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Sunday, August 19, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Moved these from Saturday 


1:03 AM BBT Sam, Scottie and Brett in BY and Sam is laying a lot of truth on Scottie about his allies. 


1:12 AM BBT Sam says Haleigh hates her and Scottie confirms it. They discuss with Brett even why Haleigh pulled him off when she was hacker. [I suspect this is jury management at this point. Exposing all the wrongs the other side did to Scottie]

1:25 AM BBT Well, still Sam, Scottie and Brett in BY. They are talking Scottie through everything for his speech and now Brett is trying to get Sam to talk to Fessie trying to get him to put Hayleigh up as replacement. Also, Brett and Scottie are talking to Sam about the game trying to get her to play it more. And help her understand it more. Pretty good discussion

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2:00 AM BBT the trio is still in BY and just talked and laughed a lot about the Veto comp. Brett said he piled up all the mattresses blocking the have not room where he hid his folder. He said BB stopped him when he started to move the bed frames too. 

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2:00 AM BBT Brett, Sam and Scottie are sitting in the BY. Sam jokes that they are both f'ed up in the head. Brett "Get in line." Scottie "He's a douche and I have a crush on him." Brett "He is obsessed with douches." Sam "And I am crazy for sitting here listening to either one of you." 


2:02 AM BBT Sam tells Brett and Scottie that she thinks she can talk Fessy into putting up Haleigh. Scottie gets called to the DR. Sam says that Scottie is fantastic. Brett says that yes, they have had many late nights together.


2:06 AM BBT Sam tells Brett that she is only there so people have someone to talk to. Other than that, she might as well be a chair or one of those exercise bikes. I make them realize they are not crazy for talking to themselves. 


2:08 AM BBT Sam says she is probably still there because the others think she knows too much about them. She eats that stuff up for breakfast. People just tell her stuff. She might as well wear a sign that says tell me what your troubles are. Sam tells Brett that he is not that approachable. He says that he has been told that his whole life.


2:11 AM BBT In the BY, Sam tells Brett that she had no real expectations coming on BB. She came in here thinking she would be gone in a week. So, when she didn't, she decided to make BB her home. She may have gone overboard. That's why what happened today upset her. When she does dishes, or folds clothes, there is no ulterior motive. It is just her being her. 


2:15 AM BBT Sam admits that the social experiment part is what drew her. She wanted everyone to have a fair shot, a shining moment, to all get along. WBRB Feeds come back. They start politely sniping each other about Rockstar. Sam tells Brett she thinks their argument was staged. Sam tells Brett that Rockstar was not bullying him. He bullied her first. 


2:22 AM BBT Sam "I am still here." Brett "You will be here a long while." Sam "I don't want to be." Brett "Yes you do. 60 days Sam. We only have 30 left."


2:25 AM BBT Brett tells Sam that no one was smiling when he won the veto today. And "no one says glad you are here when I am not evicted". He is avoided. Sam "I don't do that, I speak to you." Brett "Yes, you are always there to say look what you have done now." They continue joking with each other.


2:30 AM BBT Sam tells Brett that she almost used her power on Winston. Brett says that they almost asked her to do it. Sam says that she almost did it for Brett. Her heart broke. Brett and Winston were so fun together. Really cute. Very entertaining. She hated not using it.


2:34 AM BBT Brett tells Sam that he is looking forward to seeing Winston at the finale. Sam "Will he be there?" Brett "Yes. They all will." Sam "Kaitlyn will be there?" Brett "Yes." Sam "Oh God." 


2:38 AM BBT Sam tells Brett that she was such an integral part of her little family that she didn't have many girl friends. That is why this is such a blessing for her. At home, she doesn't have anyone and it gets very lonely. She has ever had that girlfriend to go "You don't need no man, let's go shopping." Girls don't like to do what I like to do. 


