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Saturday, August 18, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Brett wins the POV

Brett POV 1.jpg


Clean up takes teamwork.



Just a little flour on the floor. 



Sam Can't Deal. Someone destroyed her dream catcher that she made.

Sam Can't Deal.jpg


A tower of towels go timber. 



And more carnage. 




"I don't think it's entertaining, I think it's a huge waste." 

Not Entertained.jpg


A mountain of mess. 

A Mountain of Mess.jpg



And while the others clean, Fessy takes a shower and then goes to lay down. 

Time to Rest.jpg

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6:01 p.mBBT hah  as I just posted streams we're still in reruns the live stream just came back as I was typing LOL houseguests are all back in the house they look like they're still wearing part of their clothes they wore during competition at least now we can see what was happening all day LOL

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5:56PM BBT Feeds are back. Brett has won the Veto. He has it around his neck.


5:58PM BBT The HG are cleaning up the house. Mattresses have been over turned and overall the house is a mess.


6:00PM BBT Sam is in the lounge talking to herself. She says that she doesn't find this entertaining. She thinks it is a huge waste. Her dream catcher was smashed.

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6:07PM BBT HG continue to clean up one of the bedroom's. Scottie has poured cleaner all over the bathroom floor.


6:10PM BBT Kaycee goes to the lounge to check on Sam. She says she is ok. Kaycee then checks on Scottie who is scrubbing the bathroom floor. He says he is ok. He just has a lot of cleaning to do. Fessy is in the HOH shower.


6:20PM BBT The HG start to clean up the KT. Someone has poured an entire can of coffee in the oven.


6:24PM BBT Fessy comes out of the shower. JC is in the HOH room. Fessy says they have to be careful the replacement nom doesn't go home. JC asks who he is thinking. Fessy doesn't commit.


6:25PM BBT Fessy climbs into the HOH bed as JC goes over the votes Fessy has this week to get Scottie out. In the KT, Angela is trying to get the coffee out of the oven.

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6:32PM BBT Fessy says to JC he feels he should go help clean but he is HOH. JC says he feels Fessy should because you are only HOH for one week.


6:35PM BBT Fessy heads down to the KT. He pushes a towel with his foot, lifts up the mop nd puts it back down and wanders into a bedroom. JC is upset that someone broke the coffee pot.


6:42PM BBT Fessy comes into the KT. He tells Hayleigh that she is sexy. He is chatting with Brett, Hayleigh and Angela as they clean. Cleaning supplies have been requested.


6:46PM BBT Tyler says he his his in clothes (sounds like Sam's stuff). Fessy says that is the first stuff he went through. All 4 cams switch to Brett in the HNBR eating pizza.


6:50PM BBT Tyler tells Sam he put her stuff in to piles. Her stuff is a giant pile in the bedroom. Her closet is mostly empty.


6:55PM BBT Fessy stops in the BR to tell Sam that most of the house is cleaned. She nods. He asks why she is upset. She says because she thinks the comp is a waste. They wasted food.

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7:21PM BBT Brett recounting Zingbot to JC "The only thing thicker than your accent...is your back hair...ZING!

                        Haleigh said her zing stung. JC says it was the best one.  JC says Hay and Sam's were the best zings. Sam was pissed about her zing and the mess in the house. She went into DR crying, according to Hay. Brett was surprised his zing wasn't worse. He was expecting to be ripped apart.  Apparently Brett wasn't using his time to find other vetos, but protecting and possibly rehiding his veto every time in the house.  Hay says it was so smart (is this a new strategy for BB?)



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7:01 pm BBT Angela, JC, Tyler and KC are taking a break from cleaning and are eating pizza in the KT.  Fessy is eating by himself in the HOHR.


7:03 pm BBT Brett is alone in the HNR laying on the beds that he been sleeping on.




7:06 pm BBT JC is in the PBR saying that if all of Rockstar's stuff had been still there, they would've been f'd.


7:07 pm BBT Haleigh is mopping and Angela is vacuuming the kitchen.  Fessy is not helping at all, he's up in the HOHR.  Tyler heads up to the HOHR with shoes, etc.  KC and JC hug Brett in the HNR.






7:11 pm BBT JC tells KC and Brett that he doesn't know who's going up as a replacement. KC says it doesn't matter because Scottie is going home.


7:14 pm BBT JC finds all of the m&m's and nuts on the floor in the HNR and asks Brett if it that was him that messed it up.  He said they were his, but he didn't do that - and says that he was studying with them before.


