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Sunday, August 19, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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BB Time 8:11pm


Faysal and Haleigh are in the HOH room, Faysal has just been discussing whether or not he could put Haleigh on the block, he feels that it is a safe move because he can get votes to keep her. Haliegh is in the shower, he is brushing his teeth


Haleigh: If you do that I will send you out of my life mentally.


Faysal says that the biggest target is Tyler, he tells Haleigh he was kidding about putting her on the block.


Faysal: You know what's funny, this is our life now, this damned house.


BB Fessy, please go to the DR


Haleigh: nooooooo.

Faysal: awwwwww


camera moves to kitchen


Tyler and Angela are talking,


Tyler: it is a good thing we did not say anything about Haleigh.


He is talking about someone trying to get info, but before he says more he goes into the back yard, leaving Kaycee at the counter,


Camera 3

Sam and Brett are in the workout area.


Brett is showing Sam how to do lunges with a weight in her hands. JC is helping too, demonstrating how far her leg should be extended. They are showing her how to do a lunge, keeping her knee and foot aligned, forcing her other knee to the ground.

She says if she sees herself, Brett says he also does better then.


JC: you are a narcissist, …...frat boy

Brett: really”

JC: you are the farthest thing from that.


Brett nods, then continues to instruct Sam on squats. He says she will do it right if it feels comfortable, different people do different ways, depending on the muscle group they are working out.


(Brett is very good at this, reminds me of Grandpa back in the day when he coached youngsters in boxing)


If you would like to see this very very good instruction from Brett, camera 3 8:50pm—if you are interested in learning to work out this is excellent to watch!!


Camera one and two are in the HOH, three and four are in the back yard.


Sam decides to go paint her fingernails and comes back


Sam: what is that thing Tyler does where he has weight just on one side

Brett: back

Sam: okay


Scottie is in the background, they are talking about a cartoon where a line is “a master in disguise” but Brett stops talking to lift on the bench. Scottie says in the movie a characters has a penchant for “big butts”.


They realize the hammock is tied in a way that reduces the swing.


No game talk, just body workout talk in the back yard.


Camera 1, 8:56pm


Faysal and Haleigh are in the room, Faysal on the bed watching Haleigh pace back and forth, loud banging sounds are coming from the hallway.


Haleigh goes to the bed and tells Faysal she is going to go outside and swing in the hammock.


Faysal: why:

Haleigh: because I haven't been on it for a couple of days.

Faysal: are you sleeping up here:

Haleigh: no

Faysal: why...

Haleigh: I slept up here last night

Faysal: no you didn't

Haliegh yes I did


Faysal says he is putting Sam up as a replacement nominee, Haleigh agrees.


Haleigh tells Faysal that Scottie is pretending to hate her.


Faysal: you can't vote to keep him

Haleigh: I AM NOT! You cant tell me what to do

Faysal: is that where we are going right now?

Haleigh: I have to go dry my hair, it's dripping.


Faysal is trying to delay Haleigh's departure. When she says she wants something sweet he tells her he has something sweet for her, then he gives her a kiss. Faysal says not to tell Sam about the thing, then asks her if she did.


Haleigh says Sam and Scottie don't have the same motivations, Sam wants her up, Scottie does not.


Faysal: Do you believe that?

Haleigh: It doesn't matter.....He's on the block he's going home.....


Faysal repeats that Scottie called her Kaitlyn 2.0


Faysal says there is ice cream in the freezer, she tells him the freezer does not freeze She gets the ice cream, seems okay, she leaves to get a spoon. When she walks out of the room Faysal grabs the remote and starts watching the camera feeds in the HOH. (camera doesn't show what he sees) He is laying there, just watching. He clicks the button and fiddles with th


When Haleigh comes in the HOH screens shows the HOH room, can't tell if he changed it.


Haleigh comes back with cheezits, she says she is going outside. She questions him about his nomination, he tells her to stop, he is not allowed to say




camera 3


Scottie and Brett are talking about weight lifting, Brett says JC does twice his own body weight when he squats, JC also benches 225. Scottie is impressed. Brett says he has put 4 plates on each side, but only once (assuming 50lbs each), he says 400lb total.



Camera 1, 9:11pm


JC, Tyler and Sam are on the patio talking about being have nots. JC says he is waiting for the next thing that will make them fight with each other.


Sam: you can't think about it like that day....


They are calculating the number of seconds in a day.


JC: 3600X24.


