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America's Got Talent - Episode 14 - Live Shows 2 - Results

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Live from Hollywood, it's America's Got Talent: The Results!  Here's your host, Tyra Banks!

Last night 12 acts came to the stage but only 7 will move on to the Semi-Finals; 5 will leave the stage for the last time.  

Last night was crazy - episode 13 of season 13.  While the stage crew experienced technical problems throughout the night, the acts performed their very best for your vote.

We had singer Makayla Phillips, dance group Da Republik, singer Noah Guthrie, Comedy duo Yumbo Dump (X from Heidi), comedian Samuel J Comroe, chor Voices of Hope, The Savitsky Cats, singer Glennis Grace, illusionist The Sacred Riana, ballroom dancers Quin & Misha, multimedia performers Front Pictures and Due Transcend on the trapeze.

On a night where Howie cheered it, Simon totally lost it, Heidi didn't get it and Mel B was the target of it, which of these 12 acts earned the most important it of their lives, your vote?

Make some noise for your 12 acts - 7 will be celebrating but before the hour is up, 5 will be going home.  Please welcome your judges, Howie Mandel!  Mel B!  Heidi Klum!  And Simon Cowell!

Based on your votes, the Top 5 will go straight to the Finals. The bottom three will be going home.  But you can save one of the the 6th, 7th and 8th acts with your Dunkin Save Vote.

The acts competing for your Dunkin Save are Da Republik, Front Pictures, and Makayla Phillips. Please step forward.  You can save only one. The vote is open now for the next 30 minutes either at nbc.com/dunkinsave or on the AGT App.

Early voting shows a tight race between Front Pictures and Makayla Phillips, with Da Republik trailing by 14 points.

We have 9 acts on the stage and it's time to reveal our first semi-finalist.  Noah Guthrie, Yumbo Dump and Quin & Misha, please step forward.  Here we go, America has voted.

The first act going into the semi-finals is...   Noah Guthrie!

There are 6 spots left. Let's keep it going with Voices of Hope and The Savitsky Cat.  Please step forward.  America has voted.

The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Voices of Hope!

We have put two acts through tonight so far, and there are only 14 minutes left in the Dunkin Save to save either Da Republik, Front Pictures or Makayla Phillips.

We see a funny bit when Simon hooks Tyra up with a series of blind dates. What she didn't know is that Simon was in secret communication with the young men throughout the date.  Roll tape!

Last season Tyra's Golden Buzzer Act, Light Balance, was a sensation and now they've teamed up with The Illusionists and are going to be all over Broadway this Fall.  Please welcome to the stage Light Balance and The Illusionists!

The Dunkin Save is on and it's closer than it ever has been in the history of the Dunkin Save and you have only 2 minutes left to Vote Vote Vote!

There are 4 acts waiting on stage to find out who else is going through to the Semi-Finals.  Samuel J Comroe and Glennis Grace, please step forward.  America has voted.

The next act going into the Semi-Finals is...   BOTH OF YOU!!!!!

Glennis didn't hear Tyra correctly and thought she was going home.  She was shocked to be called back to the stage.

There are two acts left and one spot.  Duo Transcend and The Sacred Riana.  Please step forward.  America has voted.

Good luck.  The next act moving into the Semi-Finals is...   Duo Transcend!  

Thank Gd she's gone, Mel B says of The Sacred Riana.  The Dunkin Save is now closed so please join me on the stage Makayla Phillips, Da Republik and Front Pictures.

Go to AGTauditions.com if you think YOU have talent!  We have 2 spots and 3 acts competing for your Dunkin Save.  You voted to save one of these acts and the vote is now closed and it's one of AGT's closest votes ever - just 0.1% difference between the top two.

The act you put through to the Semi-Finals with the Dunkin Save is...   Makela Phillips!

That leaves Front Pictures and Da Republik facing the judges for the final Semi-Finals spot in tonight's results.  Only one can survive.  The judges have a commercial break to deliberate.

Tonight 6 acts are through to the Semi-Finals and all that is left is Da Republik and Front Pictures.  It's all up to the judges.

Heidi votes to put Da Republik through to the Semi-Finals!

Mel B votes to put Da Republic through to the Semi-Finals!

Howie votes to put Front Pictures into the Semi-Finals!

It all comes down to Simon.  Simon votes to put Da Republik through to the Semi-Finals!  Da Republic goes into the Semi-Finals with a 3-1 vote!

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