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Episode 24-HOH comp and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, Haleigh finally claimed power for her side of the house and it appeared Level Six was in hot water. But after Kaycee became the secret hacker, she swapped her spot on the block with Haleigh’s BFF. With Level Six getting another big win, Tyler saved Angela. So Haleigh put Kaycee back on the block.


Although truly loyal to his Level Six alliance, Brett was infiltrating the other side of the house. After Brett convinced Rockstar he was her ride or die, Rockstar and her allies were confident she was totally safe. But at the live eviction, it was another blindside. With the HOH back up for grabs, the final nine entered a slippery battle for power. Can Level Six continue to dominate or can the other side pull out a do or die win? And paranoia starts to consume the house. All this right now on Big Brother!  


We pick up as the HOH competition. Faysal says I guess I was wrong, Rockstar IS evictable. He says JC tried to warn him before the eviction and now he’s getting mad so he needs to get to the bottom of it. Brett says he feels like a little boy on Christmas morning. He might have some people mad at him so he needs to win this HOH comp. Sam recaps the rules for us of the competition and talks about the smaller container that can get someone $5000 if they fill it.


Haleigh says well, she was blindsided again. If Faysal doesn’t win this HOH competition, then she’s pretty sure she’s going home. Tyler says things were crazy this week! They got out Haleigh’s BFF on Haleigh’s HOH. But he’s not sure they can do that again this week so they have to win HOH. Sam is saying JC looks like a cartoon character running in place up that slope. JC says he’s not stupid, he knows he isn’t going to win so he’s going for the money.


Scottie wants to win this HOH because there was one vote for Rockstar to stay and you’re looking at him. Tyler says this competition sucks because you take a million steps and move four inches and you’re dripping sweat. Faysal says he knows he needs to win this.


Kaycee says her strategy in this is not to fall. We then see a montage of her falling. Brett says Kaycee is down again! He thinks she spent more time sliding on her bottom than her feet. We see her fall again and Brett says that has got to hurt! Faysal is still in the lead, Scottie has about ¾, and Tyler isn’t far behind.


Tyler can see he’s right up there with Faysal and Scottie and he knows he needs to pick it up because either he or Brett have to win HOH. Haleigh says it looks like Brett, Kaycee, and Sam have fallen behind and in the lead are Faysal, Scott, and Tyler. Scottie notices he is neck and neck with Tyler and Faysal. He just needs to make sure he stays on his feet and get his liquid in his glow stick. Faysal says he has to win because he doesn’t trust anyone in the house and he has to make sure he and Haleigh are safe.


Faysal says it’s down to him and Scottie and his glow stick is almost as full as his own. He knows he needs to not fall so he can stay ahead. We then see Scottie fall. Faysal makes one more trip and the ball floats to the top and he easily takes it out. Scottie throws his container. Scottie and Haleigh run to Faysal’s lane. Faysal says he’s been on the wrong side of the vote every week, but now he’s in power and he’s coming for him. Scottie says he didn’t win it but he feels safe since Faysal won.


Tyler asks if they can still play for the money. Tyler tells us the winner of the HOH comp is Faysal. He gives a raspberry and says here we go again. He says he doesn’t think there’s anything they can do this and this might be the week their luck finally runs out.


The HG are coming in from the competition and JC has given Faysal the ball. Faysal tells us he’s been in the dark in the whole game and getting away with shady crap. He says he’s getting to the body of it. Tyler tells us Level Six could be in trouble this week, but luckily he still has his power app. JC says he’s happy Faysal won because he’s been listening to him and basically this is going to be his HOH too.


Brett says Faysal is definitely gunning for him. He sees him as competition for Haleigh and he won’t want to keep the only stud in the house. This old dog might have to pull out some new tracks. Haleigh says Faysal is HOH this week and there’s no hacker to screw things up. All they have to do is find out who’s lying to them and take them out. Haleigh is talking to Scottie and he says he voted to keep Rockstar and Haleigh says they need to make sure Faysal knows that. Haleigh tells us they need Scottie there because he is all they have.


JC tells us he’s been working with Tyler side of the house for awhile. So they came up with a plan that Brett will say he voted to keep Rockstar and say it was Scottie who flipped. Brett tells us right now the plan is to convince Haleigh and Faysal he voted to keep Rockstar. Buckle up, this is going to be fun!


Faysal goes to talk to Haleigh in the lounge and he says they’re safe. He asks if she thinks Scottie was the vote and Haleigh says yes, she trusts him. Faysal says you trust him. I don’t. Faysal says he might put up Kaycee and Angela. Faysal doesn’t want to put Tyler up because he’s afraid Scottie would win veto and take him down. Haleigh says Faysal, are you crazy right now? We can’t afford to lose someone who has our back and is on our side. Haleigh says if you put Scottie next to Tyler, he will go home and he just voted with us. Faysal says he’s not wasting his HOH, he’s making his move.


JC is in the SR with Faysal and he says he wanted to talk to him before the vote, but there wasn’t time. JC says he wants Faysal to do exactly what he wants, this is his chance. JC tells Faysal that Scottie voted Rockstar out. Faysal asks who was the vote and JC says Brett. JC is telling Faysal that Sam told him the information. They need to get Scottie out. Faysal says they’ve all be on the same page every week and at the end of the day he’s going to do what’s best for his game. Faysal tells us JC thinks Brett voted Rockstar and Scottie flipped the vote. All he knows is he needs to get to the bottom of this.


JC is talking to Kaycee and Angela and fills them in that he already told Faysal about Brett. They need to stick to the story and all he has to do is convince Faysal wants Scottie out. JC says he has no brain. JC tells us Faysal has too much testosterone and all he has to do is tell him Scottie likes Haleigh and it’s over!


