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Saturday, August 18, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT Scottie says he applied at a Walgreens and he had to take a test and he got a perfect score. The guy gave him some paperwork to fill out but then he forgot about him and left his shift for the day. Scottie says another time he went an applied for a job at a mall and went in for an interview and when he left he went down the up escalator and the person who interviewed him passed. Scottie says he knew he wouldn’t get the job. Scottie asks Haleigh what her first job was and she worked at a nail salon and she was a receptionist. Scottie asks if she can say the name of the place and she’s not sure. She starts to tell a story and all cams go to the BR where everyone else is sleeping. Talk upstairs has turned to sports and things Haleigh has done since graduation.


12:05 AM BBT Haleigh is looking for something and says Scottie can come downstairs if he wants. Scottie says I don’t know if you know this, but I don’t have anywhere else to go. Haleigh looks in the WA and stops to brush her teeth. Scottie is going to look in the KT. Scottie then heads to the BR’s and is looking around in the dark. Scottie says it’s pitch dark in the room so she won’t find it in there. Haleigh says maybe she left it in Faysal’s room. Haleigh and Scottie are now in the KT. Haleigh says she really needs to find that ring. Scottie says when Haleigh meets outside world Scottie, he never knows where his keys or wallet are. Haleigh says she showered upstairs so that’s probably where it is. She says she needs to go talk to him and Scottie says just leave it.  


12:10 AM BBT Haleigh says she’s not going to fight with Faysal, she just wants to know. Scottie says Faysal was just talking in circles. Scottie says either Faysal has a deal or he has no clue what’s happening. Scottie says it takes a special type of person to say a person is on your side in the speech you put them up in. Scottie says Sam asked if he and Faysal were fighting and Scottie says he doesn’t know what happened. Scottie told Sam about the fight upstairs and that’s why he’s up and she thinks there’s more to it. Scottie says he’s definitely going to DR tonight but they aren’t going to call him until he lays down. He’s not going to give them what they want. Haleigh is going to talk to Faysal now and she hugs Scottie good night. She asks if there is a bed open and he thinks so. Scottie is getting ready for bed and then he gets called to the DR.


12:15 AM BBT Haleigh is in the HOH room and has laid down and covered up. All HG are in bed except Scottie who is in the DR. JC is sleeping with Kaycee, Tyler is sleeping with Angela, Sam is alone in her bed, and Brett has changed his mind about sleeping in the HNR and they have opened the wall separating the BR’s and Brett is in there.


12:20 AM BBT Faysal asks Haleigh if she’s tired and she says a little bit. She says why and he says he was just asking. He asks what’s wrong with her and she says nothing, this was the wrong move. That’s what’s wrong with me. Faysal says why? Haleigh says he has no one else except for us. Haleigh says Scottie asked her to play in veto for him because he has no one else in this game. Haleigh says Scottie said he never would have put them up and they were a team. Faysal says then how did he vote Bayleigh out. Haleigh says how did WE vote Bayleigh out? Faysal says because everyone else did. Faysal tells Haleigh to go downstairs. Haleigh asks if he’s being serious? Faysal says she’s questioning him now. She says she’s just telling him what she thinks. Haleigh says I’m always going to support you and have your back, but I’m telling you I think this is wrong. Haleigh says maybe Angela and Tyler will really want to work with them, and she’s wrong, but she thinks it was the wrong move because he was with us. Faysal says he was with you, he never talked game with me. Faysal says why isn’t Scottie relaying all the information to him that he did with Haleigh. Faysal says he has to do what’s best for both of them and if that means getting rid of Scottie to get in good with Tyler and Angela, then that’s what he’s going to do. Faysal says Scottie is just making up stories and Haleigh says maybe JC is making up stories. Faysal says he understands she spends a lot of time with him, he likes the kid too, but she spends a lot of hours talking to him and she forgets it’s a game because she’s talking to him like a person.


