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America's Got Talent-Episode 13 Live Shows 2

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Tyra welcomes the judges and it’s time for the second of the live shows! 12 more acts are ready to perform. Tyra lets Heidi introduce the next act because it’s her golden buzzer.


First to the stage is Makayla Philips and she sings Issues by Julia Michaels. Heidi and Mel B give a standing ovation with the audience. Tyra says she looks gorgeous. Heidi says she’s so proud of her, she sings so beautifully and she belongs on the stage. She thought she sang the song better than the original.


Howie says Makayla did everything they ask of people to come on the show. He thought it was better than the original audition and he hopes people vote. Mel B that is one of her favorite songs and the way interpreted is was on point. Mel B says she killed it. Simon says it was better than her auditions, but she sang the song well.


Next is the dance group Da Republik. They take the stage to perform a hip-hop routine. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Mel B says the Dominican Republic is in the house!!! She says their hair is on fire and they left everything on that dance floor. The choreography was on point.


Heidi says Da Republik was beyond exciting. She can see how much they rehearsed and how much they want this. Simon says this is the best dance group they’ve seen by a clear mile. He tells them to the end goal has to be Vegas so they need to keep that in mind. Howie says Da Republik is Da Bomb. Vote!


Our next performer is Noah Guthrie. He performs his own song Show Me Some Mercy. Tyra says his voice goes through her soul. Heidi thinks he’s a double threat because he has original music, an original voice. Simon asks if he wrote that song and Noah says yes. Simon says then he’s proud of him. He thinks his voice is great and his personality and he thinks people will really root for him in this competition.


Howie says it’s subjective and he wasn’t thrilled with the song. He knows who votes and what they vote for and he doesn’t think it’s going to resonate with the audience. Mel B agrees with Howie because she doesn’t understand what he was singing about. She says it wasn’t her favorite, but she likes him.


Next, we have Yumbo Dump. They take the stage and the first thing we’ll hear is Typhoon. They put bags of water in their pants and they are shaking to make the sound. Mel B buzzes them. The next one is a zip tie. They get buzzed by Simon and Heidi next and they say why?? They move on to Dolphin Love Story. They have bicycle tire pumps and they put some dolphin heads on their head. They make dolphin noises with the air pumps against their stomachs. The song You Light Up My Life plays in the background and the audience is laughing, Howie is on his feet, and Mel B is even laughing.


Simon would like to take his X back from Yumbo Dump. Simon thought the last part of that act was beautiful. It was one of the most touching moments. Howie says this is not only funny, this act is important. It’s about the weather, sea life, and so many messages all in one act. Mel B wants to take her X back as well. Heidi is not taking hers back even though people are chanting her name. Heidi says she was excited to see them, but this is the live show and she doesn’t think they stepped it up.


Next up…the comedian, Samuel Comroe. The audience seems to be enjoying the act. He gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B. Howie says well done. Howie says something was going on behind him and he still worked through it. Heidi says she really likes him and his delivery, but she didn’t love what he was delivering. The audience boos.


Simon says he’s looking at who’s coming up in the order and that explains the curse. Simon says Samuel is amazing and he really likes him and he really hopes America gets behind him. Simon asks Sacred Riana to stop cursing the show. Mel B says she loves him!


The Voices of Hope is ready to perform next. The take the stage and perform A Million Dreams by Ziv Zaifman. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon and Heidi. Mel B they sound amazing and incredible together. She says as much as she enjoyed it, the song choice wasn’t quite right. Simon buzzes Mel B.


Simon could not disagree more with Mel B about The Voices of Hope. He says it was an absolutely perfect song and he really, really likes them. These kids are amazing. Heidi says they should be so very proud of themselves and they did so well and the solo vocals were on point. Howie says the children are our future.


Our next act is The Savitsky Cats. They start with a cat jumping hurdles and then climbing up one of the owners and then walks across their arms. We then see two cats roll a barrel and then we see them play leap frog. We then have a cat jump through a hoop. We have a cat going in and out of ladder rungs. One of the owners lays down and the other owner puts the cat on her foot and then walks on her feet. They get an ovation from Heidi and the audience.