He is doing this in his head...196000 19600

Sam calls it 19000 thousand even

(60X60=3600 3600X24=86400(the answer is 86,400 seconds ))




the camera moves to the kitchen, Haleigh is washing dishes


Scottie is in the room, maybe putting away food. Haleigh is concentrating on her task, frowning a little. Even when Scottie talks to her she has not responded. Finally when he asks her if he should mix the rice and veggies she tells him it would be okay. While Scottie works, he talks out loud, Haleigh keeps scrubbing.


Scottie: I can wash all that. (referring to dishes)

Haleigh: no that's okay.


Scotte continues to putz around, mumbling as he goes, he is scraping a pan into the trash.


Camera 1 moves to pation


JC and Sam are on the patio talking.


JC says he says his father left when he was young, it sounds like he respects his mother and grandmother very much for giving him a good life.


The camera moves to the billiard table.


Kaycee and Angela are playing the game. Angela says her shorts are getting a little tight,


Kaycee: like in they shrunk?

Angela: no like in my a** is getting bigger


(my Lord that child needs to get far wider to even use the word bigger—Grannysue)


The girls are playing, a few “lucky” shots from Kaycee, she tells Angela her break spread the balls all across the table.


When Kaycee misses, Angela has no real shot, but Kaycee says the purple if she hits it right. She doesn't.

Kaycee takes over the cue and misses. She leaves her ball in Angela's way.

Angela suggests a super jump, Angela just “hits the sh**t out of it and see what happens.”

Kaycee misses on her shot, and Angela finally gets one in.

Angela yells “peanut. Peanut” but misses the shot.

Angela has a chance, she gives it a good whack, but nope, not in.

Kaycee follows with a scratch.

Angela has a real chance her, she gets to set her ball for a shot. She smacks that ball in the corner pocket, but misses her second shot

Kaycee is lined up for a shot, but it misses the pocket


Angela does a “crawl on the table shot,” but the ball does not co-operate.

Kaycee yells: “HEY BRETT, you using the veto tomorrow?”

we hear him yell in the back ground that he is.

The two girls are talking about his veto (making sure he hears them)

Kaycee: I don;t think he should use it.

Angela: Stupid move


Back to the game.

Angela is sizing up the situation, she takes a shot for the 8 ball, her stick slides off the cue stick and she scratches

Kaycee wins!


(I hope you had fun with this billiard game commentary, I sure had fun reporting it for you!)


camera 3 9:35pm


Scottie is in the HOH talking to Faysal


He wants to make sure that Haleigh is separated from him when he leaves tomorrow. Scottie wants Sam on the block, she is a good jury vote.


Faysal says that could happen


Scottie” She says she is not playing this game, but she has played from day one......


He tells more about his history in the game with Sam, his voice is shaking.


Faysal says he has thought about that, he asks Scottie if that would be his chance to stay. Scottie thinks it is. Scottie counts his votes and says it could be 3/3.


Faysal says that Sam is freaking out, asking him to not put her up this week, then hit him with a plan later.

Faysal says Haleigh has always trusted Scottie.


Scottie admits that he has not had a girl that he had special feelings for, but he has those feelings for Haleigh. He does not know how to process them.


Scottie says people are spreading the story of Scottie liking Haleigh in a special way, Brett and JC's names come up.


Faysal says he has no idea where the stories are coming from, and Scottie did not tell him about it, he questions why.

Scottie says he didn't think of it, Faysal says that Haleigh sticks up for him.


Faysal: I am super close to Haleigh. (a hint?)

Scottie: I want Sam out.

Faysal: I wanted to know about that, but you pitched Haleigh out.

Scottie: they are happy, they think their pitch for the Haleigh thing worked.

Faysal: but I am the one who decides.

Scottie: Brett thinks I am going to pop on Haleigh and that is not going to happen. He's a f***ng pr***k.

Scottie: Haleigh cried, she was upset that I could even think she should separate from me. I have knots in my stomach right now I can do nothing with.

Faysal: so if I put up Sam...

Scottie: I think I could get Tyler

Faysal: that's your only chance, the thing is I need to know that me, you and Haleigh are on the same page.

Scottie agrees.


Faysal wants to know why, if Scottie is cool with Haleigh, why is Scottie not cool with him (Faysal)

Scottie: that stupidness on my part.


Scotties says he suggested him and Haleigh coming up together, but she was “meh” about it so he came up alone.


Both Faysal and Scottie agree that Sam going home is possible, but would be hard to make happen.


Scottie says he saw the real Sam last night, the one that was cursing when she got shocked, he says she was recruited, and you don't get recruited for nothing.