7:16 pm BBT JC says that Rockstar would talk about witchcraft and that he'd he'd have to leave the room.  He's not religious, but has been to the Vatican.  He and Brett talk about how amazing it is artistically.


7:25 pm BBT Brett, JC and Haleigh talk in the HNR about the zings from Zingbot, and how upset Sam is about the house being ripped apart.


7:26 pm BBT Brett is pretty sure that Fessy poured out the milk.  Haleigh think he just messed up the sugar.  Angela, Scottie continue to clean the kitchen.  Fessy walks through and pretends to mop for a minute and then heads back upstairs.


7:29 pm BBT In the HOHR, Fessy tells Tyler that there's only 4 people that he could put up and that he's not sure what to do.

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7:31 pm BBT Tyler tells Fessy that this is Sam's worst nightmare, referring to either the kitchen or the game.  Fessy walks through scenarios and Tyler just nods to everything.


7:32 pm BBT Tyler says that he needs to have a conversation with Angela and Fessy tells him what to say about the numbers getting smaller and that they need to establish trust.


7:33 pm BBT JC refers to his dad as being un-diagnosed bipolar.  Brett changes the conversation to Zingbot.


7:36 pm BBT Haleigh, KC and Angela are in the BBR reminiscing about the POV comps.


7:38 pm BBT Brett tells JC that he thinks that the Fessy/Scottie argument after the noms was staged. 


7:40 pm BBT JC says that Tyler has played in 7 out of 8 veto comps and won 3.


7:42 pm BBT The girls are in the BBR and splurge with some Reese's Pieces, each eating 1.  


7:42 pm BBT Scottie is in the kitchen cleaning dishes. Angela goes to get something from the fridge, but they don't speak.


7:49 pm BBT Sam talks with the HG in the BBR about the milestone of this particular comp, but she doesn't understand why the destruction was necessary.  


7:50 pm BBT Brett said that he wasn't looking for the folder during the comp, he was building barricades instead, and apparently having a blast while doing it.  They all laugh.


7:55 pm BBT Production had a lot of rules for where they could hide their cards, the HG were given a rulebook prior to the comp.


7:59 pm BBT Fessy wears a facial mask and listens to music in the HOHR.






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8:12 pm BBT Sam is eating at the kitchen table eating chips and pretending that her can of soda is a beer.  Scottie continues to clean, KC sits at the counter and they discuss how the cereal boxes weren't affected by the search.


8:20 pm BBT KC, Scottie, Tyler in the KT talking about the mean zings.


8:21 pm BBT Haleigh is laying up in bed with Fessy that he wants to make a deal with Angela and Tyler for F4.


8:24 pm BBT Fessy is talking about putting up KC because she has the votes to stay.  Haleigh agrees to vote out Scottie.




8:26 pm BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that he told Tyler that he trusted her "for the most part", and she doesn't like it.  He thought she'd be happy with it, she says "well that's all great for you", but not her.





8:29 pm BBT Sam is folding clothes in the BBR.  KC comes in and joins Angela and Tyler in there as well.  They hope that the BY opens soon so they can do laundry.




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8:45 p.m. BBT Haley and fessy, laying in bed in HOH room talking over game Haley makes a comment and says to him why don't you ask Angela what is best for her game and just do that kind of sarcastic. Haley tells fessy that what he's doing is good for his game but not necessarily for hers. They've gone over this many times and they're still talking about it again fesse is just laying there, rubbing Haley's hair and says to Haley you're like a cat. You like to sleep, eat get your hair rubbed, and complain.

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8:52 p.m. BBT Haley and fesse still laying around. He says he wasn't that mad when she left his room early last night cuz then he was able to sleep he was tired and get a good night's sleep. Haley says she thinks she'll go downstairs now and fesi asks why. Haley says and jokes that she should go hang out with her new alliance and they both laugh.

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8:34 pm BBT Fessy says he doesn't want to put Sam up because she's crazy and doesn't want to p*ss her off.  They both want her gone.  Haleigh says if she wins HOH she'll put up Brett and Sam, and if they win the veto she'll put up KC.


8:37 pm BBT Haleigh said "my HOH was a tragedy"  Fessy laughs that her friend went home on her HOH.  He says "I'm an idiot", she says "no you're not, you're a moron".


8:39 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy she's going to get her head mole removed.  He said no, he'll be mad.  She said she's doing it and he can't stop her.