2:45 AM BBT JC has briefly joined Brett and Sam in the BY. Sam asks JC if he had a bad dream. He tells her no, his shorts are too tight. So he came out to get another pair of shorts. Brett tells Sam that he looked for Rockstar's pillow top after she left. He realized when he flipped the mattresses that Sam had it. 


2:53 AM BBT Sam tells Brett that people have said that her family is probably so proud of her. She says "For what? I haven't done anything. I am just existing." Brett tells her that she has reason to be proud because of the way she behaves despite all they go through.


2:54 AM BBT Sam asks Brett and Angela still had that thing, that alliance with the others. Brett says that they never had a thing. That was manufactured entirely by Swaggy. Sam says she keeps hearing it. She keeps getting told that they would keep each other before they would keep her. 


2:57 AM BBT Brett tells Sam that he is a reject in here. An all american reject. Winston used to say that. Sam "I liked Winston." Brett "I get it Sam, you liked Winston more than me." Sam "I tried to tell you that. Let me remind you. I like Winston, I don't like you." Brett smiles at her. They both miss him. It would be so much for if he was there.


2:58 AM BBT Sam and Brett are still awake on the patio. They were talking about Winston when Sam abruptly hops up and says she is going to bed. Brett "What was that? No. I am going to bed." They then argue back and forth about who is going to bed. Sam "I have to go make my bed because you flipped all the f'ing mattresses." Brett laughs and goes inside while Sam gets her sheets out of the dryer. Sam "I want to leave now." 


3:00 AM BBT Brett and Sam have both gone inside. Sam is trying to make her bed in the dark with the houselights in the hall being her only light. 


3:08 AM BBT Brett crawls into bed. JC is awake and they whisper. Brett tells him that Scottie is going to try to get Fess to backdoor Haleigh. Brett laughs and Scottie puts hands over his head and laughs.


3:11 AM BBT Brett and JC continue to whisper in the BR. JC and Brett are trying to figure out who the replacement is going to be. JC "I am glad you are not on the block." 


3:12 AM BBT Brett tells JC that in the BY, Sam asked him to use the veto on Scottie. He doesn't mention that she was teasing him earlier. JC "She asked you that?" Brett "Yes." He tells JC that Scottie said he is going to have a really hard time not freaking out on Haleigh tomorrow. Brett continues and says that he encouraged Scottie to do it before the veto to get it all out there. 


3:15 AM BBT Brett and JC continue to whisper in the BR. Brett "Who do you think he is going to put up?" JC "It doesn't matter. We have the votes." Brett tells him that if Sam suggests it be Haleigh, Sam may find herself up there. 


3:17 AM BBT Brett and JC are now whispering about whether or not they are going to work out in the morning.


3:19 AM BBT Brett tells JC that Fessy hasn't spoken to him at all. Fessy was supposed to talk to him before the veto but he didn't. 


3:22 AM BBT The whispering between JC and Brett is now over as Brett rolls over to go to sleep. Sam is also in bed with a mask over her eyes. The entire house appears to be in bed now.

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Just a quick summary update I forgot to do in detail earliersoory


2 a.m. to 3:15 a.m. BBT Scotty got called to the Dr was in there a very long time and did not come back out to the backyard. Shockingly Sam and Brett stayed in the backyard talking for hours till about 3:15 a.m. when they finally decided to get ready for bed....... was very entertaining more talking on a personal level at that time then so much about the game. It got really late and they started talking about Winston and how Sam liked and missed Winston and so did Brett. Brett was sort of still rambling on about stuff when Sam randomly jumped up and said okay I'm going to bed I'm done and went to grab her laundry Brett seemed a little taken aback and jumped up and yelled no I'm going to bed and laughed so he could leave first. When Scotty was still out there those three have a sort of joking sort of serious conversation if Sam could get fesi to put up Haley... Brett and Scotty didn't think that would ever happen but Sam sort of seem convinced she could go talk to fessy about it... Sam seems like she really wants Haley to go... Brett told Scotty he was confused and thought it was a little odd that fessy put up both him and Scotty and not two other people.. and they all agreed they weren't sure what fessi s plan was

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7:18 AM BBT Haleigh comes down from the HoH. The camera follows her which makes a noise. She brings her finger to her lips and gives BB a silent shoosh. She then crawls in bed with JC. 


