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Episode 26-Veto and Live Eviction

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Previously, on Big Brother, after the all-American beasted his way to power, JC got in his head about Scottie. Despite Haleigh’s plea, the jock still targeted the nerd. Looking for a new alliance, Faysal made a pitch to Tyler and the life guard played along to keep himself safe. In a must win veto for Scottie, it was Brett who found victory. Not wanting her pal Scottie evicted, Sam concocted a cuckoo scheme, but Faysal wasn’t falling for it. Soon after, Scottie also threw Haleigh under the bus leaving Faysal with a big decision. Tonight, a tear-jerking tale of heart break and backstabs lead to a veto meeting.


Julie greets us and says it’s day 65 inside the house. When throwing someone under the bus, be warned it might just roll back over you. Faysal says Brett won the veto and then Sam and Scottie tried to convince him to put Haleigh on the block. He needs to let Haleigh know. Faysal tells Haleigh that she’s getting thrown under the bus and she says how? Faysal recaps the conversation and says he called her Kaitlyn 2.0. Haleigh says that’s interesting.


Haleigh tells us she is confused. She is very confused. She says she feels really stupid because she defended him and stuck up for him and then he throws her under the bus and attacks her. Haleigh leaves the HOH. Angela and Kaycee are in the lounge and Angela hopes he puts Sam up. Kaycee says it will be one of them. Haleigh comes in with Tyler behind and she’s crying and Angela gives her a hug and comforts her. Haleigh explains to them what Faysal told her.


Tyler says none of them have ever heard Haleigh say a bad word about Scottie. Kaycee says she feels so bad for Haleigh. Scottie is on her side and he’s throwing her under the bus. This is too easy, it’s a cake walk. Kaycee tells Haleigh that’s dirty. Haleigh says now that she’s heard from Faysal Scottie is targeting her, she needs to find out why and see what he has to say about it.


Scottie is lying down and Haleigh goes to talk to him. Scottie tells her that he already put a plan in motion and Scottie tells Haleigh he said he’s getting played with. Haleigh asks if he believes that and he says he doesn’t know what to think. He says he called her Kaitlyn 2.0. Scottie tells us he feels bad and his plan was even stupider than he originally thought. Haleigh says she doesn’t know what Scottie means and she’s confused at the entire situation.


Haleigh tells us her and Scottie talk about things outside the game and Scottie says those are his favorite moments in the house. Haleigh says she genuinely likes Scottie. Maybe she just isn’t built for this game. Scottie says his plan is stupid and it’s over and he feels so bad for ever thinking it was a good idea. He goes to Faysal and tells him if he puts Haleigh on the block he’ll kick his butt. Faysal says Haleigh has always trusted him and it was stupid for him to throw her under the bus. Scottie admits to Faysal that he has real feelings for Haleigh. Faysal says he was already a target for being sketchy, but now he admits he has feelings for his girl. Go ahead Scottie, keep digging. Scottie is his real target this week, but Sam has been acting real cuckoo lately. He doesn’t know if he wants to put Sam up or pawn to make sure Scottie goes home this week.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Brett gives Scottie a chance to explain why he should use the veto on him. Scottie says he’s not going to waste his time with that. Someone in the house has been playing him and everyone in the house and they are going to get a jury vote. Sam. He thinks Sam should be the replacement nominee. Brett has decided to use the POV on himself.


Faysal now has to name a new HG as a replacement nominee. Faysal recaps Scottie’s pitch to put up Haleigh and then Sam. He says that’s two red flags for him. With that being said…Kaycee please have a seat. This veto meeting is adjourned. Faysal says Scottie is definitely his target this week and he chose Kaycee because she’ll stay with a unanimous vote. Faysal says Scottie has been flipping votes plus has feelings for his girl. Time for him to go. Kaycee says it’s never good to be on the block, but considering she’s against Scottie she’s confident she’s going nowhere. Scottie says Faysal is an idiot and if he’d put Sam on the block next to him, he would have been able to stay this week. Sam says Scottie ripped her a new one and she doesn’t understand why. She is tired of trying to do anything. She’s done. These people wear her out.


Kaycee and Faysal are talking in the HOH and Kaycee says she feels good and Faysal says Scottie just basically threw Sam under the bus. Faysal says what can Scottie pitch to get people to flip? Kaycee says she doesn’t know. We see Brett, Angela, and Tyler are talking and Brett thinks they are sitting ok. Brett says they have their three votes, plus Sam and JC. There’s no doubt. Tyler says throwing out a rogue vote now would be so obvious. Brett says week after week the other side has been able to deplete their numbers, but they’ve managed to avoid that. Brett says hello…do you hear that Faysal? It’s the sound of your alliance crumbling and we’re coming for you!


