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Week 7 is all about Hackers and Veto!


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Houseguest were up early Friday morning! Everyone is feeling the growing tension in the house. We are past the halfway point and with numbers dwindling every move becomes incredibly important! Both sides are approaching this week with more planning. Some are better at this than others as we all know! 


We start the day with the nominations. Haleigh wavered momentarily this morning before the ceremony. Her gut is telling her to throw JC up there. As usual Foute plays with their limited information. She resists her instincts and Kaycee and Angela hit the block! 


L6 prepared for any scenario in which two of them were OTB. Haleigh completely overlooks all the signs slapping her in the face where Tyler is concerned. She at this point plans to BD him but if Angela were to go she wouldn’t shed any tears. 


Haleigh is really worried about the Hacker comp. They all are after what happened last week. Foute KNOWS they have to win the Hacker comp to maintain control this week. L6 knows they have to win the Hacker comp to secure any chance of protecting the core four. 


Tyler begins dropping hints to Kaycee that not matter what happens this week he will NOT see the block. Come Thursday there’s no chance he will be OTB. She’s not picking up on his not so subtle hints and he’s not out right telling her he has a

Power...yet. He does the same with Angela. 


This is smart on his behalf. I think he will eventually tell them about his power if he knows for sure he’s being BD before it happens. The caveat here is as the hours pass and Haleigh is inundated with information from directions her clarity blurs. The more Tyler talks with her the less and less she seems threatened by him. Various conversations throughout the day begin to make it seem as though she’s changing her target. 


Brett makes some great headway with Haleigh as well. Don’t think that things magically go L6 way week after week. This has been a SOLID team all along and with only the two weakest links on their ladder exiting the game pre-jury this has been some fantastic game play!


Every week they make a plan and do all they can not only make that week work in their best interest but consistently set up the next week as well. The plan to make Scottie their BFF in Bayleigh’s eyes during her HOH has been rewarded greatly! 


Scottie has a lot to do with Haleigh blurring the lines as well. Scottie has a conversation where he is so suspicious of Sam coming over to the Foute side he begins to wonder if she isn’t in fact an evil mastermind. He goes so far to speculate she’s playing Dr. Will’s game. Haleigh shuts that down but the fact he’s so twisted in his reads doesn’t help Haleigh. 


Scottie has now caught on to JC’s game. He mentions JC goes back and forth between the two sides every week. He also says that JC always tells both sides he’s voting with them. He believes JC is the one masterminding all the flipped votes.


Haleigh is still trigger shy where JC is concerned but a Scottie HOH could result in JC finally hitting the block! That’s a week of drama filled feeds to look forward to.


Scottie creating so many alternative threats Tyler becomes less and less appealing to Haleigh. Now nothing is certain until the actual veto ceremony happens but it’s important to outline how we may arrive at Haleigh NOT taking a shot at Tyler.


Scottie leaves that session to have another with Faysal. Scottie goes to work planting seeds with Faysal creating doubts about JC. He points out that last week JC planned to vote out Bayleigh all along and all the running back and forth is sketchy! They need to keep and eye on JC.  It’s right here that the nominations ceremony begins. 


Haleigh does nominate Angela and Kaycee which is smart. Put the two girls up only one can come down and worse case of all else fails at least one of them would go home. Or would they...


L6 has a meeting minus Brett. They plan how to work out the scenarios to navigate the week if they win the hacker competition. They unilaterally decide that they need to win the Hacker comp. only 7 votes this week with one being nullified it’s going to be close as it is. They all agree if any one of them wins one will come down and Angie will go up. Angela suggests perhaps Sam should go up but Tyler shuts that down. 


Brett let Tyler know Sam has officially joined the other side. Tyler let’s Angela know SHE cannot end up on the block next to Sam that Angela would go home any way you slice it. Eventually they come around to the idea that Kaycee being next to Angie there’s a better chance that Sam may vote to keep Kaycee than it would Sam Voting to keep Angela over Angie. 