8:40 pm BBT As he pets her hair, Fessy says Haleigh is just like a cat.  She can fall asleep in 2 minutes, she just eats and sleep, she demands attention, and has a big ego.


8:50 pm BBT The HG are mostly laying around trying to sleep.  Production says "no napping".  KC reminds production that they were woken up at 7:30AM, "that ain't no 10 to 10"


8:54 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are still laying in the HOH bed.  There's a lot of heavy breathing.




8:58 pm BBT Haleigh wonders if it would help convince Angela to work with them if they reveal their showmance.  Fessy says he is not the least bit attracted to Angela, as he rubs Haleigh's back.



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9:15 p.m. BBT.. Sam goes up to HOH bedroom to talk to fessy. She tells him she doesn't want him to put her up as the replacement nominee. Sam says she wouldn't mind if she has to go on the Block in future weeks but she wants to have a chance to play for the veto and doesn't want to be put up as a replacement nominee. Fessie tells her, he will not put her up as the replacement nominee. Sam says okay then she trust him. And they both agree to try to keep each other safe and not put each other on the Block if they don't have to... Sam asks to read fesse's letter, she reads it and cries a little bit tells him it's a nice letter. He tells Sam that the numbers are getting smaller and eventually it's going to get harder to figure out who to put up on the Block and say I'm just repeats that she's okay with that as long as she gets to play for the veto and doesn't get put up as a replacement nominee. They finish talking and Sam leaves to go downstairs. Fesse tells her to make sure that she doesn't tell anyone about their conversation and she says she won't.

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BB Time 8:50pm


camera 1 is in the blue bedroom


Tyler and Angela are lying on the beds “resting their eyes” while Sam goes through her things to replace them in the closet.


(Earlier today the veto competition was the house search, and the entire house was turned upside down. When the feeds came on the entire house was scattered with what could only be called debri. As far as the mess goes, it was not as bad as some prior seasons, but it was enough to keep house guests busy for quite some time.)


The house has been cleaned up for the most part.


Sam is finding other house guests' clothes scattered near her closet, she is passing them out to their respective owners. JC is sitting on the bed, he checks out a sock to see if it is his, it is not. Sam tosses Angela a smiley pillow, assuming it is hers. JC has a Zing Force hat on, he looks very cute, Tyler tells him to wear it to the live show. JC is called to the DR, he is not thrilled. Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are on the beds talking, JC comes back singing.


Camera moves briefly and comes back to Kaycee folding her things. Tyler apologizes for tearing through Kaycee's things, she says it is not a big deal. Kaycee is sorting through articles of clothing.


Camera 3



In the HOH Faysal and Haleigh are cuddling on the HOH bed, he is scratching her bare back lightly. (no sign of undergarments or straps under her shirt) They are not talking, just breathing into their microphones. All cameras are on the HOH room.


Haleigh mumbles something about massages

Faysal: you mean you don't get massages from half the dudes in this house.

Haliegh mumbles, then says “Put my bra back”


Faysal seems to do rather well, one can see this may not be his first one handed bra replacing rodeo! Well, then again, maybe not, he brings his other hand around to help, and after intense concentration he gets the job done.


Haleigh tells him she is going downstairs to cook something.


Faysal: what are you gonna cook?

Haleigh: bacon and pepperoni (she smirks)

(just an aside, I would assume she was teasing him since those foods are not compatible with his faith)

Faysal: I'm hungry, can you pass me my music?

Haleigh tosses it to him.

Faysal: what are you going to make?? Bring some up.


Scottie tells Haleigh he is cleaning the oven, the camera goes to him scrubbing away at the glass on the door, paper towels and soapy water nearby. He is alone in the kitchen


camera 1


In the bedroom we see Kaycee going through her clothes, folding, sorting, and putting them in stacks. Several items seem to have some sort of dust or debri on them, she slaps it away before stacking it.


Angela: do I really smell like a baby?

Tyler: did she say it too?

Angela: yssss

Tyler smells her armpit

Tyler: yep


Haleigh is lying on the bed, she is off camera, but we can hear her talking.


Tyler: is this yours Angela

Angela: um hum

Tyler: youth large?

Angela: JC's size


Haleigh: we have a lot of avocados I will make a lot of guacamole.

Haleigh: when I cook I have to put my hair up. She adds that her grandmother made her sanitize before cooking.


Angela: mumbles

Kaycee: I know, it's not funny anymore.

