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Are You Dumb? Or Are you Stupid?


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Sunday I left you with Sam’s bold attempt to convince Brett to use his veto to save Scottie. Well, after most of us LF’s logged off for the night Sam and Scottie hatched a plan. Brett was still in the BY as they decided Sam would convince Faysal to replace Brett (at the veto ceremony) with Haleigh.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen Sam is convinced she can in fact persuade Faysal to target his ‘girlfriend’ in the house! You read that correctly and as funny as that statement is, it’s not nearly as funny as Sam’s efforts on Sunday to do just that! 


The RealiTea is that Scottie knows he’s dead in the water. Brett knows without a doubt there’s no chance Sam can swing his. However, both players are desperate enough, for their own motives, to encourage Sam to give it her best shot!


Brett doing so just because he thinks it will be hilarious! Scottie because he’s out of ideas and knows he’s going to be the one voted out so this is his Hail Mary! As for Sam....well in all honesty I truly believe Sam is trying to play the game. 


Before I head into Sam pitching her ideas to Faysal, I want to share one last moment from late Saturday night Scottie.  Scottie retells the HOH meeting to Sam. Remember Sam left the HOH right after the reveal to go shower.


She missed Faysal asking the whole house, “tell me which one of you actually voted to keep Angie?” In case you missed seeing this it’s where Brett and Scottie both claim to be the only vote to keep Angie. The retell is almost as entertaining as the actual moment it happened. You can view it below:



Sam was up early as usual Sunday morning. Faysal however isn’t usually one of the first to rise and Sunday he had been called to the DR so Sam catches him when it’s just Sam, Faysal, and Scottie awake. Production allowed the HG to sleep a little later this day. So asks Faysal to have a chat. They head to the BY.10:25 am. 


Sam proceeds to tell Faysal that she has an idea. She wants Faysal to know that Haleigh has been playing him this entire time. Haleigh has had a secret ‘relationship’ with Scottie and they have been conspiring all along and just using Faysal. When Sam lays this out initially you can see in Faysal’s face he’s actually wondering if this could in fact be true. Fortunately for him Sam keeps talking! 


Sam goes on to say she doesn’t like the way Haleigh bosses him around. She’s a master manipulator. Sam also tells him when the all girls alliance (AGA) was being formed Haleigh said she would vote Faysal out. Reassuring the ladies she’s with them, her attachment to Faysal won’t prevent her from being loyal to AGA (true). 

Sam then proceeds to tell Faysal he needs to get Haleigh out of the house! Again pushing she takes more than she gives. Sam loves Faysal he’s a good guy, moving forward Sam is playing the game and she wants to make a deal with him!


Faysal likes hearing this. He told Sam no one in this house ever talks game with me, no one has offered me deals. He appears open to hearing Sam’s idea. Sam says she’s ready to play this game! She wants to play with Faysal! They can make it to the end! She believes in him, she needs a partner! Then she tells him he just needs to throw Haleigh OTB when Brett comes down and the house will vote her out! She’s awful she needs to go! 


Sam then says Faysal if you do this it is BIG MOVE! You’re making a legendary move! If you put her up and we get her out this week, I am with you, and I will quit smoking right then! You can go to the SR with me break up all of my cigarettes and THROW THEM AWAY! Let’s do this! Right now! Now she tells him, you need to commit to me right now you will do it! Come on! Pinky Swear right now! Faysal is absolutely mind blown at what Sam just said and is proposing. He says its a lot to take in. You just gave me a lot all at once. I need to think about it. I have to consider what’s best for my game! 


Sam’s pitch is like an accidental mix of JC’s boarish way of jamming a lot of crazy insights all at once and saying this is what you need to do and Tyler/Brett’s abilities to make a plan and go to work making it happen. I mean she trashes Haleigh but she also feeds Faysal lines like, she’s using you, she’s making a fool of you, they’ve been playing you the whole time. All ways to make him question Haleigh and whether she has been using him.


Then she pushes a plan like YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Now, Sam is not JC, Brett, or Tyler but she’s giving us the full Sam version of how she thinks she needs to play this and it’s as bad as it is funny! 