L6 does what everyone should have been doing last week. They came together and mapped out every move that has to happen in order for them to have any

Chance to all survive the week! As they’ve  been doing all season. 


Tyler also suggests if they do win the Hacker comp and take one of the girls down, the one removed should be the one chosen to play the veto. This improves the chances that if let’s say Kaycee were to come down, she plays the veto anyways.


If she wins Angie is OTB and Kaycee can now save Angela as well. Tyler says he will then be the BD but it’s ok. 


This scenario would allow all of L6 to remain safe. Angie OTB eliminates a Foute vote. Hacker eliminates another Foute vote like Faysal. That leaves 6. Brett, Tyler and at least either Angela/Kaycee. That’s 3. They have to have JC. 


The hacker comp happens mid afternoon. Feeds return and we quickly learn Kaycee WON! Things are about to shake up! Foute’s worse fears are realized quickly. Haleigh can be seen in the HOH pacing around. She quickly speculated that Kaycee is the hacker and all of Foute eventually adopts the same belief but not from facts or confirmation. 


Kaycee tells Tyler and Angela she won. She doesn’t want JC or even Brett to know. To know. She reinforces this throughout the day. Haleigh eventually talks to Kaycee and says she believes Kaycee is the hacker. Kaycee denies it. 


Haleigh also accuses Kaycee of attempting to drive a wedge between Scottie and Haleigh. She stupidly says Scottie told me that you and Angela tried to turn him against me by telling him I pitched him to go OTB during Angela’s HOH (Haleigh did do this). 


In fact Scottie had gone to the HOH but it was Angela that told him that not Kaycee. Kaycee was in the room but she had no hand in that. Kaycee denies it and says bring Scottie up here and we can settle this real quick! 


What is wrong with Haleigh?! Girl SHUT UP! She quickly says no please don’t do that then Scottie won’t trust me. Sure Haleigh, rat Scottie out to basically every single person in the game. Then give Kaycee a map of exactly how to screw up your game by confronting Scottie and proving to him that you are NOT his allly! 


Kaycee gets PISSED about this! She doesn’t call Scottie up but this is the first time I’ve seen her mad and Scottie and Sam both better buckle up!


If L6 wins this veto Saturday there is a very good chance she will call them both out on all of their shadiness this week! She reserves her anger for only Angela to see later tonight after some other things happen with Sam but girl....I like fired up Kaycee! It’s time to play girl! 


While we are on the topic of winning Veto, this week will be OTEV! Which should also mean that Zingbot will be making a visit to the house! I had my suspicions that may be the case but our resident BB leaked confirmed last night that it is!


This is AMAZING news for L6! This blog covers Friday and I will post another covering Saturday after the veto competition plays out but....want to know who the players will be?


Players are:


Nominees: Angie and Angela 

Hacker choose: Tyler

Draw: Kaycee and Faysal 

Host: Brett 


Listen Tyler playing in OTEV could be a huge advantage because he’s a huge super fan. Sam is the only one in the house that knows this secret and she knows zip about the game. Tyler knows how OTEV works. He knows the comp very well unlike Faysal. 


Faysal has been dying to play in physical comps assuming he would beast all of those but he will be at the disadvantage here. Athletically the other 5 players (besides Angie) are all pretty evenly matched. Haleigh and Tyler will know the comp well and both will be under a ton of pressure to win! This should be the MOST exciting Veto of the season so far! 


Back to the post hacker nomination. Kaycee takes herself down and puts Angie OTB! Angie and Haleigh are PISSED! Faysal and Sam both tell Angie if they win the Veto they will use it on her.


Angie spends the day saying putting her back up again is a weak a$$ move. She’s really the only one that can’t understand why she would be put up again. That or she’s just salty that the whole house knows she sucks at competitions and that really irks her! 