12:25 AM BBT Faysal says Scottie openly said the reason he flipped on the Swaggy vote was to get a power from America. Haleigh says Scottie told Bayleigh immediately after the vote and Faysal says Scottie never told him that. He doesn’t hear any of that out of his mouth. He says the game part never comes out to him. Faysal says he asks questions and Scottie gives one word answers. Faysal says Scottie doesn’t talk game with him because he wants him out. Faysal doesn’t have time for this right now. He says the game is going to get hard and now she’s questioning what he just did. Haleigh says it doesn’t matter. Faysal says something has gone wrong every week, why not take a chance on something. He says why play it safe and put up Angela and Kaycee. Haleigh says that’s safe? They are actually coming after me and they are in a three person alliance that will take each one of us out. Faysal says you make it sound scary, play the game. Haleigh says this IS how you play the game. Haleigh says they all three will vote together and that’s a voting block and can create a tie. Faysal says a tie gets them nowhere, he breaks the tie. He says he doesn’t have a target this week, he’s just tired of people lying and it’s people they’re working with who are lying. Faysal says he can’t do this if she’s going to question what he’s doing.

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12:30 AM BBT Faysal says he told her before he did it why he was doing it. Haleigh says she just thinks it was the wrong move. Faysal says you just had a two hour conversation with him, of course you’re going to feel that way. Faysal says why do you think everyone is leaving Brett and Scottie alone?  Haleigh says because they are on the block. Faysal says it’s never like that. Haleigh says no one’s leaving Brett alone, everyone was having a good F’ing day with him. No one is speaking to Scottie. Haleigh says Brett’s definitely going to stay and it’s going to be a 6-0 vote. No one intends for Brett to leave. She just doesn’t want this to be a move he did for them and then next week they’re like thanks for getting Scottie and take one of them out. Faysal says he just went with his instinct. Faysal says when someone tries to turn him against her, he’s not going for that. He says it doesn’t matter how many people are in this house, if you have one person that’s all you need. Faysal says there are just so many things adding up and a couple of things have to be true. Faysal says Tyler told him before the Rachel and Brett vote and Faysal asked if he told anyone else and Tyler said Scottie, but Scottie said Tyler didn’t approach him. Why would Tyler lie about that?


12:35 AM BBT Faysal thought he and Haleigh had a good talk before nominations? Scottie is out of the DR and getting some chocolate milk. Faysal says all I’m saying is maybe people say he did 10 things and maybe he didn’t do them all, but he must have done about 5 of them. Scottie goes to the WC and then washes his hands. Faysal says Scottie was getting closer to Brett than him and JC and Haleigh are good. Faysal doesn’t understand why Scottie wouldn’t talk game with him. It makes no sense and then Scottie gets all nervous when he wins HOH. Why? Faysal says they all have to go. All he’s saying is he knows she likes the kid, and he does too, but he thinks Scottie is a good player and it really got to him when Scottie was talking about how he was acting in the DR and all cameras switch to the BRs.


12:40 AM BBT All four cams are on Scottie in bed. Faysal is upstairs in the HOH with Haleigh and he says he understands it’s hard for her that he’s on the block. Faysal says Scottie basically told him that he had feelings for Haleigh. Faysal says Scottie told him that he and Tyler aren’t as close because Tyler thinks Haleigh is in a secret showmance with Faysal and she’s leading Scottie on. Haleigh wants to know what Faysal said to Tyler. Faysal says he didn’t say anything about Scottie. He says he told Tyler he never had a problem with him and the easy move would be to put him up or backdoor him because they aren’t working together, but if he makes a big move this week Tyler has to back him up with the veto and not change the nominations. Faysal says he’s a man of his word and Tyler said he knew and he has Faysal. Faysal says Haleigh is making him feel bad now. Faysal says he knows people and he’s had a vibe about Scottie. Haleigh says she’s not trying to make him feel bad. She says watching Scottie hurt makes her hurt. Faysal says say he hasn’t done anything bad in this game, but if he’s done a bunch of dirty things and being sketchy and then he gets your bluff called, now of course you feel alone. Faysal says whatever happens, just like last week it didn’t go as planned but at least they are still here.


