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Week 8 Nominations/Veto results


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The numbers have become noticeable in the house this weekend. People keep mentioning how much quieter it is now with only 9 players left. Faysal is HOH which means a week of power tripping and absolutely absurdity. It feels like Faysal and Haleigh are the only ones that don’t realize after this week there only 8 players left. With those numbers EVERYONE should be thinking about who they want to move ahead with and who they don’t! They should all also be looking much more closely at which of these people will target me? 


Faysal talks to Tyler Friday morning. He reaffirmed he is not coming for Tyler. He told him he expects him to play hard for Veto, he knows he will want to protect himself.


His only request of Tyler? Faysal asked that Tyler come and talk to Faysal if he were to win the POV. Faysal wants him to agree they will decide together the best way to use/not use it. Just agree to come talk to me so we can figure it out together. Tyler of course agrees. 


Why would Faysal believe this? Tyler told Haleigh the same thing last week when she was HOH. Sure we can talk about it. He did ‘talk’ about it. Actually he mostly listened to Angie and Haleigh make terrible pitches for over an hour while drunken Haleigh lounged in the BA tub. However, when it came time for the veto ceremony Tyler did what he wanted to do. 


I do know why he believes it. Tyler is great at making people feel comfortable. He also plants seeds along the way so when he chooses to water them they take root. With Haleigh, despite the fact he used the veto, he gave her a rational reason (lie) as to why. 


Tyler telling Haleigh that Angela saved him the week before so he was simply returning the favor was a seed. What she and Faysal don’t seem to remember is he said that since Haleigh targeted him with the Hacker power he’s not inclined to do what she wants. Again giving her a plausible rationale.


This makes sense to her on both counts. What I don’t understand is how either of them never take any real time and effort to consider ALL the possible reasons things happen. They just accept what fits the narrative they want to believe. Sorry Flopte but that’s not Reality! 


Friday Sam finally found an opportunity to talk to Brett alone. As we know she’s been pining for him all seasons. This is the reason for many of her unidentifiable comments and behaviors which now make sense. She has been smitten with him the entire season.


When you trace back the weeks with this new information it’s been the driving force of a LOT of what Sam has done. That includes when she was HOH and nominated Haleigh. Then her freak out when Bayleigh was OTB and went home. 


Sam reacts to Brett/Haleigh hanging out the same immature way that Faysal does. She felt the same to a lesser degree when Tyler went up during Angela’s HOH and was spending so much time with Angela. Remember Sam and Tyler made a F2 in the first weeks of the game. Seeing him gaming with Angela made her feel some type of way as well. This house makes her really sensitive and possessive. 


Let me just say that the conversation she has with Brett is awkward, uncomfortable to watch and just well, creepy! It was seriously one of the most insane conversations I’ve ever witnessed on 20 seasons! Poor sweet Sam. This makes me want to just hug Sam for like 6 months. 


Sam told Brett Angie was grooming her to believe (that’s a lie) and saying  “the idea of me and you have a Final 2. You are secretly in love with me. I'm your dream girl and outside of this (game) one day you are going to walk up to me like, ‘I’m completely in love with you.’” 


Brett manages to keep a straight face. I mean he’s giving us some great acting skills unlike all of his showman and fake argument escalades. Brett knows he has to let her down easy. Brett tells Sam he’s “not ‘in love’ with her. I mean I love you but I’m not in love with you.” This goes on from there. 


I don’t event want to transcribe the whole conversation.  Just repeating it feels slimy. Readers will perceive it like I’m exaggerating but I assure you I AM NOT! It’s conversations like these that become a clear view of just how off kilter she’s become.


Eventually she says well can you pretend to love me and be in a F2 with me? Brett has to be waiting for the ambulance to arrive with men in white uniforms to come take her to a small house. However, he pinky swears with her.


Moments after JC walks by and Sam says it’s official! I’ve chosen Brett. We’ve made a F2...do you wanna make it a F3 JC? Of course JC agrees. In the same way Brett ‘agrees’. 


I think they both are afraid if they say no she will curb stomp them in their sleep. This will get back to Tyler thanks to JC! Now Tyler knows Brett is making deals behind his back because he didn’t run this back to the group as he usually would have. 


What is funny to me is Tyler wasn’t upset with Sam! Quite the opposite he was like wow look at Sam playing the game, you go girl! I’ve been foreshadowing that Tyler will use Brett stepping into the undercover role as the incentive to eliminate him. This is just another moment Brett gifts Tyler receipts. Brett doesn’t tell this to Tyler until late Saturday night. By then JC had already spilled the beans.