Heidi says that could have been a Catastrophe, but it was Purrrrrrrfect. Simon is cracking up and can’t talk. Howie says he thinks it’s great and amazing, but it’s seeming somewhat similar to previous performances. Heidi says they stepped it up because cats don’t normally do anything. Simon still can’t talk. Mel B says they are amazing for training the cats, but she enjoyed the music more than the cats.


The next act to perform is Glennis Grace. She takes the stage and sings Never Enough by Loren Allred. She gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi, Simon, and Howie. Simon says he can now talk again. He says she just had a moment. It was classy, brilliant, fantastic.


Howie says that was a crazy moment and he says Paul Stanley just looked at him and said wow! He thinks she brought it. Mel B says she loves that Glennis is a single parent and she’s taking back her power and showing the world she’s strong. She says she killed it but she advises her to never wear that jacket again.  


The Sacred Riana is ready to perform and scare everyone. She’s on stage with a fire in front of her. On the wall behind her it says You Can’t Hide. She walks to the judges table where there is a box and says she is coming. She opens the box and it’s got a voodoo doll and a piece of paper in the box. She takes them out and puts the doll back and opens the paper and it’s a picture of the four judges. She says she’s coming for one of you and Mel B says who? She refolds the pictures and then opens it and Mel B’s face is missing.


The Sacred Riana throws the picture on the ground and she takes the doll back out of the box and the doll has Mel B’s face on it and hands it to Mel B. She puts the box over by Simon and a bell starts ringing on its own. Another girl comes out and takes the doll from Mel B and starts chanting and grabs the doll and it starts smoking. Riana takes the doll from the other girl and there are 8 other girls coming for The Sacred Riana. Riana climbs up the wall backwards and there’s a scream and the lights go out.


We’re back and The Sacred Riana is ready to face the judges. She tells Simon to look in the box and the box now has Simon’s face on it. Simon says ok, she’s brilliant, he hopes he sees her in the final. Howie says last night he went and seen Crazy Rich Asians and now he feels like he’s in the middle of Scary Asians.


Mel B says yeah. That’s it. Heidi says The Sacred Riana is creepy and memorable. She thinks it was a great performance, but she wishes there was actually a bit more wow to the actual magic.


Next we have the oldest dancer in the competition, Quin and Misha. They perform to Maniac by Michael Sembello. Their ending to the dance is similar to a scene from Flashdance. Heidi thinks they are incredible, they didn’t miss a beat. She thought it was fantastic.


Simon says tonight it one of those nights and she is really, really fun. He says Quin will inspire people. Howie says it’s amazing what she’s doing for her age, but he doesn’t know if it’s worthy of moving on aside from her age. Mel B says what she does is incredible regardless of her age or not.


It’s time for the wildcard act. The act is called Front Pictures. Heidi says they took them to a different dimension. She says it’s innovative and futuristic and she loved it. Heidi says it looked like so much fun. Simon says he’d like more applause for these guys because that was genuinely, astonishingly good. He felt like he was in a movie.


Howie says he hopes Front Pictures translates well at home. He says the ingenuity is off the hook. It was amazing. Mel B says she concurs with what everyone said. She says it was very stunning but she doesn’t understand what the story was.


Duo Transcend is the final act of the night. They do several tricks to start and then she puts the blindfold on him. She sets up to do the trick they missed during judge cuts and they nail it this time. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Heidi says hands down, one of the best acts of the night. She was so worried for Duo Transcend, but it was perfect and it was fantastic. Mel B says we have to keep in mind his eyesight is deteriorating. Simon says he doesn’t usually enjoy acts like that, but brave, incredible, nuts, and he’d like to see the fire back. Howie says he was looking forward to it with fear and trepidation, but that was amazing and it’s what America’s Got Talent is all about.

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