Faysal: me doing this for you is me saying I was sketched out enough to put you on the block and now I reverse it, you know, it's like not trusting you before, and now trusting you now.....


Scottie says if you put up any of the other three they will come after you. Scottie says if Sam goes he is going after Brett to finish the job he started.


Faysal: so you were the one vote.

Scottie says he was rock solid the one vote.

Faysal: Brett still says he was.

Scottie: repeats what happened, and maintains that he was the vote.


Scottie says he wallowed in self pity today because his plan to self separate made him feel awful, and when Haleigh cried he felt terrible and felt like an idiot. She disagreed that Scottie is a liability. He has not idea why she likes him so much.


Scottie: next person that says she is playing me is getting an earful.


Faysal tells Scottie that his separate friendship with Scottie bothers him because he feels outside that, and conversations Scottie has had with Brett are questionable.


Scottie says he f's up constantly he is surprised that Haleigh sticks with him.


Faysal: she is close with you, and she is close with me too, we should be on the same page and I don't know why. I don't hide my vote, but when I ask you, you would say 80%. You talk game for hours with Haleigh, but you don't do that with me.


Scottie says he would put up Brett and JC, possibly Angela or Sam, but not Faysal.


Faysal says if his gut instinct is setting off that Scottie would put him up..


Scottie says he would not touch Faysal, Haleigh or Tyler.


Scottie says Haleigh does not know about his pitch about putting up Sam. He tells Faysal that Sam believes there is a chance that Faysal would put up Haleigh, so she (Sam) is in a good mood.


Scottie: If you put Haleigh up, I will end you. Even a joke, Any kind of joke and I am pi**ed.


Faysal is quiet..(I wonder if he is hearing the passion behind Scottie' championing Haleigh, and what motivates it.)


Faysal says his original plan was not to put Scottie up, Scottie was getting close to Haleigh and that was good, but then Scottie distanced himself from Faysal at the same time, which put up a red flag.


Scottie says it was a mis management of time on his part.


Faysal repeats his concern that someone is lying about the Rock Star vote, and that someone claimed to have evicted Brett, but that flipped vote allowed him to stay.


Faysal says if he puts Sam up this week and she goes home, then Scottie wins and he (Faysal ) goes home he will look stupid. He wants to digest it and wrap his head around it, because it would be good for his (Faysal's) game.


Scottie is trying to decide whether or not to drop a bomb on Sam in his speech or to say nothing. He says he might generalize his comments.


Faysal says he is reluctant, Scottie offers him collateral, because as of this morning he had given up.


Faysal mumbles the f word.


Scottie: obviously you need to sleep on it

Faysal: yeah, if I can get it that I can trust you

Scottie: that's understandable

Faysal repeats his statement

Scottie: is it because I wear glasses? It is not about trusting me, there are people who have questioned me and Haleigh's relationship and I want every one of them gone.

Faysal tells Scottie he is not being played by Haleigh

Scottie: I saw her cry, I never want to see that again.


Faysal repeats his concerns, lets Scottie know he is uncomfortable. Scottie says he was being lazy about talking to Faysal.



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BB Time 10:10pm

Brett and Haleigh are in the back yard.


Brett: it was upsetting that Faysal did not talk to me after the nomination,

Haleigh: maybe he was embarrassed.

Brett: he promised me that he would not put me on the block, and with all these people here he did it.


Haleigh tells him that Scottie agreed to say it in front of the whole house (he voted for Rock Star), and that he didn't expect anyone else to say anything.


Brett mentions the trio, Sam. He wonders who he is putting up, but thinks it won't matter because Scottie will be evicted.


Haleigh: I have defended, been devil's advocate for Scottie, and then to get confirmation that he told Fessy that I was Kaitlyn 2.0.


Haleigh tells him that Scottie came and told her what he had done, that he was leaving and wanted to make sure people thinks we are enemies. Haleigh says she asked him to clarify what he had done, and he did, which caused Haleigh to cry. She had argued with Faysal about it, and she feels the whole situation is f**ng weird. She tells Brett that Scottie's idea of putting her on the block beside him and calling her Kaitlyn 2.0 upset her. She says that she does not play “soulmate” games to go further in the game. Haleigh says that Sam told Faysal that he could not trust Haleigh, but could trust her (Sam). (she even knows the part about Sam not smoking if he does it—sounds like Scottie told her all he knew.



Camera moves to to have not room




Tyler and JC are fooling around, yelling about sparkling things. BB calls Tyler to the DR, JC is giggling and squirming around in the saucer bed.