Ironically, I don’t think Brett kept it to himself because he is taking the Sam/JC F2/3 seriously. Not at all. He thinks Sam is nuts and didn’t give it any weight. I believe that’s why he didn’t say anything. He doesn’t want to roast Sam like he did Angie. Although I’m sure Tyler realizes that too but it’s a small tidbit he can tuck away and add to his running record 


Back to the Sam/Brett 1-1. Sam told Brett that she wants he to come back in the BBR to sleep and not sleep in the HN. What she says next is why many of the HG feel the need to sleep with one eye open with Sam in the house. She told him she likes watching him sleep. The way he breaths. This is just a mod podge version of Kaitlin level stalkerish behaviors. 


I do think to some degree this is Sam’s version of what she thinks she’s supposed to do in this game. But mostly she’s just genuinely...expressing her own feelings for Brett in a round about way without professing her love for him. 


Turns out Friday was actually a rough day for Sam all the way around. Brett made them some tuna with hemp seeds for lunch. Suddenly Sam’s lips begin to swell up. She had an allergic reaction to the hemp seeds. 


The medic had to treat her. She returned to the game quickly but what a scary moment. She is just squealing on the LF “OMG my lips are swelling up! They are getting bigger!” Tyler is yelling at her to go see the medic and at production to get the medic here now she may need an epi pen. After this, production removed all of the hemp seeds from the house. Sam said are them things supposed to good for you? LOL. You can watch a clip of Sam’s reactions to having a reaction here:



Friday night Haleigh leeks to Scottie that he may be going up. They are sitting at their usual spot on the skywalk playing chess. She doesn’t say it out right but blatantly inferred it. JC’s remarkable work he put in Thursday night with Haleigh on their own and then Haleigh and Faysal is paying huge dividends. 


Nominations didn’t happen until after 6pm Friday night. With the hacker competition over we have returned to having all day Friday to strategize before the ceremony. Eventually feeds return and Scottie and Faysal are exchanging verbal blows in the KIT with many HG standing around watching.


Scottie is calling Faysal to the carpet when feeds return from the nominations. Not only is he saying WTH are you doing? Why are you putting ME up when all of ‘these people’ are clearly working together but he’s saying it front of the whole house!


Damn near everyone is standing in the KIT watching this happen! Hearing it all! Scottie my man what are you doing! Apparently Faysal said in his nomination speech that Scottie is on his team but you’re OTB! 


I mean Angela is sitting there eating snacks like we watch the feeds! Brett is actually in the BA hearing all of this smiling! Eventually Angela wanders into the BA and Brett asks if he should go out there? She says NO! He says ok good I’m going to get in the shower before any comes looking for me. Just such messy game play when you’ve just been put OTB. You don’t call everyone out in front of everyone 5 minutes after your nominated. Instead you take the Brett approach and fade into the background.


7: 30 pm Faysal told Tyler he wants a ‘team moving forward’. Faysal told Haleigh earlier that he wants to make 4/5 person deal with Tyler/Angela for those 4 to pick off all the floaters in the middle and just win their way to F4 together. This seems to be feeling the temperature out to lead up to it. 


Here’s what I don’t understand that Faysal doesn’t understand, there are only 9 people left in the house! Two of them that might actually be ‘with’ him and Haleigh he put OTB! So there are 4 people you KNOW 100% aren’t working with you? There will only be 8 left next week and you target Two you think may be with you? What kind of sense does that make? 


We are way to deep into this season to use a strategy of the enemy I know is better than the enemy I don’t know! Sure when there are 14, 15, 16 people this would be a reasonable motive. But this isn’t that! Either Scottie or Brett lied about voting against Kaycee to keep Angie. I get he’s not sure who it was (it was Scottie). However look around you bafoon! 


You know Sam. Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler are NOT with you! If they aren’t with you they are against you! These are the facts you are working with! The problem is Faysal is more concerned about eliminating guys that hold Haleigh’s attention. 


It’s just absurd! He fell right into JC’s mind trap. He even did it despite Scottie being the last one he talked to before nominations and Scottie finally having all the pieces he needed to Link Brett to at the very least Kaycee thereby Angela. Everything Scottie was saying is true and makes sense to a logical person. That’s the problem. Faysal isn’t the brainsies as JC frequently points out. 


JC feeding into Faysal’s ego was the best move possible. He knows Faysal is a jelly fish when it comes to Haleigh. As soon as JC says that Scottie is only loyal to Haleigh and has motive to target Faysal...that’s a wrap. He already hated Scottie thanks to Haleigh. Scottie didn’t help himself by openly admitting to Faysal he’s smitten with Haleigh. Lord these people are so bad. 


Saturday morning HG were woken early (7:30 am). Veto draw happened and we have our players for the event. 



Draws-Haleigh, Angela, Tyler 


Veto got under way early as well. The hide and seek veto historically takes 6-10 hours. Add to that Zingbot makes his appearance today and the feeds went down just after 11:30 a.m. and didn’t return until 5:57 pm. Brett won the Veto! 