At this point Haleigh gets so annoyed with her belief that Kaycee is lying to her! This is creating a situation where she is actually throwing around the idea that she wants Kaycee back OTB. Forget Tyler! Yes, Haleigh that’s the last thing you should do! To help L6. 


6pm BBR Sam has a conversation with Tyler that is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs! She is rambling on about lately she keeps hearing snake sounds vibrating from him. She is being very literal here.


Sam goes on about her sudden ability to hear things. She tells Tyler whenever she’s around him there is this hissing snake sound like a rattle snake and he needs to do something about that. Tyler asks are you saying I’m a snake. She’s like no, no, I literally hear that sound whenever I’m near you. 


As crazy as that is it does finally lead to Sam and Tyler have a heart to heart. The chat begins in the PBR eventually he makes her follow him into the HN.


Tyler focuses on the fact Sam is approaching this game in a unique way. She’s honest, loyal, and cares deeply but that has gotten her here, to F10! Essentially saying own that Sam! You’re amazing! You’re hear because you are SAM! That’s bad ass! You’re killing this game and I don’t want to hear you beating up on yourself. 


He says it’s her brother’s bday and he doesn’t want to see her crying anymore. Every time she starts to doubt herself or get in her own head just smile. Remember this conversation right here! Smile. It has an effect on your brain and switches something. 


While there is of course game strategy for him needing to problem solve this shift with her he is also being a genuine friend here. He tells her she is one of the most amazing people he’s ever met in his life and he’s thankful for her. She’s awesome. He doesn’t think or say that about someone ever and he sincerely feels that way about her. 


Much like the Haleigh pep talk last night he manages to calm her down and return some of her pep in her step. He makes sure she hears him affirm she deserves to be there as much as anyone else playing the game even though she isn’t lying and manipulating moves like some people. 


It clearly doesn’t matter. She pops off on Angela later in the evening and she starts hinting around about Tyler’s power to Haleigh and Scottie in the HOH! See Sam put Haleigh back on the path of the last power in this clip:


Tyler and JC have a chat. JC is certain Tyler is the hacker. Tyler swears he isn’t and actually gets annoyed JC keeps pushing that he’s annoyed that Tyler  won’t just admit he’s the hacker. Listen all of these HG have taken a field trip to crazy town this week! 


It’s a pivotal week! If L6 can survive the week in tact they have a huge advantage moving ahead. Next week it would be basically all four of them plus JC playing against Sam, Faysal, and Scottie in the next HOH. The lower the numbers the more critical each and every move becomes. There’s no room for errors.


The same can be said for Foute. If Angie does end up being sent to jury this week they aren’t dead in the water but Haleigh and Scottie are in the most immediate danger.


The odds of Foute winning and controlling votes plummets if this happens. The entire week in which each team winning one of the previous competitions (HOH/Hacker) comes down to which side wins the veto! 


Scottie and Angie eventually agree that Angela is the glue that binds Kaycee and Tyler. They not only are oblivious to the fact they are the same team but they have a F2!


Scottie is the first to say he doesn’t think Tyler would save Kaycee. He would save Angela but Angela is the only connection Tyler has to Kaycee. If we remove Angela then those two no longer have a link keeping them together. 



Friday 9:30 PM

HOH Haleigh/Tyler 

Haleigh is just like a waterfall of details! What are you doing girl? I need Tyler to bottle his mist and sell it because she’s telling him things Scottie told her...things she used as justification for Kaycee/Angela nom’s. 


Tyler trolls her with an, “I wonder about the 2nd power? Maybe Kaitlin took it with her and it just wasn’t applicable for her to use?” 


I am not liking this. He’s walking a tight rope not realizing that she’s WAY smarter than he thinks. If he keeps dropping hints and seeds something will take root. Same thing last night repeatedly saying it’s ok if you BD me. I would understand. It went on for a good 5-7 min. If I were Haleigh this would make me suspicious! She may not be but let her share this convo with a Scottie and bam! 