Tyler: you want some advil?

Kaycee: I already took some earlier.

Tyler to Angela: you want some?


Kaycee goes to get something to drink, Angela lays on the bed humming to herself while she does stretches. Tyler is putting is things away, and Angela wonders where Brett has gone.


Camera 3



:Sam is in the HOH talking to Faysal.


Sam: you think it's the Haleigh thing?

Faysal: what Haleigh thing?

Sam: ummm , you both spend a lot of time with Haleigh


Sam yawns while she is naming the final five she heard, we don't get the names, but whoever it was, Faysal denies, says he does not believe in final 5, 4, 3, ect. Faysal is surprised he has lasted 60 days, Sam says she is surprised to be here too.


Sam: Right now though, the first thing that pops in my head is don't do that, give me a chance to do the veto. I like to play, I like to play the competition.


Faysal says he does not like the idea of a back door. He says he put two competitors on the block who could compete for the vote, one of them lied about the vote. Faysal wonders who is lying.


Sam says she did not come up here to tell him what he should do, she is just asking that he not put her up this time. She agrees to not tell anyone that she is safe, and if she wins HOH she will not put him up.


Faysal says he wants to talk to her later, they are playing the same kind of game, that others use that to their advantage.


Sam repeats that she will not put him up when she is HOH, she will be quiet about her safety, and if there is something he needs she will get it for him. She says she loved his letter, and can't wait to meet Michelle.

Sam goes downstairs into the kitchen.


The camera moves to the bedroom, Sam comes in a few minutes later, says she is going for a shower. Kaycee says she will go next, then decides she would like to go before Sam. (Sam doesnt' mind she likes being last and taking a while)


Camera 3




Tyler, Angela and Brett are on the beds in the blue bedroom


Brett asks where Sam is, they tell him she is in the shower.


Brett tells them that Sam is losing it, that she believes that Rock Star and Brett communicated by secret signals through story telling. He tells them that Rock Star dropped hints to her (Sam) that Brett is madly in love with her (Sam). He says Sam believes Brett and Rock Star have been working since early in the game.


Tyler tells Brett that JC also told Sam that Rock Star and Brett were working together.


Angela is in disbelief.


JC comes into the room, he starts talking about DR sessions, so the cameras move to the bathroom area where Sam is getting ready to take her shower. Haleigh comes in, Sam asks her if she has ever cooked a whole dinner before, Haleigh says yes, but when Sam says “in here?” Haleigh says “no”.


Kaycee is in the shower, she says “People will eat anything in here”


Sam says JC, Haleigh is making fajitas.


Camera 3 moves back to the bedroom


Brett is whispering,

Angela:I don't understand that Haleigh and Scottie.

Brett: he is obsessed with her.


Brett tells them that Scottie came to the geometry room and hung out with him for nearly an hour, talking about mundane things.


Brett is talking about the zing bot, I didn't get it, but they are laughing about something that happened,


camera moves to bathroom for a few seconds then returns.


They are still talking about the zingbot, Angela is worried about how they are being portrayed. She says her goodbye messages have been mean lately she needs to chill out.


Angela: me too.


Brett is called to the DR







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..... 9:45 p.m. BBT I took a screenshot of Brett still wearing his power of veto around his neck I am just honestly trying to test and see if I figured out how to get a screenshot in this thread if I did it wrong I'm sorry just learning now


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BB Time 9:45pm


Tyler tells Angela that Faysal pitched a team of four to him, (Faysal, Haleigh, Tyler, Angela). He say that he told Faysal that he would discuss it with Angela.


They agree that they should agree to it so they don't get put up.


Angela: That doesn't leave very many people.

Tyler: I will do all the talking, you don't have to say anything. I don't have a problem saying things.


Kaycee comes in while they are discussing the offer.


Kaycee is looking for a bandanna, she finds a pink one.


When Kaycee asks why they are not asleep Tyler tells her they are waiting for the back yard and fajitas.


It sounds like Tyler is telling Angela that Faysal has said he is not putting up JC. They are naming the other possible people who could go up if Brett uses the veto. Angela wonders if Faysal will tell Sam she is going up, but will not get voted out.


Tyler: it really doesn't matter

Angela: yeah

Angela: he actually has five options (Kaycee, Tyler, Angela, JC, Sam)


Tyler says he will talk to Faysal tomorrow, he asks Kaycee what Faysal said to her and she tells him Faysal says he is not putting her up. Tyler says Faysal told him he would not back door him (Tyler). Tyler also believes Faysal is leaning toward putting Scottie out.


