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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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10:02am BBT: WE now have FOTH as BB wakes the HG.

10:15am BBT: Brett in the WA washing his hands as BB calls him to the DR. Kaycee up getting her things together for the day.

 10:17am BBT: Sam up in the KT making coffee. Kaycee is in the STR shaking out a shirt. Brett went to the DR. all other HG still in bed.

10:40am BBT: Sam and Rocksstar in the KT making more coffee and talking about cooking breakfast. Angela in the WA doing ADL's. Brett comes in the KT and sam ask if he is making breakfast he says yes and she smiles and says oh yeah.

 10:42am BBT: Sam and Rockstar go to the balcony to sit and have coffee. sam ask Rockstar if people hang out up here alot and she says yeah you just never do. sam tells her that it feels so far away from everything and she doesn't like it.

10:44am BBT: Rockstar ask if Sam won HOH again would she be the same? sam says yeah but even meaner. Rockstar says not me i would never let you leave my room or Haleigh either.

10:48am BBT: Brett in the KT making pancakes. Angela making oatmeal and kaycee just sitting watching. BB calls sam to the DR. She tells Rockstar she will be back its her morning report.

10:58am BBT: Brett continues to cook breakfast as Kaycee watches and Angela makes her oatmeal. sam and Rockstar still on the balcony talking general talk.

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11:33 am BBT.  Sam and Rockstar in the game area outside the HOHR.  Rockstar says “I’m gonna talk your ear off for a minute.”  She says I do not mean to be such a hateful b***h.  She says I want to win so bad and it seems like this spoiled rich girl who has a $3500 a month in LA and bought herself a range rover and probably has a trust fund and whose sad dreams of owning a marina one day.  Sam says I thought that was Brett’s dad.  Rockstar says well one of them, between them they have a lot of money.  Rockstar says u don’t get a $3500 a month apartment on your own.  Sam says yes she does.  Rockstar says yeah she has help.  Sam says no, she works for it herself.  Rockstar says models don’t make that much money, I know models who travel the world and only make $1500 a month.  Sam says I don’t think she’s as villainess as u make her out to be.  Rockstar says I think she is a b***h who is not nice to me and has refused to work with me on multiple occassions.  Sam says  just stop, u don’t have to convince me one way or another.  Rockstar says i’m just talking outloud bcuz it helps me.  If I had a journal I would write it down.  I don’t like having angry or vile thoughts. I’m not a jealous, vindictive, spiteful person, but I’m human.  Sam says I know it bothers u that her name is Angela and she takes the purple thing and gets the purple shirt.  Rockstar says she comes fom momey, doesn’t have kids, doesn’t need to be here and is a princess who has people serve her.  Sam says I don’t get that, what do u mean?  Angela says she has Tyler and Kaycee’s undying loyalty.  Sam gets up and looks down into the downstairs.  

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11:37 am BBT.  Rockstar continues her rant.  She just wants it so f***ing bad.  She says she beat me as HOH on a math question, then does a high pitched mean giggle.  


11:40 am BBT.  Sam continues to look at what’s happening doenstairs. No words are being spoken.  Sam gets called to the DR.  Rockstar says they know I’m annoyinh u, they got your mental message.  Sam says I don’t think they do that.  Rockstar apologizes for venting.  Sam says it’s ok, I vent to u all the time (seemed as though Sam didn’t want to hear the ranting about Angela).


11:42 am BBT.  Tyler, Rockstar, Brett and Scottie in the KT.  General talk.  


Rockstar goes into the WA where Haleigh is.  Rockstar asks if Haleigh got kicked out of her room.  She says yes.  (They are fixing the vanity that Faysal broke last night).  Haleigh says I don’t know why he rhougjt he could sit on it.  


11:47 am BBT.  Haleigh is under the covers in the PBR, Rockstar is sitting on the bed.  Silence.  Rockstar leaves.  


11:52 am BBT.  General talk in the KT.  Kaycee is slone int BBR packing some of her clothes.  BB says “wakey wakey houseguests”.  


11:54 am BBT.  Scottie and Tyler in the WA.  Tyler is shaving.  Scottie says how are there 10 people in the house and we’re on lockdown but it feels empty?  Scottie says maybe he should shave his stache off.  