Having multiple F2 deals CAN get you far in this game. But if you’re not careful, it can burn you. We see Brett putting something in the oven and it’s beeping. Kaycee says something is burning and Brett says it is and it’s on fire. Sam says are you serious? She grabs the extinguisher and puts out. Scottie says that was exciting! Scottie says he does like his bacon crispy. Brett says Sammie saved our lives.


Angela and Tyler are in the WA and they decide to go up to talk to Faysal. Tyler says Faysal mentioned working with him and he wants to use this to any advantage he can. Faysal, Haleigh, Angela, and Tyler are talking about how many comps they’ve won. Faysal says after this eviction there will be 8 people in the house and he can’t compete next HOH so he needs people who can compete for him. Angela says people who are skating by and not making any moves is BS. Faysal says it’s real because he’s the HOH coming to them.


Angela tells us there is no way in heck she’d pick Haleigh and Faysal over Level 6. But if Haleigh does win HOH next week, this could work out for them. Tyler and Angela are in the lounge talking and trying to come up with a plan. Angela thinks it might not be a bad plan for a week or two. Tyler thinks it would be good if they didn’t win HOH this week. Angela thinks it will be best if Brett or Kaycee wins. Tyler says there are a lot of people in this game that think he’s loyal to them and having a deal with all of them is a great feeling, but at the same time it could totally backfire.


JC tells us he and Tyler have been working together since Day 2 and he wants to make sure Tyler is only loyal to him. JC is talking to Tyler in the HNR and Tyler says he never has to questions him. JC says he’ll never betray Tyler and he’s going to top two with him. Tyler says JC just has to trust him and let him do his thing. Tyler says he has a lot of people he made promises to since week 1 and his ideal F3 is Angela, JC, Kaycee, and himself. His ideal F2 is Kaycee because he thinks he can beat her over JC.


Kaycee and Tyler are talking and they reaffirming their F2. Tyler says he needs to keep people feeling confident so they take him to F2. It’s crucial that he not win this next comp so he doesn’t have to take shots at all these people he has deals with. He just needs them to take shots at each other.


It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Will it be the first unanimous vote of the summer? Or will there be another rogue vote? Kaycee gives her shoutouts and thanks CBS. Scottie is probably one of the weirdest kids she ever met but she loves him and she’d love to continue this journey. Let’s go! Scottie says it sucks being on the block this week and against one of his best friends, and he acted like a fool and he panicked and he wants to apologize to people that he hurt and for his immaturity.


Time to vote!

Angela votes to evict Scottie.

JC votes to evict Scottie.

Tyler sadly votes to evict Scottie.

Haleigh votes to evict Scottie.

Sam votes to evict Scottie sadly.

Brett votes to evict Scottie.

By a vote to 6-0, Scottie has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Time to deliver the news to Scottie. Scottie gives hugs to everyone and heads out the door. Julie asks Scottie about his plan with Sam about throwing Haleigh under the bus. Scottie says the plan was for Sam to pitch it and then she’d be on the block next to him. Julie says so you were trying to double cross Sam. Julie says that didn’t work.


Julie says we saw him work Faysal and Haleigh for most of the game, so how does he explain why he’s there. Scottie says either Zingbot was on the dot and Faysal is a moron or Faysal is the flip vote. Julie asks if Faysal’s idea to target him was personal or strategic? Scottie says neither? Maybe it was strategic because he did well in comps.


Julie says you were the only one who voted to keep Rockstar. Why didn’t you scream to everyone when Brett took the credit? Scottie says Brett is a liar and he didn’t think he’d have to defend himself to Faysal. He says none of this makes sense. Julie asks Scottie if him confessing his feelings for Haleigh to Faysal, was it strategy to tell Faysal? Scottie says they are kind of real.


Julie asks Scottie about the Swaggy vote. Scottie says Swaggy and Faysal promised to save Steve with the veto and he is a reason Steve went home. Faysal say he probably did most of the things he was accused of. Brett says Scottie, my guy, he’s sorry the way things went down the way they did, but he had to make sure he was going to get put up so he could play in veto. JC says he doesn’t know what happened and he’s going to miss him.


Haleigh says what a long strange week it has been and she’s had his back and has been in his corner since day one. She says they will be great friends once they are out of the house. Scottie says she looked so much smaller than everyone else in the DR.


Time for the HOH comp! This competition is called Sweet Shot. They have to search the ball pits for a candy with a token inside. They can trade their token for a ball from Faysal. The tokens are transferable. They can roll the ball down a conveyor and they can try to get the ball in a cup at the end. The first HG to get a perfect shot will win. But beware. There are numbers from 1-40 along the conveyor and if they are short, their ball will land in a number. Then they have a decision to make. They can keep their score or try again for the perfect shot. If after ONE HOUR, no one has a perfect shot, the player with the highest score will win HOH.


Julie announces we’ll find out who wins on Sunday night. And next week’s evictee MAY not be going to jury house. It’s time for a jury battle back. Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, and the next evictee will get an opportunity to come back into the game.

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