12:45 AM BBT Faysal says Scottie doesn’t have his back. He would have loved if it had been himself, Haleigh, and Scottie. How do you not feel comfortable talking to him? Faysal says now he’s questioning himself and he was so confident before. Haleigh says the move is made, now they just go forward and figure it out tomorrow. Faysal says things just aren’t adding up. Haleigh says she trusts him and Faysal says but her questioning him is making him questioning himself. Faysal says he doesn’t like seeing Scottie like that either. People are playing this game too and they know this game. They are not all innocent. Everyone has a strategy.


12:50 AM BBT Faysal says maybe Scottie won’t go home this week. Faysal thinks after they get out of the house they’ll see Scottie was in the DR with all these plans. He doesn’t want to keep talking bad stuff about him but he feels like he has to. Faysal brings up last night he said he was going to sleep and Scottie left the room and why would he do that? Sam asks BB to turn the big lights out. Faysal says every week is going to be like this, wondering if it was the right move. Faysal sighs and says now he feels bad for him. Faysal says why is no one else is talking to him? Haleigh says because no one else is working with him and they want him to go home. Faysal says why does Tyler not care? He thought they were boys. Haleigh says because Tyler is going to do whatever is beneficial for Tyler. Faysal says and Scottie isn’t going to do whatever is beneficial for Scottie. Haleigh says she’s sorry she said anything. It was just how she was feeling. Faysal says Tyler told Scottie Haleigh was playing him. Haleigh says why do you keep bringing me into this? Don’t try and use me to justify you nominating him. Faysal says Scottie is trying to pit them against each other. Faysal says he doesn’t even know what’s going on with Haleigh now. She talks to Scottie and Brett for hours so how does he know they don’t have something going.


12:55 AM BBT Haleigh says that has nothing to do with the conversation about Scottie. All four cams go to the HOH room and then we get FotH. Feeds are back all on the HOH room. Faysal says this game sucks.

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7:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


7:15 AM BBT The feeds return. Brett is in the SR changing his battery. Sam is in the KT making a cup of coffee. Brett passes by and they share Good Mornings.  Brett climbs back in bed in the PBR.


7:23 AM BBT Sam is making bacon this morning. Kaycee gets up, exchanges greetings with Sam, and then heads into the WA. BB is repeating over and over again that it is time to get up for the day.


7:29 AM BBT Kaycee has joined Sam in the KT. She rubs Sam's shoulders as Sam describes how she couldn't sleep and spent the whole night wide awake. Angela, Tyler and JC are now also awake. 


7:31 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela are whispering in the BBR. However Angela has removed her microphone and Kaycee is laying on hers. So all we hear is static. JC is called to the DR. JC "Did they say JC? Are you f*ing kidding me?" JC goes to get up for the DR but first he kicks aggressively in bed in protest. In doing so he kicks Kaycee accidentally. She calls him a little f*er. 


7:37 AM BBT JC is complaining that BB is waking them up at 7 and they probably won't pick players for veto until 11.


7:42 AM BBT Kaycee, Angela, JC and Tyler are all in bed in the BBR. BB keeps calling them to get up for the day. Kaycee "For what?" Tyler "Tell us what to do and we'll do it." JC "I don't give a F."


7:51 AM BBT Sam is up and making banana pancakes. Most of the HGs have changed their batteries and gone back to bed. The only ones that stayed up is Sam and Brett. BB has called for Faysal to change his batteries no fewer than 20 times already. At this point, his fellow HGs are starting to get annoyed. 


7:54 AM BBT Fessy finally gets up to change his battery. 


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8:40 AM BBT Feeds switch to reruns. 


9:00 AM BBT The feeds return. Kaycee says that she finally gets to host. She always wanted to host. Tyler says he almost didn't get to play. He came down to the last one. Meanwhile, Scottie storms across the living room "There is always peanut butter in the freaking jelly." 


9:01 AM BBT JC tells Tyler "That's fine. It is all yours." JC is not playing in the veto. 


9:02 AM BBT Haleigh to Tyler in the WA "Well, this is the second veto we get to play together." Haleigh and Tyler are both playing.

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9:02 am BBT- Houseguests up and wandering around kitchen/downstairs area. Kaycee said she is host of POV. 


Faysal and JC in HOHR- Scottie picked Hayleigh to play in POV. Talking about time Hayleigh and Scottie spent together late last night. 