8:00 AM BBT Kaycee gets out of bed to use the bathroom. She crawls back in bed. 


9:00 AM BBT All is quiet. The HGs are all still in bed. 


9:43 AM BBT Sam gets up to use the bathroom. 


9:52 AM BBT Sam does not head back to bed after using the bathroom. She changes her battery, makes a cup of coffee, and then goes out to sit on the patio while having a cigarette.

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10:00 AM BBT Reruns. Probably a wake up call.


10:14 AM BBT Feeds come back. Sam and Fessy head to the BY to talk on the patio. Sam tells him that the two of them need to start playing. She tells him that if he puts Haleigh up as a nominee, then she promises that she will quit smoking if Haleigh leaves Haleigh is coming for me. She is always sassing you. She tells him that she loves him for who he is. Sam "She will throw you up there so fast. She said that she would. I am the one that said I wouldn't do that." 


10:16 AM BBT Fessy and Sam are in the BY. Sam has told him that if he puts Haleigh up and she goes home, she will quit smoking. Haleigh will go to the jury and she will be fine. Fessy would be saving Sam's life. 


10:19 AM BBT Sam tells Fessy that Haleigh is his dead weight. She takes the most from the house and contributes the least. She will drop him in a heartbeat. Sam again states she will quit smoking, so say yes. Fessy will not say yes. He is practically laughing. Sam: Moving forward what can she offer you? No one trust Haleigh any further than they can throw her. 


10:21 AM BBT Sam to Fessy in the BY "I am not going to throw you out like a piece of trash." Fessy tells Sam that he thinks that she is a bad a$$. Sam "I am freaking out now that I am actually playing. And it's exciting." 


10:25 AM BBT Sam tells Fessy that he gets no blood on his hands if he puts up Haleigh because no one is attached to her but him. It would mend the relationship between him and Scottie. Scottie cleaned this whole house. He should be allowed to keep trying. Haleigh sits around and lets everyone do everything for her. And you would go down in history as the guy that got the robot to quit smoking. 


10:27 AM BBT Sam tells Fessy to take up her offer. Haleigh will prop that hip and he does what she wants. Sam tells him that Haleigh doesn't let him do what he wants to do. She asks him to promise. He will not do it. He says it is a big decision. It is not off the table but he won't promise it. "How you going to go through all these people and pick the weakest one in this house as your partner, ding dong. She don't want you. She wants your clothes and your wins. And then she will throw you away. F that."

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10:30 AM BBT Sam and Fessy are still alone in the BY. Sam keeps telling him that Haleigh is going to throw him out when she doesn't need him. He says that this is such a big decision and he will not make her a promise right now. Sam wants them to take their  relationship to the next level in this game. Getting rid of Haleigh gives the two of them another couple weeks. 


10:33 AM BBT While Sam tries to convince Fessy that he needs to put Haleigh on the block, Scottie is up and goes to the HoH only to find the door locked. Scottie goes down to the KT. It does not appear that he knows Sam and Fessy are in the BY. Sam tries to get Fessy to pinky swear. Fessy will not pinky swear. Fessy says "Haleigh may not even go home." Sam "What's she going to do? She aint going to do sh*t." 


10:36 AM BBT Fessy tells Sam that Haleigh is the only one that has sort of played this game with him. Now Sam is asking him to jump ship. Sam "Your team is not in here. Your team is out there." She tells him that his HoH would be epic. He laughs. 


10:39 AM BBT Sam to Fessy "Free yourself from this burden that you have been carrying. Free yourself from the dead weight that you have been carrying." 


10:40 AM BBT Sam attempts another pinky swear with Fessy. He keeps saying he has to think about it. Sam "You will overthink it. There is nothing to think about."


