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Episode 27-HOH and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Faysal in control of the house, he wanted the virgin out. Looking to strengthen his ranks, Faysal pitched Tyler and Angela on a new alliance, and the Hilton Head hotties played along. With Tyler good with everyone in the house, he and Angela considered throwing the next Head of Household.


At the live eviction, the never been kissed nerd kissed his game goodbye. With the HOH back up for grabs, the final eight were grabbing balls. Who will roll into power? Plus, two HG will be nominated for eviction. All this right now in Big Brother!


We pick up on day 65 at the HOH competition. Faysal says his HOH was absolutely brilliant. If you want something done right you do it your damned self. Now he and Haleigh have a new alliance and as long as Angela, Tyler, or Haleigh win, he’ll be Gucci.


Brett recaps the rules of the HOH competition with us. Tyler says he’s in some sort of deal with every single person in the house so winning this HOH would not be super beneficial for him right now. So he’s good with anyone but him winning this thing. Haleigh says Scottie is gone and she’s not sure how she feels about it, but she needs to focus and win this HOH because she’s the only person she trusts to keep herself and Faysal safe.


Brett feels like the magic man because he’s pulled off some miracles the last couple of weeks. But he’s feeling the pressure and it’s time to rise and take down this HOH comp. He rolls his first ball and gets a 9. Kaycee’s first shot is 25 and she decides not to lock it in. Angela makes her first roll and it hits a lollipop and it rolls backward and she does not lock it in. Tyler has the same issue and scores an 8 and he doesn’t keep it.


JC loves this competition. He’s playing in the balls and having fun because he doesn’t want to win because no one is coming after him this week. 45 minutes left. Kaycee is taking her shot and she tells us Level 6 is still intact and they haven’t even been in power. She gets a score in the 20s and does not lock it in. She wants to win to keep herself safe and Level 6 as well.


Haleigh says speed and timing is everything here, but you also have to have aim too. She shoots to hard. Sam is stuffing tokens down her shirt. Angela doesn’t necessarily want to win, she just wants someone from Level 6 to pull through. She says this comp is harder than it looks. Sam has a shirt full of tokens and gives Haleigh some, but she makes them promise to not put her up if they win and she gives some to Brett too. JC says Sam is crazy because she’s the token queen and it’s a competition and some of those people are coming for her.


15 minutes left to compete and Kaycee hits a score of 34. She does not keep it. Angela would have preferred Kaycee or Brett to win and no one has locked in. So she needs to step up. She just misses the cup and she scores 39 and she locks it in. Kaycee says nice job. Angela says that’s pretty close to perfect and there only two scores that can beat her. Haleigh says 39 is really hard to beat, but she doesn’t trust anyone so she needs to win this for herself.


Kaycee has another good roll, but it’s too hard. 3 minutes left. Tyler says he doesn’t want this HOH, but he’s a bowler and it’s in his blood so he’s going for that perfect shot. Tyler scores a 38. Haleigh says everyone is getting close to a perfect shot, so she needs to find one more token to get one more shot. Brett is taking his final shot. Brett says he has yet to win a HOH, so it’s time to rise and shine so he can show all the babes out there Brett can win an HOH.


Brett almost hits the cup but it was too hard. Haleigh is taking her final shot and she knows she has to beat a 39 to guarantee her safety. She has a good roll, but it hits the side and she scores a 36. Angela has won HOH! Angela says Level 6 stays safe, but she needs to look out for herself because she’s the only one who’s been HOH twice now and that puts a lot of blood on her hands. Tyler says Angela won HOH and he’s stoked because he doesn’t have to get any blood on his hands and Level 6 is going to come out in the top 7.


The HG are jumping in the balls and celebrating and Haleigh says Angela won and she’s having mixed emotions. She wants to trust Angela, but she just doesn’t think she can trust anyone. Faysal says Angela won and that’s his new alliance member. If they just stick together as a group of four, then they can do this week after week and run the game.


The HG are coming back inside from the HOH. Angela says Zingbot called her emotionless, soulless, and heartless, but now he can call her HOH. Does she honor the deal with Faysal and Haleigh? Or does she put them up? She wants to get out of this HOH scotch free, but she doesn’t know. We see Angela, Tyler, Haleigh, and Faysal talking in HOH and they are talking about Sam. Faysal says he and Haleigh should be ok.