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9:09AM BBT Fessy talking with JC HOHR. Fessy says he thinks Haleigh will throw the POV so Scottie, Fessy, Brett and Haleigh are playing. 


Tyler walks in and Fessy asks Tyler if he is going to play to win and Tyler says yes. So Tyler is playing in POV as well. 

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9:04 AM BBT Fessy and JC are talking in the HoH. Fessy "Scottie picked Haleigh thinking she will take him down." JC says that Scottie and Haleigh spoke a lot yesterday. JC "Scottie is in her ear." Fessy says she talked to him for 2 hours yesterday. So, of course he is in her ear. 


9:06 AM BBT Fessy tells JC that Scottie has been accused of like 10 different things. He doubts he has done all 10 of them but he bets he has done at least 4 of them. Meanwhile Brett is laughing with Angela and Kaycee in the BBR because he picked Tyler's chip. "I pick his chip every time." 


9:08 AM BBT Kaycee and Brett are discussing what kind of comp they think the POV will be. Kaycee thinks it will be spelling. Brett "I f*ing hope not." 


9:13 AM BBT In the HoH Fessy is explaining to Tyler about the final 4 HoH and its significance. Meanwhile in the BBR Brett, Kaycee, and Angela are hoping for alcohol today. Brett says JC is like an alcohol gremlin.


9:15 AM BBT Fessy tells Angela he is going back to bed. Angela "Rough day spectating?" 


9:20 AM BBT In the HoH Fessy is outlining to Tyler what has him so suspicious of Scottie. He was like F Brett over and over again and now all of a sudden he isn't even on his radar. And Brett keeps coming to me like some lone wolf. He knows better. 


9:21 AM BBT Sam "JC, do you want to wear matching outfits since we have to be in the audience?" That rules out both Sam and JC as playing in the veto. 


Angela, Scottie, Fessy, Brett, Tyler, and Haleigh are competing for PoV. Kaycee is the host.


9:26 AM BBT Fessy is telling Tyler that people can't keep skating by and not win anything and then make it to the final 4 and win for the first time. Fessy tells Tyler that he promised Angela during her HoH that if she didn't nominate him he would return the favor. Well, this was his comp and he has returned the favor. Fessy continues to vent about those who are floating "Everybody else in the middle: Brett, Sam  and JC, where does their loyalty lie?Sam has made it 40 days and no one is even thinking about her." Tyler says their initial bond faded significantly.


9:30 AM BBT In the HoH Fessy is venting to Tyler. Every year someone who hasn't done sh*t makes it to the end. It's f'ed up. 




9:34 AM BBT Kaycee and Angela are laying down in the BBR and whispering. They can't believe that Fessy put up Scottie. "He has got to go home this week." 


9:39 AM BBT Fessy is trying to determine how the veto will be used. Scottie and Brett will pull themselves off. Angela will keep noms the same. He is unsure about Haleigh, but Scottie picked her.  Meanwhile Haleigh is doing Angela's hair in the BBR while they talk to Kaycee. They are discussing how Scottie is starting to act crazy. He is not doing well. He was using chopsticks to stab grapes and eat them. He was stabbing them. He is not doing okay at all. 




9:45 AM BBT Fessy is telling Tyler and that Haleigh had Scottie and Bret in the HoH a lot during her HoH. Haleigh was sure they were votes were for RS. And now, those are the 2 she wants around when she knows one of them lied to her. Meanwhile in the BBR Haleigh says she feels sorry for Fessy. He feels like no one is talking to him. But he spends all his time sleeping up there. How can they?


9:52 AM BBT Fessy and Tyler are discussing the power apps. Tyler says that there is no way to know if the last app can still be used or not. Sam used hers and it popped up and they were notified. Bayleigh walked out with hers and nothing happened. They weren't told the app was gone. So, for all they know, the other app could be out of the house already.


9:58 AM BBT Haleigh is braiding Angela's hair. They are discussing Jess and Cody's season. When they won HoH they grabbed a bunch of food and spent the week upstairs. They were not about f*ing with the house. Meanwhile Tyler tells Fessy that he supports him and will work hard for this veto. He is not about to screw it up for him.

