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Saturday, August 18, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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BB Time 11:29pm


Scottie and Sam are in the back yard.


Scottie tells Sam that Brett is planning to use the veto on himself,



Sam: does he have to

Scottie: he doesn't have to, but it is rare.


Scottie says Brett likes the speeches, Sam wonders if Brett would use it on Scottie, but Scottie does not see that happening.


Sam wants to know if Brett uses it to save himself, what would Faysal do?


Scottie says he really doesn't know why he is up there, Sam asks him if he has talked to Brett, she suggests that Scottie approach Brett with a deal, that if Brett uses it on him, they could work together.


Sam observes that Scottie is close to Haleigh, Scottie says also Tyler. She wonders if the whole thing was set up for Tyler to go up, but Brett won. Scottie says he could not beat Tyler in a vote.


Scottie says there are six votes. Angela and Kaycee, Brett would keep Tyler. Haleigh,Sam and JC are the remaining votes, and he is not sure what would happen. It is unlikely that there would be a tie vote.


Sam asks if Brett takes himself off, who would Scottie beat.


Scottie says that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are definitely together, Sam questions that, Scottie says that Rock Star's speech had merit.


Scottie says he has no idea what is happening, and Sam says she understands that because the only person she talked to Rock Star, and now she is not sure if Rock Star was telling her what she was supposed to hear or what was real.


Brett comes outside from the DR.


Sam says that Rock Star told her about Enzo, she interrupts herself to tell Brett there is peppermint tea. She goes on to say that Rock Star told her how the end of the game works. Rock Star told Sam she was a nightmare to take to the final two. Sam says she feels she is a perfect jury member because she is looking at everyone outside the game. Sam says she wants to be the best juror possible, so she wants to know what the smart plays have been. Sam is more interested in character than game.


Scottie says in the jury some people hate that people lied, some love the fact that people lied.


Scottie says people ask him questions and he answers....He wonders if the first hacker was Haleigh. Sam does not believe it.

Sam feels that the people on the block were too comfortable, and that the DR activity, and the conversations that were called out because they were not allowed. She has tried to piece things together, and last week she thought she was losing her mind.


She wonders if she is giving Faysal more credit than is owed, she thinks he is precious, and she was fed things that indicated that Faysal was gay. She is really unhappy that someone would plant information in her head that is so awful. Scottie says the same thing happened to him, seeds were planted that his allies were going to back door him. Scottie says he cried, and he is not a crier. He says he was led to believe that Haleigh took him off the block, and now Faysal put him up.


Scottie: If she is not the hacker, she fed me a line of bulls**t and I bought it. I was warned before that I was getting played with, and now I can't help but wonder if it is true and I should have taken the warning.

Sam: you were cleaning the mud off the bottom of the girl's shoes earlier.

Scottie says that was just him being funny with Haleigh because she was headed to congratulate Faysal.


Scottie: I just don't get it

Sam: I never get it, even after it happens I am still in the dark


Sam tells Scottie that Baleigh told her things with a “wink wink”, and Sam just wanted her to tell her what she wanted to say.

Sam says she wants people to be straightforward, Scottie agrees.


Scottie: Drives me crazy

Sam: If you stay, how are you feeling with what we just said.

Scottie: I am going after Fessy

Sam: why?

Scottie: because he was on my side and he put me up


Sam wonders if people create problems as excuses to put people up.


Scottie: I legitimately trusted him. I celebrated with him, my team mate won. And now I am here.


Scottie tells Sam that he heard that people were pushing for him to be back doored the week before, with the exception of Rock Star. He says when he was taken off the block, he thought the rumors weren't true.


Scottie says if he goes to the jury house this week and Rock Star realizes Faysal sent him home she will lose it.


Sam: I Bet


They yell to see if Brett caught a cricket. He missed it


camera 1 goes to HOH 11:53pm


Faysal and Haleigh are cuddled under the blanket kissing


Haleigh: how old were you when you got your first kiss

Faysal 13, on the lips.


Camera 1 moves back to back yard 11:54pm


Sam and Scottie are still talking about the game in general.


They are both making fun of their excitement at the beginning of the game.


Sam: I felt like a total b**tch for not cleaning but I was so fu***ng angry

Scottie: why

Sam: because it seemed so disrespectful.


Sam says she had made herself a target because of her neatness, that she worried it would be broken when she came back in. She wonders why people destroyed food and appliances, or tearing apart furniture, She says she sat in the geometry room for a bit until she was “over it”. Scottie says he made a lot of mess, so he tried to clean as much as he could because of that. Sam says she was sure it was fun to smash and throw things. When she repeats she felt bad for not helping clean it up, Scottie says don't worry about it because it was taken care of.


There is general talk about the veto competition, Brett goes inside.



camera 1


Sam yells across the yard



Brett: what?

Sam: are you using the veto on yourself

Brett: yes.

Sam: why don't you use it on Scottie, it would be the second time in history

Brett: do you know what happened then?

Sam to Scottie: what happened, did he go home?

Scottie: he goes home

Sam: well that sucks


Sam keeps half teasing Brett about using it on Scottie.


They are wondering if anyone wins anything on naked and afraid, and Brett tells Sam she should go on a show of some kind, she says she would do Survivor or Naked and Afraid.



During this time the lights are off in the HOH, Faysal and Haleigh are snuggling under the covers, Faysal is leaning over Haleigh for kisses, her hand is on his cheek, his are not visible (Granny hand check!) Kisses continue, Faysal is working his magic on the damsel. (while Grannysue is in the den singing “Memories') Faysal leans in to make a secret request, there is some movement under the covers, Haleigh wraps her arms around Faysal's neck, he is halfway on top of her.


Haleigh: You are right on my mike

Faysal: What, oh...hehe


Haleigh takes a quick peek for camera, then goes back to kissing.


Sam and Scottie are still talking in the back yard, Sam is wondering what her family is thinking. Scottie says his family will think he is flirting with Brett. Sam says, no, I think it was about Haleigh. Scottie is not convinced.


(Meanwhile, in the HOH things have cooled down, and they are talking about Faysal's hair, Hamlet and Zingbot.)


Faysal; Zingbot. Sam, you say you are real...You are real.....f***ng crazy! (I am not sure if this is what Zingbot actually said, but it is what Faysal quoted.)


Faysal starts talking about people taking meds, and the two cameras go to the back yard with camera 1 and 2



Sam lets Scottie know that she will vote with the house this week.




Haleigh tells Faysal to put Sam on the block, she wants her out of the house soooooo bad. Faysal says next time he will do it, Haleigh says he is on a Scottie kick, Faysal says “Well that's what we are doing:”


In the back yard Sam checks the washer, it has malfunctioned.


Sam: “Sh*t don't tell me I have to fix the washer too. If you tell me I have to sleep in a bed with no sheets I am gonna have white girl problems. I am sleeping in the yard.


Scottie asks Sam what he should do. Sam tells him not to make an enemy of Faysal, but to blow someone's game to save his.












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1:12 AM BBT Sam says Haleigh hates her and Scottie confirms it. They discuss with Brett even why Haleigh pulled him off when she was hacker. [I suspect this is jury management at this point. Exposing all the wrongs the other side did to Scottie]

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1:25 AM BBT Well, still Sam, Scottie and Brett in BY. They are talking Scottie through everything for his speech and now Brett is trying to get Sam to talk to Fessie trying to get him to put Hayleigh up as replacement. Also, Brett and Scottie are talking to Sam about the game trying to get her to play it more. And help her understand it more. Pretty good discussion

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