Sam goes on to dismiss Faysal’s desire the think about. She says like a 100 times over and over, “come on! Let’s do this! You and me to the end! Let’s get Haleigh out! Pinky Swear! You will be making a big game move and saving my life because I will quit smoking.” Over and over and over refusing to accept ‘I will think about it.’ Instead she tells him no he can’t think about! He needs to promise her right now because if he thinks about it he will talk himself out of it or let people (like JC/Haleigh) get in his ear and chicken out! 


Faysal’s real response to 40 minutes of Sam saying over and over and over come on, pinky promise me right now is the same as most of us LF as we witness this! You can see Faysal hug Sam at the end of it and look at the camera mouthing his reply here: 





Faysal  enters the house from this insanely unreal proposal of Sam’s the fine Scottie hanging in the KIT. Faysal comes in and talks to Scottie. He’s doing damage control here but if he’s not considering Sam’s proposal then this is Faysal doing some jury management here?


I’m not sure which in this moment but he tells Scottie he wasn’t really his ‘target’. He’s sorry it all happened this way. He likes him, blah blah blah. Faysal then says he’s not sure who he will replace Brett with. 


Scottie pounces on that without hesitation. Scottie then tells Faysal he has some ideas about that. They should talk.  Now Scottie is being more relaxed than Sam was. He is letting the natural flow of conversation unfold but he then tells Faysal, “without naming any names 

there’s one person everyone will vote out leaving no blood.”


Now Faysal is interested. My belief here is Faysal was expecting Scottie to suggest Sam. Sam being the replacement nominee would make sense coming from Scottie for the same reasons Faysal has said he won’t put Sam next to Scottie (in other conversations).


I mean they all agree Sam has been acting crazy. She’s always talking about self evicting so of course Faysal expects that to be his suggestion. Nope! 


Scottie tells Faysal they’ve both been getting played by this person all season. They’re both being manipulated. Scottie says, “I don’t want to say names out here in the open but let’s just say it’s Kaitlin 2.0. 

Whoa! What? 


You can see it on Faysal’s face! Did Scottie just pitch evicting Haleigh on my HOH? Yep! He sure did! Now I don’t think Faysal is that shocked, surprised yes because he was confident he would say Sam. But now...now Faysal has all he needs! He’s been suspicious of Scottie this entire season! He’s been telling Haleigh all along this kid is sketchy! Now I can prove to her that I’M RIGHT she’s wrong come on over here and kiss the ring! 


Faysal is giddy with excitement. He cannot wait to throw this in Haleigh’s face! In fact he actually taunts her for hours, “Wait until I tell you! Wow! People are pitching some CRAZY things to me! You won’t believe the pitches I am getting.” Then doesn’t tell her just says I will tell you later. 


Now the rest of the house and up and moving. Faysal is informed he must choose 3 people to be HN this week.

Now that the hacker twist is over HN have resumed. You should expect them to continue until we reach F6.


So after some incredibly awkward, um, uh, well, I know JC is a HN for sure! I’m making him a HN he needs to do it he didn’t even do a full week his first time (he didn’t). No one is quick to volunteer which until now has been the case. Sam eventually volunteers, I’ll do it!” 


Faysal thinks Tyler is looking at him as if he’s willing so he finally says ok yeah I will do it. This will be Tyler’s 3rd time in 8 weeks as a HN when many other HG like HALEIGH (whose turn it was this week) have only done it once.


We know damn well he was NOT making Haleigh a HN when he’s HOH! He finally has her sleeping with him upstairs, agreeing they are a showmance (yeah that happened). He is not giving that up! 


For me, Faysal insisting JC HAS TO BE A HN was asinine. This guy is so stupid! Stay with me here. Now it’s not that JC shouldn’t have to do it again. He should. Not right now! 


Faysal could have easily picked Brett and or Scottie I mean he put them OTB. Scottie is going home so he wouldn’t have to do an entire week. Brett fully expected Faysal to say his name. Nope instead he choses one of only two allies he has! 


So the week you will not be able to play in the next HOH, it becomes F8, you know both you and Haleigh are targets and you WEAKEN your own ally heading into it? Man this guy is Forest Gump simple! Seriously?!


Why in the world would you stack the deck against yourself while you are sending one of your own numbers out the door? Faysal deserves to go home next week! In fact I hope it’s Haleigh. Then I hope Brett follows her!


