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America's Got Talent Episode 11-Live Shows 1

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We are now in Hollywood for the America’s Got Talent live shows! It’s now up to America to decide who stays and who goes and who ultimately wins. We have 12 acts tonight, but only 7 will be moving on.


Up first is Mochi who says Diabolo is his passion, his soul, and his life. He has a screen behind him as he performs with various graphic designs that are moving in time with his movements. The audience thinks he’s finished, but he’s not. He has a Diabolo that sparks or lights up and he finishes with it. He gets a standing ovation from 3 of the judges and the audience.


Heidi says she tried Diabolo and she almost knocked her tooth out, it’s so hard. She thanks Mochi for being on AGT. Simon says basically, it’s a big yo-yo and he made it interesting. He says it was very thrilling and he thinks what Mochi did was fantastic for the show.


Howie says America has to start voting because he needs to be in the finals. Howie says Mochi has so much precision and he added fire, it’s perfect. America vote! Mel B thinks he is super talented and what he did tonight was amazing. Mel B adds but…and she didn’t like the music and Simon buzzed her.


The next act is Human Fountains. They were eliminated during the Judge Cuts, but they were brought back as the wild card. They are performing on an Italian themed stage and they performing to the song Alone by Heart, but done in Italian. As the perform, one guy has a hot dog and two other guys add ketchup and mustard and one of the guys starts to laugh a little as he eats it. Simon buzzes the act. They get an ovation from the audience and Mel B.


Simon says how is he supposed to comment on what he just saw. The audience is booing and Simon says that’s the most stupid act they’ve ever had on the finals of AGT. Howie says Human Fountains teaches them a lesson…sharing is caring.


Mel B says Human Fountains are something to remember. They are original and they must really love each other to share that much and then she makes a gagging sound. Heidi says just when she thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous and then out comes out the wiener and the condiments. It was kind of disgusting, but she kind of liked it.


Next, we have Angel City Chorale. They are all in white as they begin their performance. They sing This Is Me by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman. They also have members in the audience aisles playing drums. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says he’s feeling great, but here’s his worry about Angel City Chorale. America has to vote. Howie says they are here live and the music is all around them and if someone at home doesn’t have great singers, they may not hear what they here. Howie says America has to vote! Mel B says what she likes them because they are very uplifting, but she thinks the choreography is a bit cheesy.


Heidi doesn’t think Angel City Chorale’s choreography is cheesy and she thinks the choir is so in sync and united and she thinks people can learn from them. Simon says if he died during the performance and this is Heaven, he’s happy because that’s what this felt like.


Our next act is The PAC Dance Team and their whole town and community are behind them. They take the stage and the theme is Willy Wonka and they perform to a montage of songs. They get an ovation from the audience.


Mel B says this was by far The PAC Dance Team’s best performance to date, but halfway through she didn’t like it. She thought the music was great but something wasn’t clicking. Heidi liked their energy and she loved the theme and maybe this is their golden ticket to get to the next room.


Simon says The Pac Dance Team is fun and not perfect and there’s an optimism about them. Simon thinks AGT needs an act like this. Howie says maybe he deserves a pie in the face, but he doesn’t get this.


Next is Mel B’s golden buzzer, Amanda Mena and she still can’t believe she got the golden buzzer. She takes the stage and performs What About Us by P!nk. She performs switches between Spanish and English as she sings. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Mel B says she is so proud of Amanda and she has so much strength, maturity, and self-belief. Heidi thinks she nailed it and her favorite part was when she let go and have fun. Well done.


Simon thinks Amanda getting the golden buzzer was what she needed because she needed that vote of confidence going forward. Simon says she needs to be in group going forward and Mel B says stop! She’s a solo artist and she’s a star.


The next act is Junior New System and they talk about where they’re from and what an opportunity this is for them. They take the stage and they have drummers with them too. They perform to Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony. They get an ovation from the audience and all of the judges.


Mel B is screaming in excitement and says everything about Junior New System and they are united and showing some moves. Howie thinks they are amazing and he loves what they do in their heels, but the first half is not as exciting. Mel B disagrees and argues with Howie.


Heidi says Heel yes! They stand out from all the other dance troupes and she loves them. Simon says it’s not just the heels, it’s their determination and it’s what makes them exciting to watch. Simon says Junior New System will be the most talked about act.


Our next performers are We Three and they use music as an outlet for their feelings. They take the stage and perform an original. They get an ovation from the audience, Mel B, and Heidi.


Howie thinks We Three have transcended their story and risen above. Mel B just loves them, everything about them, and she loves their original music. She sees them as a young Dire Straights. She just loved them.