As the day plays out Haleigh talks less and less about BD Tyler and she does tell him this. This could potentially create a scenario where she actually doesn’t try to nominate him at Veto and he burns his power for nothing. It’s a very tricky spot, especially after the explosive week last week that went Bayleigh to jury. 


If you were in his scenario and Haleigh assures you that you are not being BD would you trust her? I know I wouldn’t. I don’t think that the possibility she may not BD him is worth the risk of possibly using the power when you didn’t need it. This house is intense this season. 


While Haleigh grows more and more angry at Kaycee for how things played out, there is actually a good chance Haleigh throws her back OTB if Veto is used. It’s a tough call especially with a DE looming. You always want to protect yourself when you have the ability to do so. 


The other crazy piece to this puzzle is if he does use it to be on the safe side and he isn’t being BD it will the 3rd power this season that flopped! They put three into the game. Sam’s flopped when Kaitlin failed to solve the puzzle and stay in the game. Bayleigh’s never got used because she was voted out before she could use it. Now with Tyler’s potentially being a non issue this could be a HUGE blow to production having all 3 powers fail! LOL. 


I’m a purist when it comes to Big Brother. I don’t care for powers. I loved the earlier seasons where they played luxury competitions. Veto gives players an opportunity to save themselves and that’s enough in my humble opinion. Powers are more a production manipulation. It changes how people play. It gives advantages to players, not because they won it in a competition so to speak but a popularity contest. 


Last year the apples flopped because Paul put the fear of God in people. This year the powers have been a joke. Although they’ve created some great strategic outcomes. I don’t mind the preface of winning a ‘power’ from playing in a competition like the Hacker comp this season. However, I think the powers the Hacker comp have provided are WAY too powerful. 


Perhaps maintaining the added competition where it provides a less impactful change would be better. Let it be you win a second veto and can replace the nominee. Being able to change a nominee on the front end, picking a veto player, and canceling a vote has just been WAY to much.


If BB  insists on adding twists just stop making them change the long term trajectory of the game. People who have played exceptional games going out by some random B.S. manipulation by production is just too much outside influence over what happens. That’s my two cents! 


Haleigh is already pretty certain Kaycee won the Hacker comp. A LOT of information is being shared all over the house. Everyone knows not to trust Scottie except Haleigh.


They know because Haleigh keeps telling them he’s the one telling her things they know he got directly from them. Is she trying to paint a target on Scottie to deflect attention from herself heading into next week? That would be smart but I don’t see any other signs that she’s doing it with purpose. She just has diarrhea of the mouth! 


9:35 pm Angie/Scottie PBR talking about these people putting her up again. She is so MAD.  Hello Angie this is the GAME! They put you up because you’re not with them. Scottie points out they are at the point in the game where everyone has to start playing. Then this gets gloriously delightful! LOL


Angie is talking about L6 saying they haven’t done anything. They’ve just been sitting back blending in. They haven’t done anything. Then anonymously...


Um wait. Hold on. Let’s Pause. Did she just describe Haleigh perfectly? Last week Haleigh only took a shot at Tyler because it was ‘anonymous’. She hasn’t done anything of consequence (outside of social game). Haleigh hasn’t won anything until the Hacker comp. I’m just saying...really girl? 


Angie, where have you been for 7 weeks? She still doesn’t see that THEY have been working together since day 1! They have been the ones calling all the shots! L6 is responsible for blindsiding ya’ll for 6 weeks! Angie’s so smart in some ways but in most regarding the actual hierarchy of the house she is Clueless and I just am flabbergasted by her complete blindness to the RealiTea stating her right in the face! 


Kaycee comes in and sees them taking and says, “my bad.” Scottie tells her she’s good. Next Sam and Faysal wander in. Sam is being erratic again. She says ‘ya’ll wanna fight? Let’s just all go in the LR and fight. Just fight it out. She’s laughing and hopping around play boxing with Faysal. Except she’s punching Faysal for real. The DR calls her out. She walks out and can be heard saying, “I HATE THIS PLACE IT SUCKS!” as she heads out towards KIT. 