Feeds returned and all the HG except Sam and Faysal are seen all around the house. Faysal is up in the HOHBA and Sam has locked herself away in the geo room. She’s alone looking sad. It comes out later that while the mess bothered her what may have really upset her was her ZING! JC speculates about this later in the evening.


The house is trashed but not nearly as bad as past seasons. Scottie is scrubbing the floors in the hallway leading to and in the BA. Someone dumped milk all over KC’s clothes. Perhaps this plus all of the food dumped in the KIT just got tracked all over the house? It’s very clear he’s scrubbing his disappointment and frustrations away. 


Kaycee popped into the Geo room around 6:10 pm, checks in with Sam who clearly doesn’t want to talk or have company. Kaycee makes a quick exit and stops to console Scottie. She’s using one hand to rub his shoulder asking if he’s ok? He said he’s just scrubbing this floor also making it clear he doesn’t want to talk either. 


JC isn’t cleaning he’s just wandering from room to room. Eventually he heads upstairs to use the BA because Scottie has made his way to the BA scrubbing the floor in front of the BA. Once Faysal exits his BA, and JC relieves himself thEy begin talking about replacements and damage control with Brett. 


Next thing I see is Faysal laying in the HOH bed watching everyone else clean! WTH are you doing Faysal?! He and JC were talking about damage control with Brett I can understand a quick check in but Faysal YOU PLAYED IN THIS VETO! 


Faysal actually has be nerve to ask JC should I go help them? JC replies well duh you helped make it you played! 


What does Faysal do? Keeps laying in the bed. Chillin’. What an a$$! I’m just waiting for Haleigh to come up and yell at him! Faysal asks JC should I go down there and help? But stays laying in the bed. JC of course tells him, YES!


Minutes pass and then Faysal says again should I go help them? JC is firmer this time like YEAH! Faysal says I’m HOH. JC throws the remote at him saying you are only HOH this week! Next week you don’t have any power and you can’t play in the HOH! Essentially telling him get his petty a$$ down stairs. 


Faysal goes down 6:35 pm and the house is already about 2/3 back together! 40 minutes after feeds return. What does he do? Drags a floor mat. Then goes and finds a couple items his own clothes. That’s the extent of Faysal’s cleaning. 


Kaycee is laying in her bed complaining how tired she is and has a headache. JC continues to wander. But these two didn’t play! The HG bray didn’t play in the veto and contribute to the disaster don’t feel inclined to help. I don’t really blame them. However we are at F9. This is Big Brother. Every little thing matters!


People might say oh don’t worry about it we made the mess but next week or 2 weeks from now you can be sure someone brings up the fact, “remember when we played hide the veto and (insert name here) didn’t help clean the house. 


I never can understand why people assume it’s somehow required to give a ‘reason’ or justification for nominating someone when they are HOH? It’s ridiculous and people then knit pick the most ridiculous reasons to target people. I find it annoying but we probably have Vanessa to thank for that! Incentives and rationale. 


Brett does tell Tyler about the Sam Convo yesterday. Sam later talks to Tyler and asks him again if he and her are ok? She says she’s supposed to be in alliance with he and Kaycee but no one ever tells her anything so is she really?


Tyler reassured Sam they are. She also spills that while she’s never specifically told anyone they are a F2 she has told people she has a F2 with someone. This takes Tyler by surprise and he takes her to task asking why she would tell anyone that? Emphasizing you don’t tell people you have a F2. He also asks her is she has any other F2’s and she denies it.


Tyler has now caught Sam in a lie. He knows she made one with Brett. He also knows she made the F2 into a F3 with JC. Sam may be ‘playing’ but she’s not doing it well.


Around midnight Brett/Sam/Scottie are in the BY. Sam and Scottie are talking and Brett is off alone in the spa. Sam suddenly yells, “hey Brett are you gonna use the veto on yourself?” Brett laughs and says YES!” Sam goes on to say, “why don’t you use it on Scottie?” Sam had just been saying to Scottie if she had the veto she would take him down. 


Brett reacts to this the same way any halfway intelligent BB player should. “Do you know what happened the last time someone won the veto (didn’t use it on himself)? Sam says he went home! Brett’s like yep!


This was just another typical unbelievable Sam moment! It’s bad enough she thinks hey maybe Brett should leave himself OTB! Then to ask him to actually save Scottie in front of Scottie? Good Lord! 


The RealiTea is this week has been a reminder of just how bad Faysal and Flopte is. He’s now pulled a Kaitlin in week 8 and targets one of his own alliance members! The one who has in fact been the most loyal out of any of them! Scottie you and that damn Soggy C T-shirt’! People are still talking about it 6 weeks later and you didn’t even get a power app out of the ridiculous move. 


Brett will come down on Monday. Right now it sounds likely that Kaycee will go up in his place. Faysal said early this evening that she was just OTB so it makes sense. That’s B.S. but ok. Scottie is sure to go home this week. We will have to wait and see. It’s a long way to Monday and this Faysal after all! LOL




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