Now Faysal will be stuck in the game thinking about Haleigh and Brett drinking, cuddling, and playing with each other’s hair without him there with them! That’s what he deserves at this point! JEEZ are you dumb or are you stupid? 


Enough about that. We’ve reached about 1-2 pm Sunday. Scottie is laying in the BY talking to Angela and Tyler will join them shortly after. Oh! This is a good time to mention Angela and Tyler have been doing some canoodling of their own in recent days. They’ve been getting REALLY close lately and people are noticing.

Nothing to worry about this week, but something to be aware of moving forward. He actually kissed her on her neck while she was sleeping the other night. Mmm hmm. Yes he did! 


So Scottie has some conversations with Angela. She questions him about something she told him that only Haleigh knew. Or vice versa. Either way she’s telling him she knows he said something and that upset her. He tries to dance around but I’m happy to see her call him out on his loose lips. This should be a clear sign he’s not getting Angela’s vote. 


Tyler has now joined them and Scottie tells them about Sam’s plan. Then he tells them she pitched it to Faysal this morning. Yep! Telling them his plan to BD Haleigh is a brilliant idea? Not! But he does.


Scottie then tells them he’s planning an epic speech to put Haleigh on blast. They are both like wow! Really? Sam did that? You think he’s going to do it? Meanwhile Faysal is still in the KIT taunting Haleigh about the scoop he has. 


Haleigh and Faysal head up to the HOH. Some time passes and he finally tells her what Sam pitched. Haleigh is shocked and horrified because now she knows Sam is actively targeting her. Then he goes on to tell her Scottie pitched the same things and referred to Haleigh as Kaitlin 2.0 saying instead of Faysal and Tyler Haleigh is playing both Scottie and Faysal. Now you know Faysal is loving this! Haleigh not so much. 


Haleigh is shocked. This really broke her flirting little heart. She’s claiming she’s done nothing to lead Scottie on (lie). She’s the only one that’s stayed loyal to Scottie (true). Listen Scottie certainly manufactured the information to persuade Faysal. However Haleigh has been openly flirting as a strategy with the guys in the house all season. 


I mean it sucks that Scottie did this but, hello! Haleigh and Faysal just betrayed Scottie and put their own ally (Scottie) OTB! She has been manipulating Scottie all season! Turn about is fair play! I don’t have empathy for her. She’s playing victim all day and it’s compete hogwash! 


Haleigh is crying over this. When she heads downstairs to cry in private to avoid letting Faysal see her this emotional over what he just told her, she runs into L6. Now she’s telling them what Faysal just told her that Scottie told him.


They all act shocked! How could he do that to you? Yes, you have been the only one willing to be loyal to him. That’s awful, are you ok? Angela leaks to her that Scottie did mention some epic speech he was planning.


Scottie does notice Haleigh left the HOH upset. She also avoids him for a while but makes very general conversation trying not to lead on she knows what happened. Trust me Scottie knows that she knows now. 


Eventually Faysal/Haleigh and Tyler/Angela have a meeting in the HOH. Remember I told you Faysal wants to pitch a F4 deal with what he sees as the two couples left. He wants them to join forces and pick off all these floaters so the 4 strongest competitors can make it to the end together. Now we all know Tyler/Angela aren’t ever really going to do this. Yet, Faysal is HOH and the Veto ceremony hasn’t happened yet. So of course they play along. 


Later JC mentions to Tyler that Faysal is talking about Angela/Tyler being a ‘couple’. JC warns Tyler needs to be careful. People are starting to notice those two cuddling all the time. Tyler says oh that’s why he’s pitching he wants to make a F4 with us? 


Eventually Haleigh does talk to Scottie alone. She, without saying anything specific, asks him what’s going on? Scottie then proceeds to lie to Haleigh. He spins his ‘pitch’ to Faysal as an intentional move on Scottie’s behalf to make Haleigh seem less threatening before he gets voted out.


Scottie tells her he made up this whole thing to ‘protect’ her. He wants people to see him as an adversary of hers so maybe people won’t target her after he leaves. I’m doing this for you Haleigh. 


I know right? This explanation has more holes in it than Torrey Pines Golf course! I mean if that’s what he was trying to do why go to Faysal? Why does he need to make Faysal think they aren’t as close he’s not going to target her? Wouldn’t make sense to play some role with people like Angela, Kaycee, or even Brett?