We can’t hear what Sam says to Angela initially but as the mics change before the camera we hear Angela asking Sam. “I don’t understand. Why would you say that? I feel like you’re...” mic fades. Angela calmly and politely asks, “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?” Sam says No. Angela says, “ok great. I’m happy to hear that. I just feel like you haven’t been yourself towards me lately and it’s been upsetting, that’s all.” 


Sam is agitated and says, “I haven’t been myself towards anybody in here. I f’ing HATE this place and everybody makes me uncomfortable. The whole situation makes me uncomfortable. Angie interjects, “Right. I’m sorry Sam. Sam shakes her head and says it’s not you, it has nothing to do with you working out or you eating chicken or you doing anything. Angela says, Ok again. 


Sam then says, “Not everything’s about you. To which Angela replies, you’re absolutely right. Sam is being aggressive and condescending. Angie however is being very passive and calm showing genuine concern for Sam. 


Whole exchange is just odd and uncomfortable. This is when JC enters and after a few more snarky comments from Sam takes over dealing with Savage Sam. Sam tells JC she’s “just sick of this place. Nobody can do anything and I’m just done with it.” JC asks Sam what’s going on? She says nothing is going on. Scottie is also meandering around the KIT at this point he’s come from the PBR where Faysal is now taking to Angie.


I don’t say this to be insensitive. Sam’s behavior gives me great pause. I truly wonder if she’s bi-polar? Did she stop taking her meds? One second she’s crying, sad, woe is me. Locking herself in places. Trying to self evict. Pity parting all over the house. Then like a change in wind direction she just flips. She went off on Angela tonight. Angela was being nice and Sam just went sideways. 


With Sam it’s really difficult to identify what the trigger source actually is. Is she jealous of Angela? Angela and Tyler’s relationship? Is she really just losing her sh*t because it’s all too much for her? 


What? Where did that come from? Earlier she and Haleigh were in the HOH and I dropped in late but Sam was saying all this eating healthy crap drives her crazy. Where she’s from, someone makes food, you say thank you and you eat it. (Angie made cupcakes earlier) Then goes on about how they are all so worried about it and working out all the time. It must me an LA thing they are brought into the house. She wants to hide the weights and lock them in the HOH so no one can use them. 


This is all getting to be too much. I like Sam. She’s creative and funny. She’s actually very smart and knows a lot of random things. She’s the Kevin of the season. Doesn’t know the game.

Doesn’t like the tension. She

Doesn’t have anything in common with these people (even though she’s

Close in age). However the desire not to ‘play the game’ and then complaining all the time that other people are playing the game is getting old. 


I do whole heartedly appreciate how both Angela and JC address her. If this continues I can definitely see someone hitting their breaking point and snapping on her. For now, they are calm, being sensitive to Sam’s odd behaviors and attitude. JC has a real talk with her like girl WE ALL feel the way you do people just manage it differently but you can’t go around half cocked all the time.


After the exchange with Angela and JC Sam locks herself in the SR and is taking to the cameras. She wants to be let into the DR or was called to the DR but Haleigh is in there. She starts ranting about breaking some shit. This just continues to get stranger and stranger. 


By Saturday morning things are said by Sam that makes me adamant that production NEEDS to pull Sam from the game. She’s a danger to herself and to others at this point. It breaks my hearts she’s been such an original cocky character that brings a lot of entertainment inside the house and the feeds. She has a big heart but way too many screws loose at this point. 


After Sam made this unprovoked attack on Angela in the KIT Angela heads into the  GR with Kaycee like WTH? Kaycee asks why she was asking if she’s about to work out? Angela explains an she has no idea. She had gone to the SR to get some chicken and Sam said to her, “oh are you about to meal prep (snarky tone)? Angie said yeah I’m about to make some chicken. Sam said are you about to work out?! 