Angela says he will put someone up who will not go home.


Kaycee says Faysal will probably talk to whoever is the pawn and tell them they are safe. Tyler tells Kaycee there is no reason for Faysal to put her up. Kaycee says she mended things with Haleigh earlier.


JC comes into the room, asks what is going on.


They tell him they are tired and hungry. Kaycee and JC erupt into giggles, but we can't see what happened. They are talking about the veto competition and where they looked for the folders. (It sounds like Tyler found Angela's folder in the oven) Scotties was hidden under the sink in the bathroom, Faysal's was inside a pillow in the have not room.


Angela leaves the room and Tyler tells JC “she” has never said a bad thing about him. He tells JC that Faysal told him he will not put up Angela, JC or him. JC does not want Sam to go up. He wants it to be for Kaycee or Angela. There are a lot of people moving around, doors squeaking, so it is hard to hear everything. I hear different names, but I can't get how they are falling into play.


JC is worried about a double eviction coming, he wants them to be positioned for that. JC says he does not want to know details, he just wants to know what they are doing. He says he is in good with Faysal right now, and Tyler is telling JC that he is doing the same thing using Faysal's assumption that Tyler and Angela are a duo.


Tyler and JC are plotting their move with Faysal, Tyler is trying to avoid the block, JC is trying to avoid Sam being on the block.

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BB Time 10:20pm


House guests are in the kitchen enjoying Haleigh's fajitas, they tell her they are very good.


Haleigh and Kaycee are trying to move the counter, it has come loose from the floor and they are rolling it around the kitchen.


They find sticky “stuff” under it, Haleigh is using a broom to sweep the area they covered. They have figured out that the counter can be rolled from it's standard position.


Kaycee is walk-mopping the floor where it was sitting, They decide to leave it near the patio door. They plan to leave it there.


Haleigh likes it there, she says it makes the room feel bigger.


Kaycee says her feet hurt, Tyler is wondering why the back yard is not open yet.


Angela comes in and sees the counter moved, she likes it because it will give them space for games.


Tyler checks to make sure the patio is closed. Scottie comes in and tastes food from the skillet, he moves to the counter but doesn't realize the counter is moved.


Haleigh: hey Scottie do you notice anything different?

Scottie looks around

Haleigh we have pizza!

Scottie: the swiffer is green!

Haleigh: Right!!!


Still doesn't notice that it was moved.


All of them are laughing about some kind of acrobatic thing that went on because of the mess (maybe during the veto competition)


Scottie laughed because he broke some kind of glass, Haleigh was mad over the chocolate milk and sugar all over the kitchen floor. Scottie says he poured the milk to slow the others down and to make them reluctant to go in that area to look for his folder. He says he cleaned out the refrigerator, and has no idea how much he poured onto the floor.


Haleigh: That makes sense, I wondered why milk was so slippery.


They move the counter back to its original position in the kitchen.


Haleigh is making Faysal a plate of food.


Haleigh: I am making Fessy a plate because he asked me to.


Meanwhile Scottie and Kaycee are playing the “crack my back” game.


Haleigh: hope Fessy likes sour cream, he gets a lot of it!!

Kaycee: put some cookie dough in there

Sam comes in and asks about the fajitas, Haleigh tells her she is making Fessy two, but she offers to save one for Sam. Sam is tasting it from the skillet, but she does not like onions, so she does not want one of them.


Haleigh: you like guacamole though (then she scrapes the entire bowl of remaining guacamole onto Faysal's fajitas.


Camera 1

moves to bedroom

10:36 pm



Kaycee says she was worried when Faysal won she was worried, Angela says she thought he would put Tyler up against Brett. They agree it couldn't have happened any better.


Kaycee says it is a good thing Brett claimed the vote, she is glad he did.

Angela: Thank God

Kaycee: Then me blowing up made Brett...

Angela: Brett's gonna go off in his speech

Kaycee: he is?

Angela: he says he is

Angela: he is going to put up a person, and let them know they are a pawn.


She advises Kaycee to get Faysal to say Scottie's name to ensure they are right.


Angela says everyone she nominated in her HOH is out. She says she wanted to win because she wanted to call Scottie out at the replacement ceremony.