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11:56 am BBT.  Kaycee asks Brett if he wants to do a one on one.  They are in the HNR.  Brett says he is pretty sure Fessy came down from the HOHR this morning.  Kaycee says no not this morning.  Kaycee says the day it happened she made a point of saying something outloud so Scottie would hear it.  Brett says he asked Scottie if he thinks something is going on between them?  He says Scottie said no I don’t.  Brett says Scottie said the only reason he wants to keep Rockstar is not to hurt Haleigh bcuz once he breaks that trust it’s gone.  Brett says he’s gonna try to point it out that Faysal and Haleigh are a showmance and she has final 2 deals that don’t include him.  He tells Kaycee that Scottie said if Kaycee gave him a blanket type of pitch it won’t work on him.  Kaycee goes over what she might say to Scottie.  She says I’m not really trying to get his vote.  Brett gives her some suggestions of what to say about what happens down the line.    

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12:07 pm BBT.  Kaycee and Brett still whispering in the HNR going over her pitch to Scottie.  Rockstar and Scottie are playing chess.  Scottie hears a noise and Rockstar says Fessy broke the sink & it’s being fixed right now.  Scottie says he broke it?  Rockstar says yeah it just totally broke.  

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12:09 pm BBT.  In the HNR, Brett says Sam keeps asking him what she should do.  He says he doesn’t know if she is really asking him or of she is trying to het information for “them” bcuz she has never talked game to him before.  Kaycee says I think she’s keeping me ncuz she said she would.  Brett says she told Rockstar that too.  Kaycee says I am pretty confident she’ll keep me.  She thinks it’ll be 5-1.  Brett says that would be awesome.  Brett says he wants to use this to build trust with Sam but wonders if she would blow his cover.  Kaycee says well she always says she won’t repeat stuff.  They both agree she probably would do that.   

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12:15 pm BBT.  Rockstar and Scottie still talking and olaying chess.  Kaycee and Brett in the HNR.  Kaycee asks whT Brett will say about why he votes rockstat out. Brett says he’s gonna say that Rockstar told Tyler she was going after him (Brett) and not Tyler.  



12:25 pm BBT.  Scottie and Rockstar still playing chess.  Brett and Kaycee still going over votes and the upcoming eviction and who is where and voting for who.   They say Faysal walks around like he is the kingpin of the house and is running things. They say he needs to be on the block and feel it.  Kaycee says this is your HOH, u gotta win.  


12:30 pm BBT.  Scottie and Rockstar playing chess.  Most HGs are sleeping/lying down.  


12:38 pm BBT.  Scottie and Rockstar playing chess, general talk happening.  Sam is in the KT tending to the little herb plants.  


12:44 pm BBT.  Scottie and Rockstar playing chess.  Scottie says a need needs to be booksmar and a dork is a personality thing.  Scottie sees himself as a doofus.  


12:50 pm BBT.  The house is pretty quiet.  Rockstar and Scottie playing chess. Sam alone in the KT.  Many HGs sleeping or laying down.  


12:55 pm BBT.  Scottie and Rockstar still playing chess.  Rockstar says she is having BB dreams now, it is reality.  Sam is alone in the KT tending to the little herb pots. The others are sleeping/laying around.  They are on ILD.  

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3:27 pm BBT Rockstar and Fessy in the HOHR Rockstar says she wishes they could have everyone in the HOHR except Tyler Angela and Kaycee so they would have to be downstairs alone. Then she asks Fessy why he thinks Kaycee is so comfortable. 


3:32pm BBT Kaycee, Tyler, Brett, Angela and now Fessy in KT with general chit chat 

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I'll give this a try but I'm new at posting anything or updates so if I don't do it right there with me lol I just had a few minutes only to watch my live stream just now:)


5pm BBT.... Haley and Rockstar in the HOH room. Talking about the game and folding clothes. Rockstar asks Haley if Scotty raises his eyebrows when he's lying because she said she heard someone say that so she asks Haley. Haley said he does that but only raises one eyebrow not both of them. And Rockstar said okay. Rockstar said  either,Scotty is being totally honest or being totally false there's no in between with him and she's not sure.. Hailey repeating how is she wishes Angela could go said something about her own personal reasons. And that she wish she could see Tyler then walking around following nobody or something to that effect. Then Haley mentioned that Tyler had a sister that died that was named Angela and then the cameras went to the fish

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7:17 pm BBT: Rockstar in pbr and Kaycee in bbr with the wall open. Rockstar giving Kaycee advice for packing. Rockstar packs early so she can walk around house to look for her items she didn't know were missing. She also packs something comfortable (flip flops) because she isn't sure where they go after they leave the house. Kaycee keeps saying "okay, thanks. Oh, yeah?"


All other hgs in kitchen - some eating the sauce with meatballs and beef hotdogs that JC made. 


