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Every Little Move Matters


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Yesterday was relatively laid back in the BB house. Haleigh shows so concern about Sam. That prompts Angie to basically become Sam’s shadow. Sam is annoyed Angie is up her butt all the time. Haleigh and Faysal has their nightly argument. Brett TROLLS Angie in a BIG WAY! 


Flopte still seemed pretty confident in their votes so not a lot else happened. I will share some hilarious JC antics but beyond that as the numbers dwindle and target locked it’s a good time to start breaking down the players individually at the halfway point in the game! 


Around 9pm last night (Tuesday) JC goes in the BY and joins a crew at the hammock. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and Scottie are all just hanging out. JC gets a condom and a cucumber to demonstrate how to put on a condom properly. He’s taking this tutorial very seriously. LOL. Kaycee and Scottie are fascinated and ask questions because neither has any experience with them! If you have the LF this is a must watch! I laughed for 30 minutes straight. 


As we analyze the current status of players there are several points I assess. Where are they in the hierarchy of the game. Do they have players willing to target them? Who are they aligned with, how are they perceived and how likely are they to be evicted in the next 2-3 weeks as things stand now. I will breakdown a few players today.


Later this week I will breakdown the rest. Let’s start with one of the players in the most danger, Scottie. He’s had a lot of impact on he things shake out this week. 


Angie is awful at this game. She has zero social game. She is unable to see past the end of her nose. She’s annoying her own people at this point. She’s OTB and will be evicted so that’s all I have to say about her until I breakdown the jury in a couple weeks. 


Scottie has been walking the lines between the two sides all season. Like Andy from BB15 he’s a rat. Flopte doesn’t fully trust him because he voted Chris out wearing the Soggy T-shirt. L6

doesn’t trust him because they know he runs back and forth. 


Haleigh trusts Scottie the most. That’s because he feeds her a lot of information. Most of what he feeds her is true. That’s great for Scottie but not so great for Haleigh. She shouldn’t trust him as much as she does.


Scottie’s problem is Haleigh told Faysal all the things about Faysal and Bayleigh which made Scottie enemy #1 for Faysal! Haleigh created a HUGE target on Scottie’s back because she just told everyone everything he told her! 


Scottie isn’t in a great spot. JC, Faysal, Tyler. Angela, Kaycee are all coming for Scottie! Kaycee has been biting her tongue all week! She really wants to call him out for his shadiness and lies. Fortunately Kaycee is smart enough to bite her tongue while she’s OTB.


Last week L6 was cautiously optimistic about Scottie’s actually flip to their side. Even so they are said don’t tell him anything. The only information they shared last week related to last week and voting Bayleigh out. He went to Angela’s HOH crying saying he’s done with the other side. They’ve been bullying me. They blame everything on me. 


Considering he went into this week with no one targeting him (high on their lists) he’s plummeted in rankings for me. Scottie and Haleigh are enemy #1 & #2 from all of L6 and JC at the end of this week.


I can see a  Scottie BD happening if he doesn’t win soon. His only saving grace is Haleigh is in front of him in the target line up. 


Sam has made a remarkable turn around this week? It’s confusing. Sam asked Kaycee if those 3 are still good? Kaycee reassures Sam saying, of course! Sam shares she was worried because Tyler was spending so much time with Angela. Kaycee confirmed its always Sam/Tyler/Kaycee. That was enough for Sam. 


Sam told Tyler and Kaycee she’s voting Angie out this week. Angie had been investing a lot of time into Sam last week and the beginning of this week. It’s gotten to the point now where Angie being all up on her is driving her crazy! She keeps shew shewing Angie away. Angie has been all over her since Haleigh mentioned she’s worried about Sam flipping. 


I’m thrilled to see Sam settle down again. Can you imagine if Haleigh had nominated Sam and Angela?! Tyler wins the veto and has to rationalize to Sam why he wouldn’t take her OTB but needs to save Angela?


OMG! Thank goodness Angie and Scottie persuaded Haleigh to put Angela and Kaycee not Sam and Angela. Even if the hacker had removed Angela...with all the jealousy she’s been feeling this could have been a REAL nightmare week for Tyler! 


The only way I see Sam going out of the game any time soon is if some plans blows up and she’s OTB as a pawn. Sam may be unpredictable and emotional but she’s FINALLY playing the game a little and that’s a good thing. Haleigh is very suspicious of Sam’s sudden desire to play. However, Angie and Haleigh feel secure in Sam’s vote this week. Haleigh will be surprised if/when Sam is a vote to evict Angie. 


I hope this Sam stays (this Sam) for now. She’s a vote for Tyler and Kaycee. She’s an easy non player to drag along. Last night she was enjoying some alone time in the KIT drinking chocolate milk. Haleigh and Angie see her on the monitor in the HOH. Haleigh uses the intercom saying Sam do you want to come up here and drink your milk? Sam was ANNOYED! LOL she’s like hell no! 


Then she went into the SR to finish her drink in peace and quiet. She thought them watching her on the cameras and interrupting her quiet time was rude and sketchy. LOL. That’s Sam! Haleigh may be upset about the vote but she’s not coming for Sam over it. She has bigger fish to fry so Sam is actually in a good spot and back with the L6 side again. Now Haleigh will be a Sam target! 


Sam likes BRETT! She’s crushing hard on him. Haleigh flirting with all the guys, especially Brett doesn’t bode well with Sam. Sam feels like Haleigh is more appealing to Brett but it’s a simple problem to solve. Sam would target Haleigh. 100%. She is done hanging out with Flopte in part because she’s jealous of Haleigh and Brett’s propensity to flirt! 