Why would Sam be involved in Scottie’s alleged plan? Scottie had a couple hours to come up with a rational explanation and this is what he comes up with? Isn’t this kid way smarter than that? 


Well it turns out, Haleigh BUYS IT! She wants to believe he would never actually try to get her evicted so he can stay! She eats this up! She even ends up telling Faysal what Scottie said and he was like are you kidding me? Please tell me you don’t believe that? OMG! You believe that? He points out all the obvious things those of us watching see and she just shuts down and says she doesn’t want to talk about it. 


Eventually Scottie makes his way up to talk to Faysal again. He spins his version of the story and then sells that he wasn’t actually trying to get Haleigh nominated. 


Now this is where we see what a dangerous player Scottie is. I know some people are thinking why are any of them targeting Scottie over some of these obviously strong players that are legitimate threats. Well I’m here to tell you...Scottie is a huge threat! 


Scottie has successfully managed to ping pong back and forth between the two sides since Steve left week one. Yes people have been skeptical of him but he has managed to make people feel safe enough and like they need him enough to dismiss their instincts and allow him to infiltrate with outlandish stories like telling L6 he’s not with Flopte, they’re mean to him and bully him all the time and he’s done with them! 


Then flips right back to Haleigh when she gets power and when questioned he creates doubt in her head about Faysal, paranoia about JC, and sells no no I was pretending so I could get info and make sure you stayed safe if they won power. Scottie knows this game! He’s a super fan he’s always thinking and plotting his own moves. He’s never found a situation he can’t talk himself out of. 


Scottie’s follow up conversation with Faysal proves this. The same guy who called Haleigh, Kaitlin 2.0, and said everyone in this house will vote her out, is now saying No, No, I wasn’t doing that. I was merely a playing along for Sam’s pitch to show you how dangerous Sam really is! I just wanted you to see what she’s capable of. You should NEVER even think of putting Haleigh up! I’m 100% team Haleigh! 


Next he plays into Faysal’s emotions. He swears his undying loyalty to Haleigh. Scottie tells Faysal he will do anything for her. Whatever she tells him to do he does it! That’s how committed he is to her! At this point he’s got Faysal’s head spinning. Scottie emphasizes that Sam is clearly coming for Haleigh and you have to get her out! I’m With YOU! Sam is coming do for our girl! 


Now Faysal is back to saying oh, so you are with us? You mean if you stayed your a number for us and will do whatever Haleigh tells you? Hmmm. Scottie admits he has feelings for Haleigh and that he will do whatever she says. He’s not coming for Faysal. He voted to keep Angie and Brett lied! Keep me I am going after Brett! Get rid of Sam she’s actually coming for Haleigh. Faysal is just saying he needs to wrap his head around this. Maybe I should talk to Haleigh again. Maybe we do need to put Sam OTB. You mean if you stay we would be like a



OMG! It’s like Kaitlin 2.0 for real! The last person to talk to Faysal decides what he thinks! I mean it’s entirely possible that Sam may have actually been able to convince this guy to nominate his own girl! What a moron as JC would say!


Now look some of what Scottie is saying is true. That’s the key to selling a lie. There has to be an element of truth. Then when people hear you say other things they are more likely to believe you because of one thing you say is true it must all be true! Tyler, Brett, Haleigh, JC, and Scottie are all VERY good at this! They understand how to sell your narrative in this game. 


Scottie leaves and literally yells across the house for Haleigh! He’s so excited this is working he doesn’t even realize what a mistake that is! Scottie knows if he can get Haleigh up there to back up what he’s said then he may actually be able to save his butt this week! 


L6 is all aware of the drama of the day. Now Scottie has talked to Haleigh. Now to Faysal and he’s calling for Haleigh to come up because Faysal needs to talk to her. If it smells like a rat and scurries like a rat it’s a Rat! Scottie is a rat! 


Of all the people in the house...Kaycee runs interference! Kaycee manages to slide in and have her post veto 1-1 with Faysal! She knows something stinks and this girl hustled! Faysal has said he wanted to talk to Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler. He has to put someone next to Scottie so she uses this as an excuse to interject. Faysal proceeds to tell her well, Scottie was just pointing out that maybe I need to put Sam up there. Sam’s crazy and that’s dangerous. 