Sam says every time she tries to play it backfires and she doesn’t know what’s going on or what she’s doing. Tyler says this is the last week he can use his power app, but his girl Angela won HOH and he won’t have to use it all. It’s fun when things are going your way in the house. We then see Brett, Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela celebrating and jumping around and Haleigh walks through and sees them. Haleigh says this almost looks like a four person alliance celebrating their safety this week. Haleigh says that’s the wrong people celebrating.


Tyler and Angela talk and realize Haleigh noticed them and Angela says whatever. Haleigh is rearranging a mattress in the PBR and Faysal comes in and Haleigh tells him what she saw. Haleigh thinks Angela is going to put her and Sam up and Faysal says she won’t put two big targets up. Haleigh tells us Faysal, those people aren’t with them. She’s sure she’s going up, the only question will be next to who.


Faysal tells Haleigh she is fine Angela is not that stupid. Faysal tells us Haleigh is freaking out. Angela would be stupid to go against the alliance they just made. Haleigh says she is going to be the target and Faysal tells her to calm down. Faysal tells us Haleigh needs to be calm and ride with him because they’ve got this.


Brett is asking Angela if it’s 100% Faysal. Kaycee says they have to go on the block together because it guarantees one of them will go home. Angela says her alliance wants her to put up Faysal and Haleigh together, but that puts all the blood on her hands again and that kinds of sucks. Angela says the least amount of blood is Sam.


Haleigh and Angela are talking and Angela says she thinks she’ll put Sam up. Haleigh asks if she’s thought who she would put up with Sam. Haleigh says it would make sense if you put me up. Haleigh says she’s trying to show Angela a sign of good faith. Angela says wait, did Haleigh just offer herself as a pawn? That sounds like a great idea. Maybe she’s just as dumb as her boyfriend.


Haleigh tells Faysal in the SR that Angela is thinking about putting her up as a pawn. Faysal says she’ll talk to her and Haleigh says I told you. Faysal tells us Haleigh is starting to freak out and she doesn’t need her to freak out to the HOH. Faysal tells us Haleigh, I got you. Let your man take care of this. Faysal tells Angela Haleigh isn’t going to touch her. Faysal is trying to explain the strategy of how to HOH to Angela. Angela tells us she thinks she can handle this one on her own, Faysal. But thank you.


Faysal talks to Tyler and tells him she can’t put up Haleigh as a pawn. Because Sam next to Haleigh, who knows? And if Sam takes herself off then Angela has to put someone else up and Haleigh could go home. Faysal says this four is strong. Haleigh interrupts and Faysal tells her to let him talk to Tyler.


Haleigh tells us she is the not the type of person to let a man speak for her. So for Faysal to tell her to stop speaking infuriates her. She talks to him in the WA and says she doesn’t appreciate the way he spoke to her. She says the way he’s talking to Tyler and Angela make it sound like they owe Haleigh something. Haleigh says Faysal is not listening to her that they owe her nothing. Haleigh is trying to explain to Faysal they don’t owe her anything and Faysal says they owe him something. Haleigh says she’s trying to keep her composure, but she needs someone to talk down to her and she doesn’t know what to think right now.


JC is cooking hot dogs in the oven. JC says one of his strategies has been to get everyone fat in the house so he can win some competitions. So every chance he gets to feed them, he’s going to feed them. He made a pasta, hot dogs, ground beef, everything he can find around the house. He makes Cafecito which is basically sugar with coffee. Anything that make you gain weight he’s going to feed them. He feeds them candy while they are in bed and he says they are going to be his whales.


Haleigh is in the KT and he’s going to describe what Tyler’s type of girl is. He says a girl who is quiet and reserved and who is into her health. JC says maybe we had a showmance we didn’t know about. Tyler says Angela is like a perfect human being and it’s super distracting and driving him insane. Angela says Tyler is his best friend in the house and he makes her feel better and is her comfort zone. Tyler says it’s hard not to like Angela, and she is the type of girl he’d like in the real world. But he won’t throw his game away for a showmance, he promises that.