JC needs to do some heavy lifting. He hasn’t won anything to date. Scottie and Haleigh called him sketchy this week. Scottie told Haleigh and Brett that he believes JC has been the one orchestrating all of the votes week after week. This got back to JC.


JC did not care for the move Haleigh made last week. Mostly because she didn’t tell Faysal and Faysal didn’t tell JC. Her making a selfish play and putting both of the guys in danger really pushed JC closer to L6 this week. Tyler sharing all of the details Haleigh told him that Scottie told her with JC had a significant impact on JC this week. 


JC wants Scottie out! He has told Faysal he’s not talking game this week! He has also used the Hacker twist to justify not telling Flopte how he is voting. His rationale is he doesn’t want the hacker to cancel his vote. We’ve reached a point where JC appears to finally be ready to choose a side. 


JC told Tyler this week that he is done ping ponging between the two aides trying to keep the numbers even. JC plans to plant his flag on the L6 side. He’s over the stupidity of Flopte. He’s annoyed Haleigh and Scottie said he was sketchy. He hasn’t been telling Faysal anything this week. 


I know some of you are thinking he’s like Scottie in the sense he floats to power. However, JC has always been ‘with’ Tyler. He’s lied to Flopte a lot about votes, targets, manipulating Faysal. He’s never lied to L6. He doesn’t lie to Tyler. My guess is he’s going to help take out Angie this week, then Haleigh and Scottie if possible. 


I do feel JC has some threats. Scottie would target Tyler and JC. Another Haleigh HOH we could see a JC target although that’s not happening next week. JC and Faysal will work to remove Scottie from Haleigh.


JC will coordinate or conspire to target Haleigh so he has Faysal. That’s true of Tyler as well. Tyler already struck a deal where they won’t target each other. So long as Scottie doesn’t win this next HOH I think JC has VERY good odds at making F5. 


Tyler is safe for now. He’s not going anywhere next week. He has his power still. He has the votes. Haleigh and Scottie are the only ones that will come for him. Haleigh can’t play in the next HOH. Scottie will be up against 8 other people. Not impossible odds but not odds that give anyone concern because if he’s being BD he will use his power anyways. 


Tyler has created a path with Faysal by making the deal. Tyler and Kaycee have a F2. Tyler, Kaycee, Sam have a F3. L4 is his ‘team’. JC thinks he and Tyler are a F2. Tyler has done so much work in advance he’s has 2-3 emergency roads do safety regardless of what may pop up! Tyler is in the best spot in the game right now. I feel like his biggest threat is a DE. If he makes it through the DE Tyler is almost guaranteed F4! I can see him making it to F2. 


I expect this week to be an endurance comp. That could be something like the slip n slide, egg and chicken wire, another wall type situation. We’ve had short quick comps because of the Hacker Twist. With that twist ending we should see a physical comp for HOH this week. Zingbot is also stopping by the house in the next upcoming week! Zingbot usually means a longer more physical comp. 


I don’t want to see a Tyler HOH again until DE. He needs to keep wheeling and dealing quietly. He needs to stop getting loosey goosey with his small comments.


As the numbers dwindle there is less room for errors. He’s done an excellent job of pivoting and not exposing his ties to Brett, Kaycee, Angela as a ‘team’. I expect that to end within the next two weeks. 


L6 manages to always be two steps ahead. It’s great game play. They’ve remained loyal to each other. They’ve been as effective as they have been because the work as a cohesive unit and never waver.


From my point of view with fewer people in the house it’s easier to observe the little things. Tyler needs to continue delivering well developed GBM’s as people leave. Then eliminate threats to himself and Kaycee.


If you recall I mentioned during Bayleigh’s HOH that Brett volunteering to assume the undercover duties on the other side of the house was good for Tyler. Yes it’s been valuable for L6 but in the long run I foresee a path when the time is right for Tyler to use this to set up Brett. Tyler has a myriad of opportunities to out Brett to people like Haleigh, Scottie, Faysal, JC to encourage them to take the shot at Brett if he chooses. 


Once 1-2 more evictions happen I see a possibility Tyler uses all these villainous comments, speeches, infiltration including unnecessary moves like helping Angie write her eviction speech last night knowing she’s being voted out blowing up in his face via Tyler. Brett and Angela are his shields and will be sacrificed once the greater threats are eliminated (Haleigh/Scottie). 


Tuesday Brett really digs into his good and evil powers. He went to Angie and proposed a F2. She doesn’t totally buy in but agrees moving forward they can work on creating an alliance. She later names then Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Angie is creating an eviction speech to somehow out Angela as a threat trying to accuse her and Tyler of being in a showmance.


Haleigh shoots that down but then suggest Angie asks Brett to help her since he’s so good at it. He obliged and then runs to L6 to tell them everything she’s planning and asks them if they want to add anything to her speech! 


Ok this was great feeds! Very funny and entertaining! It’s awful game play when we are in jury. Angie is going to want to chop him into little pieces if he goes to jury house. She will never vote for him once she finds all of this out! Even worse let Haleigh, Sam, Faysal, and maybe even Scottie figure out what he did and he will become a target! This is the kind of thing Tyler can use to sink Brett’s ship as the weeks continue. 


The RealiTea is the activity in the house slows down as the numbers dwindle. Fortunately with players like JC in the game they will keep us entertained when there isn’t a lot of ‘game’ related activities.


I expect a twist like a oandora’s box to end in a reset week not a jury buyback. We know there will be a DE so there has to be a week where no one actually gets evicted for the numbers to come out in the wash! Every little move becomes a big one from here on out! I will be back next time with all the tea on eviction night!

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