10:43 AM BBT Fessy says he will think about it and if he does, he will pinky swear. She says there is no time. She is going to be up soon. "She is going to climb up your a$$ so far she is going to be able to taste what you had for breakfast." 


10:44 AM BBT Fessy asks Sam if this is something that can help his game. She says yes, because she is going home next week anyway unless he protects her. He needs to stop doing that. Kaycee joins them. Conversation over. 


10:47 AM BBT Kaycee goes back inside so Sam gets back to their topic. Fessy says he will not pinky swear now. He is a grown man and this pinky swear stuff is not convincing him. He will think about it. He will get back to her later. He will not leave her in the dark. They hug it out. 






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10:48 AM Sam and Fessy hug it out. Mid-hug, Fessy looks right at the camera, gives a couple facial expressions for our benefit and then mouths "What the f**k."






10:49 AM BBT Sam has now cornered Kaycee in the WA. She asks her "If it was me or Angela, who would you pick?" Kaycee "For what?" Sam "For anything, for life? Who do you love more?" Kaycee "I love everybody?" Sam "You forgot about me." Kaycee "Why are you asking me that?" Kaycee hugs her, tells her she has not forgotten about her and Sam walks off happily.


10:51 AM BBT Scottie and Fessy are talking in the KT. Scottie tells Fessy he is tired of finishing second in everything. he also says that there is one person in this house that everybody wants out. And Fessy will get zero blood on your hands if he does it. 


10:52 AM BBT Scottie has told Fessy that there is someone in the house that everyone wants out. Fessy "I think I know who that is." Scottie "I will phrase it this way, Kaitlyn 2.0. But instead of you and Tyler it is me and Tyler and you." Scottie says he has only cried once in this house and it was because of that. 


10:54 AM BBT In the KT, Scottie tells Fessy that he was told he couldn't trust Fessy with game talk by Kaitlyn 2.0.





10:58 AM BBT Scottie tells Fessy that just before noms, Haleigh villianized Fessy. Scottie and Fessy can't continue because both Sam and Kaycee enter the KT. 

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11:06 AM BBT Tyler and Fessy are in the SR. Fessy tells him that he is getting the craziest a$$ pitches this morning that he has ever heard in his whole life. Tyler laughs "Yo man, don't put me up, you and I will be final 6 in season 23. Season 23, final 6." 


11:09 AM BBT Kaycee goes up to Sam who is folding clothes on the pool table. "Don't you ever question my love for you. You are stuck with me for life." Sam says she doesn't understand it, but she is thankful for it.


11:11 AM BBT In the KT Scottie tells Tyler that a legendary speech is going down tomorrow. Tyler laughs and says ok. Scottie says that he had hoped to win it and then have the speech, but it will be tomorrow. 


11:14 AM BBT In the KT Sam tells Angela and Tyler that the two of them were sleeping in bed together. Only Tyler's little toes had covers. She thought it was so cute and she covered him up. Tyler recalls that someone did cover him up last night. 


11:16 AM BBT Tyler, Scottie and Kaycee are laughing in the KT. Tyler recalls how he was sleeping upstairs. He wakes up to find Haleigh sitting on his legs and Scottie sitting on his feet. Then they have the nerve to start whispering and studying gifs. And Tyler can't move or even turn to get in on it. 


11:21 AM BBT In the BBR, Kaycee tells Angela about her conversation with Sam. They move the conversation to the SR. Angela says that Sam is actually going crazy, believes that Brett and Rockstar were aligned all along, and that Brett is absolutely in love with Angela. 





11:25 AM BBT In the SR, Kaycee tells Angela "Don't worry, it is you before her." They both agree that Sam is going absolutely crazy. 


11:29 AM BBT In the WA Sam tells Tyler that no matter what he hears, she never breaks a pinky promise. Not ever. Tyler says he trusts her. He tells  her that if either of them end up on the block, they aren't going home. She says she knows. 

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11:35 AM BBT All feeds are on Scottie and Kaycee in the KT. They are studying the packing on a package of green grapes. 