Who wants to see his HOH room? They do their usual stomp and make noise as Faysal opens the door. We see pictures of him and his family. Faysal got a red robe and put it on. His letter is from his mom and dad and he immediately gets choked up a few words in. He tells us these are happy tears and he’s doing this for his mom and dad and he hopes he’s making them proud.


Faysal says he’s not really going to do one-on-ones tonight but he’ll talk to them tomorrow. He tells them he’s going to do what he feels is best for his game. With that being said, and nothing against Kaycee, and he wants to know who kept Rockstar. Scottie raised his hand and Faysal says everyone agrees with Scottie. Brett says F it. It was me. He already feels like he has the house against him. Scottie looks at him. Kaycee says she did feel awkward. Scottie tells us Brett is trying to turn him into patsy. Brett brings up Scottie voting out Swaggy C. Scottie says Brett is a terrible liar and Kaycee is the hacker. Kaycee says he’s never been close to Brett so he can think what he wants. She says everyone has been acting weird with her.


Kaycee tells us she is trying to convince everyone that Brett and her aren’t close and Scottie acting funny is making it a cake walk. Brett apologizes to the group again and Scottie says I’m find because I know how I voted. Faysal says he doesn’t have anything else to say, he’s going to say good night. Faysal says Scottie and Brett have been behind all the shady stuff. He says one of them is lying. Scottie and Kaycee are arguing after leaving the HOH. Faysal says to the HOH camera after everyone leaves that he wasn’t expecting that, but he’ll take it!


Haleigh is talking to JC upstairs and he asks if she’s sure Scottie voted Kaycee out. She says yes. JC says Scottie really likes her and Haleigh says we’re just friends. JC tells us he’s determined to get Scottie on the block. How’s he going to do it? He’s going to make Faysal jealous? He laughs and says he’s so bad.


Haleigh tells us he and Scottie are 100% friends and she’s not buying anything JC is saying. But she isn’t going to argue with him so she just nods. JC tells us he already told Faysal Scottie voted Rockstar out. JC is in the HOH with Haleigh and Faysal and he tells them Scottie voted out Rockstar and he likes Haleigh and he wants Faysal out so he can get Haleigh. Haleigh says here we go again with Counsel JC in Faysal’s ear.


Haleigh says she feels bad for Scottie and Faysal says why because he’s a nice kid? Faysal says maybe we’ll put him up. Faysal tells us JC says Scottie likes Haleigh and wants him out. He wants to trust Scottie but JC is starting to convince him. Scottie comes up and rings the doorbell and Faysal lets him in. Faysal asks what everyone is doing downstairs and Scottie says avoiding him. Faysal says he’s going to bed and Scottie says ok, goodnight.


Haleigh is talking to Faysal and she says she doesn’t know what Scottie is doing, but she knows he is NOT coming after him. Haleigh says seeing him go hurts her because he’s one of the only people in the house she feels safe with. Scottie is sitting alone outside playing chess by himself and Haleigh wants to talk to him because he’s all alone. Faysal says don’t console him and Haleigh says she wants to console him because he’s their friend.


Faysal says Scottie has tried to pit Haleigh and Faysal against each other and that’s not cool. He says Scottie is going home this week and Haleigh is just going to have suck it up and accept it. Haleigh tells Faysal Scottie is on their side and Faysal says he’s been doing shady stuff all game and now it’s his time to go. Haleigh says come on Faysal, Scottie has been with us. If this is some testosterone thing, I want nothing to do with it. Scottie and I are just friends.


We see JC in the KT with Sam. He wants Sam to teach him how to talk like her. JC says when he hears Sam talking it’s like watching a cowboy movie. JC says I reckon over yonder. Sam says and holler at me. Sam says so stinking cute. Scottie and Haleigh are in the WA and Scottie says they used your week to get Rockstar out and now they’re trying to do the same Faysal’s week. Haleigh says by getting Brett to take credit for it and he says no, by calling me a liar. Haleigh asks if he talked to Faysal and he says I told him I trust him. There’s no chance he’s putting me up right? Haleigh tells him to go talk to Faysal.


Scottie tells us he is literally on Faysal’s side, the only vote to keep Rockstar, and now Faysal is thinking about putting him up. It doesn’t make sense. Scottie recaps the previous night’s conversation and he says obviously, Kaycee and Brett are working together and trying to make Kaycee look like a lone wolf. Faysal says he never sees Brett talk to Kaycee. Faysal says Scottie throwing Brett under the bus, but after everything Scottie has done, he’s not buying this time.


Haleigh says before he does nominations, she wants to make sure he’s not doing because of what JC said about Scottie liking Haleigh. Haleigh says it’s absolutely ridiculous and Scottie is her friend and she’s not going to stop talking to him. Haleigh tells us when she gives Faysal advice, it’s with his best interest in mind and it doesn’t make sense to risk losing Scottie. Faysal says Scottie is doing all this shady crap and he doesn’t trust him. Haleigh tells us it’s almost nominations and she hopes Faysal makes the right choice. Scottie cannot go up.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Faysal’s first nominee is…Brett. Faysal second nominee is…Scottie. Faysal has nominated them because yesterday during his HOH meeting he asked who voted to keep Rockstar. He knows someone is lying. Brett is beating around the bush and Scottie voted out Swaggy C while wearing his shirt. This nomination ceremony is adjourned.


Faysal says he nominated Brett and Scottie because they are both shady. Brett laughs and says he’s so stupid. As long as he’s not on the block against a Level Six member, he doesn’t care because he has the numbers. Scottie says this doesn’t make any sense? He’s literally take a number for him and he’s getting rid of him?!?


JC laughs and says he is the best puppet master ever and Faysal is his big, dumb puppet. Haleigh says ugh, she can’t believe Faysal did this. He actually put someone working for them on the block and they are at risk of losing a number.

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