to their gender reveal party. Howie thinks they stepped it up and it was wonderful, but this is their best performance by far.


Next up is our wild card act, Daniel Emmett. He performs I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith in an opera style and in a foreign language. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Heidi says wow, she says he is one of the best, strongest singers on the show. If she had another golden buzzer, she would use it to send him straight to the finals. Simon says he’s so happy he persuaded the other three to put him through. Simon says his voice was so powerful the stage lit up in fire behind him.


Howie says it was surreal. He felt like his parents took him to see Pavarti performing Aerosmith. It was fantastic. Mel B says she loved it, he can sing. She wishes he had started off quieter and built it up. She says it was fantastic.


Brian King Joseph is the next to take the stage with his violin. He is right in front of the judges on a box platform and he plays Centuries by Fall Out Boy. He has four contortionists on the stage behind him and he moves to perform in front of them. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says tonight is crazy. He says this is so much better than Fiddler on the Roof. Mel B says he makes her so emotional because he gives it all. She says he just kills it every time they see him.


Heidi thinks he’s very talented and she loves his personality. She loves watching him. Simon says this is equivalent to a singer losing their voice, but he made them feel amazing and he broke a few strings. He applauds Brian for what he just did and he deserves to be in the next round.


Our next act is Aaron Crow, a danger act. He’s on stage on a throne with a dagger to start. He has selected Howie to join him on stage. There are four stacks on a table with a metronome and he has Howie choose one and he chooses the second. Aaron puts the dagger under a cover and begins moving the stacks around.


Aaron then has Howie turn around so he can’t see where he moves the stacks again. He then gets Howie to move the stacks around and he raises his cape so the audience cannot see. He then has a sledgehammer and he shows Howie how he wants him to hit something. He starts the metronome and he moving his hand back and forth in time to the metronome until Howie hits the stool. He stops when Howie hits it and then slams his hand down on the stack. There is no dagger.


Aaron then adjusts the stacks and moves his hand again in time to the metronome until Howie hits the wood. Aaron points as if to ask Howie this one and Howie says I don’t know! He slams his hand down and no dagger. There are two stacks remaining and Aaron stops the metronome and walks to the front of the stage by the judges and Mel B slides to the end of the table and Heidi scoots over. Simon is avoiding eye contact and he Aaron comes to stand directly next to him.


Simon joins Aaron on stage and Simon puts his hand over the stacks. Aaron restarts the metronome. Simon says you know my son is in the audience? Simon is moving his hand back and forth over the stacks and Simon says you better get this right. Howie hits the stump and Mel B hits her X. Howie says sorry Simon. Aaron takes Simons hand are starts to slam his hand down, but then switches at the last minute to the other stack and he reveals the dagger was in the one they originally stopped over when Howie hit the stump.


Mel B says the whole thing was too long. Heidi says she’s a fan and she did love him previously, but tonight it wasn’t as thrilling and she agrees with Mel B. It was a little long.


Simon says he actually does value his hand and Mel B buzzing him threw him off. Mel B says she was trying to save him. Howie says he thinks he was amazing himself. He says America should vote for Howie!


Joseph O’Brien is up next and he’s a singer. He takes the stage and sings an original. He gets an ovation from the audience.


Mel B asks if it was an original song and who it’s about and Joseph says it’s about a girl who he had a crush on. Mel B says hopefully she hears the song because the lyrics were flawless. Heidi says it was sweet, but it didn’t knock her out of her seat.


Simon says he likes Joseph but he didn’t personally love the song. He says maybe it’s on you have to hear a few times, but he stuck to what he wants to do and he applauds him for that. Howie agrees with Simon and it’s about the dynamics and the show was dynamic and then there was this.


Next is Hans, international superstar. He’s on stage on a swing that lowers from the ceiling. He has created his own lyrics to Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Heidi asks Mel B if she and Elton John had a baby she didn’t know about. Heidi says he’s a fantastic dancer and it was fantastic, she finally woke up. Simon says that should have been a horror movie, but for some reason he loved it.


Howie says if Heidi Klum and Liberace had a son, that’s who this would be. He says it’s his favorite act so far tonight. Mel B says hands down for the song choice. Mel B says they wrote their own material and she didn’t even recognize her own song. He killed it.


Next, we have UDI Dance. They have a video game themed backdrop and then they begin their routine using the music Take On Me by a-ha. They get a lukewarm round of applause.


Simon says this wasn’t as good as their first audition. He says he’s seen acts do this better and if they move on they have to step things up. Howie says he loves video games and they had him at that. He thought it was good and he thought it was innovative.


Mel B is confused because she really likes what they do, but there were only two things they liked and she has to agree with Simon. Heidi thinks the arcade idea was great, but maybe the execution wasn’t as good, but she liked the idea.


Christina Wells is the next singer to take the stage and perform. She sings I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie can’t believe there is going to be more show tonight, that was like a grand finale. He says they all believe in Christina. Mel B adores her, her voice is sensational, and her range is massive. She is incredible and she made her cry.


Heidi says she has changed so much since the first time they met. Her confidence needed to catch up and it finally did. Simon says she is the diva he’s always believed she was. She owned the stage, she owned the song, and anyone who ever put her down, after that they can you know what. He thinks there will be a lot of Broadway producers wanting to audition.


Next is Zucaroh a contemporary dance group. They perform a Garden of Eden inspired dance performance. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon, Heidi, and Mel B.


Mel B says it was amazing and the music was great! She loved the music and their outfits. Heidi says if there was ever an act ready for Las Vegas, it’s them. They are perfect. She has goosebumps.


Simon says he didn’t like it…he loved it! He says this is one of the best live performances he’s ever seen on AGT. Howie says he agrees. They just took dance to a whole new level. They had acrobatics, dancing, and they took it up a notch.


Rob Lake is the next to the stage to perform his magic act. He has a construction site set up on stage and a screen drops and he appears when it raises again. He has two platforms with white walls and a black line across the center. He turns them around and they come in front of him and two women are with him.


Rob does another trick to change the wording on a sign from men at work to magician at work and then a woman appears. He rides a motorcycle onto a platform and it gets raised. He’s wearing a helmet and we see him raised over the stage and the platform drops and Rob and motorcycle are in the audience. He gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B.


Simon says he feels like he kind of helped Rob get to this place. He thinks he put on a great show. It was a bit corny at times, but maybe that’s who he is. Heidi says she loved it. She says it’s almost like there were two of them. She says it was so fast and she loved it.


Howie says he loves the magic and he loves the show and the cheesiness was a bit much. He says it looked very 80s. Mel B likes it when he’s cheesy, but her favorite part was the ending. She says that is magic.


The last performer to take the stage is Michael Ketterer. He gets a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon wants Tyra to come back to him because he’s emotional. He says he’s a really, really special guy and there’s something about him. Mel B says she doesn’t want to cry and he is just an incredible person and he is captivating and honest.


Heidi says when he sings, he sings with so much heart and we need more men like him. Howie says he deserves to be here and people should be inspired by who he is. He doesn’t know how America is going find seven.

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