We see them flirting in the HOH. Angela tells us she’s not blushing. She does think he’s attractive and maybe she has a little crush on him. Just a little one. They are in the HNR room flirting and JC walks in. Tyler asks Angela if she wants to go to a concert after this. Tyler tells us where there is a fitness model sleeping in the same bed with you…he doesn’t want to talk about it. Angela say she’s not an open person because she has walls up…boulders up. And if someone can get through…she claps. We see them cuddling.


Tyler is going up to the HOH and he says this is awesome. Angela is HOH which means Tyler is in the top 7 and he gets to hang out alone in the HOH room with Angela for once. Angela says she’s annoyed they are the only two that are getting blood on their hands. Angela tells us she just made a deal, whether its real or not. Angela says if one goes out, the other is coming after her. Angela says Brett has never saved her, but they have saved him. Angela thinks maybe they should put up Sam and Haleigh and if Sam does save herself, then she could put up Faysal. Angela thinks sending Sam home would be a safe move, but not necessarily a bad one. Tyler says he supports whatever she wants to do.


Brett is talking to JC and Brett says he hopes they don’t get in her head. JC says if she puts up Haleigh and Sam and Faysal wins veto then Angela has to put one of them up. JC says his main thing is not to be on the block this week. Not nominated, not as a pawn, and not as a replacement nominee. Zero block. Brett says Sam is totally off the reservation sometimes, but it would be a total waste of an HOH for Sam to go home. He’s with JC. They have to go with the jugular and put Faysal and Haleigh up and make sure one goes home.


JC goes up to talk to Angela and Tyler in the HOH. Angela says what do I do JC and Tyler says he’ll tell you what to do. JC says no matter what you do, we all have your back. JC says Sam gets on his nerves, but if she puts Sam and Haleigh on the block and Faysal could win veto and save Haleigh and then she’d have to put one of them on the block. JC says it has to be Faysal and Haleigh. JC says as much as he loves Faysal, if he has to go to make sure he doesn’t go on the block that’s what has to happen. Time to cut the puppet strings.


Angela asks JC if he’s ok voting Faysal out and JC says he only got close to Faysal because it benefited their game. Angela tells us JC reminded her that if Faysal wins and saves Haleigh, then she has to put someone else up. Angela says she doesn’t know if it’s worth the risk to ruin a relationship because her plan backfired.


Faysal is talking to Haleigh in the WA and Haleigh says she’s fine but she wants to talk to Angela before nominations. Faysal asks should he talk to her before Haleigh. Haleigh says it’s up to you, whatever you think. Faysal tells us even if he and Haleigh don’t agree with everything, he only has her best interest in mind. Faysal says Angela will make the right move and they will be fine this week.


Faysal goes to talk to Angela and Angela is doing her hair and make-up. Faysal asks her if she has any ideas and Angela says she’s pretty sure Haleigh is going to be a pawn and Faysal says hmmm. Faysal says you think if Haleigh is sitting next to Sam, Sam will go home. Angela says yes. Angela says she doesn’t want people suspicious of her. Faysal says she’ll respect any decisions she makes and Sam is an easy target. Faysal says as long as no one takes Sam off that makes sense. He’s just worried if she’s sitting there on eviction night. Angela says don’t worry Faysal. Your girl will be fine. She’ll be sitting right next to you.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Angela’s first nominee is Haleigh. Angela’s second nominee is Faysal. Angela says there’s a quote her mom used to use and it’s you’re a day late and a dollar short. Coming to her on day 60 something raises a red flag for her. She says she has to think how does it benefit her and it doesn’t. Angela says she nominated Haleigh and Faysal because Haleigh is the brains and Faysal is the brawn. And if they stay in the house they could make it to the end and she cannot and will not let that happen.


Haleigh says Faysal is the only one she trusts and if something crazy happens and Faysal is evicted she is on an island. Faysal says he didn’t see this one coming. Faysal says being on the block sucks, but it’s worse to be on the block next to his girl. He feels stupid. He should have just taken a shot at Tyler and Angela.


JC says his plan works again, and it works week after week. Faysal is his big dumb puppet and he has no idea what’s going on. JC says sorry Faysal, but you just might be walking out the door this week.

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