Angela is just blown away. Kaycee is also like WTF? Angela said it’s like Sam is upset that Angela is being herself. Which is exactly true. Very insightful on her behalf.


Sam doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t approach the house and the game the way she does. Right? We’ve seen her do things all summer that demonstrate that’s exactly it. I’m not playing the ‘game’ we all shouldn’t why aren’t you doing what I’m doing? 


Kaycee says she’s too much. They can hear JC and Sam talking (loudly) in the KIT and pause to listen. Angela says, “let’s all just yell at each other and call each other mother f’ers. That’s beautiful. As Kaycee listens to Sam and JC she says, “oh I’m about to blow up in here.” 


Haleigh and Tyler are in the HOH and are clearly are unaware all of this. Kaycee is getting heated. Angela is just puzzled. They discuss the fact that Sam is all up on Haleigh all of a sudden. Topic changes out of nowhere and Kaycee says she wants to call Scottie out so bad! Haleigh again dropping the ball with effective use of her power this week. 


She tells Tyler there was no BD plan for him this week. He seriously doesn’t need to worry. I mean there was talk of BD you and I did think about it but don’t worry I’m not thinking about it anymore I have a different plan now. 


What?! That’s all I have to say! How many times in one season do I have to say FOUTE players are STUPID? The things they do speak clearly enough.


Meanwhile while that was happening it Sounds like Kaycee is talking about a convo she had with Haleigh after the hacker comp. Haleigh told her that Scottie told her a bunch of stuff. Remember Scottie came crying to L6 last week telling them Foute is just bullying him all the time. Blaming everything on him now he’s going to Haleigh twisting all of that.


Haleigh is really getting Scottie into HOT water. Or should I say Scottie’s rat like tendencies are really getting him into hot water. Kaycee is back to wanting to call Scottie and Sam out.


They both say at this point that they are going to lose their sh*t! Haleigh said something about Scottie saying something about bullying to her. Kaycee is annoyed with Haleigh over everything that was said.


At one point Haleigh justifies her nomination saying that she voted Bayleigh out and how messed up that was because she was her friend. Kaycee says she looked dead at Haleigh, and said, “SO did you Haleigh.” Kaycee and Angela want to win this veto so she can put Scottie on blast! 


9:40 pm PBR Angie/Faysal PBR PBR talking about hacker and why she was the nominee. Angie says she thinks Kaycee put her up because Haleigh put Angie/Kaycee up. Faysal thinks Tyler is the hacker or involved somehow. Angie doesn’t. She doesn’t think Tyler is with them. Angie says she thinks Tyler is on an island the whole oblivious surfer routine seems to still be working! Don’t ask me. I have NO idea how they can still believe this. 


Angie is trying to sell Sam to Faysal. He’s telling him that whatever happened with Bay Sam is pissed at Tyler and Angela. Faysal keeps trying to dismiss BD Tyler. He wants Sam up and gone. He says what happens if she’s here next week and wins HOH? Angie says she won’t put me up. She won’t put Haleigh up. She says is very matter of fact. Then she says I don’t think she would put you up...


Yeah cause that’s what Faysal wants to here. 


Angie says she trusts Haleigh, Sam, and Scottie. Nope Faysal DOES NOT trust Scottie. Faysal brings up last week Scottie said if he wins Veto he is taking Tyler down? How is he in a 5 person alliance with us and he’s taking Tyler down. 


Angie has been going on and on and on about her being put up is a B*%&/ a$$ move. All day she’s stomping around because she really believed when Haleigh won she was finally safe for the week. She is SALTY about going OTB! Why her! 


She walked through the kitchen earlier and said the same thing (B-a$$ move putting me up) in passing to L6 in the kitchen. She’s making mistakes left and right. Faysal and Haleigh tell her she needs to just keep cool when she tells them what she did. Later Faysal tells her think about it, if you were Kaycee who would you put up? 