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10:04 AM BBT Fessy and Kaycee are now in the HoH. Fessy tells her that neither nominee is really his target. He has no animosity towards anyone. The numbers are getting so slim he hopes no one comes down. He put 2 big a$$ people on the block so if we can keep it that way, maybe it will be an easy move for the next week. 


10:07 AM BBT Haleigh is going to braid Fessy's hair now. Fessy "Can you do it good, like Bayleigh?" She give him [the look].


10:13 AM BBT Haleigh has finished Fessy's braid. "It looks pretty good." Haleigh with [the look again] "Thanks." 


10:15 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Tyler scrambling eggs because in the HoH, Kaycee is listening to music and you could hear it through her microphone. 


10:21 AM BBT Tyler continues to be on all 4 feeds. We have watched him finish cooking his eggs, add jelly to them, eat them, and wash the dish up afterwards. 


10:24 AM BBT All 4 fees remain on Tyler. WBRB.  When the feeds return they are once again all on Tyler. 


10:27 AM BBT Fessy asks Kaycee if she has ever been arrested. She says no, but she has had handcuffs on. Fessy has also been handcuffed. Kaycee "What, stealing?" Fessy "No, sleeping in my car." Fessy starts to talk about the incident and the feeds switch to Tyler again.


10:30 AM BBT Tyler is whispering to Sam in the WA who has just gotten out of the shower and was still wrapped in a towel. He asks her if she ever told anyone about "his thing". She says no. He asks her if she will keep it to herself, even if it is never used. She says of course. No one will know where she is concerned. 

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10:41 AM BBT Angela and Sam are in the WA getting ready. Tyler, Kaycee, Fessy and Haleigh in the HoH and are talking about different twists from different seasons. Derrick was brilliant in hiding his career as a cop. They wonder if anyone is doing the same in here. Fessy "Lifeguard my a$$. No lifeguard can put a puzzle together like that in 6 minutes." Tyler laughs at him as do the others. 


10:51 AM BBT All four feeds are on in the WA on Sam who is blow drying her hair and Angela who is putting on makeup. 


10:56 AM BBT All 4 feeds remain on Sam and Angela in the WA. Sam looks at Angela who is putting on makeup. "So cute, so innocent." Angela "So not innocent." 

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10:29AM BBT After Fess volunteered "have you been arrested?" KC asks Fess "if he's been arrested" and Fess says no, but he admits to being handcuffed. This is a half-truth. [Fess has a public arrest record under his real name "Shawn Faysal Shafaat" for indecent exposure and public intoxication - BBLurkerPlus]

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11:00 AM BBT The HGs are just sitting around and waiting for the POV. General chit chat. 


11:15 AM BBT Kaycee, Tyler and Fessy are talking about previous veto competitions. Meanwhile Sam and Angela are talking in the WA about how they can't wait to see each other outside the house when no one will have any ulterior motives. 


11:21 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler leave which gives Fessy the HoH room alone to listen to music. In the WA, Sam admits that she is worried about Tyler's back. She hopes the comp isn't too physically demanding or he may be f*ed up. 


11:26 AM BBT Tyler and Sam are talking about the show Naked and Afraid. She asks him if he would ever do it. He said he would have to brush up on his survival skills first. He would spend a month with Sam first. He tells her that she could go in tomorrow and do just fine. 

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11:30 AM BBT Kaycee is in the KT. "What if the comp is where we hide the stuff in the house?" Sam replies from the WA "Then I ain't cleaning up the stuff." Tyler "You would be so pi$$ed." Sam "Actually, that would be so great. There would be so much to do." Kaycee "You'll better not trash the house." Tyler thinks the BY has been closed for too long for that type of comp.


11:35 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are in the KT talking about places to hide a veto if the comp is Hide and Go Veto. Kaycee says people often miss the veto being in comforters because they throw the blankets and flip mattresses. 


11:45 AM BBT Kaycee is in the KT doing dishes. Angela and Tyler are talking about their family outside the house. Sam is in the WA straightening her hair. Everybody else is laying down. 


11:46 AM BBT Reruns.

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