11:37 AM BBT Scottie, Kaycee and Tyler are in the KT talking about Zingbot. He was scary. Tyler calls him a bi**h a$$ robot. 


11:39 AM BBT Kaycee nor Scottie thought their zings were pretty harmless. They weren't too bad. Sam admits that she took hers too personal. Sam then tells Kaycee and Scottie that she has developed a bad habit. She has stopped eating. She she needs to food prep and eat more regularly. And she is going to feel like a cow for a while. Kaycee says that she needs good protein in her. 


11:47 AM BBT Tyler explains clean and healthy eating to Sam. The key is high protein and low sugar. With that, even carbs are okay. 


11:49 AM BBT Scottie goes out to speak to Angela who is laying out in the BY. He says he wants to update her on his revenge plan against Kaitlyn 2.0. It is going to be a great speech tomorrow and he is looking forward to it. Tomorrow's speech is going to be about how Haleigh has been playing him and she throws everybody under the bus and tries to make deals with everyone.


11:53 AM BBT Angela was surprised to see Scottie go up. She expected Brett but maybe her or Kaycee next to him. Scottie says that he still doesn't understand that. He will never understand it. He can't come up with one reason on why that makes sense.


11:54 AM BBT Angela and Scottie are in the BY. Angela tells him that she always thought Haleigh had his best interest at heart. Angela explains that she never thought Scottie was anyone's target. 


11:58 AM BBT Angela tells Scottie that she and Haleigh have been on good terms. Scottie "Yeah, you are not on good terms. She does not like you.....She and Rockstar never liked you. Lots of B words thrown your way." Scottie thinks it was because she decided not to proceed with the all girls alliance. 

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12:01 PM BBT In the BY Angela tells Scottie that is amazing how quickly people forget stuff in here. She will never forget that Tyler took her off the block. Scottie says he won't either. Angela "All we have is our word. Once you don't have that, it's not worth it." She says that she thinks that is why she is still here. 


12:03 PM BBT Angela and Scottie are talking about the comp yesterday. Scottie admitted that if he got a hold of any liquid at all, he was pouring on the floor. The goal was to slow the other guys down and to deter them from wanting to get down to find his. 


12:07 PM BBT Scottie says he knew the last one was in the HN room because those mattresses were barricaded. Absolutely barricaded. They can't wait to see the episode when they get out. 


12:13 PM BBT Things have calmed down. In the KT Kaycee is getting an education in welding. In the BY, Scottie, Angela and Tyler are discussing whether or not Tyler and Scottie should get in the pool. 


12:17 PM BBT Scottie has gone in to change into shorts and came back out. Scottie asks Angela that since she thinks Haleigh has always had his best interest, is the legendary speech is a bad idea? Angela says yes. Scottie tells her that he thinks Tyler is the replacement. Would she be upset if he did it. Angela said it is not good for her. She wouldn't like it. 


12:20 PM BBT Tyler tells Scottie and Angela that he has been trying to mend things with Haleigh. He never had anything against her. Angela says that by putting them up, she put unnecessary blood on her hands. 


12:22 PM BBT Angela asks Scottie what this speech is going to gain. Haleigh already knows everything. Scottie "But Fessy doesn't." Angela tells him that if he pitches the legendary speech, it is only going to get Fessy mad at her. 


12:24 PM BBT Scottie tells Angela and Tyler the point of the legendary speech is to put the target on Haleigh. Because she is the only person that can sit next to him on the block and that he could beat. He goes home with anyone next to him. 


12:27 PM BBT Angela, Scottie, Tyler and Kaycee are all laying out in the BY. Scottie tells them that the last 2 weeks, Haleigh spent all of her time with him. The minute Fess wins HoH, she is up there with him. 

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12:36 AM BBT Scottie asks Kaycee if a big speech tomorrow is a good or bad idea. Kaycee says it depends on where he wants to go with it. Scottie says that he hates to do it, but he really thinks Tyler is the replacement. Tyler said it could backfire and get Tyler put on the block. Scottie says if Tyler is next to him, Tyler doesn't go home. 