JC: I love you big brother

Tyler: when I get back.....


Sam leaves the room, JC goes to find her


JC: Sam. Sam.

Sam: what”

JC: you need to make my bed.


JC: Sam.

Sam: what'

JC: will you make my bed please



JC sits down with Angela and Kaycee, he is talking to them about Scottie and his master plan. Angela says that Scottie told her they were going after the one they hate. Angela would not say a name, but Kaycee says Scottie actually said her name.


Kaycee: Scottie went to Fessy and threw Haleigh's name under the bus, then Haleigh came her crying.

Angela: now there is a new plan, I think I am going up So are you keeping me or Scottie

JC: duhhhhhh..... this is f**ng bulls**t... he tried to put (he indicates Sam's bed) up.

Kaycee: well look who the f**k is going home this week, he's gotta go.

JC: we have the votes that;s for sure... even if he pulls some kind of s**t, we have the numbers, nothing will change our minds,...Faysal cannot play HOH on Thursday, you know what I am saying?

Angela: He (Scottie) is walking down here now.


JC leaves the room.


Scottie comes in, Angela mentions she beat Tyler at billiards, Scottie mentions the beds are made, Angela mentions taking a pad from another bed to use on hers. Just general chat, not game.


Camera moves to living area. No one is there.


Camera 3 is in HOH


Kaycee and Faysal are in the room Faysal is talking to Kaycee about Scottie and Haleigh's connection in the house. He feels like if Haleigh and Scottie were getting closer it is weird that he wasn't included.


Haleigh comes in, Kaycee scares her when she comes in the door. Faysal tells Haleigh he wants to talk to Kaycee alone and Haleigh leaves the room.


Faysal: who would you rather have go home this week, Scottie or Sam?

Kaycee: Scottie

Faysal: then one of you goes up as a pawn


Kaycee tells Faysal is starting too much crap, she asks Faysal if Scottie is pulling the protect Haleigh thing to stay.

Kaycee says she will go up, Faysal says he would owe her one, Kaycee says she would not expect that.


Kaycee asks Faysal who he wants out of the house, Faysal says Scottie.


Faysal says Scottie has pledged loyalty to Haleigh. Faysal says if he put up Sam he is worried that Scottie will stay, because Haleigh doesn't like Sam, so it is risky.


They are called downstairs for POP TV, They received snacks and the have nots have been invited to eat them


Faysal and Kaycee go back in the HOH room


Faysal: if it true what he is pitching....


Faysal is going over the votes, there are five, he tells Kaycee that if he was sure that Sam would stay, he would put her up, Kaycee insists that Sam would be safe. Faysal says that putting Kaycee on the block is safe, she has no secrets that will come up.


Kaycee: S**t, I never thought I would say “put me on the block”


Faysal goes over the votes, he is sure that by using her, Scottie will go


Kaycee: put my a** up. Put me up. Put my a** up, I want to make this as smooth as possible.


Kaycee: Scottie is getting into Haleigh's ear.


Faysal is telling more about what Scottie says, and that he has no way to verify what Scottie told him. He tells Kaycee that there is no way Haleigh will go against him to save Scottie. The only person who would vote for Scottie is Sam, and that makes her a target next week.


Faysal tells Kaycee that Scottie told him “if you put up Haleigh I will kick your a**”

Kaycee: he is trying to mind f**k you, the kid poured oil on the floor...

Faysal wonders if Scottie voted to evict Rachel or Brett, but it is not a big deal. He wonders if Scottie was truthful about a vote he said Rachel did. Kaycee reinforces the idea that Scottie acts weird about the votes.


Faysal: it's kind of a compliment that you are so liked you will stay.


Faysal says Scottie was pitching Sam because he thought he would stay, and that he had things to say about Sam that will save him.


Kaycee says he will probably make up random a** s**t.


Faysal says they will get the group together to make sure they all know what he wants to happen. Faysal says he is taking this shot “for the house”


Kaycee: I trust you, yeah


more talk,


Kaycee: I will take it for the team

Faysal: I will scratch your back.

Kaycee: I need a big scratch.

Faysal: I hate that it is you, you have done nothing to anybody in this house

Kaycee: It's good.

Faysal counts four.

Faysal will get all the people in the room tomorrow, Kaycee says she will approach them individually too.

Kaycee: Let's do it.

Faysal: It's a bad move if I do Sam, and Scottie stays.

Kaycee: Sam won't stay over Scottie.

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