Both girls are aware that the numbers are going down fast, and two weeks from now they will be wondering what they will do. Kaycee says they need to take it week by week, she is mind-blown about how it is working out. Every week is a wow, they have been great weeks for them.


Angela: next week.....

Kaycee: yeah....it's so weird


Haleigh comes into the room, whispering is over.


They are sleeping without sheets, Haleigh tells them that JC is already sleeping.


Tyler comes in and takes his spot, Haleigh is curled at the bottom of the beds.


Angela says she is just letting JC sleep, maybe til 10 am


They are talking about all the mattresses being in the have not bedroom. (because Brett was hiding his folder in there)


Haleigh tells them about the vegetable oil on the kitchen floor, she says Scottie planned to make them slow down.


Tyler: that is some Nancy Kerrigan s**t. (He explains who she is)





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BB Time 10:15pm


Looks like the threesome in the blue bedroom are settling in.


Camera 3


Scottie and Haleigh are in the kitchen, Haleigh notices that the back yard is open.


She leaves the kitchen and goes into the HOH room with Faysal.


She lays down on his chest, no game talk, just breathing.


Faysal is rubbing her neck with his eyes closed, he pets her hair, rubs her waist, inserts his fingertips under her waistband. He wants to know if she is going downstairs, she gives him a list of where people are. More breathing. More hair petting, mumbling.


Downstairs Sam is collecting bed linens, she is going to wash them, She stops at the kitchen for a cup of tea and a taste of the leftover skillet food.


Scottie opens the door for Sam to go outside.


Sam: Thank you Scottie

Scottie: No problem Santa

Sam laughs (the bag of laundry is huge)


Sam goes to the fence and gets the wooden platforms they use outside the patio doors. She places them where they go, then goes to the laundry area. There is no one around, just Sam and the dirty linens. She loads them into the washer, stops to look at the sky, then goes on with her chore.



camera 3


Faysal and Haleigh are talking on the HOH bed.


Haleigh tells Faysal that she saw Tyler and JC talking whisper talk for about 30 minutes.


Faysal: Thats good.

Haleigh: it is

Faysal: Yeah

Faysal: Tyler's good, but we have to deal with the other later.


Faysal: If Sam is paranoid now, wait til people are gone, she will evict herself. And last week Kaycee was smooth.


Faysal is going over a conversation where he told someone Haleigh will vote how I tell her to.


Haleigh: How you TELL me to??????

Faysal: Well how I ask her to.

Haleigh: How You TELL me to? I will take what you tell me and do what I want.

Faysal: go get me some Q Tips Haleigh.


Haleigh flops over on the bed.


Haleigh: I have never been really mad at you.


Faysal asks her about several things, she admits she was angry about “she who will not be named”, Faysal telling her he “did not like freaky girls”, and a few other things


Faysal asks production to make a compilation of Haleigh and him arguing.


Faysal: Do all showmances argue this much,?

Haleigh: no,

Faysal: we are a unique showmance.


Faysal wonders if they showed Haleigh give him a kiss on the cheek in the storage room.


Haleigh tells Faysal she does not like it when he hangs out with Angela. He denies, Haleigh says you do


Faysal: for like 12 seconds.

Haleigh: she talks way to much about you

Faysal: what does she say

Haleigh: I am not telling you.


She goes on to tell him that Angela thinks he is very nice, she likes him, etc.

Haleigh: I am a very jealous person

Faysal: she probably just wants to get on your good side.


Haleigh whispers something, Faysal's eye get wide, he says “What???What did you say???”

She makes a breathy noise, like a silent laugh


Faysal asks her to take a shower with him,


Haleigh: no

Faysal: with our bathing suits on>

Haleigh: no

Faysal: that's not called for?

Haleigh: no


Faysal asks Haleigh if she gets along well with Angela, Haleigh says she does. Faysal tells her he is glad to hear that, and he starts telling Haleigh about a possible deal with Tyler and Angela, Haleigh and himself. He hopes Tyler respects him enough for keeping promises enough to keep Haleigh safe for at least next week.


He is hoping for an Angela/Tyler win so Sam and JC will go up.

Haleigh says if Sam wins, Sam will put her up.


They go over other scenarios of HOH winners and who will put them up.


Faysal: are you clean

Haleigh: huh?

Faysal: are you all clean, teeth brushed?

Haleigh: I haven't got ready for bed

Faysal: go get your stuff.


Haleigh doesn't move.


Just more general chatter, about past evictions, Haleigh is nearly asleep.

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