12:39 PM BBT Scottie tells Angela, Kaycee and Tyler that he in his speech he is going to drop it on Fessy that he and Haleigh had a final 2. Fessy has no clue. In addition, Haleigh told him not to talk to Fessy because anything Fessy hears goes straight to JC. Kaycee "He will freak out after that." 


12:42 PM BBT Fessy walks out of the DR and calls "Hey everyone, gather in the LR." Sam "Are you serious?" Fessy laughs and says yes. 


12:43 PM BBT Fessy pretends it is a house meeting and when they start to believe him, he pulls a HoH card out of his robe. "As HoH, I must name 3 HGs for the week. I choose.......JC, JC for sure.......Sam......Tyler." Fessy explains that there is no animosity with this. JC has only done it once, Tyler reluctantly volunteered, and Sam looked like she wanted to do it. 

Have Not.jpg


12:52 PM BBT Sam and Scottie are sitting on the patio. She says she is going to have to slop cook. Sam asks Angela if she will make her Splenda Slookies (slop cookies). Angela says of course. 


12:57 PM BBT Fessy goes to the SR. Sam follows him in there. She has just been put on Slop by Fessy. Sam corners Fess "Did she (Haleigh) volunteer? No, she did not. Has she only been on slop one time? Yes, she has." Sam then tries for a pinky swear from Fessy one more time. He tells her that he has been in the DR the whole time and hasn't had time to think. She says fair enough and walks out. 




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3:38 PM BBT Hayleigh is in one of the bedrooms with Tyler and some others crying. She mentioned Kaitlyn 2.0 so I can only assume someone told her what Scottie said. [Sorry I don’t know more, feeds freeze constantly on me at the important times]


Kaycee is there as well and I think Angela. [tried to follow Kaycee as she left HOH room but feeds didn’t cooperate so missed all this, grrr]

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3:54pm BBT Brett, Angela and Kaycee in have not room. Angela says she’s not comfortable sitting on the block next to Scottie and Fessy shouldn’t expect Angela, Kaycee or Tyler to volunteer for that. Brett says the only person Fessy will listen to is JC and hey should get JC to get in Fessy’s ear. 

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4:30 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Fessy, Haleigh, Angela and Tyler in the HoH. Fessy tells them about his conversation with Scottie this morning where he referred to Haleigh as Kaitlyn 2.0. Haleigh says she doesn't understand that. They were always just friends. 


4:36 PM BBT Haleigh tells Angela, Fessy and Tyler that she is going to hear Scottie out. She has had his back this entire time. Haleigh says that Scottie also told her that Sam hates her guts. Sam knows if Scottie goes home this week, she is out in the open. This is her last effort to save Scottie. 


4:39 PM BBT Tyler, Haleigh, Fessy and Angela agree that it doesn't matter who sits next to Scottie. They have the votes. Angela says that maybe Sam will agree to be a pawn if she thinks it will earn good faith. Fessy says he is still leaning towards Kaycee because there are a definite 4 votes for Kaycee.


4:42 AM BBT Haleigh tells Angela that she never was going after her. In fact, she always defended her. Angela said that she still can't believe that Haleigh was the hacker. Angela also says that Scottie is the only person in this house who has lied to her face multiple times. 


4:49 PM BBT Haleigh tells Tyler, Fessy, and Angela that she defended Scottie against everything. Fessy says that he knew how bad it would affect him when he called her Kaitlyn 2.0. It doesn't work if it's not true. They have no idea what he is going to say tomorrow but it will be crazy. If he is going to throw me under the bus it will be completely. 


4:59 PM BBT Fessy tells them that Scottie was given a shot. He wasn't backdoored. Tyler says it is going to be a long week. No telling what he is going to do. However they no longer feel bad for him. He did this to himself.