Kaycee plays this well! Kaycee says well no, I don’t think that’s a smart move. I mean Sam will stay over Scottie. I wouldn’t vote Sam out. Scottie is sketchy man. That kid needs to go he voted Chris out wearing his t-shirt. Why would anyone trust him. Scottie needs to go.


Faysal then says well even if that means you go up on the block? She’s like no well you can use Sam as a pawn, she just won’t go home.

Faysal then basically says well if Scottie is the target then I would put you up. Then of course he’s thinking Sam can’t go up unless she’s going because she’s nuts! 


Kaycee manages to turn this around to a positive for herself. She tells him she’s willing to agree be a pawn but in return Faysal has to agree not to take shots at her moving forward. If I’m going to sacrifice myself for you to achieve your goal that’s us working together. If we’re working together you have to agree not to turn around and come after me. Faysal agrees. 


OMG! The last few Sundays have been so chill. Collectively everyone just hangs out on Sundays, doesn’t really talk game. It’s the one day nothing really happens! Forty minutes with Sam over coffee and the entire day is set afire with scheming and flips! It was entertaining for sure! 


Kaycee lets Tyler in on that Scottie almost had Faysal convinced to target Sam. This lights a fire under Tyler who has just been coasting along laying low this week. And by low I mean following Angela around and cuddling whenever he gets the chance. It’s ok Faysal and JC have done what he needed them to. It’s important to realize  in this game, especially towards the end,  here you can’t let the gas off the pedal too much.


Tyler has now decided he’s telling Scottie he has his vote. The idea being that Scottie cannot be working this hard because he is dangerous. If Tyler lets him believe he has the numbers (Haleigh/Sam/Tyler) then he won’t work so hard and they can try and prevent him from feeling threatened.


I think this is a good move. Tyler knows Scottie is a super fan. Tyler is also a super fan. I don’t think Tyler then voting him out will hurt Scottie’s potential jury vote.  Tyler has proven he uses his GBM’s to manage the jury.


He could actually just be up front similar to how he was with Bayleigh and add a little go boost as well. Scottie will respect that as a gamer and a fan. He will get over Tyler lying so long as Tyler wraps it in a pretty box with a bow. Remember Tyler is Scottie’s ‘best friend’. 


Tyler will tell him before the vote happens that he’s going. He won’t let him be blindsided. He could easily sell I’m sorry but the other people are like if Scottie stays because you vote to keep him then I’m coming for you. I just cant make myself a target.


In all sincerity at this point it’s advantageous for Tyler to tell Scottie in his GBM he’s with L6 since Day 2.’ That his allies were pressuring him and giving him ultimatums. He wanted Scottie to stay but for his own game he sadly had to vote him out. 


This could start to create a narrative in jury before anyone from L6 even makes it to jury. Scottie is clearly good at selling things, he’s a super fan, he can tell Bayleigh and Angie that there was an alliance of at least 4 if not all of L6. I can see plenty of scenarios based on Tyler’s previous moves where he can cover his tail and prevent Scottie from possibly making waves if he’s fearful he’s going.


Wow! What a day right? We have some crossover happening already. Brett has a deal with Sam. Faysal/Haleigh made a deal with Angela/Tyler. Kaycee made a deal with Faysal. Oh I nearly forgot! Tyler actually finally invited JC to make an alliance with Tyler/Kaycee/Angela as a F4! Now the concerns about JC discovering that there was an L6 all along can at the very least be minimized. 


The veto ceremony happened Monday. Kaycee did replace Brett OTB. Scottie and Kaycee will be next to each other come Thursday. The end of Faysal’s power trip can’t come soon enough. He’s been walking around every day in his HOH robe behaving like a king. 


Oh how the mighty will fall when next week comes. If Haleigh doesn’t turn around and win this next HOH one of these two will be in trouble. More likely Haleigh because JC can manipulate Faysal. 


I highly doubt Haleigh will win unless it’s some crazy crap shoot but at this stage in the game we shouldn’t be seeing that in an HOH except during a DE. JC and Tyler are already planning to start throwing Brett UTB. Like I said would happen Tyler has told JC that Brett is the first one from that side of the house they need to take out. Anything can happen but expect Scottie to go this week! 



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