Angie tells Faysal she would put up JC or Sam. Faysal says no, if you were HER who would you put up? You don’t put me up I’m good at winning Veto’s. Then she goes right back up.


Angie says yeah and she wouldn’t do JC because they’re both gay. BSo Sam? Why not Sam. Faysal points out Angie has already been up a lot. Kaycee wants someone she thinks has the least chance to win veto. 


This is making me LOL. Faysal is being very clear here. He’s right! That’s exactly why Angie is the nominee from Kaycee. But Faysal is also telling her she sucks at comps and is the season’s pawn. Which Angie KNOWS in her heart of hearts but why is he saying it to her? Especially the way he’s doing it! They are just chasing each other’s tails. 


Brett asks Sam is cinnamon goes well with apples and Sam snaps at him and says, Why don’t you ask ANGELA?” What’s even crazier is later she goes to Angie and we find out that Sam has a crush on Brett? Has all of this insanity from the Haleigh nomination during Sam’s HOH to now be fueled by Sam’s listing after Brett? 


No I don’t think so but it certainly in this moment is contributing to her breakdown. Sam is mentally unstable. This isn’t a dig or a joke this is SERIOUS! 


Sam says to Angie (later), “I am a fat disgusting piece of sh*t and I wish I were dead.” 


STOP IT RIGHT HERE! This isn’t someone joking around or just having one pity party moment. Sam has now reached a level of having suicidal thoughts. That’s SERIOUS present danger to herself and based on her behaviors the last 3 days alone, others.


I feel as though Production should have pulled her Right then and there! At the very least removed her from the house, had the resident therapist come and do a thorough evaluation to determine if she needs to be removed from the game altogether.


This is beyond the show. This is a young women experiencing some deep pain and trauma which is leading to unpredictable behaviors. Sam deserves to be cared for. Just like Christmas’ foot! Then if therapy helps her regain perspective and return ok. To leave her there drowning is cruel! That’s my opinion. No game is worth playing with someone’s life. This experience alone could break her and send her down a rabbit hole she never

emerges from. 


The days continue to tick by this week and EVERYONE is working hard. Well, except maybe JC thus far. We still have even teams in week 7!


That’s crazy! What I see now are glimpses of the third team in the house emerging. Foute: Haleigh, Faysal, Angie. L6 with Tyler, Kaycee, Brett, and Angela. The third team now is the Floaters! They are beginning to have a greater influence when it comes to the bottom line at the end of every week. Floaters being: Sam, Scottie, and JC! 


While the floaters aren’t working together in the same way that L6 and Foute have been. The floaters are a huge factor! Last week having JC and Scottie flip to the L6 side of the vote was key in sending Bayleigh to jury. This week even with L6 winning the Hacker competition and having the ability to eliminate a vote, come Thursday JC will likely have the most power over who goes out next. 


This has continued to be a season where there is no shortage of drama, excitement, outstanding game play, a few fumbles, and a lot of blindsides! I feel like the fact that so far we have not had one repeat reign in the HOH has had a lot to do with it! When was the last time in the first half of the game we haven’t had one person win multiple HOH wins? That’s crazy! 


Every week a new HOH! We also only have 2 players left who have not tasted the block. JC and Faysal are the only two HG that have not yet been nominated. The RealiTea is this season while some are playing harder than others, every single person, is playing the game! Even Sam. She may not care or understand a lot but when she wants to win, she does! When she does she makes the moves SHE wants. 


The RealiTea is things don’t seem to be slowing down. Instead it’s about to ramp up! I will be back tomorrow with the full breakdown of the OTEV Veto results and how the house reacts to the winner!


Since you know who the players are and Veto was played today would you like to know who won? With 5 of the most physical competitors in the house ALL participating in today’s do or die Veto you KNOW they all played to win! No throwing it this week! Our week 7 Veto winner is...TYLER! Check back tomorrow and I will have a full breakdown of all the chaos this has caused.







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