Heidi thinks they have a beautiful sound and they are siblings who can be on their journey together. Simon doesn’t think this worked tonight. Simon thinks We Three looked like a support band with an ok song. He thinks they need to re-think their re-staging. Mel B boos and says they were brilliant.


Lord Nil is next to the stage and he’s incorporated his fiancé, Mya, into his act. She says tonight she’s scared, but she loves him and she cannot be afraid. Mya is in a cage that will be lowered into rattlesnakes. Lord Nil is in chains with locks and he’s getting ready to be lowered into a water tank where he has to get loose from the chains and press a button at the top of the water tank to free Mya. Then after he frees her, then she must save him from the tank before his breath runs out.


The cage is starting to lower with Mya and Lord Nil is working on the chains. He is loose enough to press the button to stop the cage. Mel B presses her X. Mya has dropped the key and she’s trying to hand it to him so he can undo the lock to free himself. He seems to be having trouble getting the lock undone and he’s struggling. He gets the lock undone and the top opens and he’s out and he appears be catching his breath.


Mel B just doesn’t get Lord Nil’s act. She doesn’t know why you’d do that to your wife or your husband. She’s says it’s too traumatic and she doesn’t like it. Heidi says that was a close call and you have to be alive to spend the million dollars. Heidi says it’s always entertaining and she hits her buzzer.


Simon says he wants to congratulates the snakes. Simon says every time they step the game, but he thinks they need something more deadly and dangerous, maybe Heidi and Mel B. Howie says we might have just had the viral moment of the evening. Lord Nil says he understands Mel B’s point of view, but he’s just trying to entertain America.


Next, we have Flau’jae. She’s performing a rap called Let Down that is an original. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Mel B says she loves her message, her passion, and her maturity. But…tonight, she did one thing she loved, she loved the flow. But she didn’t like the rest so much.


Heidi says she likes that Flau’jae sings about dark issues but she finds the light in them. She likes that she’s raw and honest. Simon says he was taken aback by that and there’s nothing much he can add to what she’s done. Simon says she has steel in her eyes, he thought that was outstanding. Howie says she inspires and she is fantastic.


Next up is Shin Lim and he says he knows he’s using just a deck of cards, he is ready to be here and fight to win. He comes up on a platform and then walks to a table where there are two jokers. He then fans out a full deck with the aces separate. He picks up the aces in his hand in a stack and the back of the cards have changed into a I heart and then an American flag. Then faces change and spell out America’s Got Talent. He then goes back to the four aces and they say Vote for Shin Lim. He then puts the aces in a stack and the rest of the deck in a stack. The aces begin smoking and they have returned to their normal faces and so has the rest of the deck and then he shows the back have returned to their normal appearance as well. He then does another trick where the cards are all in a deck and then there is only one card and then none. He gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says he can’t give a better compliment than by leaps and bounds the best close-up magic he’s ever seen. He says Shin Lim is wow and people have to vote. If he’s not in the finals, then America doesn’t know what they’re doing. Mel B says what he does with his hands is so exciting and he should insure his hands.


Heidi agrees with Howie about Shin Lim. Mel B says he does it so smoothly. Simon says he’s like Harry Potter without the glasses. Simon says going forward he needs to move away from the cards and give more of a performance.


Vicki Barbolak is next to the stage and she’s ready for her comedy act! She begins her act and she’s getting a decent reception from the audience. She is doing husband jokes and the audience is laughing. She finishes her set and gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Howie says he thinks Vicki just came up with her own sitcom! He says there is room for a woman like her in a sitcom, especially right now. He loves her. Simon says he’s going to have some very weird dreams tonight. Simon just loves her and he thinks America is going to love her. He thinks she’s genuinely, naturally funny. She deserves this shot.


Heidi says she is one funny lady and she thinks she can learn a lot from Vicki. She wants to meet after the show and give her some tips. Heidi says zebra is work for Vicki. Mel B says she is a strong, independent, funny as heck woman. She likes it when Vicki is a bit more edgy and a bit more naughty.


The final act of the night is Courtney Hadwin and she says when she hears music she comes alive and feels electrified. She takes the stage and performs Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


Simon goes over and gives Howie a choke/hug. Heidi hasn’t been this excited about an artist like Courtney in a very long time. She loves the way she dances and the way she sounds. Mel B says they got her and she is incredible and screw those people, she wants tickets to her show.


Simon says normally he gives advice for what to do next, but here’s his advice: Courtney, don’t listen to him and keep doing what she’s doing. That was outstanding! Howie says she is so amazing. There aren’t even words, he just wants to scream and tell people to vote. He then screams.

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