7:23 pm BBT: fessy in (narrow room with the weird yellow wall that they write things on with the couches along every wall... whatever that room is called) alone doing ab exercises on the floor and squats. JC in kitchen, just put away leftovers. Angela sweeping the kt floor. 

Rockstar and sam in hoh room. Sam in the shower as Rockstar paces complaining that Tyler was busy all day and when she confronted him he said he was doing one-on-ones all day. Sam asks why that's a big deal and Rockstar lists the people he talked to (Kaycee, Angela...) Says Tyler is campaigning for "her" (Kaycee) to stay. Sam says she didn't know that. 


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7:00 pm BBT Rockstar, Haleigh, Brett and Fessy are hanging in the PBR talking about how their friends will relax, and how RS can't believe she's someone's mom who is also on Big Brother with purple hair.


7:02 pm BBT KC and Angela are in the kitchen making dinner for the house.  Fessy is called to the DR.  RS asks him to cry a little for production.  He teases "I can't cry three times in a row".


7:03 pm BBT JC helps with dishes in the KT, while Scottie takes out the trash.  Tyler comes in to talk with them while they cook and puts the open crackers away.


7:06 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett talk in the PBR and Brett says he really wants to win and that he feels like a big loser.  Haleigh said that she's cautiously confident about the vote.  


7:07 pm BBT Haleigh and Brett wonder what Bayleigh is doing.  Haleigh thinks she's eating dinner and watching Netflix.  Brett thinks that he'd be surprised if they got Netflix.


7:24 pm BBT Fessy is on the ground in the Jenga room exercising and appearing deep in thought.  RS is in the PBR bed by herself, also deep in thought.








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7:33 pm BBT Rockstar talks with Sam while she takes a shower in the HOHR.  Sam said that she usually has to take two showers after work to get all of the guck off of her.


7:42 pm BBT Rockstar is nervous because Scottie was wearing Angela's hoodie with her hat.  Haleigh and Sam are talking her off the ledge.


7:48 pm BBT The kitchen is clean and Tyler, Fessy and JC are hanging out.  Fessy tells JC that he is getting  belly, and JC stands up and says Fessy wishes he looked half as good as him.  They decide to play a prank and are figuring one out.


7:50 pm BBT JC and Fessy are starting to put laxatives in lemonade they're about to make.  Production shut them down with "stop that!"




7:52 pm BBT Up in the HOHR, RS Haleigh and Sam talk about the HG's last names and that they don't know any of them.


7:58 pm BBT Tyler, Angela, KC and Scottie are in the BBR quietly thinking about tomorrow night's comp and if they'll get new shoes. They realize that tonight's show has already aired.



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8:01 pm BBT In the BBR, KC is packing for being on the block tomorrow night.  KC, Scottie, Ty, and Angela discuss how they weren't packed when Big Brother came to pick them up for the show.


8:03 pm BBT Haleigh and RS are waiting for Sam to get out of the shower because she's colored her skin blue for a tan (?).  Scottie comes in with a cookie for Haleigh.  


8:07 pm BBT Haleigh tells Scottie that she's stressing and relaxing at the same time, which takes equal amounts of focus and negativity.


8:09 pm BBT Haleigh is telling the story of how her parents' house built down and how they now live about 35 minutes away from her grandparents.  Scottie is grilling her for details.


8:17 pm BBT Rockstar, KC and Haleigh are discussing how they spend New Year's Eve and how they've changed over the years.


8:23 pm BBT JC is laughing at KC's packing since she's only halfway full and the suitcase is full.  She said she'll need a big trash bag for the rest of her stuff, and at least she doesn't have make up to pack.




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8:36 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are having a heart to heart in the Jenga room.  He says he doesn't know what's real and what's fake, including them.  She doesn't know how to help him, so says good night and goes back to the HOHR.


8:38 pm BBT While KC was packing, she brought out her rainbow suits.  Apparently there was one for each player in case they got that punishment.  JC, Brett, Angela, Tyler and Scottie all have one on.  JC also wears a tutu.
















8:53 pm BBT Haleigh is pouting in the HOHR, saying that she's uncomfortable with people wearing KC's clothes.  Scottie (who is also wearing a suit) says "but it had my name in it".  Fessy comes into the HOHR, also rather mopey.


8:55 pm BBT Angela said that Rachel didn't fully pack because she didn't believe she was going home.  Kaitlyn didn't feel the need to pack either because she was just going to have to unpack it.  She has been watching the feeds and when she sees something of hers, she tells production to get it back for her.

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