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7:06 pm BBT Brett is talking with JC, who tried to join the military and was turned down for his height.  Tyler and Fessy are listening to Brett tell a story about his friend trying to enlist.  Haleigh is running laps through the gathering.




7:09 pm BBT Scottie is by himself snacking in the back of the PBR.




7:14 pm BBT Scottie put on his shoes and is now pacing back and forth in the PBR, silently talking to himself.




7:18 pm BBT Fessy, JC and Brett are talking about how they've lost weight in the house, while Haleigh said that the girls have gained.  Angela is doing stretches in the yard.




7:19 pm BBT Tyler and KC are talking in the WA about the possibility of her going up as a replacement nom, but having the votes to stay.  Also that she would handle it the best.


7:23 pm BBT Angela and KC are in the WA discussing how sore they are.  Ang is prepping for a shower.





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7:31 pm BBT Brett wasn't offended by his d*uche comment from Zingbot.  He said it's not the first time and won't be the last time he's called that.  Fessy said he is called that a lot too.  Haleigh thought her zing would be more personal.


7:39 pm BBT Sam signals to the KT camera that she has a headache and then goes to the SR for meds.






7:44 pm BBT Haleigh is making dinner.  She feels bad for the have nots, but started marinating before that happened.  JC, Tyler and Sam are HNs.


7:50 pm BBT Haleigh and KC are talking in the KT while Haleigh cooks.  They appear to be clearing the air about gameplay between them up to this point.


7:52 pm BBT Haleigh tells KC that she has the votes to stay this week, and that she has her vote for sure.  "IF you go up"




7:57 pm BBT Brett is the last one left in the BY, and is lifting weights.


7:59 pm BBT Scottie to Tyler in the WA: "If I get what I want, you won't be on the block, and I'll be up next to a bigger target - yes, it's going to be..." and then he makes a mind blowing motion as he walks away.


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8:08 pm BBT Angela is swinging in the hammock, talking to Brett about his hair and how versatile it is.  She said she didn't really notice his hair when they first got in the house. JC said "I DID".


8:14 pm BBT Haleigh asks Scottie, Fessy and KC how they like their steaks cooked.  Scottie "by you.  it'll be delicious anything you do"


8:16 pm BBT Fessy got his Snapchat glasses and is walking around taking pics.  He is getting some veggie burgers out of the fridge.




8:23 pm BBT Angela and Brett can't wait to see Winston at the end of the show.  Brett says that he misses him, and Angela says that she misses the "small room of people Rachel".


8:25 pm BBT Ang and Brett discuss their GBM to Rockstar and how ruthless they were, and that she's not going to vote for them anyway.  Production reminded them that they were going to jury, but they said they didn't care.


8:27 pm BBT Fessy tells Ang that he hasn't eaten beef since being in the house, but since it's been 60 days so why start now.  He does miss a good steak though.


8:29 pm BBT Haleigh and Scottie are eating in the BY on the hammock.  She gets up and heads in for a shower.



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8:35 pm BBT Brett asks JC in the BY if they're going to do a tour of the country going to gyms. He lowers the weightlifting bar for JC.


8:37 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are up in the HOHR taking selfies with the Snapchat glasses.  She is wearing his HOH robe.




8:39 pm BBT Brett teaches Sam about weightlifting.  He then asks her how she likes his hair best.


8:42 pm BBT Haleigh and Fessy talk about how both Sam and Scottie pitched that Haleigh go up as replacement nom.  They realize that it's the only way Scottie could stay.  She tells Fessy that if he puts her up, she will murder him.


8:48 pm BBT Fessy gets called to the DR, probably to give up his glasses.  He and Haleigh take one last selfie with her kissing his cheek.




8:52 pm BBT Brett continues to coach Sam on working out her various muscles.  Fessy is back up in the HOHR.


9:00 pm BBT Brett tells Scottie in the BY about the movie where there was a lady obsessed with a writer that he wants to finish his last book and kidnaps him.  He's never heard of it. [Misery]

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